Classic Suburban Conference Relays

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
  Mahtomedi HS, Mahtomedi - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
10Devonte Diamond21.8Henry Sibley
11Joe Cicchese22.3North St. Paul
11Jake Perzichilli22.8North St. Paul
12Jake Heifort23.3North St. Paul
12Jeff Rada23.3North St. Paul
11Bobby Wills23.3Henry Sibley
11Bryan Greengo23.5Henry Sibley
12Kyle Whyte23.5North St. Paul
10Nate Poradek23.6North St. Paul
10Andrew Giovinazzo23.6North St. Paul
11Nick Janssen23.7North St. Paul
11Joel Krueger23.9North St. Paul
10Jake McGurran24.0North St. Paul
9Jake Wiederhold24.0North St. Paul
10Jake McGurran24.2North St. Paul
9Adam Hausken24.2North St. Paul
12Ben Dansky24.2North St. Paul
12Isaiah Parchman24.4Henry Sibley
12Bruce McCampbell24.4Henry Sibley
10Eric Slater24.7Henry Sibley
11Rex Johnson24.8North St. Paul
10Nate Delmont25.3Henry Sibley
8Adam Stenhaug25.3Henry Sibley
11Dre McCreary25.3Henry Sibley
10Dante Grant25.5Henry Sibley
8Tyler Solem26.8Henry Sibley
11Hunter Johnson27.8Henry Sibley
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
12Adam Slagle51.4North St. Paul
12Adam Slagle52.6North St. Paul
12Luke Beigle52.9North St. Paul
10Andrew Giovinazzo52.9North St. Paul
10Quentin Mann52.9North St. Paul
12Elliot Hodgson56.0Henry Sibley
10Eric Slater56.3Henry Sibley
12Ben Dansky56.4North St. Paul
10Josh McHenry58.9Henry Sibley
11Mitch Honsa59.4Henry Sibley
8Adam Stenhaug63.5Henry Sibley
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
12Michael Unruh2:00Henry Sibley
12Jacob Olsen2:03Henry Sibley
11Chris Gill2:03.4North St. Paul
11Matt Berens2:05.1North St. Paul
11Josh Wareham2:06Henry Sibley
11Ryan Peterson2:06.1North St. Paul
11Nathan Foster2:07.8North St. Paul
12Elliot Hodgson2:09Henry Sibley
12Jacob Olsen2:12Henry Sibley
11Steven Olawsky2:15.9North St. Paul
11Joel Krueger2:16.7North St. Paul
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
11Josh Wareham3:26Henry Sibley
X 1600 Meters - Open - Finals
9Austin Zollner4:55.2North St. Paul
10Ryan Kirkland5:02.16Mahtomedi
10Ben Mennell5:05.56Mahtomedi
9Drew Campbell5:07.35Mahtomedi
10Cruz Barrera5:07.8Henry Sibley
9Noah Kirkland5:10.35Mahtomedi
10Michael Gooder5:14.5North St. Paul
9Sam Meyer5:15.9Henry Sibley
11Sam Hammond5:17.6North St. Paul
9Sheldon Saccoman5:18.1North St. Paul
11Scot Steele5:19.5North St. Paul
12Cedrick Holden5:29.3Henry Sibley
9Ben Vodovoz5:45.4Henry Sibley
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
12Michael Unruh4:36Henry Sibley
10Cruz Barrera5:07Henry Sibley
9Sam Meyer5:15Henry Sibley
12Cedrick Holden5:28Henry Sibley
9Ben Vodovoz5:46Henry Sibley
X 3200 Meters - Open - Finals
11Matt Berens9:53.8North St. Paul
11Chris Gill10:27North St. Paul
10Cruz Barrera10:36.4Henry Sibley
11Ryan Peterson10:39North St. Paul
11Nathan Foster11:04North St. Paul
10Mark Rosno11:07.6Henry Sibley
10Ben Mennell11:09Mahtomedi
11Daniel Gomolka11:21.7Henry Sibley
9Mark Dosh11:30.5Henry Sibley
9Noah Kirkland11:32Mahtomedi
9Drew Campbell11:34Mahtomedi
11Aaron Moren12:28Mahtomedi
