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5A Southern Regionals

Friday, May 04, 2007

Flowing Wells HS, Tucson

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Arizona - Division I
Tucson Magnet
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Hall10.93aBuena
2.9Ethan Duarte11.29aSunnyside
3.11Levi Claridge11.36aFlowing Wells
4.11Sherrod Curtis11.39aBuena
5.12Paul Allegrezza11.53aMountain View Marana
6.10Nick Everitt11.66aSalpointe Catholic
7.-Kayven Farshad11.69aSalpointe Catholic
8.10Alex Sigala11.96aMountain View Marana
9.12Quynn Huynh11.97aFlowing Wells
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Marcus Hall11.04aBuena
1.9Ethan Duarte11.31aSunnyside
1.11Sherrod Curtis11.36aBuena
2.11Levi Claridge11.39aFlowing Wells
3.12Paul Allegrezza11.46aMountain View Marana
2.-Kayven Farshad11.48aSalpointe Catholic
3.10Alex Sigala11.61aMountain View Marana
2.10Nick Everitt11.71aSalpointe Catholic
4.12Quynn Huynh11.71aFlowing Wells
4.12Jose Hermosa11.76aSunnyside
5.11Joe Bass11.88aTucson Magnet
6.10Josh Bailey11.91aTucson Magnet
3.10Tyler Smith11.97aFlowing Wells
4.10Brian Mistler12.08aSalpointe Catholic
5.10Tyler Smith12.09aBuena
5.9Mark Vera12.14aMountain View Marana
7.11Vince Vasquez12.18aMountain View Marana
6.9Alex Gonzales12.53aTucson Magnet
6.11Mike Knitoski12.54aFlowing Wells
7.10Markes Reed12.83aTucson Magnet
8.9Tomas Baca-Cruz13.01aSunnyside
7.11Christopher Rivera13.61aBuena
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ethan Duarte22.80aSunnyside
2.11Sherrod Curtis23.47aBuena
3.12Paul Allegrezza23.67aMountain View Marana
4.10Nick Everitt23.70aSalpointe Catholic
5.10Lee Gundy23.80aMountain View Marana
6.10Josh Bailey23.94aTucson Magnet
7.10Alex Sigala24.00aMountain View Marana
8.10Tyler Smith24.04aFlowing Wells
9.12Jose Hermosa24.10aSunnyside
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Ethan Duarte23.03aSunnyside
1.11Sherrod Curtis23.39aBuena
2.10Lee Gundy23.53aMountain View Marana
1.10Alex Sigala23.79aMountain View Marana
3.10Josh Bailey23.86aTucson Magnet
2.12Paul Allegrezza23.90aMountain View Marana
2.12Jose Hermosa23.92aSunnyside
4.10Nick Everitt23.96aSalpointe Catholic
3.10Tyler Smith24.13aFlowing Wells
3.11Joe Bass24.39aTucson Magnet
4.10Brian Mistler24.66aSalpointe Catholic
4.10Joey Helton24.67aBuena
4.9Mark Vera24.67aMountain View Marana
5.11Jimmy Byrd24.99aBuena
5.11Mike Knitoski25.63aFlowing Wells
6.9Alex Gonzales25.74aTucson Magnet
6.9Tomas Baca-Cruz26.16aSunnyside
6.-Juan Rodriguez27.70aTucson Magnet
7.11Christopher Rivera28.36aBuena
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Levi Claridge51.24aFlowing Wells
2.10Lee Gundy52.95aMountain View Marana
3.11Jon Lopez53.05aFlowing Wells
4.12Jose Hermosa54.45aSunnyside
5.11Jimmy Byrd54.78aBuena
6.10Emilio Esparza55.11aTucson Magnet
7.10Joey Helton55.68aBuena
8.10Sebastian Douglas56.05aTucson Magnet
9.12Shaun Huntley-Lyles57.32aBuena
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Lee Gundy52.39aMountain View Marana
1.11Levi Claridge52.64aFlowing Wells
2.11Jon Lopez53.02aFlowing Wells
