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TAPSAC Championships

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Brook Hill, Bullard

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Luis Vasquez12.45aGorman (Tyler)
2.8Collin Parks13.31aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Zac Roark13.56aGrace Community
3.8Jordan Bayonne13.56aAll Saints Episcopal
5.9Hunter Scammahorn13.73aThe Brook Hill
6.8Colton Carter13.89aThe Brook Hill
7.8Paul Russell14.26aGorman (Tyler)
8.8Lucas Nickel15.01aGrace Community
9.8Sean Gill16.45aThe Brook Hill
8Wylie NelsonNTThe Brook Hill
X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Seth Brasher13.15aThe Brook Hill
2.7Adam Graham13.32aGrace Community
3.7Jake Billings13.62aGrace Community
4.7Nicholas Hardy14.00aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7D'Luis West14.20aGorman (Tyler)
6.7Trevor Gunter14.41aGrace Community
7.7Cartrell Freeman14.63aGorman (Tyler)
8.7Griffin Greene15.44aAll Saints Episcopal
7Avery BiscombNTGorman (Tyler)
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Jacob Starr28.00aGorman (Tyler)
2.8Collin Parks28.03aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Jordan Bayonne28.48aAll Saints Episcopal
4.8Colton Carter29.15aThe Brook Hill
5.8Colt Standefer30.07aGrace Community
6.8Taylor Hurst31.07aGorman (Tyler)
7.8Jonathan Cox31.72aThe Brook Hill
8.8Phillip McKinney33.46aGrace Community
9.8Ben Henke38.76aGrace Community
8Christian DiosdadoNTAll Saints Episcopal
X 200 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Seth Brasher27.09aThe Brook Hill
2.7Spencer Ball27.35aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Chandler Nutt28.32aGrace Community
4.7Cass French28.52aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Trevor Gunter29.91aGrace Community
6.7Daniel Weedon30.54aGrace Community
7.7Avery Biscomb31.10aGorman (Tyler)
8.7Brennan Fanning36.52aGorman (Tyler)
9.7Clayton Bowchow38.26aGorman (Tyler)
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Dominic Jasso1:01.71aGorman (Tyler)
2.9Hunter Scammahorn1:02.60aThe Brook Hill
2.8VJ Virk1:02.60aAll Saints Episcopal
4.8Blake Hendricks1:04.21aGrace Community
5.8Austin King1:04.80aGrace Community
6.8Austin Martin1:06.10aAll Saints Episcopal
7.8Sean Goforth1:06.87aGorman (Tyler)
8.8Raleigh Poster1:07.97aGrace Community
9.8Morgan Bain1:09.31aAll Saints Episcopal
10.8Adam Aucar1:11.11aGorman (Tyler)
11.8Logan Smith1:32.81aThe Brook Hill
8Josh HeingartnerNTThe Brook Hill
X 400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Grady Atkins1:01.79aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Jared Walla1:03.16aGrace Community
3.7Jesse Edwards1:09.94aGrace Community
4.7Devonte Milton1:10.84aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Connor Hobbs1:11.79aGorman (Tyler)
6.7Cal Swinnea1:12.17aGrace Community
7.7Nathan Kirsch1:12.77aGorman (Tyler)
8.7Cody Cannon1:13.32aAll Saints Episcopal
9.6McCray Fletcher1:23.08aThe Brook Hill
10.7Kyle Regester1:24.77aThe Brook Hill
11.7Zane Thompson1:31.09aAll Saints Episcopal
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Blake Hendricks2:36.02aGrace Community
2.8Phillip McKinney2:43.01aGrace Community
3.8Matt Holmes2:48.18aGrace Community
4.8Chris Maglio2:49.95aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Patrick Cunningham2:50.08aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Logan Smith2:50.08aThe Brook Hill
7.8James Harris3:02.36aGorman (Tyler)
6Brooks GarnerNTThe Brook Hill
8Harry JonesNTAll Saints Episcopal
8Josh HeingartnerNTThe Brook Hill
X 800 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7James Burden2:28.05aGrace Community
2.7Mason Aldredge2:46.74aGrace Community
