Crusader Relays

Thursday, April 01, 2010
  CLHS, Tomball - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:00 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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Texas - SPC
JOCOJohn Cooper
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dylan Nelson11.53Fort Bend Christian ...
2.10Chance Gray11.62Concordia Lutheran
3.11Clayton Holmes11.67Faith West Academy
4.9David Kreston11.73Second Baptist
5.12David Ajibero11.78Cypress Christian
6.11Kris Washington11.83Fort Bend Christian ...
6.11Nick Jones11.83Second Baptist
8.10Zach Seldenrust11.84Concordia Lutheran
9.12Anthony Salvo11.87Lutheran-South
10.12Cody Henriques11.97Bay Area Christian
11.9Gabe Simon11.99Westbury Christian
12.11Micah Swanson12.01Northland Christian
10Brant Lipscomb12.20The Woodlands Christ...
13.12Duke Phillips12.46Westbury Christian
13.10Michal Chung12.46Westbury Christian
15.11Joe Davis12.52Concordia Lutheran
16.10Jason Groll12.63Cypress Christian
17.9David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright12.89Faith West Academy
18.11Carrington Boone12.91Faith West Academy
19.11Brandon Glover13.00The Woodlands Christ...
20.10Mason Martin13.08Rosehill Christian
21.11Michael Gamble13.14Cypress Christian
22.10Chris Honza13.48Bay Area Christian
23.12Travis Wilson13.62Covenant Christian
24.11D.J. Lange13.89Baytown Christian
12Zach Foil14.25The Woodlands Christ...
25.10Steven Holder14.24Lutheran-South
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Timothy Anderson10.3The Woodlands Christ...
12Michael Mealey10.9Lutheran-South
11Ryan McGough11.0Lutheran-South
10William Wheeler11.76The Woodlands Christ...
11Olo Rozga12.2Lutheran-South
12Anthony Salvo12.5Lutheran-South
11Brandon Glover12.9The Woodlands Christ...
10Brant Lipscomb13.14The Woodlands Christ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Colwell23.23Concordia Lutheran
2.10Keaton Hart23.38Northland Christian
3.11Zac Patterson23.54Concordia Lutheran
4.11Bradley Abbott23.67Covenant Christian
5.11Kevin Robertson23.68Northland Christian
6.11Drayton Rolle23.69Fort Bend Christian ...
7.12Chase Oliver24.12Rosehill Christian
8.10William Wheeler24.20The Woodlands Christ...
9.11Michael Gamble24.21Cypress Christian
10.10Ryder Aguileria24.39Awty International
11.11Micah Swanson24.55Northland Christian
12.11Nick Jones24.56Second Baptist
13.9David Kreston24.57Second Baptist
14.12Cody Henriques24.93Bay Area Christian
15.12Thomas Emilsson25.05Awty International
16.12Ryan Garcia25.22Concordia Lutheran
17.10Nick Madole25.90Second Baptist
18.12Clemente Jardin26.56Awty International
19.10Jason Groll26.61Cypress Christian
20.9David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright26.62Faith West Academy
21.11Micah Adkins27.34Rosehill Christian
22.11Evan Cao27.50Baytown Christian
23.9Vincent Turner27.69Westbury Christian
24.11Usman Mohammed27.81Cypress Christian
25.12Travis Wilson28.15Covenant Christian
26.9Nick Bent28.31Baytown Christian
27.12Zach Foil28.44The Woodlands Christ...
28.9Josh Holcomb28.65Bay Area Christian
29.10Thomas Lund28.90Rosehill Christian
30.9Hunter Hall31.94Baytown Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Cameron Davis22.63The Woodlands Christ...
11Ryan McGough23.7Lutheran-South
12Anthony Salvo24.1Lutheran-South
10William Wheeler24.49The Woodlands Christ...
11Timothy Anderson25.30The Woodlands Christ...
9Jeffrey Chen25.61The Woodlands Christ...
10Rainier Richter25.8Lutheran-South
10Michael Cavazos26.2Lutheran-South
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bradley Abbott52.42Covenant Christian
2.10Zach Seldenrust53.66Concordia Lutheran
3.11Austin Agrella53.79John Cooper
3.10Ryder Aguileria53.79Awty International
5.12Fred Brousard55.27Fort Bend Christian ...
6.10Josh Amelunke55.61Concordia Lutheran
7.11Olo Rozga55.77Lutheran-South
8.12Thomas Emilsson56.03Awty International
9.10Marc Liu56.59St Thomas Episcopal
10.11Anthony Masterson56.93St Thomas Episcopal
11.9Matthew Green57.36Bay Area Christian
12.11Cody Howard57.89Bay Area Christian
13.10Jonathan Soloman58.32Westbury Christian
13.10Mason Bent58.32Northland Christian
15.9Jacob Borkovich59.10Cypress Christian
16.10Mitchell Lockyear59.24Faith West Academy
17.12Ryan Garcia59.50Concordia Lutheran
18.9Jalen Twine59.93St Thomas Episcopal
19.12Clemente Jardin59.98Awty International
20.10Seth Fox1:00.06Covenant Christian
21.12Conner Fox1:00.42John Cooper
22.9John Hodges1:00.44John Cooper
23.12David Adkins1:00.70Fort Bend Christian ...
