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San Diego City Collegiate Championships

Saturday, March 06, 2010

UC San Diego, La Jolla

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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSean Lewis11.05aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.FrHenderson Nicholas11.07aCS San Marcos      
3.SoDan Nguyen11.64aUC San Diego      
4.SoJeffrey Head11.74aUC San Diego      
5.SrWil Dyer11.96aUC San Diego      
6.FrDerek DeShaw12.00aPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.FrShaun Tu12.04aUC San Diego      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBryan Dieffenbach23.42aUC San Diego      
2.SrRonsen Kakuda23.49aPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.SrWil Dyer23.76aUC San Diego      
4.SoDan Nguyen24.06aUC San Diego      
5.SrJeremy Davidson24.56aPoint Loma Nazarene      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNicholas Stein49.42aCS San Marcos      
2.SrRonsen Kakuda50.21aPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.SrBryan Dieffenbach50.42aUC San Diego      
4.-Hector Vega54.38aUC San Diego      
5.-Daniel Mead55.56aPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.-Kyle Jax58.66aPoint Loma Nazarene      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCorey Botma1:54.17aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.SoAlex Corliss1:57.52aUC San Diego      
3.SoRoger Huang1:58.56aUC San Diego      
4.FrTom Hudson2:00.58aUC San Diego      
5.FrCameron Erhardt2:01.90aU of San Diego      
6.FrChris Flaherty2:03.08aU of San Diego      
7.SrMarcus Lopez2:03.57aU of San Diego      
8.-Chris Whitaker2:04.65aPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.FrLuke Daenitz2:05.33aU of San Diego      
10.FrJacob Bruce2:05.69aU of San Diego      
11.FrBlankenship Dustin2:06.83aCS San Marcos      
12.-Brooks Jordan2:06.93aCS San Marcos      
13.SrCasey Evans2:07.64aCS San Marcos      
14.-Erudaitius Dimitry2:09.93aCS San Marcos      
15.-Trevor Carlsen2:25.51aU of San Diego      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCasey Kear3:58.66aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.SrDaniel Anderson4:01.27aUC San Diego      
3.SrMike Wright4:04.44aUC San Diego      
4.JrEric Baum4:05.08aUC San Diego      
5.FrAnthony Heredia4:05.12aUC San Diego      
6.SoRyan Ernst4:07.70aPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.SoBrant Jones4:08.37aPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.SoDustin Harris4:10.64aUC San Diego      
9.SrThomas Polhill4:13.16aCS San Marcos      
10.SoJohn Svet4:15.44aUC San Diego      
11.SoDavid Slack4:32.44aCS San Marcos      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCampfield Brett8:26.34aCS San Marcos      
2.FrNelson Western8:37.09aCS San Marcos      
3.JrBeressa Muluken8:43.85aCS San Marcos      
4.SrChris Capeau8:49.23aCS San Marcos      
5.SrCasey Kear8:52.47aPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.SoWilliam McNeil8:53.14aPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.SrPatrick Fitzgerald8:59.73aCS San Marcos      
8.FrMike Rizzo9:00.16aUC San Diego      
9.FrErik Anderson9:07.07aU of San Diego      
10.SrMax Mullender9:10.86aUC San Diego      
11.SoShane Smith9:17.80aU of San Diego      
12.FrMatt Lenehan9:22.03aUC San Diego      
13.FrAshish Agrawal9:34.43aU of San Diego      
14.JrHayden Healey9:50.69aU of San Diego      
15.SrAntonio Sanchez9:53.68aCS San Marcos      
16.FrCiano Ordinola10:19.78aU of San Diego      
17.SoWeston Ryan10:20.06aCS San Marcos      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLeon Baham15.58aUC San Diego      
