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Grants Pass Rotary Invitational

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jimmy LaFevers11.14aWest Valley      
2.9Tony Gonzalez11.15aMcKay      
3.11Gabe Flores11.25aSouth Umpqua      
4.12Justin Felt11.45aChurchill      
5.10Almeir Barlow11.51aNorth Medford      
6.12Zubair Abbasi11.52aChurchill      
7.12Roosevelt Roby11.58aSpringfield      
8.10David Parks11.59aCrook County      
9.11Kris Butler11.61aEagle Point      
10.12Nick Nutting11.62aCrater      
11.12Jon Chan11.69aReedsport      
12.11Troy Driskall11.71aNorth Medford      
13.12Bret Hamilton11.71aSouth Medford      
14.11Cory Misley11.81aOregon City      
15.11Mike Christofferson11.89aReedsport      
16.11Derik Trumbull11.91aTriad Christian      
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Larry Ragsdale11.65aIllinois Valley      
2.9Logan Grimes11.78aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
3.10Dylan Gaudette11.88aCrater      
4.10Nico Calloway11.91aCentral Valley      
5.9Michael Gruber12.01aCrook County      
6.10Jason Pardee12.15aCrater      
7.10Zach Childs12.18aChurchill      
8.9Criss Bowen19.19aGrants Pass      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tony Gonzalez22.75aMcKay      
2.11Gabe Flores22.99aSouth Umpqua      
3.12Nick Evans23.02aWest Valley      
4.10Almeir Barlow23.29aNorth Medford      
5.11Matt Porter23.31aKlamath Union      
6.11Kris Butler23.52aEagle Point      
6.11Charlie Fehl23.52aCrater      
8.12Blake Estep23.62aHidden Valley      
9.12Bret Hamilton23.66aSouth Medford      
10.11Derik Trumbull23.69aTriad Christian      
11.12Tyler Poppe23.72aChurchill      
12.11David Mesa23.82aSiuslaw      
13.11Charles Jelle23.92aChurchill      
13.12Joe Wolf23.92aOregon City      
15.11Cory Misley23.96aOregon City      
16.11Kris Carey24.34aNorth Medford      
17.12Artie Lawniczak24.59aAshland      
18.11Michael McDonnell24.69aKlamath Union      
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Criss Bowen23.30aGrants Pass      
2.9Logan Grimes23.60aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
3.10Kevin Godfrey23.70aDouglas      
4.10Josh Goutney23.80aCrook County      
5.10Dustin Fox23.90aHidden Valley      
6.10Justin Huddleston24.00aCorvallis      
7.9Michael Eagle24.00aSouth Medford      
8.10Riley Salado24.20aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
9.10Charles Lang24.50aSouth Medford      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dustin Parrish49.98aGrants Pass      
2.12Blake Estep50.45aHidden Valley      
3.12Jacob Hayden50.58aOregon City      
4.11Josh McOmber51.22aWest Valley      
5.12Mark Stork51.72aGrants Pass      
6.11Matt Porter51.89aKlamath Union      
7.12Willie May51.94aCrook County      
8.12Jeramiah Richardson51.94aHidden Valley      
9.11Clease Carlisle51.96aSouth Medford      
10.11Charlie Fehl52.02aCrater      
11.12Nick Evans52.15aWest Valley      
12.11Zach Uhles52.36aCrater      
13.12Josh Cunningham52.55aNew Hope Christian      
14.11Derik Trumbull52.73aTriad Christian      
15.10Jacob Colmenaro52.76aNorth Medford      
16.11Sam Finch52.88aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
17.11Zach Meline53.32aMarshfield      
18.12Steven Hames53.50aNew Hope Christian      
19.12Josh Makepeace53.72aNorth Valley      
20.12Chris Hernandez53.75aKlamath Union      
21.12Marty Joseph56.22aPhoenix      
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Caleb Trowbridge52.62aSutherlin      
2.10Ian Normand53.56aOregon City      
3.9Matthew Richardson54.02aGrants Pass      
4.10Dane Arispe54.06aNorth Medford      
5.10Blake Peters54.39aBrookings-Harbor      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Clease Carlisle51.0hSouth Medford      
11Mike Seus52.3aSt Mary's      
11Max Miller52.4aSt Mary's      
4.9Joel Dumore53.7West Valley      
12Ryan Greene53.9aSt Mary's      
12Mike Delgado54.1aSt Mary's      
12Michael Mrkvicka54.1aNew Hope Christian      
12Josh Cunningham54.4aNew Hope Christian      
11Ben Bowdoin55.1aNew Hope Christian      
12Steven Hames55.6aNew Hope Christian      
9Jacob Frasher55.84West Valley      
4.9Ben Bradshaw56.60West Valley      
10Charles Hayley57.49West Valley      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Johnson1:56.80aGrants Pass      
2.12Michael Weller1:57.20aCorvallis      
3.11Joshua Frasier1:57.40aCoquille      
4.12Dan Landrum1:58.17aKlamath Union      
5.10Matt Miner1:58.87aAshland      
6.12Ryan Erickson1:59.20aChurchill      
7.12Tyler Davis1:59.77aPhoenix      
8.12Michael Mrkvicka2:00.33aNew Hope Christian      
9.12Chris Platano2:01.00aMyrtle Point      
10.11Travis Harper2:01.96aOregon City      
11.10Josh Paul2:02.10aNorth Medford      
12.12Jon Hanna2:02.31aWest Valley      
