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Northwest 2010 Region Championships

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Deer Valley HS, Avondale

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.11Aaron Thurber11.14aWillow Canyon
1.10Trae Armstrong10.91Deer Valley
3.11Darius Watkins11.28Deer Valley
4.11Jesse Hollingsworth11.39Kingman
5.11Garrick Shelton11.45Willow Canyon
6.10Jamar Allah11.47Deer Valley
7.12Brandon Witkowski11.59Deer Valley
8.9Treshawn Favors11.70Mountain Ridge
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Trae Armstrong11.03Deer Valley
3.11Garrick Shelton11.34aWillow Canyon
2.11Aaron Thurber11.26Willow Canyon
4.11Darius Watkins11.39Deer Valley
5.10Jamar Allah11.44Deer Valley
6.11Jesse Hollingsworth11.54Kingman
7.9Treshawn Favors11.59Mountain Ridge
8.12Brandon Witkowski11.63Deer Valley
9.11Jon Matter11.70Mountain Ridge
10.11Brennan Cruz11.76Kingman
11.10Jeremiah Oakley11.86Valley Vista
11.11Cort Watson11.86Boulder Creek
11.10David Fitzgerald11.86Boulder Creek
14.12Raphael Sabado11.90Willow Canyon
15.10Zenas Morton11.92Sandra Day O'Connor
16.10Ryan Elliot11.95Sandra Day O'Connor
16.9Tiger Scott11.95Sandra Day O'Connor
18.10Randyll Roberts12.01Boulder Creek
19.9Myles Spearman12.05Valley Vista
19.9Zac Newman12.05Valley Vista
21.10Leonardo Delgado12.23Kingman
22.10Gabe Lumas12.64Kingman
23.11Nick Corona12.67Valley Vista
9Zach DelacruzSCRBoulder Creek
9Alex HarrisSCRSandra Day O'Connor
12Calvin MartinDQMountain Ridge
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Trae Armstrong21.89Deer Valley
2.11Devonn Miller22.29Valley Vista
5.11Aaron Thurber22.70aWillow Canyon
3.11Darius Watkins22.48Deer Valley
4.10Giovanni Pascascio22.64Valley Vista
6.12Ben Harrison22.87Mountain Ridge
7.11Lucas Gardona23.13Mountain Ridge
8.12Bryan McBride23.16Sandra Day O'Connor
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Devonn Miller22.38Valley Vista
2.11Darius Watkins22.69Deer Valley
3.10Giovanni Pascascio22.78Valley Vista
4.10Trae Armstrong22.80Deer Valley
5.11Aaron Thurber22.93Willow Canyon
6.12Ben Harrison23.03Mountain Ridge
7.11Lucas Gardona23.19Mountain Ridge
8.12Bryan McBride23.55Sandra Day O'Connor
9.10Jeremiah Oakley23.65Valley Vista
10.11Jesse Hollingsworth23.70Kingman
11.9Treshawn Favors23.71Mountain Ridge
12.12Brandon Witkowski23.90Deer Valley
13.10Kameron Comins23.94Kingman
14.11Dillon Godfrey23.95Sandra Day O'Connor
15.12Calvin Martin23.98Mountain Ridge
15.10Jamar Allah23.98Deer Valley
17.11Cort Watson24.13Boulder Creek
18.10David Fitzgerald24.28Boulder Creek
18.10Ryan Elliot24.28Sandra Day O'Connor
20.11Donte Cummings24.45Willow Canyon
21.12Victor Torres24.57Willow Canyon
22.9Myles Spearman24.66Valley Vista
23.10Randyll Roberts24.67Boulder Creek
25.10Leonardo Delgado25.01Kingman
26.9Wyatt Morris25.29Boulder Creek
11Trey AnthonySCRKingman
12Raphael SabadoSCRWillow Canyon
10Zenas MortonSCRSandra Day O'Connor
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darius Watkins49.97Deer Valley
2.10Giovanni Pascascio50.55Valley Vista
3.12Ben Harrison50.93Mountain Ridge
4.11Phillip Lang51.56Barry Goldwater
5.11Trey Anthony51.98Kingman
6.9Zach Delacruz52.22Boulder Creek
7.11Devonn Miller55.28Valley Vista
8.10Kameron Comins55.65Kingman
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Darius Watkins50.55Deer Valley
2.10Giovanni Pascascio50.73Valley Vista
3.11Phillip Lang51.08Barry Goldwater
5.12Ben Harrison51.49Mountain Ridge
4.11Devonn Miller51.70Valley Vista
6.11Trey Anthony51.97Kingman
7.10Kameron Comins52.53Kingman
10.12Raphael Sabado53.02aWillow Canyon
8.9Zach Delacruz52.81Boulder Creek
9.9Eric Keswick52.89Mountain Ridge
12.11David Steverson53.11aWillow Canyon
11.10Ryan Elliot53.08Sandra Day O'Connor
12.9Alex Harris53.11Sandra Day O'Connor
14.11Dillon Godfrey53.59Sandra Day O'Connor
15.11Matt Kamer53.80Deer Valley
16.11Cort Watson53.95Boulder Creek
17.12Jordan Fegius55.12Deer Valley
18.11David Cook55.34Sandra Day O'Connor
19.11Clay Blitzo55.57Deer Valley
20.9Wyatt Morris55.86Boulder Creek
21.9Van Brophy57.23Boulder Creek
22.9Imani Davis Payne59.13Valley Vista
23.11Kevin Gibelyou1:00.72Kingman
11Josh BarkerSCRMountain Ridge
12Michael WalkerSCRWillow Canyon
12Mike PellienSCRMountain Ridge
11Kevin LairdDNFKingman
11Malik HopkinsSCRValley Vista
9Ryan KistlerSCRWillow Canyon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeremy Robinson1:58.77Barry Goldwater
