Lutheran South Middle School Invitational

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
  Lutheran South Academy, Houston - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:45 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Joshua Washington11.97aHonor Roll
2.8Jacob Pratt12.71aLutheran South Academy
3.8Ali Khan12.73aHarmony School of Sc...
4.7Blake O'Neal13.00aKipp 3D Academy NE
5.7Austin Eubanks13.02aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.8Brent Freeman13.08aLutheran South Academy
7.8Nelson MJ13.13aWestbury Christian
8.7Anderson Carranza13.15aKIPP Spirit College ...
9.8Preston Simmons13.37aHonor Roll
10.8Jimmy Fredrick13.47aBay Area Christian
11.8Teddy Messlin13.49aBay Area Christian
12.7Johnny Manuel13.76aKIPP Spirit College ...
13.8Tim Cleary13.87aTrinity Lutheran
14.8Josh Twymon14.01aLutheran South Academy
15.7Justin Morgan14.02aWestbury Christian
16.8Steven Everitt14.05aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
17.8Marcos Gaddy14.41aWestbury Christian
18.7Sheikh Fuad14.55aHarmony School of Sc...
19.7Ronald Proper14.59aHonor Roll
20.7Kenny Hester15.20aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
21.7Nick Chukwu15.32aHarmony School of Sc...
8Joshua JaggersDNSBay Area Christian
8Joel MorenoDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Lavontei LewisDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Wendell Champion13.66aBay Area Christian
2.7Kory Gills13.89aBay Area Christian
3.7Phillip Salazar14.01aFirst Baptist Christ...
4.7George Gallagher14.24aHonor Roll
5.7Zachary DuCharme14.36aSt Mark's Episcopal
6.7Earl Moore14.54aKIPP Spirit College ...
7.6Sheyi Ajiboye14.71aWestbury Christian
8.7Roman Martin14.91aKIPP Spirit College ...
9.7Christian Henriques15.21aBay Area Christian
10.8Mathew Husband15.35aFirst Baptist Christ...
11.6Tyler Pratt15.36aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
12.6Justin Moore15.45aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
13.8Ryan Jones15.51aLutheran South Academy
14.7Alex Chauvin16.93aLutheran South Academy
15.6Eric Amason17.06aLutheran South Academy
16.5Ahmad Chenevert17.60aTrinity Lutheran
17.5Braeden Standly17.85aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
18.5Daniel Sun18.24aHonor Roll
19.5Matthew Guynes18.88aTrinity Lutheran
5Tyler ZapataDNSTrinity Lutheran
8Saul VillaDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
5Nabeel AliDNSHonor Roll
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Joshua Washington24.60aHonor Roll
2.8Ali Khan26.30aHarmony School of Sc...
3.8Jacob Pratt26.42aLutheran South Academy
4.8Brent Freeman26.91aLutheran South Academy
5.Alex Chun27.08aKipp Academy
5.7Alex Chun27.08aKIPP Academy
6.8Patrick Reinschmidt27.18aLutheran South Academy
7.8Nelson MJ27.19aWestbury Christian
8.8Devonte Frazier27.56aKIPP Spirit College ...
9.8Jimmy Fredrick28.37aBay Area Christian
10.7Homer Stewart28.51aHarmony School of Sc...
11.7Tim Strickman28.68aHonor Roll
12.8Joshua Cobos28.89aKIPP Spirit College ...
13.8Joshua Reece29.12aWestbury Christian
14.8Steven Everitt29.74aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
15.7Sheikh Fuad31.61aHarmony School of Sc...
16.8Derrick Simpson31.61aKIPP Spirit College ...
17.7Kenny Hester32.11aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
18.8David Kennedy32.76aBay Area Christian
19.8Joshua Jaggers32.86aBay Area Christian
8David AkwaranduDNSWestbury Christian
8Preston SimmonsDNSHonor Roll
7Anthony BowlesDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Tim ClearyDNSTrinity Lutheran
8Lavontei LewisDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
7Micheal CervantesDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
7David EspinozaDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Blake O'Neal27.83aKipp 3D Academy NE
2.7Wendell Champion29.11aBay Area Christian
3.7Phillip Salazar29.13aFirst Baptist Christ...
4.7Zachary DuCharme30.13aSt Mark's Episcopal
5.7Byran Bonnell31.32aBay Area Christian
6.7Christian Henriques31.88aBay Area Christian
7.7Roman Martin31.92aKIPP Spirit College ...
8.7Babs Ogunbanwo32.05aKIPP Academy
9.7Venkat Reddy32.43aLutheran South Academy
10.6Tyler Pratt32.62aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
11.6Derek Cyprian33.52aWestbury Christian
12.8Keddren Mayeux33.63aKIPP Spirit College ...
13.6Godfrey Walker34.87aWestbury Christian
14.6Trevor Banes35.08aTrinity Lutheran
15.6Aaron Kwok35.22aHonor Roll
16.6Eric Amason35.82aLutheran South Academy
17.7Niko Pena36.22aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
18.7Jonathan Mora37.15aKipp 3D Academy NE
19.5Daniel Sun38.72aHonor Roll
20.5Braeden Standly39.02aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
21.5Ahmad Chenevert39.62aTrinity Lutheran
22.5Robert Proper41.88aHonor Roll
23.7Ashwalk Saved42.06aHarmony School of Sc...
6Cory GarzaDNSWestbury Christian
5Matthew GuynesDNSTrinity Lutheran
8Joel MorenoDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
6Steven DundeeDNSLutheran South Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Bruse Boudreaux56.66aWestbury Christian
2.8Patrick Reinschmidt1:01.14aLutheran South Academy
3.8Charlie Orrico1:01.25aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.8Mason Cruse1:03.22aBay Area Christian
5.7Homer Stewart1:04.03aHarmony School of Sc...
6.7Micheal Cervantes1:05.70aKipp 3D Academy NE
7.7Jonathan Mora1:07.36aKipp 3D Academy NE
8.8Christian Hargrove1:08.68aLutheran South Academy
9.7Jarod Johnson1:08.72aKIPP Spirit College ...
10.Brandon Lessard1:10.36aKipp Academy
10.7Brandon Lessard1:10.36aKIPP Academy
11.7Jared Johnson1:10.81aKIPP Spirit College ...
12.8Samuel Johnson1:11.03aLutheran South Academy
13.7Tevin Foster1:11.13aKIPP Spirit College ...
14.8Billy Honeck1:11.78aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
15.7Ali-Saif Khan1:12.98aHarmony School of Sc...
16.Alexis Martinez1:12.99aKipp Academy
16.7Alexis Martinez1:12.99aKIPP Academy
17.8Amit Momin1:13.25aHonor Roll
18.7Nick Chukwu1:14.73aHarmony School of Sc...
