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CK vs Wilson

Friday, April 09, 2010

Silverdale Stadium, Silverdale

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keelynn Johnson11.07aWoodrow Wilson
2.10Daviyonta Booth11.52aWoodrow Wilson
3.11Tyler Kahl11.72aCentral Kitsap
4.12Alex Mackenzie11.74aCentral Kitsap
5.9Devon Phillips11.82aWoodrow Wilson
6.12Devin Hughes11.87aWoodrow Wilson
7.11Chris Steele11.93aCentral Kitsap
8.12Marcus D'Angelo12.00aCentral Kitsap
9.11Shaq Blair12.01aCentral Kitsap
10.12Romel Ramos12.02aCentral Kitsap
11.12Monterill Anderson12.13aCentral Kitsap
12.9Sam Woodard12.26aWoodrow Wilson
13.11Michael O'Donnell12.34aCentral Kitsap
14.11Rick Olson12.91aCentral Kitsap
10Jordan RoccoDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Brandon FoggDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Jake FerrisDNSWoodrow Wilson
12Brandon BrinkDNSCentral Kitsap
10My'Kyeke CheathamDNSWoodrow Wilson
9LaQuante McHenryDNSWoodrow Wilson
12Xavier CooperDNSWoodrow Wilson
12Cooper HartmanDNSCentral Kitsap
11Charles BoothDNSWoodrow Wilson
10Kwesi PauldingDNSCentral Kitsap
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keelynn Johnson22.35aWoodrow Wilson
2.12Alex Mackenzie23.67aCentral Kitsap
3.9Devon Phillips24.52aWoodrow Wilson
4.12Romel Ramos25.12aCentral Kitsap
5.11Michael O'Donnell25.49aCentral Kitsap
6.9Sam Woodard26.11aWoodrow Wilson
7.9LaQuante McHenry26.29aWoodrow Wilson
8.11Charles Booth26.44aWoodrow Wilson
9.11Rick Olson26.60aCentral Kitsap
10.9Brandon Fogg27.31aWoodrow Wilson
11.10Kwesi Paulding27.44aCentral Kitsap
12.9Jake Ferris28.99aWoodrow Wilson
10Erik RummellNTCentral Kitsap
12Brandon BrinkNTCentral Kitsap
12Jacob HaskinsNTWoodrow Wilson
10My'Kyeke CheathamNTWoodrow Wilson
10Jordan RoccoNTWoodrow Wilson
12Isaiah MartinNTWoodrow Wilson
12Devin HughesNTWoodrow Wilson
12Robert EllingtonNTWoodrow Wilson
12Monterill AndersonNTCentral Kitsap
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daviyonta Booth53.37aWoodrow Wilson
2.12John Mackovjak55.22aCentral Kitsap
3.12Robert Ellington56.62aWoodrow Wilson
4.11Tyler Kahl56.67aCentral Kitsap
5.12Robert Ellington57.61aWoodrow Wilson
6.10Erik Rummell59.06aCentral Kitsap
9Jake FerrisDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Nathan CarlsonDNSWoodrow Wilson
12Devin HughesDNSWoodrow Wilson
12Keelynn JohnsonDNSWoodrow Wilson
11Charles BoothDNSWoodrow Wilson
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keith Mattsen2:07.59aWoodrow Wilson
2.11Kristian Slater2:11.13aWoodrow Wilson
3.12James Mackovjak2:11.87aCentral Kitsap
4.10Samuel Bailey2:12.91aCentral Kitsap
5.10Justin Scott2:18.79aWoodrow Wilson
6.10David Young2:21.25aCentral Kitsap
7.10Kevyn Ramos2:23.97aWoodrow Wilson
8.10Cam Winger2:28.32aCentral Kitsap
9.9Kevin Frey2:32.01aWoodrow Wilson
10.10Michael Davis2:33.52aCentral Kitsap
11.9Charles Andersen2:45.19aWoodrow Wilson
10Brandon Waters- MoralesNTWoodrow Wilson
9Sam WoodardNTWoodrow Wilson
9Boris PotapovNTWoodrow Wilson
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Thorsen4:54.12aCentral Kitsap
2.10Tanner Paschich5:02.01aWoodrow Wilson
3.11Kristian Slater5:03.76aWoodrow Wilson
4.10David Young5:09.03aCentral Kitsap
5.10Royce Ramos5:09.52aCentral Kitsap
6.10Kevyn Ramos5:11.39aWoodrow Wilson
