SOMSAC-Small Schools Conference Championships

Friday, May 07, 2010
  St. Mary’s, Medford - Map

  Field Events Start: 12:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:30 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dereak Albright12.40aNew Hope Christian
2.8Brock Wilson13.10aShady Cove
3.8Gabe Kester13.14aNew Hope Christian
4.8Andrew Hubbard13.21aGrace Christian
5.8Austen Seeberg13.21aSt Mary's
6.8Bryson Baker13.37aShady Cove
7.8Sebastian Escobar13.41aRogue River
8.8Cody Parker13.43aGrace Christian
9.7Treyson Robbins13.49aGrace Christian
10.7Jaden Pearson13.72aRogue River
11.7Neff Clark13.79aShady Cove
12.8Jared McGonagle13.93aButte Falls
13.8Wyatt Landon14.31aHanby
14.8Seth Williams14.43aLorna Byrne
15.8Justin Hewitt14.46aLorna Byrne
16.8Nick Barton14.47aRogue River
17.7Joseph Barnum14.54aSacred Heart Catholic
18.6Devin Shiele14.79aProspect
19.7Brandon Gilsdorf14.84aHanby
20.7Bren Catt15.01aSt Mary's
21.7Wyatt Haas15.03aHanby
22.8Tristan Carmeci15.06aSt Mary's
23.6Evan Pronesti15.57aSacred Heart Catholic
24.7Eric Peregrina15.95aSacred Heart Catholic
25.7Nate Perry16.33aNew Hope Christian
26.7Riley Watkins16.81aLorna Byrne
27.1Brandon Goodman19.47aButte Falls
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dereak Albright24.85aNew Hope Christian
2.8Seth Knox26.31aGrace Christian
3.7Treyson Robbins26.56aGrace Christian
4.8Austen Seeberg26.88aSt Mary's
5.8Riley Williams27.74aGrace Christian
6.8Myles Hodge28.03aLorna Byrne
7.7Neff Clark28.08aShady Cove
8.8Josh Jantzer28.36aSacred Heart Catholic
9.8Seth Williams29.75aLorna Byrne
10.8Justin Hewitt30.45aLorna Byrne
11.8Tristan Carmeci30.89aSt Mary's
12.8Wyatt Landon31.05aHanby
13.8Nick Barton31.24aRogue River
14.7Eric Peregrina31.84aSacred Heart Catholic
15.7Bren Catt32.06aSt Mary's
16.6Brady Robison32.81aHanby
17.7Wyatt Haas33.09aHanby
18.6John Shipley34.05aShady Cove
19.8Louis Quintero34.54aProspect
20.7Jonas Lundgren35.17aNew Hope Christian
21.6Andrew Mengerhausen37.00aRogue River
22.6Dalton James37.47aShady Cove
7Joseph BarnumDNSSacred Heart Catholic
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8MacGregor Reed57.75aGrace Christian
2.8Micah Brown57.80aSacred Heart Catholic
3.8Sebastian Escobar1:01.28aRogue River
4.8David Sellers1:01.33aGrace Christian
5.8Justin Casebier1:04.39aGrace Christian
6.7Gus Camargo1:04.64aSacred Heart Catholic
7.8Nathan Hoyt1:05.09aSt Mary's
8.7Chris Merlos1:06.25aNew Hope Christian
9.7Michael Macedo1:09.70aShady Cove
10.8Adam Lohman1:10.08aSt Mary's
11.6Evan Pronesti1:11.35aSacred Heart Catholic
12.8Joshua Allan1:11.72aLorna Byrne
13.8Mason Marion1:12.78aShady Cove
14.6Jordan Gerhard1:13.14aHanby
15.6Ben Shields1:14.62aNew Hope Christian
16.6Zakary VanWey1:14.93aHanby
17.6Michael Hammond1:16.18aShady Cove
18.7Peter Hice1:16.33aRogue River
19.7Joss Vawter1:21.03aLorna Byrne
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Eric Oliveri2:27.83aGrace Christian
2.8Shane Welch2:32.47aShady Cove