2.11Ricky Fernandez1:59.35Deer Valley
3.11Josh Espinoza1:59.44Deer Valley
4.10David Haun2:01.77Kingman
5.12Tristan Draper2:02.68Boulder Creek
6.12Andy Ramirez2:02.97Barry Goldwater
7.10Michael Wagner2:03.46Mountain Ridge
8.11Tiler Frank2:03.56Mountain Ridge
9.10Justin Corso2:04.14Boulder Creek
10.11Peter Geroulis2:04.61Mountain Ridge
11.12Paul Smith2:04.97Sandra Day O'Connor
12.12Adam Mackey2:05.03Boulder Creek
13.11Matt Petchel2:06.23Deer Valley
14.12Mitch Roush2:06.35Sandra Day O'Connor
15.10Damon Sweetland2:06.49Sandra Day O'Connor
16.11Jesse Peterson2:07.29Kingman
17.12Kyle Vordermark2:07.84Willow Canyon
18.9Michael Sabado2:08.04Willow Canyon
19.11Jake Felton2:09.20Boulder Creek
20.11David Cook2:09.50Sandra Day O'Connor
21.11Cody Daniel2:10.11Willow Canyon
22.11Steven Vaughn2:11.88Deer Valley
23.11Alexander Mitchell2:12.96Valley Vista
24.11Kevin Laird2:13.22Kingman
25.10Javier Gonzalez2:14.37Willow Canyon
26.9Darryn Rohr2:16.80Mountain Ridge
27.12Joshua Spraggins2:17.42Valley Vista
28.9Preston Hammond2:23.41Kingman
29.9Isaiah Dixon2:25.52Valley Vista
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Espinoza4:30.82Deer Valley
2.12Paul Smith4:32.16Sandra Day O'Connor
3.10Michael Wagner4:32.82Mountain Ridge
4.12Adam Mackey4:33.85Boulder Creek
5.10David Haun4:38.52Kingman
6.10Casey Lozano4:39.71Boulder Creek
7.12Mitch Roush4:40.30Sandra Day O'Connor
8.10Damon Sweetland4:40.44Sandra Day O'Connor
9.11Jesse Peterson4:41.00Kingman
10.11Zane Walling4:41.23Boulder Creek
11.12Kyle Vordermark4:41.97Willow Canyon
12.10Steven Wagner4:44.33Mountain Ridge
13.11Jeremy Polley4:47.13Willow Canyon
14.11Zach Walling4:49.70Boulder Creek
15.10Justin Neveu4:52.92Sandra Day O'Connor
16.11Alexander Mitchell4:55.76Valley Vista
17.11Greg Dowske4:58.21Willow Canyon
18.11Chris Palmer4:59.73Valley Vista
19.9Jeren James5:03.87Mountain Ridge
20.9Shaun Wooten5:05.28Kingman
21.9Tyler Leightner5:10.66Willow Canyon
22.9John Partridge5:11.32Deer Valley
23.9Preston Hammond5:14.15Kingman
24.12Eric Roman5:14.18Barry Goldwater
25.12Nate Rodgers5:15.70Barry Goldwater
26.9Jacob Arias5:23.45Valley Vista
27.9Daniel Hermosillo5:26.40Valley Vista
28.9Grant Gibson5:36.93Deer Valley
29.12Colten Lybbert5:55.92Mountain Ridge
30.11Tyler Fredricks5:59.98Deer Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paul Smith10:00.99Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Josh Espinoza10:03.14Deer Valley
3.12Adam Mackey10:04.83Boulder Creek
4.10Michael Wagner10:05.20Mountain Ridge
5.11Zane Walling10:11.22Boulder Creek
6.10Casey Lozano10:14.40Boulder Creek
7.11Jesse Peterson10:20.14Kingman
8.11Zach Walling10:20.92Boulder Creek
9.10Damon Sweetland10:21.30Sandra Day O'Connor
10.10Steven Wagner10:32.29Mountain Ridge
11.11Chris Palmer10:41.80Valley Vista
12.12Karl Peterson10:44.39Mountain Ridge
13.11Jeremy Polley10:50.21Willow Canyon
14.12Brandon Sweetland10:57.37Sandra Day O'Connor
15.12Justin Akine11:12.46Mountain Ridge
16.9Shaun Wooten11:15.75Kingman
17.9Tyler Leightner11:18.31Willow Canyon
18.9Jonathan Partridge11:27.83Deer Valley
19.11Nick Shrank11:31.60Sandra Day O'Connor
20.12Dominic Tapia11:32.79Kingman
21.11Jesus Lozoya11:39.00Kingman
22.9Jacob Arias11:39.07Valley Vista
23.11Greg Dowske12:03.76Willow Canyon
24.9Grant Gibson12:05.95Deer Valley
25.9Jake Mihelich12:16.08Willow Canyon
26.9Samuel DeMouy13:15.92Deer Valley
9Daniel HermosilloDNFValley Vista
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darien McKinley14.96Boulder Creek
2.10William Valdez15.53Kingman
3.11Dariush Cave15.87Sandra Day O'Connor
4.12Hayden McClellan16.10Deer Valley
5.12Weston Vannoy16.12Deer Valley
6.12Dylan Walashek16.32Boulder Creek
7.12Geoffry Dix16.51Mountain Ridge
8.10Justin White16.81Valley Vista
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Darien McKinley14.89Boulder Creek
2.10William Valdez15.81Kingman
3.11Dariush Cave15.92Sandra Day O'Connor
4.12Weston Vannoy16.21Deer Valley
5.12Hayden McClellan16.22Deer Valley
6.12Dylan Walashek16.38Boulder Creek
7.12Geoffry Dix16.69Mountain Ridge
8.10Justin White16.72Valley Vista
9.10Malcolm Cavin16.75Mountain Ridge
10.11Connor Vincent16.81Sandra Day O'Connor
11.11Jordon Stangler16.84Willow Canyon
12.11Jon Matter17.26Mountain Ridge
13.10Joel Addabbo17.36Deer Valley
14.10Keith Newman17.44Valley Vista
15.10Alex Tolentino18.01Willow Canyon
16.12Dempsey Ortiz18.31Boulder Creek
17.12Shane Hall18.55Kingman