19.8Chris Boisvert1:14.77aHonor Roll
20.7Ben Davidson1:19.77aHonor Roll
8Tim ClearyDNSTrinity Lutheran
7Alexis ChavarriaDNSKIPP Academy
7Kenneth CarmichaelDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Saul VillaDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Connor PitlikDNSBay Area Christian
8David AkwaranduDNSWestbury Christian
8David KennedyDNSBay Area Christian
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Steven Newcomb1:08.31aFirst Baptist Christ...
2.8Kameron Barron1:08.39aKipp 3D Academy NE
3.8David Villarreal1:12.88aLutheran South Academy
4.7Babs Ogunbanwo1:15.46aKIPP Academy
5.8Mathew Husband1:17.38aFirst Baptist Christ...
6.7Niko Pena1:18.17aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.6Sheyi Ajiboye1:18.27aWestbury Christian
8.7Omar Javed1:21.79aHonor Roll
9.6Cory Garza1:22.56aWestbury Christian
10.7Stefano Morales1:22.81aLutheran South Academy
11.7Trent Galetka1:25.92aBay Area Christian
12.6Godfrey Walker1:28.08aWestbury Christian
13.7Lucas Dachman1:29.21aHonor Roll
14.7Nick Zamora1:34.20aBay Area Christian
15.7Ashwalk Saved1:45.63aHarmony School of Sc...
7Connor CrowDNSBay Area Christian
5Anthony SleimanDNSTrinity Lutheran
5Tyler ZapataDNSTrinity Lutheran
7Jonathan SortoDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Jonathan FloresDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
7Nadeem Al-AdliDNSHonor Roll
7Andrew ShutackDNSLutheran South Academy
7LLew Van SligtenhorstDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6TY LinquistDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Adil Dhanani2:30.21aHonor Roll
2.7Tomas Olvera2:31.98aKIPP Academy
2.Tomas Olvera2:31.98aKipp Academy
3.7Anthony Solorzano2:37.22aKipp 3D Academy NE
4.8Devonte Frazier2:38.84aKIPP Spirit College ...
5.Roberto Flores2:42.16aKipp Academy
5.7Roberto Flores2:42.16aKIPP Academy
6.7Ben Davidson2:42.73aHonor Roll
7.8Shea Balden2:43.41aLutheran South Academy
8.8Zachary Schutze2:47.08aLutheran South Academy
9.8Monty Hershfield2:48.73aBay Area Christian
10.8Christopher Janssen2:48.77aSt Mark's Episcopal
11.8Drew McCord2:50.23aBay Area Christian
12.8Samuel Johnson2:50.60aLutheran South Academy
13.8Billy Honeck2:52.92aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
14.8Derrick Simpson2:54.22aKIPP Spirit College ...
15.7Sheikh Fuad2:56.04aHarmony School of Sc...
16.7Ali-Saif Khan2:57.02aHarmony School of Sc...
17.8David Kennedy2:57.66aBay Area Christian
18.7Jonathan Sorto3:06.03aKipp 3D Academy NE
19.7Tevin Foster3:15.63aKIPP Spirit College ...
20.7Ashwalk Saved4:12.67aHarmony School of Sc...
8David AkwaranduDNSWestbury Christian
7Christian CarrowDNSWestbury Christian
8Gus CiottiDNSTrinity Lutheran
8Matthew TheccanantDNSHonor Roll
7Alexis ChavarriaDNSKIPP Academy
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Noah Brown2:34.00aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
2.8Steven Newcomb2:45.22aFirst Baptist Christ...
3.8Michael Krause3:00.04aLutheran South Academy
4.8Edward Valle3:01.62aKIPP Academy
5.7Brandon Slovak3:04.59aBay Area Christian
6.5Will Creemore3:05.61aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.8Mathew Husband3:05.64aFirst Baptist Christ...
8.7Octavio Sanchez3:08.50aKIPP Academy
9.6Derek Cyprian3:13.57aWestbury Christian
10.7Christian Santos3:19.01aKIPP Academy
11.7Rossevelt Keys3:23.51aKIPP Spirit College ...
12.6Wesley You3:31.85aHonor Roll
13.8Justin McAlpin3:41.13aLutheran South Academy
14.7Brian Doxy3:43.08aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
15.6Jacob Patrenella3:46.67aLutheran South Academy
16.7Samir Mohamet4:04.59aHonor Roll
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Steven Newcomb4:11.21aFirst Baptist Christ...
2.7Dominick Russo4:19.58aBay Area Christian
3.7Jordan Greer4:20.98aBay Area Christian
4.7Brandon Ogle4:40.55aSt Mark's Episcopal
5.7Landon Lain4:41.91aBay Area Christian
6.7Miller Ekas4:45.29aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.7Octavio Sanchez4:51.45aKIPP Academy
8.8Edward Valle4:54.33aKIPP Academy
9.7Christian Santos5:02.34aKIPP Academy
10.7Brian Jones5:05.68aHonor Roll
11.6Nicholas Riekert5:08.30aLutheran South Academy
12.6Steven Dundee5:13.77aLutheran South Academy
13.8Emmanuel Onochie5:29.99aKIPP Spirit College ...
14.7Lucas Dachman5:30.09aHonor Roll
15.8Leland Hopkins5:43.35aKIPP Spirit College ...
16.7Samir Mohamet6:24.02aHonor Roll
7Andrew ShutackDNSLutheran South Academy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kory Gills5:40.13aBay Area Christian
2.Tomas Olvera5:42.47aKipp Academy
2.7Tomas Olvera5:42.47aKIPP Academy
3.8Samuel Johnson5:45.89aLutheran South Academy
4.7Peter Muller5:50.93aBay Area Christian
5.8Zachary Schutze5:52.44aLutheran South Academy
6.7Roberto Flores5:59.32aKIPP Academy
6.Roberto Flores5:59.32aKipp Academy
7.7Jordan Greer5:59.83aBay Area Christian
8.8Shea Balden6:20.74aLutheran South Academy
9.8Matthew Theccanant7:23.00aHonor Roll
8Justin NguyenDNSHonor Roll
7Anthony SolorzanoDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Kyle PollardDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
7Daniel BorcheltDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Colby Langan17.81aLutheran South Academy
2.8Bobby Anton18.49aLutheran South Academy
3.7Zach Huwyler18.69aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.8Darian Rouse18.74aKIPP Spirit College ...