24.12Andrew Bauknight1:02.16Westbury Christian
25.9Paul Odeyomi1:02.70Cypress Christian
26.9Bailey Carrow1:03.26Westbury Christian
27.10Thomas Lund1:09.03Rosehill Christian
28.11Andrew Winager1:11.84The Woodlands Christ...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Cameron Davis54.42The Woodlands Christ...
11Olo Rozga55.8Lutheran-South
11Timothy Anderson58.26The Woodlands Christ...
9Jeffrey Chen58.92The Woodlands Christ...
10Michael Cavazos60.4Lutheran-South
11Caleb Ludrick61.63The Woodlands Christ...
11Anthony Cruz61.9Lutheran-South
12Eric Lange62.7Lutheran-South
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Urbanelli2:02.05John Cooper
2.12Sasha Ramirez2:05.63Awty International
3.9Tarik Tyler2:07.01Second Baptist
4.10Ian Ramirez2:11.05Rosehill Christian
5.10Marc Liu2:11.59St Thomas Episcopal
6.12Victor Jung-Yang2:15.28Fort Bend Christian ...
7.9Matthew Tilley2:15.33Bay Area Christian
8.9Spencer Smith2:16.14Concordia Lutheran
9.9David Land2:16.39Fort Bend Christian ...
10.10Vincent Rignol2:16.88Awty International
11.12Luke Aschermann2:17.29Westbury Christian
12.9Jalen Twine2:17.36St Thomas Episcopal
13.12Martin Dorel2:18.30Awty International
14.10Josh Amelunke2:19.66Concordia Lutheran
15.11Mark Holland2:21.57Rosehill Christian
16.12David Adkins2:22.15Fort Bend Christian ...
17.10Mitchell Lockyear2:28.15Faith West Academy
18.11Ian Frank2:29.02Westbury Christian
19.10Jacob Pratt2:29.09Faith West Academy
20.12Brandon Galloway2:29.56Cypress Christian
21.11Ryan Fletcher2:29.90Lutheran-South
22.12Jonathan Bitgood2:30.54Covenant Christian
23.10Andrew Galloway2:31.36Cypress Christian
24.11Evan Cao2:36.45Baytown Christian
25.10Seth Fox2:41.82Covenant Christian
26.10Thomas Lund2:43.40Rosehill Christian
27.11David Muncey2:48.79Faith West Academy
28.10Chris Honza2:49.83Bay Area Christian
29.10Joshua Adebayo2:54.19Cypress Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Remy Sutherland4:48.22Awty International
2.12Sasha Ramirez4:54.34Awty International
3.12Thomas Garnier4:55.98Awty International
4.10Matthew Hawk4:59.32St Thomas Episcopal
5.11Andrew Coulter5:00.11St Thomas Episcopal
6.11Anthony Cruz5:00.89Lutheran-South
7.11Nicholas Hall5:01.79Westbury Christian
8.10Ryan Everitt5:02.77Concordia Lutheran
9.10Matt Borchelt5:05.09Concordia Lutheran
10.10Ian Ramirez5:09.04Rosehill Christian
11.12Eric Lange5:09.98Lutheran-South
12.11Joshua Hayes5:14.90Covenant Christian
13.10Cody Koelemay5:16.10Lutheran-South
14.12Victor Jung-Yang5:20.52Fort Bend Christian ...
15.10Mason Bent5:25.90Northland Christian
16.11Mark Holland5:32.16Rosehill Christian
17.9Eric Yuan5:38.57John Cooper
18.10Dexter Phillip5:48.50Baytown Christian
19.10Andrew Galloway5:51.73Cypress Christian
20.10Jason Mudget5:51.94Bay Area Christian
21.10DeFranklin Taylor5:52.73Cypress Christian
22.12Jonathan Bitgood5:54.41Covenant Christian
23.11Drew Simpson6:09.92The Woodlands Christ...
24.9Nathaniel Regier6:15.26The Woodlands Christ...
25.9Will Brazzil6:20.85John Cooper
26.12Tony Lozada6:21.81Cypress Christian
27.11David Muncey6:32.42Faith West Academy
28.12Allen Perkins6:50.23Bay Area Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Remy Sutherland10:24.45Awty International
2.9Andrew Hawk10:32.19St Thomas Episcopal
3.10Matthew Hawk10:37.96St Thomas Episcopal
4.12Chris Ellis10:43.12Awty International
5.12Thomas Garnier10:44.10Awty International
6.11Anthony Cruz10:49.12Lutheran-South
7.11Andrew Coulter10:57.23St Thomas Episcopal
8.11Nicholas Hall11:03.51Westbury Christian
9.10Ryan Everitt11:07.86Concordia Lutheran
10.11Joshua Hayes11:22.10Covenant Christian
11.12Eric Lange11:31.99Lutheran-South
12.10Cody Koelemay11:46.17Lutheran-South
13.11J.P Ambler12:06.78The Woodlands Christ...
14.10Dexter Phillip12:22.04Baytown Christian
15.10Jason Mudget12:45.99Bay Area Christian
16.9Nathaniel Regier13:06.69The Woodlands Christ...
