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Lower Mainland Zone Finals 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.12Keynan Parker10.98aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Cesar Abraham11.49aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Luca DiSabitino11.75aNotre Dame Regional      
4.-Geoffrey Law11.81aSt. George's      
5.-Richie Ronquillo11.9aVancouver College      
6.-Daniel Cordick11.95aVancouver College      
7.-Garrett Bauch12.04aEaton Arrowsmith      
8.-Jeffrey Leung12.15aSt. George's      
9.-Danny Lin12.36aWest Point Grey      
-Jason CordieroSCRNotre Dame Regional      
X 100 Meters - Junior - Finals
1.11Jordan Kan11.31aSt. George's      
2.-Rylan Eeckhout11.39aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Daniel Beltran11.47aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Jared Braverman11.73aSt. George's      
5.-Ronald Yeung11.98aVancouver College      
6.-Shaun Divecha12.27aVancouver College      
7.-Kelvin Wong12.36aWest Point Grey      
7.-Jeffrey Ng12.36aNotre Dame Regional      
9.-David Wong12.48aSt. Patrick      
10.-Kelvin Cheung12.64aWest Point Grey      
11.-Klaude Villa12.87aNotre Dame Regional      
-Sheret RossSCRKing David      
-Justin ChanSCRSt. John      
X 100 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.11Emerson Murray11.6aSt. George's      
2.-Andrew Mudiappu12.15aVancouver College      
3.-Stephen Scaccia12.26aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Tommy Kirkham12.33aSt. George's      
5.-Brandon Ing12.54aWest Point Grey      
6.-Patrick Macaranas12.55aSt. Patrick      
7.-Spencer Go12.56aNotre Dame Regional      
8.11Matt Ho12.6aSt. Thomas More      
9.-Ben White12.68aVancouver College      
10.-Jordan Gill12.75aWest Point Grey      
11.-Chris Lansigan13.28aNotre Dame Regional      
12.-Tristan Anderson13.78aSt. Patrick      
13.-Colby King13.92aFraser Academy      
14.-Joshua Prince15.06aKing David      
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Lendl Magsipoc12.01aVancouver College      
2.-Michael Regennit12.11aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Jason James12.58aNotre Dame Regional      
4.10Eugene Su12.59aSt. George's      
5.-Kevan LaGuardia12.66aVancouver College      
6.-Andrew Lowe12.75aSt. George's      
7.-Paul Catao12.85aSt. Patrick      
8.-Kevin Frelone12.9aSt. Thomas More      
9.-Tim Chan13.04aWest Point Grey      
10.-Samuel Ho13.29aSt. Patrick      
11.-Paul Kim13.4aSt. John      
12.-Andrew Jow13.59aNotre Dame Regional      
13.-Deepak Bassi13.9aSt. John      
14.-Austin Sinclair14.28aWest Point Grey      
X 200 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.12Keynan Parker22.46aSt. Thomas More      
2.12Ryan Chester22.9aSt. George's      
3.-Cesar Abraham23.13aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Abner Chang23.14aSt. George's      
5.-Danny Lin24.44aWest Point Grey      
6.-CJ Brassington24.64aNotre Dame Regional      
7.-Garrett Bauch24.71aEaton Arrowsmith      
8.-Justin Chan24.75aSt. John      
9.-Daniel Cordick24.76aVancouver College      
10.-Jeff Abaquin25.32aVancouver College      
11.-Jason Cordiero25.9aNotre Dame Regional      
12.-Paul Gordon27.59aFraser Academy      
-Brett WilsonSCRFraser Academy      
-Ryan JinnSCRWest Point Grey      
X 200 Meters - Junior - Finals
1.-Daniel Beltran24.33aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Sheret Ross25.1aKing David      
3.11Jordan Kan25.36aSt. George's      
4.-Derrick Fu25.56aWest Point Grey      
5.-Rylan Eeckhout25.78aSt. Thomas More      
6.-Shaun Divecha26.01aVancouver College      
7.-Oliver Bernadino26.27aVancouver College      
8.12Matthew Daly-Grafstein26.37aSt. George's      
9.-Kelvin Wong26.69aWest Point Grey      
10.-David Wong26.89aSt. Patrick      
11.-Klaude Villa27.21aNotre Dame Regional      
12.-Nathan Chiu27.67aNotre Dame Regional      
X 200 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Andrew Mudiappu25.21aVancouver College      
2.-Tommy Kirkham25.3aSt. George's      
3.-Stephen Scaccia25.43aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Jordan Gill25.73aWest Point Grey      
5.-Spencer Go25.82aNotre Dame Regional      
6.11Matt Ho26.1aSt. Thomas More      
7.-Patrick Macaranas26.25aSt. Patrick      
8.-Tariq Karim26.47aSt. George's      
9.-Edward Ureta26.62aSt. Patrick      
10.-Joshua Prince27.62aKing David      
11.-Rafael Jacinto28.15aVancouver College      
12.-Ilan Vonderwalde28.84aKing David      
-Ron MarisiganSCRNotre Dame Regional      
-Ryan ValdesSCRWest Point Grey      
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jason James24.73aNotre Dame Regional      
2.-Lendl Magsipoc25.1aVancouver College      
3.-Luke Fiorante26.24aSt. George's      
4.-Kevin Frelone26.41aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Michael Regennit26.59aSt. Thomas More      
6.-Tony Kang27.03aVancouver College      
7.-Jeff Liu27.06aSt. John      
8.-Tim Chan27.15aWest Point Grey      
9.-Edward Amodar27.39aSt. Patrick      
10.-Paul Catao27.76aSt. Patrick      
11.-Anthony Cristante28.09aNotre Dame Regional      
12.-Paul Kim28.19aSt. John      
13.-Ben Millar29.63aFraser Academy      
10Eugene SuSCRSt. George's      
10Patrick SmythSCRWest Point Grey      
X 400 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Marc Webster57.21aSt. George's      
2.-James Leonar57.87aSt. Patrick      
3.12Sanjeeva Rajapakse58.36aSt. George's      
4.-Jr. Morales59.44aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Ellan Ponjani1:00.80aVancouver College      
6.-Matthew Richardson1:02.26aFraser Academy      
7.-Ilan Vonderwalde1:02.98aKing David      
8.-Zak Mndebele1:03.39aVancouver College      
9.-Michael Luongo1:03.73aSt. Thomas More      
10.-Manuel Moti1:03.83aSt. Patrick      
11.-Benson Li1:06.87aWest Point Grey      
12.-Shay Segal1:07.98aKing David      
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Tim Chan1:01.41aWest Point Grey      
3.10Ross Hilliam1:01.42aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Anthony Cristante1:01.50aNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Luke Fiorante1:02.37aSt. George's      
6.-Phillip Choi1:05.94aFraser Academy      
7.-Andrew Jow1:06.55aNotre Dame Regional      
8.-Tommy Stokes1:07.33aSt. George's      
9.-Sal Van Praag1:10.15aFraser Academy      
10.-Ryan Kucera1:12.78aVancouver College      
