Sherwood Track Club Ice Breaker

Saturday, April 17, 2010
  Sherwood HS, Sherwood - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 9:00 AM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UKaden Fuller17.90Sherwood Track
8USolomon Bandy18.18Sherwood Track
8UTia Stormont18.59Sherwood Track
8UJesus Solis18.70Sherwood Track
8UKeelin Humble19.68Sherwood Track
8UJeffery Osborn20.00Sherwood Track
8ULuke Shaw20.19Sherwood Track
8UIssac Gall21.09Sherwood Track
8UMichael O'Neil21.29Sherwood Track
8UKyle Jarman23.00Sherwood Track
8UJoseph Volkmer23.64Sherwood Track
8UTucker House26.22Sherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Ian Stormont17.99Sherwood Track
9-10Joshua Quaglio18.47Sherwood Track
9-10Eli Engel19.33Sherwood Track
6.9-10Caleb Smith19.66cPace Setter Athletic
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Cody Stallsworth14.50Troutdale Track
11-12David Morris15.13Sherwood Track
11-12Cameron Huske15.42Sherwood Track
11-12Joshua Cooks16.16Troutdale Track
11-12Connor Grant16.53Sherwood Track
11-12Brooks Peden16.66Sherwood Track
11-12Alex Calhoun16.95Sherwood Track
11-12Michael Reimer17.02Sherwood Track
11-12Grant Law17.08Sherwood Track
11-12Timmy Harris17.22Sherwood Track
11-12Deklan Humble18.33Sherwood Track
6.11-12Jae Waddell18.31cPace Setter Athletic
11-12Garrett Schweigert18.79Sherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Hector Solis13.30Sherwood Track
13-14Samuel Swain15.84Sherwood Track
13-14Maxwell Swaim16.31Sherwood Track
13-14Jared Hawk16.66Sherwood Track
13-14Andrew Hurley17.29Sherwood Track
13-14Jay Dick17.86Sherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
15-16Cody Mitts12.68hPortland AC
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UKaden Fuller39.19Sherwood Track
8UTia Stormont40.12Sherwood Track
8UJase Derry41.07Sherwood Track
8UAndrew Allison42.99Sherwood Track
8UKeelin Humble43.69Sherwood Track
8UJeffery Osborn45.25Sherwood Track
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
2.9-10Jobadiah Malary33.35cPace Setter Athletic
9-10Garrett Hite38.28Sherwood Track
9-10Joshua Quaglio39.56Sherwood Track
9-10Ian Stormont39.53Sherwood Track
9-10Regan Palmer45.77Sherwood Track
X 200 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12David Morris29.21Sherwood Track
11-12Cameron Huske32.68Sherwood Track
11-12Brooks Peden33.83Sherwood Track
11-12Connor Grant34.80Sherwood Track
11-12Grant Law37.22Sherwood Track
11-12Garrett Schweigert39.58Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8USolomon Bandy1:27.04Sherwood Track
8UJase Derry1:33.10Sherwood Track
8UAndrew Allison1:34.90Sherwood Track
8UTia Stormont1:35.67Sherwood Track
8UJesus Solis1:38.84Sherwood Track
8UJoseph Volkmer1:43.99Sherwood Track
8UIssac Gall1:46.95Sherwood Track
8UKyle Jarman2:05.71Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Andy Craig1:29.22Sherwood Track
9-10Ian Stormont1:30.74Sherwood Track
9-10Mitchell Foster1:30.82Sherwood Track
9-10Regan Palmer1:50.95Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12David Morris1:07.36Sherwood Track
11-12Grant Ellsworth1:17.47Sherwood Track
4.11-12Jae Waddell1:18.26cPace Setter Athletic
11-12Alex Calhoun1:19.56Sherwood Track
11-12Nicholas Clark1:19.67Sherwood Track
11-12Jackson Hicken1:20.39Sherwood Track
11-12Deklan Humble1:21.35Sherwood Track
11-12Andrew Frerichs1:26.78Sherwood Track