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Open - Finals
11James Ryan15.7North St. Paul
12Luke Beigle16.0North St. Paul
11Nick Hoffman16.63Mahtomedi
10Otto Sanchez17.7North St. Paul
12Dave Kjeldahl17.82Mahtomedi
11Mitch Honsa18.27Henry Sibley
10Josh McHenry18.25Henry Sibley
10Jake Colstad18.6North St. Paul
10James Jarvis20.31Henry Sibley
10Nate Robinson21.53Henry Sibley
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Open - Finals
12Luke Beigle40.9North St. Paul
12Louis Gilbertson42.38Mahtomedi
11James Ryan42.5North St. Paul
10Kyle Thell43.00Mahtomedi
10Otto Sanchez44.1North St. Paul
10Josh McHenry44.89Henry Sibley
11Nick Hoffman45.84Mahtomedi
12Dave Kjeldahl46.12Mahtomedi
10Jake Colstad47.2North St. Paul
10James Jarvis52.09Henry Sibley
10Nate Robinson52.74Henry Sibley
X 4x100 Relay - Open - Finals
-Jake Heifort
Jeff Rada
Jake Perzichelli
Joe Cicchese
43.3North St. Paul
-Isaiah Parchman
Bobby Wills
Bryan Greengo
Devonte Diamond
44.07Henry Sibley
-Brenton Braddock
Henry Jungbauer
Haini Moimoi
Nick Braunig
X 4x100 Relay - Throwers - Open - Finals
-Hunter Books
Ondre Lo
Bjorn Nelson
Nick Roth
51.1North St. Paul
X 4x200 Relay - Open - Finals
-Jake Heifort
Jeff Rada
Jake Perzichelli
Joe Cicchese
1:31.7North St. Paul
-Isaiah Parchman
Bobby Wills
Bryan Greengo
Devonte Diamond
1:31.9Henry Sibley
-Brenton Braddock
Steven Molex
Henry Jungbauer
Andrew Tessier
X 4x400 Relay - Open - Finals
-Andrew Tessier
William Corcoran
Nick Braunig
Ryan Gregory
-Andrew Giovinazzo
Quentin Mann
Luke Beigle
Adam Slagle
3:31.6North St. Paul
-Josh McHenry
Mitch Honsa
Adam Stenhaug
Eric Slater
4:04Henry Sibley
X 4x800 Relay - Open - Finals
2.-Josh Wareham
Michael Unruh
Elliot Hodgson
Jacob Olsen
8:19.0Henry Sibley
-Chris Gill
Matt Berens
Ryan Perterson
Nathan Foster
8:22.6North St. Paul
-Cal Knickerbocker
Ryan Kirkland
Noah Kirkland
Ryan Gregory
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Open - Finals
-Adam Stenhaug
Dre McCreary
Eric Slater
Cedric Holden
4:18.33Henry Sibley
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Open - Finals
-Josh Wareham
Elliot Hodgson
Jacob Olsen
Michael Unruh
11:11Henry Sibley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Open - Finals
12Bryan Thell48'.5Mahtomedi
11Ethan Knight45'0Henry Sibley
11Ondre Lo43'9North St. Paul
11Nick Roth43'9North St. Paul
11Bjorn Nelson42'2North St. Paul
11Tyler Carlsgaard41'.25Mahtomedi
12Ryan Schmitt39'7.5Henry Sibley
10Hunter Books39'1North St. Paul
10Eric Slater38'7.5Henry Sibley
10Gordon Moimoi38'.5Mahtomedi
10Tyler Schifsky36'1.25Mahtomedi
11Jose Reyes35'10Henry Sibley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Open - Finals
12Bryan Thell149Mahtomedi
11Ethan Knight138'10Henry Sibley
12Haini Moimoi124'.25Mahtomedi
11Bjorn Nelson122'8North St. Paul
12Ryan Schmitt115'3Henry Sibley
12Nick Zitzer113'1North St. Paul
12Anthony Markgraf111'1.25Mahtomedi
11Ondre Lo103'5North St. Paul
12Nick Braunig97Mahtomedi
11Jose Reyes95'4Henry Sibley
10Hunter Books94'2North St. Paul
10Rodolfo Ledezma83'7Henry Sibley
X High Jump - Open - Finals
12Kyle Whyte6'0North St. Paul
