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Newport @ Issaquah

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Issaquah HS, Issaquah

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Farmer11.4Issaquah
2.12Alexander Farmer11.4Issaquah
3.10Jorrell Dorsey11.5Issaquah
12Kevin Hwangpo12.0Issaquah
10Andrew Orcilla12.2Newport (Bellevue)
9Jonathan Luu12.3Newport (Bellevue)
11Thomas Mirante12.4Newport (Bellevue)
11Raymond Mui12.4Newport (Bellevue)
12Jeremiah Odom12.4Issaquah
12Alan Trinh12.4Issaquah
9Neal Buckels12.4Newport (Bellevue)
12Davis Cook12.5Issaquah
10Ben Haldeman12.6Issaquah
10Blake Wedekind12.6Issaquah
10Joshua Park12.6Issaquah
9Ricky Deng12.6Newport (Bellevue)
9Carter Shigaya12.7Newport (Bellevue)
10Dave Nam12.8Issaquah
10Daniel Huynh12.8Issaquah
9Jake Makowski12.8Newport (Bellevue)
9Joey Domek13.0Issaquah
9Harry Gao13.2Issaquah
10David Park13.3Issaquah
9Jack Herbst13.4Issaquah
10Jason Dang13.5Issaquah
10Cory Yun13.6Issaquah
9Peyton Alexander13.7Newport (Bellevue)
9Nick Suryan13.7Issaquah
12Will Kim13.8Issaquah
9Jack Wheeler13.8Issaquah
10Moon Sun14.0Issaquah
10Michael Li15.5Issaquah
9Anthony Shen28.3Issaquah
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Farmer23.8Issaquah
2.12Alexander Farmer24.1Issaquah
3.10Jorrell Dorsey24.2Issaquah
12Josh Martyn24.7Issaquah
12Kevin Hwangpo24.9Issaquah
11Thomas Mirante24.9Newport (Bellevue)
10Andrew Orcilla24.9Newport (Bellevue)
11Raymond Mui25.2Newport (Bellevue)
9Jonathan Luu25.3Newport (Bellevue)
10Ben Haldeman25.5Issaquah
9Joey Domek25.6Issaquah
12Davis Cook25.6Issaquah
12Grayson Grant25.7Issaquah
10Joshua Park26.0Issaquah
9John Montine26.1Newport (Bellevue)
10Daniel Huynh26.2Issaquah
10David Park26.2Issaquah
11Joe Suryan26.3Issaquah
10Trevor Low26.4Issaquah
10Dave Nam26.4Issaquah
10Jonathan Martyn26.6Issaquah
9Carter Shigaya26.6Newport (Bellevue)
9Dallas Mills27.2Issaquah
10Jason Dang27.4Issaquah
9Nick Suryan28.0Issaquah
12Travis Rogers28.2Issaquah
12Will Kim28.2Issaquah
9Anthony Shen28.3Issaquah
10Cory Yun28.4Issaquah
9Harry Gao28.5Issaquah
10Gordon Wong28.9Issaquah
10Michael Li32.2Issaquah
9Jack Herbst35.1Issaquah
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Stephen Strozyk53.5Newport (Bellevue)
2.10Allen Su53.7Issaquah
3.12Matt Hjelm54.7Issaquah
10Blake Wedekind55.8Issaquah
12Kevin Hwangpo55.9Issaquah
10Ben Haldeman56.6Issaquah
11Connor Pearl56.8Issaquah
9John Montine57.9Newport (Bellevue)
10Daniel Huynh58.5Issaquah
10Christopher Bell58.7Newport (Bellevue)
11Drew Shimizu59.0Issaquah
10Keith Luu59.4Issaquah
11Liam Coutts59.9Issaquah
11Joe Suryan60.4Issaquah
12Davis Cook60.5Issaquah
9Dallas Mills61.0Issaquah
12Alan Trinh61.1Issaquah
9Anthony Shen61.8Issaquah
9Skyhler Allen63.4Newport (Bellevue)
9Ashwin Mohan63.7Newport (Bellevue)
9Garrett Shively64.8Newport (Bellevue)
9Uday Singh65.8Newport (Bellevue)
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Kevin LeMond51.5Issaquah
10Allen Su53.0Issaquah
12Josh Martyn53.4Issaquah
12Chris Brasino53.5Issaquah
12Matt Hjelm53.9Issaquah
12Jeremiah Odom54.0Issaquah
10Jorrell Dorsey54.8Issaquah
11Isaac Robinson55.6Issaquah
12Brandon Pearson56.6Issaquah
10Ben Haldeman56.6Issaquah
11Connor Higgins57.4Issaquah
10Daniel Park57.6Issaquah
10Thomas Harms60.4Issaquah
10David Park61.1Issaquah
12Bret Cloos61.3Issaquah
10Dave Nam62.8Issaquah
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Brasino1:58.3Issaquah
10James Whiteside2:05.7Newport (Bellevue)