2.12Jose Hermosa53.90aSunnyside
3.11Jimmy Byrd54.25aBuena
4.12Shaun Huntley-Lyles54.35aBuena
3.10Emilio Esparza54.37aTucson Magnet
5.10Joey Helton54.52aBuena
6.10Sebastian Douglas54.62aTucson Magnet
4.9J.J. Burt54.97aBuena
5.10Arturo Islas55.27aSalpointe Catholic
6.10Kyle Rede56.07aSalpointe Catholic
7.12William Russell56.16aSalpointe Catholic
8.9Tomas Baca-Cruz58.23aSunnyside
7.10David Frasquillo58.51aTucson Magnet
8.-Julian Valles59.18aFlowing Wells
9.-Troy Long1:00.26aTucson Magnet
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Mesta1:59.12aTucson Magnet
2.12Eric Harasyn2:03.23aBuena
3.-Stephen Bostwick2:03.76aBuena
4.12Matt Richardson2:05.66aSalpointe Catholic
5.9David Sheppard2:06.13aSalpointe Catholic
6.9Humberto Bravo2:06.90aFlowing Wells
7.11Kyle Rohlik2:07.07aMountain View Marana
1.11Jade McCaleb2:08.41aMountain View Marana
2.11Chris Hutchison2:09.41aMountain View Marana
8.11Jackson Messer2:11.40aSalpointe Catholic
3.10Daniel Contreras2:11.91aSunnyside
9.12Ernie Cruz2:14.17aSunnyside
4.11David Acosta2:17.02aSunnyside
10.12Justin Austin2:17.14aBuena
5.10Ray Solis2:17.99aMountain View Marana
6.-Erick Marroquin2:19.12aTucson Magnet
7.11Billy Sherod2:20.72aBuena
8.-Tommie Clardy2:21.22aTucson Magnet
--9Steve MagnusonFSSalpointe Catholic
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Harasyn4:20.93aBuena
2.11Nathan Mesta4:23.23aTucson Magnet
3.9Steve Magnuson4:33.77aSalpointe Catholic
4.9David Sheppard4:38.04aSalpointe Catholic
5.12James Schow4:40.01aMountain View Marana
6.12Ernie Cruz4:40.09aSunnyside
7.11Marcus Whitt4:42.25aMountain View Marana
8.11Jackson Messer4:43.21aSalpointe Catholic
9.-Stephen Bostwick4:44.85aBuena
10.11Matt Lundstrom4:45.65aMountain View Marana
11.10Ryan Bequette4:46.59aSalpointe Catholic
12.11Michael Whitt4:49.05aMountain View Marana
13.9Humberto Bravo4:49.96aFlowing Wells
14.12Justin Austin5:02.30aBuena
15.11Billy Sherod5:03.67aBuena
16.11Sergio Holguin5:11.18aTucson Magnet
17.9Angel Camargo5:14.41aSunnyside
18.11Chris Wilkinson5:24.42aFlowing Wells
19.-Robert Bourjac5:25.16aSunnyside
20.9Jackson Bain6:20.05aTucson Magnet
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Mesta9:46.05aTucson Magnet
2.12Eric Harasyn9:49.49aBuena
3.9Steve Magnuson10:02.70aSalpointe Catholic
4.11Marcus Whitt10:10.84aMountain View Marana
5.11Matt Lundstrom10:17.95aMountain View Marana
6.11Jackson Messer10:19.05aSalpointe Catholic
7.11Michael Whitt10:26.29aMountain View Marana
8.12Joel Ojeda10:36.97aSalpointe Catholic
9.-Stephen Bostwick10:44.51aBuena
10.9Humberto Bravo10:49.05aFlowing Wells
11.12John Leavitt10:53.20aSalpointe Catholic
12.9Angel Camargo10:56.20aSunnyside
13.11Billy Sherod11:02.60aBuena
14.12Justin Austin11:19.40aBuena
15.10Cody Coale11:29.00aSunnyside
16.10David Frasquillo11:29.30aTucson Magnet
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Luke Cuffe15.15aSalpointe Catholic
2.11Jon Ohiaeri15.81aMountain View Marana
3.11Sean Topping15.91aFlowing Wells
4.10Kosmos Ververelli15.98aTucson Magnet
5.11Wes Pullen16.55aMountain View Marana
6.12Andrew Sims16.98aMountain View Marana
