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Chippewa Invitational

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Central Michigan, Mt Pleasant

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNathaniel Scales6.95aKent State      
2.JrKoleon Prescott6.96aEastern Michigan      
3.SoWael El-Halaby7.01aKent State      
4.SrNana Adomako7.02aCentral Michigan      
5.SrJeff Decator7.04aOakland University      
6.FrDan Rau7.13aCentral Michigan      
7.FrGreg Knaus7.19aCentral Michigan      
8.FrJairus Saunders7.23aEastern Michigan      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrKoleon Prescott7.02aEastern Michigan      
2.FrNathaniel Scales7.03aKent State      
3.SrNana Adomako7.07aCentral Michigan      
4.SrJeff Decator7.10aOakland University      
5.FrJairus Saunders7.11aEastern Michigan      
6.FrDan Rau7.12aCentral Michigan      
7.SoWael El-Halaby7.13aKent State      
8.FrGreg Knaus7.15aCentral Michigan      
9.SoNathan Cornett7.19aEastern Michigan      
10.SrDave Thomas7.20aOakland University      
11.FrKirkston Edwards7.24aCentral Michigan      
12.SoAntoine Hill7.26aOakland University      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJairus Saunders22.33aEastern Michigan      
2.JrMatt Moffett22.42aKent State      
3.SoWael El-Halaby22.44aKent State      
4.FrDan Rau22.44aCentral Michigan      
5.FrBrandon Bailey22.53aKent State      
6.FrKirkston Edwards22.90aCentral Michigan      
7.FrJavon Walker23.05aKent State      
8.SoNathan Cornett23.60aEastern Michigan      
9.SrDave Thomas23.85aOakland University      
10.SoAntoine Hill24.02aOakland University      
11.-Tim Brazzel24.25aCentral Michigan      
--JrKoleon PrescottDQEastern Michigan      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCurtis Eaton49.18aKent State      
2.SrAckeem Forde49.44aEastern Michigan      
3.SrNathan Blackwell49.58aEastern Michigan      
4.SoChristopher Thomas50.10aCentral Michigan      
5.JrDave Ashcraft50.12aCentral Michigan      
6.SrKyle Fortin50.77aEastern Michigan      
7.FrBrandon Bailey50.82aKent State      
8.JrBrandon Post51.07aCentral Michigan      
9.SrDarrin Trammell52.32aEastern Michigan      
10.JrKevin Luce52.89aOakland University      
11.FrJerrold Clark53.84aOakland University      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBlake Figgins1:55.41aEastern Michigan      
2.SoCole Sanseverino1:58.14aEastern Michigan      
3.JrDave Magnotte1:58.93aOakland University      
4.FrNathan Sanchez2:00.73aCentral Michigan      
5.SoNick Immell2:02.66aEastern Michigan      
6.FrXavier Manalo2:04.45aOakland University      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAustin Hendrix4:18.05aEastern Michigan      
2.SrRiak Mabil4:18.59aCentral Michigan      
3.JrChris Pankow4:20.24aCentral Michigan      
4.JrBrandon Griffin4:27.45aOakland University      
5.SoAndrew Pfeiffer4:32.44aEastern Michigan      
6.FrNicolas Deering4:35.05aEastern Michigan      
7.SoJordan Bauss4:59.16aOakland University      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRiak Mabil8:37.61aCentral Michigan      
2.FrJames Hughes8:41.72aEastern Michigan      
3.SrR.P. White8:42.62aEastern Michigan      
4.FrAntonio Schafer8:44.72aOakland University      
5.SoSteven Marcinkowski8:54.40aOakland University      
6.FrMatthew Lutzke8:54.90aCentral Michigan      
7.SoWes Stoody8:57.94aEastern Michigan      
8.FrPhilip Palomino9:02.03aOakland University      
9.JrChris Pankow9:09.20aCentral Michigan      
10.SoPat Cassady9:26.79aOakland University      
--JrMatt HammersmithDQEastern Michigan      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRenaldo Powell8.26aCentral Michigan      