12Brandon Pearson2:10.0Issaquah
10Patrick Violette2:10.9Issaquah
3.11Connor Higgins2:12.0Issaquah
10Thomas Harms2:13.7Issaquah
10Daniel Park2:13.8Issaquah
11Will Borom2:23.2Issaquah
12Bret Cloos2:27.2Issaquah
11Lucas VanDeMark2:28.0Issaquah
9Bob Varney2:32.3Issaquah
11Joseph Webster2:39.9Issaquah
12Michael Migotsky2:42.6Issaquah
11Victor Morales2:43.7Issaquah
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Isaac Robinson4:30.6Issaquah
2.12Kevin LeMond4:31.4Issaquah
3.12Dennis Leigh4:42.4Issaquah
12Jon Wallis4:46.9Issaquah
9Grant Stein4:53.3Newport (Bellevue)
12Spencer Hildie4:58.3Issaquah
10Daniel Park4:58.5Issaquah
12Lucas Casey5:02.2Issaquah
9Christophe Chamberland5:15.8Newport (Bellevue)
11Lucas VanDeMark5:16.2Issaquah
9Nicholas Taylor5:20.8Newport (Bellevue)
10Steven Yang5:28.2Issaquah
9Justin Wong5:29.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Eric Cheuk5:31.3Newport (Bellevue)
9Nick Co5:40.7Issaquah
9Matthew Orcilla5:44.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Konyong Jung5:46.1Newport (Bellevue)
9Adam Meyer5:46.4Issaquah
9Jonathan Chang5:46.7Newport (Bellevue)
9Nicholas Worden5:51.3Newport (Bellevue)
11Cameron Courage5:51.8Issaquah
11Joseph Webster5:52.6Issaquah
9Matthew Patterson5:54.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Jayson Esquera6:00.9Newport (Bellevue)
10Andrew Hartman6:06.3Issaquah
9Hunter Sapienza6:08.6Issaquah
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Turner Wiley10:01.6Issaquah
2.12Dennis Leigh10:02.8Issaquah
3.12Jon Wallis10:08.7Issaquah
10Matthew Gabel10:37.6Newport (Bellevue)
12Lucas Casey10:54.5Issaquah
12Spencer Hildie11:03.9Issaquah
10David Hirschey12:20.1Newport (Bellevue)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
11James Dupar15.9Newport (Bellevue)
1.12Alexander Farmer15.9Issaquah
11Spencer Grubb16.8Newport (Bellevue)
12Ryan McCord16.9Newport (Bellevue)
12Josh Martyn17.0Issaquah
9Aaron Richards20.2Newport (Bellevue)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
11James Dupar41.5Newport (Bellevue)
1.12Josh Martyn41.5Issaquah
11Spencer Grubb43.7Newport (Bellevue)
9Neal Buckels47.0Newport (Bellevue)
9Joey Domek47.5Issaquah
10Dave Nam47.7Issaquah
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Hwangpo
Kyle Farmer
Alexander Farmer
Allen Su
-Jonathan Luu
Thomas Mirante
Neal Buckels
Andrew Orcilla
46.7Newport (Bellevue)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matt Hjelm
Allen Su
Kevin LeMond
Josh Martyn
-Jeremiah Odom
Jorrell Dorsey
Isaac Robinson
Chris Brasino
-Ryan McCord
Stephen Strozyk
James Whiteside
James Dupar
3:41.2Newport (Bellevue)
-Thomas Harms
Bret Cloos
Connor Higgins
Ben Haldeman
-Daniel Park
David Park
David Nam
Brandon Pearson
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
11Patrick Taiwo43'4Newport (Bellevue)
2.12Greg Finch42'10.25Issaquah
3.11Mike Baba38'9.5Issaquah
10Jonathan Martyn37'11.5Issaquah
11Anthony Marrese36'8.5Newport (Bellevue)
12Daniel Fleischman36'1.5Issaquah
11Joe Givens35'9Newport (Bellevue)
12Tyler Hunt33'4Newport (Bellevue)
9Jonathan Norris30'5.5Issaquah
11Spencer Swansen29'4.5Newport (Bellevue)
11Robert Tsanaklidis28'10Issaquah
11Patrick Meagher28'4Issaquah
10Kevin Zhao25'10.5Newport (Bellevue)
10Junhe Kim25'1.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Grayson Warnock24'11.25Newport (Bellevue)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
11Anthony Marrese132'11Newport (Bellevue)
