FWC Cardinal Relays

Thursday, April 08, 2010
  Fort Worth Christian School, North Richland Hills - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Texas - 5A
AGLCLiberty Christian
Texas - District 1
HPPAHigh Point Preparatory Academy
Texas - Region 2
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.9LeAndrew Gordon11.59aPantego Christian
2.9Cole McKeel11.65aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.10Bruce Smith11.82aSouthwest Christian ...
4.11Jesse Milburn11.86aFellowship Academy
5.10Trent Stinchcomb11.92aMcKinney Christian
6.11Peter Ashton11.96aFaith Christian (Gra...
7.11Cameron Balkey12.06aLiberty Christian
8.12Hayden Anderson12.12aLiberty Christian
8.11Tyler Brady12.12aHigh Point Preparato...
10.-A Weaver12.16aCallisburg
11.-A Jackson12.22aCallisburg
12.9Jerald Rogers12.33aSouthwest Christian ...
13.11Justin Walker12.49aOvilla Christian
14.12Tyler Page12.52aFort Worth Christian
15.9Corbin Thomas12.79aSouthwest Christian ...
16.11Brenden Monreal12.96aHigh Point Preparato...
10Dylan FrenchDQSouthwest Christian ...
12Jordan KeiserDQFort Worth Christian
11Anino RasaphangthongDQFort Worth Christian
11Jordan AdamsDQFaith Christian (Gra...
X 100 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
10Austin Powell12.28Bethesda Christian
1.11Corey Dodd12.25Liberty Christian
2.10Ryan Berkstresser12.35Fort Worth Christian
3.9Garrett Lakey12.40Faith Christian (Gra...
4.10Joe Gorman12.41Liberty Christian
5.11James Bing12.43Temple Christian
6.9Pierce Hellman12.54Fort Worth Christian
7.9Reid Anderson12.57Faith Christian (Gra...
8.10Nathan Nicholson12.59Liberty Christian
9.10Josh Riach12.63Faith Christian (Gra...
10.10Ryan Arison12.65Fort Worth Christian
11.10Austin Powell12.66Bethesda Christian
12.9Christian Romero13.10Temple Christian
13.10Parker Bow13.17Fort Worth Christian
14.9Chase Hamilton13.19Fort Worth Christian
10Ryan Papenmeier13.23Bethesda Christian
15.10Ryan Papenmeier13.70Bethesda Christian
9Eric Rendon14.98Bethesda Christian
16.9Eric Rendon15.50Bethesda Christian
17.9Jacob Erwin15.80Temple Christian
11Kaden WaltersDQFort Worth Christian
X 200 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.9Cole McKeel23.67aFaith Christian (Gra...
2.10Bruce Smith23.84aSouthwest Christian ...
3.9Leon Ahn24.28aLiberty Christian
4.11Sawyer Martin24.31aPantego Christian
5.11Michael Hendricks24.34aDallas Covenant
5th11Michael Hendricks24.34Dallas Covenant
6.11Bryce Cason24.95aFaith Christian (Gra...
7.-A Weaver24.98aCallisburg
8.9James Steenburg25.17aMcKinney Christian
9.9Jerald Rogers26.02aSouthwest Christian ...
10.9Corbin Thomas26.10aSouthwest Christian ...
11.11Cameron Balkey26.14aLiberty Christian
12.11Brenden Monreal27.68aHigh Point Preparato...
13.11Paul Gorman28.28aMcKinney Christian
14.9Jordan Overn30.11aMcKinney Christian
10Dylan FrenchDQSouthwest Christian ...
11Ethan CoonceDQFellowship Academy
12Jordan KeiserDQFort Worth Christian
11Anino RasaphangthongDQFort Worth Christian
12Tyler PageDQFort Worth Christian
9Max CronenDQFellowship Academy
10Caleb HerringDQHigh Point Preparato...
X 200 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.11Rylee Brown24.44Liberty Christian
2.9Garrett Lakey25.35Faith Christian (Gra...
3.9Jared Taylor25.40Fort Worth Christian
4.11Joe Angel25.52Liberty Christian
5.11Jamie Walker25.58Fort Worth Christian
6.9Duncan Simoneaux25.65Temple Christian
7.10Josh Riach25.89Faith Christian (Gra...
8.10Dillon Reed26.17Fort Worth Christian
9.10Ryan Arison26.23Fort Worth Christian
10.11Corey Dodd26.58Liberty Christian
11.9Trevor Talley26.69Pantego Christian
12.9Danny Gasparovic26.99Southwest Christian ...
13.9Keaton Taylor27.02Pantego Christian
14.11Michael Mendoza27.20Fort Worth Christian
10Austin Powell27.34Bethesda Christian
10Ryan Papenmeier28.14Bethesda Christian
15.9Christian Romero28.57Temple Christian
16.10Ryan Papenmeier28.62Bethesda Christian
10Zachary Winger28.73Bethesda Christian
17.10Zachary Winger29.10Bethesda Christian
18.10Josh Long29.17Southwest Christian ...
10Devin WilsonDQTemple Christian
10Josh PorterDQLiberty Christian
10Austin PowellDQBethesda Christian
9Reid AndersonDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Blake AndersonDQFort Worth Christian
10Drew StricklinDQFort Worth Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - VARSITY - Finals
10Jonathon Venables22.68Pantego Christian
9LeAndrew Gordon23.44Pantego Christian
12Tyler Connor25.39Pantego Christian
11Ryan Deal26.38Pantego Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
9Keaton Taylor24.85Pantego Christian
9Matt Price25.69Pantego Christian
11Sang Woo Park26.26Pantego Christian
10Alden White27.51Pantego Christian
X 400 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Hayden Anderson54.65aLiberty Christian
2.10Cameron Krc54.71aSouthwest Christian ...
3.10Charles Mott54.78aSouthwest Christian ...
4.12Paul Hammer55.18aLiberty Christian
5.12Hunter Watson55.52aFort Worth Christian
6.9Dallas Brock56.10aMcKinney Christian
7.11Charles Burch56.29aLakehill Prep
8.11Job Oderoh57.05aPantego Christian
9.9Ben Koop57.13aDallas Covenant
10.11Riley Davis57.52aFort Worth Christian
11.12Tyler Page57.63aFort Worth Christian
12.11Conner Wilkinson57.68aFaith Christian (Gra...
