Stewart Invitational

Saturday, April 10, 2010
  Payette HS, Payette - Map
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Idaho - 3A
Oregon - 1A
Oregon - 3A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Randy Nichols11.78Council
2.12Evan Hershey11.85Payette
3.12Phil Kowalski12.00Payette
4.11Justin Swift12.44Meadows Valley
5.10Levi Maag12.45Vale
6.11Bryan Dixon12.67Meadows Valley
7.9Danny Livas12.82Adrian
8.10Zach Hunter12.83Cole Valley Christian
9.9Nathan Meyer12.88Adrian
10.12James Prechtl12.95Adrian
11.10Cody Bauer13.14Rimrock
12.10Jimmy Gridley13.17Cascade
13.9Adam Micheal13.29Payette
14.9Zach Siedenstrong13.33Cole Valley Christian
15.9Will Canfield13.39Council
16.10Chris Ferroni13.59Cascade
17.9David Murdoch13.68Buhl
17.10Zach Siegel13.68Meadows Valley
19.10Leonard Wallace13.74Meadows Valley
20.9Alex Moore14.42Cole Valley Christian
10Joey BarberNTPayette
12Julian ValenciaDQTri-Valley
11Lukas GarmingDQTri-Valley
9Jason MillerDQTri-Valley
10Louis CoronaDQVale
10Zech KennedyDQVale
12Billy SmithDQRimrock
11Kyle KimmelNTCascade
11Scott JaegerDQTri-Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Garrett Grotheer23.55Payette
1.11Randy Nichols23.55Council
3.10Zach Siegel24.22Meadows Valley
4.12Evan Hershey24.31Payette
5.12Phil Kowalski24.34Payette
6.9Jonathan Stephens24.55Payette
7.11Andrew Bertram24.73Cole Valley Christian
8.12Braden Bell24.83McCall-Donnelly
9.11Tucker Scott25.99Cascade
10.10Levi Maag26.24Vale
11.9Danny Livas26.39Adrian
12.10Zach Hunter26.78Cole Valley Christian
13.12Nick Stocks26.94Cascade
14.10Leonard Wallace27.21Meadows Valley
15.9Nathan Meyer27.25Adrian
16.10Cody Bauer27.58Rimrock
17.9Will Canfield28.14Council
18.12Mike Wurtz28.25Cascade
19.10Tyler Niccolls28.76Cole Valley Christian
11John FronkDQMcCall-Donnelly
12Julian ValenciaDQTri-Valley
10Zech KennedyDQVale
12Billy SmithDQRimrock
12Kevin BarrosoDQRimrock
9Jason MillerDQTri-Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Garrett Grotheer51.90Payette
2.11Jessie Flinn55.10Buhl
3.10Jinwoo Jun56.97Cole Valley Christian
4.11Joey Kennedy57.38Cascade
5.12Gradon Gutierrez57.61Payette
6.12Alex Verduzco58.38Buhl
7.10Corbin Kezar59.69Cole Valley Christian
8.10Hugh Ellsworth1:01.07Adrian
9.9Mikey Molina1:04.38Payette
10.9Kurt Charlton1:06.42Cascade
11.10James Niccum1:07.38Adrian
12.11Lucas Wachenbrunner1:07.39Adrian
9Wes HopkinsDQTri-Valley
11Jordan TatomNTCole Valley Christian
11TJ HarrisNTCascade
12Brian SchofieldNTBuhl
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Schofield2:03.13Buhl
2.12Curtis Brey2:05.79McCall-Donnelly
3.12Alex Verduzco2:07.21Buhl
4.11Ty Higley2:10.86Payette
5.10Stuart Winsor2:11.46Payette
6.12Justin Thomas2:12.80Cole Valley Christian
7.10Dylan Crevelt2:13.71Cascade
8.10Hugh Ellsworth2:17.50Adrian
12Kannon Hemenway2:17.90Council
15.11Dustin Clay2:40Meadows Valley
11Lucas WachenbrunnerNTAdrian
9Wes HopkinsNTTri-Valley
10Chad DardisDQMcCall-Donnelly
9Riley WiedmeierNTCole Valley Christian
10Jake SchimpfDQCascade
12Matt ShrollNTCole Valley Christian
10James NiccumNTAdrian
11Clay BistlineNTPayette