-David ExelSCRWest Point Grey      
-Lucas SwedaSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Nathan CramerSCRKing David      
2.-Adam KonarJ1:01.41Vancouver College      
X 400 Meters - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.12Ryan Chester50.15aSt. George's      
2.-Nigel Hole50.3aSt. Thomas More      
1.12Timothy Smith51.52aSt. George's      
3.-Cesar Abraham52.07aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Abner Chang52.65aSt. George's      
2.-Desmond Jung53.2aSt. George's      
3.-Chris Girard54.82aVancouver College      
4.-Jeremy Hole57.06aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Alan Schweber57.12aKing David      
6.-Jeff Abaquin57.24aVancouver College      
5.-Matthew De Visser58.05aFraser Academy      
7.-Karl Hart1:00.32aFraser Academy      
8.-Brett Wilson1:02.40aFraser Academy      
-Nigel GillisSCRWest Point Grey      
-Tam McTavishSCRVancouver College      
X 800 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.-Nigel Hole2:00.17aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Nathaniel Bentley2:07.80aSt. George's      
3.-Bosco Kwok2:09.63aVancouver College      
4.-Harrison Glotman2:13.16aSt. George's      
5.-Paul Almeida2:14.73aNotre Dame Regional      
6.-Tam McTavish2:14.96aVancouver College      
7.-Anthony Polych2:15.52aSt. Thomas More      
8.-Guy Northcote2:17.88aWest Point Grey      
9.-Alan Schweber2:18.25aKing David      
10.-Michael Laycraft2:28.49aFraser Academy      
11.-Miguel Cruz2:29.15aSt. Patrick      
12.-Karl Hart2:30.70aFraser Academy      
13.-Chris Suter2:33.71aSt. Patrick      
-Nigel GillisSCRWest Point Grey      
X 800 Meters - Junior - Finals
1.-Desmond Jung2:12.88aSt. George's      
2.12Simon Maas2:13.94aSt. George's      
3.-Chris Girard2:15.14aVancouver College      
4.-Chris Tulip2:17.66aWest Point Grey      
5.-Matthew De Visser2:24.68aFraser Academy      
6.-Kai Knutson2:30.28aFraser Academy      
7.-Jonathan DeMasaeneer2:33.29aNotre Dame Regional      
8.-Carlo Penacerada2:36.75aNotre Dame Regional      
-Patrick MorowskiSCRSt. Thomas More      
X 800 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.11David Ling2:13.22aSt. George's      
2.11Azar Chatur2:19.09aSt. George's      
3.-Boris Chow2:31.55aWest Point Grey      
4.-Aranjit Cheema2:32.91aSt. John      
5.-Ilan Vonderwalde2:34.85aKing David      
6.-Arnon Lau2:39.88aVancouver College      
7.11Chris Northcote2:41.05aWest Point Grey      
8.-Damian Yeung2:41.62aVancouver College      
9.-Ross Wilcox2:42.52aSt. John      
-Daniel GazzolaSCRSt. Thomas More      
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Connor Robinson2:22.18aSt. George's      
2.-Anthony Cristante2:23.47aNotre Dame Regional      
3.10Ross Hilliam2:27.88aSt. Thomas More      
4.10Patrick Smyth2:28.11aWest Point Grey      
5.10Austin Brear2:34.41aSt. Thomas More      
6.-Nathan Discusso2:35.60aVancouver College      
7.-Caleb Bentley2:36.97aSt. George's      
8.-Phillip Choi2:39.60aFraser Academy      
9.-David Exel2:41.40aWest Point Grey      
10.-Sean Fast2:41.82aVancouver College      
11.-Nathan Cramer3:05.00aKing David      
-Sal Van PraagSCRFraser Academy      
X 1500 Meters - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.12Andrew Cliff4:19.30aSt. George's      
2.-Nigel Hole4:27.73aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Peter Hunt4:30.88aWest Point Grey      
1.12Simon Maas4:34.31aSt. George's      
4.-Alex Munro4:36.06aVancouver College      
2.-Rumi Tejpar4:38.22aSt. George's      
5.-Bosco Kwok4:40.56aVancouver College      
6.-Brent Jastrebski4:42.38aFraser Academy      
3.-Chris Tulip4:44.45aWest Point Grey      
4.-Liam Fast4:49.03aVancouver College      
7.-Paul Almeida4:51.04aNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Kai Knutson4:51.25aFraser Academy      
6.-Jonathan DeMasaeneer5:24.09aNotre Dame Regional      
8.-David DiTomaso5:30.91aNotre Dame Regional      
7.-Ben Bogaert5:48.64aEaton Arrowsmith      
-Christian DesharnaisSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Nathaniel BentleySCRSt. George's      
-Carlo PeneceradaSCRNotre Dame Regional      
-Miguel CruzSCRSt. Patrick      
-Patrick MorowskiSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Guy NorthcoteSCRWest Point Grey      
X 1500 Meters - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.11David Ling4:25.30aSt. George's      
2.-Michael Pember4:31.90aVancouver College      
3.11Azar Chatur4:35.20aSt. George's      
4.-Daniel Gazzola4:36.60aSt. Thomas More      
1.10William Cliff4:37.80aSt. George's      
2.-Connor Robinson4:41.60aSt. George's      
5.-David Phillips4:46.10aFraser Academy      
3.10Patrick Smyth4:50.50aWest Point Grey      
6.-Eric Yen4:51.00aFraser Academy      
7.-Aranjit Cheema5:03.30aSt. John      
8.-Boris Chow5:07.40aWest Point Grey      
4.-Nathan Discusso5:08.60aVancouver College      
9.11Chris Northcote5:09.30aWest Point Grey      
10.-Brett Parnell5:11.80aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Gordon Johnston5:14.50aWest Point Grey      
6.10Austin Brear5:19.90aSt. Thomas More      
7.-Adam Girard5:34.10aVancouver College      
11.-Andy Song6:05.20aVancouver College      
-Shay SegalSCRKing David      
X 1500m Racewalk - Open - Finals
1.-Alex Munro8:33.36aVancouver College      
2.-Rumi Tejpar8:35.56aSt. George's      
3.-Andrew Mazzone8:52.01aVancouver College      
4.-Shayne Jorger10:09.70aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Richard Le10:25.85aVancouver College      
X 3000 Meters - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.12Andrew Cliff9:19.61aSt. George's      
2.-Brent Jastrebski10:03.09aFraser Academy      
3.-Harrison Glotman10:17.06aSt. George's      
1.12Simon Maas10:17.89aSt. George's      
2.12Sydney Archer10:28.08aWest Point Grey      
3.-Liam Fast10:37.42aVancouver College      
4.-Peter Hunt10:53.29aWest Point Grey      
5.-Christian Desharnais11:34.52aSt. Thomas More      
4.12Michael Carr11:52.53aSt. George's      
6.-David DiTomaso12:10.06aNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Ben Bogaert12:59.91aEaton Arrowsmith      
X 3000 Meters - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.10William Cliff10:14.13aSt. George's      
1.-Michael Pember10:26.59aVancouver College      
2.11Azar Chatur10:26.96aSt. George's      
3.-David Phillips10:53.83aFraser Academy      