13.12Dan Egan2:02.82aSpringfield      
14.12Levi Roudebush2:04.34aNorth Valley      
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Joel Dumore2:03.90aWest Valley      
2.9Ben Bradshaw2:04.50aWest Valley      
3.10Jorden Ridenour2:06.10aCrook County      
4.9DJ Flores2:06.60aSouth Umpqua      
5.9Christian Welsh2:06.9South Medford      
6.9Connor Kasler2:07.50aHidden Valley      
7.9Paul Verling2:11.30aCrater      
8.9Chris Solares2:14.60aSpringfield      
9.10Mason Keck2:17.30aSiuslaw      
10.10Travis Linville2:21.80aNorth Medford      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Weller3:57.75aCorvallis      
2.11Joshua Frasier3:59.42aCoquille      
3.12Isaac Stoutenburg3:59.72aCrater      
4.12Michael Mrkvicka4:08.98aNew Hope Christian      
5.11Jack Lindsay4:10.18aSiuslaw      
6.11Mike Seus4:12.18aSt Mary's      
7.12Andrew Guest4:16.32aHenley      
8.12Tyson Teesdale4:17.25aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
9.10Richard Zhu4:17.51aNorth Medford      
10.11Kevin Jantzer4:18.12aPhoenix      
11.12Ricky Mendez4:19.91aMcKay      
12.10Tucker Bacon4:21.00aAshland      
13.12Dennis McCaffrey4:21.61aAshland      
14.12Jeff Salvatti4:23.98aHenley      
15.11Graham Baker4:25.41aIllinois Valley      
16.12Sam Curtis4:26.41aNorth Medford      
17.12Jon Anderson4:27.58aOregon City      
18.11Forest Smith4:28.41aHenley      
9Linden Loren4:33.0Brookings-Harbor      
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Joel Dumore4:18.30aWest Valley      
2.10Russell Drummond4:19.41aChurchill      
3.9Nick Anderson4:20.74aKlamath Union      
4.9Connor Kasler4:21.46aHidden Valley      
5.10Ryan Santana4:22.26aCrater      
6.10Joey Nelson4:23.11aSouth Medford      
7.10Curtis Yungen4:32.00aCrater      
8.9Chris Solares4:34.87aSpringfield      
9.10Ryan Fairley4:37.74aWest Valley      
10.9Tim Costin4:38.17aSpringfield      
11.9Alex Seigal4:40.39aOregon City      
12.9David Yecha4:49.89aDouglas      
13.10Alex King4:51.84aOregon City      
14.9Drew Gerg4:57.18aSpringfield      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Joel Dumore4:36.30aWest Valley      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jake Keyser8:49.11aCrater      
2.12Isaac Stoutenburg8:49.21aCrater      
3.12Jon Hanna9:11.70aWest Valley      
4.11Chris Reed9:14.04aKlamath Union      
5.12Andrew Guest9:16.11aHenley      
6.9Elliott Jantzer9:17.07aPhoenix      
7.10Jared Bassett9:23.95aMarshfield      
8.12Spencer Bonney9:25.75aAshland      
9.10Richard Zhu9:27.22aNorth Medford      
10.12Dennis McCaffrey9:29.02aAshland      
11.11Joshua Baker9:32.09aAshland      
12.12Brandon Snook9:33.96aOregon City      
13.12Sean Hunter9:35.89aCorvallis      
14.11Rick Nielsen9:39.33aNorth Medford      
15.11Darrick Waugh9:46.97aHenley      
16.11Jeff Whitmore9:48.71aHenley      
17.12Tanner Gorman9:51.37aBrookings-Harbor      
18.11Bradley Higgins9:54.04aGrants Pass      
19.11Cameron Churchill10:04.86aCrater      
20.11Tyler Mills10:09.89aOregon City      
21.11Shane Humphrey10:31.21aSpringfield      
X 3000 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Ryan Santana9:21.39aCrater      
2.9Tim Costin9:26.94aSpringfield      
3.10Curtis Yungen9:28.76aCrater      
4.9David Carruth9:36.93aHenley      
5.10Ryan Fairley9:37.65aWest Valley      
6.10Shawn Elliott9:51.65aTriad Christian      
7.9Ryland Karlovich9:51.87aAshland      
8.9Zach Elliott9:53.42aCrater      
9.10Zach Jabin10:01.69aMcKay      
10.10Lucas Allerman10:05.79aOregon City      
11.9Drew Gerg10:07.77aSpringfield      
12.9Alex Peterson10:08.28aKlamath Union      
13.9Devin White10:08.38aMcKay      
14.10Joey McDougall10:10.22aNorth Medford      
15.9Chris Cline10:10.72aHidden Valley      
16.10Tanner Arndt10:16.96aAshland      
17.10Chris Neighbor10:22.20aBrookings-Harbor      
18.9Chris Meeker10:26.32aOregon City      
19.10Steven Sanders10:29.59aBrookings-Harbor      
20.9Jason Arbour10:30.52aHidden Valley      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Jon Hanna9:49.7cWest Valley      
10Ryan Fairley10:17.65West Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Bumstead15.25aSouth Eugene      
2.12Jordan Hayter15.55aHidden Valley      
3.12Sean Turner15.71aBandon      
4.11Andrew Hastings15.75aCorvallis      
5.12Fredrick Kruse16.01aMarshfield      
6.12Roosevelt Roby16.11aSpringfield      
7.12Jared Pedersen16.23aRoseburg      
8.11Brian Bowers16.35aChurchill      
9.11Jordan Werner16.40aGrants Pass      
10.11Jake Siebenlist16.47aGrants Pass      
11.12Jake Welsh16.50aMarshfield      
12.12David Partin16.60aGrants Pass      
13.10Jacob Ringrose16.81aEagle Point      
14.12Travis Pattan17.27aSouth Medford      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
2.10Eric Cary15.71aCentral Valley      