13.11Alex Keefer58.02aSouthwest Christian ...
14.12Preston Marr58.90aFaith Christian (Gra...
15.10Austin Gonzales59.93aHarvest Christian
16.10Chad Fess1:05.59aMcKinney Christian
17.10Andrew Collins1:06.51aMcKinney Christian
10Josh MozleyDQFellowship Academy
9Matt JefferyDQLiberty Christian
10Cade ArceneauxDQHigh Point Preparato...
X 400 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Foster Ford57.17Liberty Christian
2.10Josh Riach57.50Faith Christian (Gra...
3.11Preston DeLong57.60Fort Worth Christian
4.11Joe Angel57.87Liberty Christian
5.9Caleb Davis58.34Fort Worth Christian
6.9Garrett Lakey58.83Faith Christian (Gra...
7.9Danny Gasparovic58.88Southwest Christian ...
8.9Tre Patterson58.91Fort Worth Christian
9.9Duncan Simoneaux59.07Temple Christian
10.10Caleb Miller1:00.56Fort Worth Christian
11.9Reid Anderson1:00.77Faith Christian (Gra...
10Zachary Winger61.01Bethesda Christian
12.10Zachary Winger1:01.44Bethesda Christian
13.10Devin Wilson1:01.49Temple Christian
14.9Daniel Winnett1:01.74Fort Worth Christian
15.10David Hopkins1:02.64Bethesda Christian
16.9John Paul Humphrey1:02.70Pantego Christian
10David Hopkins63.40Bethesda Christian
10Ryan Papenmeier64.20Bethesda Christian
17.10Ryan Papenmeier1:04.86Bethesda Christian
18.9Josh Moore1:05.67Liberty Christian
19.11Logan Williams1:06.15Fort Worth Christian
20.10Josh Long1:09.82Southwest Christian ...
10Jeremy FeghaliDQSouthwest Christian ...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - VARSITY - Finals
11Job Oderoh55.3Pantego Christian
11Colin Price56.3Pantego Christian
11Sawyer Martin56.76Pantego Christian
10Jonathon Venables56.8Pantego Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
9Matt Price61.94Pantego Christian
11Ryan Deal62.09Pantego Christian
9John Paul Humphrey62.14Pantego Christian
11Sang Woo Park62.31Pantego Christian
X 800 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Luke Smith2:05.59aLiberty Christian
2.11Preston Staber2:07.28aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.10Cade Arceneaux2:09.53aHigh Point Preparato...
4.10Colby Hatchett2:09.71aFort Worth Christian
5.11Alex Keefer2:13.64aSouthwest Christian ...
6.11Riley Davis2:15.40aFort Worth Christian
7.9Dereck Woodcock2:15.63aLiberty Christian
11Colin Price2:19Pantego Christian
10Garrison Simons2:19.00High Point Preparato...
9Chris Alkhaz2:40.00High Point Preparato...
10Garrison SimonsDQHigh Point Preparato...
12Paul HammerDQLiberty Christian
9Clay StockerDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Bobby StroupDQSouthwest Christian ...
9Jordan OvernDQMcKinney Christian
11Grant HardawayDQFellowship Academy
11Jayde DzierbaDQFaith Christian (Gra...
10Andrew CollinsDQMcKinney Christian
10Colin FullDQMcKinney Christian
X 800 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Caleb Davis2:15.69Fort Worth Christian
2.10Jett Milner2:18.08Liberty Christian
3.10Jonathan Harder2:23.45Fort Worth Christian
4.9Reese Herring2:23.63Fort Worth Christian
5.9Tolly Stefkovich2:27.19Fort Worth Christian
6th11Jonathan Kurth2:29.0Bethesda Christian
6.11Jonathan Kurth2:29.77Bethesda Christian
10Zachary Brace2:30Bethesda Christian
10Mario LoZano2:33.0Bethesda Christian
7.11Daniel Pisar2:33.02Temple Christian
10Martin Solis2:41Pantego Christian
10Conner DevlinDQLiberty Christian
9Jesse SchroerDQTemple Christian
10Jeremy FeghaliDQSouthwest Christian ...
10Mario LoZanoDQBethesda Christian
10Zachary BraceDQBethesda Christian
9Chris AlkhazDQHigh Point Preparato...
9Colton ThompsonDQTemple Christian
X 1600 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Nathan Parish4:34.31aFort Worth Christian
2.12Dustin Sandoval4:48.89aFort Worth Christian
3.11Kevin Frost4:50.44aOvilla Christian
4.12James Snow4:53.37aOvilla Christian
5.10Austin Cotton4:53.64aFort Worth Christian
6.11Fabian Melo4:55.50aLiberty Christian
7.10Ryan Leaverton4:58.90aLiberty Christian
10Garrison Simons5:19.00High Point Preparato...
9Dereck WoodcockDQLiberty Christian
11Chris CollierDQFellowship Academy
11Stephen PaulDQDallas Covenant
10Michael SnowDQOvilla Christian
9Nick BittingDQMcKinney Christian
9Bobby StroupDQSouthwest Christian ...
10Collin WiederDQHarvest Christian
10Brandon RogersDQHarvest Christian
12Preston MarrDQFaith Christian (Gra...
10Colin FullDQMcKinney Christian
10Nathan MaxwellDQSouthwest Christian ...
9John Peter CamposDQFellowship Academy
10Garrison SimonsDQHigh Point Preparato...
X 1600 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1st10Zachary Winger4:57.00Bethesda Christian
1.10Zachary Winger4:57.52Bethesda Christian
2.9Richard Tharp5:17.56Fort Worth Christian
3.10Adam Stefkovich5:25.33Fort Worth Christian
4.10Jett Milner5:25.77Liberty Christian
5.9Reese Herring5:26.20Fort Worth Christian
6.10Aaron Milam5:41.13Liberty Christian
11Jonathan Kurth5:42.0Bethesda Christian
7.11Jonathan Kurth5:42.21Bethesda Christian
10Martin Solis6:09.3Pantego Christian
9Eric Rendon6:46.0Bethesda Christian
9Colton Thompson7:06Temple Christian
9Ethan TrippDQLiberty Christian
9Chris AlkhazDQHigh Point Preparato...
