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Mullen Leavitt Invite

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dalles Wahtonka, The Dalles

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Mart11.50Columbia (White Salm...      
2.12Cody Carlsen11.59Lyle/Wishram      
3.11Evan Nystrom11.69Columbia (White Salm...      
4.11Nathan Earl11.73Sherman      
5.11Ryan Bales11.75Hood River Valley      
5.10Colton Rowland11.75The Dalles      
7.10Kyle DePriest12.03The Dalles      
7.10Sebastian Mael12.03Columbia (White Salm...      
7.11Victor Rodriguez12.03Hood River Valley      
10.11Jesse Miles12.13Hood River Valley      
11.12Nick Anderson12.15Dufur      
12.11Kelby Broddie12.25Hood River Valley      
13.10Brent Dugick12.28The Dalles      
14.12Hugo Chavarria12.40The Dalles      
15.11Reed Holyoak12.53Hood River Valley      
16.12Brad Garner12.56South Wasco County      
17.11David Maka12.62Arlington      
18.10Dylan Lowe12.71The Dalles      
19.10Brian Jones12.78The Dalles      
19.11Jordy Mallon12.78Hood River Valley      
21.9Zach Whitmire12.85The Dalles      
22.11Kris Biddix12.88Hood River Valley      
23.11Steven McClusky13.00Lyle/Wishram      
24.10Nolan Willett13.06Hood River Valley      
25.12Jasper Lloyd13.09Hood River Valley      
26.10Amelio Yahtin13.10South Wasco County      
27.11Seth Fults13.15Hood River Valley      
28.10Samuel Finn13.19Columbia (White Salm...      
28.12Josh Duling13.19South Wasco County      
30.9Cal Eddy13.35The Dalles      
31.9Wells Bishop13.62Hood River Valley      
32.10Johnathon Marshall13.66Lyle/Wishram      
33.9Nate Mullins13.94The Dalles      
34.11Daniel Phipps14.09Lyle/Wishram      
35.11Kory Lepinski14.62Dufur      
36.9Bailee Wright14.69Dufur      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Keirnan Buddendeck23.50Hood River Valley      
2.12Cody Carlsen23.60Lyle/Wishram      
3.10Colton Rowland24.19The Dalles      
4.11Nathan Earl24.23Sherman      
5.10Sebastian Mael24.50Columbia (White Salm...      
6.10Kyle DePriest24.53The Dalles      
7.11Jesse Miles24.60Hood River Valley      
8.11Ryan Bales24.84Hood River Valley      
9.11Victor Rodriguez24.85Hood River Valley      
10.11Kelby Broddie24.88Hood River Valley      
11.10Dan McDermid25.15Sherman      
12.10Brian Jones25.25The Dalles      
13.10Brent Dugick25.53The Dalles      
14.11David Maka25.56Arlington      
15.12Casey Mckinney25.58Arlington      
16.10Nolan Willett26.03Hood River Valley      
17.9Grant Pearson26.25The Dalles      
18.10Amelio Yahtin26.47South Wasco County      
19.12Jasper Lloyd26.54Hood River Valley      
20.11Kris Biddix26.57Hood River Valley      
21.12Ryan Lofthouse27.09South Wasco County      
22.10Samuel Finn27.31Columbia (White Salm...      
23.9Wells Bishop28.07Hood River Valley      
24.10Johnathon Marshall28.69Lyle/Wishram      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ian McNaughton52.47Hood River Valley      
2.12Cody Carlsen52.71Lyle/Wishram      
3.11Keirnan Buddendeck53.31Hood River Valley      
4.10Lucas King53.96Trout Lake      
5.10Sergio Valenciano57.56The Dalles      
6.12Kyle Murphy57.88Lyle/Wishram      
7.10Dan McDermid59.09Sherman      
8.12Brad Bradshaw59.37The Dalles      
9.12Alex Gamez1:00.91The Dalles      
10.10Trey Kitchens1:02.35Lyle/Wishram      
11.10Luke Conklin1:02.85The Dalles      
12.10Alex Dillard1:04.35Dufur      
13.11Zev Braun1:05.09Hood River Valley      
14.9Austin Westfall1:08.06Dufur      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Ian McNaughton52.0Hood River Valley      
11Keirnan Buddendeck53.0Hood River Valley      
1.12Ben Iremonger54.1The Dalles      
1.12Cody Carter54.9The Dalles      
11Yonny Castillo55.0Hood River Valley      
1.10Colton Rowland55.7The Dalles      
1.12Tyler Holeman57.6The Dalles      
11Matthew Hart58.0Hood River Valley      
11Kevin Lund59.0Hood River Valley      
9Noa Edwards59.0Hood River Valley      
10Sage Deenik59.0Hood River Valley      
11Victor Rodriguez60.0Hood River Valley      
11Aaron Baeza61.0Hood River Valley      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Iremonger2:04.12The Dalles      
2.11Yonny Castillo2:10.42Hood River Valley      
3.11Alec England2:12.43Trout Lake      
4.12Tyler Holeman2:14.97The Dalles      
5.11Matthew Hart2:16.82Hood River Valley      
6.12Nick Anderson2:18.06Dufur      
7.10Grayson Morelli2:18.78South Wasco County      
8.10Greg Glesener2:19.08The Dalles      
9.12Braden Reed2:19.14Arlington      
10.10Kyle Burnett2:19.45Sherman      
11.12Brad Bradshaw2:19.54The Dalles      
12.12Harlin Wood2:22.01The Dalles      
13.9Alec Wiltz2:22.36Hood River Valley      
14.12Brad Garner2:22.87South Wasco County      
15.11Austin Evans2:27.26Sherman      
16.11Brian Neifert2:27.61Lyle/Wishram      
17.11Eric Foster2:29.37Arlington      
18.10Connor McDermott2:29.58Hood River Valley      
19.9Brodie Sutherland2:30.72Hood River Valley      
20.10Jorge Morales2:32.51The Dalles      
21.12Neal LaGrander2:33.28Columbia (White Salm...      
