Dick Baker Invite

Saturday, May 01, 2010
  Gladstone HS, Gladstone - Map

  Field Events Start: 11:00 AM  Track Events Start: 12:30 PM
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Oregon - 5A
CLEVCleveland (OR)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryce Leedham11.47aMolalla
2.12Zeke Smith11.54aSeaside
3.11Adrian Joyner11.59aGladstone
4.10Jon Harris11.61aNorth Bend
5.11Tyler Green11.63aCleveland (OR)
6.11Jared Nelson11.71aSisters
7.11Taylor Doll11.71aGladstone
8.10Robbie Smith11.72aLa Grande
9.10Benjo Musa11.91aAstoria
10.10Taran Johnson11.95aSeaside
11.10Dallin Haynes11.96aLa Grande
12.12Jeremiah Stahn12.03aSisters
13.10Ian Thompson12.11aNorth Bend
14.12Alex Eterno12.11aAstoria
15.11Christian Rodriguez12.18aCottage Grove
16.12Alex Ries12.23aCleveland (OR)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zeke Smith23.65aSeaside
2.12Alex Smalley23.85aAstoria
3.11Bradley Bartels23.91aMolalla
4.10Jon Harris23.92aNorth Bend
5.10Bryce Leedham24.01aMolalla
6.11Tyler Green24.02aCleveland (OR)
7.11Jared Nelson24.35aSisters
8.12Jeremiah Stahn24.38aSisters
9.10Josh Wilson24.65aGladstone
10.12Nick Hackney24.70aLa Grande
11.10Taran Johnson24.76aSeaside
12.10Dallin Haynes24.80aLa Grande
13.12Alex Ries24.92aCleveland (OR)
11Taylor DollSCRGladstone
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Henry Broderick52.35aSeaside
2.12Alex Smalley52.49aAstoria
3.12Jeff Wilder52.89aSisters
4.12Nick Hackney54.07aLa Grande
5.10Aaron Mateski54.42aNorth Bend
6.11Garth Linscott54.49aCleveland (OR)
7.10Dallin Haynes55.19aLa Grande
8.9Jonathan Owen56.00aSeaside
9.9Conner Richardson56.22aCottage Grove
10.12Ethan Bradshaw56.72aGladstone
11.12Timothy Rodriguez56.82aGladstone
12.11Jon Reeves57.16aCottage Grove
10Daniel BartelsSCRMolalla
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Zeke Smith51.50Seaside
12Sam Lynass51.9North Bend
12Henry Broderick52.50Seaside
11Bradley Bartels53.0Molalla
12Nur Sofe53.11La Grande
10Robbie Smith53.47La Grande
10Aaron Mateski53.9North Bend
12Nick Hackney54.02La Grande
9Brett Willyard54.38Seaside
12Zach Reichenberger54.6North Bend
10Noah Sofe54.73La Grande
10Bryce Leedham54.9Molalla
10Daniel Bartels55.2Molalla
12Cory Rice55.28Seaside
11Kevin Accinelli55.9North Bend
12Lasse Broedsgaard57.2Molalla
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Austin Place2:00.31aCottage Grove
2.12Drew Harrison2:02.11aSisters
3.9Brett Willyard2:03.04aSeaside
4.11Taylor Steele2:03.95aSisters
5.12Cory Rice2:04.31aSeaside
6.12Zach Reichenberger2:05.86aNorth Bend
7.12Elijah Wilson2:06.05aCottage Grove
8.11Jason Morrison2:07.35aCleveland (OR)
9.11Bronson Gardner2:10.61aAstoria
10.10Eli Patrick2:11.28aLa Grande
11.9Mack Hunter2:14.03aAstoria
12.9Austin Matney2:14.52aLa Grande
13.10Jared Reichenberger2:18.05aNorth Bend
14.9Zoe Robertson2:18.30aGladstone
