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Warrior MS Relays

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cypress Christian, Houston

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Texas - Uncategorized Middle Schools
HCYA Home School Lions
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trenton Jones11.73aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.8Shannon Drain12.58aKIPP Spirit College ...
3.8Calvin Novotny12.70aCypress Christian
4.7Francis Ajibero13.37aCypress Christian
5.8James Vletas13.40aFaith West Academy
6.7Johnny Manuel13.47aKIPP Spirit College ...
7.6koltin Link13.48aCypress Christian
8.7Theron Williams13.64aKIPP Spirit College ...
9.8Cameron Markoff13.94aI. Weiner
10.7Tevin Foster14.21aKIPP Spirit College ...
11.7Jake McNeil14.74aCypress Christian
12.7Nathan Monteith15.08aFaith West Academy
13.8Oren Rosenbaum15.17aI. Weiner
14.7Jared Johnson15.22aKIPP Spirit College ...
15.7Daniel Adesegun15.34aKIPP Academy
16.7Jarod Johnson15.71aKIPP Spirit College ...
17.6Clayton Novotny15.74aCypress Christian
18.8Brian Guo15.77aSt Thomas Episcopal
19.6Chris Geyer16.04aCypress Christian
20.7Rossevelt Keys16.17aKIPP Spirit College ...
21.5Alex Hale16.34aHCYA Home School Lions
22.8Keddren Mayeux16.42aKIPP Spirit College ...
23.6Trevor Pendergast17.05aHCYA Home School Lions
6Brandon AdamikNTFaith West Academy
8Derrick SimpsonNTKIPP Spirit College ...
7Earl MooreNTKIPP Spirit College ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hunter Vick25.87aCypress Christian
2.7Alex Chun27.89aKIPP Academy
3.7Givonta Simpson28.43aKIPP Spirit College ...
4.8Devonte Frazier28.54aKIPP Spirit College ...
5.8Britt Bell29.21aCypress Christian
6.7Daniel Adesegun29.88aKIPP Academy
7.8Darian Rouse30.34aKIPP Spirit College ...
8.7Chris McKee30.89aCypress Christian
9.8Derrick Simpson30.93aKIPP Spirit College ...
10.7Bennett Marcum33.24aFaith West Academy
11.7Babs Ogunbanwo33.27aKIPP Academy
12.8Preston Tran34.74aSt Thomas Episcopal
13.6Daniel Rea35.27aProvidence Classical
14.8Lukas Kontilis35.30aFaith West Academy
15.8Brian Guo35.81aSt Thomas Episcopal
16.8Emmanuel Onochie36.88aKIPP Spirit College ...
17.8Keddren Mayeux37.20aKIPP Spirit College ...
18.7Alexander Kauffman41.37aProvidence Classical
6Chase BlackNTProvidence Classical
8Randy GillNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Cameron MarkoffNTI. Weiner
7Rossevelt KeysNTKIPP Spirit College ...
7Earl MooreNTKIPP Spirit College ...
7Tevin FosterNTKIPP Spirit College ...
8Derrick BarnettNTFaith West Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Alex Chun1:01.76aKIPP Academy
2.7Tomas Olvera1:02.89aKIPP Academy
3.8Randy Gill1:02.91aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.7Givonta Simpson1:06.36aKIPP Spirit College ...
5.8Cedric Shy1:10.96aHCYA Home School Lions
6.6Turner Sassaman1:11.33aSt Thomas Episcopal
7.6Chase Black1:11.40aProvidence Classical
8.8Matthew Leightman1:12.08aI. Weiner
9.8Walter Su1:12.70aCypress Christian
10.8Preston Tran1:15.37aSt Thomas Episcopal
11.6Cyrus Shy1:18.49aHCYA Home School Lions
12.6Daniel Rea1:18.94aProvidence Classical
13.8Blaise Fontenot1:19.66aCypress Christian
14.5Alex Hale1:19.83aHCYA Home School Lions
15.6Luke Griffin1:21.21aChinquapin
16.7Garrett Pendergast1:22.41aHCYA Home School Lions
17.7Andrew Rincon1:22.58aCypress Christian
18.8Nathan Hewton1:23.01aRosehill Christian
19.8Emmanuel Onochie1:24.87aKIPP Spirit College ...
