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Section 11 Boys Crossover Meet B (3&4)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Suffolk County Community College, Selden

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Crossover Three - Finals
1.12Andre Doughty6.96aHalf Hollow Hills East
2.11Brandon Lee7.02aWest Babylon
3.12George Erazo7.05aNorth Babylon
4.11Kevon Johnson7.06aWalt Whitman
5.11Kyle Prestin7.20aWalt Whitman
6.11Jesse Prato7.34aHalf Hollow Hills East
X 55 Meter Dash - Crossover Four - Finals
1.11Daniel McCord6.84aHalf Hollow Hills West
2.11Abdias Myrtil6.89aHalf Hollow Hills West
3.12Bobby Gelabert7.00aNorthport
4.11David Green7.04aBrentwood
5.11Justin Connor7.16aHalf Hollow Hills West
6.12Dan Fischetti7.20aNorthport
X 300 Meters - Crossover Three - Finals
1.12George Erazo38.99aNorth Babylon
2.10Mike Smitelli39.94aWalt Whitman
3.12Marvin Mandat40.29aNorth Babylon
4.11Graham Mentis40.60aHalf Hollow Hills East
5.11Matthew Poillon40.80aMount Sinai
6.11Bryan Gorman41.10aComsewogue
7.12Terence Granger41.41aNorth Babylon
8.11Kevon Johnson41.54aWalt Whitman
9.11Paul deQuillfeldt41.95aLindenhurst
10.11Rich DeMaio42.00aLindenhurst
11.11Jesse Velasquez42.04aLindenhurst
12.11Michael Calliste42.50aComsewogue
13.11Collon Dawson42.70aMount Sinai
14.12Will Kiernan43.00aLindenhurst
15.11Jesse Feerick43.05aLindenhurst
16.12Shane Feldman43.50aHalf Hollow Hills East
17.11Joe Dubato43.60aHalf Hollow Hills East
18.12Eric Basso43.70aEast Islip
19.11Brian Johnson43.97aHalf Hollow Hills East
20.12Stephen Deferrari44.95aLindenhurst
21.11Jack Coughlan45.76aEast Islip
22.11Paul Cefalu46.20aEast Islip
23.12Matt Menichino46.79aLindenhurst
24.11Cody Caligiuni47.01aEast Islip
25.12Sean Fagan48.46aEast Islip
26.11Matthew Taft48.94aEast Islip
X 300 Meters - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12Cooper Tamayo38.43aNorthport
1.11Eric Dulmovits38.43aSayville
3.11David Green38.68aBrentwood
3.11Christon Johnson38.68aNorthport
5.10Corey Morrison38.97aNewfield (Middle Cou...
5.12Joseph Neckles38.97aBrentwood
7.11Neil Yodice39.40aNorthport
8.11Kevin Daponte40.53aNewfield (Middle Cou...
9.11Ibrahim Abubkar40.58aBrentwood
10.11Michael Rupolo40.64aNewfield (Middle Cou...
11.11Jeffrey Comeau40.77aNewfield (Middle Cou...
12.11Kevin Vasko40.87aRocky Point
13.11Justin Kramer41.13aHalf Hollow Hills West
14.11Jahmal Sampson41.79aHalf Hollow Hills West
15.12Conor Fucci42.00aSayville
16.11Scott Cohen42.19aNewfield (Middle Cou...
17.11Thomas Struss42.96aRocky Point
18.11Raymond Circo43.21aRocky Point
19.10Titus Knight44.04aNewfield (Middle Cou...
20.11Sean Bonney44.05aSayville
21.11Adrian Valentin44.50aNewfield (Middle Cou...
22.11Richard Merrion44.89aBrentwood
23.11Joshua Alexander45.00aBrentwood
24.12Tyler Mancini45.44aPort Jefferson (Earl...
X 600 Meters - Crossover Three - Finals
1.12Cody Amengual1:27.09aWest Babylon
2.11Gregory Perrier1:28.80aHalf Hollow Hills East
3.12Christian Reed1:31.51aEast Islip
4.12Alex Guzman1:33.19aMount Sinai
5.10Chase Nackenson1:34.10aHalf Hollow Hills East
6.11Thomas Meaney1:34.65aComsewogue
7.11Damiano Melcarne1:34.87aWalt Whitman
8.12Alex McGovern1:37.59aEast Islip
9.11Michael Calliste1:40.06aComsewogue
10.12Namib Harris1:42.15aWalt Whitman
11.11Curtis Businski1:42.80aEast Islip
12.12Michael Giglio1:46.14aWalt Whitman
13.12Sean Fagan1:46.60aEast Islip
14.11Hamad Kaif1:47.64aWalt Whitman
15.12Andres Chiu1:54.75aNorth Babylon
16.11Matthew Taft1:55.80aEast Islip
17.11Zack Reimers1:57.40aComsewogue
X 600 Meters - Crossover Four - Finals
1.11Zach Flood1:27.86aBayport Blue Point
2.12Mario Buscemi1:28.51aBayport Blue Point
3.11Colin Flanagan1:29.18aPort Jefferson (Earl...