3.10Joe Cullen17.15aHenley      
4.10Cody Stoy17.98aAshland      
5.9Thomas Starks18.85aCrater      
10Daniel CropperDQAshland      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Comstock40.01aSutherlin      
2.11Terry Hodder40.11aGrants Pass      
3.11Adam Bumstead40.84aSouth Eugene      
4.10Larry Ragsdale41.08aIllinois Valley      
5.12Aaron Mitchell41.75aSiuslaw      
6.11Andrew Hastings42.01aCorvallis      
7.12Tyler Dunbar42.21aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
8.12Sean Turner42.85aBandon      
9.11Mike Jiron43.62aHidden Valley      
10.12Luke Wolfe43.85aSouth Medford      
11.12Fredrick Kruse44.02aMarshfield      
12.12Jake Welsh44.35aMarshfield      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
2.10Anthony Blackmon43.20aGrants Pass      
3.9Aric Jay43.30aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
4.9Micah Diaz43.80aSouth Medford      
5.10Danny Staats44.47aHenley      
6.10Daniel Cropper45.07aAshland      
7.9Sam Winter45.74aIllinois Valley      
8.10Eric Cary45.77aCentral Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Evans
Josh McOmber
Jordan Atwell
Jimmy LaFevers
42.99aWest Valley      
-Blake Estep
Jordan Hayter
Jordan VanCleave
Ryan VanCleave
43.94aHidden Valley      
2.-Zubair Abbasi
Charles Jelle
Tyler Poppe
Justin Felt
-Almeir Barlow
Jacob Colmenaro
Kris Carey
Troy Driskall
44.26aNorth Medford      
5.-Terry Hodder
Dustin Parrish
Criss Bowen
Mark DiMizio
44.32aGrants Pass      
-Eric Geeting
Sean Campbell
David Mesa
Will Marais
7.-Cory Misley
Mychal Owens
Cameron Gordon-Forbes
Joe Wolf
44.95aOregon City      
-Robby Leonis
Ryan Greene
Antonio LoMonaco
Max Miller
45.1aSt Mary's      
-Kevin Comstock
Caleb Trowbridge
Dustin Pacini
Matt Wells
1 Frosh/So-Kevin Rapet
Griff Bisbee
Michael Eagle
Charles Lang
45.66aSouth Medford      
2 fr/so-Steven Paul
Nathan Green
Larry Ragsdale
Sam Winter
46.21aIllinois Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
3.-Shane Wilson
Billy Cochran
Ben Ingersoll
Nico Calloway
46.41aCentral Valley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mark Stork
Dustin Parrish
Terry Hodder
Matt Johnson
3:23.60aGrants Pass      
-Jeramiah Richardson
Jordan VanCleave
Jordan Hayter
Blake Estep
3:29.30aHidden Valley      
-Chris Hernandez
Michael McDonnell
Matt Porter
Dan Landrum
3:29.60aKlamath Union      
4.-Max Miller
Ryan Greene
Mike Delgado
Mike Seus
3:32.3aSt Mary's      
6.-Relay Team 3:34.01aSutherlin      
1 fr/so-Moises Mendoza
Steven Paul
Larry Ragsdale
Nathan Green
3:34.69aIllinois Valley      
8.-Will Marais
Connor Vaccaro
David Mesa
Aaron Mitchell
8.-Travis Pattan
Joey Nelson
Branson Holm
Clease Carlisle
3:34.79aSouth Medford      
2 Frosh/So-Michael Eagle
Griff Bisbee
Micah Diaz
Christian Welsh
3:36.20aSouth Medford      
11.-Ben Bowdoin
Josh Cunningham
Steven Hames
Michael Mrkvicka
3:39.53aNew Hope Christian      
-Kyle Botnen
Tanner Gorman
Blake Peters
Linden Loren
-Charles Jelle
Shane O'Connell
Ryan Erickson
Russell Drummond
17.-Ben Bennett
Ben Green
Graham Baker
Wade Lorensen
3:43.90Illinois Valley      
4.-Charles Hayley
Ben Bradshaw
Jacob Frasher
Joel Dumore
3:43.94aWest Valley      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Bellitt49'10.25Churchill      
2.12Chris Perkins49'03.75Siuslaw      
3.11Jordan Fenters47'10.25Henley      
4.12Adam Doelker47'07.00Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
5.12Tyler Dungey46'06.75Grants Pass      
6.11Jason Slowey46'06.25North Medford      
7.11Franco Caballero46'03.75North Medford      
8.12Asa Maxfield46'00.00Sutherlin      
9.12Ben Decuir45'04.00Phoenix      
10.12Tim Endecott45'00.00North Medford      
11.12Bill Haskins44'11.50Illinois Valley      
12.12Dylan Hall44'04.25West Valley      
13.12Brandon Bucich44'04.25Phoenix      
14.12Tyler Cam43'11.25Eagle Point      
15.12Dillon Gilbertson43'10.25Crook County      
16.9Stephen Adams42'08.75South Medford      
17.12Anthony Winn42'08.50Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
18.12Eddie Mazzulli42'00.00Crook County      
19.11Nick Watson41'06.00Douglas      
20.12Drew Pearson41'02.50South Medford      
21.11Tyler West40'08.00Marshfield      
22.11Quinn Guerrero40'02.50Grants Pass      
23.11Erick Calvo37'07.50Grants Pass      
24.11Eric Skipper36'08.25Oregon City      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Brock Bennett45'00.75North Medford      
3.9Sam Moore42'03.75Klamath Union      
4.10Charles Boyer41'02.50Rogue River      
5.10Hank Turner41'02.50Churchill      
6.10Andy Miller41'02.00West Valley      
7.10Steven Jones40'10.25West Valley      
8.10Adam Higgins40'08.25North Medford      
9.10Ben Hughes40'02.75Grants Pass      
10.10Matt Olvera36'07.00Klamath Union      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jason Slowey147'05North Medford      