17.12Tony Lozada13:46.94Cypress Christian
18.9Kyle Howard14:09.56Bay Area Christian
19.11Cody Franklin14:37.86Cypress Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Mealey16.36Lutheran-South
2.12Preston Pope16.53Northland Christian
3.10Nicholas Burnette17.17Concordia Lutheran
4.10Rainier Richter17.73Lutheran-South
5.9Don Allen18.89Northland Christian
6.11Micah Adkins19.53Rosehill Christian
7.10Tyler Tanner20.24Bay Area Christian
8.10Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama?20.78Faith West Academy
9.9Timothy Starbuck21.62Cypress Christian
10.9Hunter Hall21.81Baytown Christian
11.10Eli Anton21.94St Thomas Episcopal
12.12Allen Perkins23.53Bay Area Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Preston Pope41.89Northland Christian
2.12Brandon Galloway44.32Cypress Christian
3.9Carter Odenweller44.74Northland Christian
4.11Travis Takacs44.75Cypress Christian
5.12Michael Mealey45.79Lutheran-South
6.12A.J. Borchelt45.98Concordia Lutheran
7.10Nicholas Burnette46.23Concordia Lutheran
8.11Carrington Boone47.67Faith West Academy
9.9Spencer Smith47.96Concordia Lutheran
10.11Micah Adkins48.16Rosehill Christian
11.12Josh Hudson48.48Northland Christian
12.10Rainier Richter48.62Lutheran-South
13.10Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama?50.09Faith West Academy
14.10Ricky Weimer50.20The Woodlands Prep
15.10Tyler Tanner50.87Bay Area Christian
16.11Caleb Ludrick51.86The Woodlands Christ...
17.10Eli Anton54.63St Thomas Episcopal
18.9Timothy Starbuck55.70Cypress Christian
19.9Hunter Hall56.48Baytown Christian
20.9Kyle Howard1:02.66Bay Area Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Keaton Hart
Justin Webster
Kyle Martin
Kevin Robertson
44.29Northland Christian
2.-Chance Gray
A.J. Borchelt
Joe Davis
Zac Patterson
44.46Concordia Lutheran
3.-Gabe Simon
Duke Phillips
Michal Chung
Cameron Thomas
44.95Westbury Christian
4.-Drayton Rolle
Kris Washington
Dylan Nelson
Zach Weiss
45.02Fort Bend Christian ...
5.-Ryan McGough
Michael Mealey
Olo Rozga
Michael Cavazos
7.-David Ajibero
Usman Mohammed
Levi Link
Travis Takacs
46.45Cypress Christian
8.-Mason Martin
Matthew Gordon
Josh Litton
Chase Oliver
46.65Rosehill Christian
6.-Brant Lipscomb
Timothy Anderson
Brandon Glover
William Wheeler
48.11The Woodlands Christ...
9.-Cody Henriques
Tyler Tanner
Matthew Green
Cody Howard
49.20Bay Area Christian
10.-Andrew Coulter
Stephen Mason
Eric Borlasca
Eli Anton
56.71St Thomas Episcopal
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chance Gray
A.J. Borchelt
Zac Patterson
Taylor Colwell
1:34.26Concordia Lutheran
2.-Keaton Hart
Justin Webster
Kyle Martin
Kevin Robertson
1:34.85Northland Christian
3.-Relay Team 1:36.85Fort Bend Christian ...
4.-William Wheeler
Timothy Anderson
Jeffrey Chen
Cameron Davis
1:37.96The Woodlands Christ...
5.-David Ajibero
Levi Link
Usman Mohammed
Travis Takacs
1:39.04Cypress Christian
6.-Andrew Bauknight
Aaron Boyd
Ashton Fontenot
Michal Chung
1:39.27Westbury Christian
7.-Matthew Gordon
Mason Martin
Josh Litton
Chase Oliver
1:39.68Rosehill Christian
8.-Zach Lunz
Michael Cavazos
Ryan McGough
Steven Holder
9.-David Steele
Jonathan Farr
Carrington Boone
Clayton Holmes
1:45.08Faith West Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Seldenrust
Matt Borchelt
Nick Burnette
Taylor Colwell
3:40.79Concordia Lutheran
2.-Anthony Urbanelli
Conner Fox
Philip Johnson
James Tawney
3:43.42John Cooper
3.-Ashton Fontenot
Gabe Simon
Andrew Bauknight
Cameron Thomas
3:45.50Westbury Christian
4.-Jacob Borkovich
Levi Link
Brandon Galloway
Barnabus Odeyomi
3:48.31Cypress Christian
5.-Caleb Ludrick
Timothy Anderson
Jeffrey Chen
Cameron Davis
3:51.00The Woodlands Christ...
6.-Matthew Gordon
Ian Ramirez
Mark Holland
Josh Litton
3:54.00Rosehill Christian
7.-Marc Liu
Jalen Twine
Bryan Tran
Anthony Masterson
3:54.56St Thomas Episcopal
8.-Zach Lunz
Olo Rozga
Anthony Cruz
Michael Cavazos
9.-Cody Howard
Matthew Green
Matthew Tilley
Clayton Howard
4:32.00Bay Area Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jarrick Jack49-05.00Westbury Christian
2.11Robert Beach48-02.50Rosehill Christian
3.9William Washington41-09.00Westbury Christian
4.11Thomas Anderson39-11.50Second Baptist
5.10Zephan Lunz36-04.25Lutheran-South
6.10David Ojo35-04.50Westbury Christian
7.12Travis Wilson34-06.50Covenant Christian
9.11Ryan Bell34-02.25Concordia Lutheran
10.11Mason McCollum33-10.00Cypress Christian
11.11Michael Olivares33-00.25Faith West Academy
12.10Jason Groll32-11.00Cypress Christian
13.12Robert Markham32-04.25St Thomas Episcopal
13.12Westin Ehrlich32-04.25Bay Area Christian
13.10Brant Lipscomb32-04.25The Woodlands Christ...