4.11Skyler Cange1:29.55aNewfield (Middle Cou...
5.11Justin Ma1:30.67aHalf Hollow Hills West
6.11Zach Lecates1:32.29aRocky Point
7.11Nicholas Romero1:33.98aNewfield (Middle Cou...
8.11Myles McGee1:34.50aHalf Hollow Hills West
9.11Danny Cruz1:35.62aBrentwood
10.12Dominick Benedetto1:35.78aConnetquot
11.12Ruben Paulino1:37.84aBrentwood
12.11Ryan Barbaccia1:41.31aHalf Hollow Hills West
13.12Spencer Olsson1:42.65aBayport Blue Point
14.11Andreas Lundguist1:44.61aNewfield (Middle Cou...
15.11Danny Dias1:46.40aNewfield (Middle Cou...
16.12Ethan Axelrod1:48.27aBayport Blue Point
17.11AJ Suchan1:49.61aRocky Point
18.12Alessio Faiella1:51.08aBayport Blue Point
X 1000 Meters - Crossover Three - Finals
1.10James Reed2:50.01aEast Islip
2.11Rich Schimmel2:51.43aLindenhurst
3.12TIM LEE2:54.85aWest Babylon
4.10Rob Festa2:56.12aLindenhurst
5.10Pablo Palacios3:01.58aWalt Whitman
6.12Thomas Elogrt3:04.47aMount Sinai
7.11Antonios Moudoukoutas3:06.64aLindenhurst
8.12Ryan Wilk3:07.37aHalf Hollow Hills East
9.11Dariusz Adamczyk3:07.78aLindenhurst
10.11Nathan Ahlers3:09.47aLindenhurst
11.10Christian Vitale3:09.62aWalt Whitman
12.12Cody Amengual3:11.11aWest Babylon
X 1000 Meters - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12Kevin Sullivan2:41.30aPort Jefferson (Earl...
2.11Tyler Murtha2:43.49aConnetquot
3.11Brian Gordon2:43.64aPatchogue-Medford
4.11Kyle Sammis2:45.36aHalf Hollow Hills West
5.12Angelo DePrimo2:46.97aConnetquot
6.12Garrett March2:47.11aPatchogue-Medford
7.11Timothy Odin2:48.64aNorthport
8.11Taylor Brugna2:48.87aHalf Hollow Hills West
9.12Steven Galvao2:49.37aNewfield (Middle Cou...
10.10Cole Conte2:50.92aPort Jefferson (Earl...
11.12Joe Corrigan2:52.58aNorthport
12.12Jason Greenblatt2:55.09aHalf Hollow Hills West
13.11Steven Suozzi2:59.41aNorthport
X 1600 Meters - Crossover Three - Finals
1.12Ben Windisch4:34.12aWalt Whitman
2.12James Ward4:41.59aNorth Babylon
3.12Christian Reed4:52.38aEast Islip
4.11Nick Vignola4:55.37aHalf Hollow Hills East
5.11Michael Kulich4:55.93aWalt Whitman
6.11Brandon Ahl4:57.36aLindenhurst
7.11Jesse Levy4:58.00aWalt Whitman
8.10Chris Laucella4:59.87aWalt Whitman
9.11Alex Freedman5:01.24aHalf Hollow Hills East
10.10Alex Gershowitz5:03.02aHalf Hollow Hills East
11.12Joe Moyles5:12.93aEast Islip
12.12Aaron Siev5:14.22aHalf Hollow Hills East
X 1600 Meters - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12Nicholas Sferrazza4:45.02aHalf Hollow Hills West
2.12Terence Corrigan4:46.94aNorthport
3.12Leo Massenkeil4:48.31aSayville
4.11Zack Krause4:49.74aConnetquot
5.12Terence McElhatton4:50.01aHalf Hollow Hills West
6.11Kyle Fitzgerald4:50.98aHalf Hollow Hills West
7.11John Battistelli4:52.03aHalf Hollow Hills West
8.10Anthony de Matteo4:54.94aHalf Hollow Hills West
9.11Nicholas Romero4:57.30aNewfield (Middle Cou...
