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Anne Arundel/Baltimore County Challenge #5

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prince George's Sports & Learning Center, Landove

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Maryland - Class 1A
New Town
Maryland - Class 2A
Owings Mills
Maryland - Class 3A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Gilmore6.80aNorth County
2.12James Williamson6.84aNew Town
3.12Nigel Rucker6.86aParkville
4.11Jabril Kellogg6.88aNorth County
5.12Mahdi Rover6.91aNorth County
6.11Detrick Parker6.95aGlen Burnie
7.12Micah White6.95aParkville
8.12Jonathan Williams7.01aPerry Hall
9.-Darrin Smith7.02aOld Mill Senior
10.10Parris Davis7.03aNew Town
11.11Devon Hopkins7.04aOwings Mills
12.11Rodney Spears7.06aPerry Hall
13.-Frankie Johnson7.07aNortheast-AA
14.10Bryant Demby7.08aOld Mill Senior
14.12Joshua Taylor7.08aOwings Mills
16.12Sherwayne Benjamin7.11aOld Mill Senior
17.12Dominique Mathis7.13aOld Mill Senior
18.-Paris Ford7.14aNortheast-AA
19.12Karath Richardson7.17aNew Town
20.12Austin Roche7.22aPerry Hall
21.10Aris Solomon7.33aNorth County
22.12Cameron Minor7.35aSouthern-AA
23.-Ryan Shultz7.42aNortheast-AA
24.12Zach Goldberg7.50aSeverna Park
25.9Sung Kim7.59aParkville
26.-Brandon Shultz7.61aNortheast-AA
27.9Malachi Young7.65aOld Mill Senior
28.-Wade Blair7.73aSouthern-AA
29.-John Booker7.80aSouthern-AA
29.11Dan Shear7.80aPikesville
31.9Michael Jones7.94aNew Town
32.9Drew Stern7.95aPikesville
32.10Junior Stephens7.95aNew Town
34.-Parris Gruver7.97aOwings Mills
35.9Keaton Thomas8.03aSeverna Park
36.-Collin Maloney8.05aSouthern-AA
37.11Ben Rankin8.12aSouthern-AA
38.11Dan Bassindale8.14aSeverna Park
39.9Deitric Wilson8.27aOld Mill Senior
--10Corey BlountDQNew Town
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Corey Cutler36.79aPikesville
2.12Brandon Gilmore37.18aNorth County
3.12Devin Joyce37.36aSeverna Park
4.12James Williamson37.38aNew Town
5.12Dominique Mathis37.90aOld Mill Senior
6.11Rico Wilson38.33aOwings Mills
7.10Parris Davis38.36aNew Town
8.11Jesse Sandle38.55aGlen Burnie
9.10Travon Chase38.70aPerry Hall
10.12Sherwayne Benjamin38.79aOld Mill Senior
11.12Nick Tannahill38.87aSeverna Park
12.12Mahdi Rover38.93aNorth County
13.11Detrick Parker39.38aGlen Burnie
13.12David Johnson39.38aPikesville
15.12Joshua Taylor39.54aOwings Mills
16.10Dylan Turbyville39.56aSeverna Park
16.11Cammeron Gervin39.56aNorth County
18.11Alston Abbott40.02aSeverna Park
19.10Shawn Li40.03aSeverna Park
20.10Robert Harbin40.04aNorth County
21.11Akeel Allyene40.23aPerry Hall
22.10Joseph Woodlon40.44aNorth County
23.10Aris Solomon40.54aNorth County
24.11Jabril Kellogg40.58aNorth County
25.11Devonta Massey40.63aNew Town
26.-Frankie Johnson40.68aNortheast-AA
27.10Kevin Proctor40.78aNortheast-AA
28.12Shawn Greenspan40.80aSeverna Park
29.9Orlando Whittington41.06aSouthern-AA
30.10Bryant Demby41.51aOld Mill Senior