3.7Tristan Akery2:34.87aGrace Christian
4.6Elijah Conway2:36.44aSt Mary's
5.8Josh Jantzer2:45.40aSacred Heart Catholic
6.7Brandon Fode2:45.56aRogue River
7.8Tannan Thompson2:46.70aLorna Byrne
8.7Eli Hice2:46.98aRogue River
9.7Cody Larson2:47.41aSacred Heart Catholic
10.8Christian Voelkel2:49.15aSt Mary's
11.8Justin Park3:00.45aNew Hope Christian
12.7Adam Barth3:05.79aNew Hope Christian
13.7Travis Kyle3:06.29aShady Cove
14.7Riley Watkins3:09.71aLorna Byrne
15.7Tanner Vanwey3:14.33aHanby
16.6Jake Vail3:14.34aHanby
17.6Richard Stockton3:31.07aSacred Heart Catholic
18.6Blaine Jones4:03.09aShady Cove
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8MacGregor Reed4:50.60aGrace Christian
2.7Chris Merlos5:02.80aNew Hope Christian
3.8David Sellers5:14.90aGrace Christian
4.6Elijah Conway5:20.50aSt Mary's
5.8Salvador Ortiz5:23.10aSacred Heart Catholic
6.8Christopher Martin5:25.70aSt Mary's
7.8Myles Hodge5:27.00aLorna Byrne
8.8Jacob Brown5:27.40aGrace Christian
9.8Brett Goddard5:35.10aNew Hope Christian
10.7Cody Larson5:36.90aSacred Heart Catholic
11.8Tannan Thompson5:44.40aLorna Byrne
12.7Brandon Fode5:51.90aRogue River
13.6Zakary VanWey5:57.40aHanby
14.8Jeremy Smith5:59.50aRogue River
15.8Conor Keating6:03.10aSt Mary's
16.7Mikey Johnson6:16.70aShady Cove
17.6Blaine Jones6:17.90aShady Cove
18.7Sam Ordonez6:47.60aSacred Heart Catholic
19.6Andrew Mengerhausen6:54.70aRogue River
20.7Dakota Hoover7:19.10aHanby
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Tristan Akery10:56.80Grace Christian
2.8Levi Jones11:11.90Shady Cove
3.8Eric Oliveri11:39.10Grace Christian
4.8Salvador Ortiz11:49.10Sacred Heart Catholic
5.7Eli Hice12:20.50Rogue River
6.7Darrin Stillwagon12:27.50Prospect
7.7Mikey Jones12:33.40New Hope Christian
8.8Jeremy Smith12:41.20Rogue River
9.7Tanner Vanwey12:41.60Hanby
10.8Austin Schmidt12:42.60St Mary's
11.7Dakota Hoover13:11.10Hanby
12.7Adam Barth13:27.60New Hope Christian
13.8Justin Park13:34.00New Hope Christian
14.7Jacob Armas13:49.20Grace Christian
15.8Julian Northurp14:05.00Lorna Byrne
16.7Sam Ordonez14:26.60Sacred Heart Catholic
17.6Richard Stockton15:22.80Sacred Heart Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brock Wilson15.93aShady Cove
2.8Gabe Kester17.92aNew Hope Christian
3.8Sherman Hammond18.58aShady Cove
4.6Spencer Cox18.77aSt Mary's
5.8Justin Casebier19.31aGrace Christian
6.8Daniel Schuler19.57aGrace Christian
7.6Ben Shields20.09aNew Hope Christian
8.7Jordy Gorman20.30aButte Falls
9.8Mason Marion20.41aShady Cove
10.6Brady Robison20.54aHanby
11.7Brandon Gilsdorf20.59aHanby
12.8Jacob Scianna20.97aGrace Christian
13.7Darrin Stillwagon21.28aProspect
14.1Luke Montgomery21.30aButte Falls
15.7Charlie Dibb21.42aSt Mary's
16.6Kalab Unger22.94aLorna Byrne
17.7Peter Hice23.73aRogue River
18.8Gary Whitaker28.62aRogue River
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Riley Williams
Seth Knox
Cody Parker
Treyson Robbins
50.58aGrace Christian
2.-Sherman Hammond
Bryson Baker
Neff Clark