11Patrick Taiwo130'6Newport (Bellevue)
3.12Daniel Fleischman123'3Issaquah
11Spencer Grubb111'1Newport (Bellevue)
12Greg Finch102'10Issaquah
10Jonathan Martyn94'5Issaquah
11Spencer Swansen91'11Newport (Bellevue)
12Tyler Hunt82'9Newport (Bellevue)
11Patrick Meagher81'11Issaquah
11Joe Givens80'Newport (Bellevue)
10Moon Sun77'10Issaquah
9Grayson Warnock77'Newport (Bellevue)
11Robert Tsanaklidis76'3Issaquah
11Matt Lam75'7Issaquah
10Kevin Zhao68'8Newport (Bellevue)
9Jonathan Norris68'4Issaquah
10Junhe Kim64'2Newport (Bellevue)
10Nathan Stiefel54'4Newport (Bellevue)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
12Nick Eisenhauer168'2Newport (Bellevue)
2.11Mike Baba159Issaquah
3.11Andy Meigs131'1Issaquah
12Nathan Kosin124'3Newport (Bellevue)
10Quincy Brooks119'5Newport (Bellevue)
10Joshua Chinn113'4Issaquah
11Andrew Reines110'3Newport (Bellevue)
9Grayson Warnock103'5Newport (Bellevue)
12Greg Finch102'6Issaquah
9Hunter Thompson98'6Newport (Bellevue)
11Maclain Vanloos98'4Newport (Bellevue)
11Patrick Meagher91'8Issaquah
9Jonathan Norris89'7Issaquah
9Sean Burke87'5Newport (Bellevue)
11Robert Tsanaklidis79'6Issaquah
12Daniel Fleischman77'1Issaquah
9Kai Rickter75'11Newport (Bellevue)
10Kenny Vilayvanh74'10Newport (Bellevue)
10Kevin Zhao69'6Newport (Bellevue)
10Junhe Kim62'8Newport (Bellevue)
10Samuel Du56'6Newport (Bellevue)
10Jonathan Martyn50'1Issaquah
11Matt Lam47'3Issaquah
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Rio Bacon5'8Newport (Bellevue)
2.12Grayson Grant5'6"Issaquah
3.12Matt Hjelm5'4"Issaquah
10Blake Wedekind5'2"Issaquah
10Mathew Toles5'2Newport (Bellevue)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeremiah Odom11'9Issaquah
11Justin Duerkopp11'Newport (Bellevue)
10Peter Delbrueck10'Newport (Bellevue)
11Alex Porter9'6Newport (Bellevue)
9Eric Wang9'Newport (Bellevue)
9Jack Wheeler9'0Issaquah
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
11John Bay18'7.75Newport (Bellevue)
12Ryan McCord18'6.5Newport (Bellevue)
3.10Kyle Farmer18'5.5"Issaquah
10Jorrell Dorsey18'4.25"Issaquah
10Allen Su18'.75"Issaquah
11Connor Pearl17'1.5"Issaquah
9Ismail Sere16'5Newport (Bellevue)
10Loc Nguyen16'1.5Newport (Bellevue)
10Christopher Bell16'1.25Newport (Bellevue)
12Alan Trinh16'0"Issaquah
10Linsen Wu15'8Newport (Bellevue)
9Sean Burke15'1.25Newport (Bellevue)
12Will Kim15'.5"Issaquah
9Brian Luu14'8.75Newport (Bellevue)
9Sepand Nikzad14'7.75Newport (Bellevue)
10Mathew Toles14'7Newport (Bellevue)
9Jason Hwang14'4.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Kevin Vilayvanh14'1.75Newport (Bellevue)
9Jason Ven13'9.25Newport (Bellevue)
9Eric Lin13'1.75Newport (Bellevue)
9Skyhler Allen12'11.5Newport (Bellevue)
10Binhan Pham11'10.5Newport (Bellevue)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
11John Bay39'7Newport (Bellevue)
2.11Connor Pearl36'7"Issaquah
10Andrew Orcilla35'2.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Ismail Sere34'9.75Newport (Bellevue)
10Christopher Bell34'7.75Newport (Bellevue)
11Andy Meigs34'7.25"Issaquah
9Brian Luu34'4.5Newport (Bellevue)
10Linsen Wu34'3Newport (Bellevue)
9Jonathan Luu34'2.75Newport (Bellevue)
10Blake Wedekind34'2.75"Issaquah
10Loc Nguyen33'3.25Newport (Bellevue)
9Jason Hwang30'6.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Jason Ven30'5.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Eric Lin29'9.25Newport (Bellevue)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Jacobson12.6Issaquah