6Brandon AdamikNTFaith West Academy
8Cooper BellNTProvidence Classical
6John CrozierNTCypress Christian
8Logan BeckhamNTFaith West Academy
7Shason BriscoeNTCypress Christian
8Derrick BarnettNTFaith West Academy
8Christopher RobinsonNTHCYA Home School Lions
8Oren RosenbaumNTI. Weiner
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8John Brien1:07Allen Academy
8Judd Horton1:10Allen Academy
7Carter Kacal1:13Allen Academy
7Jake Georgiades1:14Allen Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Tomas Olvera2:36.26aKIPP Academy
2.-Matthew Gravlos2:40.02aHCYA Home School Lions
3.8Byron Wolfford2:44.03aFaith West Academy
4.8Matthew Leightman2:44.50aI. Weiner
5.7Adam Taberner2:45.19aFaith West Academy
6.6Turner Sassaman2:50.20aSt Thomas Episcopal
7Jake Georgiades2:58Allen Academy
6Gareth Prescott3:09Allen Academy
8Saul SandovalNTChinquapin
6Luke GriffinNTChinquapin
8Emmanuel OnochieNTKIPP Spirit College ...
7Geovanny VenturaNTChinquapin
8Michael NaggarNTI. Weiner
6Jackson ShaverNTFaith West Academy
7Christian SantosNTKIPP Academy
-Shopan HurdNTHCYA Home School Lions
7Zach UsryNTCypress Christian
7Alfredo JarilloNTKIPP Academy
8Aiden IsraelNTI. Weiner
7Babs OgunbanwoNTKIPP Academy
8Matthew GraviosNTHCYA Home School Lions
7Jesse SmithNTHCYA Home School Lions
6Brad StevensNTProvidence Classical
4Cymon ShyNTHCYA Home School Lions
8Walter SuNTCypress Christian
8Nathan HewtonNTRosehill Christian
7Noah MelendrezNTSt Thomas Episcopal
6Trevor PendergastNTHCYA Home School Lions
7Alexander KauffmanNTProvidence Classical
8Robert GeyerNTCypress Christian
6Brandon LandryNTCypress Christian
7Louis KoppNTProvidence Classical
X 1200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tom Landers4:00.42aSt Thomas Episcopal
2.6Trevor Pendergast4:19.74aHCYA Home School Lions
3.8Saul Sandoval4:20.24aChinquapin
4.7Luis Acosta4:22.21aKIPP Academy
5.7Geovanny Ventura4:22.58aChinquapin
6.8Robert Geyer4:24.88aCypress Christian
7Alexander KauffmanNTProvidence Classical
6Gareth PrescottNTAllen Academy
8Austin LiNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Chad BrandtNTProvidence Classical
7Noah MelendrezNTSt Thomas Episcopal
7Alexis ChavarriaNTKIPP Academy
6Brandon LandryNTCypress Christian
8Christopher GarciaNTChinquapin
8Nathan HewtonNTRosehill Christian
6Brad StevensNTProvidence Classical
7Octavio SanchezNTKIPP Academy
8Aiden IsraelNTI. Weiner
7Zach UsryNTCypress Christian
5Alex HaleNTHCYA Home School Lions
6Jackson ShaverNTFaith West Academy
-Caleb HirstNTHCYA Home School Lions
4Cymon ShyNTHCYA Home School Lions
7Jesse SmithNTHCYA Home School Lions
X 2400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tom Landers8:24.95aSt Thomas Episcopal
2.8John Brien9:02.99aAllen Academy
3.8Cedric Shy9:17.30aHCYA Home School Lions
4.6Cyrus Shy9:17.67aHCYA Home School Lions
5.8Matthew Gravios9:17.80aHCYA Home School Lions
6.7Carter Kacal9:21.91aAllen Academy
6Luke Griffin10:05Chinquapin
7Christopher Avalos11:34Chinquapin
8Joshua CraigNTFaith West Academy
8Edward ValleNTKIPP Academy
6Daniel ReaNTProvidence Classical
8Austin LiNTSt Thomas Episcopal
-Matthew GravlosNTHCYA Home School Lions
7Garrett PendergastNTHCYA Home School Lions
8Christopher RobinsonNTHCYA Home School Lions
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Joshua Craig18.93aFaith West Academy
8Derrick Barnett26.52aFaith West Academy
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Britt Bell17.38aCypress Christian
2.8TJ Mohammed18.64aCypress Christian
3.8Judd Horton18.77aAllen Academy
5.7Travis Vick18.97aCypress Christian
6.8Lawerence Tran19.95aSt Thomas Episcopal
8Michael NaggarNTI. Weiner
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hunter Vick45.03aCypress Christian
2.8Britt Bell49.60aCypress Christian
3.8Darian Rouse52.17aKIPP Spirit College ...