22.11Steven McClusky2:33.47Lyle/Wishram      
23.12Jacob Whitmire2:33.59The Dalles      
24.11Grant Meanus2:39.37Dufur      
25.11Tony Becker2:45.02Lyle/Wishram      
26.9Austin Westfall2:46.54Dufur      
27.11Francisco Martinez2:47.12Lyle/Wishram      
28.12Brady Johnson2:48.18Hood River Valley      
29.11Cesar Mendoza2:49.46The Dalles      
30.9Sam Kelsey2:53.54The Dalles      
31.10Luke Clark2:55.22Lyle/Wishram      
32.9Brandon Gilmore2:56.20The Dalles      
33.11Yuilue Fix-Songkiat2:59.21The Dalles      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Yonny Castillo4:22.88Hood River Valley      
2.12Donnie Coulson4:24.86The Dalles      
3.12Cody Carter4:29.95The Dalles      
4.10Sergio Valenciano4:37.02The Dalles      
5.10Alex Dillard4:38.70Dufur      
6.10Grayson Morelli4:42.66South Wasco County      
7.9Chase England4:44.67Trout Lake      
8.9Noa Edwards4:45.14Hood River Valley      
9.10Kyle Burnett4:45.88Sherman      
10.11Kevin Lund4:46.77Hood River Valley      
11.9Brad Rich4:49.08Columbia (White Salm...      
12.9Alex King4:50.00Trout Lake      
13.12Daniel Davidson4:50.89The Dalles      
14.12Braden Reed4:53.90Arlington      
15.11Austin Evans4:54.79Sherman      
16.11Eric Foster4:55.75Arlington      
17.11Brian Neifert4:59.38Lyle/Wishram      
18.12Miguel Reyes5:01.67Columbia (White Salm...      
19.11Steven McClusky5:16.38Lyle/Wishram      
20.11Grant Meanus5:24.11Dufur      
21.9Felipe Lexow5:24.72The Dalles      
22.11Tony Becker5:26.20Lyle/Wishram      
23.9Austin Westfall5:29.76Dufur      
24.9Manuel Lara5:30.17Hood River Valley      
25.11Francisco Martinez5:51.19Lyle/Wishram      
26.9Wyatt Creel5:52.48South Wasco County      
27.10Luke Clark5:54.52Lyle/Wishram      
28.11Jorge Perez5:57.66Hood River Valley      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sage Deenik9:45.75Hood River Valley      
1.12Donnie Coulson9:45.8The Dalles      
3.11Aaron Baeza9:53.31Hood River Valley      
5.10Alex Dillard10:12.40Dufur      
5.12Daniel Davidson10:44.92The Dalles      
6.10Greg Glesener10:53.32The Dalles      
7.12Miguel Reyes11:21.41Columbia (White Salm...      
8.11Miguel Quintana13:08.54Hood River Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Johnston16.60The Dalles      
2.11Jacob Murray16.62The Dalles      
3.11Henry Matai16.94Lyle/Wishram      
4.12Caleb Bell17.41Columbia (White Salm...      
5.12Jenson Ladiges17.84Columbia (White Salm...      
6.11Tory Shane19.25Arlington      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Johnston43.34The Dalles      
2.11Jacob Murray44.53The Dalles      
3.11Ian McNaughton44.84Hood River Valley      
4.11Zach Lovewell45.22The Dalles      
5.11Henry Matai45.31Lyle/Wishram      
6.12Caleb Bell46.22Columbia (White Salm...      
