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Western League Prelims

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cathedral CatholicMeet History

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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Trevor Stevens11.80aCathedral Catholic
12Kevin Leavy11.98aCathedral Catholic
10Luke Whitmarsh12.06aCathedral Catholic
9Tony Johnson12.20aCathedral Catholic
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ricardo Azcarraga11.35aSt Augustine
2.12Todd Herrod11.50aScripps Ranch
3.10Nick Gonsalves11.55aSt Augustine
4.12Sam Macias11.67aSt Augustine
5.10Bernard Bonner Jr.11.71aScripps Ranch
6.11Cory Wagner11.72aLa Jolla
7.11Orlando Smith11.77aKearny
8.11Trevor Stevens11.80aCathedral Catholic
9.12DeAjnae Brown11.94aKearny
10.12Kevin Leavy11.98aCathedral Catholic
11.10Leron Cooks11.98aMission Bay
12.10Mandela Watson-Newsome11.99aLa Jolla
13.12Kyle Greenwood12.06aScripps Ranch
13.10Luke Whitmarsh12.06aCathedral Catholic
15.12Roy Sharpe12.11aKearny
16.9Tony Johnson12.20aCathedral Catholic
17.10Andre Garner12.26aMission Bay
18.10Jawanza Harris12.37aScripps Ranch
19.10Jonathan Chang12.40aScripps Ranch
20.12Authur Hom- Shaw12.43aSt Augustine
21.11Yume Hoshijima12.71aLa Jolla
22.9Conor Irwin12.98aLa Jolla
23.11Anthony Magee13.07aMission Bay
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Trevor Stevens23.40aCathedral Catholic
11Cory Wagner23.44aLa Jolla
10Luke Whitmarsh23.67aCathedral Catholic
10Mandela Watson-Newsome23.74aLa Jolla
12Tom Fiechtner23.90aCathedral Catholic
12Kevin Leavy24.04aCathedral Catholic
9Lucas Lawson24.07aCathedral Catholic
9Theo Hardson24.61aCathedral Catholic
11William Walters25.19aLa Jolla
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ricardo Azcarraga22.73aSt Augustine
2.12Todd Herrod22.99aScripps Ranch
3.11Orlando Smith23.32aKearny
4.10Nick Gonsalves23.32aSt Augustine
5.11Trevor Stevens23.40aCathedral Catholic
6.11Cory Wagner23.44aLa Jolla
7.12Sam Macias23.54aSt Augustine
8.10Luke Whitmarsh23.67aCathedral Catholic
9.10Mandela Watson-Newsome23.74aLa Jolla
10.12Tom Fiechtner23.90aCathedral Catholic
11.12DeAjnae Brown23.96aKearny
12.12Kevin Leavy24.04aCathedral Catholic
13.9Lucas Lawson24.07aCathedral Catholic
14.12Kyle Greenwood24.28aScripps Ranch
15.12Kyle Sweeney24.31aScripps Ranch
16.9Theo Hardson24.61aCathedral Catholic
17.12Chris Avery24.65aSt Augustine
18.11William Walters25.19aLa Jolla
19.11Emmitt Dodd25.54aMission Bay
20.11Anthony Magee26.35aMission Bay
21.11Yume Hoshijima26.98aLa Jolla
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Lucas Lawson50.86aCathedral Catholic
12Tom Fiechtner51.00aCathedral Catholic
10Jake Blair53.34aCathedral Catholic
12Ray Krickel53.52aCathedral Catholic
10Adam Whitmarsh54.48aCathedral Catholic
10Kevin Cruz56.71aLa Jolla
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Lucas Lawson50.86aCathedral Catholic
2.12Tom Fiechtner51.00aCathedral Catholic
