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NCS MS Tuesday Practice Meet #3

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Kourtlin Flournoy12.81Northland Christian
8Trevion Harris12.89Northland Christian
8Zachary Mitchell13.00Northland Christian
8Brian Woolverton13.26Northland Christian
8Lyndon Davis13.85Northland Christian
8Federico Monteverdi13.94Woodlands Prep
8Wyatt Wheeler14.33The Woodlands Christ...
8Adam Johnson14.59Woodlands Prep
8Donny Eckhardt15.47The Woodlands Christ...
8Blake Boze15.75Northland Christian
8Brayden Aguilera13:07Awty International
7Kevin Ong13:34Awty International
8William Owusu-Ansah14:58Awty International
8Preston GrayNTNorthland Christian
8Cole FordNTNorthland Christian
7Garrett PurcellNTNorthland Christian
X 100 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Raul Giorgi13.2The Woodlands Christ...
6Garrett Wolforth14.63The Woodlands Christ...
6Luke Hudson14.85The Woodlands Christ...
6Timmy Ware15.10The Woodlands Christ...
7Chris Sommer15.19Northland Christian
8Ife Olalfa15.48Northland Christian
6Alex Lutz15.56Northland Christian
5Jared Rice15.94Wesley Academy
6Jeb Foil16.50The Woodlands Christ...
7Ryan Stapf16.53Northland Christian
6Mikey Roush17.81Northland Christian
6Brandon Kelly18.51Northland Christian
6Patrick O'Conner20.16The Woodlands Christ...
7Arthur Jardin14:67Awty International
6Matias Preti15:43Awty International
7Baptist Rochette15:58Awty International
X 200 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Wyatt Wheeler29.1The Woodlands Christ...
8Adam Johnson29.06Woodlands Prep
8Federico Monteverdi29.09Woodlands Prep
8Donny Eckhardt32.19The Woodlands Christ...
8Stephan Warden28:32Awty International
8Aria Rassoli28:82Awty International
7Nicolas Dekiouk34:12Awty International
X 200 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
6Luke Hudson29.7The Woodlands Christ...
6Garrett Wolforth29.9The Woodlands Christ...
6Andrew Ratajack31.35Woodlands Prep
6John Nathan Stolle32.22The Woodlands Christ...
6Jeb Foil34.1The Woodlands Christ...
6Andrew Hinjos35.00Wesley Academy
6Andrew Ritchie39.50Woodlands Prep
6Patrick O'Conner41.0The Woodlands Christ...
X 400 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Austin Arcenaux1:08:21Awty International
8Preston Gray1:08Northland Christian
8Curtis Whisler1:10Northland Christian
8Lyndon Davis1:09.96Northland Christian
8Alon Farkas1:11Awty International
7Josh Chiasson1:14Awty International
8Keller O'Malley1:14:13Awty International
7Luke Herman1:16Awty International
X 400 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Andrew Parker1:10.84The Woodlands Christ...
7Connor Hogan1:12Awty International
7Chris Stuewer1:13.00Wesley Academy
7Chris Sommer1:14Northland Christian
7Kyle Kontor1:14.47The Woodlands Christ...
7Alberto Tohme1:15Awty International
5Jared Rice1:15.00Wesley Academy
7Stewart Morris1:16.00Wesley Academy
6Alex Lutz1:18Northland Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Raul Giorgi1:09The Woodlands Christ...
6Garrett Wolforth1:10The Woodlands Christ...
7Andrew Parker1:14The Woodlands Christ...
7Kyle Kontor1:20The Woodlands Christ...
X 800 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Darien Simms2:22.24Northland Christian
7John Schroeder2:23Awty International
8Hayden McHan2:28Northland Christian
8Sam Howard2:28.40Northland Christian
8Nelson Wapon Safo2:53Awty International
8Walter Talley2:58.35Northland Christian
8Marco Monteiro3:01Awty International
X 800 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Chris Stuewer2:56.00Wesley Academy
X 1200 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
7John Schroeder3:49Awty International
8Paul Prentice4:17Awty International
8Adam Vinall4:19Awty International
8Hayden McHan4:23Northland Christian
8Sam Howard4:25Northland Christian
8Walter Talley4:29Northland Christian
8Justin Smith4:31Northland Christian
7Cody Coulter5:27Northland Christian
X 1200 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
6James Grant3:53Awty International
6Adam Himsel4:52The Woodlands Christ...
6Tre Rice5:01.00Wesley Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Strong 6-8th - Finals
-Darien Simms
Preston Gray
Kortlen Flournoy
Zachary Mitchell
48.95Northland Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
-Jesse Denny
Andrew Enright
Evan Eichler
Luke Kubosh
57.36Northland Christian
-John Nathan Stolle
Luke Hudson
Timmy Ware
Raul Giorgi
57.38The Woodlands Christ...