4.8Lawerence Tran1:00.68aSt Thomas Episcopal
8Logan BeckhamNTFaith West Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Johnny Manuel
Devonte Frazier
Theron Williams
Trenton Jones
50.42aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.-Hunter Vick
koltin Link
Calvin Novotny
Jake McNeil
50.62aCypress Christian
3.-Ben Barnhart
Roland Fredericks
Canyon Emmott
Kraig Burke
54.52aRosehill Christian
4.-Cooper Bell
Louis Kopp
Forrest Carr
Logan Ward
55.05aProvidence Classical
5.-Jared Johnson
Earl Moore
Rossevelt Keys
Keddren Mayeux
56.96aKIPP Spirit College ...
6.-Cameron Markoff
Michael Naggar
Oren Rosenbaum
Matthew Leightman
57.79aI. Weiner
7.-Relay Team 58.86aCypress Christian
-Lukas Kontilis
Bennett Marcum
Nathan Monteith
Adam Taberner
NTFaith West Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-TJ Mohammed
Calvin Novotny
koltin Link
John Crozier
1:53.59aCypress Christian
2.-Cooper Bell
Forrest Carr
Logan Ward
Chad Brandt
1:55.52aProvidence Classical
3.-Ben Barnhart
Roland Fredericks
Canyon Emmott
Kraig Burke
1:56.02aRosehill Christian
4.-Alex Chun
Tomas Olvera
Daniel Adesegun
Alexis Chavarria
1:56.72aKIPP Academy
5.-Relay Team 1:59.09aKIPP Spirit College ...
6.-Logan Beckham
Derrick Barnett
Joshua Craig
Byron Wolfford
1:59.33aFaith West Academy
7.-Preston Tran
Noah Melendrez
Lawerence Tran
Brian Guo
2:16.34aSt Thomas Episcopal
8.-Brent Westbrook
Judd Horton
Connor Lordon
Stephen Prescott
2:20.31aAllen Academy
9.-Relay Team 2:20.31aCypress Christian
-Devonte Frazier
Theron Williams
Trenton Jones
Darian Rouse
DQKIPP Spirit College ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Forrest Carr
Louis Kopp
Logan Ward
Chad Brandt
4:28.57aProvidence Classical
2.-Travis Vick
Walter Su
Francis Ajibero
TJ Mohammed
4:36.61aCypress Christian
3.-Tom Landers
Turner Sassaman
Austin Li
Randy Gill
4:39.18aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.-Jake Georgiades
Carter Kacal
Judd Horton
John Brien
4:45.39aAllen Academy
5.-Kraig Burke
Canyon Emmott
Roland Fredericks
Ben Barnhart
4:50.56aRosehill Christian
6.-Relay Team 4:56.72aCypress Christian
7.-Relay Team 4:59.42aHCYA Home School Lions
8.-Luis Acosta
Alfredo Jarillo
Alexis Chavarria
Christian Santos
5:09.97aKIPP Academy
9.-Relay Team 5:40.77aHCYA Home School Lions
-Brandon Adamik
James Vletas
Jackson Shaver
Adam Taberner
NTFaith West Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Roland Fredericks31-11.00Rosehill Christian
2.7Johnny Manuel29-02.00KIPP Spirit College ...