4.12Osvaldo Atunez51.89aKearny
3.10Sawyer Gilmore52.12aScripps Ranch
5.10Rhett Cookson52.54aScripps Ranch
6.12Kyle Sweeney52.61aScripps Ranch
7.10Charles Tucker52.94aKearny
8.12Alejandro Ibarra53.10aKearny
9.10Jake Blair53.34aCathedral Catholic
10.12Ray Krickel53.52aCathedral Catholic
11.12Bryce Persichetti53.90aSt Augustine
12.12Alexander Balom53.99aScripps Ranch
13.10Adam Whitmarsh54.48aCathedral Catholic
14.9Dominic Morgan54.63aSt Augustine
15.11William Goebel56.13aScripps Ranch
16.10Kevin Cruz56.71aLa Jolla
17.10Jason Bilger57.18aSt Augustine
18.11Adam Secord57.42aSt Augustine
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Tom Valente2:01.34aCathedral Catholic
12Will Peterson2:03.08aLa Jolla
11Jack Wilson2:03.80aCathedral Catholic
11Alex Eve2:06.20aLa Jolla
10Anthony Boffman2:06.51aCathedral Catholic
12Michael Conroy2:07.80aLa Jolla
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Shyan Vaziri1:58.13aScripps Ranch
2.11Carlos Bojorquez1:58.41aKearny
3.12Brad Smith2:00.27aScripps Ranch
4.11Tom Valente2:01.34aCathedral Catholic
5.12Will Peterson2:03.08aLa Jolla
6.11Jake DeSaegher2:03.53aScripps Ranch
7.11Jack Wilson2:03.80aCathedral Catholic
8.11Teague Ashcraft2:05.05aSt Augustine
9.11Alex Eve2:06.20aLa Jolla
10.10Anthony Boffman2:06.51aCathedral Catholic
11.10Jack Wilson2:07.05aSt Augustine
12.11Thomas Barrett2:07.24aSt Augustine
13.12Michael Conroy2:07.80aLa Jolla
14.9Jimmy To2:09.21aScripps Ranch
15.11Andrew Farkas2:11.13aLa Jolla
16.10Alonso Flores2:12.39aKearny
17.9Eric Severn2:18.69aScripps Ranch
18.12Carlos Morales2:19.28aMission Bay
19.11Nick Lidster2:19.29aScripps Ranch
20.10Jose Suarez2:19.75aKearny
21.10Alex Passenheim2:20.37aMission Bay
22.10Carlos Perez2:20.97aMission Bay
23.12Juan Avila2:30.21aMission Bay
24.11Justin Gray2:33.00aMission Bay
--12Justin BrownDNFSt Augustine
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Farkas9:34.47aLa Jolla
2.11Tom Valente9:39.08aCathedral Catholic
3.12Michael Conroy9:41.09aLa Jolla
4.12Tyler Robinson9:41.12aCathedral Catholic
5.11Alex Eve9:43.18aLa Jolla
6.10Brad Littooy9:45.99aScripps Ranch
7.12Ryan Suarez9:47.33aSt Augustine
8.10Jarron Helbock9:47.42aCathedral Catholic
9.9Patrick Bourke10:06.96aCathedral Catholic
10.10Nick Grubiss10:07.38aCathedral Catholic
11.11Ben Horvath10:15.66aCathedral Catholic
12.12Arturo Canela10:17.40aMission Bay
13.9Titus Bwayo10:20.66aScripps Ranch
14.11Tristan Oliver-Mallory10:32.21aKearny
15.9Andrew Mock10:43.32aCathedral Catholic
16.11Kurt Rubenacker10:48.78aScripps Ranch
17.11Jason Moreno10:55.85aSt Augustine
18.10Bernard Skomal11:03.26aSt Augustine
19.10Thomas Ryan11:21.59aScripps Ranch
20.9Jonathan Pinko11:50.12aScripps Ranch
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
9Grant Zebold15.93aCathedral Catholic
10Brian Heinz17.39aCathedral Catholic
12Chris Sauquillo17.54aCathedral Catholic
11Bretton Fletcher18.03aLa Jolla
12Devon Rogers18.65aCathedral Catholic