16.12Adam Rincon32-04.00Cypress Christian
17.10Bradley Langford32-03.50Northland Christian
18.10Michael Cavazos32-02.00Lutheran-South
19.12Tony Franklin30-10.00St Thomas Episcopal
20.9Stephen Mason30-09.50St Thomas Episcopal
21.10Austin Looney30-06.50Rosehill Christian
22.11Logan Yang30-05.75John Cooper
23.11Joshua Hayes29-07.25Covenant Christian
24.12Nathaniel Welch28-06.00Covenant Christian
25.11Frank Diaz26-02.00Concordia Lutheran
26.10Daniel Martin25-10.25Bay Area Christian
27.10Jacob deJongh25-09.75Bay Area Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jarrick Jack142-00Westbury Christian
2.11Andrew Rihani124-08.50Northland Christian
3.10Zephan Lunz110-11Lutheran-South
4.11Mason McCollum108-04.50Cypress Christian
5.11Thomas Anderson108-03Second Baptist
6.11Robert Beach107-09Rosehill Christian
7.11Michael Olivares104-11Faith West Academy
8.12Westin Ehrlich102-07.50Bay Area Christian
9.11Ian Frank98-07Westbury Christian
10.12Adam Rincon94-03Cypress Christian
11.10Michael Cavazos86-00Lutheran-South
12.9Stephen Mason85-05St Thomas Episcopal
13.11Logan Yang81-11John Cooper
14.11Ryan Bell80-07Concordia Lutheran
15.11D.J. Lange77-03Baytown Christian
16.11Mathew Jones75-11Westbury Christian
17.12Tony Franklin75-10.50St Thomas Episcopal
18.10Austin Looney73-11.50Rosehill Christian
19.12Travis Wilson73-06Covenant Christian
20.9Will Wardell69-11Faith West Academy
21.10Daniel Martin68-07Bay Area Christian
22.9Chandler Fong68-05Concordia Lutheran
23.12Nathaniel Welch67-07.50Covenant Christian
24.10Jacob deJongh65-09Bay Area Christian
25.12Robert Markham57-02.50St Thomas Episcopal
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chase Oliver6-02.00Rosehill Christian
2.11Zach Weiss6-02.00Fort Bend Christian ...
3.11Kevin Robertson5-10.00Northland Christian
4.12Jonathan Davis5-08.00Cypress Christian
5.10Cornelius Garab5-06.00Baytown Christian
6.10Nicholas Burnette5-06.00Concordia Lutheran
7.11Timothy Anderson5-06.00The Woodlands Christ...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan McGough13-08.00Lutheran-South
2.9Spencer Smith10-06.00Concordia Lutheran
3.11Anthony Cruz8-00.00Lutheran-South
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Keaton Hart20-06.50Northland Christian
2.11Drayton Rolle20-04.50Fort Bend Christian ...
3.11Bradley Abbott19-11.50Covenant Christian
4.11Kevin Robertson19-03.75Northland Christian
5.11Dylan Nelson19-02.00Fort Bend Christian ...
6.12David Ajibero18-11.50Cypress Christian
7.11Taylor Colwell18-10.00Concordia Lutheran
8.10Dylan Harris18-09.75Awty International
9.12Chase Oliver18-07.25Rosehill Christian
10.10Chance Gray18-06.50Concordia Lutheran
11.11Clayton Holmes17-11.50Faith West Academy
12.11Travis Takacs17-06.75Cypress Christian
13.10Michal Chung17-02.00Westbury Christian
14.10Nick Madole17-01.50Second Baptist
15.10Ryder Aguileria17-00.50Awty International
16.11Brandon Glover16-11.00The Woodlands Christ...
17.12Cody Henriques16-10.00Bay Area Christian
18.10William Wheeler16-07.50The Woodlands Christ...
19.10Peyton Stamper16-06.25Awty International
20.12Jonathan Davis16-06.00Cypress Christian
21.10Josh Litton16-04.00Rosehill Christian
22.11Bryan Tran15-11.00St Thomas Episcopal
23.11D.J. Lange15-10.00Baytown Christian
23.9David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright15-10.00Faith West Academy
25.11Aaron Boyd15-09.50Westbury Christian
25.10Mason Martin15-09.50Rosehill Christian
27.9David Kreston15-08.00Second Baptist
28.10Chris Honza15-05.50Bay Area Christian
28.11Evan Cao15-05.50Baytown Christian
30.11Michael Olivares11-05.00Faith West Academy
31.9Vincent Turner10-03.00Westbury Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bradley Abbott39-10.00Covenant Christian
2.10Keaton Hart39-06.00Northland Christian
3.11Usman Mohammed38-11.00Cypress Christian
4.12A.J. Borchelt38-07.00Concordia Lutheran
5.11Taylor Colwell38-04.00Concordia Lutheran
6.9Carter Odenweller36-08.00Northland Christian
7.11Cameron Davis36-00.00The Woodlands Christ...