18.9Grant Wilson18.66Boulder Creek
19.11Christian Cooper19.00Willow Canyon
20.12Curtis Watson19.50Mountain Ridge
21.9Darian Kamin20.62Kingman
22.12zach Clough24.52Kingman
11Darien Aldridge-FelanSCRValley Vista
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayden McClellan39.53Deer Valley
2.12Darien McKinley40.13Boulder Creek
3.10William Valdez40.96Kingman
4.12Erik Sanchez41.63Deer Valley
5.10Justin White42.60Valley Vista
6.12Weston Vannoy43.78Deer Valley
7.11Connor Vincent44.07Sandra Day O'Connor
8.10Joel Addabbo44.32Deer Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Hayden McClellan40.68Deer Valley
2.12Darien McKinley41.33Boulder Creek
3.10William Valdez41.82Kingman
5.12Erik Sanchez42.12Deer Valley
6.10Justin White42.27Valley Vista
7.12Weston Vannoy43.38Deer Valley
4.10Joel Addabbo43.81Deer Valley
8.11Connor Vincent43.89Sandra Day O'Connor
9.11Dariush Cave44.58Sandra Day O'Connor
10.10Malcolm Cavin44.85Mountain Ridge
11.12Curtis Watson45.26Mountain Ridge
12.10Phiem Guti45.40Valley Vista
13.12Akintunde Adeyemi45.41Mountain Ridge
14.9Grant Wilson45.45Boulder Creek
15.10Keith Newman46.26Valley Vista
16.9Darian Kamin46.57Kingman
17.12Shane Hall47.49Kingman
18.10Braven Carlson48.03Boulder Creek
19.9Juan Rejino48.86Kingman
20.12Dempsey Ortiz49.49Boulder Creek
21.10Alex Tolentino49.91Willow Canyon
11Darien Aldridge-FelanSCRValley Vista
12Geoffry DixSCRMountain Ridge
11Christian CooperSCRWillow Canyon
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jamar Allah
Hayden McClellan
Trae Armstrong
Brandon Witkowski
42.87Deer Valley
2.-Lucas Gardona
Jon Matter
Josh Barker
Treshawn Favors
43.49Mountain Ridge
3.-Garrick Shelton
Donte Cummings
Michael Walker
Aaron Thurber
43.95aWillow Canyon
4.-Jesse Hollingsworth
Breenan Cruz
Trey Anthony
Kameron Comins
5.-Zenas Morton
Tiger Scott
Alex Harris
Ryan Elliot
45.22Sandra Day O'Connor
6.-Zach Delacruz
Zach Taylor
Randyll Roberts
David Fitzgerald
45.27Boulder Creek
-Devonn Miller
Jeremiah Oakley
Zac Newman
Myles Spearman
DNFValley Vista
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Trae Armstrong
Hayden McClellan
Ricky Fernandez
Darius Watkins
3:24.61Deer Valley
2.-Bryan McBride
David Cook
Dillon Godfrey
Alex Harris
3:27.72Sandra Day O'Connor
3.-Zach Delacruz
Justin Corso
Darien McKinley
Garret Parenteau
3:27.79Boulder Creek
4.-Trey Anthony
Leonardo Delgado
Kameron Comins
David Haun
5.-Darien Aldridge-Felan
Devonn Miller
Giovanni Pascascio
Avery Mickens
3:31.02Valley Vista
6.-Josh Barker
Calvin Martin
Treshawn Favors
Ben Harrison
3:32.40Mountain Ridge
7.-Jordon Stangler
Michael Walker
Donte Cummings
Raphael Sabado
3:35.04Willow Canyon
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Corso
Casey Lozano
Adam Mackey
Tristan Draper
8:14.09Boulder Creek
2.-Matt Petchel
Josh Espinoza
Jordan Fegius
Ricky Fernandez
8:17.29Deer Valley
3.-David Cook
Mitch Roush
Paul Smith
Damon Sweetland
8:17.92Sandra Day O'Connor
4.-Peter Geroulis
Tiler Frank
Michael Wagner
Steven Wagner
8:18.13Mountain Ridge
5.-Jesse Peterson
Breenan Cruz
Kevin Laird
David Haun
6.-Andy Ramirez
Jeremy Robinson
Aurelio Ortega
Eric Roman
8:45.44Barry Goldwater
7.-Javier Gonzalez
Kyle Vordermark
Greg Dowske
Jeremy Polley
8:51.58Willow Canyon
8.-Chris Palmer
Alexander Mitchell
Joshua Spraggins
Isaiah Dixon
9:13.67Valley Vista
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Lillie51-04.00Valley Vista
2.12Dylan Walashek49-02.00Boulder Creek
3.12Tim Addabbo47-01.00Deer Valley
4.11Colton Johnson46-09.00Boulder Creek
5.11Eddy Beuerlein46-02.00Sandra Day O'Connor
6.12Richard Valdez45-05.00Kingman
7.10Blane Pinkman44-11.00Willow Canyon
8.10John Reed44-08.00Deer Valley
9.11Brian Thompson42-10.00Mountain Ridge
10.12Jared McNeil42-06.00Deer Valley
11.12Alex Mayo41-11.50Kingman
12.10Brice Kaszubinski40-05.50Mountain Ridge
13.9Christian Gutierrez39-11.00Kingman
14.11Hunter Swerdfeger39-10.00Deer Valley
15.12Ken Hudson39-07.00Barry Goldwater
16.10Joey Kennedy38-06.00Willow Canyon
16.10Alex Friell38-06.00Mountain Ridge
18.10Jacob Osborn38-00.00Willow Canyon
19.11Brandon Neil37-08.00Boulder Creek
20.11Jacob Rodriguez37-07.00Boulder Creek
21.11Dustin Ness36-05.50Sandra Day O'Connor
22.9Javier Medina-Gomez36-02.50Valley Vista
23.9Joe Morrison35-00.00Sandra Day O'Connor
24.11Cecilio Obeso33-02.00Valley Vista
25.9Gerardo Obeso30-08.00Valley Vista
9Brian KeyesSCRWillow Canyon
12Joshau CampbellSCRKingman
