Wednesday, April 14, 2010

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:45 PM
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Arizona - Division I
IRHSIronwood Ridge
Arizona - Division II
CDOHCanyon Del Oro
Arizona - Division III
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zion Harvey11.22aAmphitheater
2.12Adrian Brahler11.41aIronwood Ridge
3.11Tyler Grammar11.45aIronwood Ridge
4.11Trevor Wesley11.63aIronwood Ridge
5.10Gaven DeFilippo12.26aAmphitheater
12Jared Tevis12.30aCanyon Del Oro
10Josh Brown12.40aCanyon Del Oro
6.11Eddie Smith12.40aCanyon Del Oro
9Alex Puckett13.11aCanyon Del Oro
10Daniel Cossette13.12aCanyon Del Oro
11David Catalano13.20aCanyon Del Oro
9Sang Lee13.23aCanyon Del Oro
11Brandon Blauser13.30aCanyon Del Oro
10Dante Harrison13.34aCanyon Del Oro
10Johnny Lander13.49aCanyon Del Oro
9Kevin Pina14.40aCanyon Del Oro
10Quintin KimeDNSCanyon Del Oro
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zion Harvey22.24aAmphitheater
2.12Adrian Brahler22.27aIronwood Ridge
3.11James Skillman23.21aCanyon Del Oro
4.11Trevor Wesley23.97aIronwood Ridge
5.12Jared Tevis24.44aCanyon Del Oro
10Johnny Diaz25.47aCanyon Del Oro
9Alex Puckett25.62aCanyon Del Oro
11Tyler Lamy25.77aCanyon Del Oro
10Daniel Cossette25.94aCanyon Del Oro
10Johnny Lander26.95aCanyon Del Oro
10Zachery Brown27.00aCanyon Del Oro
9Grant Werner27.11aCanyon Del Oro
11Tyler GrammarDNSIronwood Ridge
12Nigel HesseDNSIronwood Ridge
11Eddie SmithDNSCanyon Del Oro
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Skillman51.67aCanyon Del Oro
2.9Tyler Williams53.08aIronwood Ridge
3.12Jesus Orozco53.92aAmphitheater
4.12Nigel Hesse55.05aIronwood Ridge
5.11Juan Pantoja55.58aAmphitheater
6.10Sayre Stewart56.26aCanyon Del Oro
9Grant Werner58.46aCanyon Del Oro
10Zachery Brown60.58aCanyon Del Oro
11Tyler GrammarDNSIronwood Ridge
10Ethan WaltonDNSAmphitheater
9Grant WernerDNSCanyon Del Oro
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11James Skillman52.63Canyon Del Oro
12Gaizka Urreiztieta52.62Canyon Del Oro
11Lezo Urreiztieta54.05Canyon Del Oro
10Sayre Stewart54.13Canyon Del Oro
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steve Magnuson1:58.87aIronwood Ridge
2.11Daniel Wong2:00.72aCanyon Del Oro
3.12Chris Guyll2:02.53aIronwood Ridge
4.12Daniel Guyll2:02.80aIronwood Ridge
5.12Shea Devine2:05.60aCanyon Del Oro
6.12Jacob Winfield2:06.06aIronwood Ridge
7.9Jesse Wealing2:09.45aIronwood Ridge
8.10Lucas Rischar2:09.93aCanyon Del Oro
9.10Zach Kendall2:22.99aCanyon Del Oro
10.10Adam Hirschl2:40.68aAmphitheater
11.11Christian Sanchez2:47.25aAmphitheater
9Jeremy YoyetewaDNSAmphitheater
10Matthew YbarraDNSIronwood Ridge
9Michael JamesDNSIronwood Ridge
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Walter Hensley4:50.27aIronwood Ridge
2.12Steve Magnuson4:50.75aIronwood Ridge
3.11Alex Odenkirk4:56.13aIronwood Ridge
4.10John Winfield4:56.95aIronwood Ridge
5.10Royce Schlittenhart5:02.63aCanyon Del Oro
6.9August Bruno5:16.29aCanyon Del Oro
7.10Ben Cogdall5:33.28aIronwood Ridge
8.9Jeremy Yoyetewa5:33.53aAmphitheater