7.10Richard Lisk17.38aTucson Magnet
8.10Dylan Harris17.45aTucson Magnet
9.10Patrick McHale17.88aSalpointe Catholic
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Luke Cuffe15.22aSalpointe Catholic
1.11Jon Ohiaeri15.64aMountain View Marana
2.10Kosmos Ververelli16.08aTucson Magnet
2.11Sean Topping16.34aFlowing Wells
3.12Andrew Sims16.48aMountain View Marana
3.11Wes Pullen16.88aMountain View Marana
4.10Dylan Harris17.54aTucson Magnet
4.10Richard Lisk17.65aTucson Magnet
5.10Patrick McHale17.71aSalpointe Catholic
5.9Martin Calles18.32aSunnyside
6.11Matt Quick19.04aBuena
6.10Brad Henderson19.92aBuena
7.11Bryan Sieler19.98aBuena
7.10Michael Figueroa20.05aSunnyside
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Luke Cuffe41.11aSalpointe Catholic
2.11Jon Ohiaeri42.25aMountain View Marana
3.10Richard Lisk42.88aTucson Magnet
4.11Wes Pullen44.15aMountain View Marana
5.10Dylan Harris44.45aTucson Magnet
6.9Martin Calles44.55aSunnyside
7.11Sean Topping45.42aFlowing Wells
8.10Kosmos Ververelli45.45aTucson Magnet
9.12Andrew Sims46.05aMountain View Marana
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Luke Cuffe41.43aSalpointe Catholic
2.11Jon Ohiaeri42.96aMountain View Marana
1.11Sean Topping43.23aFlowing Wells
3.9Martin Calles43.30aSunnyside
2.11Wes Pullen43.36aMountain View Marana
3.10Richard Lisk43.70aTucson Magnet
4.10Dylan Harris44.56aTucson Magnet
5.10Kosmos Ververelli44.76aTucson Magnet
4.12Andrew Sims46.23aMountain View Marana
5.10Patrick McHale46.50aSalpointe Catholic
6.11Matt Quick46.57aBuena
7.11Bryan Sieler49.67aBuena
6.10Brad Henderson51.97aBuena
7.10Michael Figueroa52.51aSunnyside
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jimmy Byrd
Marcus Hall
Christopher Rivera
Sherrod Curtis
2.-Mark Vera
Paul Allegrezza
Alex Sigala
Brayden Flake
44.79aMountain View Marana
3.-Tyler Smith
Tom Ferko
Nick James
Quynn Huynh
44.89aFlowing Wells
4.-Relay Team 46.02aSalpointe Catholic
5.-Relay Team 47.36aTucson Magnet
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tom Ferko
Jon Lopez
Quynn Huynh
Levi Claridge
3:28.20aFlowing Wells
2.-Jimmy Byrd
Marcus Hall
Joey Helton
Sherrod Curtis
3.-Kyle Rede
Joe Cuffari
Arturo Islas
William Russell
3:42.98aSalpointe Catholic
4.-Wes Pullen
Jon Ohiaeri
Lee Gundy
Paul Allegrezza
3:43.65aMountain View Marana
5.-Sebastian Douglas
Richard Lisk
Caleb Mesta
Emilio Esparza
3:44.92aTucson Magnet
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:17.72aBuena
2.-Matt Richardson
David Sheppard
Steve Magnuson
Jackson Messer
8:20.96aSalpointe Catholic
3.-Sergio Holguin
Emilio Esparza
Caleb Mesta
Nathan Mesta
8:30.30aTucson Magnet
4.-Lee Gundy
Jade McCaleb
Kyle Rohlik
Matt Lundstrom
8:31.60aMountain View Marana
5.-David Acosta
Angel Camargo
Ernie Cruz
Daniel Contreras
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Swarts49-06.00Flowing Wells
2.11Luiz Acuna49-00.25Sunnyside
3.-Carlos Chavez42-06.75Sunnyside
4.11Kameron Kapferer41-05.25Mountain View Marana
1.9Jose McKenna41-01.25Salpointe Catholic
2.12Nick James40-03.00Flowing Wells