31.10Charles Allen III41.91aNorth County
32.9Thomas Brown42.25aParkville
33.-Cole Tasker42.39aSouthern-AA
34.9Michael Jones42.96aNew Town
35.11Nathaniel Harper43.43aPerry Hall
36.11Dan Shear43.74aPikesville
37.11Daniel Bedard44.23aSouthern-AA
38.12Gregory Hall44.70aOwings Mills
39.9Drew Stern45.33aPikesville
40.-Parris Gruver45.40aOwings Mills
41.-Sean Hynes45.75aSouthern-AA
42.9Marquis Harris47.15aParkville
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jemane Kelly1:09.88aNew Town
2.11Ryan James1:12.34aParkville
3.11Akeel Allyene1:14.02aPerry Hall
4.12Hlan Thaw1:14.57aParkville
5.11Tyrik Scott1:14.58aOwings Mills
6.12Zach Hoffman1:14.72aOld Mill Senior
7.11Cammeron Gervin1:14.82aNorth County
8.11Nick Paskall1:15.54aSeverna Park
9.10Enije Underdue1:15.59aGlen Burnie
10.12Kolade Fapohunda1:15.86aOwings Mills
11.11Alex Greenspan1:16.09aSeverna Park
12.10Robert Harbin1:16.98aNorth County
13.10Haile Kostin1:17.10aPikesville
14.10Joseph Woodlon1:17.48aNorth County
15.11Reginald Books1:18.87aNew Town
16.10Chris Chitterling1:19.22aSeverna Park
17.11Darius Allexander1:19.59aNew Town
18.9Martin Davis1:20.34aNew Town
19.10Charles Allen III1:20.98aNorth County
20.10Mark Shortz1:21.06aSouthern-AA
21.12Malcolm Hamm1:21.39aNew Town
22.12Jon Swiderski1:21.59aPerry Hall
23.11Daniel Bedard1:24.29aSouthern-AA
24.10Brown Denzel1:26.57aOwings Mills
25.10Gage Simmons1:27.75aNortheast-AA
26.9Riley Flanagan1:27.86aNortheast-AA
27.9Evan Fisher1:28.02aPikesville
28.-Matthew Anderson1:31.39aSouthern-AA
29.-Nicholas Barboza1:33.41aNortheast-AA
30.10Junior Stephens1:34.47aNew Town
--9Josh SchwartzmanDQPikesville
--10Telvis EppsDQNew Town
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blake Stein2:03.84aPikesville
2.11Corey Cutler2:09.62aPikesville
3.12Shawn Greenspan2:09.96aSeverna Park
4.11Ben Pershall2:12.06aSeverna Park
5.12Deontre Thomas2:16.25aOwings Mills
6.12Daniel Smith2:17.56aParkville
7.9Nicholas Lefavor2:17.80aOld Mill Senior
8.11Tyrik Scott2:18.18aOwings Mills
9.12Richard Henderson2:18.55aGlen Burnie
10.12Jon Swiderski2:18.64aPerry Hall
11.11Alex Greenspan2:18.83aSeverna Park
12.12Khoi Nguyen2:20.57aParkville
13.12Brendan Cooley2:21.85aSeverna Park
14.10Josh Borris2:22.92aPikesville
15.12Justin Turner2:23.94aNew Town
16.11Sheldon Dunkley2:25.76aOwings Mills
17.9Jose Cruz2:25.79aPerry Hall
18.10Haile Kostin2:26.28aPikesville
19.10Alaric Coker2:26.92aNew Town
20.12Spencer Grenagle2:27.51aNortheast-AA
21.9Stephaun Hart2:28.32aNew Town
22.9Benjamine Seto2:29.18aNorth County
23.10Jacob McQuay2:29.72aPerry Hall
24.10Niv Gafny2:31.95aPikesville
25.9Andre Brummitt2:34.37aNorth County
26.9Brandon Logan2:35.84aNew Town
27.10Ryan Mcgahgan2:41.38aNortheast-AA
28.9Nick Short2:43.49aNorth County
29.10Justin Lavenroth2:44.22aNorth County
30.10Jamie Dennis2:47.40aSouthern-AA
31.9Daniel Wade3:02.32aNorth County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Pershall4:44.23aSeverna Park