12Nathan Schouvieller6'0North St. Paul
12Pat Svoboda5'10North St. Paul
11Rex Johnson5'4North St. Paul
8Tyler Solem5'4Henry Sibley
11Dre McCreary5'4Henry Sibley
10Josh McHenry5'2Henry Sibley
12Bruce McCampbell5'2Henry Sibley
X Pole Vault - Open - Finals
12Andy Martinez11'6North St. Paul
10Joey Matheson10'6Henry Sibley
11Hunter Johnson9'0Henry Sibley
12Mark Wurdeman9'0North St. Paul
12Ben Severson9'0North St. Paul
12Nick Pizinger8'6North St. Paul
11Dalton Winspear8'0Henry Sibley
X Long Jump - Open - Finals
10Devonte Diamond19'5.25Henry Sibley
12Isaiah Parchman18'7Henry Sibley
11Brenton Braddock18'.75Mahtomedi
11Henry Jungbauer18'.25Mahtomedi
11Rex Johnson17'9North St. Paul
12Kyle Whyte17'7North St. Paul
11Bryan Greengo17'4.75Henry Sibley
12Nick Braunig17'1.25Mahtomedi
12Steven Molex17'.75Mahtomedi
10Nate Poradek16'8North St. Paul
12Marcus Strong16'3.75Henry Sibley
X Triple Jump - Open - Finals
12Marcus Strong39'5.75Henry Sibley
12Calvin Belden39'.5Mahtomedi
11Chris Eng38'2North St. Paul
12Pat Svoboda37'10North St. Paul
12Nathan Schouvieller37'6North St. Paul
10Kyle Thell37'1.25Mahtomedi
11Brenton Braddock37'1Mahtomedi
12Ephraim Maduka36'2North St. Paul
10Joey Matheson34'4Henry Sibley
11Dre McCreary32'2.25Henry Sibley
8Tyler Solem29'7.75Henry Sibley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
12Andrea Brown12.6Tartan
8Ta'Kendra Elbert13.3Tartan
8Ta'Kendra Elbert13.7Tartan
11Heather Lohrke13.9Tartan
10Audra Richards14.2Tartan
9Jenna Maslowski14.2Tartan
9Carley Stromgren14.2Tartan
9Joscelyn Woods15.1Tartan
9Nicole O'Neil15.8Tartan
10Brooke Engwer27.8Tartan
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
10Brooke Engwer27.8Tartan
11Rebecca Wesley27.8Tartan
11Heather Lohrke28.7Tartan
11Kelsey Notaro29.3Tartan
10Kayla Amundson31Tartan
11Kelsey Notaro31.1Tartan
9Jenna Maslowski31.7Tartan
9Renee Jones32Tartan
10Bethany Rylicki32.7Tartan
11Cassie Norman33Tartan
9Nicole O'Neil35Tartan
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
9Jacleen Patterson61.0Hill-Murray
11Rebecca Wesley61.1Tartan
9Rachel Turi63.2North St. Paul
11Michelle Nitardy63.4Tartan
9Jacleen Patterson63.7Hill-Murray
12Emily Turi63.8North St. Paul
9Jacleen Patterson64.3Hill-Murray
12Hannah Wurl65.9Tartan
10Brandy Garbers65.9North St. Paul
11Michelle Nitardy66.0Tartan
12Hannah Wurl66.1Tartan
10Brandy Garbers66.1North St. Paul
11Amanda Carlson66.5North St. Paul
9Rachel Hannigan67.1North St. Paul
11Jackie Paul67.1Hill-Murray
11Anna Hangge67.6Hill-Murray
12Emily Geiser67.7North St. Paul
11Emily Vanderlinden68.6North St. Paul
9Carley Stromgren68.6Tartan
9Carley Stromgren70.8Tartan
10Amy Peick70.8Hill-Murray
9Tabitha Schafer71.2Hill-Murray
12Emily Turi71.2North St. Paul
12Sam Valenziano74.2North St. Paul
12Karissa Vilks74.7North St. Paul
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
9Rachel Turi2:30.4North St. Paul
10Amy Peick2:30.8Hill-Murray
11Michelle Nitardy2:32.5Tartan
12Hannah Wurl2:33.5Tartan
9Rachel Hannigan2:33.9North St. Paul
11Jackie Paul2:34.3Hill-Murray
11Jackie Paul2:34.4Hill-Murray
11Anna Hangge2:34.7Hill-Murray
10Amy Peick2:37.6Hill-Murray