3.7Noah Fanous2:47.76aAll Saints Episcopal
4.6McCray Fletcher3:05.43aThe Brook Hill
5.7Criss Barker3:11.60aGrace Community
6.7Kyle Regester3:12.70aThe Brook Hill
7Joseph GoodwinNTGorman (Tyler)
7Andrew WattsNTGorman (Tyler)
7Quinton KernsNTGorman (Tyler)
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kendrick Wong5:46.47aGrace Community
2.8Colton Shields6:14.16aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Matt Holmes6:16.20aGrace Community
4.8Chris Maglio7:18.03aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Kaleb Behm8:00.19aGorman (Tyler)
6.7Jace Kuechle8:05.89aThe Brook Hill
8Alex LangfordNTGrace Community
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Noah Fanous6:32.01aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Nicholas Klouda6:38.58aAll Saints Episcopal
3.6McCray Fletcher6:49.19aThe Brook Hill
4.7Bruce Brookshire6:52.41aGrace Community
5.7Joshuah Pierce6:52.90aGrace Community
6.7Carter Lackey6:56.48aGrace Community
8Buddy AndersonNTGorman (Tyler)
7Jace KuechleNTThe Brook Hill
7Chase MooreNTThe Brook Hill
7William MilawskiNTGorman (Tyler)
7Collin HowmanNTGorman (Tyler)
X 2400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Matt Holmes9:39.63aGrace Community
2.8Michael McGehee9:45.55aGorman (Tyler)
3.8James Harris10:02.01aGorman (Tyler)
4.8Alex Langford10:27.87aGrace Community
5.8Patrick Cunningham10:57.84aGorman (Tyler)
8Austin FillmoreNTGrace Community
X 2400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7James Burden9:14.58aGrace Community
2.7Mason Aldredge10:11.88aGrace Community
3.7Nicholas Klouda10:32.56aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Joshuah Pierce10:43.01aGrace Community
5.7Nicholas Gregory10:49.79aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7Chase Moore11:42.12aThe Brook Hill
7.7Collin Howman12:16.39aGorman (Tyler)
8.7Jace Kuechle13:09.24aThe Brook Hill
9.8Buddy Anderson13:15.11aGorman (Tyler)
10.7Anthony Culpepper14:44.00aGorman (Tyler)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kade Clayton18.15aGrace Community
2.8Andrew McCarty19.43aGrace Community
3.8Adam Aucar21.15aGorman (Tyler)
4.8Verlo Levels21.80aGrace Community
5.8Dickson McKeller21.82aGorman (Tyler)
6.8Kyle Walters22.27aGorman (Tyler)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7James Edwards20.97aGrace Community
2.7Zach Tatman22.11aGrace Community
3.7Keith Orlowski24.86aGorman (Tyler)
4.7Deante Nails26.09aGrace Community
5.7Collin Howman28.66aGorman (Tyler)
7John Paul ReusewaldNTGorman (Tyler)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kade Clayton45.59aGrace Community
2.8Steven McKnight49.17aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Andrew McCarty49.56aGrace Community
4.8Zac Roark51.39aGrace Community
5.8Dominic Jasso53.86aGorman (Tyler)
6.8Carter Siriani1:02.71aGorman (Tyler)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Jordan Walla52.53aGrace Community
2.7Zach Tatman53.20aGrace Community
3.7Jesse Edwards56.00aGrace Community
4.7Nicolas DiPaolo59.29aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Chance Findley1:03.86aGorman (Tyler)
6.7Keith Orlowski1:07.38aGorman (Tyler)
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.25aGorman (Tyler)
2.-Relay Team 51.07aGrace Community
-Relay Team DQThe Brook Hill
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.10aGrace Community
2.-Relay Team 54.35aAll Saints Episcopal
3.-Relay Team 54.48aThe Brook Hill
4.-Relay Team 1:09.48aGorman (Tyler)
X 4x200 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:50.21aGorman (Tyler)
2.-Relay Team 1:51.95aAll Saints Episcopal
3.-Relay Team 1:55.42aGrace Community