12Alex LorenzoSCRSandra Day O'Connor
12Dylan WilliamsonNDMountain Ridge
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Thompson150-02Mountain Ridge
2.12Kyle Lillie142-03Valley Vista
3.12Shaun Fugate138-08Boulder Creek
4.12Alex Mayo130-09Kingman
5.12Jared McNeil128-09Deer Valley
6.12Dylan Williamson125-03Mountain Ridge
7.11Sam Olson125-02Sandra Day O'Connor
8.12Richard Valdez124-11Kingman
9.12Alex Hajjar123-07Sandra Day O'Connor
10.10Tyler Randlett116-09Mountain Ridge
11.12Tim Addabbo115-04Deer Valley
12.12Ken Hudson114-01Barry Goldwater
13.12Brandon Diep111-07Boulder Creek
14.9Joe Morrison111-05Sandra Day O'Connor
15.11Eddy Beuerlein110-06Sandra Day O'Connor
16.11Colton Johnson109-05Boulder Creek
17.10Cameron Kading108-09Mountain Ridge
18.10Gabe Swaba105-02Willow Canyon
19.12Andrew Valenzuela104-05Barry Goldwater
20.10Austin Mathews103-09Willow Canyon
21.10John Reed103-08Deer Valley
22.9Brian Keyes102-02Willow Canyon
23.10Austin Foster98-07Willow Canyon
24.10Greg Whalen97-07Deer Valley
25.11Cecilio Obeso94-10Valley Vista
26.9Christian Gutierrez93-05Kingman
27.9Ryan Patterson80-07Boulder Creek
28.9Gerardo Obeso71-06Valley Vista
9Javier Medina-GomezSCRValley Vista
12Joshau CampbellSCRKingman
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryan McBride6-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
2.12Dylan Walashek6-06.00Boulder Creek
3.11Darien Aldridge-Felan6-02.00Valley Vista
4.10Andrew McDonald5-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.12Garret Parenteau5-10.00Boulder Creek
6.12John Green5-10.00Deer Valley
7.11Justin Bukowski5-10.00Valley Vista
8.12Akintunde Adeyemi5-08.00Mountain Ridge
9.10Jeff Bonham5-06.00Mountain Ridge
9.10Daniel Morris5-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
9.11Connor Vincent5-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
9.11Jared Zoller5-06.00Mountain Ridge
13.9bodhi Mayo5-04.00Kingman
13.10Justin White5-04.00Valley Vista
13.12Shane Hall5-04.00Kingman
16.12Erik Sanchez5-02.00Deer Valley
16.9Dalvin Richardson5-02.00Valley Vista
10Jacques BruceSCRDeer Valley
11Matt PetchelNHDeer Valley
12Raven HongaNHKingman
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Rogers14-00.00Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Joe Baxter13-06.00Boulder Creek
3.12Cody Blue12-06.00Valley Vista
4.12Kyle Radosevich12-00.00Mountain Ridge
5.12Riley Layton12-00.00Deer Valley
6.12Stetson Beals12-00.00Valley Vista
7.10Joel Addabbo11-06.00Deer Valley
7.10Joshua Reed11-06.00Mountain Ridge
9.11Harrison Stewart11-06.00Boulder Creek
9.9Bo Haddock11-06.00Deer Valley
9.-Nick Badalamenti11-06.00Boulder Creek
12.11Brandon Yocom11-00.00Sandra Day O'Connor
12.10Scott Chileen11-00.00Boulder Creek
14.10Chris Bodnar10-06.00Willow Canyon
15.12Tyler Tang10-00.00Mountain Ridge
16.10Josh Jackson9-06.00Mountain Ridge
12Weston VannoyNHDeer Valley
10Nolan KwitNHSandra Day O'Connor
11Tyler EllisSCRValley Vista
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryan McBride21-05.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.12Ben Harrison20-11.50Mountain Ridge
3.12John Green20-08.00Deer Valley
4.11Joe Baxter20-05.50Boulder Creek
5.12Dylan Walashek20-01.00Boulder Creek
6.10William Valdez19-10.00Kingman
7.9Zac Newman19-08.50Valley Vista
8.11Lucas Gardona19-07.50Mountain Ridge
9.10Andrew McDonald18-10.50Sandra Day O'Connor
10.12Garret Parenteau18-09.50Boulder Creek
11.9Bo Haddock18-07.50Deer Valley
12.12Akintunde Adeyemi18-07.00Mountain Ridge
13.9Avery Mickens18-05.50Valley Vista
14.12Matthew Dusard18-02.50Sandra Day O'Connor
15.12Tyler Rogers18-01.50Sandra Day O'Connor
15.10Joel Addabbo18-01.50Deer Valley
17.10Jeff Bonham17-11.00Mountain Ridge
17.9Ryan McKinley17-11.00Boulder Creek
19.11Matt Kamer17-09.50Deer Valley
20.11Justin Bukowski17-07.00Valley Vista
21.11Aaron Thurber17-01.50Willow Canyon
22.10Doug Saunders16-07.50Kingman
23.10Gabe Lumas16-02.00Kingman
24.9Albert Luna16-00.50Willow Canyon
25.12zach Clough14-03.00Kingman
12Michael WalkerSCRWillow Canyon
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garret Parenteau43-08.00Boulder Creek
2.10William Valdez43-01.50Kingman
3.12Andy Ramirez41-03.00Barry Goldwater
4.11Lucas Gardona41-02.50Mountain Ridge
5.10Justin White40-10.50Valley Vista
6.9Avery Mickens39-11.50Valley Vista
7.12John Green39-09.50Deer Valley
8.12Akintunde Adeyemi39-07.50Mountain Ridge
9.12Ali Zaidi38-07.50Sandra Day O'Connor