10Charlotte Gill2:37.8North St. Paul
9Rachel Hannigan2:37.9North St. Paul
12Cassie Janssen2:38.3North St. Paul
12Emily Geiser2:40.8North St. Paul
11Cheryl Peick2:45.1Hill-Murray
11Hanna Battah2:45.5Tartan
9Hindi Abdi2:45.6Tartan
9Alie Mack3:04.9Tartan
11Cassie Norman3:08.3Tartan
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
9Baileigh Ogne4:16.3North St. Paul
11Anna Hangge4:16.8Hill-Murray
X 1600 Meters - Open - Finals
1.11Julia Colling5:29.26aNorth St. Paul
2.12Asha Ghassemlouei5:34.53aHenry Sibley
3.8Shaelyn Sorensen5:36.56aTartan
4.9Alicia Olsen5:37.30aHenry Sibley
5.11Caitlyn Fermoyle5:37.79aHenry Sibley
6.11Megan McGill5:39.63aMahtomedi
7.10Kayla Morisette5:47.58aTartan
8.8Jordan Lutz5:49.62aMahtomedi
9.10Charlotte Gill5:50.81aNorth St. Paul
10.11Megan Lauzon5:51.92aMahtomedi
11.10Anna Walsh5:52.28aMahtomedi
12.9Baileigh Ogne5:52.58aNorth St. Paul
13.11Hannah Baumann5:58.79aHill-Murray
14.11Emily Vanderlinden6:02.08aNorth St. Paul
15.10Rachel Haas6:08.25aHenry Sibley
16.9Anna Groebner6:08.84aSimley
17.9Alie Mack6:10.16aTartan
18.12Leah Holle6:11.48aTartan
19.12Tigist Dadi6:13.19aRichfield
20.12Lindsey Lee6:15.44aHill-Murray
21.10Andrea Castillo6:17.17aSimley
22.10Sarah Nygaard6:17.93aRichfield
23.10Lisa Nicklay6:19.47aSimley
24.10Hannah Adams6:20.07aRichfield
25.11Sydney Doyon6:26.59aHill-Murray
26.11Mary Pringle6:38.61aSimley
27.10Erica Strom6:51.00aRichfield
28.11Sierra Hinderscheid7:23.44aHenry Sibley
28.10Tess LePlavy7:23.44aHill-Murray
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Open - Finals
8Shaelyn Sorensen5:36.9Tartan
10Kayla Morisette5:47.8Tartan
8Shaelyn Sorensen5:48.4Tartan
9Alie Mack6:10.5Tartan
11Hanna Battah6:11.9Tartan
X 3200 Meters - Open - Finals
1.11Megan McGill12:13.80aMahtomedi
2.9Elizabeth Gregory12:16.96aMahtomedi
3.11Caitlyn Fermoyle12:25.16aHenry Sibley
4.8Jordan Lutz12:48.37aMahtomedi
5.10Christina Gordon13:14.63aHenry Sibley
6.9Laura Rice13:30.50aHenry Sibley
7.11Heidi Florin13:38.95aNorth St. Paul
8.11Hannah Baumann13:39.23aHill-Murray
9.11Cheryl Peick13:39.51aHill-Murray
10.9Theresa Rostampour13:45.17aHenry Sibley
11.9Bailey Anderson13:53.57aMahtomedi
12.10Carrie Colling14:06.04aNorth St. Paul
13.8Rachel Ogren14:31.51aHill-Murray
14.10Alexa Stilp14:45.95aNorth St. Paul
15.11Lauren O'Brien14:49.53aNorth St. Paul
16.12Karen Bohnen14:58.68aHill-Murray
17.-Sofia Lugones15:29.56aRichfield
18.9Star Soto15:39.00aRichfield
19.-Laurel Youngquist15:58.18aRichfield
20.9Katie Northouse16:11.43aTartan
21.10Michaela Starr16:24.04aTartan
22.9Kelly Brass16:31.40aTartan
23.9Leah Mohn17:00.75aRichfield
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Open - Finals
1.9Jessica January15.13aRichfield
2.12Jackie Destache17.11aMahtomedi
3.10Caitlyn Conners17.46aHill-Murray
4.11Sara Tseng17.51aRichfield
5.12Brittany Pieper17.72aMahtomedi
6.9Faith Murphy17.93aSouth St. Paul
7.10Tera Destache17.96aMahtomedi
8.12Stephanie Skoog18.10aRichfield
9.12Jillian Schwartz18.43aHill-Murray
10.11Tessa Peterson18.50aNorth St. Paul
11.11Amanda Kane18.51aNorth St. Paul
12.12Trista Larson18.65aNorth St. Paul