9Eric RendonDQBethesda Christian
9Jesse SchroerDQTemple Christian
10Lee AshleyDQFort Worth Christian
10James GoodallDQFort Worth Christian
-Daniel DelRosarioDQFort Worth Christian
X 3200 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Nathan Parish10:09.24aFort Worth Christian
2.12Dustin Sandoval10:31.79aFort Worth Christian
3.10Austin Cotton10:47.73aFort Worth Christian
4.10Ryan Leaverton11:01.64aLiberty Christian
5.11Fabian Melo11:18.00aLiberty Christian
6.12Stefan Byrne13:07.62aHarvest Christian
X 3200 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Richard Tharp11:42.09Fort Worth Christian
2.10Adam Stefkovich11:45.46Fort Worth Christian
3.9Tyler Hair11:46.30Fort Worth Christian
4.10Aaron Milam12:19.41Liberty Christian
5.10Zachary Brace12:20.25Bethesda Christian
6.9Ethan Tripp12:32.99Liberty Christian
7.10Dallas Hook12:34.00Fort Worth Christian
10Mario LoZano15:07.83Bethesda Christian
10Mario LoZanoDQBethesda Christian
9Nathan PoagDQFort Worth Christian
11Stephen MeadDQFort Worth Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Chris Admire15.92aLiberty Christian
2.10Brandon Keck16.35aFort Worth Christian
3.12Chad Corley16.52aLiberty Christian
4.12Ryan Stockton17.65aSouthwest Christian ...
5.9Keith Bober18.02aLiberty Christian
6.10Marvin Horner18.33aHigh Point Preparato...
7.10Logan Cornelius18.89aFaith Christian (Gra...
8.10Nick Dingman19.20aHigh Point Preparato...
9.12Tyler Connor19.23aPantego Christian
10Lucas AndersonDQFaith Christian (Gra...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Austin Lee17.56Fort Worth Christian
10David Hopkins18.50Bethesda Christian
2.9TJ Robinson18.49Fort Worth Christian
3.10David Hopkins18.79Bethesda Christian
4.10Daniel Loch19.26Liberty Christian
5.10Tim Douglass19.39Liberty Christian
6.9Nate Albin19.46Fort Worth Christian
7.10Cole Hyun19.76Southwest Christian ...
8.11Logan Muczko20.39Liberty Christian
9.9Timothy Dockery24.66Pantego Christian
10Diego De La FuenteDQSouthwest Christian ...
10Donny MurrayDQSouthwest Christian ...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Christian Scofield40.55aLiberty Christian
2.10Brandon Keck43.25aFort Worth Christian
3.11Peter Ashton43.62aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.12Chris Admire44.05aLiberty Christian
5.12Ryan Stockton45.78aSouthwest Christian ...
6.10Marvin Horner47.55aHigh Point Preparato...
7.9Keith Bober47.69aLiberty Christian
8.10Logan Cornelius48.85aFaith Christian (Gra...
9.11Ryan Deal49.15aPantego Christian
10.12Tyler Connor49.19aPantego Christian
11.10Nick Dingman50.46aHigh Point Preparato...
10Lucas AndersonDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Max CronenDQFellowship Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.10Daniel Loch45.77Liberty Christian
2.9Austin Lee46.14Fort Worth Christian
3.9Mason Starks47.57Fort Worth Christian
4.11Logan Muczko48.01Liberty Christian
5.10Tim Douglass48.58Liberty Christian
6.10Cole Hyun50.84Southwest Christian ...
7.9Nate Albin51.04Fort Worth Christian
8.9Ben Trotter57.26Pantego Christian
9.9Timothy Dockery58.99Pantego Christian
10Diego De La FuenteDQSouthwest Christian ...
10Donny MurrayDQSouthwest Christian ...
X 4x100 Relay - VARSITY - Finals
1.-Cade Lake
Ricky Maynard
Jordan Keiser
Anino Rasaphangthong
44.80aFort Worth Christian
-Leon Ahn
Chad Corley
Brent McQuirk
Eric Watts
44.84aLiberty Christian
2.-Bruce Smith
Charles Mott
Jerald Rogers
Corbin Thomas
46.46aSouthwest Christian ...
3.-Ethan Coonce
Grant Hardaway
Jesse Milburn
Josh Mozley
46.73aFellowship Academy
4.-Jordan Adams
Ashton Dunnington
Cole McKeel
Peter Ashton
46.81aFaith Christian (Gra...
5.-LeAndrew Gordon
Jonathon Venables
Sawyer Martin
Job Oderoh
47.24aPantego Christian
6.-Relay Team 50.47aHigh Point Preparato...
-James Steenburg
Dallas Brock
Trent Stinchcomb
Jake Gattuso
DQMcKinney Christian
X 4x100 Relay - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.-Nathan Nicholson
Rylee Brown
Miles Smith
Graham Richardson
47.04Liberty Christian
2.-Pierce Hellman
Hayden Smiley
Paul Smith
Jamie Walker
48.21Fort Worth Christian
3.-John Paul Humphrey
Matt Price
Sang Woo Park
Kelton Ponder
49.04Pantego Christian
X 4x200 Relay - VARSITY - Finals
1.-Cade Lake
Anino Rasaphangthong
Ricky Maynard
Cade Stone
1:32.76aFort Worth Christian
2.-Brent McQuirk
Chad Corley
Matt Jeffery
Leon Ahn
1:34.59aLiberty Christian
3.-Ryan Deal
Tyler Connor
Jonathon Venables
LeAndrew Gordon
1:38.10aPantego Christian
4.-Ethan Coonce
Grant Hardaway
Jesse Milburn
Josh Mozley
1:39.87aFellowship Academy
5.-Relay Team 1:42.70High Point Preparato...
5.-Vernon Bone
Caleb Herring
Tyler Brady
Jamal Smith
1:42.90aHigh Point Preparato...