2.9Max Douglas11:13.71aSt. George's      
4.-Eric Yen11:16.37aFraser Academy      
5.11Ken Takagi11:30.32aSt. George's      
3.-Gordon Johnston11:44.14aWest Point Grey      
6.-Brett Parnell12:11.86aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Nathan Discusso12:34.69aVancouver College      
7.-Chan Woo Jung13:27.16aVancouver College      
8.-Alex Naylor13:33.78aSt. Thomas More      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
3.-Andrew Mudiappu6aVancouver College      
3.-Joseph Tassone6aSt. Thomas More      
1.11Isaac Jacobsen16.99aSt. George's      
2.12Sanjeeva Rajapakse17.23aSt. George's      
1.-Tommy Stokes18.66aSt. George's      
2.-Daniel Kalanowski19.5aVancouver College      
4.10Jake Powrie20.67aSt. George's      
X 100m Hurdles - 36" - Junior - Finals
1.-Rylan Eeckhout10aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Ronald Yeung15.3aVancouver College      
3.-Billy Park17.54aVancouver College      
4.-Alan Jone18.32aSt. George's      
5.-Greg Tam21.89aSt. George's      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Senior - Finals
1.12Matthew Daly-Grafstein16.09aSt. George's      
2.12Derrick Hui16.85aSt. George's      
3.-Peter D'Arcy17.69aVancouver College      
4.-Geoffrey Law18.49aSt. George's      
-Ryan ChengSCRVancouver College      
-Matthew Daly GrafsteinSCRSt. George's      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Senior - Finals
1.12Ryan Chester59.17aSt. George's      
2.-Abner Chang1:03.52aSt. George's      
3.-Ronald Yeung1:04.10aVancouver College      
4.12Timothy Smith1:06.07aSt. George's      
-Ryan ChengSCRVancouver College      
X 2k Steeplechase - Open - Finals
1.12Andrew Cliff6:32.40aSt. George's      
2.-Billy Regan6:40.50aSt. George's      
3.-Anthony Polych6:46.00aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Harrison Glotman6:58.20aSt. George's      
5.12Sydney Archer7:09.90aWest Point Grey      
X 4x100 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.17aSt. Thomas More      
2.2Relay Team 44.54aSt. George's      
3.-Relay Team 47.63aNotre Dame Regional      
4.-Relay Team 49.69aNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Relay Team 49.96aWest Point Grey      
6.2Relay Team 50.52aSt. George's      
7.-Relay Team 52.49aSt. Thomas More      
8.-Relay Team 54.28aKing David      
-Relay Team DQVancouver College      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior - Finals
2.2Relay Team 47.71aSt. George's      
3.-Relay Team 48.99aSt. Thomas More      
4.2Relay Team 49.66aSt. George's      
5.-Relay Team 49.81aNotre Dame Regional      
6.-Relay Team 54.72aNotre Dame Regional      
X 4x100 Relay - Juvenile - Finals
1.2Relay Team 47.83aSt. George's      
2.-Relay Team 47.9aVancouver College      
3.2Relay Team 48.82aSt. George's      
4.-Relay Team 49.3aWest Point Grey      
5.-Relay Team 49.44aSt. Patrick      
6.-Relay Team 50.17aSt. Thomas More      
7.-Relay Team 51.52aSt. Patrick      
8.-Relay Team 51.85aNotre Dame Regional      
9.-Relay Team 57.35aKing David      
-Relay Team SCRWest Point Grey      
-Relay Team SCRVancouver College      
X 4x100 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.57aVancouver College      
2.-Relay Team 50.24aSt. Patrick      
3.2Relay Team 50.71aSt. George's      
4.-Relay Team 52.31aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Relay Team 53.02aVancouver College      
6.-Relay Team 53.22aNotre Dame Regional      
7.2Relay Team 53.84aSt. George's      
8.-Relay Team 55.15aWest Point Grey      
9.-Relay Team 59.75aWest Point Grey      
X 4x400 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:26.85aSt. Thomas More      
2.2Relay Team 3:28.01aSt. George's      
3.-Relay Team 3:50.68aWest Point Grey      
4.-Relay Team 3:51.23aVancouver College      
5.-Relay Team 3:51.43aNotre Dame Regional      
6.-Relay Team 4:02.38aFraser Academy      
7.-Relay Team 4:18.41aNotre Dame Regional      
2Relay Team SCRSt. George's      
X 4x400 Relay - Junior - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:46.36aVancouver College      
2.2Relay Team 3:58.63aSt. George's      
3.-Relay Team 3:58.94aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Relay Team 4:04.63aNotre Dame Regional      
5.2Relay Team 4:14.44aSt. George's      
-Relay Team SCRNotre Dame Regional      
-Relay Team SCRWest Point Grey      
X 4x400 Relay - Juvenile - Finals
1.2Relay Team 3:49.75aSt. George's      
2.-Relay Team 4:03.18aVancouver College      
3.2Relay Team 4:05.22aSt. George's      
4.-Relay Team 4:05.84aWest Point Grey      
5.-Relay Team 4:06.43aSt. Patrick      
6.-Relay Team 4:16.53aSt. Thomas More      
7.-Relay Team 4:16.98aNotre Dame Regional      
8.-Relay Team 4:21.19aFraser Academy      
9.-Relay Team 4:35.58aWest Point Grey      
-Relay Team SCRVancouver College      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Juvenile - Finals
1.11Emerson Murray14.04mSt. George's      
2.-Paolo Santos12.41mSt. Patrick      
3.-Derek Tam12.03mVancouver College      
4.11Alexander Dumont11.58mVancouver College      
5.-Dean Solloway10.81mSt. George's      
6.-Ryan Valdes10.34mWest Point Grey      
7.-Conor Jones10.09mWest Point Grey      
8.-Nikko Adrias10.07mSt. Patrick      
9.-Richard Nguyen8.27mSt. Thomas More      
-Jason BeltranSCRSt. Thomas More      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Bantam - Finals
1.-Matthew Yue10.28mVancouver College      
2.10Luca Molinari10.01mSt. Thomas More      
3.-Gerard Merced9.94mSt. Patrick      
4.-Kevin He9.31mSt. George's      
5.-George Ma9.28mSt. George's      
6.-Jordan Jacobs9.26mVancouver College      
7.-Joseph Taculod9.04mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Jay Balletta8.78mNotre Dame Regional      
9.-Arvin Santos8.74mSt. Patrick      
10.-Max James8.16mKing David      
11.-Mike DiSalvo8.07mNotre Dame Regional      
12.-Justin Rai7.57mFraser Academy      
-Austin SinclairSCRWest Point Grey      
-Will JohnsonSCRWest Point Grey      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
-Joshua PrinceSCRKing David      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior - Finals
1.-Marc Taculod13.43mSt. Thomas More      
2.12James Lee13.20mVancouver College      
3.-Giovanni Boscariol12.83mVancouver College      
4.-Anthony Tuliao11.52mSt. Patrick      
5.-William Brassington10.71mNotre Dame Regional      
6.-Sam Sekhon10.56mSt. George's      
