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CISAA - Providence Day-Covenant Day @ CCDS

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matthiase Farley11.33aCharlotte Christian      
2.11Simms McElfresh11.51aCharlotte Christian      
3.10States Lee11.56aCharlotte Country Day      
4.11Cyrus Bahram11.83aCharlotte Country Day      
5.12Det Beal12.19aGaston Day      
6.11Alexander Zacharias12.23aGaston Day      
7.10Dale Cowell12.33aCharlotte Country Day      
8.11Riley Davis12.39aCharlotte Christian      
9.12William Roberts12.41aCharlotte Country Day      
10.11Blake Porter12.60aGaston Day      
11.10Justin Fisher12.74aCovenant Day      
12.10Rich Warren12.85aCovenant Day      
13.10Paul Marley13.05aCharlotte Country Day      
14.11Ben Rowley13.11aGaston Day      
15.11Jason Yang13.45aProvidence Day      
16.11Kevin Lee13.82aProvidence Day      
17.10Siyi Yang14.57aDavidson Day      
18.9Parker Wolfe16.11aCharlotte Country Day      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10States Lee23.71aCharlotte Country Day      
2.10Dale Cowell24.82aCharlotte Country Day      
3.11Riley Davis24.86aCharlotte Christian      
4.11Chris McDonagh24.89aProvidence Day      
5.10Mark Igbinadolor25.76aCharlotte Christian      
6.12William Roberts25.95aCharlotte Country Day      
7.11Blake Porter26.10aGaston Day      
8.11Ben Rowley26.85aGaston Day      
9.10Josh Greer27.49aCovenant Day      
10.9KJ Fon-Ndikum27.72aCovenant Day      
11.11Kyle Onwukwe27.97aCharlotte Christian      
12.10Travis McLain28.21aDavidson Day      
13.11Jason Yang28.62aProvidence Day      
14.11Kevin Lee28.82aProvidence Day      
15.11Stephen Wyrick29.46aProvidence Day      
16.9Harrison Haynes29.67aGaston Day      
17.11Griffin Benton29.88aCovenant Day      
18.11Scott Braswell30.13aCovenant Day      
19.10Siyi Yang30.17aDavidson Day      
20.10Jarvis Moss31.14aGaston Day      
21.9Parker Wolfe34.24aCharlotte Country Day      
--11Daniel SmartDQProvidence Day      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10States Lee52.39aCharlotte Country Day      
2.11Chris Clark52.89aCharlotte Christian      
3.10Ben Carstarphen54.59aGaston Day      
4.11Daniel Smart55.36aProvidence Day      
5.11Chris McDonagh55.81aProvidence Day      
6.11Adam Kridler56.74aCharlotte Country Day      
7.9Justin Robinson57.50aCharlotte Country Day      
8.12Nick Berman57.79aCharlotte Country Day      
9.9James Haynes58.05aGaston Day      
10.9Alexander Simpson1:00.55aCharlotte Country Day      
11.10Court Haworth1:01.75aCharlotte Country Day      
12.10Austin Palenick1:01.90aGaston Day      
13.10Nic Wolf1:02.62aGaston Day      
14.9Pete Showalter1:03.36aCharlotte Country Day      
15.11Kevin Lee1:04.15aProvidence Day      
16.11Stephen Wyrick1:04.58aProvidence Day      
17.9KJ Fon-Ndikum1:04.66aCovenant Day      
18.10Travis McLain1:04.75aDavidson Day      
19.9Jason Chinuntdet1:06.51aDavidson Day      
20.9Stuart Cassada1:07.14aCharlotte Country Day      
21.11Griffin Benton1:08.70aCovenant Day      
22.9Logan Mosteller1:10.44aCovenant Day      
23.10Will Oksen1:11.42aGaston Day      
24.11Scott Braswell1:12.79aCovenant Day      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Foy2:02.63aCharlotte Country Day      
2.11Mike McConoughey2:09.87aProvidence Day      