5.8Alan Bourgeois19.33aSt Mark's Episcopal
6.8Drew McCord19.36aBay Area Christian
7.7David Brandenburg19.91aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.7Coulson Anthony20.81aLutheran South Academy
9.8Samir Nileshwar21.75aHonor Roll
10.7Anthony Bowles22.23aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Gus CiottiDNSTrinity Lutheran
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7John Bishop18.51aBay Area Christian
2.7Landon Ehrilck19.03aBay Area Christian
3.7Evan Wold19.14aBay Area Christian
4.8Tyler Paling19.70aLutheran South Academy
5.7George Gallagher19.76aHonor Roll
6.6Ian Hoang20.78aLutheran South Academy
7.5Connor Gibson20.91aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.6James Freeborn21.10aLutheran South Academy
9.6Matt Brown21.59aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
10.6Trevor Banes23.91aTrinity Lutheran
11.6Michael Stone24.39aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
12.5Ahmad Chenevert27.25aTrinity Lutheran
7Nadeem Al-AdliDNSHonor Roll
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Colby Langan31.05aLutheran South Academy
2.8Darian Rouse31.63aKIPP Spirit College ...
3.8Bobby Anton33.42aLutheran South Academy
4.7David Brandenburg34.30aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.7Alex Chun34.57aKIPP Academy
5.Alex Chun34.57aKipp Academy
6.Alexis Martinez34.66aKipp Academy
6.7Alexis Martinez34.66aKIPP Academy
7.7Zach Huwyler35.56aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8.7Matt Brandenburg35.95aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
9.7Brandon Lessard37.21aKIPP Academy
9.Brandon Lessard37.21aKipp Academy
10.7Nick Zamora38.06aBay Area Christian
8Gus CiottiDNSTrinity Lutheran
8Monty HershfieldDNSBay Area Christian
8Samir NileshwarDNSHonor Roll
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Tyler Paling34.22aLutheran South Academy
2.7George Gallagher35.47aHonor Roll
3.7Landon Lain35.63aBay Area Christian
4.6Matt Brown36.39aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.7Spencer Goins37.26aBay Area Christian
6.6James Freeborn37.27aLutheran South Academy
7.6Trevor Banes41.14aTrinity Lutheran
7Will PankonienDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7Peter MullerDNSBay Area Christian
7Nadeem Al-AdliDNSHonor Roll
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Theron Williams
Shannon Drain
Adrean Rosemond
Trenton Jones
51.09aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.-Ronald Proper
Tim Strickman
Justin Nutt
Joshua Washington
53.69aHonor Roll
3.-Saul Villa
Joel Moreno
Lavontei Lewis
Jonathan Sorto
53.87aKipp 3D Academy NE
4.-Bruse Boudreaux
Joshua Reece
Marcos Gaddy
Nelson MJ
53.92aWestbury Christian
5.-Homer Stewart
Nick Chukwu
Ali-Saif Khan
Ali Khan
55.14aHarmony School of Sc...
6.-Christian Hargrove
Wyatt Griffis
Josh Twymon
Coulson Anthony
56.38aLutheran South Academy
7.-Steven Everitt
Anthony Bowles
David Brandenburg
Matt Brandenburg
59.06aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
-Teddy Messlin
Jimmy Fredrick
Tanner Godeuex
Joshua Jaggers
DQBay Area Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-John Bishop
Landon Ehrilck
Evan Wold
Christian Henriques
56.50aBay Area Christian
2.-Tyler Pratt
Niko Pena
Matt Brown
Justin Moore
1:00.57aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.-Stefano Morales
Alex Chauvin
Alex Silvagnoli
Venkat Reddy
1:03.39aLutheran South Academy
4.-Robert Proper
Aaron Kwok
Nabeel Ali
Omar Javed
1:08.58aHonor Roll
-Matthew Guynes
Anthony Sleiman
Tyler Zapata
Rob Choate
DNSTrinity Lutheran
-Relay Team DNSKIPP Spirit College ...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shannon Drain
Theron Williams
Adrean Rosemond
Trenton Jones
1:48.35aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.-Micah Green
Joshua Reece
Justin Morgan
Stephen Scott
1:56.74aWestbury Christian
3.-Saifali Momin
Tim Strickman
Rahmet Mohamet
Adil Dhanani
1:57.41aHonor Roll
4.-Bobby Anton
Josh Twymon
Wyatt Griffis
Coulson Anthony
1:57.81aLutheran South Academy
5.-Connor Pitlik
Tanner Godeuex
Teddy Messlin
Mason Cruse
2:00.21aBay Area Christian
6.-Clayton Malcomb
Zach Huwyler
Austin Eubanks
Kenneth Carmichael
2:08.40aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-James Freeborn
David Villarreal
Steven Dundee
Venkat Reddy
2:14.23aLutheran South Academy
2.-TY Linquist
LLew Van Sligtenhorst
Lane Hendon
Connor Gibson
2:18.26aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.-Nabeel Ali
Arman Momin
Robert Proper
Aaron Kwok
2:32.91aHonor Roll
-Byran Bonnell
Jordan Greer
John Bishop
Joshua Wilkinson
DQBay Area Christian
-Relay Team DNSKIPP Spirit College ...
-Sheyi Ajiboye
Godfrey Walker
Derek Cyprian
Cory Garza
DQWestbury Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Colby Langan
Patrick Reinschmidt
Brent Freeman
Jacob Pratt
4:11.14aLutheran South Academy
2.-Anderson Carranza
Henry Grimalvo
Shannon Drain
Trenton Jones
4:15.63aKIPP Spirit College ...
3.-Blake O'Neal
Jonathan Mora
Micheal Cervantes
Jonathan Sorto
4:21.70aKipp 3D Academy NE
4.-Bruse Boudreaux
Justin Morgan
Marcos Gaddy
Micah Green
4:40.82aWestbury Christian
5.-Mason Cruse
Drew McCord
Monty Hershfield
Connor Crow
4:48.08aBay Area Christian
6.-Alex Chun
Alexis Chavarria
Alexis Martinez
Brandon Lessard
4:50.03aKIPP Academy
7.-Amit Momin
Rahmet Mohamet
Brandon Nguyen
Justin Nutt
4:56.62aHonor Roll
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Paling
Michael Krause
Alex Silvagnoli
David Villarreal
4:59.43aLutheran South Academy
2.-Will Creemore
Miller Ekas
Lane Hendon
Noah Brown
5:00.53aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.-Relay Team 5:34.67aBay Area Christian
4.-Daniel Sun
Arman Momin
Wesley You
Omar Javed
6:13.36aHonor Roll
-Relay Team DNSKIPP Spirit College ...
-Relay Team DNSKipp 3D Academy NE
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Joshua Washington34-05.00Honor Roll
2.7Stephen Scott33-00.00Westbury Christian
3.8Justin Nguyen31-10.00Honor Roll
4.7Johnny Manuel31-06.00KIPP Spirit College ...
5.8Darian Rouse30-10.00KIPP Spirit College ...
6.8Wyatt Griffis30-06.00Lutheran South Academy
7.8Rolondo Reyes29-11.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
8.7Matthew Daughrity29-02.00Bay Area Christian
9.8Clayton Malcomb28-09.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
10.8Brandon Nguyen27-09.00Honor Roll
11.8Tony Ishac26-09.00Lutheran South Academy
12.7Chege Gitau26-03.00Westbury Christian
13.8Will Curkan25-10.00Bay Area Christian
14.8Leland Hopkins24-08.00KIPP Spirit College ...