7.-David Dragani9.78mNotre Dame Regional      
8.-Scott Michelson9.47mSt. George's      
9.-Sheret Ross9.20mKing David      
10.-Victor Escobedo8.61mSt. Patrick      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Angus Taylor14.12mVancouver College      
2.-Trey Henderson14.06mVancouver College      
3.-Brent Clancy11.15mSt. George's      
4.-Lucas Campagnolo10.77mNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Connor Trainor10.08mSt. George's      
6.-Paul Gordon9.38mFraser Academy      
7.-Paul Bouwman9.03mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Nick Martell7.57mFraser Academy      
-Corrado BorsatoSCRSt. Patrick      
-Memhet ShahSCRWest Point Grey      
X Discus - 1kg - Bantam - Finals
1.-Anthony Pezzaro36.44mVancouver College      
2.-Charlie Thorpe32.14mVancouver College      
3.-Jay Balletta24.62mNotre Dame Regional      
4.-George Ma24.39mSt. George's      
5.-Will Johnson24.04mWest Point Grey      
6.-Justin Rai23.84mFraser Academy      
7.-Joseph Taculod23.56mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Jeff Liu22.71mSt. John      
9.10Luca Molinari21.25mSt. Thomas More      
10.-Gerard Merced20.73mSt. Patrick      
11.-Max James20.65mKing David      
12.-Arvin Santos20.09mSt. Patrick      
13.-Michael Lin20.08mWest Point Grey      
14.-Kevin He19.07mSt. George's      
15.-Mike DiSalvo17.91mNotre Dame Regional      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Senior - Finals
1.-Trey Henderson51.40mVancouver College      
2.-Angus Taylor50.95mVancouver College      
3.-Brent Clancy36.40mSt. George's      
4.-Andrew Paik36.01mSt. Thomas More      
5.-Connor Trainor27.03mSt. George's      
6.-Lucas Campagnolo23.89mNotre Dame Regional      
7.-Nick Martell20.92mFraser Academy      
8.-Alan Schweber20.34mKing David      
9.-Michael Guidi17.83mNotre Dame Regional      
-Taylor HolmeSCRFraser Academy      
-Memhet ShahSCRWest Point Grey      
-Max ArcandSCRSt. Thomas More      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior - Finals
1.12James Lee37.25mVancouver College      
2.-Giovanni Boscariol29.86mVancouver College      
3.-Marc Taculod24.84mSt. Thomas More      
4.-William Brassington24.66mNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Anthony Tuliao24.37mSt. Patrick      
6.-James Millar23.40mFraser Academy      
7.-Daniel Ramos22.69mSt. Patrick      
8.-David Dragani21.56mNotre Dame Regional      
9.-Sam Sekhon16.92mSt. George's      
-David WadeFOULSt. George's      
-Kiernan WrightFOULWest Point Grey      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Juvenile - Finals
1.11Alexander Dumont41.27mVancouver College      
2.-Paolo Santos40.78mSt. Patrick      
3.-Raffy Karim26.01mSt. George's      
4.-Alexander McMillan25.51mWest Point Grey      
4.-Richard Nguyen25.51mSt. Thomas More      
6.-Tim Tjia-Gen11.88mSt. George's      
-Elixir GarciaSCRSt. Patrick      
-Geno LalanaSCRVancouver College      
X Javelin - 600g - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Ben White37.34mVancouver College      
2.-Chris D'Arcy34.59mVancouver College      
3.11Isaac Jacobsen31.52mSt. George's      
4.-Elixir Garcia28.68mSt. Patrick      
5.-Raphael Belanger27.61mSt. Patrick      
6.-Jacob Lahti23.34mWest Point Grey      
7.-Boris Chow21.09mWest Point Grey      
8.-Greg Folk19.03mSt. George's      
9.-Max Adilman14.83mKing David      
X Javelin - 600g - Bantam - Finals
1.-Adam Konar30.43mVancouver College      
2.-Stephano Renzullo29.25mVancouver College      
3.-Jarren Bato25.59mSt. Patrick      
4.-Palin Liu22.01mSt. George's      
5.-Paul Catao21.49mSt. Patrick      
6.-Terry Wu20.36mSt. George's      
7.10Luca Molinari19.75mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Max James17.76mKing David      
9.-Sean Galligar13.18mSt. Thomas More      
-Michael LinSCRWest Point Grey      
X Javelin - 800g - Senior - Finals
1.-Brent Clancy43.16mSt. George's      
2.-CJ Brassington42.96mNotre Dame Regional      
3.12Derrick Hui34.84mSt. George's      
4.-Kevin Cleary34.52mVancouver College      
5.-Anthony Colistro34.36mSt. Thomas More      
6.-Kyle Lim29.90mVancouver College      
7.-Andrew Paik28.29mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Dilantha Geekinage27.51mNotre Dame Regional      
-Corrado BorsatoNDSt. Patrick      
X Javelin - 800g - Junior - Finals
1.-Giovanni Boscariol31.21mVancouver College      
2.-Kiernan Wright30.60mWest Point Grey      
3.-Mark Macapinlac30.31mSt. Patrick      
4.-Jiggy Ellorim29.48mVancouver College      
5.-Eric Auyoung28.84mSt. George's      
6.-David Dragani27.84mNotre Dame Regional      
7.-William Brassington23.75mNotre Dame Regional      
8.-Mike Kim23.36mSt. George's      
9.-Etienne Belanger21.11mSt. Patrick      
X High Jump - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.12Timothy Smith1.70mSt. George's      
2.-Alex AJ Liang1.70mVancouver College      
1.-Jeff Abaquin1.60mVancouver College      
3.-Kieran Nesset1.60mVancouver College      
4.-Ashaunti Hogan1.60mNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Alan Jone1.60mSt. George's      
2.-Justin Chung1.55mSt. George's      
6.-Derrick Fu1.50mWest Point Grey      
3.12Derrick Hui1.45mSt. George's      
7.-Dillon Penman1.45mSt. Thomas More      
-Derek SpanjersSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Ryan ChengDNSVancouver College      
-Kelvin CheungFAILWest Point Grey      
X High Jump - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.-Paolo Santos1.65mSt. Patrick      
2.-Garret Sanvido1.65mVancouver College      
3.11David Ling1.65mSt. George's      
4.12Sanjeeva Rajapakse1.60mSt. George's      
5.-Marvin Soriano1.60mSt. Patrick      
1.10Jake Powrie1.50mSt. George's      
2.-Anthony Cervantes1.50mVancouver College      
3.-Edward Amodar1.45mSt. Patrick      
4.-Jarren Bato1.45mSt. Patrick      
6.-Brandon Ing1.45mWest Point Grey      
5.-Matthew Yue1.40mVancouver College      
6.-Peter Zigic1.40mSt. George's      
7.-Joseph Tassone1.35mSt. Thomas More      
7.-Tony Chen1.35mWest Point Grey      
8.10Austin Brear1.35mSt. Thomas More      
X Pole Vault - Senior - Finals
1.-Geoffrey Law4.30mSt. George's      
2.-Danny Lee2.90mSt. George's      
4.-Garret Sanvido2.70mVancouver College      
5.-Nick Wasilov2.50mSt. George's      
6.-Kyle Santos2.30mVancouver College      
3.-Calvin KwokJ2.90mVancouver College      
7.-Ming kyoo ShinJ2.30mSt. George's      