2.FrNolan O'Dowd16.65aUC San Diego      
3.FrDavid Baker16.70aUC San Diego      
4.SrCharles Hutchinson16.95aUC San Diego      
5.SrScott Jeffers17.42aCS San Marcos      
6.SoAnthony Viola17.9aPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.-Brian Ten Bosch20.03aCS San Marcos      
8.-Dylan Kirahberg23.16aCS San Marcos      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTobias Haswell53.98aUC San Diego      
2.FrSean Lewis54.47aPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.JrJustin Rovin55.1aUC San Diego      
4.SrYuto Someya56.81aCS San Marcos      
5.FrDavid Baker58.58aUC San Diego      
6.SrCharles Hutchinson58.74aUC San Diego      
7.FrNolan O'Dowd58.75aUC San Diego      
8.JrJosh Schiller58.97aPoint Loma Nazarene      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.48aCS San Marcos      
2.-Relay Team 42.95aUC San Diego      
3.-Relay Team 43.01aPoint Loma Nazarene      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:22.07aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.-Relay Team 3:22.58aUC San Diego      
3.-Relay Team 3:38.44aU of San Diego      
4.-Relay Team 3:40.66aPoint Loma Nazarene      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrFred Cook15.85mUC San Diego      
2.SrJames Grandi15.17mPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.FrMathew Endler13.17mUC San Diego      
4.FrZachary Nagengast12.52mUC San Diego      
5.-Michael Porter7.81mPoint Loma Nazarene      
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDane Sandifer43.75mUC San Diego      
2.SrJames Grandi42.80mPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.JrGary Ward41.54mUC San Diego      
4.FrMathew Endler39.42mUC San Diego      
5.FrZachary Nagengast39.32mUC San Diego      
6.-Mark Miller36.27mPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.-Michael Porter19.94mPoint Loma Nazarene      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoNick Howe62.86mUC San Diego      
2.SrScott Jeffers49.38mCS San Marcos      
3.SrBryce Blood47.91mCS San Marcos      
4.SrAnthony Winstead47.62mPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.SoKiley Libuit46.40mUC San Diego      
6.SrCharles Hutchinson45.97mUC San Diego      
7.SrJames Grandi45.79mPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.SrSean Grindley45.65mCS San Marcos      
9.-Mark Miller45.45mPoint Loma Nazarene      
10.-Dylan Kirahberg41.08mCS San Marcos      
11.-Brian Ten Bosch37.39mCS San Marcos      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCasey Ryan2.16mUC San Diego      
2.SoAusten Timm2.01mPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.JrBrett McGregor1.96mPoint Loma Nazarene      
4.SoAnthony Viola1.81mPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.FrShaun Tu1.81mUC San Diego      
6.SoKiley Libuit1.81mUC San Diego      
7.SrScott Jeffers1.76mCS San Marcos      
8.-Brian Ten Bosch1.71mCS San Marcos      
---Dylan KirahbergNHCS San Marcos      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDavid Freund4.70mCS San Marcos      
2.SrJohn Phillips4.65mPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.SrEric Musker4.50mUC San Diego      
4.JrJustin Rovin4.35mUC San Diego      
5.JrWillis Somervell4.05mPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.SrAnthony Winstead4.05mPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.-Thomas Tony3.85mCS San Marcos      
8.SrSean Richards3.65mCS San Marcos      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJeremy Davidson6.46mPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.SoJeffrey Head6.46mUC San Diego      