2.11Jeff Janulewicz143'00Central Valley      
3.12Adam Doelker138'07Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
4.12Asa Maxfield136'11Sutherlin      
5.11Robby Leonis135'08St Mary's      
6.12Carter DuVal132'11Reedsport      
7.12Chris Bellitt130'10Churchill      
8.12Daren Hunt130'09Siuslaw      
9.12Anthony Winn127'01Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
10.12Justin Galligan125'09Phoenix      
11.12Curtis Devan125'00Central Valley      
12.10Charles Boyer124'10Rogue River      
13.12Tim Endecott123'00North Medford      
14.12Andy Munsey121'07Crook County      
15.12Dylan Hall121'05West Valley      
16.11Joe Cornett120'03Hidden Valley      
17.11Tyler West119'05Marshfield      
18.12Andrew Harrison115'03North Medford      
19.12Tyler Dungey112'03Grants Pass      
20.11Jordan Fenters109'04Henley      
21.11Eric Skipper106'04Oregon City      
22.9Stephen Adams93'01South Medford      
11Quinn GuerreroNDGrants Pass      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Andy Miller132'06West Valley      
2.10Mark Blomquist128'08Crook County      
3.10Tajon Burton127'03Corvallis      
4.10David Reeher119'10Crook County      
5.10Tyler Saxon113'06Churchill      
6.10Steven Jones113'03West Valley      
7.10Jake Stone108'05Crater      
8.10Ben Hughes104'07Grants Pass      
9.9Zach Tomlinson104'05St Mary's      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Garren Hitner178'06Myrtle Point      
2.12Ryan Bronson167'01Springfield      
3.11Branson Holm165'06South Medford      
4.12Zach Woods164'01Oregon City      
5.11Jaimo Jackson161'01Chiloquin      
6.11Kasey Ahsing160'08Oregon City      
7.12Jacob Macauley160'07Churchill      
8.10Brock Bennett159'05North Medford      
9.12Otis Laney159'01Pleasant Hill      
10.9Kash Burwell156'00Crook County      
11.12Josh Gunderson154'04South Umpqua      
12.11Brandt Nevin154'03Eagle Point      
13.11John Grimes153'07South Medford      
14.12Kevin Faulkner151'05South Umpqua      
15.10KC Scharff148'08McKay      
16.12Dalton Reagan148'03Illinois Valley      
17.11Alex Morales148'03South Medford      
18.12Asa Maxfield146'08Sutherlin      
19.12Chris Platano146'00Myrtle Point      
20.11Alex Parke143'00Crater      
21.12Andrew Reyes135'02McKay      
22.12Matt Musselman134'00Hidden Valley      
X Javelin - 800g - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Will Messerle151'06Marshfield      
2.10Kody Reavis151'03Siuslaw      
3.10Mason Keck146'05Siuslaw      
4.10Jesse Munday141'06North Medford      
5.9Marcus Havniear141'03Crater      
6.10Justin Plumlee132'00Grants Pass      
7.10David Reeher129'09Crook County      
8.10Ben Hughes117'04Grants Pass      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Poppe6'06.00Churchill      
2.12Jake Colley6'02.00Eagle Point      
3.12Ryan Pittman6'02.00Ashland      
3.10David Parks6'02.00Crook County      
5.12Joe Hill6'00.00Klamath Union      
5.12Trevor Thurn6'00.00Springfield      
5.9Josh Pectol6'00.00North Medford      
8.12Kevin Muntifyring6'00.00Coquille      
9.10Garren Hitner6'00.00Myrtle Point      
10.12Kenny Lathen6'00.00Grants Pass      
10.12Chris Dodson6'00.00Siuslaw      
12.11Spencer Fogelquist5'10.00Grants Pass      
12.12Joe LeBel5'10.00Crater      
14.10David Reeher5'10.00Crook County      
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Kevin Godfrey6'02.00Douglas      
2.10Eric Cary6'00.00Central Valley      
3.9Griff Bisbee5'10.00South Medford      
4.10Ethan Ostrom5'08.00West Valley      
5.10Danny Staats5'08.00Henley      
6.10Derek Hinkle5'08.00Oregon City      
6.10Steven Paul5'08.00Illinois Valley      
10Josh HoughtonNHAshland      
10Andrew TuttleNHBrookings-Harbor      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Brink14'00.00Roseburg      
2.10Jack Hippler13'06.00Oregon City      
3.12Jordan Hayter13'06.00Hidden Valley      
4.12Don North13'00.00Henley      
6.12Eli Hanna13'00.00Roseburg      
7.11Brandt Nevin13'00.00Eagle Point      
8.12Travis Pattan12'06.00South Medford      
9.12Kyle Newton12'00.00Del Norte      
12Jake WiltonNHRoseburg      
11Spencer FogelquistNHGrants Pass      
11Sean CampbellNHSiuslaw      
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Kevin Godfrey13'00.00Douglas      
2.10Dylan Gaudette13'00.00Crater      
3.10Ethan Ostrom13'00.00West Valley      
3.10Kyle Botnen13'00.00Brookings-Harbor      
5.10Justin Kirk12'06.00Marshfield      
6.10Robby Mannenbach12'00.00Eagle Point      
7.10Josh McDonald12'00.00Crook County      
8.10Andrew Tuttle11'06.00Brookings-Harbor      
8.10Casey Cagley11'06.00Myrtle Point      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Felt22'10.50Churchill      
2.12Ryan VanCleave22'04.50Hidden Valley      
3.11Terry Hodder21'05.00Grants Pass      