13.10Allie Machecek18.69aSouth St. Paul
14.10Courtney Armborst18.74aRichfield
15.7Hannah Holsten18.82aMahtomedi
16.12Emilie Scott18.83aSimley
17.9Nikki Dougherty19.25aSouth St. Paul
18.10Leah Anderson19.77aTartan
19.9Alicia Olsen19.95aHenry Sibley
20.10Anna Schwartz20.37aHill-Murray
21.7Ada Johnson20.42aHill-Murray
22.9Cassie Walters20.48aTartan
23.12Chelsey Anderson20.67aNorth St. Paul
24.12Asha Ghassemlouei20.77aHenry Sibley
25.9Rachel Brooks21.07aTartan
26.10Rachel Haas22.01aHenry Sibley
27.9Kelly Brass24.26aTartan
X 100m Hurdles - Relay Split - Open - Finals
10Leah Anderson19.5Tartan
9Cassie Walters20.3Tartan
9Rachel Brooks20.7Tartan
9Kelly Brass24.0Tartan
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Open - Finals
1.9Jessica January47.64aRichfield
2.10Emma Russ47.79aSimley
3.12Jackie Destache49.01aMahtomedi
4.11Sara Tseng49.83aRichfield
5.11Taylor Ogne50.74aNorth St. Paul
6.10Caitlyn Conners50.89aHill-Murray
7.11Tessa Peterson52.66aNorth St. Paul
8.10Tera Destache53.60aMahtomedi
9.7Hannah Holsten54.21aMahtomedi
10.11Amanda Carlson54.27aNorth St. Paul
11.11Hannah Baumann54.65aHill-Murray
12.9Nikki Dougherty55.86aSouth St. Paul
13.10Samantha Kurkowski56.07aMahtomedi
14.10Allie Machecek56.62aSouth St. Paul
15.9Cassie Walters57.08aTartan
16.9Jessica Stephens57.63aRichfield
17.10Amanda Engelhart58.03aHenry Sibley
18.12Emilie Scott58.30aSimley
19.10Leah Anderson58.35aTartan
20.12Sam Valenziano58.49aNorth St. Paul
21.9Kirby Steffens58.59aHenry Sibley
22.10Anna Schwartz59.23aHill-Murray
23.10Ruth Hesse59.77aHenry Sibley
24.10Kaylie Kueppers59.80aHill-Murray
25.9Rachel Brooks1:01.22aTartan
26.9Kelly Brass1:05.30aTartan
X 300m Hurdles - Relay Split - Open - Finals
9Cassie Walters56.8Tartan
10Leah Anderson57.9Tartan
9Rachel Brooks61.0Tartan
9Kelly Brass65.1Tartan
X 4x100 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Chelsey Anderson
Gabrielle Murphy
Tessa Peterson
Julia Stedman
52.77aNorth St. Paul
2.-Relay Team 53.82aSouth St. Paul
3.-Brittany Pieper
Sammie Maixner
Ashley Greeder
Mehan Bolton
4.-Relay Team 54.07aTartan
5.-Relay Team 54.23aRichfield
6.-Relay Team 55.20aSimley
7.-Relay Team 55.44aHenry Sibley
8.-Jessica Ubl
Brooklyn Tate
Emma Koller
Moriah Otto
X 4x100 Relay - 9th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.59aHenry Sibley
2.-Relay Team 56.89aSimley
3.-Tara Langmade
Teague May
Karachoro Cham
Natasha Moody
4.-Marissa Dressely
Brooklyn Tate
Emma Koller
Jessica Ubl
5.-Relay Team 58.36aRichfield
6.-Relay Team 59.09aSouth St. Paul
7.-Relay Team 59.36aTartan
---Relay Team DQNorth St. Paul
X 4x200 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Mehan Bolton
Tara Langmade
Alyssa Bartholomew
Ellie Arvesen
2.-Kristin Brastad
Jessica Pearson
Sarita Diaz
Julia Stedman
1:54.65aNorth St. Paul
3.-Relay Team 1:57.73aHenry Sibley
4.-Relay Team 2:03.06aSouth St. Paul
5.-Marissa Dressely
Christina Angeli
Emma Koller
Kaylie Kueppers
---Relay Team DQSimley
---Relay Team DQTartan
---Relay Team DQRichfield
X 4x400 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Anna Walsh
Jackie Destache