2.9Nicholas Lefavor4:57.35aOld Mill Senior
3.12Daniel Smith4:59.86aParkville
4.12Richard Henderson5:05.23aGlen Burnie
5.12Khoi Nguyen5:05.26aParkville
6.9Jordan Coates5:09.18aPerry Hall
7.11Matthew Gibert5:12.83aOwings Mills
8.12Evan Lutz5:13.10aPikesville
9.11Max Gold5:14.92aPikesville
10.11Connor Gibb5:15.14aSeverna Park
11.-Tristan Feeburger5:18.14aNortheast-AA
12.9Benjamine Seto5:19.56aNorth County
13.10Shayne McIntyre5:21.98aOld Mill Senior
14.9Jimmy Shipley5:28.89aSeverna Park
15.9Josh Blake5:35.59aPerry Hall
16.9Jose Cruz5:36.15aPerry Hall
17.9Andre Brummitt5:37.04aNorth County
18.9Ben Snyder5:43.99aPikesville
19.9Nick Short5:45.28aNorth County
20.11Ryeheem Robinson5:47.33aOwings Mills
21.10Justin Lavenroth5:49.24aNorth County
22.10Ryan Mcgahgan5:53.02aNortheast-AA
23.9John Hobson6:02.35aNortheast-AA
24.9Daniel Wade6:30.97aNorth County
25.10Marcus Dentley6:36.61Northeast-AA
26.12Matt Pomerantz6:38.03aGlen Burnie
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brendan Cooley10:13.33aSeverna Park
2.9Sam Pershall10:55.04aSeverna Park
3.10Nathan Roe10:58.56aSeverna Park
4.12Jeffrey Sommer11:03.81aPikesville
5.11Connor Whitney11:05.53aSeverna Park
6.11Nick Tountasakis11:15.19aSeverna Park
7.11Shaquille Gittens12:04.53aPikesville
8.10Dan Overtoom12:12.17aPerry Hall
9.10Adam Jenkins12:27.20aParkville
10.12Matt Pomerantz15:01.94aGlen Burnie
--9Jordan CoatesDQPerry Hall
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ian Queen8.39aGlen Burnie
2.12Nigel Rucker8.49aParkville
3.12Roy Garland8.58aOwings Mills
4.12Blair Robinson8.84aOld Mill Senior
5.12Steve Wiley9.21aOld Mill Senior
6.11Marcus Gilbert9.41aOwings Mills
7.12Danny Blue9.81aParkville
8.9Andrey Williams10.26aSouthern-AA
9.11Shawn Wurzberger10.83aNorth County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:35.25aNorth County
2.-Relay Team 1:35.76aNew Town
3.-Relay Team 1:38.69aPerry Hall
4.-Relay Team 1:39.10aOwings Mills
5.-Relay Team 1:39.32aNortheast-AA
6.-Relay Team 1:39.77aOld Mill Senior
7.-Relay Team 1:39.87aSeverna Park
8.-Relay Team 1:40.82aParkville
9.-Relay Team 1:43.99aNew Town
10.-Relay Team 1:46.29aSouthern-AA
11.-Relay Team 1:46.95aNortheast-AA
12.-Relay Team 1:47.04aSeverna Park
13.-Relay Team 1:48.91aNorth County
14.-Relay Team 1:51.44aOwings Mills
15.-Relay Team 1:51.65aParkville
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:42.12aNew Town
2.-Relay Team 3:45.35aOld Mill Senior
3.-Relay Team 3:45.56aSeverna Park
4.-Relay Team 3:46.75aNorth County
5.-Relay Team 3:47.16aParkville
6.-Relay Team 3:47.87aOwings Mills
7.-Relay Team 3:54.46aNortheast-AA
8.-Relay Team 3:59.30aPerry Hall
9.-Relay Team 4:05.33aGlen Burnie
10.-Relay Team 4:13.43aNew Town
11.-Relay Team 4:14.95aSeverna Park
12.-Relay Team 4:16.84aSouthern-AA
13.-Relay Team 4:18.39aNortheast-AA
14.-Relay Team 4:18.94aParkville
15.-Relay Team 4:20.84aNorth County
16.-Relay Team 4:55.31aPikesville