4.12Cameron Gordon-Forbes20'08.75Oregon City      
5.12Nolan Telles20'04.75Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
6.12Nick Nutting20'04.25Crater      
7.12Kelly McGillivray19'11.50Churchill      
8.11Nick Crisp19'09.50Coquille      
9.12Bret Hamilton19'03.50South Medford      
10.11Branson Holm19'01.00South Medford      
11.12Ryan Pittman19'00.75Ashland      
12.12Tyler Beck18'09.75Crater      
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Dylan Gaudette20'10.50Crater      
2.9Criss Bowen19'10.50Grants Pass      
3.10Andrew Mitchell19'03.25Springfield      
4.10Brogan Oswald19'02.00Marshfield      
5.9Daniel Mitchell18'07.75Eagle Point      
6.9Nathan Sykes18'04.75Springfield      
7.10Saxon Gotfried18'03.50Hidden Valley      
8.9Michael Gruber18'00.00Crook County      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Felt44'04.75Churchill      
2.12Nick Nutting43'07.75Crater      
3.12Tony Desimone43'02.50South Medford      
4.12Cameron Gordon-Forbes41'09.75Oregon City      
5.11Spencer Fogelquist41'03.25Grants Pass      
6.12Justin Gannon40'09.75Reedsport      
7.12Fredrick Kruse40'07.25Marshfield      
8.12Mychal Owens39'11.00Oregon City      
9.11Branson Holm39'10.00South Medford      
10.11Nick Crisp39'09.50Coquille      
11.12Tyler Beck39'02.75Crater      
12.11Jeremy Carter38'07.00Hidden Valley      
9Josh PectolNDNorth Medford      
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Dylan Gaudette42'02.25Crater      
2.10Andrew Mitchell41'00.25Springfield      
3.9Griff Bisbee40'03.50South Medford      
4.9Caleb Kruse39'03.00Marshfield      
5.10Shane Wilson38'06.25Central Valley      
6.10Anthony Blackmon37'04.25Grants Pass      
7.9Casey Evans35'02.75Henley      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Heather Bishop12.72aChurchill      
2.11Brandy Rodriguez12.82aMcKay      
3.12Christy Anderson12.85aCorvallis      
4.10Maddie Parsons12.88aTriad Christian      
5.10Bailee McCulloch12.91aDel Norte      
6.10Braidy Bates12.95aPleasant Hill      
7.11Alyssa Christensen12.95aWest Valley      
8.9Kelsy Hintz12.98aDel Norte      
9.12Mindy Bean13.18aChurchill      
9.10Jordan Kling13.18aAshland      
11.9Andrea Egge13.38aNorth Medford      
12.12Kim Gonzales13.38aGrants Pass      
13.10Christine Boothby13.42aSouth Medford      
14.11Linnae Roland13.65aHenley      
15.10Stevie Deats13.75aCrater      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lydia Marsalli26.10aKlamath Union      
2.11Brandy Rodriguez26.50aMcKay      
3.9Amy Atwater26.69aChurchill      
4.10Braidy Bates26.69aPleasant Hill      
5.10Jordan Kling26.75aAshland      
6.12Tiffany Spaulding26.99aCorvallis      
7.10Maddie Parsons27.02aTriad Christian      
8.12Heather Bishop27.03aChurchill      
9.11Kalista Harrison27.15aRoseburg      
10.10Denise Powell27.19aHidden Valley      
11.12Christy Anderson27.30aCorvallis      
12.10Jana Parker27.33aNorth Medford      
13.11Aubrey Millen27.42aOregon City      
14.12Audrey Richardson27.53aGrants Pass      
15.12Kim Gonzales27.63aGrants Pass      
16.12Mindy Bean27.67aChurchill      
17.10Katie Gilbert27.70aKlamath Union      
18.9McKenzie Redberg27.80aCorvallis      
19.10Christine Boothby28.30aSouth Medford      
20.9Lauren Forderer28.37aSouth Medford      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alison Worthen58.68aMarshfield      
2.12Lydia Marsalli59.22aKlamath Union      
3.10Stephanie North1:00.42aHenley      
4.11Lori Barrett1:00.79aCrater      
5.12Halley Hehn1:01.22aCrook County      
6.12Anna Lovelace1:01.28aGrants Pass      
7.12Tiffany Spaulding1:01.52aCorvallis      
8.9Taylor Vandehey1:01.81aNorth Valley      
9.9Rebecca Viets1:01.98aSouth Medford      
10.10Katie Gilbert1:02.91aKlamath Union      
11.10Jana Parker1:03.98aNorth Medford      
12.11Amber Tomaszewski1:05.59aHidden Valley      
13.11Elisabeth Cummings1:06.45aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
14.11Natalie Hisaw1:07.13aCrook County      
15.11Casey Hehn1:07.54aCrook County      
16.11Kourtni Pruitt1:07.60aDouglas      
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Amy Atwater59.58aChurchill      
2.9McKenzie Redberg1:00.45aCorvallis      
3.10Eva Oriakhi1:03.25aCorvallis      
4.9Nikki Steinsiek1:03.52aSt Mary's      
5.9Aubrie Irons1:04.20aNorth Medford      
6.9Tracy Berg1:04.92aCorvallis      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Rebecca Viets61.0hSouth Medford      
12Jan Frodsham61.5hSouth Medford      
6.9Katie Jungwirth61.55West Valley      
12Kayla Eichamer62.5St Mary's      
9Michelle Johnson63.03West Valley      
10Mia Rawson63.8St Mary's      
9Halie Linschoten64.3West Valley      
11Stephanie Alward64.43West Valley      
9Nikki Steinsiek64.6St Mary's      