11-12Connor Grant1:27.08Sherwood Track
11-12Chase Hagfeldt1:35.22Sherwood Track
11-12Joshua Johns1:35.21Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Aidan Giasson59.73Sherwood Track
13-14Spencer Grant1:10.35Sherwood Track
13-14Samuel Swain1:10.94Sherwood Track
13-14Cole McBride1:14.15Sherwood Track
13-14Maxwell Swaim1:15.38Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8USolomon Bandy3:18.77Sherwood Track
8UAndrew Allison3:27.68Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Cooper House3:40.13Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Nobuki Yaso3:11.38Sherwood Track
11-12Andrew Frerichs3:16.93Sherwood Track
11-12Anthony Bithell3:27.87Sherwood Track
11-12Matthew Schantin3:45.68Sherwood Track
11-12Dawson Burris4:00.97Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Cole McBride3:00.77Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Robert Schmidt6:29.8Sherwood Track
9-10Cooper House6:44.1Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Hunter Whitehead5:39.3Sherwood Track
11-12Deklan Humble5:43.3Sherwood Track
11-12Jackson Hicken5:59.6Sherwood Track
11-12Nobuki Yaso6:12.2Sherwood Track
11-12Andrew Frerichs6:27.4Sherwood Track
11-12Anthony Bithell6:40.7Sherwood Track
11-12Matthew Schantin7:11.3Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Hayden Scott4:52.4Bowerman Athletic
13-14Jacob Barnett4:56.8Troutdale Track
13-14Spencer Grant5:09.7Sherwood Track
13-14William Larsson6:09.2Sherwood Track
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Finals
11-12Cody Stallsworth16.70Troutdale Track
11-12Dennis Spencer17.96Troutdale Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Youth - Finals
13-14Hutu Spencer17.26Troutdale Track
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Intermediate - Finals
15-16Cody Mitts22.13hPortland AC
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Kirk Scott25' 6.25"Bowerman Athletic
9-10Ethan Kelley16'0"Sherwood Track
9-10Ian Stormont12'1"Sherwood Track
9-10Regan Palmer11'7"Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
11-12Brady Pierce25'5"Sherwood Track
11-12Quentin Kelley23'1"Sherwood Track
X Discus - 1kg - Midget - Finals
11-12Brady Pierce72'6"Sherwood Track
11-12Quentin Kelley48'9"Sherwood Track
11-12Chase Hagfeldt39'1.5"Sherwood Track
11-12Nicholas Clark38'0"Sherwood Track
11-12Jayden Cuthbertson35'5"Sherwood Track
11-12Dylan Block31'0"Sherwood Track
11-12Isaac Wilson27'5.5"Sherwood Track
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
13-14Hector Solis82'0"Sherwood Track
13-14Ryan Blickfeldt71'00"Sherwood Track
13-14Jay Dick30'0"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UMichael O'Neil38'2"Sherwood Track
8UKyle Jarman37'6"Sherwood Track
8UTia Stormont32'3"Sherwood Track
8UJase Derry27'4"Sherwood Track
8UJeffery Osborn21'2"Sherwood Track
8UTucker House18'2"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Kirk Scott92'4"Bowerman Athletic
9-10Garrett Hite79'9"Sherwood Track
9-10Ethan Kelley57'3"Sherwood Track
9-10Eli Engel53'3"Sherwood Track
9-10Joshua Quaglio44'9"Sherwood Track
9-10Mitchell Foster41'8"Sherwood Track
9-10Robert Schmidt38'11"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Midget - Finals
11-12Quentin Kelley77'4"Sherwood Track
11-12Hunter Whitehead76'10"Sherwood Track
11-12Cameron Huske71'6"Sherwood Track