X 4x200 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:48.40aAll Saints Episcopal
2.-Relay Team 1:50.84aGrace Community
3.-Relay Team 2:03.29aGorman (Tyler)
4.-Relay Team 2:13.58aThe Brook Hill
X 4x400 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:13.80aGrace Community
2.-Relay Team 4:23.30aGorman (Tyler)
X 4x400 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:34.96aGrace Community
2.-Relay Team 4:46.74aThe Brook Hill
3.-Relay Team 4:47.04aAll Saints Episcopal
4.-Relay Team 4:58.17aGorman (Tyler)
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Colton Carter35-09.00The Brook Hill
2.8Drew Dunklin34-09.25Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Kyle Walters34-02.00Gorman (Tyler)
4.8Morgan Bain32-03.75All Saints Episcopal
5.8Austin Martin32-00.50All Saints Episcopal
6.8Christian Diosdado31-03.00All Saints Episcopal
7.8Will Swinnea28-00.00Grace Community
8Jake ShieldsNDGrace Community
8Wylie NelsonNDThe Brook Hill
9Ryan YoungNDThe Brook Hill
8Matthew PetreNDGorman (Tyler)
8Kris EverettNDGrace Community
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Matthew Weeks36-01.00Gorman (Tyler)
2.7Gabe Lucio35-05.50The Brook Hill
3.7Cartrell Freeman33-04.25Gorman (Tyler)
4.7LUKE LEE30-04.75Grace Community
5.7Hunter Moses27-03.25Grace Community
6.7Kaleb Snodgrass26-03.00Grace Community
7Zane ThompsonNDAll Saints Episcopal
7Grant JonesNDThe Brook Hill
7Hunter SattlerNDGorman (Tyler)
X Discus - 1.6kg - 8th grade - Finals
1.9Ryan Young118-11The Brook Hill
2.8Tim Schmitt96-00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Cole Sharron95-05Gorman (Tyler)
4.8Andrew McCarty93-08Grace Community
5.8Will Swinnea86-11Grace Community
6.8VJ Virk86-07All Saints Episcopal
8Paul RussellNDGorman (Tyler)
8Austin MartinNDAll Saints Episcopal
8Kris EverettNDGrace Community
8Wylie NelsonNDThe Brook Hill
8Morgan BainNDAll Saints Episcopal
X Discus - 1.6kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Gabe Lucio98-05The Brook Hill
2.7Matthew Weeks88-06Gorman (Tyler)
3.7Kaleb Snodgrass75-05Grace Community
4.7Hunter Moses74-02Grace Community
5.7LUKE LEE73-09Grace Community
6.7Connor Wright71-01Gorman (Tyler)
7Hunter SattlerNDGorman (Tyler)
7Zane ThompsonNDAll Saints Episcopal
7Nicholas HardyNDAll Saints Episcopal
7Grant JonesNDThe Brook Hill
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Zac Roark5-06.00Grace Community
2.8Noah Kemp5-02.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Adam Aucar4-10.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Verlo Levels4-10.00Grace Community
5.8Colt Standefer4-06.00Grace Community
6.8Sean Gill4-04.00The Brook Hill
7.8Jordan Bayonne4-04.00All Saints Episcopal
8Taylor HurstNHGorman (Tyler)
7Deante NailsNHGrace Community
7Daniel WeedonNHGrace Community
7Phillip KittNHThe Brook Hill
7Trevor GunterNHGrace Community
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Seth Brasher4-10.00The Brook Hill
2.7Spencer Ball4-08.00All Saints Episcopal
3.7Phillip Kitt4-08.00The Brook Hill
4.7Trevor Gunter4-08.00Grace Community
5.7Connor Hobbs4-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
6.7Nathan Kirsch4-04.00Gorman (Tyler)
7.7Deante Nails4-04.00Grace Community
8.7Daniel Weedon4-04.00Grace Community
X Pole Vault - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Hunter Brown9-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
2.8Dickson McKeller7-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Michael McGehee7-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
4.8Daniel Zandstra6-06.00Grace Community
5.8Phillip McKinney6-00.00Grace Community
X Pole Vault - 7th grade - Finals
1.7James Edwards7-06.00Grace Community