Brock Wilson
52.10aShady Cove
3.-Gabe Kester
Chris Merlos
Brett Goddard
Dereak Albright
52.58aNew Hope Christian
4.-Bren Catt
Christopher Martin
Nathan Hoyt
Austen Seeberg
54.34aSt Mary's
5.-Jaden Pearson
Sebastian Escobar
Jeremy Smith
Nick Barton
56.76aRogue River
6.-Myles Hodge
Seth Williams
Justin Hewitt
Julian Northurp
1:00.80aLorna Byrne
7.-Wyatt Landon
Brady Robison
Garrett Dees
Wyatt Haas
8.-Sam Ordonez
Salvador Ortiz
Eric Peregrina
Evan Pronesti
1:01.12aSacred Heart Catholic
9.-Michael Hammond
Jared Wolf
John Shipley
Blaine Jones
1:06.81aShady Cove
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Jantzer
Joseph Barnum
Gus Camargo
Micah Brown
1:54.42aSacred Heart Catholic
2.-Andrew Hubbard
David Sellers
Daniel Schuler
MacGregor Reed
1:56.11aGrace Christian
3.-Michael Macedo
Jared Dabel
Shane Welch
Levi Jones
2:06.03aShady Cove
4.-Eli Hice
Brandon Fode
Andrew Mengerhausen
Peter Hice
2:22.13aRogue River
5.-Garret Dey
Jordan Gerhard
Zakary VanWey
Jake Vail
6.-Ben Shields
Justin Park
Corbin Laird
Adam Barth
2:27.47aNew Hope Christian
7.-Tanner Bacon
Travis Kyle
Jacob Dovel
Mikey Johnson
2:34.67aShady Cove
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Riley Williams39-00.50Grace Christian
2.8Aaron Cesaro38-06.00Grace Christian
3.8Julian Northurp35-05.00Lorna Byrne
4.8Sherman Hammond35-02.00Shady Cove
5.7Ryan Davis34-09.50Hanby
6.8Seth Williams31-06.00Lorna Byrne
7.7Bryce Marthaller30-04.00Grace Christian
8.8Austen Seeberg30-03.00St Mary's
9.8Garrett Dees29-00.50Hanby
10.7Samual Herberger28-06.00Hanby
11.8James Akinleye26-07.00New Hope Christian
12.7Brandon Fode24-08.00Rogue River
13.8Gary Whitaker23-10.00Rogue River
14.7Mitchell Steadman23-08.00Sacred Heart Catholic
15.7RJ James23-04.50Rogue River
16.8Louis Quintero22-08.00Prospect
17.6Josh Martin22-04.00St Mary's
18.8James Clark22-01.50Prospect
19.7Charlie Dibb21-06.50St Mary's
20.7Corbin Laird20-08.00New Hope Christian
21.7Jonas Lundgren19-10.00New Hope Christian
22.7Aiden Cool16-08.00Butte Falls
23.6Jared Wolf16-03.00Shady Cove
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Aaron Cesaro133-10Grace Christian
2.8Bryson Baker114-10Shady Cove
3.8Riley Williams112-04Grace Christian
4.7Ryan Davis105-02Hanby
5.8Julian Northurp95-03Lorna Byrne
6.8Jared McGonagle87-00Butte Falls
7.7Dante Olson83-11Grace Christian
8.8Joshua Allan79-06Lorna Byrne
9.8James Akinleye77-03New Hope Christian
10.8Garrett Dees76-09Hanby
11.8Zachary Lawson68-05Rogue River
12.7Jaden Pearson66-02Rogue River
13.7Gus Camargo65-05Sacred Heart Catholic
14.7Travis Kyle65-03Shady Cove
15.7Samual Herberger64-01Hanby
16.6Devin Shiele61-08Prospect
17.7Mitchell Steadman60-11Sacred Heart Catholic
18.7Charlie Dibb60-10St Mary's
19.7Corbin Laird59-09New Hope Christian
20.8Justin Hewitt57-04Lorna Byrne
21.6Josh Martin57-03St Mary's
22.8Louis Quintero56-02Prospect
23.8Gary Whitaker55-04Rogue River
24.8James Clark52-04Prospect
25.6Vincent Merry52-03St Mary's
26.7Mikey Johnson42-08Shady Cove