15.10Chris Schoenfield2:22.57aMolalla
16.10Adam Olander2:25.76aGladstone
17.11Travis Lord2:29.33aMolalla
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Steele4:17.96aSisters
2.11Jason Morrison4:25.28aCleveland (OR)
3.12Cole Willyard4:26.88aSeaside
4.10Mitchell Robertson4:30.43aCleveland (OR)
5.12Conor Wood4:31.60aLa Grande
6.11Erik Keating4:33.25aAstoria
7.11Nick Odman4:33.80aMolalla
8.12Emerson Hovekamp4:35.16aLa Grande
9.10Jacob Bruhn4:35.77aCottage Grove
10.10Sam Clyde4:36.56aGladstone
11.10Teagan Settelmeyer4:39.48aCottage Grove
12.10Michael Jimenez4:42.23aNorth Bend
13.12Matt Sagers4:42.90aAstoria
14.9Zoe Robertson4:48.00aGladstone
15.9Pake Benthin4:48.02aMolalla
16.12Hunter Hensler4:49.69aNorth Bend
17.9Cirilo Herold5:40.82aSeaside
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Parker Bennett8:49.92aSisters
2.11Alex Garcia9:35.43aCottage Grove
3.12Cody Sharrer9:38.63aCleveland (OR)
4.10Gael Marin9:39.28aAstoria
5.10Emanuel Romero9:45.66aCottage Grove
6.12Conor Wood10:02.93aLa Grande
7.10Sam Clyde10:04.88aGladstone
8.12Emerson Hovekamp10:10.25aLa Grande
9.9Pake Benthin10:12.13aMolalla
10.11Nick Odman10:22.13aMolalla
11.12Matt Sagers10:35.76aAstoria
12.9Levi Graber10:39.83aNorth Bend
13.11Matt Walker10:50.56aNorth Bend
14.12Max Milander10:54.58aSeaside
15.12Erik Johansson10:57.80aSeaside
16.11Dylan Foeller11:01.67aGladstone
17.11Erik Lund11:23.61aSisters
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Close15.42aCottage Grove
2.12Hyrum Wester15.76aGladstone
3.11Kevin Accinelli15.94aNorth Bend
4.11Jake Lucero16.06aNorth Bend
5.11Jesse Boord16.31aAstoria
6.10Robbie Smith16.84aLa Grande
7.12Cody Forsythe16.97aSeaside
8.11Chad Cummings17.09aSisters
9.10Noah Sofe17.10aLa Grande
10.11AJ Anderson17.47aGladstone
11.10Jaibir Pannu18.77aCottage Grove
12.11Forrest Baker19.45aCleveland (OR)
13.10Christian Parker20.05aMolalla
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nur Sofe41.61aLa Grande
2.11Jesse Boord42.11aAstoria
3.12Sam Lynass42.28aNorth Bend
4.11Jake Lucero42.51aNorth Bend
5.12Jeff Wilder43.01aSisters
6.10Noah Sofe43.21aLa Grande
7.11Chad Cummings45.59aSisters
8.12Cody Forsythe45.76aSeaside
9.10Christian Parker46.15aMolalla
10.10Conner Smith47.12aSeaside
11.11Forrest Baker48.24aCleveland (OR)
12.10Jaibir Pannu48.52aCottage Grove
10Dylan JohnsonSCRCottage Grove
12Hyrum WesterSCRGladstone
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Benjo Musa
Jesse Boord
Alex Eterno
Alex Smalley
2.-Adrian Joyner
Hyrum Wester
Josh Wilson
Taylor Doll
3.-Cody Burbank
Jon Harris
Ian Thompson
Sam Lynass
46.00aNorth Bend
4.-Nick Hackney
Noah Sofe
Dallin Haynes
Robbie Smith
46.31aLa Grande
5.-Jonathan Owen
Cody Forsythe
Hunter Beaudoin
Taran Johnson
6.-Dylan Johnson
Zach Borrellli
Conner Richardson
Christian Rodriguez
47.65aCottage Grove