7.10Tony Prettyman47.72South Wasco County      
8.10Sergio Valenciano47.75The Dalles      
9.11Tory Shane47.91Arlington      
10.10CJ Schuster49.25Trout Lake      
11.12Jordon Sandquist50.35South Wasco County      
12.10Luke Conklin52.78The Dalles      
13.9Wyatt Creel57.06South Wasco County      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jake Murray
Kyle DePriest
Ryan Johnston
D.J. Taphouse
45.53The Dalles      
2.-Jesse Miles
Ryan Bales
Ian McNaughton
Keirnan Buddendeck
45.66Hood River Valley      
3.-Evan Nystrom
Jenson Ladiges
Zachary Mart
Sebastian Mael
46.91Columbia (White Salm...      
4.-Dusty Gibson
David Maka
Casey Mckinney
Tory Shane
5.-Jordon Sandquist
Ryan Lofthouse
Josh Duling
Jalen Randall
50.47South Wasco County      
6.-Levi Browning
Jackson Nakae
Alex King
Lucas King
50.56Trout Lake      
-Tygh Weyand
Zach Hull
Tony Prettyman
Brad Garner
DQSouth Wasco County      
-Nathan Earl
Dan McDermid
Ryan Hart
Austin Evans
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Keirnan Buddendeck
Victor Rodriguez
Yonny Castillo
Ian McNaughton
3:41.94cHood River Valley      
2.-Colton Rowland
Tyler Holeman
Ben Iremonger
Cody Carter
3:42.40The Dalles      
3.-Relay Team 3:53.38Trout Lake      
4.-Matthew Hart
Kevin Lund
Aaron Baeza
Sage Deenik
3:58.13Hood River Valley      
5.-Relay Team 4:01.72Columbia (White Salm...      
6.-Relay Team 4:03.00Sherman      
7.-Relay Team 4:05.59South Wasco County      
8.-Relay Team 4:07.53The Dalles      
9.-Relay Team 4:12.34Hood River Valley      
10.-Relay Team 4:16.72South Wasco County      
11.-Relay Team 4:16.87The Dalles      
12.-Relay Team 4:27.09Dufur      
13.-Relay Team 4:37.13The Dalles      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Atoe48-10.25The Dalles      
2.11Henry Matai41'11.50Lyle/Wishram      
3.12Ryan Johnston40-06.75The Dalles      
4.11Caleb Keys38-01.50Klickitat      
5.11Seth Fults37-06.50Hood River Valley      
7.11Kameron Garver37-03.75The Dalles      
8.11Daniel Phipps37-01.00Lyle/Wishram      
9.10Jordan Olin36-10.00Columbia (White Salm...      
10.11Nolan Smith36-02.50Lyle/Wishram      
11.9Eli Fults35-07.25Hood River Valley      
12.12Antone Moody35-06.75South Wasco County      
13.11Tory Shane35-00.50Arlington      
14.9Juan Mendoza34-10.25Columbia (White Salm...      
15.12Daniel Hernandez33-06.00South Wasco County      
16.11Zach Hull33-04.75South Wasco County      
10Derek Killam33'4.00South Wasco County      
17.11Kory Lepinski33-03.00Dufur      
18.10Nathan Hasegawa32-11.00Hood River Valley      
19.11Christipher Lambert32-10.00Klickitat      
20.10Gavin Schmidt32-05.25The Dalles      
21.12Zac Hayes31-09.50South Wasco County      
22.11Anthony Matthews30-09.50Hood River Valley      
23.10Tilio Regelado30-03.50The Dalles      
24.9Austin Dalbey30-01.50Hood River Valley      
25.11Jordon Barnedt29-11.00Columbia (White Salm...      
26.12Brady Johnson29-00.00Hood River Valley      
27.9Levi Bell28-02.25Columbia (White Salm...      
28.11Cooper Campbell27-07.75The Dalles      
29.11Justin Taylor27-03.00The Dalles      
30.11Cesar Mendoza25-06.50The Dalles      
31.9Angel Murillo25-05.75Columbia (White Salm...      
32.9Bailee Wright23-04.75Dufur      
33.9Clayton Walker21-06.00Columbia (White Salm...      
34.9Jesse Tauanuu19-06.50Arlington      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Atoe139-11The Dalles      
2.11Henry Matai116-11Lyle/Wishram      
3.11Kameron Garver114-11The Dalles      
4.11Kory Lepinski104-04Dufur      
5.11Nolan Smith101-05Lyle/Wishram      
6.11Dion Curtis93-06Klickitat      
7.11Caleb Keys91-00Klickitat      
8.10Nathan Hasegawa89-11Hood River Valley      
9.11Jordon Barnedt87-10Columbia (White Salm...      