5.11Joseph Gilmore39-10.50Mountain View Marana
6.11Jim Hausman39-07.50Mountain View Marana
1.-Andy Leotaud34-08.75Salpointe Catholic
3.11Bryan Sieler34-06.75Buena
4.-Anthony Brown34-04.75Tucson Magnet
2.-Dimitri Ververelli33-02.25Tucson Magnet
5.11Tom Averill32-11.50Salpointe Catholic
6.10Daniel Reyes32-10.75Flowing Wells
3.11Matt Quick32-08.25Buena
7.10Alberto Lander31-06.50Mountain View Marana
4.-Dan Romero31-02.50Tucson Magnet
5.10Jesse Hill30-01.00Tucson Magnet
6.11Vince Tarango29-02.50Sunnyside
7.10Abel Salgado27-10.00Sunnyside
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Swarts135-04Flowing Wells
1.11Bryan Sieler127-09Buena
2.11Luiz Acuna121-06Sunnyside
2.12Nick James116-09Flowing Wells
3.11Kameron Kapferer115-04Mountain View Marana
4.-Carlos Chavez110-06Sunnyside
5.11Joseph Gilmore108-04Mountain View Marana
6.-Dan Romero107-04Tucson Magnet
7.12Andrew Crossman106-07Buena
3.-Eddy Urcadez106-00Salpointe Catholic
4.11Jim Hausman104-00Mountain View Marana
5.10Alberto Lander99-03Mountain View Marana
6.10Daniel Reyes98-03Flowing Wells
1.9Jose McKenna98-02Salpointe Catholic
2.-Dimitri Ververelli95-07Tucson Magnet
7.11Vince Tarango94-01Sunnyside
3.-Andy Leotaud87-05Salpointe Catholic
8.9Esmundo Gamez86-07Flowing Wells
4.-Mario Portillo86-02Salpointe Catholic
5.10Abel Salgado72-09Sunnyside
6.-David Richelson64-10Tucson Magnet
7.9Eric Hayes61-07Tucson Magnet
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Donovant Grant6-03.00Mountain View Marana
2.11Brayden Flake5-10.00Mountain View Marana
2.11Mik Markley5-10.00Flowing Wells
4.11Chris Waltrip5-08.00Mountain View Marana
5.10Tyler Smith5-06.00Buena
--9Ty HarmonNHSalpointe Catholic
--10Anthony WeeksNHFlowing Wells
--10Patrick McHaleNHSalpointe Catholic
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clint Robison13-06.00Salpointe Catholic
1.12Tom Ferko13-06.00Flowing Wells
3.11Nick Williams12-06.00Salpointe Catholic
4.11James Potter11-06.00Mountain View Marana
5.11Jade McCaleb10-06.00Mountain View Marana
5.10Dan Millstone10-06.00Tucson Magnet
5.-Dirk Prather10-06.00Salpointe Catholic
8.10Ryan Sariego10-00.00Buena
8.12Sterling Glauser10-00.00Mountain View Marana
10.11Joe Bass9-06.00Tucson Magnet
10.11Yahya Yuksel9-06.00Mountain View Marana
--10Josh BaileyNHTucson Magnet
--9Ty HarmonNHSalpointe Catholic
--11Michael PuettNHBuena
--10Kosmos VerverelliNHTucson Magnet
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brayden Flake21-04.00Mountain View Marana
2.12Marcus Hall21-00.50Buena
3.11Mik Markley20-10.00Flowing Wells
4.11Sean Topping20-00.00Flowing Wells
5.10Alex Sigala19-00.00Mountain View Marana
6.11Vince Vasquez18-10.50Mountain View Marana
7.9Ty Harmon17-11.00Salpointe Catholic
8.9James Moseley17-10.50Flowing Wells
9.9Alfred Leon17-07.50Sunnyside
10.-Alex Ball17-03.75Salpointe Catholic
11.-Kayven Farshad17-01.25Salpointe Catholic
12.10Ryan Sariego16-11.25Buena
13.9Mark Aguayo16-10.50Tucson Magnet
14.10Markes Reed15-10.50Tucson Magnet
15.11Christopher Rivera15-09.75Buena
16.-Cordero Kingsley15-05.00Tucson Magnet
17.-Thomas Reed11-07.00Tucson Magnet
