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Monday, December 14, 2009

Prince Georges Sportsplex, LandoverMeet Website

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:36.63North Point
2.-Relay Team 1:36.96McDonough
3.-Relay Team 1:36.99Westlake
4.-Relay Team 1:37.12Middletown
5.-Relay Team 1:39.27Huntingtown
6.-Relay Team 1:39.84Tuscarora
7.-Relay Team 1:40.06Richard Montgomery
8.-Relay Team 1:40.22Georgetown Prep
9.-Relay Team 1:40.63John F Kennedy
10.-Relay Team 1:40.73Central-PG
11.-Relay Team 1:40.77Friendly Senior
12.-Relay Team 1:40.99Forestville Military
13.-Relay Team 1:41.65Paint Branch
14.-Relay Team 1:42.14Thomas Stone
15.-Relay Team 1:42.44Middletown
16.-Relay Team 1:43.33Francis Scott Key
17.-Relay Team 1:43.95Frederick
18.-Relay Team 1:44.45North Point
19.-Relay Team 1:46.03McDonough
20.-Relay Team 1:46.24Westlake
21.-Relay Team 1:46.31La Plata
22.-Relay Team 1:46.84Henry E. Lackey
23.-Relay Team 1:49.11Thomas Stone
24.-Relay Team 1:49.71Paint Branch
25.-Relay Team 1:50.07Northwood
26.-Relay Team 1:51.55Huntingtown
27.-Relay Team 1:51.98John F Kennedy
28.-Relay Team 1:53.98Friendly Senior
29.-Relay Team 1:54.00Francis Scott Key
30.-Relay Team 1:54.50Frederick
31.-Relay Team 1:54.53Tuscarora
32.-Relay Team 1:57.00La Plata
33.-Relay Team 1:59.41Northwood
X 4x200 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:45.37McDonough
2.-Relay Team 1:46.64Henry E. Lackey
3.-Relay Team 1:48.09North Point
4.-Relay Team 1:52.41Frederick
5.-Relay Team 1:53.60La Plata
6.-Relay Team 1:57.03John F Kennedy
7.-Relay Team 1:57.32Francis Scott Key
8.-Relay Team 2:02.79Middletown
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:33.82Georgetown Prep
2.-Relay Team 3:34.02North Point
3.-Relay Team 3:39.66Edmondson-Westside
4.-Relay Team 3:39.83McDonough
5.-Relay Team 3:41.54Francis Scott Key
6.-Relay Team 3:44.04Westlake
7.-Relay Team 3:44.44Henry E. Lackey
8.-Relay Team 3:44.89Thomas Stone
9.-Relay Team 3:46.16Tuscarora
10.-Relay Team 3:47.50John F Kennedy
11.-Relay Team 3:47.70Richard Montgomery
12.-Relay Team 3:50.03Forestville Military
13.-Relay Team 3:52.17Middletown
14.-Relay Team 3:54.33Central-PG
15.-Relay Team 3:59.22Huntingtown
16.-Relay Team 4:01.47Friendly Senior
17.-Relay Team 4:01.83Paint Branch
18.-Relay Team 4:02.28Middletown
19.-Relay Team 4:02.70Frederick
20.-Relay Team 4:12.60La Plata
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:27.80Richard Montgomery
2.-Relay Team 8:45.76Tuscarora
3.-Relay Team 8:46.42Edmondson-Westside
4.-Relay Team 9:03.10Georgetown Prep
5.-Relay Team 9:08.52Middletown
6.-Relay Team 9:09.35John F Kennedy
7.-Relay Team 9:11.72La Plata
8.-Relay Team 9:12.02Thomas Stone
9.-Relay Team 9:17.11Francis Scott Key
10.-Relay Team 9:18.55Central-PG
11.-Relay Team 9:27.98Huntingtown
12.-Relay Team 9:38.10Westlake
13.-Relay Team 9:40.89Paint Branch
14.-Relay Team 9:55.45McDonough
15.-Relay Team 10:08.13Northwood
16.-Relay Team 10:15.57Frederick
17.-Relay Team 10:15.63Friendly Senior
18.-Relay Team 10:23.96North Point
19.-Relay Team 11:30.84Forestville Military
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:47.16Georgetown Prep
2.-Relay Team 3:53.48Francis Scott Key
3.-Relay Team 3:55.03Frederick
4.-Relay Team 3:57.11Friendly Senior
5.-Relay Team 3:57.60Middletown
6.-Relay Team 4:03.34Thomas Stone
7.-Relay Team 4:03.70Huntingtown
8.-Relay Team 4:04.96McDonough
9.-Relay Team 4:06.38Paint Branch
10.-Relay Team 4:11.51Henry E. Lackey
11.-Relay Team 4:14.00Tuscarora
12.-Relay Team 4:17.70Westlake
13.-Relay Team 4:20.01La Plata
14.-Relay Team 4:24.89John F Kennedy
15.-Relay Team 4:33.30North Point
16.-Relay Team 4:39.48Forestville Military
17.-Relay Team 5:23.49Northwood
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:04.24Richard Montgomery
2.-Relay Team 11:17.26Edmondson-Westside
3.-Relay Team 11:32.68Georgetown Prep
4.-Relay Team 12:03.49Middletown
5.-Relay Team 12:13.30Frederick
6.-Relay Team 12:13.57Francis Scott Key
7.-Relay Team 12:13.68Huntingtown
8.-Relay Team 12:20.60La Plata
9.-Relay Team 12:22.34Paint Branch
10.-Relay Team 12:32.99Henry E. Lackey
11.-Relay Team 12:59.33Thomas Stone
12.-Relay Team 13:10.60Friendly Senior
13.-Relay Team 13:15.80Tuscarora
14.-Relay Team 13:58.56Northwood
---Relay Team DQJohn F Kennedy
---Relay Team DQNorth Point
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 33.38Middletown
2.-Relay Team 34.47Frederick
3.-Relay Team 34.97Huntingtown
4.-Relay Team 37.15Francis Scott Key
5.-Relay Team 37.48Richard Montgomery
6.-Relay Team 39.66McDonough
7.-Relay Team 40.08North Point
8.-Relay Team 45.43Thomas Stone
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
9.11Charlie Myers37'04.75Tuscarora
12.12Derwin Bowens36'06.50Tuscarora
16.12Dante Blackwell33'08.50Tuscarora
28.12Omid Ghenatevi30-07.50Tuscarora
50.9Darrien Lee23-10.00Tuscarora
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
9.10Aaron Clark5-02.00Tuscarora
12.9Alex Birdsell5-01.00Tuscarora
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
36.9Alex Birdsell15-07.00Tuscarora