8.10John Horsey35-04.00Northland Christian
9.10Josh Litton34-11.00Rosehill Christian
10.10Tyler Tanner33-04.00Bay Area Christian
11.9Matthew Green32-10.00Bay Area Christian
12.9Michael Edison32-09.00Westbury Christian
13.10Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama?31-04.00Faith West Academy
14.10Peyton Stamper30-10.00Awty International
15.10Thomas Lund27-08.00Rosehill Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsey Crawford13.37Concordia Lutheran
2.11Rachael Laughter13.55Fort Bend Christian ...
3.9Irene Featherston13.56Concordia Lutheran
4.10Chioma Nwankwo13.69Second Baptist
5.12Cristina Calderon13.71Duchesne Academy
6.12Taylor Smith13.75Bay Area Christian
7.12Morgan Kennedy13.78Fort Bend Christian ...
8.10Juliette Eulderink13.87Awty International
9.9Bridget Daly14.00Duchesne Academy
10.10Megan Harris14.06Bay Area Christian
11.9Morgan Nash14.36Duchesne Academy
12.12Allie Brandenburg14.43Concordia Lutheran
13.9Nikki Chavanelle14.47Awty International
14.9Ashley Dalton14.59Rosehill Christian
15.11Hannah Mackey14.97Faith West Academy
16.10Laryn Griffith15.43Faith West Academy
16.10Samantha Izquierdo15.43Faith West Academy
18.10Bri Ferguson15.47Cypress Christian
19.9Nikki Vance15.64Cypress Christian
20.11Holly Probst15.81St Thomas Episcopal
21.10Alyssa Croft15.84Lutheran-South
22.11Audra Rincon16.11Baytown Christian
23.10Kayla Dornbusch16.20Cypress Christian
24.10Kathleen Franks16.63Rosehill Christian
25.11MacKenzie Plum16.87The Woodlands Christ...
26.11Pam Pavelka24.45Covenant Christian
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Emily Rosenhagen13.0Lutheran-South
10Rachael McDaniel13.99The Woodlands Christ...
10Erin Shireman14.3Lutheran-South
10Courtney Young14.29The Woodlands Christ...
11Nika Tafarroji14.4Lutheran-South
10Alyssa Croft15.1Lutheran-South
11MacKenzie Plum16.32The Woodlands Christ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayley Helfenbein26.68Fort Bend Christian ...
2.12Allie Klein26.75Concordia Lutheran
3.10Paige Lewis27.32Fort Bend Christian ...
4.12Kassie Gurnell27.50Westbury Christian
5.12Taylor Smith27.73Bay Area Christian
6.10Juliette Eulderink28.19Awty International
7.9Bridget Daly28.36Duchesne Academy
7.10Kelsey Crawford28.36Concordia Lutheran
9.10Erin White28.84Duchesne Academy
10.12Hannah Krob28.85Northland Christian
11.9Morgan Nash28.94Duchesne Academy
12.9Jenna Hayes29.10Bay Area Christian
13.11Erica Burton29.23Second Baptist
14.10Karly Krantz29.43Rosehill Christian
15.12Johonna Cox29.53Rosehill Christian
16.9Nikki Chavanelle29.62Awty International
17.10Addie Brandfield-Harvey29.84Second Baptist
18.11Natalie Moore29.92Cypress Christian
19.10Rebecca Earle30.19The Woodlands Christ...
20.10Neha Verma30.54John Cooper
21.10Samantha Izquierdo30.76Faith West Academy
22.11Hannah Mackey31.22Faith West Academy
23.10Caitlin Finnie32.74John Cooper
24.10Megan Harris32.89Bay Area Christian
25.10Lauren Davis33.89Cypress Christian
26.10Tricia Pena34.87Rosehill Christian
27.11Laura Brand36.27Faith West Academy
28.11MacKenzie Plum36.86The Woodlands Christ...
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Kathleen Bryan28.9Lutheran-South
11Emily Rosenhagen30.0Lutheran-South
10Erin Shireman30.8Lutheran-South
10Rebecca Earle30.86The Woodlands Christ...
10Rachael McDaniel31.10The Woodlands Christ...
10Courtney Young31.36The Woodlands Christ...
11Nika Tafarroji31.7Lutheran-South
10Lauren Himsel34.32The Woodlands Christ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayley Helfenbein58.96Fort Bend Christian ...
2.9Leslie Klein1:01.21Concordia Lutheran
3.12Kassie Gurnell1:01.94Westbury Christian
4.10Chioma Nwankwo1:03.88Second Baptist
5.9Sarah Welter1:04.93Duchesne Academy
6.11Mande Driggers1:05.74Rosehill Christian
7.10Samantha Scinicariello1:06.21Concordia Lutheran
8.11Erica Burton1:06.38Second Baptist
9.12Logan Piper1:07.27Duchesne Academy
10.12Kirstie Merchant1:07.57Lutheran-South
11.9Lindsey Frank1:07.64St Thomas Episcopal
12.10Erin White1:07.76Duchesne Academy
13.11Stephanie Dziak1:08.08Concordia Lutheran
14.9Dahlgren Baker1:09.00Kinkaid
15.9Allison Conrad1:09.14John Cooper
16.11Victoria Howard1:09.82Bay Area Christian
17.9Jourdan Gabriel1:10.34Faith West Academy
18.12Megan Hodge1:10.46Fort Bend Christian ...