27.7Aiden Cool37-04Butte Falls
28.1Tony Tachinni28-08Butte Falls
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sherman Hammond150-06Shady Cove
2.7Dante Olson130-11Grace Christian
3.7Darrin Stillwagon120-03Prospect
4.8David Sellers104-10Grace Christian
5.8Micah Brown102-05Sacred Heart Catholic
6.6Michael Hammond101-08Shady Cove
7.8Jared McGonagle97-06Butte Falls
8.8Wyatt Landon90-06Hanby
9.8Brett Goddard90-02New Hope Christian
10.7Jordy Gorman81-00Butte Falls
11.8Shane Welch79-09Shady Cove
12.7Brandon Gilsdorf79-00Hanby
13.7Jaden Pearson77-07Rogue River
14.7Nate Perry77-03New Hope Christian
15.7Jonas Lundgren71-01New Hope Christian
16.7Gus Camargo67-11Sacred Heart Catholic
17.7Eric Peregrina66-11Sacred Heart Catholic
18.8Jacob Mandich58-07Grace Christian
19.6Vincent Merry55-06St Mary's
20.1Brandon Goodman48-09Butte Falls
21.7Peter Hice48-00Rogue River
22.7RJ James43-02Rogue River
23.1Tony Tachinni40-11Butte Falls
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Seth Knox5-06.00Grace Christian
2.8Dereak Albright5-06.00New Hope Christian
3.8Bryson Baker4-10.00Shady Cove
4.7Treyson Robbins4-10.00Grace Christian
5.8Christopher Martin4-08.00St Mary's
6.8Nathan Hoyt4-08.00St Mary's
6.8Justin Casebier4-08.00Grace Christian
8.8Zachary Lawson4-06.00Rogue River
8.8Adam Lohman4-06.00St Mary's
10.7Jared Dabel4-06.00Shady Cove
11.6Garret Dey4-06.00Hanby
12.7Nate Perry4-04.00New Hope Christian
13.7Michael Macedo4-02.00Shady Cove
14.8Nick Barton4-00.00Rogue River
15.7Adam Barth3-10.00New Hope Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Seth Knox17-10.25Grace Christian
2.8Cody Parker15-10.50Grace Christian
3.8Daniel Schuler15-00.25Grace Christian
4.8Myles Hodge14-02.00Lorna Byrne
5.8Brett Goddard14-01.25New Hope Christian
6.8Nathan Hoyt13-11.75St Mary's
7.7Joseph Barnum13-09.25Sacred Heart Catholic
8.6Brady Robison13-01.00Hanby
9.8Tannan Thompson13-00.50Lorna Byrne
10.8Joshua Allan12-09.50Lorna Byrne
11.6Garret Dey12-07.75Hanby
12.8Jeremy Smith12-06.50Rogue River
13.6Devin Shiele12-06.25Prospect
14.8Christian Voelkel12-01.50St Mary's
15.8Salvador Ortiz12-01.00Sacred Heart Catholic
16.8Josh Jantzer11-11.75Sacred Heart Catholic
17.7Travis Kyle11-11.25Shady Cove
18.8Justin Park11-09.25New Hope Christian
19.7Neff Clark11-05.50Shady Cove
20.7Jordy Gorman11-00.50Butte Falls
21.8Mason Marion10-02.50Shady Cove
22.1Luke Montgomery9-10.75Butte Falls
23.1Brandon Goodman9-00.25Butte Falls
7Wyatt HaasDNSHanby
6Spencer CoxDNSSt Mary's
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sebastian Escobar34-03.00Rogue River
2.8Micah Brown34-02.00Sacred Heart Catholic
3.8Daniel Schuler32-05.00Grace Christian
4.8Gabe Kester29-11.00New Hope Christian
5.7Denten Edwards27-11.50Grace Christian
6.7Jackson Williams27-06.00Grace Christian
7.7Chris Merlos25-10.50New Hope Christian
8.6Ben Shields25-07.50New Hope Christian
9.7Cody Larson24-02.50Sacred Heart Catholic
10.6Michael Hammond22-10.50Shady Cove