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:43.86aParkville
2.-Relay Team 9:08.19aPikesville
3.-Relay Team 9:10.11aOwings Mills
4.-Relay Team 9:11.42aSeverna Park
5.-Relay Team 9:19.88aOld Mill Senior
6.-Relay Team 9:22.99aNortheast-AA
7.-Relay Team 9:44.28aPerry Hall
8.-Relay Team 9:45.08aParkville
9.-Relay Team 9:57.01aNew Town
10.-Relay Team 10:07.78aOld Mill Senior
11.-Relay Team 10:56.70aPikesville
12.-Relay Team 11:02.56aSouthern-AA
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12William Blandon46-02.00North County
2.11Donovan Smith44-10.00Owings Mills
3.12Rodney Johnson44-00.00North County
4.11Gakeem Williams38-03.75Owings Mills
5.10Travis Costa37-00.25Northeast-AA
6.11Jordan Bowser35-08.75Perry Hall
7.11Lewis Braml35-07.00Perry Hall
8.10Austin Robinson35-02.00Perry Hall
9.10Roger Bergeron33-09.75Northeast-AA
10.12Kevin Minn33-08.00Pikesville
11.12Renard Barton33-02.25Glen Burnie
12.12Johnathon Heggins32-05.00Owings Mills
13.10Chris Morneau32-03.00Severna Park
14.11Austin Pearson31-06.50Parkville
15.-Cole Tasker31-00.75Southern-AA
16.-John Booker30-00.25Southern-AA
17.-Joseph Wilson29-10.75Northeast-AA
18.11Tom Miller29-00.25Severna Park
19.10Brian Grossman28-02.00Pikesville
20.11Matt Urban27-07.50Severna Park
21.10Matthew Bacot26-10.50North County
22.12Pete Johnson25-08.00Severna Park
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Roy Garland6-00.00Owings Mills
2.12Austin Roche5-10.00Perry Hall
3.11Corey Cutler5-10.00Pikesville
4.11Rodney Spears5-06.00Perry Hall
5.12Mark Dushel5-06.00Severna Park
6.9Andrey Williams5-04.00Southern-AA
7.12David Johnson5-04.00Pikesville
8.11Shawn Wurzberger5-00.00North County
--11Dan ShearNHPikesville
--11Rudy StewartNHPerry Hall
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Sullivan12-01.00Southern-AA
2.10Ian Gancarz10-06.00Old Mill Senior
3.11Guy Metzler10-00.00Old Mill Senior
4.-Tyler Dustin9-06.00Southern-AA
5.10Elliott Burton9-00.00Old Mill Senior
6.10Dillon Posten8-00.00Old Mill Senior
7.9Joshua Dagg7-06.00Old Mill Senior
8.11Ben Rankin7-00.00Southern-AA
--10Stanton BritcherNHPerry Hall
--10Jacob McQuayNHPerry Hall
--12Nick TannahillNHSeverna Park
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devin Joyce19-08.00Severna Park
2.12Eric Pindell18-03.00Old Mill Senior
3.10Dylan Turbyville18-01.00Severna Park
4.12Markus Allen17-04.00Glen Burnie
5.12Zach Goldberg15-08.50Severna Park
6.9Jed Gonzalez14-05.00Old Mill Senior
7.10Shawn Li14-04.50Severna Park
8.9Deitric Wilson13-11.00Old Mill Senior
9.10Kyle Kissling13-02.00Old Mill Senior
10.-Antonio Pitocco10-05.00Old Mill Senior
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Pindell37-03.00Old Mill Senior
2.12Steve Wiley33-06.00Old Mill Senior

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mykael Dixon7.67aPikesville
2.11Taylor Parson7.75aOld Mill Senior
3.12Natasha Rucker7.78aOld Mill Senior
4.10Destiny Johnson7.96aParkville