12Kevin BarrosoDQRimrock
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dylan Crevelt4:55.74Cascade
2.11Ty Higley4:56.26Payette
3.12Justin Thomas5:08.88Cole Valley Christian
4.10Hugh Ellsworth5:10.82Adrian
5.11Josh Reed5:12.91Payette
6.12Trevor Hearold5:13.27Meadows Valley
7.9Riley Wiedmeier5:18.03Cole Valley Christian
8.9Connor James5:41.32Cole Valley Christian
9.11Stephan Wiebe5:44.00Cole Valley Christian
10.10Devan Mitchell5:48.00Tri-Valley
11.10Peter Hevesi5:57.00Adrian
11Lucas WachenbrunnerNTAdrian
9Chris RooneyNTTri-Valley
11Josiah DawesNTCole Valley Christian
11Matt JacobsonDQCole Valley Christian
12Lucas BoettnerNTPayette
9Mikey MolinaNTPayette
12Matt ShrollNTCole Valley Christian
10Stuart WinsorNTPayette
11Cody HunterNTCole Valley Christian
10Clint ThomasDQMcCall-Donnelly
12Kevin BarrosoDQRimrock
12Brian SchofieldDQBuhl
11Jace SkylesNTCole Valley Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dylan Crevelt10:43.63Cascade
2.11Josh Reed11:04.13Payette
3.9Connor James11:59.08Cole Valley Christian
4.10Devan Mitchell12:08.55Tri-Valley
5.10Peter Hevesi12:50.59Adrian
9Luis ArellanoNTTri-Valley
10Clint ThomasNTMcCall-Donnelly
10Kenny KesslerNTPayette
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Damian Reynolds15.45Payette
2.11Chris Doxtator17.02Cole Valley Christian
3.12Evan Hershey17.86Payette
4.10Josh Vandenburg19.93Cascade
10Zach SiegelNTMeadows Valley
11Morgan BaladezDQTri-Valley
11Matt BallDQTri-Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Doxtator44.10Cole Valley Christian
2.12Lauren Sussi46.51McCall-Donnelly
3.10Paddy Libby49.70Meadows Valley
10Josh VandenburgNTCascade
11Matt BallDQTri-Valley
11Cody HunterNTCole Valley Christian
12Evan HersheyNTPayette
12Damian ReynoldsNTPayette
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Woody Thomas
Jonathan Stephens
Brandon Garrett
Joey Barbion
2.-Jason Miller
Morgan Baladez
Matt Ball
Scott Jaeger
3.-Danny Livas
TJ Acock
Thomas Shenk
Nathan Meyer
4.-Steven Authur
Alex Moore
Zach Siedenstrong
Tyler Niccolls
55.21Cole Valley Christian
-Bradlee Howe
Levi Maag
Louis Corona
Zach Kennedy
-Braden Bell
John Fronk
Lauren Sussi
RJ Travino
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Garrett Grotheer
Phil Kowalski
Damian Reynolds
Brandon Garrett
2.-Jason Miller
Morgan Baladez
Scott Jaeger
Julian Valencia
3.-Marcello Sussi
Lauren Sussi
Braden Bell
John Fronk
4.-Andrew Bertram
Zach Hunter
Will Meier
Jinwoo Jun
1:43.73Cole Valley Christian
5.-Peter Stewart
Nick Stocks
Tracy Rountree
Tucker Scott
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Murdoch
Camden Gillins
Brian Schofield
Alex Verduzco
2.-Chad Dardis
Curtis Brey
Lauren Sussi
Braden Bell
3.-Riley Wiedmeier
Corbin Kezar
Will Meier
Chris Doxtator
4:02.26Cole Valley Christian
4.-Dave Hearold
Paddy Libby
Shadyn Wallace
Dustin Clay
4:18.97Meadows Valley
5.-Mike Wurtz
TJ Harris
Kurt Charlton
Tucker Scott
-Gradon Gutierrez
Joey Barbion
Clay Bistline
Brandon Garrett
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brian Schofield
Alex Verduzco
Jessie Flinn
Camden Gillins
2.-Stuart Winsor