3.8TJ Mohammed28-08.00Cypress Christian
6.7Ben Barnhart25-01.00Rosehill Christian
7Andrew RinconNDCypress Christian
6Timothy OdeyomiNDCypress Christian
7Douglas GrantNDKIPP Spirit College ...
8Brian GuoNDSt Thomas Episcopal
5Jalen PowellNDHCYA Home School Lions
7Jaime LopezNDKIPP Academy
7Benjamin CasillasNDKIPP Academy
6Jaydin GaudinNDCypress Christian
6Jake GeraldNDCypress Christian
7Gerald JohnNDCypress Christian
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
5.8John Brien27'04.00Allen Academy
6Stephen Prescott15'Allen Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
4.8Joshua Craig28'02.00Faith West Academy
8Ethan WrightNDFaith West Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Byron Wolfford99'06Faith West Academy
2.8Ethan Wright71'06Faith West Academy
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
3.8Judd Horton70-07Allen Academy
4.6Timothy Odeyomi70-04Cypress Christian
5.8Connor Lorden69-01Allen Academy
6.8TJ Mohammed68-01Cypress Christian
7Jaime LopezNDKIPP Academy
5Jalen PowellNDHCYA Home School Lions
6Jaydin GaudinNDCypress Christian
6Jake GeraldNDCypress Christian
7Gerald JohnNDCypress Christian
7Benjamin CasillasNDKIPP Academy
8Brian GuoNDSt Thomas Episcopal
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Judd Horton4-10.00Allen Academy
2.8Calvin Novotny4-08.00Cypress Christian
3.8John Brien4-06.00Allen Academy
4.8Britt Bell4-04.00Cypress Christian
5.8Joshua Craig4-00.00Faith West Academy
5.6Chase Black4-00.00Providence Classical
7.7Chris McKee3-10.00Cypress Christian
8.7Louis Kopp3-08.00Providence Classical
6Daniel ReaNHProvidence Classical
8Grayson BeckNHCypress Christian
7Jake GeorgiadesNHAllen Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Calvin Novotny15-07.00Cypress Christian
2.7Francis Ajibero14-04.00Cypress Christian
3.7Theron Williams13-10.00KIPP Spirit College ...
4.8Judd Horton13-02.00Allen Academy
5.8Logan Ward13-01.00Providence Classical
6.8John Brien12-11.50Allen Academy
8Logan BeckhamNDFaith West Academy
8Lawerence TranNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Kraig BurkeNDRosehill Christian
8Nathan HewtonNDRosehill Christian
8Randy GillNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Canyon EmmottNDRosehill Christian
7Louis KoppNDProvidence Classical
6Chris GeyerNDCypress Christian
7Nathan MonteithNDFaith West Academy
6Jackson ShaverNDFaith West Academy
8Forrest CarrNDProvidence Classical
8Preston TranNDSt Thomas Episcopal
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hunter Vick35-04.00Cypress Christian
2.7Francis Ajibero32-00.00Cypress Christian
3.8Logan Ward31-05.00Providence Classical
4.7Travis Vick29-05.00Cypress Christian
5.6Chase Black28-08.00Providence Classical
6.8Randy Gill27-08.00St Thomas Episcopal
7.8Lawerence Tran27-01.50St Thomas Episcopal
8.8Forrest Carr26-09.00Providence Classical
9.7Jake Georgiades26-08.00Allen Academy
10.6Chris Geyer25-04.00Cypress Christian
11.6Gareth Prescott23-08.00Allen Academy
12.7Jake McNeil23-07.00Cypress Christian
13.8Preston Tran22-07.00St Thomas Episcopal
7Shason BriscoeNDCypress Christian
8Kraig BurkeNDRosehill Christian
8Nathan HewtonNDRosehill Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Charmele Holden14.04aCypress Christian
2.8Vanessa Lopez14.34aFaith West Academy
2.7Lori Davis14.34aKIPP Spirit College ...
4.8Alegra Breaux14.69aKIPP Academy
5.7Tiffany McKinley15.18aKIPP Spirit College ...