5.11Rachel Mia7.97aSeverna Park
6.11Kyera Downing8.01aGlen Burnie
7.10Shanna Brooks8.01aPerry Hall
8.9Thelma Ejimofor8.03aPerry Hall
9.10Emily Jaffe8.06aOwings Mills
10.12Christina Johnson8.11aParkville
11.10Kelsey Terrell8.14aOld Mill Senior
12.11Brittany Bailey8.15aOld Mill Senior
13.11Shakyra Hardy8.22aPerry Hall
14.10Anissa Durham8.31aOld Mill Senior
15.10Tineria Thomas8.32aParkville
16.10K-La New8.38aNew Town
17.11Jasmine Washington8.39aNorth County
18.11Danielle Hayden8.40aSeverna Park
18.10Brittany Guy8.40aNorth County
20.10Courtney Phillips8.42aPikesville
21.11Rachael Allen8.54aOwings Mills
22.10Wynter Brown8.55aNorth County
23.10Victoria Reyes8.57aSeverna Park
24.11Brooke Mackall8.64aGlen Burnie
25.10Chakiera Shields8.68aNorth County
26.-Lauren Fletcher8.79aSouthern-AA
27.11Simone Briscoe8.80aPikesville
28.9Sydney Weiss8.82aPikesville
29.10Tonae Lee8.86aNew Town
30.11Luere Mack8.92aParkville
31.9Kathleen Hynes9.04aSouthern-AA
32.12Joy Burley9.19aNew Town
32.12Brittany Lee9.19aSouthern-AA
34.-Lily Judge9.31aSouthern-AA
35.10Tia Hammack9.32aNorth County
36.10Brittany Rigsbee9.40aSouthern-AA
37.-Jennifer Walker9.63aSouthern-AA
--11Shiniece CrawleyDQNew Town
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mykael Dixon44.58aPikesville
2.11Takera Smalley44.99aPikesville
3.12Natasha Rucker45.15aOld Mill Senior
4.11Taylor Parson45.60aOld Mill Senior
5.10Destiny Johnson45.86aParkville
6.11Rachel Mia46.40aSeverna Park
7.9Shannon Oneal46.42aSeverna Park
8.12Sashique Dillon46.86aGlen Burnie
9.10Shai Weathers46.90aGlen Burnie
10.11Bria Bryant47.56aGlen Burnie
11.11Cass Salvo47.60aPerry Hall
12.11Kayla Borrero47.84aNortheast-AA
13.10Tineria Thomas47.98aParkville
13.12Afiya Alleyne47.98aPerry Hall
15.9Alexis Dillard48.01aNew Town
16.11Abby Molofsky48.52aPikesville
17.11Shakyra Hardy48.55aPerry Hall
18.11Kimberly Duhaney48.68aOwings Mills
19.10K-La New49.06aNew Town
20.9Lacey Kurlander49.20aPikesville
21.11Fanneiette Kawaley49.35aNortheast-AA
22.11Kayla Bell49.48aNew Town
23.9Angela Fratino49.84aSouthern-AA
24.11Eboni Fox49.97aNew Town
25.9Lara Hodak50.64aOld Mill Senior
26.10Chakiera Shields51.14aNorth County
27.12Alexis Cowing51.28aSeverna Park
28.9Raenell Dorsey51.34aNorth County
29.10Brittany Guy51.35aNorth County
30.9Ebony Gervin52.00aNorth County
31.-Brittney Freeman52.49aNortheast-AA
32.11Bria Mann52.70aNortheast-AA
33.10Wynter Brown53.18aNorth County
34.11Abby Bearer53.31aSouthern-AA
35.-Trish Mandrich54.72aSouthern-AA
36.10Tonae Lee54.93aNew Town
37.10Chen'elle Wilson57.62aOwings Mills
38.10Tia Hammack57.74aNorth County
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Freeman1:28.24aOld Mill Senior
2.11Cass Salvo1:28.26aPerry Hall
3.11Lindsay Holland1:28.98aNorth County
4.12Afiya Alleyne1:32.56aPerry Hall
5.9Molly MacIntire1:33.28aSeverna Park
6.11Keyona Anthony1:36.00aPikesville
7.12Jazmine Holland1:36.11aOld Mill Senior
8.12Jara Title1:36.12aPikesville