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Topping43-00.50Flowing Wells
2.11Mik Markley42-09.00Flowing Wells
3.10Donovant Grant41-09.00Mountain View Marana
4.11Brayden Flake39-11.50Mountain View Marana
5.9James Moseley37-11.00Flowing Wells
6.-Kayven Farshad37-04.00Salpointe Catholic
7.-Julian Flores37-02.50Flowing Wells
8.12Shaun Huntley-Lyles36-10.00Buena
9.11Vince Vasquez36-08.00Mountain View Marana
10.9Antonio Ramirez35-09.50Mountain View Marana
11.-Alex Ball35-06.00Salpointe Catholic
12.10Markes Reed35-02.00Tucson Magnet
13.9Alfred Leon35-00.00Sunnyside
14.9Mark Aguayo33-01.00Tucson Magnet
15.-Cordero Kingsley32-01.00Tucson Magnet
16.-Thomas Reed25-06.50Tucson Magnet

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tanisha Kendrick12.35aTucson Magnet
2.11Alexis Blackellar12.69aBuena
3.11Oluchukwu Okonkwo12.95aTucson Magnet
4.11Alyssa Atkinson13.02aFlowing Wells
5.9Maddisyn Blue13.36aBuena
6.9Stacy Herring13.39aSalpointe Catholic
7.8ReRe Newsome13.52aTucson Magnet
8.-Kelly Hackett13.72aSalpointe Catholic
9.12KaSandra Ortega13.76aSunnyside
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
---Tanisha Kendrick12.43aTucson Magnet
1.11Alexis Blackellar12.58aBuena
2.11Alyssa Atkinson13.04aFlowing Wells
1.9Maddisyn Blue13.29aBuena
2.9Stacy Herring13.47aSalpointe Catholic
3.-Kelly Hackett13.58aSalpointe Catholic
4.8ReRe Newsome13.74aTucson Magnet
--12KaSandra Ortega13.80aSunnyside
3.-Victoria Ochoa13.99aTucson Magnet
4.9Adrianna Thomas14.09aSunnyside
4.9Kelsea Jondall14.17aMountain View Marana
5.11Oluchukwu Okonkwo14.18aTucson Magnet
5.-Tanna Sanders14.18aSunnyside
5.11Christina Morrison14.19aMountain View Marana
5.10Ashley Neuman14.34aMountain View Marana
6.9Heidi Lopez14.37aSunnyside
6.10Nicole Sanchez14.41aMountain View Marana
7.-Kea Tabisola14.74aSalpointe Catholic
6.-Annalisa Nunn16.09aSalpointe Catholic
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tanisha Kendrick25.47aTucson Magnet
2.11Oluchukwu Okonkwo26.77aTucson Magnet
3.11Alexis Blackellar27.54aBuena
4.11Alyssa Atkinson27.67aFlowing Wells
5.9Maddisyn Blue27.70aBuena
6.9Stacy Herring27.90aSalpointe Catholic
7.9Stephanie Schutt28.67aTucson Magnet
8.9Adrianna Thomas29.10aSunnyside
9.12KaSandra Ortega29.14aSunnyside
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Tanisha Kendrick25.56aTucson Magnet
1.11Oluchukwu Okonkwo26.30aTucson Magnet
2.11Alexis Blackellar27.20aBuena
2.11Alyssa Atkinson27.34aFlowing Wells
3.9Maddisyn Blue27.47aBuena
1.9Stacy Herring27.56aSalpointe Catholic
2.9Stephanie Schutt27.63aTucson Magnet
3.12KaSandra Ortega28.00aSunnyside
4.9Adrianna Thomas28.70aSunnyside
5.-Kelly Hackett28.90aSalpointe Catholic
3.9Heidi Lopez29.46aSunnyside
4.8ReRe Newsome29.57aTucson Magnet
4.-Tanna Sanders29.60aSunnyside
5.10Michealina Sorrell29.63aMountain View Marana
6.10Nicole Sanchez30.04aMountain View Marana
7.-Sarah Sauder30.27aSalpointe Catholic
5.-Kea Tabisola30.90aSalpointe Catholic
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tanisha Kendrick57.50aTucson Magnet
2.11Alyssa Atkinson59.84aFlowing Wells