10.10Andrew Keresztes4:59.01aPort Jefferson (Earl...
11.11Daniel Welyant5:03.00aPatchogue-Medford
12.12Ryan Jones5:04.03aNorthport
X 3200 Meters - Crossover Three - Finals
1.9Zach Cammer10:21.97aWalt Whitman
2.9Brian Windisch10:22.28aWalt Whitman
3.12Mike Cowdell10:23.18aEast Islip
4.12Dylan DeNuzzo10:24.92aWalt Whitman
5.10Patrick Cummings10:29.91aWalt Whitman
6.11Brandon Ahl10:34.65aLindenhurst
7.10Raymond O'Connor10:35.10aEast Islip
8.10Nick DeNuzzo10:38.18aWalt Whitman
9.9Michael Damato10:40.20aWalt Whitman
10.9James Passarelle10:41.59aWesthampton Beach
11.12Jacob Sherretts10:55.41aNorth Babylon
12.12Joe Moyles11:01.50aEast Islip
X 3200 Meters - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12Daniel Denis10:08.90Bayport Blue Point
2.12Terence McElhatton10:16.10Half Hollow Hills West
3.12Joseph Pugliese10:18.60Half Hollow Hills West
4.10Andrew Keresztes10:24.20Port Jefferson (Earl...
5.11Joe Ray10:26.80Bayport Blue Point
6.11Dom Costanzo10:30.20Connetquot
7.11Connor Crowley10:33.00Bayport Blue Point
8.12Alex Garcia10:34.70Connetquot
9.12Evan Haun10:36.90Bayport Blue Point
10.11Ryan Fitzpatrick10:38.00Half Hollow Hills West
11.11Robert Giordano10:44.90Rocky Point
12.12Jordan Murciano10:50.50Half Hollow Hills West
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Crossover Three - Finals
1.12Terence Granger8.16aNorth Babylon
2.12Marvin Mandat8.18aNorth Babylon
3.11Will Brady8.35aWalt Whitman
4.11Rich DeMaio8.75aLindenhurst
5.11Thomas Meaney8.79aComsewogue
6.11Jonathan Gortman8.80aHalf Hollow Hills East
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12Mark Castilletti7.98aBayport Blue Point
2.12Jerome Cole8.03aHalf Hollow Hills West
3.12Cooper Tamayo8.09aNorthport
4.12Drayke Jackson8.10aNorthport
5.11Lucas Hoffmann8.37aNorthport
6.12John O'Malley8.75aSayville
X 4x200 Relay - Crossover Three - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:40.50West Babylon
2.-Relay Team 1:46.20Half Hollow Hills East
3.-Relay Team 1:46.60Comsewogue
4.-Relay Team 1:47.80Half Hollow Hills East
5.-Relay Team 1:49.20Lindenhurst
6.-Relay Team 1:51.90North Babylon
X 4x200 Relay - Crossover Four - Finals
1.-Bobby Gelabert
Christon Johnson
Neil Yodice
Drayke Jackson
2.-Relay Team 1:41.31aNewfield (Middle Cou...
3.-Relay Team 1:45.38aNorthport
4.-Relay Team 1:45.79aRocky Point
5.-Relay Team 1:46.85aSayville
6.-Relay Team 1:48.70aConnetquot
7.-Relay Team 1:52.84aNewfield (Middle Cou...
8.-Relay Team 1:54.30aNorthport
9.-Relay Team 1:54.45aPort Jefferson (Earl...
X 4x400 Relay - Crossover Three - Finals
1.-George Erazo
Marvin Mandat
James Ward
Terence Granger
3:44.76aNorth Babylon
2.-Relay Team 3:45.57aWalt Whitman
3.-Relay Team 3:48.40aHalf Hollow Hills East
4.-Relay Team 3:56.86aWalt Whitman
5.-Relay Team 4:06.40aEast Islip
6.-Relay Team 4:08.20aLindenhurst
X 4x400 Relay - Crossover Four - Finals
1.-Jerome Cole
Abdias Myrtil
Justin Connor
Daniel McCord
3:45.98aHalf Hollow Hills West
2.-Relay Team 3:48.03aBayport Blue Point
3.-Relay Team 3:54.10aNorthport
4.-Relay Team 3:59.79aNewfield (Middle Cou...