11-12Dennis Spencer69Troutdale Track
11-12Joshua Cooks66Troutdale Track
11-12Will Newberry64'7"Sherwood Track
11-12Michael Reimer63'11"Sherwood Track
11-12Dawson Burris60'10"Sherwood Track
11-12Timmy Harris58'8"Sherwood Track
11-12Garrett Schweigert51'1"Sherwood Track
11-12Jayden Cuthbertson37'6"Sherwood Track
11-12Dylan Block36'10"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 600g - Youth - Finals
13-14Hector Solis86'11"Sherwood Track
13-14Ryan Blickfeldt85'4.5Sherwood Track
13-14Hayden Scott74'4.25"Bowerman Athletic
13-14Jared Hawk52'2.5"Sherwood Track
13-14Andrew Hurley33'4.25"Sherwood Track
X High Jump - Bantam - Finals
9-10Garrett Hite3'6"Sherwood Track
9-10Ethan Kelley3'2"Sherwood Track
9-10Matthew Lazo3'0"Sherwood Track
9-10Cooper House3'0"Sherwood Track
X High Jump - Midget - Finals
11-12Brooks Peden4'2"Sherwood Track
11-12Grant Law3'10"Sherwood Track
11-12Chase Hagfeldt3'6"Sherwood Track
11-12Quentin Kelley3'4"Sherwood Track
11-12Isaac WilsonNHSherwood Track
X Long Jump - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UIssac Gall7'8"Sherwood Track
8UKaden Fuller7'6"Sherwood Track
8UTia Stormont7'0"Sherwood Track
8UKeelin Humble6'9"Sherwood Track
8UMichael O'Neil6'4"Sherwood Track
8UJoseph Volkmer5'9"Sherwood Track
8UKyle Jarman4'11"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Bantam - Finals
9-10Robert Schmidt9'4"Sherwood Track
9-10Andy Craig8'1"Sherwood Track
9-10Matthew Lazo7'6.5"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Midget - Finals
11-12Brooks Peden11'1"Sherwood Track
11-12Matthew Schantin11'1"Sherwood Track
11-12Grant Law10'3"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
13-14Ryan Blickfeldt12'8.5"Sherwood Track
13-14Hector Solis12'5"Sherwood Track
13-14Jay Dick7'11"Sherwood Track

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UJamela Ahmed17.46Allegiance Athletic
8UAlana Giasson18.48Sherwood Track
8UVanessa Van Winkle18.50Sherwood Track
8UMadison Brown18.54Sherwood Track
8UHannah Ettelstein18.53Sherwood Track
4.8UCynthia Waddell19.13cPace Setter Athletic
8UTaryn Kelley19.24Sherwood Track
8UCortay Wallace19.44Allegiance Athletic
8UCambria Hagfeldt19.86Sherwood Track
8UBreanna Hastin19.91Sherwood Track
8UJoley Sproul20.10Sherwood Track
8ULindsey Vaternick20.11Sherwood Track
8UAmarei Bandy20.13Sherwood Track
8UBrianna Thompson20.28Sherwood Track
8UCortney Wallace20.51Allegiance Athletic
8USidney Sproul20.65Sherwood Track
8UKassandra Gomez21.13Allegiance Athletic
8UAshlyn Mylander22.36Sherwood Track
8UJulianna Johns30.20Sherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Aliyah Brown15.61Allegiance Athletic
9-10Natalie Harris16.50Sherwood Track
9-10Gabrielle Domier16.46Sherwood Track
9-10Mya Brazile16.70Allegiance Athletic
9-10Daryn Hickock16.73Allegiance Athletic
9-10Paige Block16.96Sherwood Track
2.9-10Whitney Waddell17.29cPace Setter Athletic
9-10Faith Gaither17.83Sherwood Track
9-10Peyton Carl18.14Sherwood Track
9-10Sophie Larsson18.80Sherwood Track
9-10Riley Holmes20.72Sherwood Track
9-10Audrea Dick22.33Sherwood Track
11-12Vanessa HuffmanNTSherwood Track
9-10Abigail VolkmerntSherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12N'Dea Flye14.91Allegiance Athletic
9-10Sydney Kelly15.14Allegiance Athletic
11-12Jennifer Osborn15.39Sherwood Track
11-12Helena Elkins15.44Sherwood Track
11-12Alyssa Walker15.42Sherwood Track