Tera Destache
Ellie Arvesen
2.-Relay Team 4:16.05aSimley
3.-Relay Team 4:19.95aHenry Sibley
4.-Relay Team 4:21.33aTartan
5.-Relay Team 4:25.78aSouth St. Paul
6.-Rachel Turi
Amanda Carlson
Brandy Garbers
Emily Turi
4:26.40aNorth St. Paul
7.-Jackie Paul
Anna Hangge
Amy Peick
Jacleen Patterson
8.-Relay Team 4:51.55aRichfield
X 4x800 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Charlotte Gill
Emily Geiser
Rachel Hannigan
Rachel Turi
10:22.67aNorth St. Paul
2.-Jackie Paul
Anna Hangge
Cheryl Peick
Amy Peick
3.-Relay Team 11:11.34aHenry Sibley
4.-Amanda Engen
Cecelia Ingberg
Bailey Anderson
Katherine Ledermann
5.-Relay Team 11:30.32aSimley
6.-Relay Team 11:32.63aSouth St. Paul
7.-Relay Team 11:53.29aTartan
8.-Relay Team 12:19.72aRichfield
X 4x1600 Relay - Open - Finals
8.-Hannah Baumann
Lindsey Lee
Sydney Doyon
Tess LePlavy
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Open - Finals
1.-Bintu Fahnbulleh
Kristin Brastad
Gabrielle Murphy
Emily Turi
1:58.08aNorth St. Paul
2.-Relay Team 1:59.89aRichfield
3.-Sara Nester
Sabrina Braddock
Mehan Bolton
Anna Walsh
4.-Relay Team 2:03.73aSimley
5.-Marissa Dressely
Brooklyn Tate
Moriah Otto
Jacleen Patterson
6.-Relay Team 2:05.65aHenry Sibley
7.-Relay Team 2:08.10aTartan
8.-Relay Team 2:19.28aSouth St. Paul
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Open - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:27.48aSimley
2.-Moriah Otto
Teagan Hughes
Jacleen Patterson
Amy Peick
3.-Relay Team 4:35.01aTartan
4.-Kristin Brastad
Sarita Diaz
Brandy Garbers
Cassie Janssen
4:42.68aNorth St. Paul
5.-Relay Team 4:46.30aHenry Sibley
6.-Sabrina Braddock
Alyssa Bartholomew
Samantha Kurkowski
Elizabeth Gregory
7.-Relay Team 4:56.70aSouth St. Paul
8.-Relay Team 5:16.40aRichfield
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Open - Finals
1.-Relay Team 13:37.17aTartan
2.-Relay Team 13:40.08aNorth St. Paul
3.-Relay Team 13:44.77aHenry Sibley
4.-Anna Hangge
Tabitha Schafer
Jackie Paul
Lindsey Lee
5.-Relay Team 14:43.95aRichfield
6.-Katherine Ledermann
Kelsey Nelson
Amanda Engen
Megan Lauzon
7.-Relay Team 14:45.88aSimley
8.-Relay Team 15:13.52aSouth St. Paul
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Open - Finals
4.-Caitlyn Conners
Jillian Schwartz
Anna Schwartz
Ada Johnson
X 4x300 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Open - Finals
4.-Caitlyn Conners
Hannah Baumann
Kaylie Kueppers
Anna Schwartz
X Shot Put - 4kg - Open - Finals
1.12Haley Zajac35-03.00Mahtomedi
2.12Laura Winn33-03.50Mahtomedi
3.12Natalie Walseth32-07.50Simley
4.11Maya Booker31-00.00North St. Paul
5.10Heather Kennedy30-10.50Mahtomedi
6.11Jill Gangl30-08.50Henry Sibley
7.11Christine Briere30-05.00Mahtomedi
8.11Rachel Colter30-01.00North St. Paul
9.10Ashley Thompson29-06.00Tartan
10.11Brynn Kirtland29-00.00North St. Paul
11.11Jenniffer Harmon28-08.00Richfield
12.9Rachel Brooks28-06.00Tartan
13.12Becca Knudsen27-11.00Richfield
14.12Oke Urhieyovwe25-09.00Tartan
15.11Sean Crotty25-07.00North St. Paul
16.11Moriah Otto25-02.00Hill-Murray
17.11Bri Ruckmar24-11.50South St. Paul