15.7Drew Beakey21-06.00Lutheran South Academy
16.7Daniel Ferree21-00.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
17.7Cameron Gibson20-08.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
8Teddy MesslinDNSBay Area Christian
7David EspinozaDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Jonathan MoyedaDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Julio Bedolla30-01.00KIPP Academy
2.8Melquisedec Acevedo26-06.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
3.8Ryan Jones26-01.00Lutheran South Academy
4.8Caleb Lejano25-05.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
4.7Gabe Longoria25-05.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
6.7Alex Chauvin24-08.00Lutheran South Academy
7.7Omar Javed24-02.00Honor Roll
8.7Brandon Sewell24-00.00Bay Area Christian
9.7Stefano Morales23-09.00Lutheran South Academy
10.8Miguel Ayala23-00.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
11.6Nathan Davis22-02.00Trinity Lutheran
12.7Douglas Grant21-08.00KIPP Spirit College ...
13.6Rob Choate21-04.00Trinity Lutheran
14.7Abe Cameron21-00.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
15.7Benjamin Casillas18-10.00KIPP Academy
16.6Sheyi Ajiboye18-05.00Westbury Christian
17.5Kody Ngo18-03.00Honor Roll
18.7Arman Momin17-07.00Honor Roll
19.7Ben Putch16-00.00Bay Area Christian
20.6Jay Dreifuerst15-08.00Trinity Lutheran
21.6TY Linquist15-03.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
22.7Jason Swaim15-01.00Bay Area Christian
23.6Godfrey Walker12-11.00Westbury Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tanner Godeuex95-01Bay Area Christian
2.8Clayton Malcomb86-00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
3.8Tony Ishac82-01Lutheran South Academy
4.8Wyatt Griffis79-03Lutheran South Academy
5.8Saifali Momin74-01Honor Roll
6.7Tim Strickman71-04Honor Roll
7.7Stephen Scott70-06Westbury Christian
8.7Matthew Daughrity66-07Bay Area Christian
9.7Chege Gitau66-01Westbury Christian
10.7Drew Beakey65-02Lutheran South Academy
11.7Daniel Ferree59-09Salem/Trinity Lutheran
12.7Cameron Gibson58-08Salem/Trinity Lutheran
13.7David Espinoza57-08Kipp 3D Academy NE
14.8Will Curkan48-01Bay Area Christian
7Zach AlsmeyerDNSWestbury Christian
8Cristian TorresDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Rolondo ReyesDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Amit MominDNSHonor Roll
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Julio Bedolla77-04KIPP Academy
2.6Rob Choate70-01Trinity Lutheran
3.7Brandon Sewell69-06Bay Area Christian
4.8Alexander Silvagnoli59-10Lutheran South Academy
5.7Gabe Longoria59-07Salem/Trinity Lutheran
6.8Ryan Jones54-09Lutheran South Academy
7.5Matthew Guynes52-09Trinity Lutheran
8.7Benjamin Casillas50-10KIPP Academy
9.7Stefano Morales50-09Lutheran South Academy
10.5Kody Ngo49-08Honor Roll
11.7Randy Messinger46-05Bay Area Christian
12.6TY Linquist44-10Salem/Trinity Lutheran
13.7Omar Javed44-04Honor Roll
14.6Nathan Davis43-00Trinity Lutheran
15.7Jason Swaim37-10Bay Area Christian
7Abe CameronNDSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Melquisedec AcevedoDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Miguel AyalaDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Jonathan MoyedaDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
7Zachary AyoubiDNSHonor Roll
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brent Freeman5-00.00Lutheran South Academy
2.8Charlie Orrico5-00.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
3.8Tanner Godeuex5-00.00Bay Area Christian
4.7Matt Brandenburg4-10.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
5.8Joshua Washington4-08.00Honor Roll
6.8Clayton Malcomb4-06.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
7.8Adil Dhanani4-06.00Honor Roll
7.8Rahmet Mohamet4-06.00Honor Roll
9.7Justin Morgan4-06.00Westbury Christian
10.8Monty Hershfield4-04.00Bay Area Christian
10.8Samuel Johnson4-04.00Lutheran South Academy
12.7Coulson Anthony4-04.00Lutheran South Academy
7Nick ZamoraNHBay Area Christian
7Stephen ScottDNSWestbury Christian
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Landon Ehrilck4-04.00Bay Area Christian
2.7George Gallagher4-00.00Honor Roll
3.7John Bishop4-00.00Bay Area Christian
4.7Zachary DuCharme4-00.00St Mark's Episcopal
5.6Michael Stone3-10.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
6.6Justin Moore3-10.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
7.6Aaron Kwok3-08.00Honor Roll
8.5Robert Proper3-08.00Honor Roll
7Peter MullerDNSBay Area Christian
5Connor GibsonNHSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6Nicholas RiekertNHLutheran South Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Patrick Reinschmidt7-04.00Lutheran South Academy
2.8Christian Hargrove6-04.00Lutheran South Academy
8Josh TwymonNHLutheran South Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Johnny Manuel14-05.75KIPP Spirit College ...
2.8Shannon Drain14-04.50KIPP Spirit College ...
3.8Mason Cruse14-04.25Bay Area Christian
4.8Josh Twymon14-01.25Lutheran South Academy
5.8Adil Dhanani13-08.75Honor Roll
6.8Jimmy Fredrick13-03.25Bay Area Christian
7.7Theron Williams13-03.00KIPP Spirit College ...
8.7Bruse Boudreaux13-02.50Westbury Christian
9.8Marcos Gaddy13-00.25Westbury Christian
9.7Blake O'Neal13-00.25Kipp 3D Academy NE
11.Tomas Olvera12-09.75Kipp Academy
11.7Tomas Olvera12-09.75KIPP Academy
12.8Joshua Reece12-08.75Westbury Christian
13.7Justin Nutt12-07.00Honor Roll
14.7Alex Chun11-01.00KIPP Academy
14.Alex Chun11-01.00Kipp Academy
15.8Rahmet Mohamet10-00.50Honor Roll
8Tim ClearyDNSTrinity Lutheran
8Lavontei LewisDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
7Zach HuwylerDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7Daniel BorcheltDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Bobby AntonNDLutheran South Academy
8Alan BourgeoisDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
8Jacob PrattDNSLutheran South Academy
8Joel MorenoDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Joshua JaggersDNSBay Area Christian
7Austin EubanksDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Landon Ehrilck14-00.75Bay Area Christian
2.7Wendell Champion13-06.75Bay Area Christian
3.8Steven Newcomb13-00.25First Baptist Christ...