2.SrGreg Keys8.29aKent State      
3.JrKevin Luce8.38aOakland University      
4.SoDaniel Collins8.41aEastern Michigan      
5.FrMitchell Seawood8.57aKent State      
6.SoGregor Harzer8.62aEastern Michigan      
--FrVanier JosephDQEastern Michigan      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrVanier Joseph8.18aEastern Michigan      
2.SrGreg Keys8.35aKent State      
3.JrKevin Luce8.49aOakland University      
4.FrRenaldo Powell8.50aCentral Michigan      
5.SoJosh Kettlewell8.59aCentral Michigan      
6.SoGregor Harzer8.64aEastern Michigan      
7.SoDaniel Collins8.73aEastern Michigan      
8.FrMitchell Seawood8.79aKent State      
9.JrMichael Schober8.81aKent State      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Fortin
Darrin Trammell
Ackeem Forde
Nathan Blackwell
3:20.10aEastern Michigan      
2.-Javon Walker
Destin Heasley
Ryan Thomas
Matt Moffett
3:20.53aKent State      
3.-Dave Ashcraft
Dejaun Calloway
Brandon Post
Christopher Thomas
3:22.69aCentral Michigan      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Blake Figgins
Darrin Trammell
Nick Immell
Cole Sanseverino
10:12.52aEastern Michigan      
2.-Nathan Sanchez
Dejaun Calloway
Paul Vance
Matthew Lutzke
10:33.42aCentral Michigan      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrGerald Gersham18.06mEastern Michigan      
2.SrJohn Calvert16.89mCentral Michigan      
3.SrTony Connor15.77mKent State      
4.SrEvan Whiting15.76mKent State      
5.SoAndrew Meyer15.72mEastern Michigan      
6.SoMychael King15.47mCentral Michigan      
7.FrRandy Rue14.46mKent State      
8.FrAndrew Stebbins14.43mOakland University      
9.JrAdam Grubius13.93mOakland University      
10.FrJavon Bryant10.25mOakland University      
11.FrAnthony Gallegos9.75mOakland University      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrXavier Clais2.09mEastern Michigan      
2.SoKevin Bacon2.04mCentral Michigan      
2.SoDean Wood2.04mKent State      
4.FrKenneth Agee2.04mKent State      
5.JrJacob McDonald1.99mCentral Michigan      
6.JrMichael Schober1.99mKent State      
7.FrAndrew Kruskamp1.59mCentral Michigan      
8.SrDarrin Trammell1.59mEastern Michigan      
9.SoGregor Harzer1.54mEastern Michigan      
--SoRyan BalzerNHOakland University      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMarcus Briedinger4.90mCentral Michigan      
2.SoJoseph Jankowski4.75mCentral Michigan      
3.SoJosh Kettlewell4.75mCentral Michigan      
4.SrMike McGregor4.60mCentral Michigan      
5.FrTerry Kayser4.15mEastern Michigan      
--SoDerek HopkinsNHKent State      
--FrJoey TesnerNHEastern Michigan      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKevin Bacon6.92mCentral Michigan      
2.SrJeff Decator6.65mOakland University      
3.SoDanny Ngo6.55mEastern Michigan      
4.SoGregor Harzer6.53mEastern Michigan      
5.SrJeremy Brading6.52mKent State      
6.SrMike McGregor6.52mCentral Michigan      
7.SrXavier Clais6.49mEastern Michigan      
8.JrJoe Suchoski6.05mOakland University      
9.SoRyan Balzer5.70mOakland University      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRenaldo Powell13.31mCentral Michigan      
2.SoKevin Bacon13.25mCentral Michigan      
3.JrMichael Carroll13.11mKent State      
4.FrChristopher Stoner13.01mKent State      
5.SrXavier Clais12.93mEastern Michigan      
6.JrJoe Suchoski11.95mOakland University      
7.SoDanny Ngo11.54mEastern Michigan      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTony Connor18.41mKent State      
2.SrGerald Gersham17.08mEastern Michigan      
3.SrGreg Pilling17.03mCentral Michigan      
4.SoAndrew Meyer16.74mEastern Michigan      
5.SoWes Stein16.12mKent State      