9Rebecca Tribelhorn65.5St Mary's      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ashley Gilkey2:17.76aHidden Valley      
2.12Amanda Straw2:18.53aGrants Pass      
3.10Aria Hemphill2:20.40aAshland      
4.9Michelle Johnson2:21.03aWest Valley      
5.9Katie Jungwirth2:22.93aWest Valley      
6.11Ashley Berry2:27.10aNorth Medford      
7.11Stephanie Fennimore2:27.34aMcKay      
8.9Rebecca Tribelhorn2:27.47aSt Mary's      
9.10Jennifer Hague2:28.07aSiuslaw      
10.12Nyika Corbett2:28.90aMyrtle Point      
11.10Tayler Harrington2:29.04aSouth Medford      
12.9Vanessa Ferrer2:30.04aCoquille      
13.10Rebecca Cink2:30.14aDel Norte      
14.9Kayleigh Tyerman2:32.24aCrater      
15.9Maddie Thompson2:32.81aCorvallis      
16.11Statia Smith2:40.11aNorth Medford      
17.10Janelle Everetts2:45.82aMcKay      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Natalie Hemphill4:40.47aAshland      
2.9Michelle Johnson4:44.61aWest Valley      
3.10Ashley Gilkey4:47.06aHidden Valley      
4.12Nyika Corbett4:55.75aMyrtle Point      
5.12Beth Dunfield4:57.25aCorvallis      
6.11Kaylee Gruber4:58.57aSiuslaw      
7.9Chelsa McDonnell5:01.76aKlamath Union      
8.11Anna Gomez5:02.07aKlamath Union      
9.11Jade Severson5:05.24aNorth Medford      
10.12Emily Morehouse5:05.29aNorth Valley      
11.11Lindsay Gasik5:06.06aSt Mary's      
12.10Megan Everetts5:07.36aMcKay      
13.11Mercedes Smith5:07.75aSiuslaw      
14.11Sierra Lee5:08.81aSiuslaw      
15.11Alyssa Taylor5:25.53aAshland      
16.11Ashley Linza5:33.02aOregon City      
17.11Amanda Fox5:37.99aOregon City      
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Kayleigh Tyerman5:04.45aCrater      
2.9Maddie Thompson5:04.70aCorvallis      
3.9Vanessa Ferrer5:05.60aCoquille      
4.10Lorine Cruz5:06.10aGrants Pass      
5.9McKenzie Yeoman5:06.62aIllinois Valley      
6.10Anne Hagy5:06.77aPhoenix      
7.10Jennifer Hague5:07.52aSiuslaw      
8.10Emily Halsell5:08.49aCoquille      
9.10Rachael Estabrook5:13.68aTriad Christian      
10.10Nichole Barry5:14.35aWest Valley      
11.9Haley Beal5:18.65aAshland      
12.10Laurel Parks5:19.70aGrants Pass      
13.10Jordi Hurd5:24.16aPhoenix      
14.10Erika Hultz5:24.81aAshland      
15.9Silver Seibert5:27.86aCrater      
16.10Lindsey Leighton5:28.94aSpringfield      
17.9Cassandra Campbell5:29.96aCorvallis      
18.9Lindsey Bascom5:36.95aCrater      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Nichole Barry5:34.35West Valley      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Wallace10:27.96aHenley      
2.12Marci Klimek10:31.84aPhoenix      
3.9Piper Delaney10:53.41aSouth Medford      
4.12Beth Dunfield11:01.36aCorvallis      
5.11Lacy Looney11:05.99aMyrtle Point      
6.11Brittney Dunn11:16.20aNorth Medford      
7.9McKenzie Yeoman11:18.71aIllinois Valley      
8.11Jade Severson11:21.14aNorth Medford      
9.12Emily Morehouse11:26.58aNorth Valley      
10.11Lindsay Gasik11:29.45aSt Mary's      
11.10Megan Everetts11:33.89aMcKay      
12.10Lorine Cruz11:35.02aGrants Pass      
13.10Laurel Parks11:39.59aGrants Pass      
14.11Sadie Wedel11:42.20aMcKay      
15.11Olivia Tomlinson11:48.80aOregon City      
16.9Silver Seibert11:52.51aCrater      
17.9Victoria Honzel11:56.14aKlamath Union      
18.11Lauren Teesdale12:05.89aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
19.9Ariel Barton12:16.33aNorth Valley      
20.12Lauren Rochholz12:30.58aChurchill      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kate Fox Hayward15.83aSouth Eugene      
2.12Katrina Stevens16.30aSouth Medford      
3.11Alaura Little16.60aSiuslaw      
5.12Somer Reed16.98aCrater      
6.12Jan Frodsham16.99aSouth Medford      
7.11Megan Christensen17.07aHenley      
8.10Natasha Minor17.12aNorth Medford      
9.9Anna Sours17.15aSouth Medford      
10.10Molly Hobson17.78aPhoenix      
11.11Samantha Abel17.82aHidden Valley      
12.12Molly Sedlacek17.93aSiuslaw      
13.11Tracy Filley18.05aRoseburg      
14.11Mandy Siewell18.15aSutherlin      
15.11Kylee Willard18.35aGrants Pass      
16.12Hannah Cole22.59aBrookings-Harbor      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Shayna Pekala16.79aCorvallis      
2.9Becki Lee16.96aRoseburg      
3.9MaKenzie Scott17.29aMarshfield      
4.9Stephanie Pepperling17.59aGrants Pass      
5.10Claire Wolfe17.72aSouth Medford      
6.9Erin Hedrick17.78aEagle Point      
7.10Melissa Robinson17.86aOregon City      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nina DeHaas45.07aSouth Eugene      
2.10Alison Worthen45.57aMarshfield      
3.12Katrina Stevens47.81aSouth Medford      
4.9Taylor Vandehey48.30aNorth Valley      
5.12Kate Fox Hayward48.31aSouth Eugene      
6.9Tia Ingram48.48aHenley      
7.12Ashley Evans48.54aHenley      
8.12Jan Frodsham48.74aSouth Medford      