10.9Juan Mendoza87-03Columbia (White Salm...      
11.12Kyle Murphy87-00Lyle/Wishram      
12.12Antone Moody86-02South Wasco County      
13.11David Maka86-01Arlington      
13.11Zev Braun86-01Hood River Valley      
15.10Derek Killam79-03South Wasco County      
16.10Jordan Olin78-09Columbia (White Salm...      
17.9Angel Murillo78-06Columbia (White Salm...      
18.10Gavin Schmidt77-10The Dalles      
19.12Zac Hayes76-10South Wasco County      
20.10Johnathon Marshall76-06Lyle/Wishram      
21.9JD Yarnell72-11Trout Lake      
22.9Austin Dalbey72-03Hood River Valley      
23.11Anthony Matthews68-05Hood River Valley      
24.10Tilio Regelado67-11The Dalles      
25.12Sheyu Yan60-07Trout Lake      
26.9Bailee Wright58-09Dufur      
27.9Sam Kelsey57-02The Dalles      
28.9Levi Bell57-00Columbia (White Salm...      
29.9Clayton Walker49-05Columbia (White Salm...      
30.11Cooper Campbell47-05The Dalles      
31.10Nick Malone45-09Hood River Valley      
32.9Jesse Tauanuu31-11Arlington      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christipher Lambert153-03Klickitat      
2.12Jacob Whitmire147-08The Dalles      
3.12Ryan Lofthouse137-10South Wasco County      
4.12Donny Woodruff130-00Trout Lake      
5.11Kameron Garver129-10The Dalles      
6.11Jordon Barnedt123-10Columbia (White Salm...      
6.12Jenson Ladiges123-10Columbia (White Salm...      
8.9Eli Fults123-09Hood River Valley      
9.11Reed Holyoak123-02Hood River Valley      
10.11Kelby Broddie121-06Hood River Valley      
10.11Zev Braun121-06Hood River Valley      
12.11Zach Lovewell120-11The Dalles      
13.10Grayson Morelli116-03South Wasco County      
14.10Kyle Burnett114-08Sherman      
15.11Seth Fults111-10Hood River Valley      
16.12Kyle Murphy111-09Lyle/Wishram      
17.10Luke Conklin111-05The Dalles      
18.11Grant Meanus108-06Dufur      
19.9JD Yarnell106-09Trout Lake      
20.11Nolan Smith106-04Lyle/Wishram      
21.9Cal Eddy104-06The Dalles      
22.10Derek Killam103-05South Wasco County      
23.11Caleb Keys100-00Klickitat      
24.12Brady Johnson96-05Hood River Valley      
25.11Dion Curtis95-11Klickitat      
26.11Dusty Gibson94-08Arlington      
27.11Anthony Matthews89-11Hood River Valley      
28.9Bailee Wright83-02Dufur      
29.9Grant Pearson82-07The Dalles      
30.10Ryan Hart81-11Sherman      
31.11Jordy Mallon81-05Hood River Valley      
32.11Nate Vance80-09Hood River Valley      
33.11Justin Taylor79-02The Dalles      
34.11Yuilue Fix-Songkiat71-04The Dalles      
35.9Brandon Gilmore66-09The Dalles      
36.10Nathan Hasegawa64-10Hood River Valley      
37.10Daniel Taylor62-02Sherman      
38.9Jesse Tauanuu61-07Arlington      
39.10Nick Malone60-01Hood River Valley      
40.9Austin Dalbey58-11Hood River Valley      
41.10Trey Kitchens55-08Lyle/Wishram      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Lovewell5-07.00The Dalles      
2.11Chris Bailey5-06.00Arlington      
2.10Luke Conklin5-06.00The Dalles      
5.10Kyle DePriest5-04.00The Dalles      
6.11Nate Vance5-02.00Hood River Valley      
7.12Jasper Lloyd5-00.00Hood River Valley      
8.11Reed Holyoak4-09.00Hood River Valley      
10Tony PrettymanDNSSouth Wasco County      
11Zach HullDNSSouth Wasco County      
11Dalton FrazierDNSHood River Valley      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Iremonger11-06.00The Dalles      
2.12Brian Langfield11-00.00Trout Lake      
3.12Tyler Holeman10-06.00The Dalles      
4.10Brent Dugick10-00.00The Dalles      
4.12Donny Woodruff10-00.00Trout Lake      
6.12Tygh Schuster9-06.00Trout Lake      
7.11Dusty Gibson9-00.00Arlington      
7.11Harvey Starr9-00.00Trout Lake      
9.9Felipe Lexow8-06.00The Dalles      
9.10CJ Schuster8-06.00Trout Lake      
11.9Jackson Nakae8.00Trout Lake      
11Kameron GarverDNSThe Dalles      
9David BrunkDNSHood River Valley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Mart21-00.25Columbia (White Salm...      