19.10Addie Brandfield-Harvey1:10.54Second Baptist
20.10Katherine Chase1:10.59St Thomas Episcopal
21.11Emily Sebo1:10.87Rosehill Christian
22.10Stefanie Ott1:13.19John Cooper
23.12Courtnee Morales1:16.36Bay Area Christian
24.10Megan Harris1:18.05Bay Area Christian
25.9Evann Broussard2:09.08Faith West Academy
25.11Pam Pavelka2:09.08Covenant Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Kirstie Merchant68.2Lutheran-South
11Kathleen Bryan69.7Lutheran-South
11Emily Rosenhagen70.1Lutheran-South
9Danielle Ferris71.1Lutheran-South
10Rachael McDaniel73.15The Woodlands Christ...
10Kirsten Ham74.05The Woodlands Christ...
10Rebecca Earle78.56The Woodlands Christ...
10Lauren Himsel80.89The Woodlands Christ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Leslie Klein2:25.92Concordia Lutheran
2.12Charlotte Peeters2:26.86Awty International
3.9Sarah Welter2:31.47Duchesne Academy
4.12Noelle Contreas2:34.39Bay Area Christian
5.9Gabbie Fontana2:35.31Northland Christian
6.11Stephanie Dziak2:37.02Concordia Lutheran
7.12Megan Hodge2:37.32Fort Bend Christian ...
8.11Kathleen Bryan2:39.17Lutheran-South
9.12Logan Piper2:41.50Duchesne Academy
10.11Hiromi Oka2:45.40Awty International
11.9Lexi McNitt2:46.76Rosehill Christian
12.9April Conner2:47.17Bay Area Christian
13.10Liz Abt2:48.79Northland Christian
14.10Katherine Chase2:50.02St Thomas Episcopal
15.9Katrin Gallup2:50.13John Cooper
16.10Taylor Duroy2:51.57The Woodlands Christ...
17.9Lindsey Frank2:51.64St Thomas Episcopal
18.11Sara Jane Wallace2:52.28Kinkaid
19.10Lindsay Winkel2:55.43Faith West Academy
20.11Savannah Jones2:57.07Bay Area Christian
21.9Annie Roff2:59.19Kinkaid
22.9Hayley Landry3:12.76Cypress Christian
23.11Analisa Luning3:17.20The Woodlands Christ...
24.9Jordan Comparin3:23.48Faith West Academy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Mackenzie Kimler5:31.73John Cooper
2.10Brennan McMichael5:56.63Concordia Lutheran
3.9Arielle Coughlin5:57.27John Cooper
4.9Andrea Moreno6:00.01Awty International
5.11Carissa Mark6:08.16Awty International
6.10Lydia Longoria6:11.68Concordia Lutheran
7.11Stephanie Dziak6:14.96Concordia Lutheran
8.9Taylor Terry6:17.61Covenant Christian
9.11Ashley Brown6:19.25Kinkaid
10.9Lexi McNitt6:21.23Rosehill Christian
11.9Emma Denson6:22.58Kinkaid
12.9Claire Hildebrandt6:23.70Duchesne Academy
13.9April Conner6:25.55Bay Area Christian
14.10Taylor Duroy6:30.89The Woodlands Christ...
15.10Lindsay Winkel6:34.41Faith West Academy
16.10Rebecca Lewis6:35.62Covenant Christian
17.9Kate Barnhart6:36.10Rosehill Christian
18.11Hiromi Oka6:37.42Awty International
19.11Kaitlin Cummings6:44.19The Woodlands Christ...
20.9Katherine Drews6:46.29Kinkaid
21.11Analisa Luning7:14.67The Woodlands Christ...
22.10Lauryn Emmitte7:16.61Bay Area Christian
23.11Alex Rincon8:15.88Baytown Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brennan McMichael12:56.00Concordia Lutheran
2.9Danielle Ferris13:01.79Lutheran-South
3.10Annie Stephens13:04.29Kinkaid
4.10Lydia Longoria13:15.28Concordia Lutheran
5.11Carissa Mark13:19.21Awty International
6.9Taylor Terry13:35.69Covenant Christian
7.10Kate Woodward13:37.82Duchesne Academy
8.11Madison Flavin13:42.84Awty International
9.9Kate Barnhart13:53.82Rosehill Christian
10.11Rebecca Fritsch13:57.32Duchesne Academy
11.9Yujing Zhu13:59.58Kinkaid
12.11Kaitlin Cummings14:03.45The Woodlands Christ...
13.9Claire Hildebrandt14:29.05Duchesne Academy
14.10Rebecca Lewis14:52.33Covenant Christian
15.10Lauryn Emmitte16:12.93Bay Area Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shanay Briscoe15.72Cypress Christian
2.12Laura Clegg17.32Kinkaid
3.12Lauren Rover17.68Concordia Lutheran
4.11Babette Hohrath17.76Awty International
5.9Kyla Wilcher18.53Northland Christian
6.10Erin Shireman18.64Lutheran-South
7.10Courtney Young18.92The Woodlands Christ...