Garrett Grotheer
Brandon Garrett
Jonathan Stephens
3.-Scott Jaeger
Devan Mitchell
Morgan Baladez
Julian Valencia
4.-Andrew Bertram
Jinwoo Jun
Riley Wiedmeier
Stephan Wiebe
4:25.13Cole Valley Christian
-Dylan Crevelt
Joey Kennedy
Jordan Speer
Hunter Lambirth
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Kuder52-06.00Payette
2.12Tyler Shelton46-03.75Council
3.11Tyler Bentz41-09.00Meadows Valley
4.12Blake Anderson41-06.00McCall-Donnelly
5.10Rusty Penson41-05.00Payette
6.9Andrew Galloway39-02.00Payette
7.12Brian Libby39-01.50Meadows Valley
8.10Chris Ferroni38-09.50Cascade
9.11Joey Barbion38-04.00Payette
10.9Jonathan Stephens38-00.00Payette
11.11Gabe Yasasaga37-04.00McCall-Donnelly
12.9Jeff Stedjee37-02.00Payette
12.10RJ Travino37-02.00McCall-Donnelly
14.9Aaron Burnside36-11.00Cole Valley Christian
15.9John VanBeuren36'09.00Cole Valley Christian
16.10Derek Burkhardt35-05.00Vale
17.11Zach Spencer34-11.00McCall-Donnelly
18.11Nick Ralls34-07.00Meadows Valley
19.10Tanner Ruff33-07.00Cole Valley Christian
20.12Peter Stewart31-06.00Cascade
21.12James Prechtl31-05.00Adrian
22.11Zach Walter30-00.50Cascade
23.9Quayd Jones28-07.00McCall-Donnelly
24.11Ty Crogh27-07.00Meadows Valley
25.9Robert Easto27-03.00Payette
27.10Joel Hiatt26'11.00Cole Valley Christian
26.10Michael Braun26'05.00Cole Valley Christian
28.10Cody Holtrop25-09.00Cole Valley Christian
29.12Brian Holmes25-08.00Council
30.10Joe Greenlee25-05.00Cole Valley Christian
31.10David Kuyper24'08.00Cole Valley Christian
32.11Tanner Perkins23-04.00Meadows Valley
33.12Tracy Rountree22-06.00Cascade
34.10Ryan Summers16-11.00Tri-Valley
11Jesse WestDQMcCall-Donnelly
10Cory ErstromDQVale
12Braden BellNDMcCall-Donnelly
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Kuder150-07Payette
2.12Tyler Shelton134-03Council
3.12Blake Anderson123-07McCall-Donnelly
4.12Brian Libby120-11Meadows Valley
5.10Rusty Penson112-03Payette
6.11Morgan Baladez110-10Tri-Valley
7.9Andrew Galloway109-07Payette
8.11Gabe Yasasaga105-04McCall-Donnelly
9.12James Prechtl104-10Adrian
10.11Zach Walter103-00Cascade
11.10Derek Burkhardt102-11Vale
9John VanBeuren99'00Cole Valley Christian
10Tanner Ruff95'00Cole Valley Christian
10Joel Hiatt83'00Cole Valley Christian
9Aaron Burnside83'00Cole Valley Christian
10Michael Braun81'00Cole Valley Christian
10Cody Holtrop76'00Cole Valley Christian
11Tanner Perkins70'0Meadows Valley
11Ty Crogh70'0Meadows Valley
10Joe Greenlee68'00Cole Valley Christian
10David Kuyper65'00Cole Valley Christian
9Jeff StedjeeNDPayette
10Chris FerroniNDCascade
12Peter StewartNDCascade
12Braden BellNDMcCall-Donnelly
10Cory ErstromDQVale
11Nick RallsNDMeadows Valley
12Brian HolmesNDCouncil
11Zach SpencerNDMcCall-Donnelly
9Quayd JonesNDMcCall-Donnelly
12Tracy RountreeNDCascade
9TJ AcockDQAdrian
10Ryan SummersNDTri-Valley
10RJ TravinoNDMcCall-Donnelly
9Robert EastoNDPayette
11Jesse WestDQMcCall-Donnelly
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Frey6-02.00Payette
2.11Justin Swift5-10.00Meadows Valley
2.12Dayne Burden5-10.00Tri-Valley
4.12Hunter Lambirth5-08.00Cascade