2.7Matthew Brunson7-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.7Bruce Brookshire7-00.00Grace Community
4.7Chance Findley6-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
5.7Connor Hobbs6-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
6.7Zach Tatman6-00.00Grace Community
7Grant HanksNHThe Brook Hill
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.9Hunter Scammahorn17-02.00The Brook Hill
2.8Colton Carter16-11.00The Brook Hill
3.8Kade Clayton16-08.00Grace Community
4.8Zac Roark16-03.00Grace Community
5.8Jacob Starr15-09.00Gorman (Tyler)
6.8Jordan Bayonne15-07.50All Saints Episcopal
7.8VJ Virk15-00.00All Saints Episcopal
8.8Austin King14-08.50Grace Community
9.8Steven McKnight14-07.00Gorman (Tyler)
8Taylor HurstNDGorman (Tyler)
7Phillip KittNDThe Brook Hill
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Phillip Kitt15-11.50The Brook Hill
2.7Cass French15-11.00All Saints Episcopal
3.6Seth Brasher15-07.00The Brook Hill
4.7Spencer Ball15-00.00All Saints Episcopal
5.7Jake Billings14-07.50Grace Community
6.7James Edwards14-02.50Grace Community
7.7Daniel Weedon13-04.00Grace Community
7.7Devonte Milton13-04.00Gorman (Tyler)
9.7Noah Fanous12-02.00All Saints Episcopal
10.7Kyle Regester12-00.00The Brook Hill
11.7Quinton Kerns11-01.25Gorman (Tyler)
12.7Chase Moore10-07.00The Brook Hill
7Avery BiscombNDGorman (Tyler)
7Gabe LucioNDThe Brook Hill
X Triple Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.9Hunter Scammahorn35-06.00The Brook Hill
2.8Kade Clayton34-07.00Grace Community
3.8Noah Kemp34-07.00Gorman (Tyler)
4.8Adam Aucar33-08.00Gorman (Tyler)
5.8Austin King33-03.00Grace Community
6.8Chris Danley29-02.00Gorman (Tyler)
7.8Christian Diosdado28-08.50All Saints Episcopal
8Alex LangfordNDGrace Community
7James BurdenNDGrace Community
7Chandler NuttDNFGrace Community
7Jake BillingsNDGrace Community
X Triple Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Chandler Nutt32-09.00Grace Community
2.7Jake Billings32-08.00Grace Community
3.7Cass French29-06.50All Saints Episcopal
4.7James Burden29-02.50Grace Community
5.7Matthew Brunson28-05.00Gorman (Tyler)
6.7Grant Hanks28-04.00The Brook Hill
7.7Avery Biscomb27-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
8.7Collin Howman23-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
9.6Brooks Garner21-11.00The Brook Hill
7Quinton KernsNDGorman (Tyler)
7Noah FanousNDAll Saints Episcopal

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Morgan Fore14.60aGrace Community
2.8Caitlin Cashell14.99aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Madison Stewart15.00aAll Saints Episcopal
4.8Tricia Gregory15.18aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Lanna Johnson15.19aAll Saints Episcopal
6.8Taylor Stieve15.23aGorman (Tyler)
7.8Cameron Spinks15.24aAll Saints Episcopal
7.8Megan Raborar15.24aGrace Community
9.8Madison Morgan15.45aGrace Community
8Ashley SearcyNTThe Brook Hill
8Desarae RowanNTThe Brook Hill
X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Morgan Moss14.99aThe Brook Hill
2.7Betsy McKinney15.20aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Madison Newman15.86aGrace Community
4.7Rachel Balser16.13aGrace Community
5.7Lauren Bone16.51aGrace Community
6.7Kassie Morris16.59aThe Brook Hill
7.7Foster Hackney17.26aAll Saints Episcopal
8.7Kali Ridley18.33aAll Saints Episcopal
9.7Shelby Monsivais18.77aGorman (Tyler)
7Jordan SchrinkNTGorman (Tyler)
7Kristin ChaumpNTGorman (Tyler)
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Lanna Johnson30.62aAll Saints Episcopal
2.8Morgan Fore30.75aGrace Community
3.8Madison Stewart30.77aAll Saints Episcopal
4.8Cameron Spinks30.99aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Renee Schwarzbach31.96aGorman (Tyler)