7.10Kaleb Javier5:19.52aWoodrow Wilson
8.9Kevin Frey5:36.02aWoodrow Wilson
9.12Brandon Brink5:56.12aCentral Kitsap
9Boris PotapovNTWoodrow Wilson
10Luke PhillipsNTCentral Kitsap
12Alex RollinsNTWoodrow Wilson
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shane Moskowitz9:44.29aCentral Kitsap
2.11Zackery Weber9:55.52aCentral Kitsap
3.10Michael Thorsen9:58.22aCentral Kitsap
4.12Mark Zylstra10:46.90aCentral Kitsap
5.10Luke Phillips11:57.50aCentral Kitsap
6.10Sam Williams12:26.81aCentral Kitsap
10Tanner PaschichNTWoodrow Wilson
12Alex RollinsNTWoodrow Wilson
10Kevyn RamosNTWoodrow Wilson
9Kevin FreyNTWoodrow Wilson
10Kaleb JavierNTWoodrow Wilson
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zigquille Mabry16.17aWoodrow Wilson
2.12Isaiah Martin16.25aWoodrow Wilson
3.11Thomas Gillespie18.29aCentral Kitsap
4.12Tim Nem18.36aWoodrow Wilson
5.10Justin Scott19.44aWoodrow Wilson
6.11Alex Orozco19.49aWoodrow Wilson
7.11Jett Magnuson20.04aWoodrow Wilson
8.12Drew Finney21.53aWoodrow Wilson
11Tre JamesNTWoodrow Wilson
11Joe GerkmanNTWoodrow Wilson
10Chris ArdntNTWoodrow Wilson
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaiah Martin42.43aWoodrow Wilson
2.11Tre James44.17aWoodrow Wilson
3.12Drew Finney44.78aWoodrow Wilson
4.11Zigquille Mabry44.88aWoodrow Wilson
5.10Zach Duarte45.40aCentral Kitsap
6.12Tim Nem46.27aWoodrow Wilson
7.11Alex Orozco47.57aWoodrow Wilson
8.11Thomas Gillespie47.80aCentral Kitsap
11Jett MagnusonDNSWoodrow Wilson
10Chris ArdntDNSWoodrow Wilson
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daviyonta Booth
Devon Trapps
Devin Phillips
Keelynn Johnson
44.57aWoodrow Wilson
2.-Devin Hughes
Sam Woodard
LaQuante McHenry
Jordan Rocco
48.69aWoodrow Wilson
-Cooper Hartman
Tyler Kahl
Marcus D'Angelo
Bryce Henderson
DNSCentral Kitsap
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Robert Ellington
Daviyonta Booth
Devon Trapps
Keith Mattsen
3:38.84aWoodrow Wilson
2.-Erik Rummell
Tyler Kahl
James Mackovjak
John Mackovjak
3:47.07aCentral Kitsap
3.-Samuel Bailey
David Young
Zach Duarte
Royce Ramos
3:52.99aCentral Kitsap
4.-Isaiah Martin
Nathan Carlson
Kristian Slater
Drew Finney
3:53.86aWoodrow Wilson
-Charles Booth
Jacob Haskins
Tre James
LaQuante McHenry
DNSWoodrow Wilson
-Relay Team DNSWoodrow Wilson
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Peart49'11.50Woodrow Wilson
2.11Dan Henehan47-08.00Woodrow Wilson
3.10Nicholas Fasano39-08.00Central Kitsap
4.12Steven Schultz39-02.00Woodrow Wilson
5.12Harry Bowman37-01.00Woodrow Wilson
5.11Tevon Stephens-Brown37-01.00Woodrow Wilson
7.11Nick West34-07.00Woodrow Wilson
8.11David Stenger34-02.00Woodrow Wilson
9.12Simon Profit32-06.00Woodrow Wilson
10.12Stephen Sergeson31-05.00Central Kitsap
11.9Maximillian Mead30-09.00Woodrow Wilson
12.11Jeff Cox30-03.00Central Kitsap
13.12Ryan Sayers29-05.00Central Kitsap
14.12Jordan Whitford29-00.00Woodrow Wilson
15.12Richie Affleje28-04.00Central Kitsap
16.9Matthew Newman26-09.00Woodrow Wilson
17.9Gabe Valona25-05.00Woodrow Wilson
18.10Charles Wallace24-07.00Central Kitsap
11Isaac NotoaNDWoodrow Wilson
10Griffin BlinkoNDCentral Kitsap
11Jacob MinchNDWoodrow Wilson
10Krisadang DaileyNDWoodrow Wilson
11Shaq BlairNDCentral Kitsap
11Gabe MasseyNDWoodrow Wilson
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryce Henderson126-06Central Kitsap