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jacob Hare15.37aScripps Ranch
3.9Grant Zebold15.93aCathedral Catholic
2.11Imani Ludd16.65aScripps Ranch
4.12Quinton Petty16.87aScripps Ranch
5.10Brian Heinz17.39aCathedral Catholic
6.12Adam Johnson17.47aSt Augustine
7.12Chris Sauquillo17.54aCathedral Catholic
8.11Randall Walker17.72aKearny
9.11Eric Sinclair18.00aScripps Ranch
10.11Bretton Fletcher18.03aLa Jolla
11.11Jordan Wong18.11aScripps Ranch
12.9Danny Podraza18.40aScripps Ranch
13.12Miguel Allende18.43aSt Augustine
14.12Devon Rogers18.65aCathedral Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
9Grant Zebold41.71aCathedral Catholic
10Brian Heinz43.40aCathedral Catholic
11Bretton Fletcher45.44aLa Jolla
12Chris Sauquillo47.38aCathedral Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jacob Hare40.20aScripps Ranch
2.9Grant Zebold41.71aCathedral Catholic
3.11Imani Ludd42.98aScripps Ranch
4.12Quinton Petty43.31aScripps Ranch
5.10Brian Heinz43.40aCathedral Catholic
6.11Adam Richardson44.22aScripps Ranch
7.12German Morales44.93aSt Augustine
8.11Jordan Wong45.07aScripps Ranch
9.11Bretton Fletcher45.44aLa Jolla
10.12Carlos Brambila46.18aSt Augustine
11.12Chris Sauquillo47.38aCathedral Catholic
12.11Randall Walker47.50aKearny
13.11Augustin Garcia49.48aMission Bay
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jose Aviles55-08.00La Jolla
2.12Thomas Hart52-01.50St Augustine
3.12Nick Madden44-06.50Cathedral Catholic
12Nick Madden44'5Cathedral Catholic
4.11Blake Wolfe44-02.00Cathedral Catholic
5.12Ricky Anthony43-11.50Mission Bay
6.11Kevin Pinciotti41-07.00St Augustine
7.9Gavin Quigley41-01.00St Augustine
8.11Brian Wehn40-10.50Cathedral Catholic
9.11Meekhiel Williams40-09.00Mission Bay
10.12James Rooks39-11.00Mission Bay
11.11Micheal Chance39-09.50Mission Bay
11.11Ben Kingsley39-09.50Scripps Ranch
13.11Derek Podimatis38-05.00Scripps Ranch
14.11Manuel Torres37-09.00La Jolla
15.11James Stanley37-07.00La Jolla
15.12Nicolas Pernicano37-07.00Kearny
17.10Anthony Ajlouny36-08.50Cathedral Catholic
17.12Justino Benitez36-08.50Kearny
19.11Josh Arcio36-05.00Scripps Ranch
20.11Jason Lee36-02.00Scripps Ranch
21.11Jesse Macias35-08.50Mission Bay
22.11Alex Dorin32-11.50Scripps Ranch
23.11Spencer Jones32-07.50La Jolla
24.12Grayson Coatney31-09.00Kearny
25.11Joseph Jatczak31-06.00Scripps Ranch
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
12Jose Aviles148'2La Jolla
12AJ Montes124'3Cathedral Catholic
11Brian Wehn116'10Cathedral Catholic
11Blake Wolfe110'9Cathedral Catholic
10Anthony Ajlouny105'3Cathedral Catholic
11Yuri Ishikawa5'4La Jolla
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Thomas Hart174-08St Augustine
2.12Jose Aviles148-02La Jolla
3.12Nicolas Pernicano128-03Kearny
4.12AJ Montes124-05Cathedral Catholic
5.10Eduardo Medrano124-03St Augustine
6.11Derek Podimatis119-10Scripps Ranch
7.11Brian Wehn116-10Cathedral Catholic
8.10Francisco Feliciano111-05St Augustine