2.11Chris Bailey20-05.25Arlington      
3.11Evan Nystrom19-07.00Columbia (White Salm...      
4.12Hugo Chavarria19-03.75The Dalles      
5.11Brian Neifert18-06.75Lyle/Wishram      
5.12Jenson Ladiges18-06.75Columbia (White Salm...      
7.11Jacob Murray18-01.75The Dalles      
7.11Zach Lovewell18-01.75The Dalles      
9.9Grant Pearson16-08.00The Dalles      
10.9Cal Eddy16-02.25The Dalles      
11.11Grant Meanus16-00.75Dufur      
12.10Ryan Hart15-03.50Sherman      
13.12Nick Anderson14-10.50Dufur      
14.10Daniel Taylor13-04.50Sherman      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Bailey42-02.50Arlington      
2.12Hugo Chavarria40-10.50The Dalles      
3.12Zachary Mart40-09.00Columbia (White Salm...      
4.12Harlin Wood36-08.00The Dalles      
5.12Alex Gamez35-04.00The Dalles      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karissa Mobley13.06Sherman      
2.10Aleigha Rude13.25Columbia (White Salm...      
3.12Teaera Churchwell13.50Lyle/Wishram      
4.11Kirsten Larsen13.53Columbia (White Salm...      
5.11Marlee Orgain14.00Hood River Valley      
5.12Ashley Wetherell14.00Arlington      
7.9Shannon Ostler14.09Hood River Valley      
8.12Lindsey Rose14.50The Dalles      
9.11Anna Nakae14.62Trout Lake      
10.9Jessica Nisbet14.69The Dalles      
11.9Drew Hamm14.88The Dalles      
12.11Sarah Erland14.90Dufur      
13.9Taylor Vennewitz14.91The Dalles      
14.9Ana Torres14.93Hood River Valley      
15.9Lydia Gildehaus14.94Hood River Valley      
16.9Rachael Kilby15.03Columbia (White Salm...      
17.12Kendra Prock15.50The Dalles      
18.11Ana Leko15.65Hood River Valley      
19.11Tylen Mundy15.91Arlington      
20.10Krista Clark15.97Trout Lake      
21.10Whitney Kilby15.99Dufur      
22.11Agatha Jim16.03Dufur      
23.10Shirley Allan16.10The Dalles      
24.10Shaiyan Brittle16.13Hood River Valley      
25.9Seirra Norquist16.25The Dalles      
26.10Cassandra Balderrama16.29South Wasco County      
27.9Courtney Hasegawa16.44Hood River Valley      
28.12Azucena Balderrama16.65South Wasco County      
29.12Ana Linda Orlickas16.75Hood River Valley      
30.9Jen Mikkelson16.94Hood River Valley      
31.9Addie Rouse16.96Hood River Valley      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karissa Mobley27.44Sherman      
2.11Kirsten Larsen27.59Columbia (White Salm...      
3.12Teaera Churchwell27.81Lyle/Wishram      
4.11Liz Vogt27.97Trout Lake      
5.9Shannon Ostler28.53Hood River Valley      
6.10Aleigha Rude28.69Columbia (White Salm...      
6.11Marlee Orgain28.69Hood River Valley      
8.10Emily Wetherell29.40Arlington      
9.9Mirian Castro29.82Columbia (White Salm...      