4.7Zachary DuCharme12-02.50St Mark's Episcopal
5.7Phillip Salazar12-02.00First Baptist Christ...
6.6Cory Garza11-11.75Westbury Christian
7.7Christian Henriques11-09.00Bay Area Christian
8.8Mathew Husband11-08.25First Baptist Christ...
9.8Michael Krause11-06.00Lutheran South Academy
10.6Justin Moore11-01.75Salem/Trinity Lutheran
11.6Derek Cyprian11-01.50Westbury Christian
12.6Steven Dundee10-04.25Lutheran South Academy
13.6Jay Dreifuerst10-02.50Trinity Lutheran
14.7Lucas Dachman9-10.50Honor Roll
15.6Ian Hoang9-04.00Lutheran South Academy
16.7Brandon Ogle9-03.00St Mark's Episcopal
17.5Ahmad Chenevert8-10.50Trinity Lutheran
7Nadeem Al-AdliDNSHonor Roll
7Will PankonienDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6Trevor BanesDNSTrinity Lutheran
6Michael StoneNDSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5Nabeel AliDNSHonor Roll
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Colby Langan32-03.00Lutheran South Academy
2.8Micah Green31-08.00Westbury Christian
3.8Patrick Reinschmidt30-08.00Lutheran South Academy
4.8Preston Simmons27-08.25Honor Roll
5.8Drew McCord25-11.25Bay Area Christian
6.8David Kennedy25-09.50Bay Area Christian
7.8Samir Nileshwar25-00.25Honor Roll
8.8Connor Pitlik24-09.50Bay Area Christian
9.8Chris Boisvert24-08.00Honor Roll
7Daniel BorcheltDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Jacob PrattDNSLutheran South Academy
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8David Villarreal27-06.00Lutheran South Academy
2.7Joshua Wilkinson26-00.75Bay Area Christian
3.7Kory Gills25-00.75Bay Area Christian
4.7George Gallagher23-10.00Honor Roll
5.7Landon Lain21-08.75Bay Area Christian
6.6Eric Amason21-00.50Lutheran South Academy
7.7Lucas Dachman18-09.50Honor Roll
7Nadeem Al-AdliDNSHonor Roll
7Andrew ShutackDNSLutheran South Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Jada Autman13.95aWestbury Christian
2.7Bria White14.25aHarmony School of Sc...
3.7Stephanie Zeller14.33aLutheran South Academy
4.8Kendra Kroll14.85aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.8Brooke Whittington14.94aBay Area Christian
6.8Jordan Pope14.98aLutheran South Academy
7.7Angel Mathis15.09aKipp 3D Academy NE
8.8Caroline Williams15.30aLutheran South Academy
9.8Michelle Wang15.50aHonor Roll
10.8Victoria Tilley15.50aBay Area Christian
10.8Malia Coleman15.50aKIPP Spirit College ...
12.7Madison Finger15.51aHonor Roll
13.8Saba Akhtar15.63aHonor Roll
14.6Lindsay Turner15.72aWestbury Christian
15.8Stephanie Ehrhardt15.74aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
16.7Aracley Gomez15.88aKipp 3D Academy NE
17.8Agnes Chukwu15.95aHarmony School of Sc...
18.7Ashley Nguyn16.37aHarmony School of Sc...
19.8Melaine Edwards17.15aKIPP Spirit College ...
20.7Kennedy Davis17.55aKIPP Spirit College ...
8Madison AvalosDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Alegra Breaux14.41aKIPP Academy
2.8Katlyn Nguyen15.46aLutheran South Academy
3.8Brooke Dunnhoe15.86aFirst Baptist Christ...
4.8Sheri Weatherby15.87aKipp 3D Academy NE
5.5Ashley Otte15.89aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.7Sophie Baggott15.93aLutheran South Academy
7.7Kelsey Lawless15.99aBay Area Christian
8.8Priscilla Perez16.16aKipp 3D Academy NE
9.5Amber Velazquez16.70aTrinity Lutheran
10.5Julia Benson16.74aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
11.7Gwen Drenker17.01aTrinity Lutheran
12.6Sydney Perez17.18aLutheran South Academy
13.8Chanel Garces17.36aHarmony School of Sc...
14.5Madeline Nemec17.56aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
15.7Raeann Sarmiento17.66aHarmony School of Sc...
16.7Yosan Okbamichael18.21aHarmony School of Sc...
17.5Maddy Morales18.23aHonor Roll
18.5Kasey Davis18.25aHonor Roll
19.5Sara Saxena18.56aHonor Roll
20.7Daria Druenker18.97aTrinity Lutheran
7Marisol TobarDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nicole Turner29.52aSt Mark's Episcopal
2.8Jacqueline Maher29.55aLutheran South Academy
3.7Chelsea Green30.92aBay Area Christian
4.8Jordan Pope31.23aLutheran South Academy
5.7Angel Mathis31.79aKipp 3D Academy NE
6.8DeArbea Walker32.09aWestbury Christian
7.1Melissa Mudgett32.22aBay Area Christian
8.8Michelle Wang32.64aHonor Roll
9.7Madison Finger33.12aHonor Roll
10.8Marisa Gattis33.30aHonor Roll
11.8Agnes Chukwu33.77aHarmony School of Sc...
12.7Sarah Otte34.22aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
13.7Aracley Gomez34.23aKipp 3D Academy NE
14.8Sheri Weatherby34.96aKipp 3D Academy NE
14.8Erin Arthur34.96aSt Mark's Episcopal
16.7Ashley Nguyn35.17aHarmony School of Sc...
17.7Alexis Alban35.64aHarmony School of Sc...
18.7Rolanda Washington36.37aKIPP Spirit College ...
19.7Courtney Parker36.66aKIPP Spirit College ...
8Maddie OrricoDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Maris FechterDNSLutheran South Academy
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Maret Moran30.80aBay Area Christian
2.5Venessa Anwuri31.80aHonor Roll
3.6Emily Dedmon32.95aLutheran South Academy
4.8Katlyn Nguyen33.20aLutheran South Academy
5.5Allison Hubbard33.41aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.7Emma Howard34.14aBay Area Christian
6.7Kelsey Holt34.14aBay Area Christian
8.8Thomaia Pamplin34.40aKIPP Academy
9.7Sophie Baggott34.41aLutheran South Academy
10.7Alondra Ortiz34.55aKipp 3D Academy NE
11.8Brooke Dunnhoe35.14aFirst Baptist Christ...
12.7Arianna Caranto35.27aHonor Roll
13.7Marisol Tobar35.57aKipp 3D Academy NE
14.5Amber Velazquez36.87aTrinity Lutheran
15.7Kierra Washington38.67aKIPP Academy
16.5Zoe Feinberg39.91aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
17.7Myra Castillo41.16aHarmony School of Sc...
18.8Priscilla Perez41.73aKipp 3D Academy NE
19.8Chanel Garces42.18aHarmony School of Sc...