3.9Stephanie Schutt1:01.94aTucson Magnet
4.12KaSandra Ortega1:03.81aSunnyside
5.9Stacy Herring1:04.14aSalpointe Catholic
6.9Maddie Kittleson1:04.67aBuena
7.9Heidi Lopez1:05.51aSunnyside
8.12Brianna Frasquillo1:05.58aTucson Magnet
9.9Amanda Poer1:07.08aBuena
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Tanisha Kendrick1:00.23aTucson Magnet
1.11Alyssa Atkinson1:01.18aFlowing Wells
2.9Stephanie Schutt1:03.18aTucson Magnet
2.12KaSandra Ortega1:04.74aSunnyside
3.9Maddie Kittleson1:05.65aBuena
3.9Stacy Herring1:05.81aSalpointe Catholic
4.9Heidi Lopez1:05.87aSunnyside
4.12Brianna Frasquillo1:06.25aTucson Magnet
5.9Amanda Poer1:07.91aBuena
5.10Rachel Bramble1:08.12aSalpointe Catholic
6.11Marie Young1:08.34aFlowing Wells
6.9Adrianna Thomas1:09.62aSunnyside
7.9Carissa Amon1:09.94aBuena
8.9Natalie Bouley1:10.78aMountain View Marana
7.12Xochitl Baca-Cruz1:12.22aSunnyside
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tara Erdmann2:21.34aFlowing Wells
2.11Kelsey Sheppard2:25.36aSalpointe Catholic
3.12Kassidy Rede2:29.77aSalpointe Catholic
4.12Nadia Menchaca2:30.40aSalpointe Catholic
5.9Emily Bartz2:30.60aMountain View Marana
6.12Erika Fragozo2:32.00aSunnyside
7.9Lucia Hernandez2:33.67aTucson Magnet
8.10Miriam Gonzalez2:33.91aSalpointe Catholic
9.10Jocelyn Lee2:40.85aFlowing Wells
10.10Alma Hernandez2:41.05aTucson Magnet
11.9Rebecca Roman2:41.90aBuena
12.11Tessa Facer2:42.90aFlowing Wells
13.9Tasha Saffo2:43.80aBuena
14.-Jenna Harro2:45.50aSunnyside
15.11Stephanie Montano2:46.20aFlowing Wells
16.9Amanda Poer2:50.50aBuena
17.9Maddie Kittleson2:52.00aBuena
18.-Ruby Rodriguez2:58.90aSunnyside
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tara Erdmann5:15.04aFlowing Wells
2.12Kassidy Rede5:26.38aSalpointe Catholic
3.10Brittny Vaughn5:34.12aMountain View Marana
4.10Julia Restin5:34.66aSalpointe Catholic
5.12Nadia Menchaca5:36.02aSalpointe Catholic
6.9Leah Davis5:39.26aMountain View Marana
7.9Lucia Hernandez5:42.43aTucson Magnet
8.12Kelly Clifton5:45.90aSalpointe Catholic
--12Erika Fragozo5:46.27aSunnyside
9.10Chrissy Kellerman5:54.48aMountain View Marana
10.10Alma Hernandez5:57.70aTucson Magnet
11.9Jodine Steemers5:58.04aBuena
12.9Tasha Saffo6:01.60aBuena
13.9Rebecca Roman6:04.30aBuena
14.-Jenna Harro6:06.30aSunnyside
15.10Jocelyn Lee6:15.00aFlowing Wells
16.11Stephanie Montano6:18.00aFlowing Wells
17.11Carolina Bujanda6:25.40aFlowing Wells
18.-Ruby Rodriguez6:40.30aSunnyside
19.9Ayla Read7:04.01aTucson Magnet
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tara Erdmann11:14.86aFlowing Wells
2.12Kassidy Rede11:43.09aSalpointe Catholic
3.10Julia Restin11:57.20aSalpointe Catholic
4.12Nadia Menchaca12:11.65aSalpointe Catholic
5.11Kelsey Sheppard12:12.48aSalpointe Catholic
6.9Leah Davis12:24.40aMountain View Marana
7.12Erika Fragozo12:33.39aSunnyside
8.10Alma Hernandez12:40.08aTucson Magnet
9.9Lucia Hernandez12:42.35aTucson Magnet
10.-Kyla Utegaard12:47.19aTucson Magnet
11.10Chrissy Kellerman12:53.43aMountain View Marana
12.12Brianna Frasquillo12:58.40aTucson Magnet
13.9Jodine Steemers13:00.63aBuena