3.FrShaun Tu6.38mUC San Diego      
4.FrDerek DeShaw6.37mPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.SoAndrew Karnaze6.31mUC San Diego      
6.SoThinh Troung6.14mUC San Diego      
7.-Delgado Daniel5.47mCS San Marcos      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAusten Timm13.44mPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.JrAndrew Tran13.25mUC San Diego      
3.SoAndrew Karnaze13.07mUC San Diego      
4.SoJeffrey Head13.07mUC San Diego      
5.JrBrett McGregor12.98mPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.SoAnthony Viola12.86mPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.SoThinh Troung12.43mUC San Diego      
8.-Delgado Daniel10.89mCS San Marcos      
--JrJosh SchillerNDPoint Loma Nazarene      
X Hammer - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrFred Cook54.56mUC San Diego      
2.JrJason Jackson45.57mUC San Diego      
3.SrJames Grandi44.59mPoint Loma Nazarene      
4.SoDonnie Douangchak37.15mUC San Diego      
5.FrZachary Nagengast37.08mUC San Diego      
6.FrMathew Endler34.91mUC San Diego      
7.-Mark Miller31.52mPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.-Michael Porter20.87mPoint Loma Nazarene      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKelly Fogarty12.14aUC San Diego      
2.SrKai Wheeler12.43aSan Diego State      
3.SrKelsey Rickabaugh12.85aPoint Loma Nazarene      
4.FrKathleen Hitchens12.94aUC San Diego      
5.JrBriana Johnson13.14aSan Diego State      
6.FrAimee Rassavong13.16aCS San Marcos      
7.SoJackie Schreiber13.18aPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.JrAllyson Menges13.20aPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.FrJennifer Van Wey13.26aPoint Loma Nazarene      
10.FrBailey Weaver13.28aUC San Diego      
11.SoThoraya Maronsey13.55aSan Diego State      
12.SoMary Spinharney13.67aCS San Marcos      
13.-Vanessa Rivera13.72aCS San Marcos      
14.-Lauren Robinson14.10aCS San Marcos      
15.-Cheryl McMahen14.44aCS San Marcos      
16.-Jordan Manley14.66aPoint Loma Nazarene      
17.-Jaime Do15.01aCS San Marcos      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJessika Hornsby25.03aSan Diego State      
2.JrKelly Fogarty25.25aUC San Diego      
3.SrKai Wheeler25.68aSan Diego State      
4.JrSarah Laine25.79aPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.JrStephanie LeFever25.88aUC San Diego      
6.FrKathleen Hitchens26.01aUC San Diego      
7.SrKelsey Rickabaugh26.17aPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.JrJordan Turner26.18aPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.SoJaqueline Rose26.29aUC San Diego      
10.JrBriana Johnson26.64aSan Diego State      
11.SrAnna Lee McGregor27.03aUC San Diego      
12.SoJackie Schreiber27.23aPoint Loma Nazarene      
13.JrAllyson Menges27.25aPoint Loma Nazarene      
14.JrTheresa Richards27.28aUC San Diego      
15.FrAimee Rassavong27.53aCS San Marcos      
16.FrBailey Weaver27.59aUC San Diego      
17.-Samantha Koppel27.77aUC San Diego      
18.SrShana Watson28.05aSan Diego State      
19.SoThoraya Maronsey28.27aSan Diego State      
20.SoJulianne Alarcio28.75aSan Diego State      
21.-Lauren Robinson29.33aCS San Marcos      
22.-Cheryl McMahen30.10aCS San Marcos      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSarah Laine56.31aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.JrJessika Hornsby57.42aSan Diego State      
3.SrAnna Lee McGregor58.03aUC San Diego      
4.FrJosefine Koskinen59.08aSan Diego State      
5.JrAmy Brown59.79aSan Diego State      
5.SoJaqueline Rose59.79aUC San Diego      