9.9Ebony Gervin1:36.29aNorth County
10.9Kristen Puckett1:36.80aNew Town
11.9Raenell Dorsey1:40.14aNorth County
12.11Jasmine King1:42.25aGlen Burnie
13.10Zoe Vranish1:43.08aOld Mill Senior
14.11Nina Horodowicz1:43.33aPikesville
15.11Mykee Lumibao1:43.94aParkville
16.9Kathleen Hynes1:48.29aSouthern-AA
17.10Katie Crane1:48.45aParkville
18.10Katie Fletcher1:54.12aParkville
19.9Jennifer Raymundo2:03.26aNew Town
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindsay Holland2:33.39aNorth County
2.11Kayla Borrero2:43.29aNortheast-AA
3.12Sumaria Tribble2:47.02aOwings Mills
4.12Jara Title2:49.28aPikesville
5.10Laurie Fisher2:59.14aPikesville
6.10Terri Schwitalla3:02.83aSeverna Park
7.12Ashley Sturgill3:03.90aNortheast-AA
8.11Nina Horodowicz3:04.63aPikesville
9.12Jessi Bond3:06.83aOld Mill Senior
10.10Lydie Tubene3:07.01aOld Mill Senior
11.11Katrina Moore3:07.48aSouthern-AA
12.10Lauren Moyer3:20.39aParkville
13.9Ebony Gervin3:20.50aNorth County
14.9Mercy Onayiga3:30.54aGlen Burnie
15.9Raenell Dorsey3:34.09aNorth County
16.11Laureanne Bard3:35.93aParkville
17.-Tia Spears3:42.64aGlen Burnie
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindsay Holland5:53.30aNorth County
2.10Stephanie Honig6:20.21aPikesville
3.11Marissa Friedman6:21.84aOwings Mills
4.11Tammy Walsky6:32.50aPikesville
5.12Ashley Sturgill6:35.37aNortheast-AA
6.9Claire Chamberlin6:35.95aSeverna Park
7.9Katie Olson6:38.12aPerry Hall
8.10Jen Stachowiak6:39.83aPerry Hall
9.12Jessi Bond6:40.79aOld Mill Senior
10.9Martina Costagliola6:42.07aSeverna Park
11.9Maeve Donohue6:42.88aSeverna Park
12.9Elizabeth Nalepa6:44.27aSeverna Park
13.10Lydie Tubene6:45.58aOld Mill Senior
14.9Megan Tracey7:03.77aOwings Mills
15.11Katrina Moore7:06.55aSouthern-AA
16.10Lauren Moyer7:17.19aParkville
17.11Alice Mitnick7:20.14aOwings Mills
18.9Rohini Bahethi7:20.15aSeverna Park
19.-Tia Spears7:53.62aGlen Burnie
20.9Jenna Fisher8:03.18aSeverna Park
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maddie Clouser13:03.47aSeverna Park
2.11Lauren Schoener13:23.53aSeverna Park
3.11Angelina Sprecher13:30.21aOld Mill Senior
4.9Ellen Coe14:20.66aSeverna Park
5.9Sierra Knoch14:37.88aSeverna Park
6.10Grace Taylor14:59.09aSeverna Park
7.10Rebecca Dreizen15:03.33aOwings Mills
8.9Bridget Sundel15:04.08aSeverna Park
9.11Kathleen Saunders15:12.54aSeverna Park
10.9Grace Donoue15:29.17aSeverna Park
11.11Laureanne Bard15:59.63aParkville
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexis Franklin8.85aOld Mill Senior
2.12Christina Johnson10.11aParkville
3.12Megan Irminger10.34aSeverna Park
4.11Danielle Hayden10.36aSeverna Park
5.10Shanna Brooks10.38aPerry Hall
6.11Jasmine Washington10.65aNorth County
7.12Becky Selle11.07aSeverna Park
8.9Rebecca Feliciano11.15aOld Mill Senior
9.12Stevie Blake11.30aNortheast-AA
10.9Shawdae Frederick11.44aPerry Hall
11.10Chakiera Shields11.52aNorth County
12.10Mykael Dixon11.63aPikesville