10.11Alaura Little49.81aSiuslaw      
11.12Jenna Flohr49.84aOregon City      
12.12Amanda Potts50.05aGrants Pass      
13.12Lauren Sigel50.31aGrants Pass      
14.10Rachel Cink51.31aDel Norte      
15.10Brandi King51.45aSouth Medford      
16.12Jamie Diprima51.65aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
17.9Tracy Berg52.32aCorvallis      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.96aCorvallis      
2.-Mindy Bean
Amy Atwater
Heather Bishop
Samantha Molinski
3.-Amanda Oliva
Taylor Samuels
Halie Linschoten
Alyssa Christensen
50.64aWest Valley      
4.-Kim Gonzales
Audrey Richardson
Amanda Straw
Anna Lovelace
51.06aGrants Pass      
5.-Jennie Cress
Brandy Rodriguez
Stephanie Fennimore
Ashley Durschmidt
6.-Christine Boothby
Lauren Forderer
Katrina Stevens
Rebecca Viets
51.96aSouth Medford      
7.-Relay Team 52.11aHenley      
8.-Jenna Flohr
Aimee Shafer
Aubrey Millen
Lauren Shafer
52.23aOregon City      
9.-Aime Wingler
Lori Barrett
Jannelle Stoner
Stevie Deats
10.-Rachel Salsbery
Jessica Dodson
Katelyn Stone
Emily Laing
11.-Relay Team 53.74aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
12.-Kayla Eichamer
Nikki Steinsiek
Mia Rawson
Hanna Heycke
54.26aSt Mary's      
13.-Relay Team 54.76aCrook County      
14.-Cady Landmann
Nicole Leaf
Heather Vincent
Khiara Wagner
54.81aEagle Point      
15.-Relay Team 54.83aBrookings-Harbor      
16.-Kourtni Pruitt
Sarah Davenport
Hannah Jaques
Marybeth Jaques
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Mary Bailey
Jessie Hanger
Denise Powell
Jamie Richardson
52.21aHidden Valley      
2.-Kelsy Hintz
Bailee McCulloch
Jessica Slayton
Rachel Cink
52.50aDel Norte      
3.-Andrea Egge
Jana Parker
McKenzie Smith
Aubrie Irons
52.65aNorth Medford      
4.-Anna Sours
Kaitlin Ditty
Claire Wolfe
Brandi King
53.55aSouth Medford      
5.-Katelyn Hammervold
Kaylee Leddy
Stephanie Pepperling
Mary Lathen
54.37aGrants Pass      
6.-Relay Team 54.42aNorth Valley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:08.59aHenley      
2.-Amanda Potts
Anna Lovelace
Amanda Straw
Audrey Richardson
4:11.10aGrants Pass      
3.-Denise Powell
Samantha Abel
Jessie Hanger
Ashley Gilkey
4:12.46aHidden Valley      
4.-Aria Hemphill
Jordan Kling
Chelsey Boehnke
Natalie Hemphill
5.-Relay Team 4:12.86aSouth Medford      
6.-Stephanie Alward
Halie Linschoten
Katie Jungwirth
Michelle Johnson
4:13.60aWest Valley      
7.-Irene Kendig
Ashley Berry
Justine Lawson
Jana Parker
4:16.40aNorth Medford      
8.-Mia Rawson
Rebecca Tribelhorn
Nikki Steinsiek
Kayla Eichamer
4:16.43aSt Mary's      
9.-Marci Klimek
Ann Hagey
Jordi Hurd
Molly Hobson
10.-Mindy Bean
Amy Atwater
Heather Bishop
Samantha Molinski
11.-Taylor Vandehey
Brooke Fray
Anna Silva
Shyana Swanson
4:23.93aNorth Valley      
12.-Relay Team 4:24.00aCrook County      
13.-Amy Hermansen
Denae Lamb
Caity O'Brien
Aubrey Millen
4:27.74aOregon City      
14.-Relay Team 4:29.24aSiuslaw      
15.-Brenda Moore
Erin Kroeker
Maddie Parsons
Rachael Estabrook
4:30.17aTriad Christian      
16.-Relay Team 4:40.35aFoothill (Palo Cedro)      
17.-Relay Team 4:52.39aBrookings-Harbor      
18.-Relay Team 4:54.53aCoquille      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katherine Tripp41'07.75Douglas      
2.12Anja Crawford38'04.75Hidden Valley      
3.10Alyssa Taylor35'8.25North Medford      
4.12Myriah McMillin34'11.00Crater      
5.10Ashley Turner34'02.50West Valley      
6.11Andrea Herman34'02.00South Medford      
7.11Ellie Lesueur34'00.75Henley      
8.10Elly Tucker33'08.75North Medford      
9.12Paige Reaves33'08.75Crater      
10.11Justine Cuthbertson33'00.00Brookings-Harbor      
11.10Ruby Davis31'03.00Chiloquin      
12.11Evan Bratcher31'02.25Oregon City      
13.12Brittney Rochelle30'08.50Klamath Union      
14.12Kelli Johnson30'07.50Crook County      
15.10Cortney Ellis30'07.25Butte Falls      
16.11Megan Christensen29'10.50Henley      
17.10Justine Belliveau29'04.00Oregon City      
18.10Toni Bright28'10.75Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
19.11Kayla Gill28'10.25Hidden Valley      
20.12Audrey Richardson28'07.75Grants Pass      
21.11Kelley Porter28'01.00North Valley      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Shelbey McClellan33'07.75Siuslaw      
2.9Natasha Torgerson32'05.50Grants Pass      
3.10Jessica Hensley31'10.50Siuslaw      
4.10Alana Harding31'04.00Crater      
5.10Sarah James30'05.00Douglas      
6.10Rachel Cink28'04.50Del Norte      
7.9Ronnie Yerges27'08.50South Medford      
8.9Audra Luther27'03.50Klamath Union      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katherine Tripp147'10Douglas      
2.12Myriah McMillin127'02Crater      
3.11Andrea Herman118'06South Medford      
4.10Ashley Turner112'01West Valley      
5.12Anja Crawford109'07Hidden Valley      