11-12Taylor Bennett15.65Sherwood Track
11-12Da'Shawna Campbell15.97Allegiance Athletic
11-12Naomi Valle-Jimenez15.96Allegiance Athletic
11-12Jada Matthews16.11Allegiance Athletic
11-12Emma Burridge16.31Sherwood Track
11-12Emma Tognoli16.74Sherwood Track
11-12Kalaiza Mitchell16.79Allegiance Athletic
11-12Kianna O'Sullivan17.11Sherwood Track
11-12Alison Shaw17.39Sherwood Track
11-12Olivia Carter-Howard17.45Allegiance Athletic
11-12Kiara Myers18.04Sherwood Track
11-12Emmy Hensley18.31Sherwood Track
11-12McKenzie JarmanNTSherwood Track
11-12Megan AllenNTSherwood Track
11-12Catherine AllisonNTSherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Keylee Junkin14.83Sherwood Track
13-14Abigale Spencer15.14Troutdale Track
13-14Rebekah Quaglio15.19Sherwood Track
13-14Ramla Hasan15.24Allegiance Athletic
13-14Kamila Harbick15.35Sherwood Track
13-14Yuki Sheehan15.45Sherwood Track
13-14Mikala Otto15.55Sherwood Track
13-14Ella Gyerko15.58Troutdale Track
13-14Olivia Chastain15.66Sherwood Track
13-14Charity Doyel15.96Sherwood Track
13-14Safia Salah15.97Allegiance Athletic
13-14Busra Muse16.02Allegiance Athletic
13-14Avery Pierce16.09Sherwood Track
13-14Syndey Hutton17.69Sherwood Track
13-14Erica Richardson18.23Sherwood Track
13-14Sam McKibbon18.79Sherwood Track
13-14Sydney Hughes19.02Sherwood Track
13-14Lena CottrellNTSherwood Track
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UJamela Ahmed44.24Allegiance Athletic
8UCortay Wallace46.51Allegiance Athletic
8UCortney Wallace48.91Allegiance Athletic
8UKassandra Gomez50.10Allegiance Athletic
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Natalie Harris34.21Sherwood Track
9-10Daryn Hickock34.99Allegiance Athletic
9-10Gabrielle Domier35.77Sherwood Track
9-10Mya Brazile38.22Allegiance Athletic
9-10Faith Gaither39.04Sherwood Track
9-10Josephine Matti40.43Sherwood Track
8UCambria Hagfeldt46.48Sherwood Track
X 200 Meters - Midget - Finals
13-14Tori Sibley30.99Allegiance Athletic
11-12N'Dea Flye31.16Allegiance Athletic
11-12Jennifer Osborn31.25Sherwood Track
13-14Harraine Chavers31.69Allegiance Athletic
11-12N'Dea Flye31.96Allegiance Athletic
11-12Alyssa Walker32.07Sherwood Track
13-14Taesharrell Henry32.19Allegiance Athletic
9-10Sydney Kelly32.30Allegiance Athletic
13-14Busra Muse33.15Allegiance Athletic
11-12Jada Matthews33.58Allegiance Athletic
11-12Taylor Bennett33.65Sherwood Track
11-12Da'Shawna Campbell33.73Allegiance Athletic
11-12Naomi Valle-Jimenez33.84Allegiance Athletic
13-14Safia Salah34.29Allegiance Athletic
13-14Ciara Mitchell-Phillips34.44Allegiance Athletic
11-12Cianna Swafford34.72Allegiance Athletic
11-12Emma Tognoli36.55Sherwood Track
11-12Emmy Hensley37.71Sherwood Track
11-12Zahira Ahmed37.90Allegiance Athletic
11-12Kianna O'Sullivan38.10Sherwood Track
11-12Megan Allen38.21Sherwood Track
11-12Alison Shaw39.46Sherwood Track
11-12Olivia Carter-Howard39.71Allegiance Athletic
11-12Audrey Holmes43.95Sherwood Track
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Sydney Hughes32.15Sherwood Track
13-14Rebekah Quaglio32.89Sherwood Track
13-14Mikala Otto32.97Sherwood Track
13-14Abigale Spencer33.16Troutdale Track
13-14Avery Pierce33.47Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UKacie Schmidt1:32.34Sherwood Track
2.8UCynthia Waddell1:36cPace Setter Athletic
8UBreanna Hastin1:36.75Sherwood Track