2.12Steven Schultz121-07Woodrow Wilson
3.11Tevon Stephens-Brown121-05Woodrow Wilson
4.11Nick West113-03Woodrow Wilson
5.11David Stenger108-05Woodrow Wilson
6.12Kyle Hayes105-01Woodrow Wilson
7.10Nicholas Fasano103-06Central Kitsap
8.12Jordan Whitford102-03Woodrow Wilson
9.11Jeff Cox98-05Central Kitsap
10.12Ryan Sayers98-04Central Kitsap
11.12Simon Profit97-10Woodrow Wilson
12.11Joe Gerkman91-09Woodrow Wilson
13.12Marshall Althiemer84-07Woodrow Wilson
14.12Stephen Sergeson81-07Central Kitsap
15.11Gabe Massey78-11Woodrow Wilson
16.9Maximillian Mead78-03Woodrow Wilson
17.12Richie Affleje78-00Central Kitsap
18.9Matthew Newman72-05Woodrow Wilson
19.12Jonathan McDonough68-08Central Kitsap
20.10Charles Wallace59-01Central Kitsap
10Griffin BlinkoNDCentral Kitsap
11Jacob MinchNDWoodrow Wilson
11Isaac NotoaNDWoodrow Wilson
10Krisadang DaileyNDWoodrow Wilson
11Dan HenehanNDWoodrow Wilson
9Gabe ValonaNDWoodrow Wilson
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shaq Blair159-09Central Kitsap
2.11Jeff Cox147-09Central Kitsap
3.10Bryce Henderson146-05Central Kitsap
4.11Thomas Gillespie134-02Central Kitsap
5.12Kyle Hayes130-09Woodrow Wilson
6.12Bryan Martin115-00Central Kitsap
7.11David Stenger112-08Woodrow Wilson
8.12Marshall Althiemer106-07Woodrow Wilson
9.12Steven Nagle105-11Central Kitsap
10.10Tucker Nix102-06Woodrow Wilson
11.12Jonathan McDonough88-07Central Kitsap
12.11Joe Gerkman87-05Woodrow Wilson
13.9Brandon Hayes56-06Woodrow Wilson
12Richie AfflejeNDCentral Kitsap
10Griffin BlinkoNDCentral Kitsap
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tre James5-08.00Woodrow Wilson
2.11Zigquille Mabry5-00.00Woodrow Wilson
2.9Brandon Landrum-Jefferies5-00.00Woodrow Wilson
12Tim NemNHWoodrow Wilson
12Louis Davis Jr.NHWoodrow Wilson
10Cole LewisNHCentral Kitsap
10Evan UrubioNHCentral Kitsap
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Benjamine Rainwater9-06.00Woodrow Wilson
2.12Bryan Martin8-06.00Central Kitsap
3.11Jett Magnuson8-00.00Woodrow Wilson
10Brandon Waters- MoralesNHWoodrow Wilson
10Samual ArettNHWoodrow Wilson
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devon Trapps19-08.25Woodrow Wilson
2.10My'Kyeke Cheatham18-06.75Woodrow Wilson
3.11Tre James17-05.00Woodrow Wilson
4.12Jacob Haskins16-11.00Woodrow Wilson
5.11Charles Booth13-05.00Woodrow Wilson
12Louis Davis Jr.NDWoodrow Wilson
11Chris SteeleNDCentral Kitsap
12Dugan LawtonNDWoodrow Wilson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10My'Kyeke Cheatham39-10.75Woodrow Wilson
2.10Bryce Henderson36-08.50Central Kitsap
3.12Keith Mattsen34-10.00Woodrow Wilson
4.12Jonathan McDonough32-02.75Central Kitsap
12Louis Davis Jr.NDWoodrow Wilson
12Dugan LawtonNDWoodrow Wilson
12Jacob HaskinsNDWoodrow Wilson
10Jordan RoccoNDWoodrow Wilson

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rebekah Daniel13.22aCentral Kitsap
2.11Iesha Holt13.24aCentral Kitsap
3.11Ashley Gardipe13.79aCentral Kitsap
4.10Allyssa Marzano13.97aWoodrow Wilson
5.12Valerie Woldberg14.17aCentral Kitsap
6.12Laura Roberts14.43aWoodrow Wilson
7.11Jazmine Rambo14.59aWoodrow Wilson
8.9Justina Laney14.69aWoodrow Wilson
9.10Chelsea Filbert14.79aCentral Kitsap
10.10Skyler Dungan14.92aCentral Kitsap
11.10Michelle Ross14.97aCentral Kitsap