8.10Kathleen Franks20.74Rosehill Christian
9.9Jourdan Gabriel21.38Faith West Academy
10.11Kori Frank22.49Faith West Academy
10.11Shelby Whittenberg22.49Bay Area Christian
12.9Findley McIntyre23.15St Thomas Episcopal
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Shay49.77Duchesne Academy
2.10Razan Beidas50.42Duchesne Academy
3.12Laura Clegg51.57Kinkaid
4.9Kyla Wilcher52.81Northland Christian
5.9Shannen Longridge57.49Cypress Christian
6.11Shelby Whittenberg58.21Bay Area Christian
7.9Lexi McNitt59.27Rosehill Christian
8.11Audra Rincon1:00.38Baytown Christian
9.10Kathleen Franks1:01.08Rosehill Christian
10.10Tricia Pena1:01.29Rosehill Christian
11.9Findley McIntyre1:02.17St Thomas Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kelsey Crawford
Irene Featherston
Allie Brandenburg
Jessica Barton
51.23Concordia Lutheran
2.-Rachael Laughter
Morgan Kennedy
Paige Lewis
Hayley Helfenbein
51.28Fort Bend Christian ...
3.-Kimberley Horrell
Cristina Calderon
Briana Shay
Katy Wefelmeyer
52.30Duchesne Academy
4.-Relay Team 52.73Awty International
5.-Jessica Webster
Hillary Cleggett
Kassie Gurnell
Victoria Apenteng
52.94Westbury Christian
6.-Edima Essien
Madison Zeinert
Kyla Wilcher
Hannah Krob
53.81Northland Christian
7.-Noelle Contreas
Victoria Howard
Savannah Jones
Taylor Smith
54.31Bay Area Christian
8.-Emily Gemp
Jesse Steinmetz
Carolyn Tucker
Caitlin Lohrenz
9.-Ashley Daulton
Mande Driggers
Emily Sebo
Karly Krantz
56.29Rosehill Christian
10.-Emily Rosenhagen
Erin Shireman
Nika Tafarroji
Alyssa Croft
11.-Kayla Dornbusch
Bri Ferguson
Caroline Pinto
Lexus Van Pelt
57.31Cypress Christian
12.-Samantha Isquierdo
Laryn Griffith
Kori Frank
Hannah Mackey
1:00.01Faith West Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Irene Featherston
Jessica Barton
Lauren Rover
Allie Klein
1:48.46Concordia Lutheran
2.-Cristina Calderon
Katy Wefelmeyer
Briana Shay
Kimberly Horrell
1:49.71Duchesne Academy
3.-Relay Team 1:50.55Awty International
4.-Jennifer Orr
Sloan Childress
Jesse Steinmetz
Emily Gemp
5.-Edima Essien
Madison Lee
Kristen Klos
Hannah Krob
1:56.25Northland Christian
6.-Shanay Briscoe
Shannen Longridge
Natalie Moore
Lexus Van Pelt
1:56.37Cypress Christian
7.-Morgan Kennedy
Paige Lewis
Rachael Laughter
Megan Hodge
1:56.60Fort Bend Christian ...
8.-Tricia Pena
Karly Krantz
Morgan Martin
Johonna Cox
2:00.58Rosehill Christian
9.-Kathleen Bryan
Emily Rosenhagen
Nika Tafarroji
Erin Shireman
10.-Relay Team 2:02.73Bay Area Christian
11.-Courtney Young
Allie Riemold
Rachael McDaniel
Rebecca Earle
2:07.34The Woodlands Christ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Leslie Klein
Jessica Barton
Lauren Rover
Allie Klein
4:11.27Concordia Lutheran
2.-Katy Wefelmeyer
Sarah Welter
Kimberly Horrell
Logan Piper
4:23.22Duchesne Academy
3.-Kristen Klos
Madison Lee
Gabbie Fontana
Madison Zeinert
4:33.67Northland Christian
4.-Emily Rosenhagen
Danielle Ferris
Kathleen Bryan
Kirstie Merchant
5.-Shannen Longridge
Caroline Pinto
Natalie Moore
Lexus Van Pelt
4:39.28Cypress Christian
6.-Sloan Childress
Caitlin Lohrenz
Katherine Kirkland
Dahlgren Baker
7.-Victoria Howard
Savannah Jones
Noelle Contreas
Jenna Hayes
4:42.60Bay Area Christian
8.-Mande Driggers
Morgan Martin
Emily Sebo
Johonna Cox
4:44.64Rosehill Christian
9.-Rachael McDaniel
Lauren Himsel
Kirsten Ham
Rebecca Earle
5:07.06The Woodlands Christ...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shanay Briscoe35-10.00Cypress Christian
2.10Kelsey Crawford31-07.50Concordia Lutheran
3.11Jessica Woodard30-11.50Rosehill Christian
4.9Blessing Ajibero28-09.50Cypress Christian
5.12Reise Ercums28-03.00Bay Area Christian
6.9Elyse Cooper25-07.00Northland Christian
7.9Ada Oguejiofor25-07.00Duchesne Academy
8.11Mande Driggers25-03.00Rosehill Christian
9.10Rebecca Whisler24-11.00Northland Christian
10.10Hannah Lampe24-10.00Bay Area Christian
11.12Rocio Villarreal24-02.25Concordia Lutheran
12.9Lynley Alldridge23-00.50Cypress Christian
13.9Katrin Gallup23-00.00John Cooper
14.11Avery Suber22-11.00Kinkaid
15.12Emma Nwora22-07.25Kinkaid
16.9Findley McIntyre21-11.50St Thomas Episcopal
17.11Karina Guerrero21-10.00Lutheran-South
18.12Kayla Shaffer21-09.00Lutheran-South
19.10Rebecca Earle21-07.50The Woodlands Christ...