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Henry Broderick
Brett Willyard
Zeke Smith
Cory Rice
2.-Drew Harrison
Jeff Wilder
Taylor Steele
Jeremiah Stahn
3.-Nick Hackney
Nur Sofe
Robbie Smith
Noah Sofe
3:35.64aLa Grande
4.-Zach Reichenberger
Aaron Mateski
Kevin Accinelli
Sam Lynass
3:36.34aNorth Bend
5.-Justin Gagnon
Alex Eterno
Alex Smalley
Jesse Boord
6.-Bradley Bartels
Daniel Bartels
Cameron Hill
Bryce Leedham
7.-Tyler Green
Garth Linscott
Alex Ries
Jason Morrison
3:42.63aCleveland (OR)
8.-Adrian Joyner
Jacob McKay
Marco Thompson
Hyrum Wester
9.-Dylan Johnson
Austin Place
Christian Rodriguez
Elijah Wilson
3:47.04aCottage Grove
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Walker Hudkins46-03.25La Grande
2.11Favian Sanchez45-07.25Gladstone
3.11Jake Lucero44-05.25North Bend
4.11Jeremy Olson43-04.50Molalla
5.11Ian McBride42-10.50Cleveland (OR)
6.12Kyle Wreath42-04.00Cottage Grove
7.12Zachary Dursse40-10.00Astoria
8.12Tryg McCord40-06.00Astoria
9.11Craig Yundt40-02.50La Grande
10.11Luke Smith40-00.50Gladstone
11.11John Green38-07.75Sisters
12.12Randy Ketchum37-06.50Sisters
13.10Kingston Hughes36-06.00North Bend
14.12Todd Leedham35-03.25Molalla
15.12Will Vines35-02.75Cleveland (OR)
16.12Hunter Beaudoin34-07.00Seaside
17.10Jacob MacDonald34-05.50Cottage Grove
18.9Lucas Clark31-06.75Seaside
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tryg McCord131-06Astoria
2.11Craig Yundt121-08La Grande
3.12Todd Leedham120-02Molalla
4.11Tim Teague119-08Astoria
5.11John Green118-04Sisters
6.9Lucas Clark117-04Seaside
7.11Jake Lucero117-02North Bend
8.11Walker Hudkins105-05La Grande
9.12Hunter Beaudoin104-11Seaside
10.12Kyle Wreath98-11Cottage Grove
11.11Brandon Willis97-11Cottage Grove
12.11Ian McBride97-08Cleveland (OR)
13.11Favian Sanchez95-00Gladstone
14.11Kevin Zerzan94-07Gladstone
15.9Zachery Farner92-04Molalla
16.10Kingston Hughes84-04North Bend
17.9Cole Craig68-04Sisters
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kevin Zerzan153-01Gladstone
2.10Zach Borrelli152-00Cottage Grove
3.11Jared Dummer151-05Gladstone
4.9Marshal Giles149-04North Bend
5.10Aaron Mateski147-05North Bend
6.11Sam Smiley141-00Cleveland (OR)
7.11Devon Prescott136-11Sisters
8.11Tim Teague136-00Astoria
9.12Tryg McCord128-01Astoria
10.11Alistair Ramsay128-01Cleveland (OR)
11.12Tanner Greene126-06La Grande
12.11John Green111-04Sisters
13.12Lasse Broedsgaard108-09Molalla
14.10Michael Waite93-01La Grande
15.10John McClenny89-05Molalla
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Powell5-10.00La Grande
2.12Tanner Greene5-10.00La Grande
3.12Marco Thompson5-10.00Gladstone
4.11Jacob McKay5-10.00Gladstone
5.11Chad Cummings5-08.00Sisters
6.12Bren Bletscher5-08.00Seaside
7.12Cole Willyard5-08.00Seaside
8.10Christian Parker5-04.00Molalla
9.11Christian Rodriguez5-04.00Cottage Grove