6.SoJacob Maloney15.72mCentral Michigan      
7.JrAdam Grubius14.54mOakland University      
8.FrAnthony Gallegos12.33mOakland University      
9.FrJavon Bryant12.25mOakland University      
10.FrAndrew Stebbins11.52mOakland University      
--SoKevin MaysFOULCentral Michigan      

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDierra Riley7.69aCentral Michigan      
2.SoReJeana Marigna7.69aEastern Michigan      
3.JrJordan Dunn7.73aCentral Michigan      
4.JrAshley Hunault7.74aWestern Michigan      
5.SoAshley Wartley7.92aEastern Michigan      
6.FrNaomi Andre7.93aEastern Michigan      
7.FrAshlee Abraham7.95aEastern Michigan      
8.JrJeanetta Francy7.99aOakland University      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoReJeana Marigna7.67aEastern Michigan      
2.SoDierra Riley7.75aCentral Michigan      
2.JrJordan Dunn7.75aCentral Michigan      
4.JrAshley Hunault7.81aWestern Michigan      
5.FrAshlee Abraham7.84aEastern Michigan      
6.SoAshley Wartley7.85aEastern Michigan      
7.FrNaomi Andre7.94aEastern Michigan      
8.JrJeanetta Francy8.00aOakland University      
9.JrJerrica Manley8.30aKent State      
10.FrBrittany Calhoun8.58aWestern Michigan      
11.Soamanda Fenton8.59aWestern Michigan      
12.FrKatherine Bosetti8.72aOakland University      
13.JrShannon Murray8.75aOakland University      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoReJeana Marigna25.35aEastern Michigan      
2.FrNaomi Andre25.38aEastern Michigan      
3.SoRosie White25.55aEastern Michigan      
4.JrShanaye Carr25.58aCentral Michigan      
5.JrVictoria Chatman25.60aWestern Michigan      
6.JrBrittnee Shreve25.61aCentral Michigan      
7.SoTiffany Jones25.97aKent State      
8.FrIris Campbell26.10aWestern Michigan      
8.SrJuliet Alrich26.10aKent State      
10.FrAshlee Abraham26.16aEastern Michigan      
11.JrJordan Dunn26.41aCentral Michigan      
12.SrShelly Mathewson26.68aWestern Michigan      
13.JrJeanetta Francy26.93aOakland University      
14.SrRachel Crafton26.96aKent State      
15.JrJerrica Manley27.07aKent State      
16.SoDierra Riley27.08aCentral Michigan      
17.JrJenna Kempf27.49aOakland University      
18.FrJessica Pizzini27.77aOakland University      
19.JrShannon Murray28.47aOakland University      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCara Dukes56.46aCentral Michigan      
2.JrVictoria Chatman56.49aWestern Michigan      
3.SrJuliet Alrich58.11aKent State      
4.SrStephanie Byrne58.45aCentral Michigan      
5.SoShantavia Williams58.46aEastern Michigan      
6.SrShade St. Louis58.75aEastern Michigan      
7.SoDesiree Pettiford58.95aOakland University      
8.SoStephanie Hurley59.03aCentral Michigan      
9.JrLeya Munwam59.08aWestern Michigan      
10.FrAsia Rawls59.23aEastern Michigan      
11.FrKristen Hutchings59.50aKent State      
12.SrRachel Crafton59.82aKent State      
13.FrJeriesha Tucker59.92aWestern Michigan      
14.SoTiffany Jones1:00.26aKent State      
15.FrRaquel Gibbs1:00.61aCentral Michigan      
16.SoErinma Elibe1:00.90aWestern Michigan      
17.JrMelissa Martinez1:01.79aOakland University      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoVeronica Garcia2:17.55aCentral Michigan      
2.FrCara Cremeans2:17.97aWestern Michigan      
3.JrFrederike Schoenfeld2:18.13aEastern Michigan      
4.JrLauren Quaintance2:19.06aEastern Michigan      
5.SoChristina Farrow2:19.52aEastern Michigan      
6.JrAllie Sisson2:19.53aCentral Michigan      
7.FrRachel Whitley2:20.89aWestern Michigan      
8.FrMorgan Churchwell2:21.06aEastern Michigan      
9.FrAutumn Cleverley2:21.70aOakland University      
10.SoCharnele Lyons2:23.93aCentral Michigan      
11.-Katy Olsen2:24.25aCentral Michigan      