10Adam HirschlDNSAmphitheater
11Christian SanchezDNSAmphitheater
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Odenkirk10:53.58aIronwood Ridge
2.10John Winfield10:53.73aIronwood Ridge
3.12Steve Magnuson10:54.25aIronwood Ridge
4.9Walter Hensley10:55.27aIronwood Ridge
5.12Anthony Richardson11:26.01aIronwood Ridge
6.9August Bruno11:38.36aCanyon Del Oro
7.11Christian Sanchez11:48.58aAmphitheater
8.9Jeremy Yoyetewa12:20.79aAmphitheater
10Adam HirschlDNSAmphitheater
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lezo Urreiztieta15.37aCanyon Del Oro
9Quinton Tigges18.19aCanyon Del Oro
2.12Gaizka Urreiztieta18.45aCanyon Del Oro
3.9Jesse Wealing19.65aIronwood Ridge
9Justin Hawkins20.19aCanyon Del Oro
4.11Tre Norfleet20.51aIronwood Ridge
5.9Ted Magnuson21.27aIronwood Ridge
9Kevin Pina21.84aCanyon Del Oro
12Ryan PetersonDNFCanyon Del Oro
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gaizka Urreiztieta42.70aCanyon Del Oro
2.11Lezo Urreiztieta44.18aCanyon Del Oro
3.12Ryan Peterson44.33aCanyon Del Oro
11Tyler Lamy45.81aCanyon Del Oro
4.11Tre Norfleet48.37aIronwood Ridge
10Johnny Lander48.43aCanyon Del Oro
9Quinton Tigges48.58aCanyon Del Oro
9Justin Hawkins50.40aCanyon Del Oro
5.9Ted Magnuson51.02aIronwood Ridge
9Kevin Pina55.02aCanyon Del Oro
12Nathaniel CollinsDNSAmphitheater
9Devon OlivaresDNSIronwood Ridge
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Grammer
Adrian Brahler
Nigel Hesse
Trevor Wesley
42.64aIronwood Ridge
2.-Quintin Kime
Ryan Peterson
Josh Robbins
Gaizka Urreiztieta
44.21aCanyon Del Oro
3.-Zion Harvey
Jordan McMillan
Jesus Orozco
Julian Lara
4.-Eddie Smith
Tyler Lamy
Lezo Urreiztieta
Robert Metz
46.34aCanyon Del Oro
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shane Bostick
Adrian Brahler
Tyler Grammer
Tyler Williams
3:29.00aIronwood Ridge
2.-James Skillman
Gaizka Urreiztieta
Lezo Urreiztieta
Sayre Stewart
3:33.79aCanyon Del Oro
3.-James McCabe
Jesus Orozco
Juan Pantoja
Nathaniel Collins
4.-Robert Metz
Tyler Lamy
Jared Tevis
Quinton Tigges
3:45.69aCanyon Del Oro
5.-Relay Team 4:00.80aIronwood Ridge
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Guyll
Jacob Winfield
Daniel Guyll
Steve Magnuson
9:53.07aIronwood Ridge
2.-Homar Aguilar
Steve Aguilar
Adam Hirschl
Jeremy Yoyetewa
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11David Catalano46-07.75Canyon Del Oro
2.10Gaven DeFilippo43-05.75Amphitheater
3.12Raddy Hill43-03.00Amphitheater
4.10Austin Andrade40-05.00Amphitheater
5.11Tanner Todd39-09.50Ironwood Ridge
6.12Colby Tigges38-04.25Canyon Del Oro
7.12David Studer37-09.00Canyon Del Oro
8.11Clayton Mower37-04.00Canyon Del Oro
9.10CJ Pierce36-04.00Ironwood Ridge
10.12David Navarro35-03.00Canyon Del Oro
11.11Samuel Moore34-10.00Canyon Del Oro
12.11Nathaniel Kelley34-04.00Canyon Del Oro
13.11Matthew Wong32-08.50Canyon Del Oro
14.11Adam Collins32-08.00Canyon Del Oro
15.12Alex Whelch32-07.00Ironwood Ridge
16.9Sang Lee31-11.00Canyon Del Oro
17.9Quinton Tigges30-11.75Canyon Del Oro
18.9Trevor Eischeid30-07.50Ironwood Ridge