6.-Jake Gattuso
Shawn Johnson
James Steenburg
Trent Stinchcomb
1:43.87aMcKinney Christian
X 4x200 Relay - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.-Foster Ford
Miles Smith
Graham Richardson
Rylee Brown
1:38.58Liberty Christian
2.-Paul Smith
Hayden Smiley
Jamie Walker
Jared Taylor
1:41.02Fort Worth Christian
3.-Trevor Talley
Sang Woo Park
Matt Price
Kelton Ponder
1:44.52Pantego Christian
4.-Christian Romero
James Bing
Daniel Pisar
Duncan Simoneaux
1:47.59Temple Christian
-Relay Team DQCallisburg
X 4x400 Relay - VARSITY - Finals
1.-Cade Lake
Jordan Keiser
Ricky Maynard
Cade Stone
3:32.15aFort Worth Christian
2.-Hayden Anderson
Matt Jeffery
Christian Scofield
Paul Hammer
3:32.44aLiberty Christian
3.-Clay Stocker
Preston Staber
Ashton Dunnington
Bryce Cason
3:40.32aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.-Ryan Stockton
Alex Keefer
Cameron Krc
Nathan Maxwell
3:46.65aSouthwest Christian ...
5.-Sawyer Martin
Colin Price
Jonathon Venables
Job Oderoh
3:46.90aPantego Christian
-Relay Team 3:59.00High Point Preparato...
6.-Dallas Brock
Chad Fess
Andrew Collins
Jake Gattuso
3:59.09aMcKinney Christian
7.-Cade Arceneaux
Vernon Bone
Nick Dingman
Jamal Smith
4:12.02aHigh Point Preparato...
X 4x400 Relay - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.-Miles Smith
Foster Ford
Graham Richardson
Daniel Loch
3:46.09Liberty Christian
2.-Paul Smith
Hayden Smiley
Austin Lee
Jared Taylor
3:48.13Fort Worth Christian
3.-John Paul Humphrey
Kelton Ponder
Sang Woo Park
Ryan Deal
4:08.64Pantego Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Taylor Hollingshead47-09.00Liberty Christian
2.12Connor Cullum47-05.00Liberty Christian
3.12Caleb Gonzalez42-10.50Southwest Christian ...
4.11Lance Kay42-09.50Liberty Christian
5.11Aaron Grogan42-08.50Pantego Christian
6.12Sidd Stropp41-07.00Southwest Christian ...
7.11Jordan Adams40-02.00Faith Christian (Gra...
8.10Preach Waller36-10.50Faith Christian (Gra...
11Brenden Monreal29'6.00High Point Preparato...
10Mason Hooser27'6.00High Point Preparato...
9Dallas BrockDQMcKinney Christian
10Brad KnamDQMcKinney Christian
10John TurnerDQFort Worth Christian
10Tim FullerDQHarvest Christian
9Josh DeereDQHarvest Christian
11Eric WattsDQLiberty Christian
11Tyler BradyDQHigh Point Preparato...
11Brenden MonrealDQHigh Point Preparato...
10Mason HooserDQHigh Point Preparato...
X Shot Put - 12lb - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.11Steven Strawn38-07.00Liberty Christian
2.10Alexander Reece37-03.00Liberty Christian
3.9Dylan Sprock35-04.50Liberty Christian
4.9Ben Trotter35-00.25Pantego Christian
5.-Y Schenlenburger34-08.75Callisburg
6.-A Barton34-06.00Callisburg
7.9Luke Alexander33-11.50Fort Worth Christian
8.9Ian Baucher32-06.50Fort Worth Christian
9Alex RamosDQFort Worth Christian
11Wade NeddermanDQFort Worth Christian
10Mitchell KjeldgaardDQFort Worth Christian
9Austin ToddDQFort Worth Christian
-Holden FosterDQFort Worth Christian
9David PowellDQFort Worth Christian
10Drew OrtizDQBethesda Christian
10TJ LovellDQBethesda Christian
10Austin BarrettDQFaith Christian (Gra...
10Devin WilsonDQTemple Christian
10Emilio GarzaDQBethesda Christian
9Justin MeltonDQBethesda Christian
9Eli WilliamsDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Zach IngramDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Adam BarreraDQSouthwest Christian ...
9Jeremy CarrollDQSouthwest Christian ...
12Spenser HendersonDQBethesda Christian
-a MorrisonDQCallisburg
9Jacob ErwinDQTemple Christian
10Scott HaleyDQTemple Christian
9Chance Hays19.11.00Ovilla Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Lance Kay125-01Liberty Christian
2.12Sidd Stropp120-00Southwest Christian ...
3.11Tyler Brady117-05High Point Preparato...
4.11Aaron Grogan115-06Pantego Christian
5.12Connor Cullum115-03Liberty Christian
6.12Nathan Hohulin112-10Pantego Christian
7.12Caleb Gonzalez108-02Southwest Christian ...
8.12Chad Forsgren103-00High Point Preparato...
10Garrison Simons92'6.00High Point Preparato...
10Garrison SimonsDQHigh Point Preparato...
10Brad KnamDQMcKinney Christian
11Jordan AdamsDQFaith Christian (Gra...
11Jake GattusoDQMcKinney Christian
11Maddison ShortDQFort Worth Christian
11Caleb ConnerDQFort Worth Christian
12Taylor HollingsheadDQLiberty Christian
10Preach WallerDQFaith Christian (Gra...
X Discus - 1.6kg - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.10TJ Lovell119-07Bethesda Christian
2.11Kelly Cossey109-11Liberty Christian
3.11Chris Ocasio98-03Liberty Christian
4.-A Barton97-11Callisburg
5.9Foster Ford92-00Liberty Christian
6.9Ben Trotter91-10Pantego Christian
7.9Eli Williams89-03Faith Christian (Gra...
8.9Dustin Walker88-04Fort Worth Christian
9.12Spenser Henderson86-11Bethesda Christian
10.10Andrew Hart86-04Fort Worth Christian
11.10Jason Leito85-00Pantego Christian
12.-A McClinton79-02Callisburg
13.-A Covington78-02Callisburg
13.9Jeremy Carroll78-02Southwest Christian ...
15.9Ian Baucher76-02Fort Worth Christian
16.9David Powell65-07Fort Worth Christian
10Drew OrtizDQBethesda Christian
10Garrett EzelleDQFort Worth Christian
10Spencer FeaselDQFort Worth Christian
9Zach IngramDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Adam BarreraDQSouthwest Christian ...
10Emilio GarzaDQBethesda Christian
10Devin WilsonDQTemple Christian
9Jacob ErwinDQTemple Christian
9Chance HaysDQOvilla Christian
X High Jump - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Justin Walker5-10.25Ovilla Christian
2.12Chris Admire5-10.00Liberty Christian
3.12Christian Scofield5-08.00Liberty Christian
4.11Colin Price5-06.25Pantego Christian
4.12Jordan Keiser5-06.25Fort Worth Christian
6.10Jamal Smith5-06.00High Point Preparato...