11.6Jared Wolf20-11.50Shady Cove
12.6Tanner Bacon20-02.50Shady Cove

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Rose Alvarez13.89aSacred Heart Catholic
2.8Sam Weiland13.96aSacred Heart Catholic
3.8Julia Kapule14.14aHanby
4.7Taylor Holton14.22aSt Mary's
5.8Amanda Brooks14.37aLorna Byrne
6.8Megan Killam14.57aGrace Christian
7.8Mallory Mann14.60aGrace Christian
8.8Sarah Kostrna14.60aNew Hope Christian
9.6Kirsten Pariani14.62aShady Cove
10.8Alex Tinsley14.68aSt Mary's
11.6Lexy McWillie14.68aRogue River
12.6Becca Ash14.72aShady Cove
13.8Nicole Beck15.17aHanby
13.8Kayla Stevenson15.17aSt Mary's
15.7Melissa Seus15.19aSacred Heart Catholic
16.7Brooke Fowler15.22aShady Cove
17.8Mariah Music15.46aHanby
18.8Alison(Ali) Spani15.83aGrace Christian
19.7Kayla Evans15.92aRogue River
20.1Christina Savage15.96aRogue River
21.6Briana Chavez16.21aNew Hope Christian
22.7Kenzie Yoshiwara16.65aLorna Byrne
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Rose Alvarez28.44aSacred Heart Catholic
2.8Sam Weiland28.81aSacred Heart Catholic
3.8Julia Kapule29.12aHanby
4.7Taylor Holton29.46aSt Mary's
5.8Alex Tinsley30.07aSt Mary's
6.8Karlee Britton30.28aGrace Christian
7.8Mia Bianchi30.62aSt Mary's
7.8Amanda Brooks30.62aLorna Byrne
9.6Kirsten Pariani30.74aShady Cove
10.8Kali Beers31.36aShady Cove
11.8Cassie Bowen31.83aHanby
12.7Melissa Seus32.12aSacred Heart Catholic
13.7Tianna Alexander32.63aShady Cove
14.8Nicole Beck33.36aHanby
15.8Brelyn Dhenin34.73aLorna Byrne
16.6Marina Rodriguez35.69aRogue River
17.8Darby Gibson37.07aRogue River
8Majestic WorthingtonDNSRogue River
7Cheyenne AuchardDNSGrace Christian
8Megan KillamDNSGrace Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Emily Alvarez1:06.49aSacred Heart Catholic
2.7Sophia Dewing1:08.48aSt Mary's
3.8Lydia Cunningham1:08.95aNew Hope Christian
4.8Cady Morris1:09.10aHanby
5.7Rachel Bennion1:09.37aSt Mary's
6.8Emma Angeletti1:11.17aRogue River
7.7Sabina Schilling1:11.58aSt Mary's
8.8Caitlin Gleason1:14.29aRogue River
9.8Mariah Music1:16.31aHanby
10.1Laurel Caldwell1:16.57aSacred Heart Catholic
11.8Madison Kabot-Sturos1:16.80aShady Cove
12.5Bailey VanWormer1:20.89aProspect
13.6Irenna Stiebs1:21.32aRogue River
14.8Takota Boone1:22.01aSacred Heart Catholic
15.8Jessica Huddleston1:22.41aHanby
16.8Delaney Perrin1:23.73aShady Cove
17.8Shelbie Mason1:24.02aLorna Byrne
18.8Kenna Gillock1:25.59aGrace Christian
19.8Jackie Kabot-Sturos1:26.54aShady Cove
20.7Bryanna Moore1:28.53aNew Hope Christian
21.8Sarah Hubbard1:30.30aGrace Christian
7Cheyenne AuchardDNSGrace Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Micaila Miguel2:43.95aRogue River
2.8Cady Morris2:44.94aHanby
3.8Taylor Williams2:47.29aGrace Christian
4.8Stephaine Croy2:50.20aGrace Christian
5.8Morgan Hooper2:51.05aShady Cove
6.8Emily Alvarez2:51.47aSacred Heart Catholic
7.8Madeline Gregg2:59.65aSt Mary's
8.8Emma Angeletti3:02.94aRogue River
9.8Samantha Milner3:06.99aLorna Byrne
10.7Alondra Chavez3:09.01aNew Hope Christian