6.8Audry Bacon32.16aGorman (Tyler)
7.8Brooke McClenny32.75aGrace Community
8.8Madison Morgan34.04aGrace Community
9.8Ashley Searcy34.06aThe Brook Hill
10.8Taylor Strickland34.28aThe Brook Hill
11.8Caitlin Cashell34.29aGorman (Tyler)
12.8Ivy Sudduth37.81aThe Brook Hill
X 200 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Morgan Moss29.74aThe Brook Hill
2.7Betsy McKinney31.38aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Madison Newman32.11aGrace Community
4.7Lauren Bone33.30aGrace Community
5.7Rachel Balser34.05aGrace Community
6.7Kassie Morris35.52aThe Brook Hill
7.7Kali Ridley37.53aAll Saints Episcopal
8.7Shelby Monsivais38.91aGorman (Tyler)
9.7Peyton Peltier39.67aAll Saints Episcopal
10.7Monica Viray40.15aGorman (Tyler)
11.7Abbie Guevara40.37aGorman (Tyler)
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kelly Oneil1:10.46aGorman (Tyler)
2.8Emma Pittman1:11.20aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Brooke Ruiz1:13.55aGorman (Tyler)
4.8Caroline Schlener1:14.08aGrace Community
5.8Haleigh Roberts1:15.14aGrace Community
6.8Kennedy Rose1:15.84aThe Brook Hill
7.8Fallon Roberts1:22.48aGrace Community
8.8Ivy Sudduth1:29.13aThe Brook Hill
9.8Megan Daviau1:39.98aAll Saints Episcopal
X 400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Erin Blaine1:09.36aAll Saints Episcopal
2.6Charlie Niles1:12.35aThe Brook Hill
3.7Foster Hackney1:16.48aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Sophia Padgett1:19.72aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Brooke Taylor1:21.75aGrace Community
6.7Kristin Braughton1:22.11aGrace Community
7.7Paige Stewart1:28.70aGrace Community
8.7Sharon Kariampuzh1:29.68aGorman (Tyler)
7Gabrielle LoveNTThe Brook Hill
7Rebecca BowlesNTGorman (Tyler)
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kennedy Rose2:49.34aThe Brook Hill
2.8Kelly Oneil2:57.14aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Kendall Wells3:02.77aThe Brook Hill
4.8Emma Pittman3:04.66aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Megan Wuthrich3:04.69aGrace Community
6.8Brooke Ruiz3:07.95aGorman (Tyler)
8Rachel HamiltonNTGrace Community
8Caitlin HuntNTGrace Community
X 800 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Erin Blaine2:48.50aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Gabrielle Love3:04.02aThe Brook Hill
3.7Katie Falconer3:13.86aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Mary-Birdsong Gabriel3:14.63aGrace Community
5.7Bradie Roseberry3:16.00aGrace Community
6.7Kathy Joseph3:22.00aGorman (Tyler)
7Sharon KariampuzhNTGorman (Tyler)
7Abbie GuevaraNTGorman (Tyler)
7Allyson EllsworthNTGrace Community
7Nikki EvansNTThe Brook Hill
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Madelene Williams6:19.11aGrace Community
2.8Kennedy Rose6:27.35aThe Brook Hill
3.8Brooke Lee6:52.05aGorman (Tyler)
4.8Kendall Wells7:00.61aThe Brook Hill
5.8Courtney Fergerson7:03.55aGorman (Tyler)
6.8Megan Wuthrich7:31.58aGrace Community
8Elizabeth OatesNTGrace Community
8Colleen AllareNTGorman (Tyler)
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Avery Langemeier6:50.84aThe Brook Hill
2.7Gabrielle Love6:56.91aThe Brook Hill
3.7Mary-Birdsong Gabriel7:00.08aGrace Community
4.7Kelly Frossard7:04.76aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Erin Hancock7:22.46aGorman (Tyler)
6.7Kathy Joseph7:22.99aGorman (Tyler)
7Mitali GhugeNTGrace Community
7Bradie RoseberryNTGrace Community
X 2400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Madelene Williams10:08.05aGrace Community
2.8Kendall Wells10:47.43aThe Brook Hill
3.8Brooke Lee11:04.49aGorman (Tyler)