12Randi Boseman13.1Newport (Bellevue)
3.9Mckenna Hogan13.4Issaquah
10Ngozi Monu13.9Issaquah
10Sarah Hitchings13.9Issaquah
10Emily Idemoto13.9Newport (Bellevue)
11Lauren Pelo13.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Lydia Sargent13.9Newport (Bellevue)
9A.J. Bowers14.0Issaquah
11Mackenzie Bauer14.1Issaquah
10Kaley Rohring14.3Issaquah
11Moriah Sargent14.4Newport (Bellevue)
11Katie Dibowski14.6Issaquah
9Madison Joseph14.7Issaquah
9Haley Sleeth14.7Issaquah
9Grace Englund15.1Issaquah
10Katie Olson15.2Issaquah
9Jennifer Yingling15.2Newport (Bellevue)
10Annie Roberson15.5Issaquah
9Chara Chung15.6Newport (Bellevue)
10Ashley Bonner16.2Issaquah
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Jacobson26.1Issaquah
2.11Kim Varney27.0Issaquah
12Randi Boseman28.2Newport (Bellevue)
9A.J. Bowers28.6Issaquah
11Mallory Cooke28.7Issaquah
9Lauren Bruner29.0Issaquah
9Haley Sleeth29.3Issaquah
10Kaley Rohring29.4Issaquah
9Grace Englund29.7Issaquah
11Moriah Sargent29.8Newport (Bellevue)
10Sarah Hitchings30.0Issaquah
9Madison Joseph30.2Issaquah
9Samantha Cook31.7Issaquah
9Jennifer Yingling31.9Newport (Bellevue)
11Mackenzie Bauer32.0Issaquah
10Annie Roberson32.3Issaquah
9Chara Chung32.3Newport (Bellevue)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Braeden Small62.9Newport (Bellevue)
2.10Madison Callan63.9Issaquah
11Sabine Whitney64.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Alia Taqieddin69.7Newport (Bellevue)
10Kellie Swanson78.2Newport (Bellevue)
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Kim Varney62.1Issaquah
10Nicole Migotsky62.7Issaquah
9Mckenna Hogan65.0Issaquah
10Madison Callan66.7Issaquah
11Laura Kasser68.4Issaquah
12Arielle Walton69.7Issaquah
9Shelby Parthemer69.7Issaquah
12Haley Miller-Boren71.7Issaquah
10Jordan Joseph72.5Issaquah
10Sam Salmon72.9Issaquah
9Lindsey Yamane76.8Issaquah
9Emma Longo80.5Issaquah
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Migotsky2:28.1Issaquah
9Ameena Tawakol2:33.5Newport (Bellevue)
3.10Rachel Osgood2:38.0Issaquah
9Kyrie Rivas2:39.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Gail Jardine2:41.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Shelby Parthemer2:44.3Issaquah
12Haley Miller-Boren2:45.1Issaquah
11Laura Kasser2:45.4Issaquah
9Claudia Brasino2:49.0Issaquah
9Sara Wedekind2:50.4Issaquah
9Jaye Western2:50.8Newport (Bellevue)
10Sam Salmon2:51.4Issaquah
10Jordan Joseph2:52.3Issaquah
11Lexie Baslington2:56.2Issaquah
9Lindsey Yamane2:57.2Issaquah
9Jenny Liu3:03.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Lauren Arasim3:06.3Newport (Bellevue)
11Milena Go3:08.1Issaquah
9Kelsey Wolf3:11.1Newport (Bellevue)
9Emma Longo3:12.2Issaquah
9Mallory McCord3:12.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Alexandra Gore3:16.8Newport (Bellevue)
12Ali Stanfield3:30.0Issaquah
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Jessica Spray5:34.4Newport (Bellevue)
2.12Arielle Walton5:35.9Issaquah
3.10Rachel Osgood5:42.9Issaquah
9Nikita Sirohi5:58.2Issaquah
9Kyrie Rivas6:12.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Christine Hertogs6:25.9Issaquah
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jocelyn Eng12:23.4Issaquah
10Venecia Xu12:46.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Michelle Altizer12:47.2Newport (Bellevue)
11Lauren Schuur13:05.8Newport (Bellevue)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
10Mary Carr16.3Newport (Bellevue)
2.9Lauren Bruner16.8Issaquah