5.12Brian Libby5-06.00Meadows Valley
5.11Andrew Bertram5-06.00Cole Valley Christian
5.10Austin Waynetska5-06.00Payette
5.12Jordan Speer5-06.00Cascade
9.10Will Meier5-00.00Cole Valley Christian
10.11Lucas Wachenbrunner4-08.00Adrian
10Justin PontiusDQTri-Valley
10Rodney HollonDQTri-Valley
11Hayden BollDQTri-Valley
10Josh VandenburgDQCascade
12Dalton WardlowDQVale
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bradlee Howe12-06.00Vale
1.10Woodrow Thomas12-06.00Payette
3.12Mike Wurtz11-00.00Cascade
4.11Kyle Kimmel9-06.00Cascade
5.10Austin Waynetska8-06.00Payette
5.10Michael Frey8-06.00Payette
11Drew TorreyNHVale
10Jimmy GridleyNHCascade
11Hayden BollNHTri-Valley
11Matt BallNHTri-Valley
9Kurt CharltonNHCascade
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Camden Gillins19-08.50Buhl
2.12Evan Hershey19-07.00Payette
3.11Marcello Sussi19-01.50McCall-Donnelly
4.12Hunter Lambirth18-10.00Cascade
5.12Jordan Speer18-04.00Cascade
6.9Steven Authur17-07.00Cole Valley Christian
7.9John VanBeuren17-04.00Cole Valley Christian
8.9David Murdoch17-03.00Buhl
9.11Joey Barbion17-01.00Payette
10.11Scott Jaeger17-00.00Tri-Valley
11.11Tyler Bentz16-08.00Meadows Valley
12.12Brendan McConnor16-05.00Meadows Valley
13.10Will Meier16-03.00Cole Valley Christian
14.9Mikey Molina15-11.00Payette
15.10Jake Schimpf15-07.00Cascade
16.10Joey Barber15-06.00Payette
17.9Danny Livas15-01.00Adrian
9TJ AcockDQAdrian
9Thomas ShenkNDAdrian
9Nathan MeyerNDAdrian
10Rodney HollonDQTri-Valley
11Lukas GarmingDQTri-Valley
10Jimmy GridleyNDCascade
11Jordan TatomNDCole Valley Christian
10Jaron HushNDCole Valley Christian
10Michael FreyNDPayette
10Louis CoronaDQVale
11John FronkDQMcCall-Donnelly
11Bryan DixonNDMeadows Valley
11Drew TorreyDQVale
12Dalton WardlowDQVale
12Trevor HearoldNDMeadows Valley
12Damian ReynoldsNDPayette
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Camden Gillins41-03.50Buhl
2.12Phil Kowalski40-04.50Payette
3.12Hunter Lambirth37-10.00Cascade
4.10Josh Vandenburg36-03.50Cascade
5.10Paddy Libby36-01.00Meadows Valley
6.11Dave Hearold35-07.00Meadows Valley
7.12Brendan McConnor35-06.00Meadows Valley
8.11Marcello Sussi34-11.00McCall-Donnelly
9.9Steven Authur34-00.00Cole Valley Christian
10.9Thomas Shenk32-11.25Adrian
11.12Kannon Hemenway31-09.00Council
12.10Jaron Hush27-02.00Cole Valley Christian
13.10Shadyn Wallace26-00.00Meadows Valley
9David MurdochDQBuhl
11Jordan TatomNDCole Valley Christian
10Jake SchimpfDQCascade
12Jordan SpeerDQCascade
12Dalton WardlowDQVale

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gwenivere King13.77Payette
2.9Emily Yoder13.96Cole Valley Christian
3.10Carla Combe14.24Adrian
4.12Morgan Wiedmeier14.25Cole Valley Christian
6.9Lindsey Hall14.53McCall-Donnelly
7.10Cassidy Brown14.82Cascade
8.9Molly Verska14.83Cole Valley Christian
9.12Dana Walker14.84Payette
10.10Krista Bailey15.21Vale
11.11Katrin Toeroek15.31Tri-Valley
12.11Katy Nuffer15.99Tri-Valley
13.10Lauren Brey16.09McCall-Donnelly
14.9Taylor Cole16.11Council
15.9Rebecca Baird16.72Meadows Valley
16.10Dixie Carpenter18.19Meadows Valley
12Katie BownsNTAdrian