12.SoDanielle Dougherty2:24.70aKent State      
13.SoShameka Hamilton2:25.23aWestern Michigan      
14.SoEmily Wickemeyer2:30.59aOakland University      
15.SoAutumn Grayson2:35.56aWestern Michigan      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCourtney Calka5:04.22aEastern Michigan      
2.JrSamantha Tomerlin5:06.94aWestern Michigan      
3.SoNatalie Webb5:10.61aEastern Michigan      
4.SrEmily Van Wasshenova5:11.60aCentral Michigan      
5.JrJenna Matthews5:13.29aWestern Michigan      
6.JrDanielle Dakroub5:16.39aCentral Michigan      
7.SoCassie Coffman5:21.95aEastern Michigan      
8.SrJill Odom5:22.65aWestern Michigan      
9.SoRachel Hollinger-Janzen5:28.03aEastern Michigan      
10.SrMolly Grube5:45.88aWestern Michigan      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRaeanne Lohner9:58.69aCentral Michigan      
2.FrCourtney Calka10:04.66aEastern Michigan      
3.Srjennifer Roberts10:10.45aWestern Michigan      
4.SrSarah Squires10:13.30aCentral Michigan      
5.JrBrittany Dixon10:17.56aCentral Michigan      
6.JrKelsey Carmean10:18.10aOakland University      
7.FrRachel Quaintance10:30.94aEastern Michigan      
8.FrTiffany Kincaid10:31.12aEastern Michigan      
9.SoHolly Anderson10:33.44aCentral Michigan      
10.SoNatalie Webb10:34.12aEastern Michigan      
11.JrSara Lieblein10:36.30aOakland University      
12.JrAmber Brunmeier10:37.60aWestern Michigan      
13.FrKelsey Burgess10:37.79aWestern Michigan      
14.JrSarah Thompson10:59.61aOakland University      
15.JrLizzy Jones11:20.62aOakland University      
16.FrTeresa Marin11:29.17aWestern Michigan      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShanaye Carr8.6hCentral Michigan      
2.JrBrittnee Shreve8.7hCentral Michigan      
3.JrAva Haynes9.0hKent State      
4.FrTamica Harbour9.0hCentral Michigan      
5.JrAshley Hunault9.0hWestern Michigan      
6.SrStephanie Foster9.1hCentral Michigan      
7.SoAshley Wartley9.2hEastern Michigan      
8.FrIris Campbell9.2hWestern Michigan      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrShanaye Carr8.67aCentral Michigan      
2.JrBrittnee Shreve8.77aCentral Michigan      
3.FrTamica Harbour8.87aCentral Michigan      
4.JrAva Haynes8.89aKent State      
5.JrAshley Hunault8.94aWestern Michigan      
6.SrStephanie Foster9.00aCentral Michigan      
7.SoAshley Wartley9.14aEastern Michigan      
8.FrIris Campbell9.25aWestern Michigan      
9.SrBrittany Lockhart9.30aEastern Michigan      
10.Soamanda Fenton9.33aWestern Michigan      
11.SrAlexis Brown9.53aWestern Michigan      
12.SoPaige Wray9.74aKent State      
13.SoNicole Honsaker9.76aKent State      
14.FrAshlee Wynn9.93aEastern Michigan      
15.FrBrooke Hutchings10.00aKent State      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Iris Campbell
Victoria Chatman
Ashley Hunault
Jeriesha Tucker
3:51.18aWestern Michigan      
2.-Shantavia Williams
Asia Rawls
Shade St. Louis
Naomi Andre
3:53.47aEastern Michigan      
3.-Cara Dukes
Stephanie Byrne
Stephanie Hurley
Shanaye Carr
3:55.52aCentral Michigan      
4.-Kristen Hutchings
Andreea Patrasc
Katoria Carter
Danielle Dougherty
4:02.28aKent State      
5.-Autumn Cleverley
Jenna Kempf
Melissa Martinez
Desiree Pettiford
4:13.81aOakland University      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Raeanne Lohner
Charnele Lyons
Danielle Dakroub
Sarah Squires
12:01.93aCentral Michigan      
2.-Cara Cremeans
Brittany Calhoun
Jill Odom
Rachel Whitley
12:21.15aWestern Michigan      
3.-Morgan Churchwell
Dejaa Shearer
Jackie Ellis
Lauren Quaintance
12:27.53aEastern Michigan      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSamantha Fetter15.09mKent State      