6.5Chelsea Powell15.28aHCYA Home School Lions
7.8Dominque Agniel15.58aKIPP Spirit College ...
8.8Lynette Thornton15.83aHCYA Home School Lions
9.8Rachel Cook15.85aCypress Christian
10.6Lola A16.08aProvidence Classical
11.8Yanelly Martinez16.13aChinquapin
12.7Stacey Hughes16.18aKIPP Spirit College ...
13.7Kaila Pipkins16.41aKIPP Spirit College ...
14.7Kennedy Davis16.58aKIPP Spirit College ...
15.8Alexa Barsky16.61aI. Weiner
16.7Gourley Chandler16.70aRosehill Christian
17.8Caitlin Post17.23aProvidence Classical
18.8Aleah Doody17.25aI. Weiner
19.6Brighton Ellisor17.30aProvidence Classical
20.7Madison Lasell17.68aAllen Academy
21.5Hannah Followill17.89aSt Thomas Episcopal
22.6Moriah Casicola18.40aFaith West Academy
23.5Olivia Schwartz19.06aSt Thomas Episcopal
24.6Marissa Casicola20.86aFaith West Academy
25.4Mecca Hurd20.87aHCYA Home School Lions
8Alison WolfeNTI. Weiner
7Courtney ParkerNTKIPP Spirit College ...
8McClay WalkerNTRosehill Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Charmele Holden31.37aCypress Christian
2.8Alegra Breaux31.42aKIPP Academy
3.8McClay Walker32.68aRosehill Christian
4.6Stephanie Adames33.45aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.7Reya Ybarra33.82aRosehill Christian
6.7Itzayana Fabela33.84aChinquapin
7.7Kimberly Thornton33.92aHCYA Home School Lions
8.8Sarah Spohn34.25aAllen Academy
9.6Sabha Dosani34.45aAllen Academy
10.8Rachel Cook34.64aCypress Christian
11.6Lola A34.65aProvidence Classical
12.6Kallie Rhea34.85aCypress Christian
13.8Adriana Quick35.82aFaith West Academy
14.7Gourley Chandler35.89aRosehill Christian
15.7Morgan Manning35.90aAllen Academy
16.8Thomaia Pamplin36.12aKIPP Academy
17.6Miranda Ward36.16aProvidence Classical
18.7Haley Bintliff36.29aFaith West Academy
19.8Yanelly Martinez37.91aChinquapin
20.7Rolanda Washington38.51aKIPP Spirit College ...
21.6Avery Martin39.22aProvidence Classical
22.4Mecca Hurd39.50aHCYA Home School Lions
23.6Amanda Monteith40.21aFaith West Academy
24.7Kennedy Davis40.44aKIPP Spirit College ...
25.5Olivia Schwartz42.54aSt Thomas Episcopal
5Chelsea PowellNTHCYA Home School Lions
8Lynette ThorntonNTHCYA Home School Lions
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Abigail Hirst1:11.91aHCYA Home School Lions
2.8Natashia Velasquez1:12.18aChinquapin
3.7Reya Ybarra1:16.03aRosehill Christian
4.6Callyn Walton1:16.12aAllen Academy
5.6Hannah Braun1:18.26aCypress Christian
6.6Elyssa Ray1:18.70aCypress Christian
7.8Yanelly Martinez1:18.73aChinquapin
8.8Adriana Quick1:19.57aFaith West Academy
9.8Natasha Kalaouze1:20.33aAllen Academy
10.7Gourley Chandler1:21.03aRosehill Christian
11.8Keila Cortez1:23.89aFaith West Academy
12.6Molly Egan1:23.99aSt Thomas Episcopal
13.6Lola A1:25.13aProvidence Classical
14.8Thomaia Pamplin1:25.59aKIPP Academy
15.5Katelynn Phang1:28.34aSt Thomas Episcopal
16.8Kaitlyn Washington1:30.94aProvidence Classical
17.6Avery Martin1:32.10aProvidence Classical
18.7Paola Resendiz1:36.45aKIPP Academy
7Briana MylesNTKIPP Spirit College ...