X Long Jump - Senior - Finals
1.-Daniel Wierzbiki6.13mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Charlie Campbell5.49mVancouver College      
3.-Charles Yu5.44mSt. George's      
4.-Peter DeMarchi5.38mSt. Thomas More      
5.-Victor Wong5.31mVancouver College      
6.-Michael Honey4.95mSt. George's      
7.-Garrett Bauch4.93mEaton Arrowsmith      
-Danny LinSCRWest Point Grey      
-Ryan JinnSCRWest Point Grey      
X Long Jump - Junior - Finals
1.-Ashaunti Hogan5.67mNotre Dame Regional      
2.-Brenton Wong5.58mVancouver College      
3.-Keishan Smith5.29mNotre Dame Regional      
4.-Kelvin Cheung5.29mWest Point Grey      
5.-Peter D'Arcy5.28mVancouver College      
6.-Derrick Fu5.26mWest Point Grey      
7.-Derek Spanjers5.16mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Daniel Beltran5.12mSt. Thomas More      
9.-Etienne Belanger5.06mSt. Patrick      
10.-Greg Tam4.78mSt. George's      
11.-Victor Escobedo4.26mSt. Patrick      
12Matthew Daly-GrafsteinFOULSt. George's      
X Long Jump - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.11Emerson Murray6.08mSt. George's      
1.-Jason James5.44mNotre Dame Regional      
2.-John Dizon5.41mSt. Patrick      
3.-Jordan Gill5.31mWest Point Grey      
5.-Chris D'Arcy5.25mVancouver College      
2.-Andrew Lowe5.20mSt. George's      
6.-Michael Pendon5.19mSt. Patrick      
3.-Kevan LaGuardia5.04mVancouver College      
4.-Brenton Wong5.03mVancouver College      
7.-Brandon Ing4.87mWest Point Grey      
8.-Tariq Karim4.81mSt. George's      
5.-Gerard Merced4.61mSt. Patrick      
6.-Edward Amodar4.60mSt. Patrick      
7.-Palin Liu4.40mSt. George's      
8.-Joseph Tassone4.35mSt. Thomas More      
9.-Jeffrey Ng4.34mWest Point Grey      
9.-Max Adilman4.24mKing David      
10.-Taylor Robbins4.12mWest Point Grey      
10.-Shay Segal3.85mKing David      
-Stephen ScacciaSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Lucas SwedaSCRSt. Thomas More      
4.-Jay CastroJ5.31mVancouver College      
X Triple Jump - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Jay Castro11.48mVancouver College      
2.-Chris D'Arcy11.16mVancouver College      
3.-John Dizon10.98mSt. Patrick      
4.-Michael Pendon10.77mSt. Patrick      
5.11Isaac Jacobsen9.72mSt. George's      
6.-Nick Wasilov9.41mSt. George's      
7.-Max Adilman8.80mKing David      
X Triple Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.10Jake Powrie10.64mSt. George's      
2.-Kevan LaGuardia10.59mVancouver College      
3.-Tony Kang10.58mVancouver College      
4.-Luke Fiorante10.21mSt. George's      
X Triple Jump - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Alex AJ Liang12.09mVancouver College      
1.-Charlie Campbell11.79mVancouver College      
2.-Charles Yu11.37mSt. George's      
2.-Ashaunti Hogan11.30mNotre Dame Regional      
3.-Peter D'Arcy11.01mVancouver College      
4.-Theo Lim10.98mSt. George's      
5.-Thomas Poon10.75mSt. George's      
3.-Victor Wong10.40mVancouver College      
-Peter DeMarchiSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Daniel WierzbikiSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Michael HoneySCRSt. George's      
X Hammer - 16lb - Senior - Finals
1.-Trey Henderson60.69mVancouver College      
2.-Angus Taylor56.56mVancouver College      
3.-Trevor Dueckman46.56mVancouver College      
4.12James Lee45.96mVancouver College      
5.11Kurt Oslund30.15mSt. George's      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.-Natalie Liu13.22aYork House      
2.-Carmen Siu13.38aYork House      
3.-Liana Holmes13.58aFraser Academy      
4.-Bella James13.76aCrofton House      
5.-Alysha Bortolussi13.92aNotre Dame Regional      
6.-Susan Puno14.31aNotre Dame Regional      
7.-Linnea Anderson14.33aSt. Patrick      
8.-Laura Wicks14.63aSt. Patrick      
9.-Michelle Wong14.95aCrofton House      
-Leeza TengcoSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Vanessa LowSCRSt. Thomas More      
X 100 Meters - Junior - Finals
1.-Anna Lam13.65aCrofton House      
2.12Keisha Corrales-Nelson13.67aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Megan Kwan13.94aYork House      
4.-Nicole Morgan14.05aCrofton House      
5.-Julia McGaw14.11aYork House      
6.-Divina Tadjea14.62aSt. Thomas More      
7.-Jessie Kwan14.67aLittle Flower Academy      
8.-Dorothy Le16.53aLittle Flower Academy      
X 100 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Vanetta Martens13.55aWest Point Grey      
2.-Marissa Di Lorenzo13.58aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Katarina Ong13.91aSt. Patrick      
4.-Chantelle Robertson13.96aYork House      
5.-Jowain So14.07aCrofton House      
6.-Amanda Kent14.09aCrofton House      
7.11Julie Thierman14.16aSt. Thomas More      
8.-Natalie Arslanyan14.52aYork House      
9.-Julia Pearce14.56aSt. John      
10.-Heidi Fabbros14.81aSt. Patrick      
11.-Julianne Leung14.94aWest Point Grey      
12.-Jennifer Hanson15.1aFraser Academy      
13.-Shellby Sy15.53aLittle Flower Academy      
14.-Kayla Ho15.67aSt. John      
15.-Becky Glotman16.14aKing David      
16.-Paula Pena16.93aFraser Academy      
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Laura Tamayo13.25aSt. Patrick      
2.-Destine Lee14.04aCrofton House      
3.10Loreena Percy14.22aLittle Flower Academy      
4.-Daniella Mannella14.31aNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Cristina Chow14.33aCrofton House      
6.-Charmaine Amaba14.43aSt. Thomas More      
7.-Yolanda Lin14.72aSt. John      
8.-Cara Gardom-Lorimer14.74aFraser Academy      
9.-Madison Slobin14.85aYork House      
10.-Alicia Biring14.96aSt. Thomas More      
11.10Kate Hosford15.06aLittle Flower Academy      
12.-Caitlin Wood15.24aYork House      
13.-Adelle Tepper16.45aKing David      
14.-Rebecca Azeroual16.8aKing David      
-Rachelle FloresSCRSt. Patrick      
X 200 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.-Alysha Bortolussi27.78aNotre Dame Regional      
2.-Liana Holmes28.23aFraser Academy      
3.12Rae-maryse Laljee28.72aYork House      
4.-Linnea Anderson28.86aSt. Patrick      
5.-Susan Puno29.54aNotre Dame Regional      
6.-Michelle Wong30.02aCrofton House      
7.-Cara Ingham30.59aCrofton House      
8.-Laura Wicks30.64aSt. Patrick      
-Joyce HuiSCRYork House      
X 200 Meters - Junior - Finals
1.-Ksenia Jogova28.06aCrofton House      