6.11Job Oderoh5-06.00Pantego Christian
8.12Tyler Page5-05.75Fort Worth Christian
11Tylerd EagerDQFort Worth Christian
9Clay StockerDQFaith Christian (Gra...
12Vernon BoneDQHigh Point Preparato...
X High Jump - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Jared Taylor5-04.00Fort Worth Christian
2.9Tyler Tarbet5-02.75Fort Worth Christian
3.9Timothy Dockery5-02.50Pantego Christian
4.10Hayden Smiley5-02.25Fort Worth Christian
5.9Graham Richardson5-00.50Liberty Christian
6.10Conner Devlin5-00.25Liberty Christian
7.9Josh Moore5-00.00Liberty Christian
X Pole Vault - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Cameron Balkey11-00.25Liberty Christian
2.10Alden White11-00.00Pantego Christian
3.10Logan Cornelius9-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...
X Pole Vault - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Aaron Hedrick11-06.00Fort Worth Christian
2.9Trevor Talley9-06.25Pantego Christian
3.10Josh Porter9-06.00Liberty Christian
4.10Nathan Nicholson9-00.00Liberty Christian
10Dillon ReedDQFort Worth Christian
9Walker EmbreyDQFort Worth Christian
10Paul SmithDQFort Worth Christian
X Long Jump - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Christian Scofield20-11.50Liberty Christian
2.12Chris Admire19-07.00Liberty Christian
3.10Cade Lake19-05.00Fort Worth Christian
4.11Sawyer Martin19-03.00Pantego Christian
5.12Hunter Watson19-01.50Fort Worth Christian
6.11Peter Ashton19-00.50Faith Christian (Gra...
7.12Jordan Keiser18-11.50Fort Worth Christian
8.9Leon Ahn18-11.00Liberty Christian
9.9LeAndrew Gordon18-05.00Pantego Christian
10.10Austin Gonzales18-02.00Harvest Christian
11.10Ashton Dunnington17-07.00Faith Christian (Gra...
12.10Nick Dingman17-06.50High Point Preparato...
10Nick Dingman17'6.00High Point Preparato...
13.10Trent Stinchcomb17-03.50McKinney Christian
14.9Dallas Brock16-00.00McKinney Christian
15.9Jordan Overn13-00.00McKinney Christian
9Clay StockerDQFaith Christian (Gra...
11Ethan CoonceDQFellowship Academy
10Caleb HerringDQHigh Point Preparato...
10Garrison SimonsDQHigh Point Preparato...
10Josh MozleyDQFellowship Academy
X Long Jump - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.11Corey Dodd19-08.00Liberty Christian
2.10Miles Smith17-10.00Liberty Christian
2.10Ryan Arison17-10.00Fort Worth Christian
4.10Austin Powell17-09.50Bethesda Christian
5.10David Hopkins17-09.00Bethesda Christian
6.9Austin Lee17-08.00Fort Worth Christian
7.9Jared Taylor17-04.00Fort Worth Christian
8.11Sang Woo Park16-08.00Pantego Christian
9.11Jonathan Kurth16-04.50Bethesda Christian
10.9Chase Hamilton15-09.00Fort Worth Christian
11.10Scott Haley15-06.50Temple Christian
11Jonathan Kurth15'3.5"Bethesda Christian
12.9Duncan Simoneaux15-02.00Temple Christian
13.11Daniel Pisar14-08.00Temple Christian
9Daniel WinnettDQFort Worth Christian
9Josh MooreDQLiberty Christian
X Triple Jump - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Sawyer Martin40-05.00Pantego Christian
2.11Peter Ashton39-10.75Faith Christian (Gra...
3.10Alden White39-09.00Pantego Christian
4.9Leon Ahn38-10.75Liberty Christian
5.12Hunter Watson38-00.50Fort Worth Christian
6.10Nick Dingman36-10.00High Point Preparato...
7.10Garrison Simons36-09.00High Point Preparato...
8.12Chris Admire36-08.50Liberty Christian
9.10Chad Fess35-04.50McKinney Christian
10.11Job Oderoh35-03.00Pantego Christian
11.10Andrew Collins33-10.00McKinney Christian
12.11Anino Rasaphangthong33-09.25Fort Worth Christian
10Cade StoneDQFort Worth Christian
10Marvin HornerDQHigh Point Preparato...
X Triple Jump - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.11Corey Dodd39-04.00Liberty Christian
2.9Foster Ford37-09.00Liberty Christian
3.9TJ Robinson37-05.75Fort Worth Christian
10David Hopkins36'1.5"Bethesda Christian
4.10David Hopkins36-00.50Bethesda Christian
5.10Miles Smith35-08.00Liberty Christian
6.11Jamie Walker33-10.00Fort Worth Christian
10Hayden SmileyDQFort Worth Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Charity Chambers13.02aTemple Christian
2.9Alexandra Yarrito13.29aFort Worth Christian
3.11Alec Overn13.36aMcKinney Christian
4.11Alexis Denis13.39aFaith Christian (Gra...
5.9Alexis Johnson13.50aLakehill Prep
6.11Madolyn Spruiel13.56aFellowship Academy
7.9Jillian Taylor13.68aFort Worth Christian
8.11Sidney Wilder13.74aDallas Covenant
9.9Taylor Miller13.76aFaith Christian (Gra...
10.11Carley Pouland13.79aSouthwest Christian ...
11.11Kara Gamboa13.81aLakehill Prep
12.11Emily Estes13.84aFaith Christian (Gra...
13.11Savoy Maneice14.01aSouthwest Christian ...
11Sidney Wilder13.74Dallas Covenant
14.10Sharron Nance14.11aFort Worth Christian
15.10Lindsey Grigg14.19aLiberty Christian
16.10Rachel Davis14.30aHigh Point Preparato...
17.10Haley Fowler14.35aLiberty Christian
18.11Brooke Porter14.38aOvilla Christian
19.9Taylor Baugher14.43aOvilla Christian
20.11Molly Parker14.48aLiberty Christian
21.11Derricca Williams15.08aPantego Christian
22.11Christiana Simons15.13aHigh Point Preparato...