7Kimberly ThorntonNTHCYA Home School Lions
8Madison SheehyNTCypress Christian
6Bridget DoyleNTSt Thomas Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8Natasha Kalaouze1:17Allen Academy
6Lauren Spohn1:18Allen Academy
6Callyn Walton1:21Allen Academy
7Sarah Clanton1:25Allen Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Abigail Hirst2:47.07aHCYA Home School Lions
2.8Natashia Velasquez2:48.37aChinquapin
3.7Itzayana Fabela2:54.07aChinquapin
4.6Bridget Doyle3:00.31aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.7Reya Ybarra3:11.09aRosehill Christian
6.6Elizabeth Usry3:13.96aCypress Christian
5Daniella HirstNTHCYA Home School Lions
6Moriah CasicolaNTFaith West Academy
8Keila CortezNTFaith West Academy
7Vivian TranNTSt Thomas Episcopal
7Barbara JaimesNTKIPP Academy
7Paola ResendizNTKIPP Academy
8Caitlin PostNTProvidence Classical
6Miranda WardNTProvidence Classical
6Molly EganNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Natalie EngelNTI. Weiner
6Brighton EllisorNTProvidence Classical
6Samantha LongridgeNTCypress Christian
X 1200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Natashia Velasquez4:43.14aChinquapin
2.8Caitlin Post5:21.57aProvidence Classical
3.5Katelynn Phang5:21.71aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.8Natalie Engel5:31.42aI. Weiner
5.7Kelli McGough5:41.16aSt Thomas Episcopal
6.6Miranda Ward5:56.51aProvidence Classical
7.7Vivian Tran6:16.46aSt Thomas Episcopal
8.7Kierra Washington6:26.44aKIPP Academy
5Daniella HirstNTHCYA Home School Lions
6Elizabeth UsryNTCypress Christian
6Avery MartinNTProvidence Classical
X 2400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Linnea Long9:55.22aProvidence Classical
2.6Abigail Hirst10:07.80aHCYA Home School Lions
3.8Kelsey Martin11:02.66aProvidence Classical
4.7Sarah Clanton11:11.14aAllen Academy
5.7Kelli McGough11:55.51aSt Thomas Episcopal
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Jaelin Hatton16.63aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.8Madison Sheehy18.79aCypress Christian
3.8Vanessa Lopez20.17aFaith West Academy
4.8Charmele Holden20.63aCypress Christian
5.6Callyn Walton20.77aAllen Academy
6.6Samantha Longridge22.01aCypress Christian
7.5Gia Petties22.04aSt Thomas Episcopal
8.8Natasha Kalaouze22.06aAllen Academy
9.8Alexa Barsky22.60aI. Weiner
10.7Samantha Chastain22.71aFaith West Academy
11.7Haley Bintliff31.61aFaith West Academy
8McClay WalkerNTRosehill Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Madison Lasell1:14.92aAllen Academy
8Madison SheehyNTCypress Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lori Davis
Tiffany McKinley
Dominque Agniel
Jaelin Hatton
58.54aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.-Laura Berkhouse
Maddie Kaiser
Kaitlyn Washington
Kelsey Martin
1:00.48aProvidence Classical
3.-Haley Bintliff
Vanessa Lopez
Adriana Quick
Samantha Chastain
1:02.14aFaith West Academy
4.-Stephanie Adames
Olivia Schwartz
Hannah Followill
Laura Sharp
1:05.01aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.-Courtney Parker
Stacey Hughes
Rolanda Washington
Kaila Pipkins
1:11.89aKIPP Spirit College ...