10.10Tim Hernandez5-04.00Sisters
11.10Cody Burbank5-04.00North Bend
12.9Matthew Schauermann5-04.00Astoria
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devon Renard14-04.00Gladstone
2.11Jared Nelson14-00.00Sisters
3.11Connor White13-04.00La Grande
4.12Tyler Nice12-06.00La Grande
5.11Nick Charriere11-06.00Gladstone
6.10Conner Smith11-00.00Seaside
7.10Cody Burbank10-06.00North Bend
8.11Devon Prescott10-06.00Sisters
9.9Jessie Woodward10-00.00North Bend
10.11Cole Kellermann10-00.00Cleveland (OR)
11.11Jacob Alcoke8-06.00Cleveland (OR)
11Anthony LopezNHAstoria
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenny Schoenfeld20-11.50Molalla
2.10Benjo Musa20-00.75Astoria
3.12Bren Bletscher19-09.00Seaside
4.12Zeke Smith19-08.00Seaside
5.12Nathan Leman19-05.50North Bend
6.10Loran Ackerman19-00.50La Grande
7.12Alex Eterno18-10.50Astoria
8.11Dustin Hurd18-10.50Cottage Grove
9.12Zach Phillips18-09.00North Bend
10.11Rocky Whitehill17-11.50Cleveland (OR)
11.10Tim Hernandez17-10.25Sisters
12.12Tyler Nice17-09.50La Grande
13.11Jacob McKay17-02.00Gladstone
12Timothy RodriguezSCRGladstone
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Leman41-03.25North Bend
2.12Kenny Schoenfeld40-05.00Molalla
3.11Rocky Whitehill39-07.25Cleveland (OR)
4.11Zayne Vacheresse39-02.00Cleveland (OR)
5.12Bren Bletscher39-02.00Seaside
6.12Marco Thompson38-01.00Gladstone
7.11Tyler Norfleet38-01.00Astoria
8.10Loran Ackerman37-09.00La Grande
9.10Tim Hernandez37-07.00Sisters
10.10Adam Olander36-07.50Gladstone
11.11Cody Rothermund36-05.25Cottage Grove
12.9Matthew Schauermann35-11.75Astoria
13.11Devon Prescott35-10.00Sisters
14.10Cody Burbank35-07.00North Bend
11Dustin HurdSCRCottage Grove

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Annie Mutchler13.06aSisters
2.10Taylor Munson13.21aMolalla
3.11Eleni Duret13.31aAstoria
4.10Jodie Reoch13.33aSisters
5.10Katie Leino13.58aAstoria
6.11Kellie Skofstad13.59aGladstone
7.10Hannah Schoenborn13.77aGladstone
8.9Jordan Duty13.79aMolalla
9.10Alessandra Hossley13.96aNorth Bend
10.9Kayla Rasmussen14.01aLa Grande
10.10Vivian Yu14.01aCleveland (OR)
12.12Echo Knight14.07aLa Grande
13.10Kenzie Cossey14.19aNorth Bend
14.11Alyssa Bonds14.36aCottage Grove
15.10Shannon Macomb14.59aSeaside
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Munson27.15aMolalla
2.10Jodie Reoch27.35aSisters
3.11Jalen Tims27.58aCleveland (OR)
4.9Taylor Plunkett27.63aGladstone
5.11Hayley Palmer27.83aSisters
6.11Kellie Skofstad28.25aGladstone
7.12Jessica Head28.26aNorth Bend
8.9Emily Becker28.46aSeaside
9.9Jaysea Williams29.20aAstoria
10.10Vivian Yu29.70aCleveland (OR)
11.11Tenaya Smith29.92aCottage Grove
12.12Alycia Brainard29.95aNorth Bend
13.11Alyssa Bonds30.25aCottage Grove
14.11Natasha Conelly30.53aAstoria
10Sierra PotterSCRSeaside
9Jordan DutySCRMolalla