12Leslie LaMueNTPayette
11Britta ThackerayDQMcCall-Donnelly
10Sarah WrightNTMcCall-Donnelly
9Baylee MooreNTMeadows Valley
9Erin CasqueiraDQCascade
10Courtney BennettNTRimrock
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Britta Thackeray28.36McCall-Donnelly
2.10Gwenivere King28.48Payette
3.9Kara Barth28.97McCall-Donnelly
4.9Emily Yoder29.05Cole Valley Christian
5.11Sam Jensen30.10Tri-Valley
6.9Olivia Walker30.53Adrian
7.11Amanda Yoder30.56Cole Valley Christian
8.10Carla Combe30.90Adrian
9.10Cassidy Brown31.15Cascade
10.11Katie Jewkes31.45Payette
11.11Hannah Prather32.38Cole Valley Christian
12.12Dana Walker32.41Payette
13.9Kristen Olvera35.54Payette
9Lindsey HallDQMcCall-Donnelly
11Katy NufferNTTri-Valley
12Leslie LaMueNTPayette
9Erin CasqueiraDQCascade
10Courtney BennettNTRimrock
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Hall1:03.62McCall-Donnelly
2.9Kara Barth1:03.80McCall-Donnelly
3.9Kaydee Kulm1:07.97Cole Valley Christian
4.9Olivia Walker1:11.35Adrian
5.10Chance Cooney1:12.96Cascade
11Keren BankheadDQTri-Valley
11Nike KuhnDQAdrian
11Katie JohnsonDQRimrock
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kassie Anthony2:26.81Vale
2.11Natalie Ball2:32.01McCall-Donnelly
3.10Becca Whipple2:38.65Cole Valley Christian
4.12Friederike Albrecht2:47.92Payette
4.12Christine Roberts2:47.92McCall-Donnelly
6.9Kacee Ramirez2:48.72Payette
7.10Tabitha Holden2:56.92Cascade
8.9Megan Ralston2:58.30Cole Valley Christian
9.9Liz Thurman3:24.30Meadows Valley
12Sharlee SmithDQCascade
11Nike KuhnDQAdrian
11Brianne BrumbaughDQTri-Valley
11Keren BankheadDQTri-Valley
11Brooke LithanderNTCole Valley Christian
11Lily HolmesDQCouncil
11Katie JohnsonDQRimrock
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kassie Anthony5:45.92Vale
2.10Kara Soucek5:50.04McCall-Donnelly
3.11Natalie Ball5:57.06McCall-Donnelly
4.11Keesha Brown5:57.62Cole Valley Christian
5.9Kacee Ramirez6:15.66Payette
6.12Sammy Bowns6:21.23Adrian
7.12Casey Salas6:33.26Meadows Valley
8.12Friederike Albrecht6:48.10Payette
9.12Christine Roberts6:56.00McCall-Donnelly
10.12Natalie Schnippering7:20.00Tri-Valley
9Lily LarsonNTPayette
11Catharina PatzNTTri-Valley
12Emily ZakDQMcCall-Donnelly
11Brooke LithanderNTCole Valley Christian
12Sharlee SmithNTCascade
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kara Soucek12:46.50McCall-Donnelly
2.9Kacee Ramirez13:07.40Payette
3.12Sammy Bowns13:21.70Adrian
4.12Friederike Albrecht14:42.67Payette
11Katie JohnsonNTRimrock
9Lily LarsonNTPayette
12Emily ZakNTMcCall-Donnelly
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ducki Mason17.30Vale
2.12Ranea Orosco17.53Adrian
3.11Keesha Brown17.87Cole Valley Christian
4.10Gwenivere King17.88Payette
5.10Annie Bowns18.97Adrian
6.12Jace Bowling19.32McCall-Donnelly
7.9Saige McDonald19.86Meadows Valley
8.11Madison Shira19.88Adrian
9.9Susanna Allen21.26McCall-Donnelly
10.11Karli Wilson23.26Vale
11.10Lauren Brey24.35McCall-Donnelly
9Nicole KleintDQCascade
10Tessa StocksDQCascade
9Pennie LoganNTPayette
9Gracyn SmytheNTPayette
10Kayla BaileyDQVale