18.10Sarah Garr24-09.50Henry Sibley
19.10Nikki Furlong24-09.00Henry Sibley
20.10Katie Wolff24-06.50Tartan
21.11Sierra Hinderscheid23-05.00Henry Sibley
22.10Valerie Clintsman22-09.50Hill-Murray
22.10Maria Dolezal22-09.50Hill-Murray
24.9Riley Viner22-05.50South St. Paul
25.9Brooklyn Tate22-01.50Hill-Murray
26.-Bintu Swaray21-11.00Simley
27.10Lexi Ozerov21-00.00Simley
28.-Nicole Alexander19-11.00Simley
29.-Alex Gustafson19-02.50South St. Paul
30.-Hannah Gilbert19-00.00Richfield
31.9Katie Mannin17-07.00South St. Paul
X Discus - 1kg - Open - Finals
1.12Haley Zajac111-01Mahtomedi
2.12Laura Winn104-10Mahtomedi
3.10Heather Kennedy104-04Mahtomedi
4.11Brynn Kirtland99-10North St. Paul
5.12Oke Urhieyovwe94-11Tartan
6.10Jocey Zajac93-10Mahtomedi
7.10Ashley Thompson93-08Tartan
8.11Maya Booker93-04.50North St. Paul
9.11Ellen Swanson90-03North St. Paul
10.12Taylor Clarke84-02Richfield
11.11Jill Gangl82-07Henry Sibley
12.11McKenzie Johnson80-05Tartan
13.11Rachel Colter78-10North St. Paul
14.12Becca Knudsen77-09Richfield
15.11Bri Ruckmar72-00South St. Paul
16.12Natalie Walseth71-07Simley
17.10Nikki Furlong69-10Henry Sibley
18.9Jenna Maslowski68-10Tartan
19.9Rhiley O'Rourke66-00Hill-Murray
20.11Sierra Hinderscheid64-10Henry Sibley
21.9Archelle King-Miner63-10Richfield
22.9Inga Johnson62-08Hill-Murray
23.10Maria Dolezal61-07Hill-Murray
24.11Jackie Paul60-10Hill-Murray
25.10Lexi Ozerov60-06Simley
26.9Katie Mannin56-10South St. Paul
27.12Ashley McDounough55-05.50South St. Paul
28.11Maggie Libby53-04South St. Paul
29.10Sarah Garr52-03Henry Sibley
30.-Hannah Gilbert52-01Richfield
31.-Nicole Alexander48-08.50Simley
X High Jump - Open - Finals
1.12Stephanie Skoog5-02.00Richfield
2.12Nevada Wendlandt5-00.00Tartan
3.10Maddie Schroeder4-10.00South St. Paul
3.11Taylor Ogne4-10.00North St. Paul
3.10Lizzi Kroshus4-10.00Mahtomedi
6.10Sammie Maixner4-08.00Mahtomedi
6.11Valerie McCampbell4-08.00Henry Sibley
6.12Ashley Cavalier4-08.00South St. Paul
6.10Kersten Schwanz4-08.00Simley
10.9Rachel Brooks4-06.00Tartan
10.8Cassie Furlong4-06.00Henry Sibley
10.11Elaiza Bungue4-06.00Henry Sibley
10.10Julia Stedman4-06.00North St. Paul
10.12Haley Zajac4-06.00Mahtomedi
10.10Emma Russ4-06.00Simley
16.12Ashley Greeder4-03.00Mahtomedi
16.8Brittney Jessen4-03.00Henry Sibley
16.10Caitlyn Conners4-03.00Hill-Murray
16.10Jasmin Stephens4-03.00Richfield
16.9Emily Toy4-03.00North St. Paul
21.11Megan Doody4-00.00South St. Paul
21.10Kaylie Kueppers4-00.00Hill-Murray
21.9Tabitha Schafer4-00.00Hill-Murray
21.10Christina Angeli4-00.00Hill-Murray
21.11Amanda Kane4-00.00North St. Paul
21.9Bobbi Biever4-00.00Richfield
21.12Courtney Severson4-00.00South St. Paul
21.-Lexi Scott4-00.00Simley
---Jordan DegidioNHSimley
--9Archelle King-MinerNHRichfield
--8Ta'Kendra ElbertNHTartan
--11Kelsey NotaroNHTartan
X Pole Vault - Open - Finals
1.11Sara Tseng10-07.00Richfield
2.12Teagan Hughes9-00.00Hill-Murray
3.11Kelsey Metz8-06.00Richfield
3.12Nevada Wendlandt8-06.00Tartan
5.11Nel Pilgrim-Rukavina8-00.00Henry Sibley
5.10Anna Hamer8-00.00Henry Sibley
7.10Leah Hennes7-06.00Mahtomedi