Womens Results

X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:49.16Paint Branch
2.-Relay Team 1:50.23Northwood
3.-Relay Team 1:50.79John F Kennedy
4.-Relay Team 1:54.10Central-PG
5.-Relay Team 1:54.78Tuscarora
6.-Relay Team 1:55.81Edmondson-Westside
7.-Relay Team 1:56.02Thomas Stone
8.-Relay Team 1:56.37Middletown
9.-Relay Team 1:56.42Paint Branch
10.-Relay Team 1:56.66North Point
11.-Relay Team 1:58.33La Plata
12.-Relay Team 1:58.49Richard Montgomery
13.-Relay Team 1:59.29Huntingtown
14.-Relay Team 2:00.48Francis Scott Key
15.-Relay Team 2:00.92McDonough
16.-Relay Team 2:00.94Westlake
17.-Relay Team 2:02.04Holton-Arms
18.-Relay Team 2:05.10North Point
19.-Relay Team 2:05.62Holton-Arms
20.-Relay Team 2:06.68Thomas Stone
21.-Relay Team 2:07.56Friendly Senior
22.-Relay Team 2:08.61Northwood
23.-Relay Team 2:14.23Tuscarora
24.-Relay Team 2:17.15Huntingtown
25.-Relay Team 2:17.82John F Kennedy
26.-Relay Team 2:18.86La Plata
27.-Relay Team 2:19.33Middletown
28.-Relay Team 2:21.64Westlake
29.-Relay Team 2:25.40McDonough
X 4x200 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:56.23John F Kennedy
2.-Relay Team 1:57.61La Plata
3.-Relay Team 2:00.11Henry E. Lackey
4.-Relay Team 2:07.42Forestville Military
5.-Relay Team 2:07.64Tuscarora
6.-Relay Team 2:07.89Paint Branch
7.-Relay Team 2:08.36North Point
8.-Relay Team 2:17.53Holton-Arms
9.-Relay Team 2:18.88Francis Scott Key
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:19.82Tuscarora
2.-Relay Team 4:20.78Paint Branch
3.-Relay Team 4:22.67Thomas Stone
4.-Relay Team 4:24.19Henry E. Lackey
5.-Relay Team 4:24.27Central-PG
6.-Relay Team 4:24.67North Point
7.-Relay Team 4:27.41John F Kennedy
8.-Relay Team 4:28.43La Plata
9.-Relay Team 4:28.73Friendly Senior
10.-Relay Team 4:37.72Huntingtown
11.-Relay Team 4:44.13Richard Montgomery
12.-Relay Team 4:51.28Northwood
13.-Relay Team 4:54.04Forestville Military
14.-Relay Team 5:05.46McDonough
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:52.66Richard Montgomery
2.-Relay Team 11:03.28Thomas Stone
3.-Relay Team 11:10.85Holton-Arms
4.-Relay Team 11:17.43La Plata
5.-Relay Team 11:20.28Paint Branch
6.-Relay Team 11:34.03Huntingtown
7.-Relay Team 11:40.21Middletown
8.-Relay Team 11:50.07John F Kennedy
9.-Relay Team 12:12.82North Point
10.-Relay Team 12:32.98Francis Scott Key
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:39.56Middletown
2.-Relay Team 4:42.50Central-PG
3.-Relay Team 4:43.84Tuscarora
4.-Relay Team 4:44.77Friendly Senior
5.-Relay Team 4:47.71Forestville Military
6.-Relay Team 4:50.32Henry E. Lackey
7.-Relay Team 4:53.02Huntingtown
8.-Relay Team 5:02.95Francis Scott Key
9.-Relay Team 5:05.34Paint Branch
10.-Relay Team 5:07.48North Point
11.-Relay Team 5:19.54La Plata
12.-Relay Team 5:26.96Holton-Arms
13.-Relay Team 5:33.87John F Kennedy
14.-Relay Team 5:42.75McDonough
---Relay Team DQNorthwood
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 13:56.82Huntingtown
1.-Relay Team 13:56.82Richard Montgomery
3.-Relay Team 14:00.72Paint Branch
4.-Relay Team 14:12.75Thomas Stone
5.-Relay Team 14:15.15La Plata
6.-Relay Team 14:19.65Tuscarora
7.-Relay Team 14:19.96John F Kennedy
8.-Relay Team 14:50.42North Point
9.-Relay Team 15:06.42Middletown
10.-Relay Team 15:36.37Francis Scott Key
11.-Relay Team 16:20.65Northwood
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.24Huntingtown
2.-Relay Team 44.48Richard Montgomery
3.-Relay Team 45.06John F Kennedy
4.-Relay Team 46.10Paint Branch
5.-Relay Team 50.19Middletown
6.-Relay Team 55.25Francis Scott Key
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