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Plunkett1:02.22aGladstone
2.11Jalen Tims1:03.42aCleveland (OR)
3.11Rachel Botsford1:03.96aMolalla
4.12Jessica Head1:04.06aNorth Bend
5.9Emalie Gauntz1:04.50aNorth Bend
6.11Hayley Palmer1:04.76aSisters
7.9Kristine Dunn1:04.81aCottage Grove
8.11Katie Purdy1:04.82aCleveland (OR)
9.12Allison Escobar1:05.16aLa Grande
10.9Grace Kersting1:06.17aGladstone
11.9Courtney Miller1:06.88aMolalla
12.11Alex Postlewaite1:07.57aSeaside
13.12Cindy Steele1:07.68aSisters
14.12Echo Knight1:08.92aLa Grande
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Taylor Munson60.0Molalla
12Randi Chance61.1Molalla
11Rachel Botsford62.1Molalla
11Katie Romanko63.8North Bend
9Emily Becker64.16Seaside
9Claire Thomas64.4Molalla
12Allison Escobar65.05La Grande
12Jessica Head65.5North Bend
9Emalie Gauntz66.2North Bend
10Taylor Davis66.76Seaside
12Rachel Harris67.19La Grande
9Kayla Rasmussen67.82La Grande
12Sammie Clark68.2North Bend
12Carlene MacKay69.0La Grande
11Alex Postlewaite69.86Seaside
11Kai Davidson71.05Seaside
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Courteney Satko2:24.85aSisters
2.11Katie Romanko2:26.22aNorth Bend
3.12Randi Chance2:30.69aMolalla
4.12Shelby Stepper2:31.66aCottage Grove
5.9Katerina Lucero2:36.95aMolalla
6.10Taylor Davis2:37.61aSeaside
7.12Kara Batdorff2:40.67aCleveland (OR)
8.9Kelsey McCall2:41.80aCleveland (OR)
9.9Sarah Henry2:42.00aLa Grande
10.10Allie Godfrey2:42.05aLa Grande
11.9Madison Wease2:46.12aGladstone
12.12Alicia Keller2:46.64aAstoria
13.10Lexi Voelker2:55.52aGladstone
14.10Leah DeVargas2:59.74aAstoria
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Romanko4:58.60aNorth Bend
2.12Emi Conrads5:12.76aSisters
3.9Falisha Aho5:23.34aMolalla
4.12Kara Batdorff5:25.99aCleveland (OR)
5.9Katerina Lucero5:30.11aMolalla
6.11Katie Warberg5:31.87aCleveland (OR)
7.9Rose Winters5:37.39aLa Grande
8.10Sara Mejias5:39.54aGladstone
9.10Caitlin Snuggerud5:40.82aNorth Bend
10.9Katie Stewart5:42.59aSisters
11.9Sarah Henry5:46.21aLa Grande
12.9Jane Brodie5:46.35aAstoria
13.12Katie Voelker5:59.86aGladstone
14.11Johanna Kaup6:03.13aAstoria
15.12Clara Broderick6:08.15aSeaside
11Taylor BoxbergerSCRCottage Grove
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kirsten Farmer11:31.15aSeaside
2.9Falisha Aho11:32.20aMolalla
3.12Emi Conrads11:33.86aSisters
4.11Katie Warberg12:00.76aCleveland (OR)
5.10Antona Ferry12:04.46aSeaside
6.10Hailey Peters12:06.05aMolalla
7.9Rose Winters12:34.43aLa Grande
8.9Madison Wease12:40.55aGladstone
9.11Taylor Boxberger12:43.93aCottage Grove
10.10Sara Mejias13:19.42aGladstone
11.10Fabiola Schellworth13:28.88aSisters
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristina Hossley15.92aNorth Bend
2.9Claire Thomas16.17aMolalla
3.11Hannah Whittet16.90aGladstone
4.12Rachel Harris17.35aLa Grande
5.10Zoe McAllister17.38aSisters