7.11Heather Lohrke7-06.00Tartan
7.10Audra Richards7-06.00Tartan
7.12Kailey Colestock7-06.00Simley
11.9Emily Urban7-00.00North St. Paul
11.12Trista Larson7-00.00North St. Paul
11.10Maddie Lee7-00.00Hill-Murray
14.10Sammie Maixner6-00.00Mahtomedi
14.12Kelsey Nelson6-00.00Mahtomedi
14.10Samantha Kurkowski6-00.00Mahtomedi
14.10Theresa Diesslin6-00.00North St. Paul
14.12Mandi Holst6-00.00Simley
14.10Shayla Howell6-00.00Simley
14.9Diana Albrecht6-00.00Tartan
14.11Mandy Chan6-00.00Richfield
14.12Ashley Cavalier6-00.00South St. Paul
14.-Stephaine McGUINNESS6-00.00Richfield
14.-Brandie Schrieland6-00.00Simley
--12Ashley McDounoughNHSouth St. Paul
--12Korbyn AngstmanNHSouth St. Paul
--12Laura EtterNHNorth St. Paul
--10Madeline BauerNHHill-Murray
X Long Jump - Open - Finals
1.9Jessica January16-02.00Richfield
2.8Cassie Furlong15-06.50Henry Sibley
3.12Brittany Pieper15-04.50Mahtomedi
4.10Gabrielle Murphy15-04.00North St. Paul
5.12Andrea Brown15-03.00Tartan
6.12Jordin Melchert15-01.50Simley
7.9Tia Rowe15-01.00Richfield
8.11Bintu Fahnbulleh14-09.00North St. Paul
8.10Valerie Clintsman14-09.00Hill-Murray
10.10Caitlyn Conners14-04.00Hill-Murray
10.10Sarah Jeffrey14-04.00Mahtomedi
12.11April Huber14-01.50Henry Sibley
12.10Maddie Schroeder14-01.50South St. Paul
14.12Kelsey Nelson14-00.00Mahtomedi
15.9Kristen Mertens13-11.50Simley
16.9Stephanie Lisson13-11.00Simley
17.8Ta'Kendra Elbert13-10.00Tartan
18.11Kaleigh Kramer13-08.00Henry Sibley
19.10Annika Olson13-02.00Mahtomedi
19.12Tasha Sparby13-02.00South St. Paul
21.12Dominique Boczek13-01.00Hill-Murray
22.12Karissa Vilks12-09.50North St. Paul
23.9Cassie Walters12-09.00Tartan
23.9Jessica Stephens12-09.00Richfield
25.9Kimmy Wreh12-08.00Simley
26.9Emily Bohlig12-06.50Henry Sibley
27.9Asia Owens12-06.00South St. Paul
28.12Jillian Schwartz12-00.00Hill-Murray
29.-Alex Gustafson11-04.50South St. Paul
X Triple Jump - Open - Finals
1.12Octavia Cheatom34-05.25Richfield
2.10Lizzi Kroshus33-05.75Mahtomedi
3.10Delaney Johnson32-09.75Mahtomedi
4.12Brittany Pieper32-09.50Mahtomedi
5.10Gabrielle Murphy32-09.00North St. Paul
6.10Julia Stedman30-09.50North St. Paul
7.12Erin McHenry30-01.00Simley
8.10Maddie Schroeder30-00.50South St. Paul
9.11Sara Nester29-10.25Mahtomedi
10.10Anna Hamer29-07.25Henry Sibley
11.9Emily Toy29-05.00North St. Paul
12.12Dominique Boczek29-03.25Hill-Murray
13.12Jillian Schwartz29-01.25Hill-Murray
14.11Megan Doody28-10.50South St. Paul
15.10Ruth Hesse28-07.25Henry Sibley
16.12Kailey Colestock28-05.75Simley
17.-Ruth Peterson28-04.25Richfield
18.12Tasha Sparby28-04.00South St. Paul
19.10Bethany Rylicki27-07.50Tartan
20.11Amanda Kane27-06.00North St. Paul
21.-Baily Carruth27-04.25Henry Sibley
22.10Courtney Armborst27-03.50Richfield
23.-Anna Lavigne26-11.50South St. Paul
24.11Rebecca Wesley26-09.50Tartan
24.9Hindi Abdi26-09.50Tartan
26.12Emilie Scott26-08.75Simley
27.11Cassie Norman25-11.50Tartan
28.10Amy Peick25-09.50Hill-Murray
29.9Charity Bilal25-00.00Richfield
30.-Henrietta Boateng22-05.25Henry Sibley
31.9Tabitha Schafer21-07.50Hill-Murray
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