2.12Keisha Corrales-Nelson29.03aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Nicole Morgan29.29aCrofton House      
4.-Julia McGaw29.8aYork House      
5.-Maria Alejandra Galan30.34aSt. Thomas More      
6.-Jessie Kwan30.92aLittle Flower Academy      
7.-Dorothy Le35.94aLittle Flower Academy      
-Megan KwanSCRYork House      
X 200 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Nicole Wade27.63aCrofton House      
2.-Marissa Di Lorenzo28.03aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Vanetta Martens28.78aWest Point Grey      
4.11Julie Thierman29.29aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Katarina Ong29.4aSt. Patrick      
5.-Chantelle Robertson29.4aYork House      
7.-Natalie Arslanyan29.72aYork House      
8.-India Bailey30.05aCrofton House      
9.-Rebecca Kwong-Taylor30.24aLittle Flower Academy      
10.-Nicole Harstone30.42aWest Point Grey      
11.-Erika Dizon30.54aLittle Flower Academy      
11.-Jade Santos30.54aSt. Patrick      
13.-Julia Pearce31.19aSt. John      
14.-Jennifer Hanson33.27aFraser Academy      
15.-Kayla Ho33.63aSt. John      
-Becky GlotmanSCRKing David      
-Dagney McCartneySCRFraser Academy      
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Laura Tamayo28.23aSt. Patrick      
2.-Destine Lee29.34aCrofton House      
3.-Katheryn Yang29.37aCrofton House      
4.-Kryzia Umali29.64aSt. Patrick      
5.10Loreena Percy29.79aLittle Flower Academy      
6.-Yolanda Lin29.81aSt. John      
7.-Charmaine Amaba29.82aSt. Thomas More      
8.-Daniella Mannella30.78aNotre Dame Regional      
9.-Madison Slobin30.93aYork House      
10.-Tammy Chou30.99aYork House      
11.10Jessica Chan31aWest Point Grey      
12.-Alicia Biring31.52aSt. Thomas More      
13.-Cara Gardom-Lorimer32.1aFraser Academy      
14.-Tatyanna Olal32.64aLittle Flower Academy      
15.-Rachel Azeroual32.69aKing David      
16.-Leor Laniado32.96aKing David      
-Cali MacTavishSCRWest Point Grey      
X 400 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.11Chantal Coschizza1:06.96aLittle Flower Academy      
2.11Amy O'Connor1:08.48aWest Point Grey      
3.-Alice Yu1:10.29aLittle Flower Academy      
4.-Nicole Harstone1:12.20aWest Point Grey      
5.-Ashley Cheung1:13.53aCrofton House      
6.-Kiran Sidhu1:13.81aCrofton House      
7.-Dagney McCartney1:17.21aFraser Academy      
8.-Courtney Hui1:17.69aSt. Patrick      
-Leigh RenwickSCRCrofton House      
-Rachelle TophamSCRYork House      
-Dominic LeungSCRWest Point Grey      
-Meagan ProkopenkoSCRYork House      
11Sandra WaldunSCRSt. Thomas More      
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.10Loreena Percy1:08.25aLittle Flower Academy      
2.-Danielle Robinson1:10.03aYork House      
3.-Aisha Alam1:10.47aCrofton House      
4.-Ariel Chang1:10.87aCrofton House      
5.10Kate Hosford1:11.67aLittle Flower Academy      
6.-Sarah Promislow1:12.81aYork House      
7.-Amanda Montanari1:40.69aSt. Thomas More      
-Claire McCrackenSCRFraser Academy      
-Leor LaniadoSCRKing David      
X 400 Meters - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Bella James1:04.52aCrofton House      
1.-Ksenia Jogova1:06.09aCrofton House      
2.-Susan Puno1:06.18aNotre Dame Regional      
3.12Rae-maryse Laljee1:06.70aYork House      
2.-Monica Marpole-bird1:07.14aCrofton House      
-Julia McGawSCRYork House      
-Julia FarquesonSCRCrofton House      
-Lareine ChanSCRYork House      
12Cassie TaylerSCRWest Point Grey      
X 800 Meters - Senior - Finals
1.-Brittany Imlach2:23.99aLittle Flower Academy      
2.-Alecia Kallos2:30.65aCrofton House      
3.-Jenny Allen2:33.16aCrofton House      
4.12Grace Ling2:34.35aYork House      
-Katherina HelmSCRWest Point Grey      
-Natasha HoltSCRSt. Patrick      
X 800 Meters - Junior - Finals
1.-Monica Marpole-bird2:30.38aCrofton House      
2.11Erin Potter2:31.53aWest Point Grey      
3.12Krissy Chan2:52.72aWest Point Grey      
-Sarah IckeSCRCrofton House      
X 800 Meters - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Katie Decarle2:31.98aWest Point Grey      
2.-Rachelle Topham2:35.47aYork House      
3.11Chantal Coschizza2:38.70aLittle Flower Academy      
4.-Gina Coughlan2:40.40aSt. Patrick      
5.-Katherine Ho2:48.18aCrofton House      
6.-Danielle Pena2:52.32aYork House      
-Kim LuttichSCRCrofton House      
-Christie Arlotti-WoodSCRLittle Flower Academy      
-Lauren WrightSCRWest Point Grey      
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jenna Beaudry2:40.77aCrofton House      
2.-Katrina Milani2:43.14aCrofton House      
3.-Nicaela Weigel2:43.39aLittle Flower Academy      
4.-Sarah Promislow2:43.94aYork House      
5.-Laura Sze2:46.57aYork House      
6.-Cali MacTavish2:48.40aWest Point Grey      
7.10Jessica Chan2:53.37aWest Point Grey      
8.10Kate Hosford2:55.22aLittle Flower Academy      
9.-Erika Kinach2:56.26aSt. Patrick      
X 1500 Meters - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Brittany Imlach4:58.04aLittle Flower Academy      
2.-Alecia Kallos5:01.26aCrofton House      
1.11Erin Potter5:04.49aWest Point Grey      
2.-Sarah Icke5:15.96aCrofton House      
3.12Grace Ling5:22.37aYork House      
4.-Katherina Helm5:42.38aWest Point Grey      
5.-Paige Mcdonald5:43.76aWest Point Grey      
3.12Krissy Chan5:54.32aWest Point Grey      
4.-Elizabeth Thomas6:47.29aCrofton House      
-Jody PattersonSCRYork House      
X 1500 Meters - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.-Jenna Beaudry6:00.00aCrofton House      
1.-Rachelle Topham6:00.00aYork House      
2.-Katie Decarle6:01.00aWest Point Grey      
2.10Natalia Kalicki6:01.00aLittle Flower Academy      
3.-Katherine Ho6:02.00aCrofton House      
3.-Katrina Milani6:02.00aCrofton House      
4.11Stephanie MacDougall6:03.00aWest Point Grey      
4.-Laura Sze6:03.00aYork House      
5.-Danielle Pena6:04.00aYork House      
5.-Cali MacTavish6:04.00aWest Point Grey      
6.-Shelbie Weigel6:05.00aLittle Flower Academy      
7.-Anna-lee Cunningham6:06.00aFraser Academy      
8.10Jessica Chan6:07.00aWest Point Grey      
9.-Leor Laniado6:08.00aKing David      
10.-Martina DaSilva6:09.00aYork House      
-Kim LuttichSCRCrofton House      
11Chantal CoschizzaSCRLittle Flower Academy      
X 1500m Racewalk - Open - Finals
1.-Linda Chen10:27.85aCrofton House      
-Lauren WrightSCRWest Point Grey      
-Sifti BhullarSCRCrofton House      