7Briana MylesDNSKIPP Spirit College ...
7Jessica NguyenDNSHarmony School of Sc...
6Maddy FauliseDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7Kaitlin ThibodeauxDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
5Meghan LandryDNSTrinity Lutheran
7Daria DruenkerDNSTrinity Lutheran
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Brandy Thomas1:09.29aWestbury Christian
2.7Emily Riemer1:10.60aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.8Jacqueline Maher1:11.61aLutheran South Academy
5.7Carly Jackson1:12.54aLutheran South Academy
6.6Sasha Hester1:14.57aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7.8Noor Haq1:17.56aHonor Roll
8.8Jessica Kasbaum1:17.60aLutheran South Academy
9.7Yessenia Carrizales1:19.66aHarmony School of Sc...
10.8Aslihan Yilmaz1:19.98aHarmony School of Sc...
11.7Alondra Ortiz1:20.23aKipp 3D Academy NE
12.8Maddie Addicks1:21.25aSt Mark's Episcopal
13.8Melaine Edwards1:23.55aKIPP Spirit College ...
14.6Laura Franco1:24.07aWestbury Christian
15.7Karen Perez1:28.75aKipp 3D Academy NE
16.7Courtney Parker1:38.57aKIPP Spirit College ...
17.7Jackelyn Avelar1:40.57aKIPP Spirit College ...
8Sheri WeatherbyDNSKipp 3D Academy NE
8Pallavi KrishnaraoDNSHonor Roll
4.1Elissa Freberg1:12.02aBay Area Christian
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Taylor Eldridge1:18.98aBay Area Christian
2.7Christina Roberts1:19.52aFirst Baptist Christ...
3.6Emily Chaffin1:19.57aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.7Sophie Baggott1:20.15aLutheran South Academy
5.7Ashli Jones1:20.19aKipp 3D Academy NE
6.7Otilla Willis1:22.69aBay Area Christian
7.8Phyllis Nwokolo1:23.21aHarmony School of Sc...
8.7Allison McCleery1:23.27aBay Area Christian
9.8Pamela Fuentez1:28.20aKipp 3D Academy NE
10.5Samantha Boatman1:28.79aTrinity Lutheran
11.8Daphne Hernandez1:29.22aKipp 3D Academy NE
12.7Isabel Rumbaut1:30.25aSt Mark's Episcopal
13.6Rachel Krause1:30.90aLutheran South Academy
14.6Brooke Honeck1:34.28aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
15.7Kaitlin Thibodeaux1:35.96aSt Mark's Episcopal
16.5Kate Staley1:37.64aHonor Roll
17.5Mary Roesel1:37.73aTrinity Lutheran
18.8Cindy Chavez1:41.04aHarmony School of Sc...
19.7Barbara Jaimes1:45.50aKIPP Academy
20.7Jessica Nguyen1:49.27aHarmony School of Sc...
6Maddy FauliseDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5Meghan LandryDNSTrinity Lutheran
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Brandy Thomas2:44.61aWestbury Christian
3.8Andi Benson2:53.35aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.7Stephanie Zeller3:08.03aLutheran South Academy
5.7Yessenia Carrizales3:08.13aHarmony School of Sc...
6.7Hannah Larsen3:09.30aBay Area Christian
7.8Jessica Kasbaum3:12.79aLutheran South Academy
8.7Taylor Scott3:18.11aWestbury Christian
9.7Emma Kerr3:19.91aTrinity Lutheran
10.6Laura Franco3:20.30aWestbury Christian
11.8Morgan Stang3:20.85aBay Area Christian
12.8Alexis Uresti3:23.92aKipp 3D Academy NE
13.7Ashley Nguyn3:53.28aHarmony School of Sc...
14.7Courtney Parker4:15.95aKIPP Spirit College ...
15.7Rolanda Washington4:57.28aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.1Elissa Freberg2:47.01aBay Area Christian
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Lizzet Clifton2:55.58aSt Mark's Episcopal
2.7Alyssa Taylor3:06.36aFirst Baptist Christ...
3.7Christina Roberts3:13.54aFirst Baptist Christ...
4.7Haley Mahabir3:19.36aBay Area Christian
5.7Yadira Salazar3:28.23aKipp 3D Academy NE
6.7Karen Perez3:29.15aKipp 3D Academy NE
7.8Pamela Fuentez3:29.95aKipp 3D Academy NE
8.6Elizabeth Hunter3:31.77aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
9.5Felicity Collier3:37.58aTrinity Lutheran
10.5Mary Roesel3:39.01aTrinity Lutheran
11.7Katie Galbraith3:40.08aLutheran South Academy
12.7Myra Castillo3:40.55aHarmony School of Sc...
13.7Paola Resendiz3:43.92aKIPP Academy
14.6Grace Skaggs3:50.34aLutheran South Academy
15.7Raeann Sarmiento3:54.53aHarmony School of Sc...
16.7Mary Holden3:54.68aSt Mark's Episcopal
17.7Jessica Nguyen4:28.81aHarmony School of Sc...
18.7Jackelyn Avelar4:37.74aKIPP Spirit College ...
7Hannah LarsenDNSBay Area Christian
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Larsen4:51.30aBay Area Christian
2.7Emma Kerr4:51.98aTrinity Lutheran
3.7Alyssa Taylor4:55.62aFirst Baptist Christ...
4.7Christina Roberts5:02.33aFirst Baptist Christ...
5.7Haley Mahabir5:15.12aBay Area Christian
6.5Felicity Collier5:24.42aTrinity Lutheran
7.6Bonnie LeBlanc5:31.46aLutheran South Academy
8.8Valerie Russell5:58.63aBay Area Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Yessenia Carrizales6:49.00aHarmony School of Sc...
2.7Nikki De Los Reyes6:58.92aLutheran South Academy
3.8Morgan Stang7:08.45aBay Area Christian
4.8Rachel Olaoniplun7:10.37aHarmony School of Sc...
5.8Aslihan Yilmaz7:34.29aHarmony School of Sc...
7Alyssa TaylorDNSFirst Baptist Christ...