23.10Amber Pointer15.25aPantego Christian
10Missy BushDQSouthwest Christian ...
X 100 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Aleyna Penny13.87Temple Christian
2.11Esther Kong14.34Southwest Christian ...
3.9Toure Manning14.50Harvest Christian
4.11Lea Unger14.88Lakehill Prep
5.10Madison Mason15.20Temple Christian
6.10Olivia Egyed16.28Southwest Christian ...
7.9Nellie Ficke16.40Southwest Christian ...
8.9Dara Palencia16.75Bethesda Christian
10Jordan JonesDQTemple Christian
9Ashton BowlenDQTemple Christian
X 200 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Charity Chambers27.43aTemple Christian
2.10Elissa Ammon27.96aDallas Covenant
2.11Alexis Denis27.96aFaith Christian (Gra...
3rd10Elissa Ammon27.96Dallas Covenant
4.9Jillian Taylor28.26aFort Worth Christian
5.9Alexandra Yarrito28.53aFort Worth Christian
6.10Sharron Nance28.70aFort Worth Christian
7.11Carley Pouland28.76aSouthwest Christian ...
8.11Emily Estes28.86aFaith Christian (Gra...
9.10Reygan Holloman29.19aPantego Christian
10.11Taylor Pierce29.30aLiberty Christian
11.9Alexis Johnson29.35aLakehill Prep
12.12Amy Williams29.37aOvilla Christian
13.10Keri Shelton29.40aOvilla Christian
11Sidney Wilder29.19Dallas Covenant
14.11Priscilla Melton30.06aMcKinney Christian
15.11Sidney Wilder30.16aDallas Covenant
16.10Caitlin Essex30.29aLiberty Christian
17.9Aubrey Brawner30.60aDallas Covenant
18.10Ayana Heard30.69aLakehill Prep
19.10Haley Fowler30.70aLiberty Christian
20.10Amy Lyle30.87aFellowship Academy
21.11Brooke Porter31.42aOvilla Christian
22.10Halley King33.29aFellowship Academy
9Aubree McBrayerDQFellowship Academy
-Jenna ForrestDQFellowship Academy
10Makenzie MooreDQPantego Christian
10Amber PointerDQPantego Christian
11Amelie HodgesDQSouthwest Christian ...
X 200 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Aleyna Penny29.83Temple Christian
2.11Esther Kong30.26Southwest Christian ...
3.-A Hillis30.31Callisburg
4.9Trisha Taylor30.36Temple Christian
5.9Toure Manning30.40Harvest Christian
6.9Ashton Bowlen30.63Temple Christian
7.9Ashton Waczac30.93Liberty Christian
8.9Mattie Lutz31.03Liberty Christian
9.11Lea Unger31.72Lakehill Prep
10.11April McCreary32.98Bethesda Christian
11.-A Davis33.78Callisburg
12.9Nellie Ficke33.82Southwest Christian ...
13.9Abby Holloway35.02Bethesda Christian
10Olivia EgyedDQSouthwest Christian ...
-A HollandDQCallisburg
9Emily StraderDQLiberty Christian
10Madison MasonDQTemple Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - VARSITY - Finals
9Aubrey Brawner27.91Dallas Covenant
10Elissa Ammon28.41Dallas Covenant
11Sidney Wilder30.00Dallas Covenant
12Alyssa Elkhay34.44Dallas Covenant
X 400 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Charity Chambers1:00.83aTemple Christian
2.-a Curtwright1:03.44aCallisburg
3.11Kristina Perry1:03.56aFort Worth Christian
4.11Leah Cox1:04.40aLiberty Christian
5.9Taylor Miller1:04.99aFaith Christian (Gra...
6.9Camryn Davis1:07.13aLiberty Christian
7.9Maggie Quam1:07.14aLiberty Christian
8.9Kaylee Lowery1:08.60aFort Worth Christian
9.11Emily Estes1:09.75aFaith Christian (Gra...
10.11Alexis Denis1:10.65aFaith Christian (Gra...
11.9Jenna Burch1:12.35aLakehill Prep
12.12Lauren Fess1:14.75aMcKinney Christian
13.11Rachele Bajema1:19.19aMcKinney Christian
14.10Yullianne Ojeda1:22.13aFellowship Academy
X 400 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.10Bridgett Graham1:09.85Bethesda Christian
2.9Nina Unger1:13.55Lakehill Prep
3.9Abby Holloway1:16.02Bethesda Christian
4.-A Davis1:19.78Callisburg
5.-A Temple1:23.97Callisburg
11Emily FitzgeraldDQTemple Christian
X 800 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.-A Reed2:36.47aCallisburg
2.11Rachel Albert2:43.41aLiberty Christian
3.10Maile Curbo2:45.63aLiberty Christian
4.10Caroline Underwood2:45.89aFort Worth Christian
5.9Lauri Young2:48.96aLiberty Christian
6.10Annah Bradshaw2:50.75aHarvest Christian
7.9Emily Warren2:55.66aMcKinney Christian
8.10London Rogers3:18.13aDallas Covenant
10London Rogers3:18.31Dallas Covenant
9Ashlie AmadorDQSouthwest Christian ...
10Hannah SelzerDQFort Worth Christian
X 800 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.10Bridgett Graham2:51.77Bethesda Christian
2.10Alexandra McMillan2:51.96Liberty Christian
3.11April McCreary2:56.66Bethesda Christian
4.-A Temple3:06.09Callisburg
5.9Michelle Mann3:14.15Temple Christian
6.-B Westbrook3:26.66Callisburg
10Rebecca GilchristDQHigh Point Preparato...
X 1600 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.-A Reed5:37.27aCallisburg
2.10Sydney Brynn5:40.13aLiberty Christian
3.9Tiffany Besett6:15.15aLiberty Christian
4.10Maile Curbo6:26.71aLiberty Christian
5.10Hannah Selzer7:13.78aFort Worth Christian
6.10London Rogers7:33.51aDallas Covenant
12Alyssa Elkhay7:41:79Dallas Covenant
7.12Alyssa Elkhay7:41.84aDallas Covenant
8.11Marquita Bugg7:59.03aDallas Covenant
9Ashlie AmadorDQSouthwest Christian ...