4.8Courtney Fergerson11:43.45aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Caitlin Hunt11:59.85aGrace Community
8Selena CruzNTGorman (Tyler)
8Tricia TaylorNTGrace Community
8Elizabeth OatesNTGrace Community
X 2400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Avery Langemeier10:52.78aThe Brook Hill
2.7Kelly Frossard11:41.04aGorman (Tyler)
3.7Emma Ferguson12:01.07aGrace Community
4.7Erin Hancock12:08.04aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Madison Dunlap13:50.18aGrace Community
6.7Rebecca Langford13:55.12aGrace Community
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Alexis Trimble17.51aGrace Community
2.8Abby Smith18.03aGrace Community
3.8Shelbie Powell18.35aGrace Community
4.8Taylor Stieve19.75aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Sarah Kent21.80aGorman (Tyler)
6.8Michelle Lujan25.39aGorman (Tyler)
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Taylor Kingsley18.40aGrace Community
2.7Bethany Kimmey18.57aGrace Community
3.7Hadlee Dixon20.30aGrace Community
4.7Rebecca Waters20.69aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Kenzie Creath21.67aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7Jordan Schrink21.69aGorman (Tyler)
7.7Katelin Jacobi22.39aGorman (Tyler)
8.7Nikki Evans23.97aThe Brook Hill
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Alexis Trimble52.74aGrace Community
2.8Taylor Stieve54.62aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Abby Smith57.38aGrace Community
4.8Shelbie Powell58.81aGrace Community
5.8Bailey Braquet1:00.37aGorman (Tyler)
6.8Sarah Kent1:03.42aGorman (Tyler)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Alex Schroeder58.50aGrace Community
2.7Bethany Kimmey58.54aGrace Community
3.7Taylor Kingsley1:01.53aGrace Community
7Jordan Schrink1:02.11aGorman (Tyler)
4.7Katelin Jacobi1:12.69aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Rebecca Waters1:15.87aGorman (Tyler)
7Kenzie CreathNTAll Saints Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.41aGrace Community
2.-Relay Team 56.51aGorman (Tyler)
3.-Relay Team 1:00.79aThe Brook Hill
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.79aThe Brook Hill
2.-Relay Team 58.10aGorman (Tyler)
3.-Relay Team 58.90aGrace Community
X 4x200 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:00.75aAll Saints Episcopal
2.-Relay Team 2:01.73aGorman (Tyler)
3.-Relay Team 2:08.69aGrace Community
4.-Relay Team 2:11.96aThe Brook Hill
X 4x200 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:06.17aGorman (Tyler)
2.-Relay Team 2:10.70aGrace Community
3.-Relay Team 2:14.93aThe Brook Hill
X 4x400 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:55.16aGorman (Tyler)
2.-Relay Team 5:03.00aGrace Community
3.-Relay Team 5:32.61aThe Brook Hill
X 4x400 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:07.89aAll Saints Episcopal
2.-Relay Team 5:20.35aGorman (Tyler)
3.-Relay Team 5:30.61aGrace Community
4.-Relay Team 5:43.92aThe Brook Hill
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Desarae Rowan29-07.25The Brook Hill
2.8Megan Daviau29-04.50All Saints Episcopal
3.8Hayden Langemeier28-08.75The Brook Hill
4.8Ashley Searcy27-07.00The Brook Hill
5.8Angela Carney27-02.50Gorman (Tyler)
6.8Mandy VanderVorste26-11.25Gorman (Tyler)
7.8Hannah Mittica24-02.75Gorman (Tyler)
8Madison KellerNDGrace Community
8Bethany GrayNDGrace Community
8Macy CallicutNDGrace Community
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Kassie Morris24-09.25The Brook Hill
2.7Foster Hackney24-08.75All Saints Episcopal
3.7Rachel Balser24-05.75Grace Community
4.7Marializa Martinez24-02.50Gorman (Tyler)
5.7Paige Stewart22-00.75Grace Community
6.7Sarah Nemec21-07.50Gorman (Tyler)