9.11Blake Wolfe110-09Cathedral Catholic
10.11Ben Kingsley106-06Scripps Ranch
11.11James Stanley106-00La Jolla
12.10Anthony Ajlouny105-03Cathedral Catholic
13.11Alex Dorin104-11Scripps Ranch
14.11Manuel Torres104-09La Jolla
15.12Justino Benitez104-06Kearny
16.10Szilard Vegh98-07Scripps Ranch
17.-Sam Rodriguez98-06Mission Bay
18.11Kevin Pinciotti98-04St Augustine
19.11Micheal Chance97-11Mission Bay
20.11Jesse Macias93-04Mission Bay
21.11Spencer Jones89-08La Jolla
22.10Andrew McLauchlan72-11Kearny
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
9Grant Zebold5'4Cathedral Catholic
12Nick Madden5'4Cathedral Catholic
10Brian Heinz5'4Cathedral Catholic
X High Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kevin Londerholm5-04.00Scripps Ranch
1.10Brian Heinz5-04.00Cathedral Catholic
1.11Yuri Ishikawa5-04.00La Jolla
1.12Nick Madden5-04.00Cathedral Catholic
1.9Grant Zebold5-04.00Cathedral Catholic
6.9Daythun White5-02.00Scripps Ranch
6.10Chris LaChance5-02.00La Jolla
6.11Alex Campbell5-02.00Scripps Ranch
9.10Aaron Huott5-00.00Scripps Ranch
9.9Danny Podraza5-00.00Scripps Ranch
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeremy McGrath15-01.00La Jolla
2.12Skyler Gordon12-09.00Scripps Ranch
3.11Wesley Episcopo12-03.00Scripps Ranch
4.11Jon Hoolko11-09.00Cathedral Catholic
4.10Jon Dela Cruz11-09.00Scripps Ranch
4.10Bryan Graham11-09.00Scripps Ranch
7.10Jordan Mosely10-09.00Scripps Ranch
8.12Patrick McClain10-03.00St Augustine
9.11Tyler Beaty9-09.00Scripps Ranch
9.9Nick Prato9-09.00St Augustine
11.12Ian Klampe9-03.00La Jolla
11.12Paul Schloesser9-03.00St Augustine
11.11Ryan Rust9-03.00St Augustine
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Vincent Lo20'5Cathedral Catholic
11Ryan O'Connor19'2Cathedral Catholic
9Theo Hardson19'2Cathedral Catholic
10Brian Heinz18'8Cathedral Catholic
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dennis Torculas21-07.00St Augustine
2.11Johnny Jackson20-05.00St Augustine
2.12Vincent Lo20-05.00Cathedral Catholic
4.12Alan Ampudia20-00.00La Jolla
5.12Skyler Gordon19-10.50Scripps Ranch
6.11Ryan O'Connor19-02.00Cathedral Catholic
6.9Theo Hardson19-02.00Cathedral Catholic
8.12Peter Cataldo19-00.50St Augustine
9.10Brian Heinz18-08.00Cathedral Catholic
10.12Roy Sharpe18-07.00Kearny
11.11Torey Wilson18-05.00Kearny
12.10Ty Gammiere18-04.50Scripps Ranch
12.12Ben Castle18-04.50La Jolla
14.10Bryan Graham18-02.50Scripps Ranch
15.9Cameron Kuey18-00.00Scripps Ranch
16.10Chris LaChance17-11.00La Jolla
17.11Emmitt Dodd17-03.00Mission Bay
18.11Ryan Paine17-02.00Kearny
--9Michael GreenFOULKearny
--10Nick GonsalvesFOULSt Augustine
--11Chance EarlyFOULCathedral Catholic
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vincent Lo43-07.00Cathedral Catholic
2.11Chance Early43-02.00Cathedral Catholic
3.11Ryan O'Connor41-03.50Cathedral Catholic
4.12Alan Ampudia41-01.00La Jolla
5.11Spencer Poiset38-10.50St Augustine