7.FrKassie Ham1:00.30aPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.SoDominque Picker1:00.80aPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.FrKelsey Starr1:00.87aPoint Loma Nazarene      
10.SoLeigh Rutherford1:01.50aSan Diego State      
11.FrAlex Evans1:03.51aSan Diego State      
12.SoKelsee Ramsey1:04.04aSan Diego State      
13.SoCharlette Buchan1:04.93aCS San Marcos      
14.-Lauren Turk1:05.40aPoint Loma Nazarene      
15.SrKatherine Browning1:05.58aPoint Loma Nazarene      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Moyer2:20.46aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.FrEmerald Raney2:21.31aU of San Diego      
3.SoMelissa Casarez2:23.50aPoint Loma Nazarene      
4.JrElise Manley2:25.23aPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.FrToni Sarge2:26.04aUC San Diego      
6.SoAngie Afman2:26.57aPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.-Justine Lazare2:27.32aCS San Marcos      
8.SoKirsten Allan2:27.67aU of San Diego      
9.FrHeather Hisgen2:28.91aUC San Diego      
10.SoBrooke Smith2:30.82aCS San Marcos      
11.SoKelly Shambaugh2:33.29aU of San Diego      
12.FrKimberly Rowland2:34.86aCS San Marcos      
13.SoChristina Cooper2:35.60aCS San Marcos      
14.JrJaclyn Perakis2:36.20aSan Diego State      
15.SoNicole Thomas2:36.91aCS San Marcos      
16.SoNicole Buck2:41.64aU of San Diego      
17.FrBridgette Stevens2:44.22aCS San Marcos      
18.JrBianca Saad2:44.54aSan Diego State      
19.SoNicole Riley2:45.97aU of San Diego      
20.JrNancy DiBenedetto2:49.03aCS San Marcos      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBreelan Matranga4:42.43aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.FrJosefine Koskinen4:43.32aSan Diego State      
3.SrMarie Schaper4:48.29aUC San Diego      
4.SoCarol Schryver4:48.85aCS San Marcos      
5.JrSuzanne Scrimenti4:48.89aCS San Marcos      
6.JrMichelle Martinez4:49.44aSan Diego State      
7.FrKristy Koenes4:51.23aU of San Diego      
8.FrCathryn Saylor4:53.33aPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.FrBailey Massenburg4:54.40aPoint Loma Nazarene      
10.SoJanessa Rose4:56.74aU of San Diego      
11.JrAmy Brown4:57.34aSan Diego State      
12.SoAaryn Kobayashi4:58.02aUC San Diego      
13.JrSara Beyers4:59.62aSan Diego State      
14.JrCaprice Thompson5:00.26aUC San Diego      
15.JrSamantha Espindola5:01.09aU of San Diego      
16.SoLeigh Rutherford5:04.23aSan Diego State      
17.JrJennifer Reynolds5:08.41aPoint Loma Nazarene      
18.FrJackie Sikkema5:11.27aUC San Diego      
19.FrSabrina Rathor5:15.15aSan Diego State      
20.-Jessica Walker5:17.72aCS San Marcos      
21.SoChristine Nolan5:19.11aU of San Diego      
22.FrKatie Kane5:19.85aUC San Diego      
23.SoAlex Clancey5:25.85aU of San Diego      
24.JrJaclyn Perakis5:30.37aSan Diego State      
25.JrMelissa Lupinacci5:36.25aU of San Diego      
26.-Courtney Singleton5:39.23aPoint Loma Nazarene      
27.SoKatie Case5:42.50aU of San Diego      
28.SoElyse Swift6:09.52aPoint Loma Nazarene      
--SrRachel WilliamsDNFSan Diego State      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJessica Sandoval10:23.54aCS San Marcos      
2.FrKristy Koenes10:27.53aU of San Diego      
3.FrKelly Thompson10:40.49aCS San Marcos      
4.SrJordana Henderson10:41.87aUC San Diego      
5.SrLindsey McKown10:44.24aCS San Marcos      
6.JrKatie Kunz10:45.34aPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.JrMichelle Martinez10:46.47aSan Diego State      
8.JrSara Beyers10:46.85aSan Diego State      
9.FrAshlee Szabo10:47.26aPoint Loma Nazarene      
10.JrSamantha Espindola10:49.30aU of San Diego      