6.10Chelsea Reifschneider17.53aSisters
7.11Elizabeth Nordella17.77aCottage Grove
8.10Brita Kintz17.87aGladstone
9.9Kayla Rasmussen18.20aLa Grande
10.11Kai Davidson18.42aSeaside
11.10Caitlin Snuggerud18.82aNorth Bend
12.11Genevieve Sheridan18.84aAstoria
13.10Elise Pippert18.89aCleveland (OR)
14.10Sierra Potter21.16aSeaside
10Jasmine KleinSCRCottage Grove
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Claire Thomas47.29aMolalla
2.10Chelsea Reifschneider47.97aSisters
3.11Eleni Duret48.37aAstoria
4.12Karah Herr49.76aSisters
5.12Rachel Harris50.64aLa Grande
6.10Hannah Schoenborn51.26aGladstone
7.10Brita Kintz51.93aGladstone
8.12Kristina Hossley53.15aNorth Bend
9.11Savannah Baber54.56aCleveland (OR)
10.10Alessandra Hossley54.64aNorth Bend
10Alice JeffersonSCRMolalla
9Abby HarrisDQLa Grande
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Annie Mutchler
Courteney Satko
Cindy Steele
Jodie Reoch
-Natasha Conelly
Jaysea Williams
Eleni Duret
Katie Leino
2.-Madison Cronin
Taylor Plunkett
Kate Santos
Brita Kintz
3.-Alycia Brainard
Kristina Hossley
Jessica Head
Sammie Clark
52.58aNorth Bend
4.-Randi Chance
Rachel Botsford
Jordan Duty
Taylor Munson
5.-Vivian Yu
Keihana Dahen
Elise Pippert
Rachael Gernhart
52.92aCleveland (OR)
6.-Allison Escobar
Echo Knight
Rachel Harris
Kayla Rasmussen
54.52aLa Grande
7.-Hollie Arnold
Alyssa Bonds
Elizabeth Nordella
Kristine Dunn
54.94aCottage Grove
8.-Emily Becker
Taylor Davis
Sierra Potter
Shannon Macomb
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Botsford
Randi Chance
Taylor Munson
Claire Thomas
2.-Karah Herr
Chelsea Reifschneider
Hayley Palmer
Courteney Satko
3.-Elise Pippert
Katey Barger
Kara Batdorff
Katie Purdy
4:22.88aCleveland (OR)
4.-Sammie Clark
Jessica Head
Katie Romanko
Emalie Gauntz
4:24.34aNorth Bend
5.-Meagan Bartz
Brittney Hermansen
Hannah Schoenborn
Alisa Bradshaw
6.-Carlene MacKay
Allison Escobar
Kayla Rasmussen
Rachel Harris
4:30.63aLa Grande
7.-Alex Postlewaite
Emily Becker
Taylor Davis
Kai Davidson
8.-Katie Leino
Natasha Conelly
Jaysea Williams
Eleni Duret
-Kristine Dunn
Jasmine Klein
Hollie Arnold
Shelby Stepper
SCRCottage Grove
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayce Lilley31-10.25Astoria
2.12Erin Nowak31-02.00Cottage Grove
3.11Janelle Hawkins30-11.00Gladstone
4.9D'onna Robinson29-09.50Gladstone
5.11Chelsey Olson28-10.25Astoria
6.12Andrea Alvarez28-05.75North Bend
7.10Kate Tooke27-08.75La Grande
8.12Sara Sanders27-03.50Seaside
9.10Madisen Ransom27-03.00North Bend
10.10Marrisa Sanders25-04.25Seaside
11.9Veronica McClenny24-08.00Molalla
12.10Hannah Harrer23-09.25Sisters
13.12Jasmine Anderson21-04.25Cleveland (OR)
14.12Paula Morales21-04.00Molalla
15.9Alicia Cole15-06.00Sisters
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jourdan Tabor98-04Seaside
2.10Madisen Ransom97-06North Bend