10.9Erin Hougen29.97Hood River Valley      
11.9Drew Hamm30.60The Dalles      
12.9Sarah Scarborough31.28Hood River Valley      
13.9Ana Torres31.43Hood River Valley      
14.9Amy Underwood32.44Trout Lake      
15.11Lynda Packard32.59Arlington      
16.9Jessica Nisbet32.60The Dalles      
17.10Krista Clark33.03Trout Lake      
18.11Sarah Erland33.50Dufur      
19.9Chelsea Cox33.90Trout Lake      
20.9Kiara Pullen35.37Dufur      
21.11Ana Leko35.63Hood River Valley      
22.9Jen Mikkelson35.85Hood River Valley      
23.12Ana Linda Orlickas35.97Hood River Valley      
24.12Kendra Prock37.09The Dalles      
25.11Anna Nakae37.75Trout Lake      
26.9Lydia Gildehaus38.88Hood River Valley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Liz Vogt1:03.47Trout Lake      
2.12Marie Miller1:04.72The Dalles      
3.9Erin Hougen1:09.15Hood River Valley      
4.9Rebecca Morelli1:09.31South Wasco County      
5.9Amy Underwood1:12.50Trout Lake      
6.9Sarah Scarborough1:14.25Hood River Valley      
7.12Mariah Smith1:16.75Trout Lake      
8.12Briana McCall1:25.43Dufur      
9.9Kiara Pullen1:27.75Dufur      
10.12Joana Taylor1:28.88South Wasco County      
11.9Alexis Anderson1:29.72Dufur      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Lauren Lloyd59.0Hood River Valley      
2.9Anndria North63.3The Dalles      
11Aspen Braniff64.0Hood River Valley      
2.12Marie Miller65.2The Dalles      
2.12Laura Shrum65.6The Dalles      
11Marlee Orgain66.0Hood River Valley      
11Alison Flaming66.0Hood River Valley      
12Juli Cestari68.0Hood River Valley      
10Taylor Tyynismaa69.0Hood River Valley      
9Lydia Gildehaus70.0Hood River Valley      
2.12Morgan Czarnecki70.9The Dalles      
8.11Lori Moore73.6The Dalles      
8.11Sage Barnard-Davidson74.4The Dalles      
8.10Ana Olivan79.0The Dalles      
8.9Audrey Miller82.2The Dalles      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Lloyd2:17.46Hood River Valley      
2.11Alison Flaming2:26.64Hood River Valley      
3.11Aspen Braniff2:33.79Hood River Valley      
4.9Valerie Vogt2:47.64Trout Lake      
5.9Chantelle Hickman2:51.77Lyle/Wishram      
5.12Tasha Morelli2:51.77South Wasco County      
7.9Rebecca Morelli2:55.84South Wasco County      
8.12Teaera Churchwell2:58.41Lyle/Wishram      
9.10Ana Olivan3:02.14The Dalles      
10.10Danyelle Wiley3:05.61Arlington      
13.9Audrey Miller3:06.11The Dalles      
11.9Anna Daggett3:07.78The Dalles      
13.11Holly England3:25.11Columbia (White Salm...      
15.10Morgan Douthit3:33.43The Dalles      
12.10Hailey Ellett3:38.01The Dalles      
16.10Ava Green3:38.83The Dalles      
17.11Agatha Jim3:43.75Dufur      
18.9Nicole Johnson4:03.91Dufur      
19.9Abbey Keys4:09.01Dufur      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marie Miller5:16.56The Dalles      
2.11Claire Merriam5:19.02Hood River Valley      
3.10Sarah Gibson5:51.71Columbia (White Salm...      
4.12Tasha Morelli5:56.45South Wasco County      
5.9Monica Swick5:58.21Columbia (White Salm...      
6.9Chantelle Hickman6:03.55Lyle/Wishram      
7.11Jessie Robertson6:04.51Trout Lake      
8.10Megan Ball6:13.04Sherman      
9.10Danyelle Wiley6:13.77Arlington      
10.9Audrey Miller6:26.89The Dalles      
11.9Jasmine Vasquez6:40.54The Dalles      
12.9Shy Schwartz6:44.35South Wasco County      
13.11Maritza Vasquez6:45.85The Dalles      
14.9Nicole Johnson7:05.85Dufur      
15.11Agatha Jim7:19.25Dufur      
16.11Brenda Lambert7:49.91Klickitat      
17.9Abbey Keys8:07.38Dufur      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessie Robertson13:14.99Trout Lake      
2.11Martha Sonato13:19.60Hood River Valley      
3.9Shy Schwartz13:57.41South Wasco County      
4.12Ely Solis14:04.81Hood River Valley      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Thompson16.32Hood River Valley      
2.10Madison Whitfield16.41The Dalles      
3.11Samantha Brewer16.44Klickitat      
4.11Lena Mueller17.66Lyle/Wishram      
5.11Lupe Santillan17.82Hood River Valley      
6.11Liz Vogt20.12Trout Lake      
7.10Amanda Zoller20.32Trout Lake      
8.12Cassidy Creel21.06South Wasco County      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Thompson49.03Hood River Valley      
2.12Laura Shrum50.37The Dalles      
3.9Anndria North50.60The Dalles      
4.11Lupe Santillan51.53Hood River Valley      
5.10Sarah Gibson54.03Columbia (White Salm...      
6.10Amanda Zoller56.91Trout Lake      
7.10Bobbie Jackson58.87Arlington      
8.11Ryane Whitley59.47Sherman      
9.9Taylor Vennewitz1:03.06The Dalles      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aleigha Rude
Kirsten Larsen
Mirian Castro
Rachael Kilby
53.00Columbia (White Salm...      