12.10Ana Marie Foltz15.04aWoodrow Wilson
13.10Sandy Huynh15.10aWoodrow Wilson
14.9Madeline Heim15.43aWoodrow Wilson
15.10Devon VanDyke15.61aWoodrow Wilson
16.10Cammi Smith15.96aCentral Kitsap
11Desire MarburyDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Emily BlackDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Kaja SandersDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Justice RyderDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Alexis SlaterDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Marianna SmithDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Marya DrawDNSWoodrow Wilson
9Bethany MontgomeryDNSWoodrow Wilson
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Denis27.62aCentral Kitsap
2.11Alanna Flynn27.90aCentral Kitsap
3.11Jazmine Rambo28.30aWoodrow Wilson
4.11Alexis Wesley28.49aCentral Kitsap
5.10Nancy Lavovchina28.94aWoodrow Wilson
6.12Valerie Woldberg29.10aCentral Kitsap
7.9Brittany Cononica30.74aWoodrow Wilson
8.10Skyler Dungan30.76aCentral Kitsap
9.10Michelle Ross31.31aCentral Kitsap
10.10Ana Marie Foltz31.36aWoodrow Wilson
11.9Madeline Heim31.71aWoodrow Wilson
12.10Sandy Huynh31.77aWoodrow Wilson
9Emily BlackNTWoodrow Wilson
10Maria ValentineNTWoodrow Wilson
9Marya DrawNTWoodrow Wilson
9Amanda EvansNTWoodrow Wilson
9Bethany MontgomeryNTWoodrow Wilson
9Marianna SmithNTWoodrow Wilson
9Justice RyderNTWoodrow Wilson
9Kaja SandersNTWoodrow Wilson
10Devon VanDykeNTWoodrow Wilson
9Alexis SlaterNTWoodrow Wilson
11Shannon RobertsNTWoodrow Wilson
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Terina Nelson1:07.54aWoodrow Wilson
2.9Hailey Christensen1:07.74aWoodrow Wilson
3.10Nancy Lavovchina1:08.42aWoodrow Wilson
4.9Brittany Cononica1:11.19aWoodrow Wilson
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shannon Moskowitz2:30.00aCentral Kitsap
2.10Stephanie Stuckey2:42.53aWoodrow Wilson
3.10Elena Dodge2:53.07aWoodrow Wilson
4.10Michaela Adams3:01.47aWoodrow Wilson
5.12Trang Nguyen3:02.19aWoodrow Wilson
6.11Natalya Peremitko3:10.70aWoodrow Wilson
7.9Mandy Tomal3:21.83aWoodrow Wilson
8.9Ashley Yofan3:27.30aWoodrow Wilson
9Kayla San NicolasNTWoodrow Wilson
9Hannah RollinsNTWoodrow Wilson
9Kailey NorlingNTWoodrow Wilson
10Rachel MillerNTWoodrow Wilson
10Tianna BergstromNTWoodrow Wilson
10Briana SerjeantNTWoodrow Wilson
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gee Mi Jorde5:44.68aCentral Kitsap
2.10Stephanie Stuckey5:56.85aWoodrow Wilson
3.11Ashley Field6:08.09aCentral Kitsap
4.12Heather Willis6:13.06aWoodrow Wilson
5.10Tianna Bergstrom6:55.65aWoodrow Wilson
6.11Natalya Peremitko6:55.86aWoodrow Wilson
7.10Briana Serjeant7:03.25aWoodrow Wilson
8.11Megan Brown7:21.65aCentral Kitsap
9.12Paige Hayghe7:34.98aWoodrow Wilson
10.9Mandy Tomal7:35.00aWoodrow Wilson
9Ashley YofanNTWoodrow Wilson
9Hannah RollinsNTWoodrow Wilson
9Kayla San NicolasNTWoodrow Wilson
9Kailey NorlingNTWoodrow Wilson
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Heather Willis13:03.04aWoodrow Wilson
2.12Paige Hayghe13:37.09aWoodrow Wilson
3.10Elena Dodge14:20.07aWoodrow Wilson
10April LuuDNSWoodrow Wilson
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Allyssa Marzano19.92aWoodrow Wilson
2.10Skyler Dungan20.46aCentral Kitsap
3.10Chelsea Filbert20.52aCentral Kitsap
4.10Nina Caldwell20.66aWoodrow Wilson