19.10Adrian Diaz30-04.50Canyon Del Oro
20.10Robert Rogers30-01.00Amphitheater
21.10Zell Tyler28-03.25Ironwood Ridge
22.10John Post27-06.50Ironwood Ridge
23.9Alexander Hartz25-11.00Amphitheater
24.9Daniel Studer23-05.00Canyon Del Oro
25.9Nick O'Brien23-04.75Canyon Del Oro
26.9Thomas Bolen22-04.50Amphitheater
27.9Steven Fowler22-02.50Canyon Del Oro
12Zander UriasSCRAmphitheater
9Rhett SutherlandSCRCanyon Del Oro
9Kevin PinaSCRCanyon Del Oro
11Steve AguilarSCRAmphitheater
12Kyle BerglundSCRCanyon Del Oro
12Homar AguilarSCRAmphitheater
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samuel Moore128-06Canyon Del Oro
2.11David Catalano122-07Canyon Del Oro
3.12Zander Urias114-00Amphitheater
4.12Homar Aguilar111-01Amphitheater
5.12Raddy Hill108-05Amphitheater
6.11Clayton Mower105-08Canyon Del Oro
7.10CJ Pierce104-09Ironwood Ridge
8.11Adam Collins95-08Canyon Del Oro
9.12David Studer95-03Canyon Del Oro
10.12Christian Gebbon94-09Ironwood Ridge
11.12Matt Walter89-06Ironwood Ridge
12.11Tanner Todd84-02Ironwood Ridge
13.12Alex Whelch84-01Ironwood Ridge
14.11Matthew Wong83-06Canyon Del Oro
15.9Trevor Eischeid77-07Ironwood Ridge
16.9Alexander Hartz77-04Amphitheater
17.9Kevin Pina73-09Canyon Del Oro
18.10Zell Tyler69-09Ironwood Ridge
19.10John Post69-08Ironwood Ridge
20.9Daniel Studer66-09Canyon Del Oro
21.10Robert Rogers66-06Amphitheater
22.9Nick O'Brien64-06Canyon Del Oro
23.10Adrian Diaz63-09Canyon Del Oro
24.9Thomas Bolen57-02Amphitheater
25.9Steven Fowler45-05Canyon Del Oro
9Rhett SutherlandSCRCanyon Del Oro
12Kyle BerglundSCRCanyon Del Oro
11Nathaniel KelleySCRCanyon Del Oro
11Steve AguilarSCRAmphitheater
12James McCabeSCRAmphitheater
10Austin AndradeSCRAmphitheater
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Robbins6-02.00Canyon Del Oro
2.12Shane Bostick6-00.00Ironwood Ridge
3.10Julian Lara5-10.00Amphitheater
4.9John Klass5-08.00Ironwood Ridge
5.12Jared Tevis5-04.00Canyon Del Oro
6.9Grant Werner4-10.00Canyon Del Oro
7.10Johnny Diaz4-10.00Canyon Del Oro
10Tucker ScolmanNHIronwood Ridge
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hunter Babler11-06.00Canyon Del Oro
2.10Sayre Stewart11-00.00Canyon Del Oro
3.11Tre Norfleet9-06.00Ironwood Ridge
10Jake TaylorSCRIronwood Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Robbins21-00.25Canyon Del Oro
2.10Quintin Kime18-11.25Canyon Del Oro
3.11Eddie Smith18-10.50Canyon Del Oro
4.10Robert Metz18-07.50Canyon Del Oro
5.10Josh Brown18-07.00Canyon Del Oro
6.12James McCabe17-10.00Amphitheater
7.10Julian Lara17-07.50Amphitheater
8.12Nathaniel Collins17-05.50Amphitheater
8.10Jorge Castro Maldonado17-05.50Canyon Del Oro
10.9Sang Lee17-03.00Canyon Del Oro
11.10Johnny Lander16-11.50Canyon Del Oro
12.10Johnny Diaz16-02.00Canyon Del Oro
13.9John Klass16-01.50Ironwood Ridge
13.10Andrew Knigge16-01.50Canyon Del Oro
15.10Daniel Cossette15-05.00Canyon Del Oro
16.9Grant Werner15-03.50Canyon Del Oro
17.9Cody Peterson15-03.00Canyon Del Oro
18.10Ethan Walton15-01.00Amphitheater
19.10Zachery Brown14-06.25Canyon Del Oro
20.9Cameron Nelson14-04.25Ironwood Ridge