3.12William Carstarphen2:10.18aGaston Day      
4.12Reid Palmer2:10.70aCharlotte Country Day      
5.11Stephen Dillon2:12.22aCovenant Day      
6.10Rob Saunders2:15.79aCharlotte Country Day      
7.11Luke Robinson2:18.31aCharlotte Christian      
8.10Conor Jones2:20.06aCharlotte Country Day      
9.10Charlie Sowers2:20.91aProvidence Day      
10.11Eli Yarborough2:22.00aCharlotte Country Day      
11.10Ben Carstarphen2:25.28aGaston Day      
12.12Zach Hart2:26.79aCharlotte Christian      
13.9James Haynes2:31.44aGaston Day      
14.12Nathan Walker2:33.19aCharlotte Christian      
15.9Kyle Lubinsky2:33.81aCharlotte Christian      
16.9Michael Good2:34.03aCharlotte Christian      
17.9Griffin Wilson2:35.97aCharlotte Christian      
18.12Carl Reusser2:45.15aCharlotte Country Day      
19.9Lucas Godley2:47.31aCovenant Day      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Reed Payne4:44.16aProvidence Day      
2.10John Good4:47.56aCharlotte Christian      
3.11Jacob Dordick4:49.03aProvidence Day      
4.10Rob Saunders4:53.63aCharlotte Country Day      
5.12Josh Melton4:56.79aProvidence Day      
6.10Conor Jones4:59.19aCharlotte Country Day      
7.11Luke Robinson5:03.50aCharlotte Christian      
8.12Tyler Brown5:05.91aProvidence Day      
9.10Andrew Kral5:06.12aProvidence Day      
10.10Max Rudisser5:07.06aProvidence Day      
11.9Walker Vann5:07.28aCharlotte Country Day      
12.9Will Harris5:07.50aGaston Day      
13.9Patrick Shearer5:12.38aProvidence Day      
14.11Eli Yarborough5:16.47aCharlotte Country Day      
15.10Ryan Melton5:17.12aProvidence Day      
16.11Nathan Bruns5:22.09aProvidence Day      
17.9Kyle Lubinsky5:29.40aCharlotte Christian      
18.11John Humphries5:29.69aCharlotte Christian      
19.9Matthew McCorkle5:30.59aProvidence Day      
20.9Michael Good5:31.81aCharlotte Christian      
21.12Nathan Walker5:33.00aCharlotte Christian      
22.10Will Oksen5:33.46aGaston Day      
23.12Zach Hart5:34.52aCharlotte Christian      
24.9Joe Troutman5:41.65aCharlotte Country Day      
25.9Griffin Wilson5:49.62aCharlotte Christian      
26.12Zi Yang6:09.24aCharlotte Country Day      
27.9Lucas Godley6:09.56aCovenant Day      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10John Good11:17.52aCharlotte Christian      
2.9Will Harris11:54.04aGaston Day      
3.12Zach Hart13:20.95aCharlotte Christian      
4.9Bram Moncure13:51.59aGaston Day      
5.9Kyle Lubinsky14:16.46aCharlotte Christian      
--9Joe TroutmanDNFCharlotte Country Day      
--12Nathan WalkerDNFCharlotte Christian      
--9Griffin WilsonDNFCharlotte Christian      
--11John HumphriesDNFCharlotte Christian      
--9Michael GoodDNFCharlotte Christian      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cyrus Bahram16.63aCharlotte Country Day      
2.12Brian Bartlett16.96aCharlotte Christian      
3.9Parker Thompson20.33aCharlotte Country Day      
4.10Nic Wolf20.39aGaston Day      
5.12Nick Berman21.20aCharlotte Country Day      
6.9Alex Johnson21.38aCharlotte Christian      
7.10Chris Horacek21.54aCovenant Day      
8.10Kurt Weisheit21.74aCovenant Day      
9.9Alexander Simpson21.84aCharlotte Country Day      
10.10Sam Fortson22.18aCovenant Day      
11.11Chris Flores22.70aProvidence Day      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cyrus Bahram42.29aCharlotte Country Day      