14.9Tasha Saffo13:15.41aBuena
15.9Rebecca Roman13:19.59aBuena
16.-Jenna Harro13:25.96aSunnyside
17.9Taylor Funk14:12.27aMountain View Marana
18.-Christina Gomez14:30.92aSunnyside
19.9Avianna Moreno16:00.61aSunnyside
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Priscilla Urquides16.25aTucson Magnet
2.11Monet Golding16.51aMountain View Marana
3.-Sophia Tekle16.68aTucson Magnet
4.11Crowley Michelle16.98aBuena
5.11Amy Bauman17.31aSalpointe Catholic
6.10Kelsey Williams17.71aMountain View Marana
7.11Lindsay King17.81aFlowing Wells
8.10Heather Hawthorne18.21aBuena
9.10Kim Neihart18.25aSalpointe Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Priscilla Urquides16.25aTucson Magnet
2.11Monet Golding16.51aMountain View Marana
3.-Sophia Tekle16.68aTucson Magnet
4.11Crowley Michelle16.98aBuena
5.11Amy Bauman17.31aSalpointe Catholic
6.10Kelsey Williams17.71aMountain View Marana
7.11Lindsay King17.78aFlowing Wells
8.10Heather Hawthorne18.21aBuena
9.10Kim Neihart18.25aSalpointe Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Oluchukwu Okonkwo47.07aTucson Magnet
2.-Priscilla Urquides49.07aTucson Magnet
3.11Crowley Michelle49.34aBuena
4.11Monet Golding50.26aMountain View Marana
5.10Kim Neihart50.81aSalpointe Catholic
6.11Suzanne Nogami51.94aFlowing Wells
7.11Lindsay King52.24aFlowing Wells
8.10Heather Hawthorne53.14aBuena
9.10Kelsey Williams54.11aMountain View Marana
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Oluchukwu Okonkwo46.61aTucson Magnet
1.11Crowley Michelle48.11aBuena
2.-Priscilla Urquides48.48aTucson Magnet
2.10Kim Neihart50.35aSalpointe Catholic
3.11Suzanne Nogami50.68aFlowing Wells
3.11Monet Golding51.28aMountain View Marana
4.11Lindsay King52.15aFlowing Wells
4.10Kelsey Williams53.69aMountain View Marana
5.10Heather Hawthorne53.92aBuena
5.-Sophia Tekle54.92aTucson Magnet
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alesia Ash
Maddisyn Blue
Heather Hawthorne
Alexis Blackellar
2.-Relay Team 52.83aTucson Magnet
3.-Relay Team 56.41aSalpointe Catholic
4.-Relay Team 58.21aFlowing Wells
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:09.02aTucson Magnet
2.-Emily Bartz
Natalie Bouley
Christina Morrison
Michealina Sorrell
4:21.33aMountain View Marana
3.-Miriam Gonzalez
Kelsey Sheppard
Rachel Bramble
Stacy Herring
4:21.86aSalpointe Catholic
4.-Carissa Amon
Crowley Michelle
Amanda Poer
Alesia Ash
5.-Alyssa Atkinson
Jocelyn Lee
Suzanne Nogami
Marie Young
4:26.24aFlowing Wells
6.-Relay Team 4:29.31aSunnyside
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabi Barillas-Longoria
Kassidy Rede
Kelsey Sheppard
Nadia Menchaca
10:10.30aSalpointe Catholic
2.-Emily Bartz
Brittny Vaughn
Leah Davis
Marina Peterson
10:21.21aMountain View Marana
3.-Brianna Frasquillo
Kyla Utegaard
Lucia Hernandez
Alma Hernandez
10:24.52aTucson Magnet
4.-Tasha Saffo
Maddie Kittleson
Danielle Twight
Amanda Poer
5.-Carolina Bujanda
Jocelyn Lee
Stephanie Montano
Tessa Facer
11:15.07aFlowing Wells
6.-Relay Team 11:57.74aSunnyside
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Britney Hollabaugh37-04.50Buena