21.11David Catalano14-03.75Canyon Del Oro
22.10Tucker Scolman14-03.00Ironwood Ridge
23.10Carlos Sanchez13-08.00Canyon Del Oro
24.9Shawn Strash12-10.50Ironwood Ridge
25.9Thomas Bolen11-05.25Amphitheater
12Jesus OrozcoSCRAmphitheater
9Alex PuckettSCRCanyon Del Oro
10Dante HarrisonSCRCanyon Del Oro
12Kyle BerglundSCRCanyon Del Oro
9Paul GoodridgeSCRIronwood Ridge
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Robbins42-11.25Canyon Del Oro
2.12Shane Bostick42-00.25Ironwood Ridge
3.10Robert Metz40-04.50Canyon Del Oro
4.10Josh Brown39-07.00Canyon Del Oro
5.10Quintin Kime38-05.75Canyon Del Oro
6.10Jorge Castro Maldonado36-11.50Canyon Del Oro
7.9Sang Lee34-01.00Canyon Del Oro
8.9Cody Peterson33-10.50Canyon Del Oro
9.10Johnny Diaz33-01.00Canyon Del Oro
10.10Andrew Knigge31-09.50Canyon Del Oro
11.10Daniel Cossette30-09.00Canyon Del Oro
12.10Zachery Brown29-04.50Canyon Del Oro
13.10Dante Harrison28-02.25Canyon Del Oro
14.9Thomas Bolen25-05.00Amphitheater

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jaide Stepter12.79aCanyon Del Oro
2.12Jaclyn Zibrat12.90aIronwood Ridge
3.10Abbey Barbera13.01aIronwood Ridge
4.10Cami Barbera13.33aIronwood Ridge
5.10Alexandra Klasen13.78aCanyon Del Oro
10Olivia Goff14.03aCanyon Del Oro
6.10Domino Mannheim14.20aCanyon Del Oro
9Jantzen Hale14.32aCanyon Del Oro
11Ali Payan14.92aCanyon Del Oro
11Alexandria Martinez14.96aCanyon Del Oro
7.11Nikki Bravo14.96aAmphitheater
11Edith Sosa14.99aCanyon Del Oro
9Haley Blauser15.30aCanyon Del Oro
12Alkyrie Wellington15.34aCanyon Del Oro
10Jaycee Reidhead15.36aCanyon Del Oro
9Shawndra Weiler15.38aCanyon Del Oro
11Allison Dutson15.41aCanyon Del Oro
10Amanda Sawyer15.42aCanyon Del Oro
8.9Elizabeth Huntley15.56aAmphitheater
10Danielle Floyd15.88aCanyon Del Oro
9.10Tori Tang15.92aAmphitheater
10Katrina Vandergraaf15.97aCanyon Del Oro
10Sara McMahon16.02aCanyon Del Oro
10Savannah Plaisted16.02aCanyon Del Oro
10Hannah Fox16.04aCanyon Del Oro
10Erin Benke16.42aCanyon Del Oro
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jaide Stepter25.59aCanyon Del Oro
2.12Jaclyn Zibrat26.21aIronwood Ridge
3.11Kalyn Humphrey28.39aCanyon Del Oro
10Olivia Goff28.65aCanyon Del Oro
10Kristen Mawhirter30.38aCanyon Del Oro
11Alexandria Martinez30.73aCanyon Del Oro
11Ali Payan30.81aCanyon Del Oro
10Domino Mannheim31.21aCanyon Del Oro
10Jaycee Reidhead31.23aCanyon Del Oro
9Haley Blauser31.46aCanyon Del Oro
10Danielle Floyd32.23aCanyon Del Oro
12Jennifer Thompson32.56aCanyon Del Oro
4.9Elizabeth Huntley32.65aAmphitheater
10Katrina Vandergraaf33.26aCanyon Del Oro
10Savannah Plaisted34.17aCanyon Del Oro
9Savannah Salazar34.81aCanyon Del Oro
10Abbey BarberaDNSIronwood Ridge
11Jennifer SnodgrassDNSCanyon Del Oro
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Abbey Barbera58.70aIronwood Ridge
2.9Melanie Zibrat1:00.95aIronwood Ridge
3.10April Steward1:02.78aCanyon Del Oro
4.10Olivia Goff1:07.36aCanyon Del Oro
5.11Nikki Bravo1:10.66aAmphitheater
11Edith Sosa1:11.09aCanyon Del Oro
9Haley Blauser1:11.50aCanyon Del Oro
10Hannah Fox1:12.08aCanyon Del Oro