2.-Morgan Czarnecki
Shirley Allan
Madison Whitfield
Anndria North
53.72The Dalles      
3.-Relay Team 54.47Hood River Valley      
4.-Bobbie Jackson
Emily Wetherell
Ashley Wetherell
Tylen Mundy
5.-Anna Nakae
Mckenzie Zoller
Chelsea Cox
Ashlee Powell
58.63Trout Lake      
6.-Amanda Perisho
Chelsie Cunningham
Callie vonBorstel
Megan Ball
7.-Tasha Bailey
Whitney Kilby
Briana McCall
Sarah Erland
8.-Carly O'Neal
Cassidy Creel
Jessica Lofthouse
Shy Schwartz
1:02.60South Wasco County      
9.-Joana Taylor
Cassi Killam
Brittany Pierce
Portia Anderson
1:03.59South Wasco County      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marlee Orgain
Alison Flaming
Aspen Braniff
Lauren Lloyd
4:13.57Hood River Valley      
2.-Relay Team 4:28.00The Dalles      
3.-Relay Team 4:34.84Columbia (White Salm...      
4.-Relay Team 4:38.00Hood River Valley      
5.-Relay Team 4:52.12Columbia (White Salm...      
6.-Relay Team 5:00.50Hood River Valley      
7.-Relay Team 5:00.91South Wasco County      
8.-Relay Team 5:09.59The Dalles      
9.-Danyelle Wiley
Emily Wetherell
Ashley Wetherell
Lynda Packard
-Relay Team 5:43.50The Dalles      
10.-Relay Team 5:54.00Dufur      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leah Wilson37-11.00The Dalles      
2.11Angie Titus34-06.50Hood River Valley      
3.10Emily Wetherell30-10.00Arlington      
4.11Christina Gilman30-09.00The Dalles      
5.10Tracy Mok29-11.50Hood River Valley      
6.10Charice McConville29-06.50Klickitat      
7.11Krissy Yarnell28-05.50Trout Lake      
8.11Portia Anderson27-05.50South Wasco County      
9.9Tasha Bailey27-04.25Dufur      
10.11Lynda Packard27-00.50Arlington      
11.9Christine Ingebo26-11.00Klickitat      
12.10Michelle Weyerman26-07.50The Dalles      
13.12Briana McCall26-04.25Dufur      
14.11Heidi Nybroten26-01.00Columbia (White Salm...      
15.11Cassi Killam25-10.50South Wasco County      
16.10Courtney Goslin25-10.00The Dalles      
16.9Kiara Pullen25-10.00Dufur      
16.11Temiree Taunauu25-10.00Arlington      
19.12Brittany Pierce25-00.50South Wasco County      
20.11Tasha Johnson24-06.25Trout Lake      
21.11Miranda Hughes24-01.75Sherman      
22.12Kim Deras24-01.50Hood River Valley      
23.12Azucena Balderrama24-00.50South Wasco County      
24.11Brenda Lambert23-00.50Klickitat      
25.10Cassandra Balderrama22-00.50South Wasco County      
26.11Sarah Feil21-01.00The Dalles      
27.12Chelsie Cunningham19-11.00Sherman      
28.9Autumn Cox19-06.00Hood River Valley      
29.10Gaby Calderon17-02.25Hood River Valley      
30.9Candace Ballard13-03.50Trout Lake      
31.10Katie DesRocher12-00.00The Dalles      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Charice McConville103-07Klickitat      
12Kim Deras99'8"Hood River Valley      
2.12Zoe Lindner99-08Klickitat      
3.10Leah Wilson99-02The Dalles      
4.11Portia Anderson92-07South Wasco County      
5.11Christina Gilman85-09The Dalles      
6.11Tasha Johnson83-09Trout Lake      
7.11Angie Titus80-07Hood River Valley      
8.12Azucena Balderrama79-09South Wasco County      
9.9Maike Hellrung75-09Trout Lake      
10.10Courtney Goslin72-02The Dalles      
11.9Tasha Bailey69-09Dufur      
12.11Cassi Killam67-05South Wasco County      
13.10Michelle Weyerman67-04The Dalles      
14.11Brenda Lambert66-04Klickitat      
15.11Heidi Nybroten63-07Columbia (White Salm...      
16.11Sarah Feil57-09The Dalles      
17.9Autumn Cox52-04Hood River Valley      
18.10Gaby Calderon50-10Hood River Valley      
19.12Chelsie Cunningham50-05Sherman      
20.11Miranda Hughes50-04Sherman      
21.12Brittany Pierce46-02South Wasco County      
22.9Nicole Johnson43-08Dufur      
23.10Cassandra Balderrama39-06South Wasco County      
24.11Temiree Taunauu29-11Arlington      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Heidi Nybroten107-02Columbia (White Salm...      