10.11Clay Blitzo38-00.00Deer Valley
11.10Jamar Allah37-09.50Deer Valley
11.11Logan Gombar37-09.50Mountain Ridge
13.12Matthew Dusard37-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
14.9Tiger Scott36-11.00Sandra Day O'Connor
15.10Doug Saunders36-00.50Kingman
16.10David Fitzgerald35-11.50Boulder Creek
17.10Jacob Arrington35-09.50Deer Valley
18.12Jaryd Burt34-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
19.10Cameron McGowen34-05.50Boulder Creek
20.11Kevin Gibelyou34-01.00Kingman
21.9Tyler Gardner33-06.50Mountain Ridge
22.12zach Clough32-03.50Kingman
10Stephen KleinSCRBoulder Creek

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Makaela Pratt12.52aWillow Canyon
2.9Nicole Albers12.85Mountain Ridge
3.12Marissa Gibson12.88Deer Valley
4.11Jessica Magusin13.01Boulder Creek
5.9Kayleigh Zobel13.04Deer Valley
6.9Nneka Uchendu13.05Willow Canyon
7.10Mackenzie Giglio13.07Deer Valley
8.10Kali Harris13.19Boulder Creek
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Makaela Pratt12.42Willow Canyon
5.9Nneka Uchendu13.01aWillow Canyon
2.12Marissa Gibson12.84Deer Valley
3.9Nicole Albers12.88Mountain Ridge
4.9Kayleigh Zobel12.95Deer Valley
6.10Kali Harris13.02Boulder Creek
7.10Mackenzie Giglio13.11Deer Valley
8.11Jessica Magusin13.15Boulder Creek
9.11Rachel Gress13.19Sandra Day O'Connor
10.9Breanna Spain13.21Deer Valley
11.12Kelsey Brown13.59Willow Canyon
12.10Carlie Brown13.62Boulder Creek
13.11Alexa Larson13.65Boulder Creek
14.10Cailee Robinson13.70Barry Goldwater
15.12Ashley Wittke13.72Sandra Day O'Connor
16.10Sarah Glemba13.73Sandra Day O'Connor
17.10Hannah Miller13.82Mountain Ridge
18.9Briana Ramsey13.87Mountain Ridge
19.12Jennifer Benjamin14.33Valley Vista
20.10Taya Adams14.42Valley Vista
21.9Denise Andrade14.53Kingman
22.12Ashley Kelly-LaSalle14.58Kingman
23.12Angelica Tacket14.77Kingman
24.10Emily MAtsuoka16.08Kingman
9Kristen ParksSCRSandra Day O'Connor
12Revan DawoodDQMountain Ridge
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Makaela Pratt25.71aWillow Canyon
2.12Marissa Gibson26.25Deer Valley
3.9Nicole Albers26.29Mountain Ridge
5.9Nneka Uchendu26.95aWillow Canyon
4.11Rachel Gress26.79Sandra Day O'Connor
6.10Kali Harris27.22Boulder Creek
7.10Mackenzie Giglio27.46Deer Valley
8.11Kari Osep27.70Mountain Ridge
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Makaela Pratt26.17Willow Canyon
2.9Nicole Albers26.25Mountain Ridge
3.12Marissa Gibson26.43Deer Valley
4.10Mackenzie Giglio26.80Deer Valley
5.10Kali Harris26.87Boulder Creek
6.11Rachel Gress26.89Sandra Day O'Connor
7.11Kari Osep27.35Mountain Ridge
8.9Nneka Uchendu27.50Willow Canyon
9.11Amanda Beratta27.71Boulder Creek
10.9Taylor Cunningham27.89Sandra Day O'Connor
11.9Dystnie Eckblad27.99Valley Vista
12.9Breanna Spain28.14Deer Valley
12.10Shannon Lepicier28.14Deer Valley
14.11Alexa Larson28.37Boulder Creek
15.10Hannah Miller28.63Mountain Ridge
16.11Heather Bruce28.79Boulder Creek
17.10Ashley Stamper28.83Mountain Ridge
18.10Elizabeth Aldrete29.09Sandra Day O'Connor
19.10Taya Adams29.84Valley Vista
20.9Denise Andrade29.97Kingman
21.12Angelica Tacket31.58Kingman
22.11FAith Wassell31.63Kingman
9Kristen ParksSCRSandra Day O'Connor
12Ashley Kelly-LaSalleSCRKingman
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marissa Gibson58.26Deer Valley
2.11Kari Osep1:01.04Mountain Ridge
3.9Dystnie Eckblad1:01.40Valley Vista
4.10Mackenzie Giglio1:02.13Deer Valley
5.10Leah Zampini1:02.65Deer Valley
6.12Lindsey Reed1:03.02Kingman
7.10Shannon Lepicier1:03.20Deer Valley
8.10April Derbyshire1:04.17Sandra Day O'Connor
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Marissa Gibson58.98Deer Valley
2.11Kari Osep1:01.62Mountain Ridge
5.10Shannon Lepicier1:02.37Deer Valley
6.9Dystnie Eckblad1:02.41Valley Vista
3.10April Derbyshire1:02.65Sandra Day O'Connor
7.10Leah Zampini1:02.79Deer Valley
4.10Mackenzie Giglio1:02.81Deer Valley
8.12Lindsey Reed1:03.29Kingman
9.10Sarah Glemba1:03.36Sandra Day O'Connor
10.11Amanda Beratta1:03.40Boulder Creek
11.11Heather Bruce1:03.47Boulder Creek
12.10Alex Kopp1:04.61Sandra Day O'Connor
13.10Ashley Stamper1:05.15Mountain Ridge
14.9Tiffiny Nelson1:05.18Mountain Ridge
15.11Katrina Taylor1:06.03Boulder Creek
16.12Paola Pratt1:07.32Sandra Day O'Connor
17.10Darrielle James1:08.48Boulder Creek
18.12Myreel Pease1:09.47Kingman
19.10Joeanna Cruz1:10.03Willow Canyon
20.10Kira Santoro1:13.37Kingman
9Denise AndradeSCRKingman
9Anjelica DichitangSCRWillow Canyon