5.10Taylor Cox20.71aCentral Kitsap
6.10Thunder Braun21.71aCentral Kitsap
7.9Sydney Stuckey21.91aWoodrow Wilson
8.11Amelia Heath24.98aWoodrow Wilson
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sydney Stuckey54.25aWoodrow Wilson
2.10Thunder Braun57.15aCentral Kitsap
3.10Taylor Cox1:00.55aCentral Kitsap
4.11Amelia Heath1:06.21aWoodrow Wilson
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alanna Flynn
Iesha Holt
Ashley Weathers
Rebekah Daniel
51.22aCentral Kitsap
2.-Relay Team 52.35aWoodrow Wilson
-Relay Team NTWoodrow Wilson
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alanna Flynn
Shannon Moskowitz
Rebekah Daniel
Megan Denis
1:50.25aCentral Kitsap
2.-Valerie Woldberg
Ashley Weathers
Iesha Holt
Alexis Wesley
1:51.63aCentral Kitsap
3.-Relay Team 1:54.08aWoodrow Wilson
-Relay Team NTWoodrow Wilson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:24.10aWoodrow Wilson
-Kailey Norling
Tianna Bergstrom
Michaela Adams
Elena Dodge
NTWoodrow Wilson
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Angela Johnson25-06.00Woodrow Wilson
2.10Grace Gilley24-02.00Woodrow Wilson
3.11Shelby Johnson22-11.00Central Kitsap
4.10Breanna Queree19-05.00Woodrow Wilson
10Katherine PierceNDWoodrow Wilson
11Grace WegerNDWoodrow Wilson
10Maria ValentineNDWoodrow Wilson
10Tricia VantinoNDCentral Kitsap
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Angela Johnson84-06Woodrow Wilson
2.11Shelby Johnson68-11Central Kitsap
3.10Grace Gilley57-05Woodrow Wilson
4.10Breanna Queree52-11Woodrow Wilson
11Grace WegerNDWoodrow Wilson
10Katherine PierceNDWoodrow Wilson
10Maria ValentineNDWoodrow Wilson
12Briana HaskellNDCentral Kitsap
10Tricia VantinoNDCentral Kitsap
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Terina Nelson70-02Woodrow Wilson
2.10Cammi Smith59-10Central Kitsap
3.10Michaela Adams53-03Woodrow Wilson
4.10Angela Johnson49-04Woodrow Wilson
4.10Breanna Queree49-04Woodrow Wilson
6.10Tianna Bergstrom47-06Woodrow Wilson
10Grace GilleyNDWoodrow Wilson
10Katherine PierceNDWoodrow Wilson
11Grace WegerNDWoodrow Wilson
10Maria ValentineNDWoodrow Wilson
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Haskell4-08.00Central Kitsap
2.11Shannon Roberts4-06.00Woodrow Wilson
3.12Laura Roberts4-04.00Woodrow Wilson
3.12Alexandra Perreault4-04.00Central Kitsap
3.10Nina Caldwell4-04.00Woodrow Wilson
6.10Devon VanDyke4-00.00Woodrow Wilson
9Kaja SandersNHWoodrow Wilson
9Bethany MontgomeryNHWoodrow Wilson
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shelby Johnson8-02.00Central Kitsap
2.10Chelsea Filbert7-06.00Central Kitsap
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shannon Roberts14-09.25Woodrow Wilson
2.10Nina Caldwell14-04.00Woodrow Wilson
3.11Iesha Holt12-11.25Central Kitsap
4.10Michelle Ross11-09.75Central Kitsap
5.9Madeline Heim11-07.50Woodrow Wilson
6.12Briana Haskell11-03.00Central Kitsap
7.10Tricia Vantino11-01.50Central Kitsap
8.10Cammi Smith10-08.25Central Kitsap
9Bethany MontgomeryNDWoodrow Wilson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Allyssa Marzano34-05.25Woodrow Wilson
2.11Alexis Wesley31-00.00Central Kitsap
3.12Laura Roberts29-09.00Woodrow Wilson
4.10Nina Caldwell29-09.00Woodrow Wilson
9Madeline HeimNDWoodrow Wilson
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