10Danielle Floyd1:13.42aCanyon Del Oro
12Jennifer Thompson1:14.27aCanyon Del Oro
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10April Steward61.40Canyon Del Oro
11Jennifer Snodgrass63.3Canyon Del Oro
10Brittany Jones64.7Canyon Del Oro
12Kelsey Acuna67.9Canyon Del Oro
11Felicia Devine69.5Canyon Del Oro
11Edith Sosa69.7Canyon Del Oro
11Lindsay Davis69.9Canyon Del Oro
11Taylor Stewart70.6Canyon Del Oro
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Bronnimann2:27.18aCanyon Del Oro
2.11Sara Beth Miville2:29.03aIronwood Ridge
3.12Kelsey Acuna2:46.89aCanyon Del Oro
4.11Felicia Devine2:47.50aCanyon Del Oro
5.9Morgan Skillman2:57.19aCanyon Del Oro
11Jill MagnusonDNSIronwood Ridge
12Tianna StefanoDNSCanyon Del Oro
11Ashley WrightDNSIronwood Ridge
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sara Beth Miville5:39.93aIronwood Ridge
2.10Emily Wilkinson5:51.35aIronwood Ridge
3.11Taylor Stewart6:00.67aCanyon Del Oro
4.9Morgan Skillman6:21.95aCanyon Del Oro
5.10Alina Vo6:38.33aIronwood Ridge
6.10Adriana Pulver6:48.66aIronwood Ridge
7.9Glynis Facciano7:00.31aIronwood Ridge
11Lauren CooperDNSIronwood Ridge
11Felicia DevineDNSCanyon Del Oro
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marina Celeya13:30.51aIronwood Ridge
2.11Lauren Cooper13:30.91aIronwood Ridge
3.9Glynis Facciano14:57.41aIronwood Ridge
10Emily WilkinsonDNSIronwood Ridge
11Sara Beth MivilleDNSIronwood Ridge
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jaide Stepter15.47aCanyon Del Oro
2.12Essence Johnson16.89aAmphitheater
3.10Kelsey Hamilton17.34aIronwood Ridge
4.9McKenna Harris17.71aIronwood Ridge
5.11Lindsay Davis18.85aCanyon Del Oro
6.10Kristen Pierce19.34aCanyon Del Oro
7.12Alex Dunevant20.23aIronwood Ridge
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsey Hamilton51.29aIronwood Ridge
2.9McKenna Harris52.39aIronwood Ridge
3.10Micah Wenzel53.80aIronwood Ridge
4.10Kristen Pierce55.22aCanyon Del Oro
5.11Lindsay Davis57.05aCanyon Del Oro
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cami Barbera
Jaclyn Zibrat
Lauren Laszczak
Melanie Zibrat
50.57aIronwood Ridge
2.-Texana Sonnefeld
Jaide Stepter
Brittany Jones
Kamiren Humphrey
51.32aCanyon Del Oro
3.-Domino Mannheim
Alexandra Klasen
Edith Sosa
Jantzen Hale
55.07aCanyon Del Oro
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jaclyn Zibrat
Ashley Wright
Cami Barbera
Melanie Zibrat
4:17.97aIronwood Ridge
2.-Brittany Jones
Texana Sonnefeld
Jennifer Snodgrass
April Steward
4:19.34aCanyon Del Oro
3.-Kelsey Acuna
Felicia Devine
Lindsay Davis
Taylor Stewart
4:38.11aCanyon Del Oro
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Cooper
Jill Magnuson
Ashley Wright
Sara Beth Miville
12:09.55aIronwood Ridge
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Bradford33-03.50Ironwood Ridge
2.11Rachel Hubbard32-04.00Canyon Del Oro
3.12Alkyrie Wellington32-01.00Canyon Del Oro
4.11Rachel Gerard30-01.50Canyon Del Oro
5.12Valerie Schaefer25-08.25Ironwood Ridge
6.12Kayla Flannery24-09.50Canyon Del Oro
7.9Jessica Nofs23-05.50Canyon Del Oro