7Scierra WaldronNDGorman (Tyler)
7Abbie RivesNDGrace Community
X Discus - 1kg - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Melissa Carney71-00Gorman (Tyler)
2.8Hayden Langemeier62-11The Brook Hill
3.8Ashley Searcy61-07The Brook Hill
4.8Desarae Rowan60-03The Brook Hill
5.8Jamie Taberna59-10Gorman (Tyler)
6.8Lanna Johnson56-09All Saints Episcopal
8Macy CallicutNDGrace Community
8Megan DaviauNDAll Saints Episcopal
8Madison KellerNDGrace Community
8Bethany GrayNDGrace Community
8Hannah MitticaNDGorman (Tyler)
X Discus - 1kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Kassie Morris67-06The Brook Hill
2.7Kali Ridley59-06All Saints Episcopal
3.7Allison Paul56-01Grace Community
4.7Rebecca Waters54-07Gorman (Tyler)
5.7Foster Hackney52-09All Saints Episcopal
6.7Kelli Miller50-05Grace Community
7Katelin JacobiNDGorman (Tyler)
7Rachel NecessaryNDGorman (Tyler)
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Hayden Langemeier4-09.00The Brook Hill
2.8Shelbie Powell4-04.00Grace Community
3.8Madison Morgan4-02.00Grace Community
4.8Monica Malloney4-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
8Haleigh RobertsNHGrace Community
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Nikki Evans4-05.00The Brook Hill
2.7Bethany Kimmey4-05.00Grace Community
3.6Charlie Niles4-00.00The Brook Hill
4.7Rebecca Bowles4-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
5.7Kristin Braughton4-00.00Grace Community
6.7Maggie Pierce3-10.00Gorman (Tyler)
7.7Taylor Kingsley3-10.00Grace Community
8.7Monica Hand3-10.00Gorman (Tyler)
X Pole Vault - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Brooke Lee6-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
2.8Fallon Roberts6-00.00Grace Community
8Katie DubeNHGrace Community
8Megan RaborarNHGrace Community
8Taylor StieveNHGorman (Tyler)
X Pole Vault - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Meredith Buzbee7-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
2.7Jordan Schrink6-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
7Leah EdwardsNHGrace Community
7Mitali GhugeNHGrace Community
7Paige StewartNHGrace Community
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Emma Yeatts15-02.00Grace Community
2.8Kelly Oneil14-10.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Shelbie Powell13-05.00Grace Community
4.8Margaux Sullivan13-03.00Gorman (Tyler)
5.8Karis Stephen13-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
6.8Caroline Schlener12-04.00Grace Community
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Morgan Moss14-09.50The Brook Hill
2.6Bailey Bickerstaff13-01.00The Brook Hill
3.6Charlie Niles12-10.00The Brook Hill
4.7Rebecca Bowles12-08.00Gorman (Tyler)
5.7Lauren Bone12-01.00Grace Community
6.7Caroline Camp11-07.00Gorman (Tyler)
7.7Taylor Kingsley11-07.00Grace Community
8.6Katherine Stair11-03.00The Brook Hill
9.7Bethany Kimmey11-03.00Grace Community
7Jordan SchrinkNDGorman (Tyler)
X Triple Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Emma Yeatts31-04.00Grace Community
2.8Kelly Oneil30-11.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Emma Pittman28-08.00Gorman (Tyler)
4.8Karis Stephen28-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
5.8Kendall Wells27-11.00The Brook Hill
6.8Caroline Schlener26-07.00Grace Community
7.8Emily Everett24-11.00Grace Community
X Triple Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Morgan Moss30-05.00The Brook Hill
2.7Meredith Buzbee29-11.50Gorman (Tyler)
3.7Lauren Bone28-04.00Grace Community
4.7Haley Evans25-00.00Grace Community
5.7Shelby Monsivais21-04.00Gorman (Tyler)
7Rebecca BowlesNDGorman (Tyler)
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