-Natalie Engel
Alison Wulfe
Alexa Barskey
Aleah Doody
NTI. Weiner
-Relay Team NTHCYA Home School Lions
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lori Davis
Tiffany McKinley
Dominque Agniel
Jaelin Hatton
2:04.96aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.-Maddie Kaiser
Laura Berkhouse
Kaitlyn Washington
Linnea Long
2:05.86aProvidence Classical
3.-Elyssa Ray
Kallie Rhea
Hannah Braun
Rachel Cook
2:12.90aCypress Christian
4.-Sabha Dosani
Sarah Spohn
Lauren Spohn
Morgan Manning
2:18.54aAllen Academy
5.-Stephanie Adames
Gia Petties
Hannah Followill
Laura Sharp
2:22.01aSt Thomas Episcopal
6.-Relay Team 2:23.74aHCYA Home School Lions
7.-Paola Resendiz
Kierra Washington
Alegra Breaux
Thomaia Pamplin
2:27.48aKIPP Academy
-Courtney Parker
Stacey Hughes
Rolanda Washington
Kaila Pipkins
DQKIPP Spirit College ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kelsey Martin
Linnea Long
Maddie Kaiser
Laura Berkhouse
4:53.83aProvidence Classical
2.-Callyn Walton
Lauren Spohn
Natasha Kalaouze
Sarah Clanton
5:24.82aAllen Academy
3.-Molly Egan
Gia Petties
Laura Sharp
Bridget Doyle
5:26.02aSt Thomas Episcopal
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kennedy Davis24-05.00KIPP Spirit College ...
2.7Chelsea Herrera20-10.50KIPP Academy
3.7Dee Dee Bowser20-08.00Allen Academy
4.7Vivian Tran17-05.00St Thomas Episcopal
5.6Samantha Longridge17-04.00Cypress Christian
6.5Hannah Followill16-09.50St Thomas Episcopal
6Amanda MonteithNDFaith West Academy
8Karen LopezNDKIPP Academy
6Marissa CasicolaNDFaith West Academy
6Moriah CasicolaNDFaith West Academy
7Briana MylesNDKIPP Spirit College ...
7Morgan ManningNDAllen Academy
8Alma OsornioNDKIPP Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Morgan Manning47-09Allen Academy
2.7Chelsea Herrera38-02KIPP Academy
3.6Samantha Longridge34-10Cypress Christian
4.7Dee Dee Bowser33-06Allen Academy
5.8Alma Osornio31-08KIPP Academy
6.7Reya Ybarra25-05Rosehill Christian
6Amanda MonteithNDFaith West Academy
8Karen LopezNDKIPP Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.6Kallie Rhea4-02.00Cypress Christian
2.8Sarah Spohn3-10.00Allen Academy
3.8Caitlin Post3-08.00Providence Classical
3.5Gia Petties3-08.00St Thomas Episcopal
6Brighton EllisorNHProvidence Classical
8Kelsey MartinNHProvidence Classical
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lori Davis12-08.50KIPP Spirit College ...
2.8Charmele Holden12-07.75Cypress Christian
3.8Vanessa Lopez12-02.50Faith West Academy
4.8Linnea Long11-03.25Providence Classical
5.6Maddie Kaiser10-08.00Providence Classical
6.6Kallie Rhea10-06.50Cypress Christian
7.6Stephanie Adames10-00.50St Thomas Episcopal
8.7Reya Ybarra9-11.50Rosehill Christian
9.8Natasha Kalaouze9-11.00Allen Academy
10.6Lauren Spohn9-08.50Allen Academy
11.8Laura Berkhouse9-06.00Providence Classical
12.7Gourley Chandler9-03.00Rosehill Christian
13.7Madison Lasell9-00.00Allen Academy
14.5Gia Petties8-11.00St Thomas Episcopal
6Laura SharpNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Rachel CookNDCypress Christian
8Keila CortezNDFaith West Academy
7Samantha ChastainNDFaith West Academy
8Alegra BreauxNDKIPP Academy
8McClay WalkerNDRosehill Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Linnea Long26-05.50Providence Classical
2.6Callyn Walton25-11.50Allen Academy
3.6Maddie Kaiser24-05.00Providence Classical
4.8Kelsey Martin24-04.00Providence Classical
5.6Elyssa Ray23-08.50Cypress Christian
6.6Hannah Braun23-01.50Cypress Christian
6Molly EganNDSt Thomas Episcopal
6Sabha DosaniNDAllen Academy
6Stephanie AdamesNDSt Thomas Episcopal
5Katelynn PhangNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Sarah SpohnNDAllen Academy
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