-Tatjana WimmerSCRWest Point Grey      
X 3000 Meters - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Brittany Imlach11:21.59aLittle Flower Academy      
2.-Alecia Kallos11:49.78aCrofton House      
3.-Ayden Cumming12:16.47aCrofton House      
4.-Katherina Helm12:21.76aWest Point Grey      
5.-Jody Patterson14:43.17aYork House      
-Paige McdonaldSCRWest Point Grey      
X 3000 Meters - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.-Jenna Beaudry11:57.05aCrofton House      
2.10Natalia Kalicki12:18.38aLittle Flower Academy      
3.-Stephanie Chen12:26.42aCrofton House      
1.11Stephanie MacDougall12:54.83aWest Point Grey      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.-Nicole Wade12.94aCrofton House      
2.-Leigh Renwick13.6aCrofton House      
1.-Destine Lee13.96aCrofton House      
2.-Ariel Chang14.14aCrofton House      
1.-Lucy McQuaid15.87aCrofton House      
3.-Adbiel Tobaco17.58aSt. Thomas More      
-Alice ChernoffDQYork House      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior - Finals
1.-Carmen Siu19.27aYork House      
2.-Sasha Honey21.44aCrofton House      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Senior - Finals
1.-Amanda Kent1:30.13aCrofton House      
2.-Lucy McQuaid1:30.23aCrofton House      
-Jamie JensenSCRCrofton House      
X 4x100 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.15aYork House      
2.-Relay Team 55.39aNotre Dame Regional      
3.-Relay Team 56.53aCrofton House      
4.-Relay Team 56.83aCrofton House      
5.-Relay Team 57.04aSt. Patrick      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.91aYork House      
2.-Relay Team 55.17aCrofton House      
3.-Relay Team 55.84aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Relay Team 58.25aCrofton House      
5.-Relay Team 1:01.33aLittle Flower Academy      
X 4x100 Relay - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.25aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Relay Team 55.33aCrofton House      
3.-Relay Team 56.58aSt. Patrick      
4.-Relay Team 56.82aLittle Flower Academy      
5.-Relay Team 57.07aYork House      
6.-Relay Team 58.23aWest Point Grey      
7.-Relay Team 59.08aCrofton House      
8.-Relay Team 59.36aSt. Patrick      
9.-Relay Team 1:00.53aWest Point Grey      
X 4x100 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.35aSt. Patrick      
2.-Relay Team 57.9aYork House      
3.-Relay Team 58.38aCrofton House      
4.-Relay Team 58.5aLittle Flower Academy      
5.-Relay Team 1:02.53aYork House      
6.-Relay Team 1:04.76aKing David      
7.-Relay Team 1:04.80aSt. Patrick      
-Relay Team SCRSt. Thomas More      
-Relay Team DQCrofton House      
X 4x400 Relay - Senior - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:18.99aCrofton House      
2.-Relay Team 4:34.19aYork House      
3.-Relay Team 4:38.19aCrofton House      
4.-Relay Team 4:47.93aNotre Dame Regional      
-Relay Team SCRWest Point Grey      
X 4x400 Relay - Junior - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:55.94aCrofton House      
2.-Relay Team 5:05.20aCrofton House      
-Relay Team SCRWest Point Grey      
-Relay Team SCRSt. Thomas More      
X 4x400 Relay - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:27.28aSt. Patrick      
2.-Relay Team 4:29.84aLittle Flower Academy      
3.-Relay Team 4:32.72aCrofton House      
4.-Relay Team 4:36.98aWest Point Grey      
5.-Relay Team 4:42.08aYork House      
6.-Relay Team 4:48.19aSt. Thomas More      
7.-Relay Team 4:54.38aCrofton House      
8.-Relay Team 4:58.52aWest Point Grey      
9.-Relay Team 5:27.64aFraser Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:03.70aVancouver College      
2.-Relay Team 4:07.84aVancouver College      
3.-Relay Team 4:12.74aNotre Dame Regional      
4.-Relay Team 4:13.53aSt. George's      
5.-Relay Team 4:27.36aSt. Thomas More      
6.-Relay Team 4:32.62aSt. George's      
1.-Relay Team 4:43.83aCrofton House      
2.-Relay Team 4:44.17aCrofton House      
7.-Relay Team 4:48.60aWest Point Grey      
3.-Relay Team 4:55.02aYork House      
-Relay Team SCRWest Point Grey      
-Relay Team SCRSt. Thomas More      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Vanetta Martens7.68mWest Point Grey      
2.-Tatjana Wimmer7.29mWest Point Grey      
3.-Chantal Africa7.07mYork House      
4.-Chantelle Robertson6.83mYork House      
5.-Lilian Tse6.75mSt. Thomas More      
6.-Janina Toljanich6.65mSt. Patrick      
7.-Danica Federizo6.56mSt. Patrick      
8.-Brittany Chua6.30mCrofton House      
9.-Aldora Chong5.70mSt. Thomas More      
10.-Rossi Ross5.27mCrofton House      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jeryna Gbardy7.57mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Cristina Chow7.53mCrofton House      
3.-Jinelle Chang7.28mLittle Flower Academy      
4.-Alice Chernoff6.89mYork House      
5.-Donna Chapman6.56mCrofton House      
6.-Christine Yaco6.13mSt. Patrick      
7.-India Daykin5.82mYork House      
8.-Noelle Sediego5.75mSt. Patrick      
9.-Rebecca Azeroual4.98mKing David      
-Jennifer LeeSCRSt. Thomas More      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Stephanie Pereira9.86mSt. Patrick      
1.-Kelly Malloy9.59mCrofton House      
2.-Laura Gordon9.00mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Bonita Tsang8.73mCrofton House      
3.-Eunice Villamayor8.39mSt. Patrick      
4.-Stephanie Gardner8.22mCrofton House      
5.-Alysha Amarshi8.12mSt. John      
3.-Melissa Hatud7.93mSt. Patrick      
6.-Vanessa Agunias7.55mSt. Patrick      
4.-Karen Ho7.12mCrofton House      
7.-Lareine Chan6.73mYork House      
5.-Lindsay Jones4.75mYork House      
6.-Justine Marr3.89mYork House      
-Sam ChienSCRYork House      
-Jenn NguyenSCRLittle Flower Academy      
-Serwaah FrimpongSCRLittle Flower Academy      
X Discus - 1kg - Senior - Finals
1.-Kelly Malloy29.23mCrofton House      
2.-Deanna Carlson24.78mLittle Flower Academy      
3.-Sam Chien24.57mYork House      
4.-Stephanie Gardner24.15mCrofton House      
5.-Alysha Amarshi23.90mSt. John      
6.-Vanessa Agunias21.23mSt. Patrick      
7.-Kim Tom18.03mYork House      
8.-Michelle Lung15.81mLittle Flower Academy      
9.-Natalie Jung15.54mSt. Thomas More      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior - Finals
1.-Stephanie Pereira22.26mSt. Patrick      
2.-Bonita Tsang21.16mCrofton House      