13.10Karima Hilliard11.90aOld Mill Senior
14.12Rebecca Klado12.73aPerry Hall
15.9Nada Natafgi12.78aNorth County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:53.50aOld Mill Senior
2.-Relay Team 1:53.63aOld Mill Senior
3.-Relay Team 1:54.42aGlen Burnie
4.-Relay Team 1:57.21aParkville
5.-Relay Team 1:58.32aPerry Hall
6.-Relay Team 1:59.64aSeverna Park
7.-Relay Team 2:00.09aNew Town
8.-Relay Team 2:03.15aNorth County
9.-Relay Team 2:03.28aOwings Mills
10.-Relay Team 2:03.51aPikesville
11.-Relay Team 2:03.57aSeverna Park
12.-Relay Team 2:04.62aOld Mill Senior
13.-Relay Team 2:07.07aNortheast-AA
14.-Relay Team 2:07.93aSouthern-AA
15.-Relay Team 2:14.74aNew Town
16.-Relay Team 2:23.17aSouthern-AA
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:26.18aOld Mill Senior
2.-Relay Team 4:28.54aPikesville
3.-Relay Team 4:39.36aSeverna Park
4.-Relay Team 4:40.94aParkville
5.-Relay Team 4:47.09aGlen Burnie
6.-Relay Team 4:55.06aSeverna Park
7.-Relay Team 4:56.94aPerry Hall
8.-Relay Team 4:58.42aOld Mill Senior
9.-Relay Team 5:06.97aOwings Mills
10.-Relay Team 5:21.47aNew Town
11.-Relay Team 5:39.74aParkville
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:11.81aSeverna Park
2.-Relay Team 11:46.43aPerry Hall
3.-Relay Team 12:02.99aSeverna Park
4.-Relay Team 12:16.56aOld Mill Senior
5.-Relay Team 13:31.84aParkville
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandi Hurtt32-00.25Pikesville
2.11Sharise Marshall30-07.00Parkville
3.11Keyona Anthony28-01.50Pikesville
4.12Jazmine Holland28-00.00Old Mill Senior
5.12Myka Curry25-02.25North County
6.12Michaline Bowen24-05.50Northeast-AA
7.10Amanda Reid24-02.50Northeast-AA
8.12Alexis Lamb23-09.00Old Mill Senior
9.9Bethany Studnicky23-08.25Severna Park
10.11Alicia Townes22-06.50Owings Mills
11.11Tyisse Baxter22-03.25Pikesville
12.10Taylor Dorsey20-11.25Owings Mills
13.9Elizabeth Nalepa20-11.00Severna Park
14.12Rebecca Klado20-10.75Perry Hall
15.10Victoria Reyes20-10.00Severna Park
16.12Julia Rudo19-06.00Owings Mills
17.11Brooke Mackall18-09.50Glen Burnie
18.11Mary Rizkallah18-06.50Parkville
19.-Ari Cruz18-04.50Glen Burnie
20.-Lisa Young17-02.75Old Mill Senior
21.-Jessica Abrams15-09.75Owings Mills
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Irminger4-04.00Severna Park
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sasha Smallwood11-06.00Pikesville
2.12Becky Selle8-00.00Severna Park
3.12Jazmine Holland8-00.00Old Mill Senior
4.12Marissa Meiklejohn8-00.00Old Mill Senior
--11Breanna ReynoldsNHSouthern-AA
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Becky Selle14-07.00Severna Park
2.12Crystal DeBeary14-00.00Old Mill Senior
3.10Suzie Horman13-06.50Severna Park
4.-Lauren Fletcher12-04.00Southern-AA
5.-Lily Judge11-03.00Southern-AA
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Crystal DeBeary31-08.00Old Mill Senior
2.10Suzie Horman29-04.00Severna Park
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