-Feilding Davis
Andrew Hinjos
Jared Rice
Tre Rice
1:03Wesley Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
-Garrett Wolforth
Kyle Kontor
Andrew Parker
Raul Giorgi
4:55The Woodlands Christ...
X Discus - 1kg - Strong 6-8th - Finals
6Timmy Ware71' 2"The Woodlands Christ...
8Donny Eckhardt66' 3"The Woodlands Christ...
6Garrett Wolforth57' 3"The Woodlands Christ...
6Luke Hudson52'The Woodlands Christ...
6Jeb Foil41'The Woodlands Christ...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Jonathan Sload102Awty International
8Cole Ford89'2Northland Christian
8Robert Ueno84Awty International
8Curtis Whisler76'8Northland Christian
8Preston Gray70'Northland Christian
8Kourtlin Flournoy69'9Northland Christian
9Will Roberts67'5Northland Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
8Ife Olalfa78'1Northland Christian
7Keaton Craig59'Northland Christian
7Kameron Flourney50'11Northland Christian
X Long Jump - Strong 6-8th - Finals
1st8Darien Simms17'1Northland Christian
8Zachary Mitchell14'2Northland Christian
8Federico Monteverdi13'11"Woodlands Prep
8Adam Johnson12'8.5"Woodlands Prep
8Wyatt Wheeler12.1The Woodlands Christ...
8Adam Johnson11'10"Woodlands Prep
X Long Jump - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
1.7Raul Giorgi14'3"The Woodlands Christ...
7Andrew Enright12'5.5Northland Christian
3.6Garrett Wolforth12'4"The Woodlands Christ...
7Luke Kubosh11'10Northland Christian
6Andrew Ratajack11'9"Woodlands Prep
6Luke Hudson11'8"The Woodlands Christ...
5Jared Rice11:4.05Wesley Academy
7Kyle Kontor11The Woodlands Christ...
6Tre Rice10:11Wesley Academy
6Andrew Ratajack10'1.5"Woodlands Prep
6John Nathan Stolle10'1.5The Woodlands Christ...
7Jesse Denny9'10Northland Christian
7Ryan Stapf9'9Northland Christian
6Andrew Ritchie7'10"Woodlands Prep

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Carley Pope14.19Northland Christian
8Alexis Pope14.20Northland Christian
8Abby Caron14.75The Woodlands Christ...
8Brooke Houston14.84Northland Christian
7Sara Abston15.13Northland Christian
7Bethany Dennison15.59Northland Christian
8Breanna Guthrie16.50The Woodlands Christ...
8Viktoria Kollegger16.81Woodlands Prep
8Giovanna Manisck13:79Awty International
7Mena Barakat15:31Awty International
X 100 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Morgan Young14.58The Woodlands Christ...
7Milan Nolen15.41Woodlands Prep
7Heather Clark16.25The Woodlands Christ...
7Samantha Thomas16.3The Woodlands Christ...
6Liza Anderson16.34The Woodlands Christ...
6Kendall Pounds17.00The Woodlands Christ...
5Isabella Neblett17.29Wesley Academy
5Anna Fields17.37Wesley Academy
8Hope Bradshaw18.00The Woodlands Christ...
6Clara Dubois16:39Awty International
7Marie Corcoran16:59Awty International
X 200 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Siera Coulter30.12Northland Christian
8Shelby Tate30.65Northland Christian
8Abby Caron30.78The Woodlands Christ...
8Viktoria Kollegger34.32Woodlands Prep
6Autumn Caraway34:0Wesley Academy
7Cassie McKee36:9Wesley Academy
5Isabella Neblett40:0Wesley Academy
X 200 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Morgan Young31.44The Woodlands Christ...
6Katelyn Kubosh31.59Northland Christian
7Bethany Dennison32.12Northland Christian
7Sara Abston32.63Northland Christian
7Milan Nolen32.94Woodlands Prep
6Darby Dwyer33.69The Woodlands Christ...
6Liza Anderson35.86The Woodlands Christ...
X 400 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Rachel Earle1:09.07The Woodlands Christ...
7Alondra Andrade1:11Awty International
8Summer Wheeler1:12.19The Woodlands Christ...
8Elizabeth Hirs1:13Awty International
8Catie Eichler1:14.59Northland Christian
8Meagan Stennis1:14.84Northland Christian
8Armanda Simon1:16Awty International
6Autumn Caraway1:16.0Wesley Academy
6Carine Rizk1:20Awty International
5Isabella Neblett1:21.0Wesley Academy
5Anna Fields1:30Wesley Academy
8Viktoria Kollegger1:33.18Woodlands Prep
X 400 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
6Nicole Salet1:17Awty International
6Marina Fragkias1:27.71Northland Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Summer Wheeler1:17The Woodlands Christ...