8UCambria Hagfeldt1:38.84Sherwood Track
8ULindsey Vaternick1:44.21Sherwood Track
8UMaggie Whitehead1:46.56Sherwood Track
8UAmarei Bandy1:55.10Sherwood Track
8UAshlyn Mylander2:15.71Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Gabrielle Domier1:20.75Sherwood Track
2.9-10Whitney Waddell1:21cPace Setter Athletic
9-10Josephine Matti1:34.01Sherwood Track
9-10Abigail Volkmer1:35.75Sherwood Track
9-10Abby Smith1:35.85Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Jennifer Osborn1:09.33Sherwood Track
11-12Elizabeth Herbes1:10.42Bowerman Athletic
11-12Alyssa Walker1:11.75Sherwood Track
11-12Megan Allen1:20.05Sherwood Track
11-12McKenzie Jarman1:29.34Sherwood Track
11-12Morgan Smith1:33.85Sherwood Track
11-12Alyssa Gorski1:34.54Sherwood Track
11-12Catherine Allison1:37.84Sherwood Track
11-12Madison Smith1:39.17Sherwood Track
11-12Rachel Sorum1:40.24Sherwood Track
11-12Audrey Holmes1:42.00Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14MacKenzie Pettingill1:10.66Troutdale Track
13-14Emily Edmunds1:15.13Sherwood Track
13-14Calista Thompson1:17.48Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UKacie Schmidt3:33.19Sherwood Track
8UBrianna Thompson3:39.15Sherwood Track
8UVanessa Van Winkle3:40.80Sherwood Track
8ULindsey Vaternick4:00.09Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Olivia Van Winkle3:24.36Sherwood Track
9-10Paige Block3:52.12Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Alyssa Gorski3:32.46Sherwood Track
11-12Aireanna Anderson3:58.57Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Emily Edmunds3:03.53Sherwood Track
13-14Annika Holstrom3:04.15Sherwood Track
13-14Calista Thompson3:10.45Sherwood Track
13-14Bridgett Palmer3:18.76Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
15-16Zia Matti2:54.26Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Olivia Van Winkle6:24.00Sherwood Track
9-10Farleigh Whitehead7:27.00Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Katie Leavy6:18.12Sherwood Track
11-12Emily Barnett6:20.8Troutdale Track
X 1500 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Laura Herbes5:45.5Bowerman Athletic
13-14Annika Holstrom5:56.67Sherwood Track
13-14Caitlyn Alessi6:20.48Sherwood Track
13-14Bridgett Palmer6:41.29Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
15-16Zia Matti5:51.09Sherwood Track
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
13-14Abigale Spencer19.01Troutdale Track
13-14Mikala Otto20.23Sherwood Track
13-14Avery Pierce21.68Sherwood Track
X 4x100 Relay - Sub-Bantam - Finals
-Amarei Bandy
Brianna Thompson
Ashlyn Malander
Vanessa Van Winkle
1:24.63Sherwood Track
-Joley Sproul
Sidney Sproul
Maggie Whitehead
Hannah Ettelstein
1:26.92Sherwood Track
-Cambria Hagfeldt
Lindsey Vaternick
Kacie Schmidt
Julianna Johns
1:29.95Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
9-10Kiley Metzger12'10"Sherwood Track
9-10Marisa Clarke12'8"Sherwood Track
9-10Audrea Dick7'3"Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
11-12Haley Hamilton21'9"Sherwood Track
11-12Payge Cuthbertson20'1"Sherwood Track
11-12Michaela Domier19'5"Sherwood Track
11-12Aireanna Anderson15'10"Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth - Finals
13-14Elyse Cuthbertson29'1"Sherwood Track
13-14Tess Newberry23'2"Sherwood Track
13-14Charity Doyel21'10"Sherwood Track
13-14Jocelin Fewx21'3"Sherwood Track