2.11Garrett Huneycutt45.50aCharlotte Christian      
3.9Alex Johnson49.82aCharlotte Christian      
4.11Chris Flores52.54aProvidence Day      
5.10Nic Wolf52.75aGaston Day      
6.10Nelson Hall53.25aProvidence Day      
7.10Sam Fortson53.77aCovenant Day      
8.10Chris Horacek53.96aCovenant Day      
9.9Parker Thompson54.60aCharlotte Country Day      
10.9Alexander Simpson57.21aCharlotte Country Day      
11.10Kurt Weisheit59.70aCovenant Day      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Clark
Matthiase Farley
Simms McElfresh
Garrett Huneycutt
45.19aCharlotte Christian      
2.-Cyrus Bahram
States Lee
William Roberts
Dale Cowell
46.18aCharlotte Country Day      
3.-Det Beal
William Carstarphen
Blake Porter
Alexander Zacharias
48.87aGaston Day      
4.-Keith Pittman
Brent Nixon
Bryan Funderburg
Justin Fisher
52.30aCovenant Day      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matthiase Farley
Garrett Huneycutt
Chris Clark
Simms McElfresh
1:33.15aCharlotte Christian      
2.-Dale Cowell
William Roberts
Justin Robinson
Pete Showalter
1:43.14aCharlotte Country Day      
3.-Bryan Funderburg
Keith Pittman
Brent Nixon
Justin Fisher
1:44.88aCovenant Day      
4.-Ben Rowley
Harrison Haynes
Alexander Zacharias
Blake Porter
1:45.76aGaston Day      
5.-Travis McLain
Erik Robinson
Siyi Yang
Jason Chinutdet
1:56.34aDavidson Day      
---Logan Mosteller
KJ Fon-Ndikum
Rich Warren
Kevin Liu
1:58.33aCovenant Day      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Det Beal
Ben Carstarphen
James Haynes
William Carstarphen
3:50.64aGaston Day      
2.-Justin Robinson
Adam Kridler
Stuart Cassada
Court Haworth
4:11.39aCharlotte Country Day      
---Relay Team 4:13.41aGaston Day      
3.-Stephen Dillon
Bryan Funderburg
Brent Nixon
Keith Pittman
4:14.01aCovenant Day      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Haynes
Det Beal
Ben Carstarphen
William Carstarphen
8:55.12aGaston Day      
2.-John Humphries
John Good
Michael Good
Luke Robinson
9:13.62aCharlotte Christian      
3.-Brent Nixon
KJ Fon-Ndikum
Lukas Godley
Logan Mosteller
9:53.78aCovenant Day      
4.-Will Whitley
Michael Ridenhour
Zi Yang
Joe Troutman
10:17.12aCharlotte Country Day      
---Relay Team 10:42.56aGaston Day      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Cooper51-03.50Covenant Day      
2.12Alex Garrett44-02.00Charlotte Country Day      
3.11Ward Showalter41-05.50Charlotte Country Day      
4.10Will Smith38-09.00Davidson Day      
5.11John Ahlert37-09.00Charlotte Christian      
6.12Martin Comer36-08.00Charlotte Country Day      
7.11Sarge Kinlin35-03.00Providence Day      
8.9Cameron Finley34-02.50Charlotte Country Day      
9.11Bryce Stout34-02.00Covenant Day      
10.11Graham Kirby31-01.00Providence Day      
11.12Brent Thompson30-05.00Charlotte Country Day      
12.9David White30-04.00Charlotte Country Day      
13.12Adam Whitlark29-10.00Charlotte Country Day      
14.11Mike McConoughey29-09.00Providence Day      
15.11Jack Duchardt29-01.50Providence Day      
16.9Spencer Jones24-05.00Gaston Day      
17.10Charlie Colley20-07.00Davidson Day      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Cooper144-09Covenant Day      
2.12Alex Garrett121-01Charlotte Country Day      
3.11Ward Showalter110-10Charlotte Country Day      