3.-Melissa Hatud20.47mSt. Patrick      
4.-Karen Ho17.23mCrofton House      
5.-Maria Alejandra Galan16.56mSt. Thomas More      
6.-Connie Choi14.99mYork House      
-Justine MarrSCRYork House      
X Discus - 1kg - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Chantal Africa23.49mYork House      
2.-Tatjana Wimmer21.90mWest Point Grey      
3.-Leigh Renwick18.72mCrofton House      
4.-Janina Toljanich18.42mSt. Patrick      
5.-Joey Cheung17.61mWest Point Grey      
6.-Danielle Pena17.35mYork House      
7.-Aldora Chong14.57mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Lilian Tse12.78mSt. Thomas More      
9.-Brittany Chua8.56mCrofton House      
X Discus - 1kg - Bantam - Finals
1.-Jeryna Gbardy24.21mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Cristina Chow21.86mCrofton House      
3.-Jinelle Chang21.52mLittle Flower Academy      
4.-Christine Yaco20.60mSt. Patrick      
5.-Donna Chapman18.58mCrofton House      
6.-Noelle Sediego15.79mSt. Patrick      
7.-India Daykin15.32mYork House      
8.-Tammy Chou15.02mYork House      
9.-Rebecca Azeroual12.89mKing David      
-Jennifer LeeFOULSt. Thomas More      
X Javelin - 600g - Senior - Finals
1.-Laura Gordon25.25mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Sam Chien23.74mYork House      
3.-Deanna Carlson21.78mLittle Flower Academy      
4.-Kiera Thornton20.68mSt. Thomas More      
5.-Stephanie Gardner20.23mCrofton House      
6.-Melissa Nguyen18.56mNotre Dame Regional      
7.-Vanessa Agunias18.38mSt. Patrick      
8.-Kim Tom18.08mYork House      
9.-Jenn Nguyen15.44mLittle Flower Academy      
-Kelly MalloySCRCrofton House      
X Javelin - 600g - Junior - Finals
1.-Stephanie Pereira23.71mSt. Patrick      
2.-Sheila Tajonera20.55mSt. Patrick      
3.-Jessica Lam20.51mCrofton House      
4.-Maria Alejandra Galan20.31mSt. Thomas More      
5.-Jasamine Yung18.56mCrofton House      
6.-Connie Choi7.14mYork House      
7.-Natasha Ratanshi6.52mYork House      
X Javelin - 600g - Juvenile - Finals
1.-Janina Toljanich18.34mSt. Patrick      
2.-Danica Federizo16.55mSt. Patrick      
3.-Brittany Chua14.43mCrofton House      
4.-Meagan Prokopenko12.51mYork House      
-Katherine HoSCRCrofton House      
X Javelin - 600g - Bantam - Finals
1.-Christine Yaco21.47mSt. Patrick      
2.-Alisha Adam18.96mCrofton House      
3.-Alice Chernoff16.95mYork House      
4.-Rachel Azeroual15.74mKing David      
5.-Jinelle Chang15.48mLittle Flower Academy      
6.-Donna Chapman15.31mCrofton House      
7.-Katrina Rosero11.26mSt. Patrick      
8.-India Daykin10.30mYork House      
9.-Adelle Tepper10.02mKing David      
-Jennifer LeeSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Jeryna GbardySCRSt. Thomas More      
X High Jump - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Christina Lumba1.40mSt. Patrick      
1.-Lorayne Mercado1.40mSt. Patrick      
2.-Katie Self1.40mCrofton House      
3.-Amanda Mow1.35mCrofton House      
4.-Suzanne Byrne1.15mSt. Patrick      
-Julia FarquesonDNSCrofton House      
X High Jump - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.10Pamela Ho1.40mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Ariel Chang1.35mCrofton House      
1.-Ashley Chang1.30mCrofton House      
3.-Kryzia Umali1.30mSt. Patrick      
4.-Danielle Robinson1.30mYork House      
5.-Nicole Leung1.30mCrofton House      
2.-Joey Cheung1.25mWest Point Grey      
3.11Erin Potter1.25mWest Point Grey      
4.-Leanne Tong1.25mSt. Patrick      
-Rachelle FloresDNSSt. Patrick      
-Florence TsaiNHCrofton House      
-Lara KolodyDNSYork House      
-Adbiel TobacoNHSt. Thomas More      
X Pole Vault - Senior - Finals
1.-Natalie Liu2.70mYork House      
2.-Carmen Siu2.50mYork House      
X Long Jump - Senior - Finals
1.-Eunice Villamayor4.68mSt. Patrick      
2.-Natalie Liu4.58mYork House      
3.-Linda Pham4.16mSt. Patrick      
4.-Samantha Leong4.14mNotre Dame Regional      
5.-Lareine Chan4.07mYork House      
6.-Maki Mukai3.97mCrofton House      
7.-Sasha Honey3.93mCrofton House      
8.-Sarah Lee2.82mNotre Dame Regional      
-Leeza TengcoSCRSt. Thomas More      
-Vanessa LowSCRSt. Thomas More      
X Long Jump - Junior - Finals
1.-Megan Kwan4.73mYork House      
2.-Emelyn Ticong4.51mSt. Thomas More      
3.12Keisha Corrales-Nelson4.48mSt. Thomas More      
4.-Nicole Morgan4.45mCrofton House      
5.-Katie Self4.43mCrofton House      
6.-Lorayne Mercado4.28mSt. Patrick      
-Natasha RatanshiSCRYork House      
X Long Jump - Bantam/Juvenile - Finals
1.-Marissa Di Lorenzo4.61mSt. Thomas More      
1.-Laura Tamayo4.42mSt. Patrick      
2.10Pamela Ho4.38mSt. Thomas More      
2.11Julie Thierman4.38mSt. Thomas More      
3.-Stephanie Chen4.32mCrofton House      
3.-Jowain So4.29mCrofton House      
4.-Meagan Prokopenko4.24mYork House      
4.-Tammy Chou4.13mYork House      
5.-Michelle Chan4.09mCrofton House      
5.-Caitlin Wood3.90mYork House      
6.-Nicole Harstone3.84mWest Point Grey      
7.-Joey Cheung3.78mWest Point Grey      
8.-Chantal Africa3.76mYork House      
9.-Shellby Sy3.74mLittle Flower Academy      
9.-Rona Rafal3.74mSt. Patrick      
11.-Gina Coughlan3.51mSt. Patrick      
6.-Adelle Tepper3.34mKing David      
7.-Rachel Azeroual3.17mKing David      
-Katheryn YangSCRCrofton House      
-Becky GlotmanSCRKing David      
-Vesna JovanovicSCRFraser Academy      
-Ese OdjegbaSCRSt. Patrick      
X Triple Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.-Nicole Wade9.50mCrofton House      
1.-Stephanie Chen9.45mCrofton House      
2.-Katarina Ong9.45mSt. Patrick      
2.-Katheryn Yang9.32mCrofton House      
3.-Jowain So9.02mCrofton House      
-Natalie LimSCRYork House      
10Pamela HoSCRSt. Thomas More      
X Triple Jump - Junior/Senior - Finals
1.-Julia Farqueson9.38mCrofton House      
1.-Cynthia Lau9.11mCrofton House      
2.-Leeza Tengco8.90mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Emelyn Ticong8.83mSt. Thomas More      
3.-Lareine Chan8.82mYork House      
3.-Kate Holden-Boyd8.67mCrofton House      
4.-Connie Choi6.86mYork House      
5.-Natasha Ratanshi5.50mYork House      
12Rae-maryse LaljeeSCRYork House      
-Samantha LeongSCRNotre Dame Regional      
-Adrianna WongSCRNotre Dame Regional      
-Sasha HoneySCRCrofton House      
X Hammer - 4kg - Senior - Finals
1.-Jenny Boyd38.26mLittle Flower Academy      
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