5.-Relay Team 3:59.89aPatchogue-Medford
6.-Relay Team 4:00.57aPort Jefferson (Earl...
7.-Relay Team 4:06.39aConnetquot
X 4x800 Relay - Crossover Three - Finals
1.-Jack Smith
James Reed
Raymond O'Connor
Christian Reed
9:42.80East Islip
2.-Relay Team 9:51.20West Babylon
X 4x800 Relay - Crossover Four - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:03.10Northport
2.-Relay Team 9:04.50Half Hollow Hills West
3.-Relay Team 9:06.30Connetquot
4.-Relay Team 9:17.10Half Hollow Hills West
5.-Relay Team 9:30.60Connetquot
6.-Relay Team 9:53.40Rocky Point
7.-Relay Team 9:57.30Patchogue-Medford
8.-Relay Team 10:00.90Northport
X Shot Put - 12lb - Crossover Three - Finals
1.11Ryan Pagano47-00.50Walt Whitman
2.11Dean Fatsis42-07.00East Islip
3.12Thomas Ferrari40-05.00Comsewogue
4.12Andre Moore40-02.50Half Hollow Hills East
5.12Chris Langstrand38-07.00Lindenhurst
6.11Dan Beesley38-06.00Comsewogue
6.11Mason Thorbjorsen38-06.00Half Hollow Hills East
X Shot Put - 12lb - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12Pat Wenz47-07.50Bayport Blue Point
2.11Jusin Lewis45-02.50Newfield (Middle Cou...
3.12Brandon Loomis42-00.00Rocky Point
4.12John Michalek40-11.50Northport
5.11Larry Walker39-08.50Brentwood
6.10James Russell38-05.00Northport
7.11Mike Deblasio37-07.00Bayport Blue Point
X High Jump - Crossover Three - Finals
1.12Lionel Fontaine6-02.00West Babylon
2.12Robert Watson5-10.00East Islip
3.12Craig Podszus5-08.00Lindenhurst
4.10Christian Vitale5-06.00Walt Whitman
5.10William Taylor5-03.00Half Hollow Hills East
5.11Sean Holder5-03.00North Babylon
5.11Frank Meza5-03.00West Babylon
X High Jump - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12Brandon Loomis6-04.00Rocky Point
2.12Drayke Jackson6-00.00Northport
3.11Andrew Lertora5-06.00Northport
4.11Devin Reich5-03.00Northport
5.11Sean Bonney5-00.00Sayville
6.11Alex Batemann4-09.00Bayport Blue Point
6.10Pat Collins4-09.00Bayport Blue Point
6.12Pat Wenz4-09.00Bayport Blue Point
9.10John Zinno4-06.00Bayport Blue Point
X Long Jump - Crossover Three - Finals
1.12Lionel Fontaine21-04.75West Babylon
2.12Andre Doughty19-05.75Half Hollow Hills East
3.10Mike Smitelli18-02.00Walt Whitman
4.10Brian Krainer18-01.50Walt Whitman
5.10Ryan Smith18-01.00East Islip
6.10Mike Vetter17-10.25Lindenhurst
7.11Eddie Charuk17-09.75East Islip
8.12Stephen Yannone17-06.00Lindenhurst
X Long Jump - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12David Friedman22-02.00Half Hollow Hills West
2.11Kevin Vasko20-07.25Rocky Point
3.11Matt Lertora19-08.00Northport
4.11Andrew Lertora19-03.00Northport
5.11Zach Flood19-02.25Bayport Blue Point
6.12Mark Castilletti19-01.00Bayport Blue Point
7.10Myles Fowler18-06.75Brentwood
X Triple Jump - Crossover Three - Finals
1.10Brian Krainer37-09.75Walt Whitman
2.10Mike Vetter36-07.50Lindenhurst
3.11Edward Lamparter35-09.50Mount Sinai
4.11Brian Morin35-07.00Mount Sinai
5.10Ryan Smith35-06.00East Islip
6.12Paul Svenson35-05.75East Islip
7.11Jonathan Gortman35-04.50Half Hollow Hills East
X Triple Jump - Crossover Four - Finals
1.12David Friedman42-11.50Half Hollow Hills West
2.11Malcom Nugent39-07.50Connetquot
3.10Myles Fowler39-02.50Brentwood
4.12Corey Hightower38-10.75Connetquot
5.11Andrew Lertora38-06.75Northport
6.11Matt Lertora37-00.00Northport
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