13-14Yuki Sheehan18'11.5"Sherwood Track
X Discus - 1kg - Midget - Finals
11-12Michaela Domier48'1"Sherwood Track
11-12Haley Hamilton45'2"Sherwood Track
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
13-14MacKenzie Pettingill78' 4.5Troutdale Track
13-14Tess Newberry69'4"Sherwood Track
13-14Charity Doyel47'3.5"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8ULindsey Vaternick29'0"Sherwood Track
8UAlana Giasson26'1"Sherwood Track
8UTaryn Kelley25'11"Sherwood Track
8UJulianna Johns18'11"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Bantam - Finals
9-10Jada Pierce46'6"Allegiance Athletic
9-10Peyton Carl32'1"Sherwood Track
9-10Farleigh Whitehead30'0"Sherwood Track
9-10Kiley Metzger29'9"Sherwood Track
9-10Audrea Dick19'8"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Midget - Finals
11-12Kalaiza Mitchell96'4"Allegiance Athletic
11-12Payge Cuthbertson62'3.25"Sherwood Track
11-12McKenzie Jarman62'2.5"Sherwood Track
11-12Elizabeth Herbes50'1"Bowerman Athletic
11-12Emmy Hensley42'0.75"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 600g - Youth - Finals
13-14Elyse Cuthbertson76'7.5"Sherwood Track
13-14Lena Cottrell67'11.5"Sherwood Track
13-14Tess Newberry67'8"Sherwood Track
13-14Charity Doyel66'11"Sherwood Track
11-12Payge Cuthbertson54'5"Sherwood Track
13-14Jocelin Fewx36'10"Sherwood Track
13-14Erica Richardson27'7"Sherwood Track
X High Jump - Midget - Finals
11-12Emma Burridge4'2"Sherwood Track
11-12Helena Elkins3'10"Sherwood Track
11-12Catherine Allison3'2"Sherwood Track
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
13-14Olivia Chastain4'2"Sherwood Track
13-14Annika Holstrom4'2"Sherwood Track
13-14Yuki Sheehan4'0"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Sub-Bantam - Finals
9-10Jada Pierce8"2'Allegiance Athletic
8UAlana Giasson7'4"Sherwood Track
8UJoley Sproul7'3"Sherwood Track
8UTaryn Kelley6'5"Sherwood Track
8UKacie Schmidt6'0"Sherwood Track
8UVanessa Van Winkle5'10"Sherwood Track
8UCambria Hagfeldt5'10"Sherwood Track
8UHannah Ettelstein5'10"Sherwood Track
8UMadison Brown5'7"Sherwood Track
8USidney Sproul5'7"Sherwood Track
8UBrianna Thompson5'6"Sherwood Track
8UAshlyn Mylander5'4"Sherwood Track
8UBreanna Hastin3'5"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Bantam - Finals
9-10Gabrielle Domier11'2"Sherwood Track
9-10Paige Block8'10"Sherwood Track
9-10Faith Gaither8'5"Sherwood Track
9-10Abigail Volkmer8'3"Sherwood Track
9-10Sophie Larsson7'4"Sherwood Track
9-10Riley Holmes6'10"Sherwood Track
9-10Marisa Clarke6'2"Sherwood Track
9-10Josephine Matti6'1"Sherwood Track
9-10Audrea Dick4'9"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Midget - Finals
11-12Taylor Bennett11'10"Sherwood Track
11-12Megan Allen9'8"Sherwood Track
11-12Kiara Myers9'7"Sherwood Track
11-12Alison Shaw8'7"Sherwood Track
11-12Madison Giasson8'4"Sherwood Track
11-12Jamie Schaffran8'3"Sherwood Track
11-12Vanessa Huffman7'11"Sherwood Track
11-12Audrey Holmes7'7"Sherwood Track
11-12Rachel Sorum7'7"Sherwood Track
11-12Aireanna Anderson6'10"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
13-14Mikala Otto11'5"Sherwood Track
13-14Avery Pierce11'4"Sherwood Track
13-14Rebekah Quaglio9'11"Sherwood Track
13-14Brittany Schaffran9'5"Sherwood Track
13-14Allison Albee7'6"Sherwood Track
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