2.JrBekah Stoltz13.92mKent State      
3.SrIrene Cooper13.72mWestern Michigan      
4.JrStephanie Mitchell13.27mWestern Michigan      
5.SoAngela Scarber12.76mEastern Michigan      
6.SrChrissy Bays12.54mWestern Michigan      
7.FrScarlett Fitzpatrick12.34mEastern Michigan      
8.JrMykal Imbrock11.87mCentral Michigan      
9.SoMolly Poel11.54mCentral Michigan      
10.FrDayna Bergman11.46mEastern Michigan      
11.JrShannon Rimmer10.82mEastern Michigan      
12.SrErika Schroll10.79mCentral Michigan      
13.FrKaylee Finney10.55mWestern Michigan      
14.FrKara Lotan9.48mOakland University      
15.FrShannon Getchen9.20mOakland University      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrErika Schroll1.78mCentral Michigan      
2.SrTanisha Johnson1.73mCentral Michigan      
3.SrBrittany Lockhart1.68mEastern Michigan      
4.SrAlexis Brown1.63mWestern Michigan      
5.SoLoren Thomas1.58mKent State      
5.SoMicah Jones1.58mOakland University      
7.SrJasmine Gates1.58mEastern Michigan      
7.FrJennifer Lane1.58mOakland University      
9.SoKate Engerer1.58mKent State      
10.SoMisha Lamphere1.53mCentral Michigan      
10.SrShelly Mathewson1.53mWestern Michigan      
12.FrNaomi Andre1.53mEastern Michigan      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKim Preston3.80mKent State      
2.SrJessica Novakowski3.80mEastern Michigan      
3.FrDomenica Rossi3.50mKent State      
4.SoSarah Ross3.35mWestern Michigan      
5.FrChristina Watson3.35mCentral Michigan      
6.FrJessica Pizzini3.20mOakland University      
7.SoCamile Wasserman3.05mKent State      
8.FrRebecca Richman3.05mEastern Michigan      
9.SrBailey Wandyg3.05mWestern Michigan      
10.FrKatherine Bosetti2.90mOakland University      
--FrCharity HesterNHWestern Michigan      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAshley Hunault5.90mWestern Michigan      
2.SoRosie White5.71mEastern Michigan      
3.SrTanisha Johnson5.40mCentral Michigan      
4.JrShanaye Carr5.38mCentral Michigan      
5.FrTamica Harbour5.28mCentral Michigan      
6.SrShelly Mathewson5.24mWestern Michigan      
7.SoKatie McColly5.20mCentral Michigan      
8.FrErv Bazile5.10mEastern Michigan      
9.SoPaige Wray5.08mKent State      
10.SoNicole Honsaker4.97mKent State      
11.SrAlexis Brown4.93mWestern Michigan      
12.FrIris Campbell4.72mWestern Michigan      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKeri Dantley11.84mKent State      
2.SrAlexis Brown11.82mWestern Michigan      
3.SrTanisha Johnson11.78mCentral Michigan      
4.JrAleisha Leeper11.37mCentral Michigan      
5.SoKatie McColly11.19mCentral Michigan      
6.SoRosie White11.17mEastern Michigan      
7.JrAshley Hunault10.70mWestern Michigan      
8.JrLeya Munwam10.62mWestern Michigan      
9.FrErv Bazile10.54mEastern Michigan      
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrIrene Cooper19.85mWestern Michigan      
2.SrEffua Ampadu18.32mKent State      
3.SrCharity Sunderman18.23mCentral Michigan      
4.SrWhitney Johnson16.50mCentral Michigan      
5.SrBrittni Borrero16.16mKent State      
6.SrChrissy Bays16.09mWestern Michigan      
7.SoAngela Scarber15.76mEastern Michigan      
8.SoMolly Poel15.05mCentral Michigan      
9.JrStephanie Mitchell14.67mWestern Michigan      
10.FrDayna Bergman14.65mEastern Michigan      
11.SrLinsay Bloor14.07mWestern Michigan      
12.FrScarlett Fitzpatrick14.01mEastern Michigan      
13.SoChelsea Brazier12.83mCentral Michigan      
14.FrShannon Getchen12.50mOakland University      
15.FrShanilinin Calderon12.28mEastern Michigan      
16.FrKara Lotan10.93mOakland University      
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