11.SoGenieva Ozuna10:51.74aPoint Loma Nazarene      
12.JrAlma Escobar10:52.37aSan Diego State      
13.FrJordan Davis10:52.46aSan Diego State      
14.SoBrianna Alban11:01.58aUC San Diego      
15.SoMissy Bunn11:02.34aSan Diego State      
16.JrLaura Wells11:10.66aU of San Diego      
17.SoCassidy Reich11:18.71aCS San Marcos      
18.FrJenny Kaehms11:21.22aUC San Diego      
19.FrMackenzie Entrikin11:24.75aU of San Diego      
20.FrSarah Fedderson11:27.30aPoint Loma Nazarene      
21.FrSabrina Rathor11:29.58aSan Diego State      
22.SoTracy Vargo11:32.17aU of San Diego      
23.SoKathryn Turner11:34.13aUC San Diego      
24.FrReyna Gutierrez11:38.55aCS San Marcos      
25.SrErin Hearn11:40.37aCS San Marcos      
26.FrMaddie Levine11:44.93aU of San Diego      
27.SrMakenzie Mabry11:57.34aSan Diego State      
28.FrClaire Hauso11:58.41aCS San Marcos      
29.FrAnh Bui12:01.97aUC San Diego      
30.SrDana Dancey12:58.71aU of San Diego      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChristine Merrill14.59aUC San Diego      
2.JrStephanie LeFever14.63aUC San Diego      
3.SrLinda Rainwater15.14aUC San Diego      
4.JrEmily Holding15.7aPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.JrTori Anderson15.84aPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.SoCaitlin Meagher15.95aUC San Diego      
7.SoAllison Rudd16.50aUC San Diego      
8.-Sandra Adarkwa17.29aPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.FrStephanie Tucker18.5aU of San Diego      
11.-Alexa McAneney19.55aU of San Diego      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChristine Merrill59.82aUC San Diego      
2.SoCaitlin Meagher1:04.23aUC San Diego      
3.SoAllison Rudd1:04.85aUC San Diego      
4.JrTori Anderson1:05.27aPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.JrMiriam Asaki1:07.18aUC San Diego      
6.-Sandra Adarkwa1:09.79aPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.SoKelsey Kaster1:10.35aSan Diego State      
8.-Alexa McAneney1:16.45aU of San Diego      
9.FrStephanie Tucker1:17.20aU of San Diego      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.98aUC San Diego      
2.-Relay Team 48.44aPoint Loma Nazarene      
3.-Relay Team 51.45aCS San Marcos      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:52.56aPoint Loma Nazarene      
2.-Relay Team 3:53.65aUC San Diego      
3.-Relay Team 4:06.96aPoint Loma Nazarene      
4.-Relay Team 4:07.10aUC San Diego      
5.-Relay Team 4:16.02aPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.-Relay Team 4:16.82aU of San Diego      
7.-Relay Team 4:17.04aPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.-Relay Team 4:24.39aCS San Marcos      
9.-Relay Team 4:29.33aCS San Marcos      
10.-Relay Team 4:32.81aU of San Diego      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMaria Rodriguez12.91mSan Diego State      
2.SrLinda Rainwater11.29mUC San Diego      
3.FrUchenna Agbahiwe11.20mUC San Diego      
4.SoKiersten Kirkland10.68mSan Diego State      
5.-Agnes Faaleaoga10.23mPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.FrAlison Ogilvie9.75mCS San Marcos      
7.JrEmily Holding8.86mPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.-Monique Bellanger8.71mPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.-Chantal Hicks8.48mCS San Marcos      
9.-Katie O'Keefe8.48mPoint Loma Nazarene      
11.SoChelsea Oaks8.35mPoint Loma Nazarene      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeanette McConnell44.96mSan Diego State      
2.SrRobyn Guzman41.41mSan Diego State      
3.SrMarie Archer34.72mUC San Diego      
4.SoKarla Spence34.25mUC San Diego      