4.12Martin Comer109-09Charlotte Country Day      
5.10Will Smith106-09Davidson Day      
6.9Derek Makous99-03Providence Day      
7.12Adam Whitlark91-03Charlotte Country Day      
8.11John Ahlert86-06Charlotte Christian      
9.11Bryce Stout83-10Covenant Day      
10.9David White83-06Charlotte Country Day      
11.11Jack Duchardt80-07Providence Day      
12.11Sarge Kinlin77-04Providence Day      
13.9Richard Pickett67-07Gaston Day      
14.10Charlie Colley64-01Davidson Day      
15.11Scott Braswell60-03Covenant Day      
16.11Graham Kirby57-03Providence Day      
--12Brent ThompsonDNFCharlotte Country Day      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Bartlett5-08.00Charlotte Christian      
1.12Reid Palmer5-08.00Charlotte Country Day      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Bartlett13-00.00Charlotte Christian      
2.12Suraj Suri10-06.00Charlotte Country Day      
3.11Will Walton10-00.00Providence Day      
4.10Dan McCauley8-06.00Providence Day      
4.10Matt Plaus8-06.00Providence Day      
6.9Austin Gray8'00.00Providence Day      
6.11Stephen Deal8'00.00Charlotte Country Day      
8.12Graham Hunt7-06.00Charlotte Country Day      
9.10Matt Humphrey7-00.00Providence Day      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mark Igbinadolor17-07.00Charlotte Christian      
2.11Stephen Deal17-04.00Charlotte Country Day      
3.9Alexander Simpson14-10.50Charlotte Country Day      
4.10Kevin Liu13-03.00Covenant Day      
5.9Bram Moncure13-00.00Gaston Day      
6.9Jason Chinuntdet12-11.50Davidson Day      
7.10Jarvis Moss11-01.00Gaston Day      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris McDonagh40-09.00Providence Day      
2.11Adam Kridler35-07.00Charlotte Country Day      
3.11Stephen Deal35-02.00Charlotte Country Day      
4.9Derek Makous34-10.00Providence Day      
5.9Bram Moncure28-01.00Gaston Day      
6.9Jason Chinuntdet26-11.00Davidson Day      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Itohowo Eyo13.40aCharlotte Country Day      
2.9Kelsie Grice13.96aCharlotte Country Day      
3.9Hannah Holbrook14.12aCovenant Day      
4.10Grace Modlin14.13aGaston Day      
5.11Lauren Aspey14.58aCharlotte Christian      
6.9Jessica Gregory14.63aCharlotte Country Day      
7.9Ashley Israel14.67aCharlotte Christian      
8.10Giovanna Golen14.74aCharlotte Country Day      
9.11Kathy Humphries14.90aCharlotte Christian      
10.11Anna Conaway15.40aCharlotte Country Day      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Itohowo Eyo27.49aCharlotte Country Day      
2.10Grace Modlin29.33aGaston Day      
3.9Ashley Israel29.81aCharlotte Christian      
4.10Emily Salo29.93aCovenant Day      
5.11Jessica Pace30.22aCovenant Day      
6.10Giovanna Golen30.46aCharlotte Country Day      
7.9Reilly Baxter30.76aCovenant Day      
8.11Mary Stuart Bullard31.11aCovenant Day      
9.9Jessica Gregory31.76aCharlotte Country Day      
10.11Kathy Humphries32.19aCharlotte Christian      
11.9Meredith Poole32.24aCharlotte Christian      
12.10Jenna Pretty32.93aCovenant Day      
13.10Ashton Wise33.03aCharlotte Christian      
14.10Anna Farish33.09aCovenant Day      
15.11Anna Conaway33.20aCharlotte Country Day      
16.11Nicole Tate33.72aCharlotte Country Day      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Reilly Baxter1:10.76aCovenant Day      