6.11Branden Martelli38-08.50St Augustine
7.10Bilah Heartfield38-07.00Kearny
8.11Jarryn Hallare38-06.50Cathedral Catholic
9.11Michael Mezzino38-06.00Cathedral Catholic
11Jarryn Hallare38'2Cathedral Catholic
10.11Emmitt Dodd37-06.75Mission Bay
11.9Cameron Kuey37-03.00Scripps Ranch
12.11Kevin Young37-01.75Scripps Ranch
13.12Henry Cordova37-00.00Cathedral Catholic
14.12Ben Castle36-08.00La Jolla
15.9Chris Debolt36-00.50Scripps Ranch
16.12Roy Sharpe35-11.50Kearny
17.12Peter Cataldo35-10.00St Augustine
18.9Danny Podraza35-03.00Scripps Ranch
19.10Karl Reyes35-02.50St Augustine

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Karly Zlatic12.98aLa Jolla
11Dereka Chargualaf13.20aCathedral Catholic
9Dana Conlin13.61aCathedral Catholic
11Victoria Wolfe13.92aCathedral Catholic
12Denise Bauman13.93aLa Jolla
11Jamie Schnieders14.26aCathedral Catholic
10Ellen Mead14.45aCathedral Catholic
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Karly Zlatic12.98aLa Jolla
2.10Alexis Ferebee13.10aMission Bay
3.11Dereka Chargualaf13.20aCathedral Catholic
4.11Eva Burton13.38aScripps Ranch
5.9Dana Conlin13.61aCathedral Catholic
6.12Tyler Brooks13.70aScripps Ranch
7.9Sidney Brooks13.78aScripps Ranch
8.9Alix Young13.81aScripps Ranch
9.10Lorraine Pittmon13.86aOur Lady of Peace
10.11Victoria Wolfe13.92aCathedral Catholic
11.12Denise Bauman13.93aLa Jolla
12.11Jamie Schnieders14.26aCathedral Catholic
13.10Ellen Mead14.45aCathedral Catholic
14.10Catherine Larsen14.50aOur Lady of Peace
15.9Tayler Williams14.54aScripps Ranch
16.11Charolette Towner14.85aLa Jolla
17.10Norma Ramos14.90aLa Jolla
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Dereka Chargualaf27.27aCathedral Catholic
9Karly Zlatic27.66aLa Jolla
10Katharine Redoglia27.69aCathedral Catholic
11Victoria Wolfe28.21aCathedral Catholic
9Dana Conlin28.40aCathedral Catholic
11Jamie Schnieders29.28aCathedral Catholic
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Alexis Ferebee26.47aMission Bay
2.11Eva Burton27.26aScripps Ranch
4.11Dereka Chargualaf27.27aCathedral Catholic
3.9Karly Zlatic27.66aLa Jolla
5.10Katharine Redoglia27.69aCathedral Catholic
6.12Tyler Brooks28.10aScripps Ranch
7.10Amanda Eastman28.11aScripps Ranch
8.11Victoria Wolfe28.21aCathedral Catholic
9.9Dana Conlin28.40aCathedral Catholic
10.9Alix Young28.74aScripps Ranch
11.10Lorraine Pittmon28.75aOur Lady of Peace
12.10Natalie Mitchell29.27aMission Bay
13.11Jamie Schnieders29.28aCathedral Catholic
13.12Denise Bauman29.28aLa Jolla
15.9Tayler Williams29.38aScripps Ranch
16.11Casey Granahan29.46aCathedral Catholic
17.10Julia Sherwood29.47aOur Lady of Peace
18.11Ashlee Guay29.63aOur Lady of Peace
19.10Ashley Warren30.14aOur Lady of Peace
20.12Julianna Pho30.43aMission Bay
21.11Monica Escobar30.52aMission Bay
22.11Charolette Towner30.78aLa Jolla
23.10Norma Ramos31.73aLa Jolla
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Katharine Redoglia61.83aCathedral Catholic