11.8Amber Webb3:10.96aLorna Byrne
12.8Andrea Dow3:11.95aSt Mary's
13.8Abby VanSteenberghe3:13.39aHanby
14.7Amanda Leonard3:15.97aHanby
15.6Maykayla Singer-Porter3:16.18aShady Cove
16.7Danielle Payne3:16.88aSacred Heart Catholic
17.6Irenna Stiebs3:19.15aRogue River
18.7Lakota Sizemore3:19.34aProspect
19.5Bailey VanWormer3:23.94aProspect
20.6Helen Thieme3:24.04aSt Mary's
21.8Kendall Jordan3:26.48aNew Hope Christian
22.8Olivia Sanchez3:32.72aSacred Heart Catholic
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Stephaine Croy5:44.30aGrace Christian
2.7Micaila Miguel5:54.30aRogue River
3.8Madeline Gregg5:57.60aSt Mary's
4.7Anna Allen5:59.90aButte Falls
5.8Abby VanSteenberghe6:15.10aHanby
6.6Madeline Volk6:22.60aSt Mary's
7.8Samantha Milner6:23.90aLorna Byrne
8.7Feather Walker6:29.50aHanby
9.7Danielle Payne6:35.90aSacred Heart Catholic
10.7Amanda Leonard6:38.40aHanby
11.8Madelynn Hopkins6:40.80aGrace Christian
12.7Arianna Ashby7:04.10aSacred Heart Catholic
13.8Hailey Natho7:11.40aRogue River
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kiana Sweem13:07.80Shady Cove
2.7Arianna Ashby14:04.60Sacred Heart Catholic
3.8Olivia Sanchez14:06.80Sacred Heart Catholic
4.8Emma Dauterman14:20.20St Mary's
5.8Jessica Huddleston14:23.90Hanby
6.8Hailey Natho14:34.80Rogue River
7.7Marianne Powell15:19.40Sacred Heart Catholic
8.7Anna Wheeler15:40.30Hanby
1Laurel CaldwellDNSSacred Heart Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.6Lexy McWillie18.91aRogue River
2.8Aiyana Morris19.20aShady Cove
3.8Lydia Cunningham19.35aNew Hope Christian
4.7Rachel Bennion19.57aSt Mary's
5.8Amanda Brooks19.79aLorna Byrne
6.8Taylor Williams19.80aGrace Christian
7.7Skylie Brummett19.85aLorna Byrne
8.7Tiffany Mortenson20.01aSacred Heart Catholic
9.8Caitlin Gleason20.29aRogue River
10.8Theresa Frederick20.59aLorna Byrne
11.8Cassie Bowen20.61aHanby
12.6Becca Ash20.70aShady Cove
13.8Madelynn Hopkins21.20aGrace Christian
14.8Bradleigh Flack21.21aSacred Heart Catholic
15.7Dana Johnson21.24aShady Cove
16.7Sabina Schilling21.33aSt Mary's
17.8Kendall Jordan21.90aNew Hope Christian
18.8Tesla Walker21.96aHanby
19.1Christina Savage22.39aRogue River
20.7Kricket Lyle22.47aSt Mary's
21.7Mallory Kirms22.57aGrace Christian
22.7Lakota Sizemore22.95aProspect
23.8Emilee Loptien23.48aHanby
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Alvarez
Sam Weiland
Rose Alvarez
Melissa Seus
55.93aSacred Heart Catholic
2.-Alison(Ali) Spani
Karlee Britton
Megan Killiam
Mallory Mann
56.50aGrace Christian
3.-Sophia Dewing
Taylor Holton
Kayla Stevenson
Alex Tinsley
56.61aSt Mary's
4.-Caitlin Gleason
Micaila Miguel
Lexy McWillie
Emma Angeletti
57.77aRogue River
5.-Cady Morris
Cassie Bowen
Mariah Music
Julia Kapule
6.-Kirsten Pariani
Becca Ash
Kali Beers
Aiyana Morris
58.94aShady Cove
7.-Brooke Fowler
Anna Evans
Tianna Alexander
Dana Johnson
1:01.15aShady Cove
8.-Lydia Cunningham
Briana Chavez
Kendall Jordan
Sarah Kostrna
1:01.65aNew Hope Christian
9.-Brelyn Dhenin