8.10Elizabeth Preciado-Rosas21-10.50Amphitheater
9.12Vivian Escobar21-09.50Amphitheater
10.12Maria DiCosola20-11.75Ironwood Ridge
11.9Jessica Alegria16-00.50Amphitheater
12.10Olivia Franco15-04.50Canyon Del Oro
13.9Sarah Sullivan11-10.00Amphitheater
10Cami BarberaSCRIronwood Ridge
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alkyrie Wellington109-06Canyon Del Oro
2.11Mya Perrow101-01Ironwood Ridge
3.12Kayla Flannery92-00Canyon Del Oro
4.12Katie Bradford88-09Ironwood Ridge
5.11Rachel Hubbard84-07Canyon Del Oro
6.10Elizabeth Preciado-Rosas74-08Amphitheater
7.9Jessica Nofs72-05Canyon Del Oro
8.12Valerie Schaefer68-06Ironwood Ridge
9.11Rachel Gerard64-00Canyon Del Oro
10.12Vivian Escobar59-01Amphitheater
11.12Maria DiCosola58-02Ironwood Ridge
12.9Sarah Sullivan46-03Amphitheater
13.9Jessica Alegria29-03Amphitheater
10Cami BarberaNDIronwood Ridge
10Ashley EllisSCRCanyon Del Oro
10Savannah PlaistedSCRCanyon Del Oro
12Mary CombsSCRCanyon Del Oro
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brittany Jones5-00.00Canyon Del Oro
2.12Lauren Laszczak5-00.00Ironwood Ridge
3.10Kelsey Hamilton4-10.00Ironwood Ridge
4.11Kamiren Humphrey4-10.00Canyon Del Oro
5.10Shelly Dickey3-08.00Canyon Del Oro
11Amanda BaughmanSCRCanyon Del Oro
10Ashley EllisSCRCanyon Del Oro
10Megan ZeebSCRCanyon Del Oro
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lora Batterton8-06.00Canyon Del Oro
2.10Domino Mannheim8-00.00Canyon Del Oro
3.10Kathryn L'Heureux8-00.00Canyon Del Oro
4.12Emily Crawford7-00.00Ironwood Ridge
5.11Ann Mezquita6-00.00Canyon Del Oro
6.10Tessa Barney5-06.00Ironwood Ridge
6.12Lauren Pierce5-06.00Ironwood Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Laszczak16-01.25Ironwood Ridge
2.10Brittany Jones15-08.00Canyon Del Oro
3.11Kalyn Humphrey14-10.50Canyon Del Oro
4.9Jantzen Hale14-09.00Canyon Del Oro
5.11Kamiren Humphrey14-08.75Canyon Del Oro
6.10Kelsey Hamilton14-02.50Ironwood Ridge
7.12Tianna Stefano13-04.25Canyon Del Oro
8.10Olivia Goff13-03.00Canyon Del Oro
9.10Ashley Ellis13-01.50Canyon Del Oro
10.10Megan Zeeb12-11.75Canyon Del Oro
11.9Shawndra Weiler12-11.25Canyon Del Oro
12.10Tori Tang11-10.00Amphitheater
12.11Amanda Baughman11-10.00Canyon Del Oro
14.10Jaycee Reidhead11-08.25Canyon Del Oro
15.12Emily Crawford11-06.75Ironwood Ridge
16.12Jennifer Thompson11-05.00Canyon Del Oro
17.10Shelly Dickey10-10.50Canyon Del Oro
18.10Tessa Barney10-02.75Ironwood Ridge
9Gabby FernetySCRCanyon Del Oro
9Tabitha GulleySCRCanyon Del Oro
11Jennifer SnodgrassSCRCanyon Del Oro
10Erin BenkeSCRCanyon Del Oro
10Lissa MontanoSCRCanyon Del Oro
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Essence Johnson34-05.75Amphitheater
2.12Lauren Laszczak33-06.00Ironwood Ridge
3.10Ashley Ellis33-02.00Canyon Del Oro
4.12Tianna Stefano30-06.50Canyon Del Oro
5.9Shawndra Weiler28-03.00Canyon Del Oro
6.10Megan Zeeb28-01.75Canyon Del Oro
7.11Lora Batterton26-09.00Canyon Del Oro
8.11Amanda Baughman26-01.50Canyon Del Oro
11Kalyn HumphreySCRCanyon Del Oro
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