12Mary BoyleDQMcKinney Christian
X 1600 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Abby Holloway5:53.32Bethesda Christian
2.11Kaylin Barnhardt6:17.45Temple Christian
3.11Julia Penny6:35.01Temple Christian
4.10Alexandra McMillan6:40.37Liberty Christian
9Michelle MannDQTemple Christian
X 3200 Meters - VARSITY - Finals
1.10Sydney Brynn12:18.38aLiberty Christian
2.11Rachel Albert13:34.00aLiberty Christian
3.9Tiffany Besett13:57.66aLiberty Christian
4.11Codie Frady14:25.42aHarvest Christian
5.9Emily Warren16:25.77aMcKinney Christian
6.12Alyssa Fogle19:34.00aMcKinney Christian
12Mary BoyleDQMcKinney Christian
X 3200 Meters - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.11Kaylin Barnhardt13:58.57Temple Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Hagan Parkman16.98aFort Worth Christian
2.11Bekah Johnson17.41aMcKinney Christian
3.-A Germany17.59aCallisburg
4.9Kaitlyn Zorich17.71aFort Worth Christian
5.11Lizzy Cook17.81aLiberty Christian
6.-A Deanda18.59aCallisburg
7.11Dusti Gasparovic18.76aSouthwest Christian ...
8.10Brynna Kern18.78aPantego Christian
9.10Jamie Keiser18.88aFort Worth Christian
10.10Savannah Bormuth-McKee20.80aPantego Christian
11.10Micaela Farley22.16aMcKinney Christian
10Sara Beth SinglerDQMcKinney Christian
10Hannah EllisonDQLiberty Christian
10Rachel DavisDQHigh Point Preparato...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Virginia Sitze19.52Liberty Christian
2.10Lanette Miley19.59Liberty Christian
3.-A Hillis20.66Callisburg
4.10Jasimine Summerville21.13Temple Christian
5.9Brianna Auten23.76Southwest Christian ...
-A HollandDQCallisburg
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - VARSITY - Finals
1.9Kaitlyn Zorich52.74aFort Worth Christian
2.10Hannah Ellison53.44aLiberty Christian
3.11Dusti Gasparovic53.60aSouthwest Christian ...
4.-A Barton54.02aCallisburg
5.-A Deanda54.38aCallisburg
6.10Caroline Underwood54.70aFort Worth Christian
7.11Bekah Johnson55.01aMcKinney Christian
8.10Jamie Keiser56.71aFort Worth Christian
9.-A Germany57.72aCallisburg
10.10Savannah Bormuth-McKee1:02.59aPantego Christian
10Brynna KernDQPantego Christian
11Marquita BuggDQDallas Covenant
10Micaela FarleyDQMcKinney Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.10Marcy Morgan56.60Liberty Christian
2.9Nicole Sharp56.93Temple Christian
3.9Brianna Auten1:05.84Southwest Christian ...
9Virginia SitzeDQLiberty Christian
X 4x100 Relay - VARSITY - Finals
1.-M Judd
Alexandra Yarrito
Chelsie O'Neal
Kristina Perry
52.26aFort Worth Christian
2.-Alec Overn
Ellie Kimball
Bekah Johnson
Micaela Farley
53.20aMcKinney Christian
3.-Colby Dowdle
Lindsey Grigg
Ashley Kowaleski
Caitlin Essex
53.26aLiberty Christian
4.-A Goode
a Curtwright
A Reed
A Barton
5.-Kara Gamboa
Jenna Burch
Ayana Heard
Alexis Johnson
54.61aLakehill Prep
6.-Brynna Kern
Reygan Holloman
Derricca Williams
Brittany Meister
55.48aPantego Christian
7.-Taylor Baugher
Keri Shelton
Brooke Porter
Emilie MacDonald
56.23aOvilla Christian
8.-Halley King
Amy Lyle
Aubree McBrayer
Madolyn Spruiel
57.23aFellowship Academy
-Dusti Gasparavic
Amelie Hodges
Carley Pouland
Savoy Maneice
DQSouthwest Christian ...
X 4x100 Relay - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.-Ashton Bowlen
Trisha Taylor
Jordan Jones
Aleyna Penny
55.17Temple Christian
2.-Mattie Lutz
Emily Strader
Ashton Waczac
Marcy Morgan
57.84Liberty Christian
X 4x200 Relay - VARSITY - Finals
1.-Alyssa Beam
Sharron Nance
M Judd
Chelsie O'Neal
1:53.29aFort Worth Christian
2.-Taylor Brock
Lauren Snead
Ellie Kimball
Priscilla Melton
1:57.10aMcKinney Christian
3.-Taylor Baugher
Emilie MacDonald
Keri Shelton
Amy Williams
1:57.26aOvilla Christian
4.-Colby Dowdle
Taylor Pierce
Caitlin Essex
Landra Young
1:57.33aLiberty Christian
5.-Brittany Meister
Makenzie Moore
Derricca Williams
Reygan Holloman
1:59.87aPantego Christian
6.-Alyssa Elkhay
Elissa Ammon
Aubrey Brawner
Sydney Wilder
2:01.00aDallas Covenant
7.-Halley King
Amy Lyle
Aubree McBrayer
Madolyn Spruiel
2:01.60aFellowship Academy
X 4x200 Relay - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.-Madison Mason
Jasimine Summerville
Jordan Jones
Trisha Taylor
2:02.15Temple Christian
2.-Mattie Lutz
Emily Strader
Ashton Waczac
Marcy Morgan
2:02.22Liberty Christian
3.-B Westbrook
A Temple
A Davis
A Holland
X 4x400 Relay - VARSITY - Finals
1.-Alyssa Beam
Kristina Perry
Chelsie O'Neal
M Judd
4:19.57aFort Worth Christian
2.-Leah Cox
Sydney Brynn
Maggie Quam
Camryn Davis
4:32.51aLiberty Christian
3.-a Curtwright
A Barton
A Goode
A Westbrook
4.-Taylor Brock
Lauren Snead
Lauren Fess
Priscilla Melton
4:56.93aMcKinney Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Ellie Kimball32-08.50McKinney Christian
2.10Meghan Eager30-04.00Fort Worth Christian
3.11Marquita Bugg30-03.00Dallas Covenant
4.9Kaitlynn McAdams29-01.50McKinney Christian
5.11Cameron Gannon29-01.00Liberty Christian
6.12Akia Nelson28-10.00Ovilla Christian
7.10Cassidy Long28-07.50Fort Worth Christian
8.-A Calwell26-02.50Callisburg
-A BradwayDQCallisburg
10Rachel DavisDQHigh Point Preparato...