Shelbie Mason
Mariah Nolan
Theresa Frederick
1:04.26aLorna Byrne
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tessa Anderson
Rachel Bennion
Mia Bianchi
Sabina Schilling
2:09.62aSt Mary's
2.-Madison Kabot-Sturos
Delaney Perrin
Janet Haselden
Morgan Hooper
2:15.76aShady Cove
3.-Stephaine Croy
Madelynn Hopkins
Taylor Williams
Cheyenne Auchard
2:16.10aGrace Christian
4.-Bridget Park
Alyssa Goddard
Alondra Chavez
Bryanna Moore
2:20.17aNew Hope Christian
5.-Nicole Beck
Tesla Walker
Feather Walker
Jessica Huddleston
6.-Irenna Stiebs
Christina Savage
Skye Downhill
Darby Gibson
2:26.65aRogue River
-Takota Boone
Bradleigh Flack
Tiffany Mortenson
Marianne Powell
DQSacred Heart Catholic
-Bethany Persson
Indy Furster
Jenica Edwards
Kiana Sweem
DQShady Cove
-Amanda Brooks
Keyanna Augustadt
Samantha Milner
Amber Webb
DQLorna Byrne
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kenna Gillock36-05.00Grace Christian
2.8Shaundra Cook29-06.00Hanby
3.7Lindsay Adams29-02.00Sacred Heart Catholic
4.8Kaylea Biando29-01.00Butte Falls
5.8Kelly Brawner28-11.50Grace Christian
6.7Brenna Blankenship28-07.50Shady Cove
7.8Haylee Hedgpath27-10.00Prospect
8.8Shiarra Weast27-03.50Hanby
9.8Gabby Scoggins27-03.00Grace Christian
10.8Kali Beers27-02.00Shady Cove
11.6Alyssa Goddard25-07.50New Hope Christian
12.8Janet Haselden24-04.50Shady Cove
13.8Mariah Nolan23-09.00Lorna Byrne
14.7Katy Barnard23-08.00St Mary's
15.7Melissa Manning23-07.00Sacred Heart Catholic
16.8Keyanna Augustadt23-06.00Lorna Byrne
17.8Abigail Miller22-07.50Lorna Byrne
18.8Takota Boone22-06.50Sacred Heart Catholic
19.7Alondra Chavez22-01.50New Hope Christian
20.7Kayla Evans21-04.50Rogue River
21.7Sarah Settimo21-00.50St Mary's
22.7Bryanna Moore20-11.00New Hope Christian
23.7Skye Downhill19-09.00Rogue River
24.8Katie Bray19-04.00Butte Falls
25.7Amanda Leonard18-04.00Hanby
26.6Marina Rodriguez16-11.50Rogue River
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kenna Gillock84-05Grace Christian
2.8Shaundra Cook76-01Hanby
3.8Kelly Brawner69-09Grace Christian
4.7Katy Barnard64-11St Mary's
5.8Brittney Mobley64-10Lorna Byrne
6.8Shelby Dewett64-08Sacred Heart Catholic
6.8Kaylea Biando64-08Butte Falls
8.7Brenna Blankenship61-06Shady Cove
9.8Julia Kapule60-03Hanby
10.8Darby Gibson58-06Rogue River
11.8Janet Haselden58-05Shady Cove
12.8Shiarra Weast55-01Hanby
13.7Lindsay Adams54-05Sacred Heart Catholic
14.7Makenna Polan50-11Grace Christian
15.8Haylee Hedgpath50-10Prospect
16.7Bethany Persson49-03Shady Cove
17.8Brelyn Dhenin49-02Lorna Byrne
18.6Alyssa Goddard48-08New Hope Christian
19.8Theresa Frederick46-03Lorna Byrne
20.1Laurel Caldwell46-00Sacred Heart Catholic
21.6Irenna Stiebs44-02Rogue River
22.7Sarah Settimo42-04St Mary's
23.5Bailey VanWormer40-02Prospect
24.8Sarah Kostrna37-07New Hope Christian
25.8Bianca Salmeri31-05Rogue River
6Olivia BoucherNDSt Mary's
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bradleigh Flack90-08Sacred Heart Catholic