2.11Jordan Gray1:11.57aProvidence Day      
3.12Kathryn Kennedy1:13.97aCharlotte Country Day      
4.10Laura Liszka1:15.39aCovenant Day      
5.11Nicole Tate1:15.86aCharlotte Country Day      
6.10Jenna Pretty1:17.61aCovenant Day      
7.11Lindsay Booker1:18.33aGaston Day      
8.11Anna Conaway1:22.20aCharlotte Country Day      
9.9Jessica Gregory1:22.74aCharlotte Country Day      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Loren Shealy2:29.82aCharlotte Country Day      
2.12Katie Lonergan2:31.50aProvidence Day      
3.9Amanda McFeeley2:32.16aProvidence Day      
4.10Hannah Wilson2:33.50aProvidence Day      
5.10Lauren McFayden2:37.43aCharlotte Country Day      
6.11Hannah Cline2:43.82aCharlotte Country Day      
7.11Margaret Keener2:44.06aCharlotte Country Day      
8.10Anna Haines2:44.25aCovenant Day      
9.9McKenzie Whalen2:54.48aGaston Day      
10.9Jane Voss2:56.47aGaston Day      
11.11Alex Arnett2:56.67aCovenant Day      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maggie Gigler5:45.94aProvidence Day      
2.11Hannah Cline5:48.72aCharlotte Country Day      
3.10Anna Haines6:00.41aCovenant Day      
4.10Molly Yandle6:02.91aProvidence Day      
5.12Molly Snyder6:04.06aProvidence Day      
6.11Morgan Kirk6:10.12aCharlotte Christian      
7.11Natalie Burke6:17.53aProvidence Day      
8.10Ariella Zulman6:20.59aProvidence Day      
9.10Laura Hogan6:33.84aCharlotte Christian      
10.11Elizabeth Eades6:37.06aCharlotte Country Day      
11.9Rachael Snapper6:42.18aCovenant Day      
12.11Emily Holway6:51.56aProvidence Day      
13.10Kate Oliver7:00.09aProvidence Day      
--10Ida Jane ColeDNFGaston Day      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katelyn Decherd17.84aCharlotte Christian      
2.11Kerris Gordon18.47aProvidence Day      
3.9Josie Barger18.84aGaston Day      
4.11Bailey Stewart19.35aCovenant Day      
5.11Tiffany Ferrete20.54aProvidence Day      
6.9Holland Haag24.33aGaston Day      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stacey Myers55.47aGaston Day      
2.11Emma Woodhouse55.63aCovenant Day      
3.11Bailey Stewart56.93aCovenant Day      
4.11Mari Pillmore57.23aCharlotte Christian      
5.9Holland Haag1:02.61aGaston Day      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Giovanna Golen
Janice Roberts
Kelsie Grice
Itohowo Eyo
53.43aCharlotte Country Day      
2.-Bailey Stewart
Hannah Holbrook
Rosalyne Weir
Emily Salo
54.60aCovenant Day      
3.-Lauren Aspey
Austyn Durdin
Katelyn Decherd
Alexa Owens
55.40aCharlotte Christian      
4.-Stacey Myers
Lindsay Booker
McKenzie Whalen
Grace Modlin
56.91aGaston Day      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Israel
Alexa Owens
Austyn Durdin
Katelyn Decherd
1:55.00aCharlotte Christian      
2.-Giovanna Golen
Kelsie Grice
Anna Conaway
Jessica Gregory
1:59.42aCharlotte Country Day      
---Mary Stuart Bullard
Reilly Baxter
Jenna Pretty
Anna Farish
2:04.70aCovenant Day      
---Emily Salo
Hannah Holbrook
Bailey Stewart
Rosalyne Weir
DQCovenant Day      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Itohowo Eyo
Lauren McFayden
Kathryn Kennedy
Margaret Keener
4:43.85aCharlotte Country Day      
2.-Rosalyne Weir
Emma Woodhouse
Emily Salo
Rachael Snapper
4:47.41aCovenant Day      
3.-Lindsay Booker
Holland Haag