20.9Victoria Williams21-07.25Northland Christian
21.11Keli Christian21-05.50Concordia Lutheran
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emma Nwora97-03Kinkaid
2.12Lauren Rover91-07Concordia Lutheran
3.12Reise Ercums86-01Bay Area Christian
4.12Oyin Lipede79-02Northland Christian
5.10Kelsey Crawford72-03Concordia Lutheran
6.9Blessing Ajibero70-05Cypress Christian
7.12Kayla Shaffer69-08Lutheran-South
8.11Keli Christian68-00.50Concordia Lutheran
9.9Findley McIntyre68-00St Thomas Episcopal
10.10Hannah Lampe65-03.50Bay Area Christian
11.11Jessica Woodard64-10.50Rosehill Christian
12.11Avery Suber64-01.50Kinkaid
13.11Mande Driggers63-06Rosehill Christian
14.9Katrin Gallup62-05John Cooper
15.11Karina Guerrero61-05.50Lutheran-South
16.12Shanay Briscoe59-05.50Cypress Christian
17.9Ada Oguejiofor51-05Duchesne Academy
18.10Rebecca Earle50-10The Woodlands Christ...
19.9Lynley Alldridge44-04Cypress Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Rover5-06.00Concordia Lutheran
2.12Morgan Kennedy5-06.00Fort Bend Christian ...
3.10Jessica Barton4-10.00Concordia Lutheran
4.10Karly Krantz4-08.00Rosehill Christian
4.11Lexus Van Pelt4-08.00Cypress Christian
5.9Emma Partridge4-08.00Duchesne Academy
6.9Jackie Manley4-08.00Duchesne Academy
8.9Carolyn Tucker4-06.00Kinkaid
8.9Emily Brooks4-06.00Concordia Lutheran
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Erin Shireman9-06.00Lutheran-South
2.12Kimberly Horrell8-06.00Duchesne Academy
3.12Sarah Hays6-06.00Concordia Lutheran
3.12Megan Blaney6-06.00Kinkaid
4.11Hannah Mackey6-06.00Faith West Academy
5.12Morgan Beeler6-06.00Kinkaid
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayley Helfenbein16-03.50Fort Bend Christian ...
2.11Babette Hohrath16-02.25Awty International
3.12Allie Klein15-06.00Concordia Lutheran
4.10Emily Gemp15-06.00Kinkaid
5.12Allie Brandenburg14-09.25Concordia Lutheran
6.9Bridget Daly14-07.50Duchesne Academy
7.12Kimberly Horrell14-07.25Duchesne Academy
8.10Courtney Young14-03.00The Woodlands Christ...
9.10Karly Krantz13-10.25Rosehill Christian
10.9Jenna Hayes13-10.00Bay Area Christian
11.9Nikki Chavanelle13-08.50Awty International
12.11Savannah Jones13-05.75Bay Area Christian
13.12Morgan Martin13-04.00Rosehill Christian
14.11Nika Tafarroji13-03.50Lutheran-South
15.9Kyla Wilcher13-02.25Northland Christian
16.11Emily Sebo12-11.75Rosehill Christian
17.10Bri Ferguson12-03.50Cypress Christian
18.9Morgan Nash12-01.00Duchesne Academy
19.10Laryn Griffith12-00.00Faith West Academy
20.10Alyssa Croft11-07.00Lutheran-South
21.10Lindsay Winkel11-06.75Faith West Academy
22.9Lindsey Frank11-06.50St Thomas Episcopal
23.10Rachael McDaniel11-01.50The Woodlands Christ...
24.9Nikki Vance10-11.75Cypress Christian
25.9Shannen Longridge10-09.00Cypress Christian
26.10Lauren Himsel10-02.25The Woodlands Christ...
27.10Samantha Izquierdo9-03.50Faith West Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allie Brandenburg33-08.00Concordia Lutheran
2.10Courtney Young32-05.00The Woodlands Christ...
3.12Allie Klein32-02.00Concordia Lutheran
4.11Babette Hohrath31-09.00Awty International
5.11Natalie Moore30-07.00Cypress Christian
6.12Briana Shay30-07.00Duchesne Academy
7.9Nikki Chavanelle30-04.00Awty International
8.9Bridget Daly30-01.00Duchesne Academy
9.11Emily Rosenhagen29-11.00Lutheran-South
10.10Brennan McMichael28-07.00Concordia Lutheran
11.10Carly Gray27-10.00Kinkaid
12.12Courtnee Morales25-06.00Bay Area Christian
13.10Allie Riemold25-02.00The Woodlands Christ...
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