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Jaelin Hatton16.70aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.8Rebecca Hart18.58aLutheran South Academy
3.7Morgan Parker20.07aLutheran South Academy
4.7Aubrie Wells20.67aLutheran South Academy
5.8Stephanie Ehrhardt20.70aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.8Aya Al-Adli21.43aHonor Roll
8Lauren AdamskiDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
8Colleen PhillipsDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brianna Wilson-Kelly19.22St Mark's Episcopal
2.6Megan Golden20.10Lutheran South Academy
3.6Elizabeth Hart20.62Lutheran South Academy
4.5Allison Hubbard20.78Salem/Trinity Lutheran
5.6Erica Sheets21.01Salem/Trinity Lutheran
6.5Kate Staley24.94Honor Roll
7.6Kari Huwyler27.29Salem/Trinity Lutheran
8.5Meredith Kaspar27.36Trinity Lutheran
9.5Victoria Junkans27.40Trinity Lutheran
10.6Dylan Jackson29.65Trinity Lutheran
8Katlyn VlahovichDNSLutheran South Academy
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rebecca Hart34.60aLutheran South Academy
2.7Morgan Parker35.50aLutheran South Academy
3.8Andi Benson37.50aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.7Aubrie Wells37.67aLutheran South Academy
5.8Aya Al-Adli41.40aHonor Roll
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brianna Wilson-Kelly36.13aSt Mark's Episcopal
2.6Megan Golden36.29aLutheran South Academy
3.5Allison Hubbard36.68aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
4.6Elizabeth Hart37.13aLutheran South Academy
5.5Elizabeth Tate-Meyers43.47aHonor Roll
6.5Meredith Kaspar45.58aTrinity Lutheran
7.5Victoria Junkans46.36aTrinity Lutheran
8.6Dylan Jackson56.72aTrinity Lutheran
8Katlyn VlahovichDNSLutheran South Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-DeArbea Walker
Lindsay Turner
Brandy Thomas
Jada Autman
57.85aWestbury Christian
2.-Abby Dixon
Victoria Tilley
Valerie Russell
Melissa Mudgett
57.94aBay Area Christian
3.-Lori Davis
Tiffany McKinley
Dominque Agniel
Jaelin Hatton
57.98aKIPP Spirit College ...
4.-Bria White
Agnes Chukwu
Alexis Alban
Cindy Chavez
1:00.18aHarmony School of Sc...
5.-Emily Riemer
Sarah Otte
Kendra Kroll
Stephanie Ehrhardt
1:00.23aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
6.-Alexx Brame
Maris Fechter
Nikki De Los Reyes
Carly Jackson
1:00.90aLutheran South Academy
7.-Noor Haq
Madison Finger
Saba Akhtar
Marisa Gattis
1:01.32aHonor Roll
8.-Lauren Adamski
Nicole Turner
Erin Arthur
Colleen Phillips
1:01.52aSt Mark's Episcopal
9.-Marisol Tobar
Priscilla Perez
Angel Mathis
Aracley Gomez
1:02.40aKipp 3D Academy NE
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:00.35aBay Area Christian
2.-Allie Seldenrust
Ashley Otte
Julia Benson
Savannah Rucoba
1:06.56aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.-Maddy Morales
Venessa Anwuri
Arianna Caranto
Elizabeth Tate-Meyers
1:06.69aHonor Roll
4.-Michelle Chauvin
Carly Weidemann
Bonnie LeBlanc
Gigi Hawley
1:07.54aLutheran South Academy
-Samantha Boatman
Victoria Junkans
Mary Roesel
Amber Velazquez
DQTrinity Lutheran
-Relay Team DNSHarmony School of Sc...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lori Davis
Tiffany McKinley
Dominque Agniel
Jaelin Hatton
2:01.25aKIPP Spirit College ...
2.-McKenzie Fleeman
Victoria Tilley
Chelsea Green
Melissa Mudgett
2:02.63aBay Area Christian
3.-Taylor Scott
Alexis Auerbach
Courtney Wilkins
Jada Autman
2:06.38aWestbury Christian
4.-Colleen Phillips
Erin Arthur
Nicole Turner
Lauren Adamski
2:08.74aSt Mark's Episcopal
5.-Marisa Gattis
Saba Akhtar
Michelle Wang
Noor Haq
2:10.92aHonor Roll
6.-Nikki De Los Reyes
Caroline Williams
Alexx Brame
Maris Fechter
2:11.14aLutheran South Academy
7.-Bria White
Alexis Alban
Rachel Olaoniplun
Aslihan Yilmaz
2:12.37aHarmony School of Sc...
8.-Sasha Hester
Emily Riemer
Sarah Otte
Maddie Orrico
2:15.49aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Katlyn Nguyen
Michelle Chauvin
Carly Weidemann
Emily Dedmon
2:11.85aLutheran South Academy
2.-Relay Team 2:14.72aBay Area Christian
3.-Zoe Feinberg
Erica Sheets
Amy Brandenburg
Emily Chaffin
2:24.44aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
-Kira DelOlmo
Yosan Okbamichael
Ariana Ogletree
Danielle Manahan
2:29.98aHarmony School of Sc...
-Relay Team 2:31.72aKIPP Academy
-Dylan Jackson
Daria Druenker
Gwen Drenker
Felicity Collier
2:35.70aTrinity Lutheran
4.-Sydney Huxtable
Sara Saxena
Kasey Davis
Charly Willerton
2:46.58aHonor Roll
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carly Jackson
Jordan Pope
Rebecca Hart
Jacqueline Maher
4:50.22aLutheran South Academy
2.-Sasha Hester
Kendra Kroll
Andi Benson
Emily Riemer
4:56.90aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
3.-Dominque Agniel
Malia Coleman
Daisha Parker
Kaila Pipkins
5:01.47aKIPP Spirit College ...
4.-Relay Team 5:09.34aBay Area Christian
5.-DeArbea Walker
Lindsay Turner
Laura Franco
Taylor Scott
5:30.00aWestbury Christian
6.-Alexis Uresti
Ashley Morales
Alondra Ortiz
Ashli Jones
5:32.40aKipp 3D Academy NE
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Elizabeth Hart
Carly Weidemann
Emily Dedmon
Megan Golden
5:19.21aLutheran South Academy
2.-Emma Howard
Kelsey Lawless
Allison McCleery
Otilla Willis
5:30.17aBay Area Christian
3.-Relay Team 6:01.20aKIPP Academy
4.-Elizabeth Hunter
Allie Seldenrust
Brooke Honeck
Madeline Nemec
6:05.99aSalem/Trinity Lutheran
5.-Danielle Manahan
Cindy Chavez
Phyllis Nwokolo
Kira DelOlmo
6:16.69aHarmony School of Sc...
-Relay Team DNSKipp 3D Academy NE
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Courtney Wilkins28-09.00Westbury Christian
2.8Taahirah O'Neal27-09.50Honor Roll
3.8Sabryna Salazar26-08.75Lutheran South Academy
4.8Jordan Pope26-07.75Lutheran South Academy
5.7Angel Mathis26-03.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
6.8Kathy Lester25-11.00St Mark's Episcopal
7.8Jessica Bell24-11.00St Mark's Episcopal
8.8Cyndie Meersman24-04.00Bay Area Christian
9.7Rolanda Washington24-02.00KIPP Spirit College ...
10.7Kennedy Davis23-09.00KIPP Spirit College ...