Grace Modlin
McKenzie Whalen
5:01.05aGaston Day      
---Alex Arnett
Morgan Mosteller
Mary Stuart Bullard
Jenna Pretty
5:21.02aCovenant Day      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Morgan Mosteller
Rachael Snapper
Alex Arnett
Anna Haines
11:40.18aCovenant Day      
2.-Laura Hogan
Morgan Kirk
Mari Pillmore
Ashton Wise
11:43.15aCharlotte Christian      
3.-Shelton Current
Ida Jane Cole
Jane Voss
McKenzie Whalen
12:19.18aGaston Day      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Rudisel35-00.50Charlotte Country Day      
2.10Dacia Thompson33-03.50Providence Day      
3.12Mariah Monsanto29-05.50Charlotte Country Day      
4.9Sarah Drummond28-07.00Charlotte Christian      
5.12Abby Winn26-10.00Charlotte Country Day      
6.12Evan Cross25-02.00Davidson Day      
7.9Madeline Kestler22-07.50Providence Day      
8.9Bria Hilliard20-07.00Providence Day      
9.11Tonilee Ruden20-04.50Gaston Day      
10.10Laura Liszka20-01.50Covenant Day      
11.10Abigail Hartley20-00.00Gaston Day      
12.11Emily Horner19-11.00Covenant Day      
13.9Anna Wyman18-07.00Covenant Day      
14.9Lexi Ferrette18-04.50Providence Day      
15.12Rachael Krouse18-03.50Covenant Day      
16.9Brittany Stout18-00.00Covenant Day      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mariah Monsanto89-11Charlotte Country Day      
2.10Dacia Thompson76-04Providence Day      
3.9Sarah Drummond69-05Charlotte Christian      
4.11Tonilee Ruden68-07Gaston Day      
5.12Kayla Rudisel68-04Charlotte Country Day      
6.11Kassie Adderly61-03Gaston Day      
7.9Brittany Stout54-02Covenant Day      
8.9Bria Hilliard53-05Providence Day      
9.9Madeline Kestler51-07Providence Day      
10.9Anna Wyman49-03Covenant Day      
11.10Laura Liszka49-00Covenant Day      
12.12Rachael Krouse48-04Covenant Day      
13.11Emily Horner46-03Covenant Day      
14.9Lexi Ferrette45-03Providence Day      
15.12Evan Cross45-00Davidson Day      
16.10Abigail Hartley44-04Gaston Day      
--12Abby WinnDNFCharlotte Country Day      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Pace4-06.00Covenant Day      
1.11Austyn Durdin4-06.00Charlotte Christian      
1.10Katelyn Decherd4-06.00Charlotte Christian      
4.9Josie Barger4-04.00Gaston Day      
4.11Mackenzie Holland4-04.00Charlotte Country Day      
6.12Molly Snyder4-02.00Providence Day      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sophia Tucker6-06.00Providence Day      
2.10Sarah Findlay6-00.00Providence Day      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Janice Roberts16-09.50Charlotte Country Day      
2.11Morgan Kirk14-08.50Charlotte Christian      
3.11Tiffany Ferrete13-05.75Providence Day      
4.11Alexa Owens12-10.00Charlotte Christian      
5.11Kathy Humphries12-08.75Charlotte Christian      
6.11Rosalyne Weir11-03.75Covenant Day      
7.9Ashley Israel11-03.25Charlotte Christian      
8.9Meredith Poole11-00.00Charlotte Christian      
9.11Kassie Adderly10-02.50Gaston Day      
10.11Nicole Tate9-10.00Charlotte Country Day      
11.10Anna Farish9-02.75Covenant Day      
12.12Kathryn Kennedy8-10.25Charlotte Country Day      
--12Stacey MyersDNFGaston Day      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mackenzie Holland28-03.00Charlotte Country Day      
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