8Rachel Earle1:19The Woodlands Christ...
6Liza Anderson1:23The Woodlands Christ...
8Katie Van Horn1:24The Woodlands Christ...
X 800 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
1:8Haley Pounds2:36.44The Woodlands Christ...
7Nikita Prasad3:00Awty International
6Isabella Crane3:01Awty International
8Ashley Richards3:03Northland Christian
6Hannah Isaksen3:08Awty International
8Stephanie Jeanneret3:09Awty International
8Zoe L'Abbate3:14Awty International
7Cassie McKee3:16.0Wesley Academy
X 800 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Keely Abt2:56.23Northland Christian
7Maggie Zollo3:00.09Northland Christian
7Brittany Murphy3:01.20Woodlands Prep
6Simona Everts3:10Awty International
7Summer Nasser3:22.56Woodlands Prep
6Chloe Rochette3:24Awty International
6Hailey Gaige3:25.28Woodlands Prep
X 1200 Meters - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Alexandra Grant4:20Awty International
8Payton Brown4:37Northland Christian
7Nikita Prasad4:44Awty International
8Luisa Stainback4:47Awty International
7Harriett McDonald4:50Awty International
7Louise Schuwer5:25Awty International
8Hannah Smati5:25Awty International
X 1200 Meters - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
7Keely Abt4:33Northland Christian
7Brittany Murphy4:43.94Woodlands Prep
7Maggie Zollo4:46Northland Christian
7Catherine Harrison5:47Awty International
X 4x100 Relay - Strong 6-8th - Finals
-Ashley Richards
Shelby Tate
Sierra Coulter
Meredith Heim
57.64Northland Christian
-Haley Pounds
Morgan Young
Katie Van Horn
Abby Caron
59.38The Woodlands Christ...
-Anna Fields
Cassie McKee
Maxine Trane
Autumn Caraway
1:04Wesley Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
-Katlyn Kubosh
Murray McKenna
Chandler Fleming
Jordan Herman
1:00.76Northland Christian
-Darby Dwyer
Samantha Thomas
Haley Pounds
Heather Clark
1:05.72The Woodlands Christ...
3.-Milan Nolen
Summer Nasser
Hailey Gaige
Brittany Murphy
1:06.56Woodlands Prep
X 4x400 Relay - Strong 6-8th - Finals
-Liza Anderson
Katie Van Horn
Summer Wheeler
Rachel Earle
5:26The Woodlands Christ...
X Discus - 1kg - Strong 6-8th - Finals
7Katie Martin61'Northland Christian
5.8Abby Caron50.5The Woodlands Christ...
7Cassie McKee41Wesley Academy
6Autumn Caraway34.Wesley Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
1.7Heather Clark45.9The Woodlands Christ...
2.6Chandler Fleming43'11Northland Christian
7Agustina Vasquez42'7Northland Christian
6Jordan Herman42'6"Northland Christian
6Katelyn Kubosh38'10"Northland Christian
7Blair Duroy34.9The Woodlands Christ...
6Rebekah Lanier32'9"Northland Christian
X High Jump - Strong 6-8th - Finals
8Marissa Clark4'3"St Mark Lutheran
8Shelby Tate4'3Northland Christian
8Meredith Heim4'Northland Christian
8Siera Coulter3'9Northland Christian
8Gloria Elizondo3'9"St Mark Lutheran
8Rachel Earle3'8The Woodlands Christ...
8Margeret Echols3'8The Woodlands Christ...
8Katie Van Horn3'8The Woodlands Christ...
X High Jump - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
6Annabelle Bellow3'6"St Mark Lutheran
6Marina Fragkias3'6Northland Christian
6Lauren Jaehne3'3"St Mark Lutheran
X Long Jump - Strong 6-8th - Finals
1.8Carley Pope15'5"Northland Christian
2.8Alexis Pope13'11"Northland Christian
3.8Haley Pounds13'8.5"The Woodlands Christ...
6Autumn Caraway11.8Wesley Academy
8Chelsea Ledbetter11'9The Woodlands Christ...
8Catie Eichler11'2"Northland Christian
5Anna Fields11.1Wesley Academy
8Viktoria Kollegger9'10.5"Woodlands Prep
X Long Jump - Beginner 5-7 NO 8th - Finals
1.7Morgan Young12'7The Woodlands Christ...
6Chandler Fleming10'8.5"Northland Christian
7Milan Nolen10'0"Woodlands Prep
6Kendall Pounds9'5.5"The Woodlands Christ...
6McKenna Murray8'1"Northland Christian
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