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyanne Hemenway50.00Council
10Gwenivere King51.68Payette
2.12Ranea Orosco53.90Adrian
3.12Jace Bowling54.43McCall-Donnelly
4.11Keesha Brown54.64Cole Valley Christian
5.10Annie Bowns55.70Adrian
6.9Jamie Ward57.09Vale
7.11Madison Shira57.47Adrian
8.9Susanna Allen1:00.11McCall-Donnelly
9.9Taylor Cole1:00.32Council
10.9Ashley Flaming1:01.39Meadows Valley
11.10Lauren Brey1:04.27McCall-Donnelly
10Tessa StocksDQCascade
10Ducki MasonDQVale
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Morgan Wiedmeier
Amanda Yoder
Molly Verska
Emily Yoder
55.33Cole Valley Christian
2.-Ducki Mason
Shelby Mooney
Kayla Bailey
Krista Bailey
3.-Jace Bowling
Megan Davis
Jessica Leavett
Robin Falvey
4.-Katy Nuffer
Hailey Sutton
Jackie Brumbaugh
Kelsey Dogget
5.-Ashley Flaming
Casey Salas
Baylee Moore
Saige McDonald
58.65Meadows Valley
-Nicole Kleint
Cassidy Brown
Erin Casqueira
Chance Cooney
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kara Barth
Lindsey Hall
Rachel Hall
Britta Thackeray
2.-Morgan Wiedmeier
Amanda Yoder
Emily Yoder
Megan Ralstin
1:58.00Cole Valley Christian
3.-Jamie Ward
Shelby Mooney
Krista Bailey
Kayla Bailey
4.-Katy Nuffer
Jackie Brumbaugh
Kelsey Dogget
Sam Jensen
5.-Addy Edmunson
Taylor Cole
Elizabeth Edmunson
Lily Holmes
6.-Casey Salas
Baylee Moore
Liz Thurman
Rebecca Baird
2:10.36Meadows Valley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kara Barth
Britta Thackeray
Rachel Hall
Natalie Ball
2.-Shelby Mooney
Ducki Mason
Jamie Ward
Darylyn Capps
3.-Kaydee Kulm
Megan Ralstin
Amanda Yoder
Becca Whipple
4:46.56Cole Valley Christian
4.-Tabitha Holden
Chance Cooney
Erin Casqueira
Sharlee Smith
5.-Catharina Patz
Natalie Schnippering
Amberlyn Sherman
Hailey Sutton
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Morgan Wiedmeier
Molly Verska
Kaydee Kulm
Becca Whipple
2:07.70Cole Valley Christian
2.-Jessica Leavett
Colette Adams
Megan Davis
Sarah Wright
3.-Jackie Brumbaugh
Hailey Sutton
Sam Jensen
Amberlyn Sherman
4.-Katie Bowns
Madison Shira
Carla Combe
Olivia Walker
5.-Shantel Bradshaw
Megan Davis
Katie Jewkes
Dana Walker
-Tessa Stocks
Eve Weston
Nicole Kleint
Chance Cooney
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alyssa Brown32-11.50Meadows Valley
2.11Molly Woodman32-08.50Tri-Valley
3.12Shandl McKee31-02.75Tri-Valley
4.11Erin Blackwell29-03.00Payette
5.10Elizabeth Edmunson28-01.00Council
6.10Jenna Seubert27-10.00McCall-Donnelly
7.11Lia Peterson27-06.00Vale
8.12Victoria Rasmussen24-11.00Vale
9.9Lauren Wagner24-10.00McCall-Donnelly
10.10Ariel Bruce23-09.50Tri-Valley
11.11Ashley Gustafson23-08.00Meadows Valley
12.12Billie Bachman23-05.75Cole Valley Christian
13.12Maria Arias22-07.50Tri-Valley
14.10Amanda Thompson21-08.50Adrian
15.10Cassidy Brown21-06.00Cascade
16.12Sharlee Smith21-04.00Cascade
17.9Abbie Crogh21-02.00Meadows Valley
18.12Cheyenne Graham16-05.00McCall-Donnelly
19.10Nykita Baker15-00.00Cole Valley Christian
10Missy HullDQVale
10Vivienne AdamsDQMcCall-Donnelly
10Eve WestonDQCascade
9Ashley KingDQMcCall-Donnelly
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shandl McKee99-01Tri-Valley