5.-Agnes Faaleaoga33.17mPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.-Annelise Cook32.64mPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.FrUchenna Agbahiwe31.92mUC San Diego      
8.-Chantal Hicks31.67mCS San Marcos      
9.FrAlison Ogilvie27.20mCS San Marcos      
10.FrJennifer Cheng26.77mUC San Diego      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTheresa Richards42.53mUC San Diego      
2.FrMoriah Roberge38.52mSan Diego State      
3.JrEmily Holding28.73mPoint Loma Nazarene      
4.FrJessica Miklaski27.22mUC San Diego      
5.SoLindsey Richert27.03mPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.JrTori Anderson20.09mPoint Loma Nazarene      
7.-Hilary London19.52mPoint Loma Nazarene      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLinda Rainwater1.73mUC San Diego      
2.JrStephanie LeFever1.56mUC San Diego      
5.SoKelsey Kaster1.51mSan Diego State      
5.JrNatalie Peterson1.51mSan Diego State      
5.JrTori Anderson1.51mPoint Loma Nazarene      
8.SoSarah Kaster1.51mSan Diego State      
8.SoKiersten Kirkland1.51mSan Diego State      
8.SoMarissa Daly1.51mCS San Marcos      
10.SoJulianne Alarcio1.51mSan Diego State      
10.FrJulia McCarthy1.46mUC San Diego      
11.-Monique Bellanger1.46mPoint Loma Nazarene      
---Katie O'KeefeNHPoint Loma Nazarene      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKatie Morgan3.80mSan Diego State      
2.FrKelsy Hintz3.60mSan Diego State      
3.FrMoriah Roberge3.45mSan Diego State      
3.JrKatie Vo3.45mSan Diego State      
5.SrRebecca Duckworth3.45mPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.SrDonna LeFever3.45mUC San Diego      
6.SoChristina Jakymiw3.45mSan Diego State      
8.FrKim Stamos3.15mSan Diego State      
9.SrLyndly Tamura3.00mUC San Diego      
--SoLindsey RichertNHPoint Loma Nazarene      
--SoChelsea OaksNHPoint Loma Nazarene      
--JrMarie BrownNHSan Diego State      
--FrSuzanna GallegosNHCS San Marcos      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrStephanie LeFever5.91mUC San Diego      
2.SrLeah Murphy5.69mUC San Diego      
3.SrLinda Rainwater5.50mUC San Diego      
4.JrJordan Turner5.29mPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.-Aja Henry5.09mPoint Loma Nazarene      
6.FrYachi Fails5.03mCS San Marcos      
6.SrShana Watson5.03mSan Diego State      
8.SoMeredith Daly4.50mCS San Marcos      
9.SoDominque Picker4.42mPoint Loma Nazarene      
10.FrErin Williams4.40mU of San Diego      
11.FrKatarina Payne4.35mCS San Marcos      
12.SoMarissa Daly4.34mCS San Marcos      
13.-Elizabeth Nelson4.17mPoint Loma Nazarene      
14.SoThoraya Maronsey3.90mSan Diego State      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLeah Murphy11.82mUC San Diego      
2.JrAndrea Talhami11.03mCS San Marcos      
3.SoMeredith Daly10.08mCS San Marcos      
4.-Aja Henry9.88mPoint Loma Nazarene      
5.-Samantha Koppel9.87mUC San Diego      
6.SoAlexis Ochoa9.87mCS San Marcos      
7.FrKatarina Payne9.84mCS San Marcos      
8.FrErin Williams9.84mU of San Diego      
9.-Elizabeth Nelson8.70mPoint Loma Nazarene      
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMarie Archer51.15mUC San Diego      
2.JrJeanette McConnell46.99mSan Diego State      
3.SrMaria Rodriguez45.21mSan Diego State      
4.SrRobyn Guzman42.57mSan Diego State      
5.SoKarla Spence40.56mUC San Diego      
6.SoShana Emile39.36mUC San Diego      
7.FrJennifer Cheng38.80mUC San Diego      
8.-Annelise Cook37.81mPoint Loma Nazarene      
9.-Agnes Faaleaoga31.82mPoint Loma Nazarene      
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