11.8Jacqueline Maher23-04.00Lutheran South Academy
12.8Aya Al-Adli23-00.75Honor Roll
13.8Amanda Nart22-00.50St Mark's Episcopal
14.7Briana Myles20-01.00KIPP Spirit College ...
15.8Judy Torres19-08.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
8Danna GhafirDNSHonor Roll
8Alexis AuerbachDNSWestbury Christian
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brianna Wilson-Kelly24-03.50St Mark's Episcopal
2.5Kasey Pickett24-01.50Trinity Lutheran
3.7Ashley Montieth21-08.50Bay Area Christian
4.6Alyssa Berry20-11.00Honor Roll
5.5Jaycee Shepherd20-06.00Trinity Lutheran
6.7Chelsea Herrera20-03.50KIPP Academy
7.6Rachel Krause19-04.50Lutheran South Academy
8.6Savannah Rucoba19-04.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
9.6Gigi Hawley17-05.50Lutheran South Academy
10.6Sydney Perez17-04.00Lutheran South Academy
10.7Daria Druenker17-04.00Trinity Lutheran
12.8Alma Osornio17-02.50KIPP Academy
13.7Isabel Rumbaut17-00.50St Mark's Episcopal
8Karen LopezDNSKIPP Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taahirah O'Neal70-00Honor Roll
2.8Sabryna Salazar62-05Lutheran South Academy
3.8Kathy Lester58-10St Mark's Episcopal
4.8Cyndie Meersman58-09Bay Area Christian
5.8Jessica Bell55-02St Mark's Episcopal
6.8Jacqueline Maher55-00Lutheran South Academy
7.8Amanda Nart51-03St Mark's Episcopal
8.8Caroline Williams41-11Lutheran South Academy
9.8Aya Al-Adli37-05Honor Roll
10.8Courtney Wilkins32-03Westbury Christian
8Alexis AuerbachDNSWestbury Christian
8Danna GhafirDNSHonor Roll
8Maddie OrricoDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brianna Wilson-Kelly54-08St Mark's Episcopal
2.7Ashley Montieth50-01Bay Area Christian
3.7Chelsea Herrera47-06KIPP Academy
4.6Emily Dedmon44-00Lutheran South Academy
5.8Judy Torres42-01Kipp 3D Academy NE
6.6Gigi Hawley41-05Lutheran South Academy
7.5Kasey Pickett41-02Trinity Lutheran
8.6Alyssa Berry41-01Honor Roll
9.5Jaycee Shepherd40-10Trinity Lutheran
10.8Alma Osornio40-07KIPP Academy
11.7Isabel Rumbaut37-10St Mark's Episcopal
12.6Sydney Perez33-07Lutheran South Academy
8Karen LopezDNSKIPP Academy
6Dylan JacksonDNSTrinity Lutheran
6Savannah RucobaDNSSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Erin Arthur3-10.00St Mark's Episcopal
2.8Caroline Williams3-10.00Lutheran South Academy
3.8Alexx Brame3-10.00Lutheran South Academy
3.7Aubrie Wells3-10.00Lutheran South Academy
5.8Maddie Orrico3-08.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
5.6Sasha Hester3-08.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
5.8Noor Haq3-08.00Honor Roll
5.8Michelle Wang3-08.00Honor Roll
9.7Madison Finger3-08.00Honor Roll
8Kendra KrollNHSalem/Trinity Lutheran
8Colleen PhillipsDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brianna Wilson-Kelly4-02.00St Mark's Episcopal
2.8Katlyn Nguyen4-00.00Lutheran South Academy
3.7Arianna Caranto3-08.00Honor Roll
4.7Carly Weidemann3-08.00Lutheran South Academy
6Bonnie LeBlancNHLutheran South Academy
5Amy BrandenburgNHSalem/Trinity Lutheran
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rebecca Hart6-10.00Lutheran South Academy
7Morgan ParkerDNSLutheran South Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lori Davis13-08.25KIPP Spirit College ...
2.7Jada Autman13-03.00Westbury Christian
3.8Maris Fechter13-00.00Lutheran South Academy
4.7Stephanie Zeller12-11.50Lutheran South Academy
5.7Aubrie Wells11-09.75Lutheran South Academy
6.8Marisa Gattis11-09.50Honor Roll
7.8Saba Akhtar11-09.25Honor Roll
8.7Angel Mathis11-07.25Kipp 3D Academy NE
9.8Stephanie Ehrhardt11-07.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
10.8Maddie Addicks11-04.50St Mark's Episcopal
11.8Sheri Weatherby11-01.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
12.7Aracley Gomez10-00.00Kipp 3D Academy NE
12.6Lindsay Turner10-00.00Westbury Christian
14.8Aya Al-Adli9-05.00Honor Roll
8Lauren AdamskiDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
8Colleen PhillipsDNSSt Mark's Episcopal
6Laura FrancoDNSWestbury Christian
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Alegra Breaux13-10.00KIPP Academy
2.8Alexis Uresti11-09.50Kipp 3D Academy NE
3.8Ashley Morales11-07.75Kipp 3D Academy NE
4.7Sophie Baggott11-07.00Lutheran South Academy
5.6Megan Golden11-03.75Lutheran South Academy
6.7Christina Roberts10-11.50First Baptist Christ...
7.7Emma Kerr10-08.50Trinity Lutheran
8.5Samantha Boatman10-03.00Trinity Lutheran
9.5Venessa Anwuri10-01.00Honor Roll
10.7Gwen Drenker10-00.00Trinity Lutheran
11.5Maddy Morales9-06.50Honor Roll
12.5Madeline Nemec9-00.50Salem/Trinity Lutheran
13.8Brooke Dunnhoe8-11.50First Baptist Christ...
14.6Kari Huwyler8-10.50Salem/Trinity Lutheran
15.7Michelle Chauvin8-09.50Lutheran South Academy
7Isabel RumbautSCRSt Mark's Episcopal
5Julia BensonSCRSalem/Trinity Lutheran
7Alyssa TaylorSCRFirst Baptist Christ...
7Arianna CarantoSCRHonor Roll
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Stephanie Zeller24-09.00Lutheran South Academy
2.8Erin Arthur24-07.50St Mark's Episcopal
3.8Marisa Gattis23-10.75Honor Roll
4.8Maddie Addicks23-10.50St Mark's Episcopal
5.8Michelle Wang23-02.00Honor Roll
6.8Saba Akhtar21-10.00Honor Roll
7.7Nikki De Los Reyes21-04.25Lutheran South Academy
8Jordan PopeSCRLutheran South Academy
7Taylor ScottSCRWestbury Christian
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Sophie Baggott23-10.00Lutheran South Academy
2.6Megan Golden20-10.50Lutheran South Academy
3.6Elizabeth Hart19-11.00Lutheran South Academy
4.5Amy Brandenburg17-06.00Salem/Trinity Lutheran
5Zoe FeinbergSCRSalem/Trinity Lutheran
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