12Brianna HennesseySCRWillow Canyon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gloria Tello2:25.17Sandra Day O'Connor
2.9Elizabeth Cardiff2:28.25Kingman
3.12Alexandra Feifer2:29.94Boulder Creek
4.10Kaitlin Hurley2:30.35Sandra Day O'Connor
5.11Maddie Sheahan2:30.38Sandra Day O'Connor
6.11Maggie Kraft2:30.45Boulder Creek
7.10Ellyn Shults2:33.05Sandra Day O'Connor
8.10Rianna Silverstein2:34.49Deer Valley
9.10Gloria Harper2:34.75Boulder Creek
10.11Alethia Halbig2:34.93Boulder Creek
11.10Hope Hutton2:36.19Valley Vista
12.12Tiffany Reinoso2:40.00Kingman
13.9Isabelle Hurtado2:40.04Deer Valley
14.12Brittany Johnston2:40.77Barry Goldwater
15.11Charlotte Hurley2:42.02Deer Valley
16.11Chelsea Mercer2:43.52Deer Valley
17.12Rocio Abugarade2:45.44Valley Vista
18.9Shannon Johnson2:50.73Kingman
19.11Jackie Rybin2:54.17Willow Canyon
20.12Jordan Roarick2:56.02Barry Goldwater
21.10Alissa Compian3:00.70Willow Canyon
22.11Heidi Ajero3:02.39Kingman
10Kendall DeakinSCRMountain Ridge
10Alyssa GerardsSCRMountain Ridge
10Angela RumerSCRWillow Canyon
10Victoria FernandezSCRMountain Ridge
10Priscilla MolinaSCRValley Vista
12Maggie WiemeyerSCRMountain Ridge
11Tess WeastSCRWillow Canyon
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gloria Tello5:18.41Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11Rachel Gutknecht5:20.00Sandra Day O'Connor
3.9Elizabeth Cardiff5:20.14Kingman
4.12Kailey Rumbo5:25.78Sandra Day O'Connor
5.11Bridgette Sotelo5:30.22Barry Goldwater
6.10Gloria Harper5:33.43Boulder Creek
7.9Lindsay Fischer5:42.69Mountain Ridge
8.11Charlotte Hurley5:43.98Deer Valley
9.12Brittany Johnston5:44.01Barry Goldwater
10.10Hope Hutton5:46.07Valley Vista
11.12Brooke Warren5:49.80Sandra Day O'Connor
12.11Trinity Johnson5:51.15Boulder Creek
13.12Maggie Wiemeyer5:51.59Mountain Ridge
14.10Victoria Fernandez5:53.30Mountain Ridge
15.12Tyler Joanou5:53.56Boulder Creek
16.10Erin Kloberdanz6:06.00Deer Valley
17.9Shannon Johnson6:06.28Kingman
18.12Amber Jordan6:10.04Barry Goldwater
19.11Karis Cattermole6:12.23Deer Valley
20.12Tiffany Reinoso6:21.37Kingman
21.9Ellie Wiemeyer6:24.78Mountain Ridge
22.12Jordan Roarick6:29.61Barry Goldwater
23.11Jackie Rybin6:40.39Willow Canyon
24.11Maria Yanez6:40.41Valley Vista
25.10Samantha Young6:44.55Deer Valley
26.10Heather Paulsteiner6:52.44Kingman
10Priscilla MolinaSCRValley Vista
10Angela RumerSCRWillow Canyon
10Alissa CompianSCRWillow Canyon
12Alexandra FeiferDNSBoulder Creek
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Gutknecht11:47.28Sandra Day O'Connor
2.12Kailey Rumbo11:54.70Sandra Day O'Connor
3.9Elizabeth Cardiff11:59.89Kingman
4.11Bridgette Sotelo12:03.92Barry Goldwater
5.11Trinity Johnson12:17.57Boulder Creek
6.12Brooke Warren12:17.85Sandra Day O'Connor
7.10Victoria Fernandez12:34.29Mountain Ridge
8.9Lindsay Fischer12:41.24Mountain Ridge
9.11Carissa Miyano12:48.02Boulder Creek
10.10Priscilla Molina12:54.09Valley Vista
11.12Maggie Wiemeyer12:54.82Mountain Ridge
12.11Lindsay Gregory12:55.52Boulder Creek
13.11Charlotte Hurley12:57.23Deer Valley
14.12Amber Jordan12:58.06Barry Goldwater
15.10Erin Kloberdanz13:07.62Deer Valley
16.10Jordyn Bentley13:11.14Sandra Day O'Connor
17.12Tiffany Reinoso13:20.31Kingman
18.9Rachel Gassdorf13:53.82Barry Goldwater
19.11Karis Cattermole14:18.04Deer Valley
20.10Corrina Cluckey14:18.70Mountain Ridge
21.11Maria Yanez14:25.42Valley Vista
22.10Samantha Young14:36.15Deer Valley
23.10Alissa Compian14:39.79Willow Canyon
24.10Heather Paulsteiner15:29.05Kingman
11Sarah GradillasSCRBoulder Creek
11Heidi AjeroSCRKingman
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eddene Depass15.72Barry Goldwater
3.12Taylor Carpenter16.80aWillow Canyon
2.10Tessa Kelley16.60Deer Valley
4.9Kayleigh Zobel16.85Deer Valley
5.12Victoria Phillips16.96Mountain Ridge
6.10Ariel Gregiore17.46Boulder Creek
7.9Alexandra Tyra17.48Deer Valley
8.12Amber Willaimson18.55Kingman
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Ariel Gregiore16.76Boulder Creek
2.12Taylor Carpenter17.05Willow Canyon
5.12Victoria Phillips17.09Mountain Ridge
3.11Eddene Depass17.17Barry Goldwater
4.10Tessa Kelley17.25Deer Valley
6.9Kayleigh Zobel17.51Deer Valley
7.12Amber Willaimson17.71Kingman
8.9Alexandra Tyra17.94Deer Valley
9.9Karissa Dillon18.20Sandra Day O'Connor
10.10Jemima-Grace Oso18.39Barry Goldwater
11.11Deanna Spreitzer18.42Sandra Day O'Connor
12.10Priscilla Estrada18.50Valley Vista