6.10Toni Bright108'10Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
7.11Evan Bratcher106'04Oregon City      
8.11Brandie Kimball106'01Coquille      
9.10Tabby Reneman103'02Brookings-Harbor      
10.10Nicole Bowden103'02South Medford      
11.10Rebecca Cink100'03Del Norte      
12.11Kiara Fiegi98'07Klamath Union      
13.10Cortney Ellis98'04Butte Falls      
14.12Paige Reaves98'03Crater      
15.11Becky Unger97'10West Valley      
16.10Ruby Davis97'03Chiloquin      
17.12Jessica Siporen95'07Chiloquin      
18.9Nicole Hedden95'02Oregon City      
19.10Angel Walker93'04Klamath Union      
20.11Elizabeth Viles90'09Crook County      
21.11Nicole Morris83'04Grants Pass      
22.12Alysa Pennington82'05Hidden Valley      
23.10Sarah James81'10Douglas      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Dudley127'03Illinois Valley      
2.12Sarah Schelb126'03Chiloquin      
3.10Cheree Clark120'07Crater      
4.12Erika Riley117'00Illinois Valley      
5.10Ruby Davis107'06Chiloquin      
6.12Muriel Roberge107'04Marshfield      
7.9Ronnie Yerges105'00South Medford      
8.12Barbara Duffy103'05South Umpqua      
9.10Lorena Ochoa100'03Chiloquin      
10.9Jenna Welsh99'08Marshfield      
11.12Amanda Potts98'00Grants Pass      
12.12Kaila Lawson97'08North Medford      
13.12Molly Sedlacek95'01Siuslaw      
14.10Katelyn Hammervold94'07Grants Pass      
15.12Kaylee Reece93'04Hidden Valley      
16.9Courtney Pittman91'07Grants Pass      
17.11Amber Simpson91'05Pleasant Hill      
18.11Marley Kennedy89'06Myrtle Point      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alison Worthen5'04.00Marshfield      
2.11Mikayla Morgan5'02.00Henley      
3.12Amanda Straw5'02.00Grants Pass      
4.12Blake Stearns5'00.00Klamath Union      
5.11Ashley Berry5'00.00North Medford      
5.11Haylee Godfrey5'00.00North Medford      
5.10Dani Case5'00.00Chiloquin      
8.10Nichole Barry4'10.00West Valley      
9.11Bethany Hunt4'10.00Hidden Valley      
9.10Lorena Ochoa4'10.00Chiloquin      
10Jessica SlaytonDQDel Norte      
11Tracy FilleyNHRoseburg      
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Cady Landmann4'10.00Eagle Point      
2.9Katie Salade4'10.00South Medford      
3.10Stefanie Jarvis4'08.00Roseburg      
4.10Justine Belliveau4'08.00Oregon City      
5.9Kara Herron4'08.00Klamath Union      
6.9Katey Choukalos4'08.00Klamath Union      
7.9Tia Ingram4'08.00Henley      
7.9Heather Vincent4'08.00Eagle Point      
9.10Danielle Ransom4'06.00Grants Pass      
10.10Jennifer Staenke4'06.00Klamath Union      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Muriel Roberge11'06.00Marshfield      
2.10Lindsay Beard11'00.00South Eugene      
2.11Jamie Wells11'00.00Eagle Point      
4.9Kelsy Hintz11'00.00Del Norte      
5.11Amber Wiley11'00.00Marshfield      
6.11Alaura Little10'06.00Siuslaw      
6.9Moriah Roberge10'06.00Marshfield      
8.10Talia Goldenberg9'00.00South Eugene      
8.12Amanda Potts9'00.00Grants Pass      
10.11Rachael Richardson9'00.00Hidden Valley      
11.11Heather Franzen9'00.00Oregon City      
12.9Courtney Pittman8'06.00Grants Pass      
13.11Lauren Shafer8'06.00Oregon City      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Irene Kendig16'08.50North Medford      
2.11Danielle Barnett16'02.50Myrtle Point      
3.11Mckenzie Mann16'01.75Springfield      
4.11Kylee Willard15'05.25Grants Pass      
5.11Mikayla Morgan15'04.75Henley      
6.11Kendall Gallop15'04.00South Medford      
7.11Chelsey Boehnke15'00.00Ashland      
8.11Jessica Mortenson14'11.75Henley      
9.11Casey Hehn14'08.00Crook County      
10.10Amanda Jacks14'07.75Oregon City      
11.12Ashley Pack13'11.75Springfield      
12.11Emily Whaley13'05.50Brookings-Harbor      
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jordan Kling16'02.00Ashland      
2.10Shayna Pekala16'01.00Corvallis      
3.10Braidy Bates15'10.75Pleasant Hill      
4.9Rebecca Viets15'06.25South Medford      
5.9Phylicia Barnett15'04.00Myrtle Point      
6.9Anna Sours14'10.50South Medford      
7.9Halie Linschoten14'04.00West Valley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alison Worthen36'05.00Marshfield      
2.11Mckenzie Mann36'00.50Springfield      
3.12Molly Sedlacek34'09.25Siuslaw      
4.11Mikayla Morgan33'01.00Henley      
5.11Kendall Gallop32'10.50South Medford      
6.11Chelsey Boehnke32'06.75Ashland      
7.12Hannah Cole32'05.50Brookings-Harbor      
8.10Savannah Julian32'05.25Ashland      
9.12Ashley Pack32'01.75Springfield      
10.11Deanna Bjorkquist31'07.50Foothill (Palo Cedro)      
11.9Jessie Hanger31'00.00Hidden Valley      
12.9Andrea Egge30'10.75North Medford      
13.11Jessica Mortenson30'03.50Henley      
10Eva OriakhiDQCorvallis      
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