3.10Anna Fairhart17.6Issaquah
10Amelia Meigs18.5Issaquah
9Amanda Sie18.8Newport (Bellevue)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lauren Bruner49.7Issaquah
2.10Anna Fairhart53.2Issaquah
9Amanda Sie54.5Newport (Bellevue)
10Amelia Meigs57.0Issaquah
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kim Varney
Haley Jacobson
Mckenna Hogan
Lauren Bruner
-Lauren Pelo
Randi Boseman
Emily Idemoto
Braeden Small
52.5Newport (Bellevue)
-Lydia Sargent
Moriah Sargent
Chara Chung
Jennifer Yingling
58.7Newport (Bellevue)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kim Varney
Mckenna Hogan
Madison Callan
Haley Jacobson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Madison Callan
Mckenna Hogan
Nicole Migotsky
Kim Varney
-Braeden Small
Gail Jardine
Ameena Tawakol
Alia Taqieddin
4:30.4Newport (Bellevue)
-Laura Kasser
Shelby Parthemer
Haley Miller-Boren
Arielle Walton
-Jordan Joseph
Lindsey Yamane
Emma Longo
Sam Salmon
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
12Maggie Roe32'11.75"Newport (Bellevue)
2.12Carson Powers32'8Issaquah
3.12Kelsey Zeutschel27'4.5Issaquah
12Melissa Davis27'2Issaquah
9Katie Zhong26'5Issaquah
11Jasmine Watters26'2Issaquah
9Sara Widener25'1.5Issaquah
12Melissa Dahl24'5"Newport (Bellevue)
9Lauren Quaranta22'8.5Issaquah
9Danielle Baldwin22'1"Newport (Bellevue)
12Mabel Kwan18'4.5"Newport (Bellevue)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
12Maggie Roe113'3"Newport (Bellevue)
2.12Kelley Chen88'2Issaquah
3.12Carson Powers87'4Issaquah
12Kelsey Zeutschel87'1Issaquah
12Melissa Dahl84'5"Newport (Bellevue)
12Sandhya Velagapudi84'2Issaquah
9Katie Zhong77'8Issaquah
11Alex Arteritano68'10Issaquah
10Megan Nyberg67'7Issaquah
9Danielle Baldwin64'5"Newport (Bellevue)
9Sara Widener60'1Issaquah
11Jasmine Watters56'6Issaquah
12Mabel Kwan56'6"Newport (Bellevue)
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelley Chen109'2Issaquah
2.9Katie Zhong92'0Issaquah
11Whitney Lundberg85'4"Newport (Bellevue)
12Melissa Davis82'11Issaquah
11Milena Go74'9Issaquah
12Sandhya Velagapudi64'3Issaquah
11Jasmine Watters63'6Issaquah
11Kirsten Visco-Deregis57'10"Newport (Bellevue)
10Annie Roberson54'9Issaquah
11Lauren Sallee52'7"Newport (Bellevue)
10Kellie Swanson45'8"Newport (Bellevue)
10Jennifer Cerelli42'3"Newport (Bellevue)
9Kristin Neal37'8"Newport (Bellevue)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Kristine Wong5'0"Newport (Bellevue)
10Justina Grubb4'8"Newport (Bellevue)
11Kristin Lahaszow4'6"Newport (Bellevue)
10Ngozi Monu4'2"Issaquah
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eva Perry11'6Issaquah
2.11Mallory Cooke8'6Issaquah
10Amelia Meigs7'6Issaquah
11Yasmeen Kabani7'6"Newport (Bellevue)
9Sara Wedekind7'0Issaquah
9Christine Hertogs7'0Issaquah
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Justina Grubb13'8"Newport (Bellevue)
2.10Sam Salmon13'3.25"Issaquah
3.10Katie Olson13'.25"Issaquah
10Jocelyn Eng12'11.5"Issaquah
10Ashley Bonner12'9.5"Issaquah
10Marisa Klomp12'5.25"Issaquah
11Eppie Lee11'10"Newport (Bellevue)
9Tiffany Nguyen10'10.25"Newport (Bellevue)
9Lauren Lau10'3"Newport (Bellevue)
10Sophia Wang10'2.75"Newport (Bellevue)
9Nimesha Muthya9'7"Newport (Bellevue)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Justina Grubb29'1.25"Newport (Bellevue)
2.10Marisa Klomp27'11.5"Issaquah
3.11Mackenzie Bauer27'10.25"Issaquah
11Katie Dibowski26'2.5"Issaquah
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