13.12Carmen Cliquot18.59Valley Vista
13.11Alyssa Kasher18.59Sandra Day O'Connor
15.10Dorine Owusu-Nyarko18.60Barry Goldwater
16.11Shakari Terrell18.65Deer Valley
17.10MaryKate Lusson18.84Mountain Ridge
17.12Dominique Hale18.84Kingman
19.10Amber Reed19.12Mountain Ridge
20.12Chiarra Stechman19.30Mountain Ridge
21.12Jennifer Benjamin20.18Valley Vista
22.10Abril Felix20.77Willow Canyon
23.10Nicki Paulat21.59Boulder Creek
9Emily WhelpleySCRBoulder Creek
12Allie ZeekDNFBoulder Creek
10Courtney MaurerSCRWillow Canyon
11Mikayla PoseySCRKingman
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tessa Kelley47.04Deer Valley
2.9Kayleigh Zobel48.35Deer Valley
3.10Ariel Gregiore48.60Boulder Creek
4.11Deanna Spreitzer50.68Sandra Day O'Connor
5.9Karen Hanson51.27Mountain Ridge
6.12Amber Willaimson52.04Kingman
7.12Victoria Phillips52.49Mountain Ridge
8.11Shakari Terrell53.06Deer Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Tessa Kelley47.96Deer Valley
2.10Ariel Gregiore48.53Boulder Creek
3.9Kayleigh Zobel49.71Deer Valley
4.11Deanna Spreitzer50.62Sandra Day O'Connor
5.9Karen Hanson51.85Mountain Ridge
6.12Amber Willaimson52.17Kingman
7.12Victoria Phillips52.20Mountain Ridge
8.11Shakari Terrell52.38Deer Valley
9.9Karissa Dillon52.99Sandra Day O'Connor
10.12Dominique Hale53.42Kingman
11.10MaryKate Lusson53.82Mountain Ridge
12.10Amber Reed53.86Mountain Ridge
13.10Priscilla Estrada54.16Valley Vista
14.12Carmen Cliquot54.93Valley Vista
15.12Ruth Bushman55.03Kingman
16.9Alexandra Tyra56.44Deer Valley
17.10Abril Felix1:00.84Willow Canyon
10Courtney MaurerSCRWillow Canyon
12Allie ZeekSCRBoulder Creek
11Mikayla PoseySCRKingman
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Willisha Tucker
Taylor Carpenter
Makaela Pratt
Nneka Uchendu
49.92aWillow Canyon
1.-Kari Osep
Hannah Miller
Revan Dawood
Nicole Albers
49.83Mountain Ridge
3.-Courtney Brown
Breanna Spain
Tessa Kelley
Kaleigh Zobel
50.07Deer Valley
4.-Sarah Glemba
Rachel Gress
Ashley Wittke
Kristen Parks
50.74Sandra Day O'Connor
5.-Carlie Brown
Heather Bruce
Kali Harris
Jessica Magusin
51.57Boulder Creek
6.-Ashley Kelly-LaSalle
Ruth Bushman
Mikayla Posey
Amber Willaimson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tiffiny Nelson
Nicole Albers
Briana Ramsey
Ashley Stamper
4:09.11Mountain Ridge
2.-Mackenzie Giglio
Shannon Lepicier
Tessa Kelley
Leah Zampini
4:10.34Deer Valley
3.-April Derbyshire
Sarah Glemba
Gloria Tello
Kristen Parks
4:12.59Sandra Day O'Connor
4.-Heather Bruce
Amanda Beratta
Gloria Harper
Kali Harris
4:23.47Boulder Creek
5.-Priscilla Estrada
Hope Hutton
Jennifer Benjamin
Dystnie Eckblad
4:32.19Valley Vista
6.-Brianna Hennessey
Abril Felix
Johanna Felix
Courtney Maurer
4:48.58Willow Canyon
-Mikayla Posey
Shannon Johnson
Kira Santoro
Lindsey Reed
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Gutknecht
Kailey Rumbo
Gloria Tello
Kaitlin Hurley
9:55.51Sandra Day O'Connor
2.-Alexandra Feifer
Alethia Halbig
Maggie Kraft
Gloria Harper
10:13.31Boulder Creek
3.-Elizabeth Cardiff
Shannon Johnson
Myreel Pease
Lindsey Reed
4.-Leah Zampini
Rianna Silverstein
Charlotte Hurley
Isabelle Hertado
10:47.77Deer Valley
5.-Kendall Deakin
Ellie Wiemeyer
Alyssa Gerards
Ashley Stamper
11:28.77Mountain Ridge
-Rocio Abugarade
Maria Yanez
Hope Hutton
Priscilla Molina
SCRValley Vista
-Alissa Compian
Jackie Rybin
Angela Rumer
Tess Weast
SCRWillow Canyon
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Conlin35-02.50Deer Valley
2.12Tanisha Karn33-02.50Kingman
3.11Demita Nyx31-01.00Mountain Ridge
4.11Sandra Dolan30-10.00Boulder Creek
5.12Monica Martenik30-09.00Barry Goldwater
6.12Lindsey Reed30-03.00Kingman
7.10Carter Conaway29-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
8.9Amber Tackett28-11.50Kingman
9.11Clarke Scott28-00.50Sandra Day O'Connor
10.11Shannon Spence27-08.50Willow Canyon
11.11Candy Wheeler27-01.50Willow Canyon
12.9Mikayla Preston26-08.00Barry Goldwater
13.11Sara Olney26-04.00Kingman
14.9Martha Bale25-11.00Sandra Day O'Connor
15.9Emina Omeragic25-06.00Deer Valley
15.10Theresa Hutchison25-06.00Mountain Ridge
17.12Mocha Delossantos25-05.00Mountain Ridge
18.10Celeste Anderson25-03.00Mountain Ridge
19.12Allie Zeek25-01.50Boulder Creek
20.10Jessica Zimmerman24-08.00Deer Valley
21.9Jenna Homsey23-07.00Deer Valley
22.10Leesha Armstrong23-02.00Boulder Creek
10Jackie GuerraSCRWillow Canyon
10Shannon HansenSCRBoulder Creek