2.-Wynona Peters36-08.50Salpointe Catholic
3.12Chastity Hubert35-06.50Flowing Wells
4.9Julie Kriesen31-09.25Tucson Magnet
4.11Eshaunna Robinson31-09.25Flowing Wells
6.9Amanda Weber31-03.00Buena
7.9Marissa Flores31-01.00Buena
8.11Mikaela Weigel30-00.25Mountain View Marana
1.9Angie Chaparro26-11.75Buena
2.10Nicole Sanchez25-06.00Mountain View Marana
3.-Christina Tinsley25-01.00Tucson Magnet
4.9Kelsea Jondall24-07.75Mountain View Marana
5.-Jasmine Okougbo24-01.25Salpointe Catholic
6.-Katie Ellis23-02.25Flowing Wells
7.12Courtney Christe22-04.00Mountain View Marana
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eshaunna Robinson131-00Flowing Wells
2.-Wynona Peters122-03Salpointe Catholic
3.10Britney Hollabaugh118-08Buena
4.9Marissa Flores112-02Buena
5.12Chastity Hubert108-01Flowing Wells
6.9Amanda Weber89-02Buena
7.11Mikaela Weigel84-04Mountain View Marana
1.9Julie Kriesen79-11Tucson Magnet
8.12Erika Fragozo78-05Sunnyside
2.-Jasmine Okougbo69-03Salpointe Catholic
3.9Angie Chaparro68-00Buena
4.10Shaina Berman65-07Mountain View Marana
5.-Christina Tinsley62-07Tucson Magnet
6.9Estefonia Pimenta61-01Mountain View Marana
7.12Courtney Christe60-10Mountain View Marana
8.-Katie Ellis54-09Flowing Wells
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ana Siqueiros5-00.00Salpointe Catholic
1.-Hannah Goff5-00.00Tucson Magnet
3.-Sophia Tekle4-10.00Tucson Magnet
4.11Amy Bauman4-08.00Salpointe Catholic
5.10Ashley Neuman4-06.00Mountain View Marana
6.9Laura Quick4-04.00Buena
6.11Marie Young4-04.00Flowing Wells
6.10Kelsey Williams4-04.00Mountain View Marana
6.9Caitlin Flake4-04.00Mountain View Marana
---Michelle SauderNHSalpointe Catholic
--9Kayla TrainorNHMountain View Marana
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tamara Whitney8-00.00Mountain View Marana
1.11Stephanie Montano8-00.00Flowing Wells
3.9Chelsea Quinn7-06.00Mountain View Marana
3.12Tara Erdmann7-06.00Flowing Wells
3.11Brittany Hutchinson7-06.00Mountain View Marana
3.10Rachel Bramble7-06.00Salpointe Catholic
7.11Noelle Farler7-00.00Mountain View Marana
7.10Kara Lubbering7-00.00Salpointe Catholic
9.10Liesl Zahn6-06.00Flowing Wells
10.-Annalisa Nunn6-00.00Salpointe Catholic
10.9Areille Duarte-Rios6-00.00Tucson Magnet
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alesia Ash15-09.50Buena
2.-Victoria Ochoa15-02.50Tucson Magnet
3.10Trissa Pullen13-07.00Mountain View Marana
4.-Hannah Goff13-01.50Tucson Magnet
5.9Ami Fiero12-11.00Tucson Magnet
6.-Sarah Sauder12-09.50Salpointe Catholic
7.9Kelsea Jondall12-07.75Mountain View Marana
8.9Maddisyn Blue12-07.50Buena
9.12Xochitl Baca-Cruz12-05.50Sunnyside
10.9Chelsea Quinn12-02.00Mountain View Marana
11.10Kamber Schwarz11-10.00Buena
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alesia Ash36-09.25Buena
2.11Suzanne Nogami32-05.00Flowing Wells
3.-Sophia Tekle31-02.00Tucson Magnet
4.10Trissa Pullen31-01.25Mountain View Marana
5.-Victoria Ochoa30-05.00Tucson Magnet
6.11Lindsay King29-01.00Flowing Wells
7.10Kamber Schwarz27-00.75Buena
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