2.11Molly Woodman94-04Tri-Valley
3.10Jenna Seubert83-05McCall-Donnelly
4.12Sierra Atnip78-10Meadows Valley
5.12Billie Bachman76-03Cole Valley Christian
6.11Erin Blackwell73-11Payette
7.10Maggie Tolman73-01Vale
8.11Lia Peterson71-00Vale
9.12Victoria Rasmussen70-10Vale
10.11Alyssa Brown65-10Meadows Valley
11.12Maria Arias63-00Tri-Valley
12.9Lauren Wagner62-03McCall-Donnelly
9Ashley KingDQMcCall-Donnelly
10Ariel BruceNDTri-Valley
11Ashley GustafsonNDMeadows Valley
10Amanda ThompsonNDAdrian
9Abbie CroghNDMeadows Valley
10Missy HullDQVale
10Nykita BakerNDCole Valley Christian
10Vivienne AdamsNDMcCall-Donnelly
10Eve WestonNDCascade
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katrin Toeroek4-10.00Tri-Valley
2.11Hannah Prather4-08.00Cole Valley Christian
2.12Darylyn Capps4-08.00Vale
2.9Saige McDonald4-08.00Meadows Valley
5.11Katie Jewkes4-04.00Payette
5.12Sierra Atnip4-04.00Meadows Valley
5.11Kelsey Dogget4-04.00Tri-Valley
8.12Amberlyn Sherman4-00.00Tri-Valley
8.9Johanna Mori4-00.00Rimrock
10Laura CobbDQCole Valley Christian
10Trisha WardlowDQVale
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Blackwell8-00.00Payette
1.10Katherine Rasmussen8-00.00Vale
3.11Katie Jewkes6-06.00Payette
4.10Ducki Mason6-00.00Vale
5.10Tabitha Holden5-06.00Cascade
6.11Karli Wilson5-00.00Vale
12Shelby MooneyDQVale
9Pennie LoganDQPayette
9Sophie HaniganDQPayette
11Brianne BrumbaughDQTri-Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Bowns14-03.75Adrian
1.12Ranea Orosco14-03.75Adrian
3.9Jessica Leavett13-04.50McCall-Donnelly
3.11Hailey Sutton13-04.50Tri-Valley
5.11Lia Peterson13-04.00Vale
5.11Hannah Prather13-04.00Cole Valley Christian
7.10Carla Combe13-02.75Adrian
8.12Amy Saunders12-09.75Vale
9.11Kelsey Dogget12-09.00Tri-Valley
10.12Karina Johnson12-08.25Vale
11.9Saige McDonald12-07.50Meadows Valley
12.10Trisha Wardlow12-05.75Vale
13.9Ashley Flaming12-03.00Meadows Valley
14.10Courtney Bennett12-01.25Rimrock
11Shantel BradshawNDPayette
9Sophie HaniganDQPayette
9Kristen OlveraNDPayette
9Gracyn SmytheDQPayette
9Nicole KleintDQCascade
9Baylee MooreDQMeadows Valley
9Johanna MoriNDRimrock
10Nykita BakerNDCole Valley Christian
10Keiko FujiiNDCole Valley Christian
10Julie NemilaNDCole Valley Christian
10Dixie CarpenterNDMeadows Valley
10Laura CobbDQCole Valley Christian
12Leslie LaMueNDPayette
10Sarah WrightNDMcCall-Donnelly
10Lauren BreyNDMcCall-Donnelly
12Amberlyn ShermanNDTri-Valley
9Collette AdamsNDMcCall-Donnelly
11Megan DavisNDPayette
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Bowns31-05.50Adrian
2.12Amy Saunders30-11.00Vale
3.11Madison Shira30-03.50Adrian
4.11Sam Jensen30-00.00Tri-Valley
5.9Lindsey Hall29-07.25McCall-Donnelly
12Darylyn Capps28-05.75Vale
6.12Karina Johnson27-02.75Vale
7.10Keiko Fujii24-11.50Cole Valley Christian
8.10Julie Nemila23-09.25Cole Valley Christian
10Dixie CarpenterNDMeadows Valley
10Trisha WardlowDQVale
10Nykita BakerDQCole Valley Christian
9Jessica LeavettDQMcCall-Donnelly
11Keren BankheadDQTri-Valley
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