12Rachel JohnsonSCRSandra Day O'Connor
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tanisha Karn115-08Kingman
2.12Monica Martenik102-04Barry Goldwater
3.12Ashley Kelly-LaSalle93-10Kingman
4.11Demita Nyx91-01Mountain Ridge
5.9Mikayla Preston89-00Barry Goldwater
6.9Sarah Wilden86-03Deer Valley
7.10Amanda Conlin84-03Deer Valley
8.9Alyssa Hirmer83-03Valley Vista
9.11Clarke Scott82-11Sandra Day O'Connor
10.11Sandra Dolan81-00Boulder Creek
11.12Koral Daniel79-04Kingman
12.12Rachel Johnson77-07Sandra Day O'Connor
13.9Martha Bale77-01Sandra Day O'Connor
14.10Carter Conaway75-11Sandra Day O'Connor
15.11Candy Wheeler74-07Willow Canyon
16.9Amber Tackett73-04Kingman
17.11Shannon Spence69-01Willow Canyon
18.9Hannah Graves65-04Mountain Ridge
19.9Jenna Homsey65-01Deer Valley
20.10Jessica Zimmerman64-08Deer Valley
21.10Leesha Armstrong60-09Boulder Creek
22.10Jackie Guerra48-02Willow Canyon
10Shannon HansenSCRBoulder Creek
10Megan TreeceSCRMountain Ridge
12Mocha DelossantosSCRMountain Ridge
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kaysee Pilgrim5-00.00Barry Goldwater
2.9Courtney Brown4-10.00Deer Valley
3.12Dominique Hale4-10.00Kingman
4.12Liz Schmitt4-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.12Elizabeth Wells4-08.00Deer Valley
6.10Emily Sheen4-08.00Mountain Ridge
7.12Simone Weinfurtner4-08.00Sandra Day O'Connor
8.12Ashley Wittke4-08.00Sandra Day O'Connor
9.12Allie Zeek4-06.00Boulder Creek
9.10MaryKate Lusson4-06.00Mountain Ridge
9.12Jennifer Benjamin4-06.00Valley Vista
9.9Denise Andrade4-06.00Kingman
9.10Spencer Platek4-06.00Deer Valley
14.10Stephanie Croker4-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
14.10Megan Treece4-04.00Mountain Ridge
12Brianna HennesseySCRWillow Canyon
12Hillary EkstromNHKingman
9Lindsay FischerNHMountain Ridge
10Makayla DukarmNHDeer Valley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaitlin Silcox11-00.00Mountain Ridge
2.12Chelsea Gobster10-00.00Deer Valley
3.10Charlie Huff9-00.00Boulder Creek
4.10Leah Zampini8-06.00Deer Valley
5.12Mackenzie Kieborz8-00.00Barry Goldwater
5.10Diana Diep8-00.00Sandra Day O'Connor
7.12Diana Tran7-06.00Deer Valley
7.10Samantha Calle7-06.00Mountain Ridge
9.10Megan Treece7-00.00Mountain Ridge
9.11Hail Drake7-00.00Sandra Day O'Connor
11.9Lindsey Wagenfuehr6-06.00Boulder Creek
11.12Sarah Joels6-06.00Barry Goldwater
11Rachael HancockSCRBoulder Creek
10Dakota StarenNHDeer Valley
9Bethany KrasuskiNHSandra Day O'Connor
9Angelina JimenezNHMountain Ridge
11Cejoi SlaySCRWillow Canyon
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Devin Molinar16-07.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.12Marissa Gibson16-00.50Deer Valley
3.9Courtney Brown15-11.00Deer Valley
4.11Rachel Gress15-10.50Sandra Day O'Connor
5.10Stephanie Croker15-08.00Sandra Day O'Connor
6.12Amber Willaimson15-05.00Kingman
7.11Jessica Magusin15-03.00Boulder Creek
8.11Eddene Depass15-01.00Barry Goldwater
9.11Alexa Larson14-03.50Boulder Creek
10.10Hannah Miller14-03.00Mountain Ridge
11.12Chiarra Stechman14-02.50Mountain Ridge
12.10April Derbyshire14-02.00Sandra Day O'Connor
13.11Katrina Taylor13-11.00Boulder Creek
14.12Carmen Cliquot13-02.50Valley Vista
15.10Spencer Platek13-00.50Deer Valley
16.12Ruth Bushman12-10.00Kingman
17.9Breanna Spain12-06.50Deer Valley
18.12Kelsey Brown12-04.50Willow Canyon
19.10Haley Knight12-01.50Mountain Ridge
20.10Amber Reed11-10.00Mountain Ridge
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Devin Molinar36-00.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.10Makaela Pratt35-08.50Willow Canyon
3.9Courtney Brown35-08.00Deer Valley
4.11Eddene Depass33-09.50Barry Goldwater
5.12Chiarra Stechman32-00.50Mountain Ridge
6.12Elizabeth Wells31-09.00Deer Valley
7.10Brittany Dierken31-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
8.11Catlina Csonca31-03.00Deer Valley
9.12Ruth Bushman31-02.50Kingman
10.9Lindsay Dusard30-04.50Sandra Day O'Connor
11.12Dominique Hale29-10.50Kingman
12.10Spencer Platek29-09.50Deer Valley
13.11Bri Markridge29-09.00Sandra Day O'Connor
14.10Carlie Brown29-03.00Boulder Creek
15.12Carmen Cliquot29-02.50Valley Vista
16.9Lindsey Wagenfuehr29-00.00Boulder Creek
17.12Ashlee Navarette28-08.50Boulder Creek
18.10Megan Treece28-04.50Mountain Ridge
19.12Holly Waterman25-09.50Mountain Ridge
20.12Paige Strang25-02.00Boulder Creek
9Aundi ShottsSCRMountain Ridge
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