3.11Janelle Hawkins95-08Gladstone
4.12Dani Nowak94-10Cottage Grove
5.12Kayce Lilley92-02Astoria
6.11Chelsey Olson90-10Astoria
7.11Michaela Farner90-00Molalla
8.12Jordan Brunetti89-03Cottage Grove
9.12Analynda Toyas83-04Seaside
10.9D'onna Robinson82-05Gladstone
11.11Jordan Forrester79-05North Bend
12.9Veronica McClenny79-02Molalla
13.12Jasmine Anderson68-09Cleveland (OR)
14.10Kate Tooke67-08La Grande
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Brunetti127-01Cottage Grove
2.12Dorian Perkey119-09Cottage Grove
3.11Michaela Farner119-05Molalla
4.12Kayce Lilley110-04Astoria
5.12Brooke Davison110-03North Bend
6.12Justine Head109-04North Bend
7.11Chelsey Olson103-08Astoria
8.9D'onna Robinson102-01Gladstone
9.11Regan Cronin100-09Gladstone
10.12Analynda Toyas100-06Seaside
11.9Hannah Ranney69-05Cleveland (OR)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Annie Mutchler5-00.00Sisters
2.11Kai Davidson4-10.00Seaside
3.10Katie West4-10.00Gladstone
3.12Kristina Hossley4-10.00North Bend
5.9Alisha Haken4-08.00Sisters
6.9Alisa Bradshaw4-06.00Gladstone
7.9Alexis Mather4-06.00Astoria
8.10Kaci Baker4-06.00North Bend
9.11Elizabeth Nordella4-04.00Cottage Grove
10.10Galina Socolofsky4-02.00Cleveland (OR)
11.9Lauren Babcock4-02.00La Grande
12.9Jessica Taylor4-02.00Seaside
12Carlene MacKayNHLa Grande
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sammie Clark12-06.00North Bend
2.10Sara Small11-04.00Sisters
3.10Brita Kintz10-00.00Gladstone
4.10Rylee Jones7-06.00Gladstone
5.9Hannah Engle7-06.00Molalla
6.9Alisha Haken7-06.00Sisters
7.11Savannah Baber7-00.00Cleveland (OR)
12April CockcroftSCRSeaside
10Kaci BakerNHNorth Bend
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Annie Mutchler17-07.25Sisters
2.12Katey Barger16-06.50Cleveland (OR)
3.12Brooke Davison15-11.50North Bend
4.10Sara Small15-05.75Sisters
5.11Kai Davidson15-00.50Seaside
6.11Kellie Skofstad14-05.50Gladstone
7.10Brittney Hermansen13-11.00Gladstone
9.10Katie Leino13-10.50Astoria
8.10Whitley Tucker13-08.50Cottage Grove
10.11Alex Postlewaite13-06.00Seaside
11.11Kerri Hilton13-04.50Astoria
12.12Justine Head13-02.50North Bend
13.10Rachael Gernhart12-05.50Cleveland (OR)
9Jordan DutySCRMolalla
9Claire ThomasSCRMolalla
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katey Barger33-04.00Cleveland (OR)
2.12Brooke Davison33-02.00North Bend
3.10Whitley Tucker31-01.00Cottage Grove
4.10Rachael Gernhart31-00.00Cleveland (OR)
5.10Hannah Harrer30-10.50Sisters
6.12Analynda Toyas30-10.00Seaside
7.11Kate Santos30-06.00Gladstone
8.9Shannon Fouts29-09.00Sisters
9.12Justine Head29-06.00North Bend
9.9Amber Jensen29-06.00Gladstone
11.11Kerri Hilton29-05.00Astoria
12.11Michaela Farner29-04.00Molalla
13.11Alex Postlewaite27-09.00Seaside
14.11Genevieve Sheridan25-04.00Astoria
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