10Alexis FranklinDQLakehill Prep
12Robin McallisterDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Taylor TalleyDQSouthwest Christian ...
10Jordan LampkinDQFellowship Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.-A Garren26-05.00Callisburg
2.9Christina Swift25-10.50Temple Christian
3.11April McCreary25-00.00Bethesda Christian
4.-M English23-09.50Callisburg
5.11Bailey Hensel21-11.50Ovilla Christian
6.11Taylor Smith21-01.00Bethesda Christian
7.10Meagan Sanders20-11.50Temple Christian
8.9Dara Palencia20-09.50Bethesda Christian
11Melissa BodifordDQTemple Christian
9Laura AbasiDQHarvest Christian
10Brooke HirschDQFort Worth Christian
X Discus - 1kg - VARSITY - Finals
1.12Akia Nelson92-05Ovilla Christian
2.10Cassidy Long80-05Fort Worth Christian
3.11Ellie Kimball78-10McKinney Christian
4.9Taylor Talley77-03Southwest Christian ...
5.10Shelby Chaney75-04Fort Worth Christian
6.10Rachel Davis74-03High Point Preparato...
7.-A Caldwell72-03Callisburg
8.11Derricca Williams71-00Pantego Christian
10Jordan LampkinDQFellowship Academy
12Robin McallisterDQFaith Christian (Gra...
9Kaitlynn McAdamsDQMcKinney Christian
10Meghan EagerDQFort Worth Christian
11Taylor BrockDQMcKinney Christian
-A BradwayDQCallisburg
-A OlsonDQCallisburg
X Discus - 1kg - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.11April McCreary96-08Bethesda Christian
2.11Taylor Smith73-02Bethesda Christian
3.9Dara Palencia72-08Bethesda Christian
4.9Christina Swift66-07Temple Christian
5.-M English61-05Callisburg
6.11Bailey Hensel55-02Ovilla Christian
7.-A Garren54-08Callisburg
8.10Meagan Sanders53-09Temple Christian
11Cameron GannonDQLiberty Christian
11Melissa BodifordDQTemple Christian
9Laura AbasiDQHarvest Christian
X High Jump - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Kristina Perry5-00.00Fort Worth Christian
2.-a Curtwright4-10.25Callisburg
3.-A Westbrook4-10.00Callisburg
4.9Kaylee Lowery4-08.50Fort Worth Christian
5.9Landra Young4-08.25Liberty Christian
6.10Abby Deaver4-08.00Liberty Christian
7.10Emilie MacDonald4-06.00Ovilla Christian
12Savannah SmithDQDallas Covenant
11Hannah WillisDQOvilla Christian
10Hannah SelzerDQFort Worth Christian
12Mary BoyleDQMcKinney Christian
10Sara Beth SinglerDQMcKinney Christian
10Keri SheltonDQOvilla Christian
X Pole Vault - VARSITY - Finals
1.11Alec Overn11-01.00McKinney Christian
2.12Ashley Kowaleski9-00.00Liberty Christian
3.-A Goode8-06.00Callisburg
4.10Abby Deaver8-00.00Liberty Christian
5.12Tedi Fain6-06.00Liberty Christian
10Jamie KeiserDQFort Worth Christian
X Pole Vault - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.9Emily Strader6-06.00Liberty Christian
X Long Jump - VARSITY - Finals
1.9Alexis Johnson16-07.50Lakehill Prep
2.-a Curtwright15-03.00Callisburg
3.11Alec Overn15-02.00McKinney Christian
4.11Kristina Perry15-00.00Fort Worth Christian
4.10Brittany Meister15-00.00Pantego Christian
6.10Keri Shelton14-08.50Ovilla Christian
7.9Alexandra Yarrito14-01.00Fort Worth Christian
8.9Maggie Judd13-11.00Fort Worth Christian
8.11Madolyn Spruiel13-11.00Fellowship Academy
8.9Lauri Young13-11.00Liberty Christian
11.10Abby Deaver13-10.00Liberty Christian
12.12Lauren Turnham13-08.50Faith Christian (Gra...
13.11Bekah Johnson13-06.50McKinney Christian
14.10Amy Lyle13-06.00Fellowship Academy
15.11Taylor Pierce13-04.00Liberty Christian
16.-A Barton13-02.00Callisburg
16.11Christiana Simons13-02.00High Point Preparato...
18.10Yullianne Ojeda11-05.00Fellowship Academy
12Savannah SmithDQDallas Covenant
10Sara Beth SinglerDQMcKinney Christian
X Long Jump - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.10Bridgett Graham15-03.00Bethesda Christian
2.9Virginia Sitze14-05.00Liberty Christian
3.-A Hillis14-02.00Callisburg
4.11Emily Fitzgerald13-04.00Temple Christian
5.10Jordan Jones13-02.50Temple Christian
6.9Nicole Sharp12-10.00Temple Christian
9Ashton BowlenDQTemple Christian
10Rebecca GilchristDQHigh Point Preparato...
9Toure ManningDQHarvest Christian
X Triple Jump - VARSITY - Finals
1.9Lauri Young30-06.00Liberty Christian
2.9Chelsie O'Neal30-03.00Fort Worth Christian
3.11Amber Desmond29-11.00Ovilla Christian
4.10Hannah Ellison29-07.75Liberty Christian
5.9Alexandra Yarrito29-04.75Fort Worth Christian
6.11Bekah Johnson29-04.00McKinney Christian
7.9Kaitlyn Zorich28-01.75Fort Worth Christian
8.-A Westbrook28-00.00Callisburg
9.11Christiana Simons27-04.75High Point Preparato...
10.10Amy Lyle26-10.75Fellowship Academy
11.-A Deanda26-05.25Callisburg
11Summer FifeDQLiberty Christian
12Lauren TurnhamDQFaith Christian (Gra...
X Triple Jump - JUNIOR VARSITY - Finals
1.10Bridgett Graham31-10.75Bethesda Christian
2.9Virginia Sitze29-04.25Liberty Christian
3.9Toure Manning26-02.00Harvest Christian
10Rebecca GilchristDQHigh Point Preparato...
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