2.12Carly O'Neal96-03South Wasco County      
3.10Tracy Mok94-10Hood River Valley      
4.11Portia Anderson91-01South Wasco County      
5.12Briana McCall88-03Dufur      
6.10Charice McConville88-00Klickitat      
7.12Ashley Wetherell86-07Arlington      
8.9Valerie Vogt86-00Trout Lake      
9.9Chantelle Hickman80-03Lyle/Wishram      
10.11Lena Mueller76-07Lyle/Wishram      
11.12Morgan Czarnecki76-03The Dalles      
12.9Tasha Bailey75-05Dufur      
13.9Amy Underwood74-11Trout Lake      
14.12Cassidy Creel72-04South Wasco County      
15.11Brenda Lambert71-10Klickitat      
16.11Lynda Packard71-07Arlington      
17.9Christine Ingebo71-02Klickitat      
18.10Ava Green70-02The Dalles      
19.12Chelsie Cunningham68-04Sherman      
20.10Amanda Zoller68-02Trout Lake      
21.11Temiree Taunauu66-11Arlington      
22.10Michelle Weyerman66-10The Dalles      
23.10Hailey Ellett64-04The Dalles      
24.10Taylor Tyynismaa63-11Hood River Valley      
25.11Lori Moore62-05The Dalles      
26.10Jessica Lofthouse60-05South Wasco County      
27.11Brandi Bryant55-08The Dalles      
28.11Maritza Vasquez54-01The Dalles      
29.11Sarah Feil52-04The Dalles      
30.9Lydia Gildehaus52-01Hood River Valley      
31.9Autumn Cox50-11Hood River Valley      
32.12Joana Taylor50-07South Wasco County      
33.10Katie DesRocher47-09The Dalles      
34.10Gaby Calderon45-09Hood River Valley      
35.11Miranda Hughes43-09Sherman      
36.10Ana Olivan43-06The Dalles      
37.9Jasmine Vasquez41-10The Dalles      
38.9Abbey Keys40-05Dufur      
39.9Seirra Norquist37-05The Dalles      
40.10Morgan Douthit37-03The Dalles      
41.9Anna Daggett35-07The Dalles      
42.9Candace Ballard29-03Trout Lake      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Brewer5-02.00Klickitat      
2.10Madison Whitfield5-00.00The Dalles      
3.11Lori Moore4-10.00The Dalles      
4.11Lena Mueller4-06.00Lyle/Wishram      
5.10Taylor Tyynismaa4-00.00Hood River Valley      
9Ashlee PowellDNSTrout Lake      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Olivia Campbell10-06.00Hood River Valley      
2.12Mckenzie Zoller8-06.00Trout Lake      
3.10Arleigh Laney7-06.00Hood River Valley      
3.11Krissy Yarnell7-06.00Trout Lake      
5.12Kristen Stembridge7-00.00Hood River Valley      
5.11Sage Barnard-Davidson7-00.00The Dalles      
5.12Amanda Perisho7-00.00Sherman      
8.11Callie vonBorstel6-06.00Sherman      
9.9Chelsea Cox6-00.00Trout Lake      
9.10Jessica Lofthouse6-00.00South Wasco County      
9.9Drew Hamm6-00.00The Dalles      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karissa Mobley17-04.00Sherman      
2.11Liz Vogt16-00.50Trout Lake      
3.11Samantha Brewer15-08.00Klickitat      
4.12Teaera Churchwell15-07.00Lyle/Wishram      
5.11Lori Moore15-05.00The Dalles      
6.9Monica Swick14-07.00Columbia (White Salm...      
7.12Lindsey Rose14-06.00The Dalles      
8.10Kenzie Yoshimura14-03.00Hood River Valley      
9.10Shirley Allan14-02.00The Dalles      
10.12Morgan Czarnecki14-00.00The Dalles      
11.10Bobbie Jackson13-11.50Arlington      
12.11Lena Mueller13-07.00Lyle/Wishram      
13.9Rachael Kilby13-01.50Columbia (White Salm...      
14.9Ariel Kinzinger13-01.00The Dalles      
15.9Jessica Nisbet13-00.00The Dalles      
16.9Mirian Castro12-09.50Columbia (White Salm...      
18.9Chantelle Hickman12' 4.5Lyle/Wishram      
17.10Whitney Kilby12-00.50Dufur      
19.11Tylen Mundy11-00.50Arlington      
20.12Joana Taylor10-11.00South Wasco County      
21.9Alexis Anderson10-08.50Dufur      
22.10Shaiyan Brittle10-06.50Hood River Valley      
23.12Azucena Balderrama9-10.00South Wasco County      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laura Shrum33-05.50The Dalles      
2.11Jaci Bryant33-02.50Hood River Valley      
3.11Samantha Brewer32-07.50Klickitat      
4.12Karissa Mobley32-03.00Sherman      
5.12Lindsey Rose31-04.00The Dalles      
6.12Carly O'Neal30-09.00South Wasco County      
7.10Kenzie Yoshimura30-08.50Hood River Valley      
8.9Christine Ingebo27-06.50Klickitat      
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