2.8Takota Boone82-03Sacred Heart Catholic
3.8Emma Angeletti76-01Rogue River
4.8Shelby Dewett75-04Sacred Heart Catholic
5.7Kiana Sweem64-09Shady Cove
6.8Madelynn Hopkins63-09Grace Christian
7.7Anna Wheeler63-00Hanby
8.7Tessa Anderson62-03St Mary's
9.8Majestic Worthington61-02Rogue River
10.8Madalynn Moore60-09Grace Christian
11.7Anna Allen57-00Butte Falls
12.7Paige Forster54-02St Mary's
13.7Indy Furster52-02Shady Cove
14.8Emilee Loptien51-02Hanby
15.7Feather Walker49-00Hanby
16.6Briana Chavez47-10New Hope Christian
17.7Tianna Alexander44-09Shady Cove
18.8Katie Bray43-02Butte Falls
19.8Caitlin Gleason41-00Rogue River
20.6Bridget Park39-06New Hope Christian
7Cheyenne AuchardDNSGrace Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Skylie Brummett4-08.00Lorna Byrne
2.8Sam Weiland4-06.00Sacred Heart Catholic
3.7Dana Johnson4-06.00Shady Cove
4.8Karlee Britton4-04.00Grace Christian
5.8Bradleigh Flack4-02.00Sacred Heart Catholic
6.7Skye Downhill4-02.00Rogue River
7.7Sabina Schilling4-02.00St Mary's
8.8Darby Gibson4-00.00Rogue River
8.6Bridget Park3-10.00New Hope Christian
9.6Madeline Volk3-10.00St Mary's
9.7Kricket Lyle3-10.00St Mary's
9.8Mariah Music3-10.00Hanby
9.7Mary Nichols3-10.00Grace Christian
14.7Kayla Evans3-08.00Rogue River
14.8Kendall Jordan3-08.00New Hope Christian
14.8Stephaine Croy3-08.00Grace Christian
14.8Morgan Hooper3-08.00Shady Cove
14.8Jackie Kabot-Sturos3-08.00Shady Cove
19.7Feather Walker3-06.00Hanby
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Skylie Brummett14-06.25Lorna Byrne
2.8Karlee Britton13-11.50Grace Christian
3.8Lydia Cunningham13-04.25New Hope Christian
4.8Emily Alvarez13-02.00Sacred Heart Catholic
5.8Mallory Mann13-00.00Grace Christian
6.8Alex Tinsley12-11.00St Mary's
7.7Taylor Holton12-09.50St Mary's
8.8Alison(Ali) Spani12-04.50Grace Christian
9.6Becca Ash12-02.00Shady Cove
10.8Cady Morris12-00.00Hanby
10.1Christina Savage12-00.00Rogue River
12.8Theresa Frederick11-10.50Lorna Byrne
13.8Amber Webb11-08.50Lorna Byrne
14.6Lexy McWillie11-08.00Rogue River
15.8Lilia Harrie11-07.00St Mary's
16.7Anna Evans11-06.00Shady Cove
17.8Nicole Beck11-03.25Hanby
18.7Rose Alvarez11-03.00Sacred Heart Catholic
19.6Kirsten Pariani10-11.00Shady Cove
20.8Cassie Bowen10-04.00Hanby
21.7Anna Allen10-03.00Butte Falls
22.6Briana Chavez9-11.00New Hope Christian
23.8Bianca Salmeri7-09.75Rogue River
7Tiffany MortensonNDSacred Heart Catholic
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Williams26-04.00Grace Christian
2.8Mallory Mann26-01.50Grace Christian
3.8Alison(Ali) Spani23-06.00Grace Christian
3.6Marina Rodriguez23-06.00Rogue River
5.8Hailey Natho23-00.50Rogue River
5.8Kali Beers23-00.50Shady Cove
8Majestic Worthington22-08.50Rogue River
7.7Danielle Payne21-01.50Sacred Heart Catholic
8.7Bryanna Moore20-05.25New Hope Christian
9.6Jenica Edwards20-00.50Shady Cove
10.8Delaney Perrin19-06.00Shady Cove
11.7Alondra Chavez17-11.75New Hope Christian
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