9Malia Nawahine63.31aCathedral Catholic
11Casey Granahan65.56aCathedral Catholic
11Megan Sanker72.63aCathedral Catholic
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jasmine Askew59.05aScripps Ranch
2.9Shanise Clark1:00.95aScripps Ranch
3.10Katharine Redoglia1:01.83aCathedral Catholic
4.10Amanda Eastman1:02.98aScripps Ranch
5.11Ashlee Guay1:03.17aOur Lady of Peace
6.9Malia Nawahine1:03.31aCathedral Catholic
7.9Emily Erlenbach1:04.25aScripps Ranch
8.10Anastassia Erudaitius1:04.44aScripps Ranch
9.11Casey Granahan1:05.56aCathedral Catholic
10.9Mccall Wells1:06.47aOur Lady of Peace
11.11Monica Escobar1:08.70aMission Bay
11.10Norma Davenport1:08.70aOur Lady of Peace
13.12Julianna Pho1:09.81aMission Bay
14.11Megan Sanker1:12.63aCathedral Catholic
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Amanda Post2:21.56aCathedral Catholic
10Caitlin Krol2:22.31aCathedral Catholic
11Katrina Mecklenburg2:24.70aCathedral Catholic
9Wendy Anae2:26.41aCathedral Catholic
12Natalie Nield2:28.31aCathedral Catholic
11Natalie Russell2:44.82aLa Jolla
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Amanda Post2:21.56aCathedral Catholic
2.10Caitlin Krol2:22.31aCathedral Catholic
3.11Katrina Mecklenburg2:24.70aCathedral Catholic
5.12Ayded Reyes2:25.72aMission Bay
4.9Wendy Anae2:26.41aCathedral Catholic
6.10Sophia Beltran2:27.74aOur Lady of Peace
7.12Natalie Nield2:28.31aCathedral Catholic
8.10Georgina Mortensen2:29.81aScripps Ranch
9.11Kayla Piorkowski2:30.04aOur Lady of Peace
10.9Cindy Flores2:30.07aKearny
11.12Jennifer Huckleberry2:35.24aScripps Ranch
12.9Erin Coates2:39.14aScripps Ranch
13.11Aleksandra Lindgren2:43.00aOur Lady of Peace
14.11Natalie Russell2:44.82aLa Jolla
15.10Breanna Dirkse2:47.56aScripps Ranch
16.10Luna Izpisua2:58.04aLa Jolla
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caitlin Krol11:31.85aCathedral Catholic
2.11Katrina Mecklenburg11:44.74aCathedral Catholic
3.10Kelsey Jess11:50.18aCathedral Catholic
4.10Kristyn Berretta11:51.04aCathedral Catholic
5.10Christine Kent11:58.94aCathedral Catholic
6.10Sinead Horgan12:16.21aOur Lady of Peace
7.11Haley Nordin12:16.97aCathedral Catholic
8.9Jessica Sanborn12:18.71aCathedral Catholic
9.10Priscilla Rose12:21.49aCathedral Catholic
10.11Ilanna Fricks12:45.16aLa Jolla
11.11Zoe Wescoe12:50.19aLa Jolla
12.10Kelsey Robinson12:55.22aCathedral Catholic
13.9Laura Wanke13:05.72aOur Lady of Peace
14.11Nicole Jourdain13:10.36aScripps Ranch
15.11Elizabeth Schultz13:21.74aOur Lady of Peace
16.9Julie Richardson13:24.72aScripps Ranch
17.9Kelly Walsh13:36.06aOur Lady of Peace
18.11Kathleen Kalinsky14:05.81aScripps Ranch
19.9McKenna Rudy14:06.35aScripps Ranch
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
10Vanora Guerard17.0aLa Jolla
9Kelli Hancock18.56aLa Jolla
12Susan Thacher18.84aCathedral Catholic
11Ally Langley18.90aCathedral Catholic
12Shelby Rustin19.23aLa Jolla
12Kara Fitzgerald20.46aCathedral Catholic
9Haley Labrie-Smith20.96aCathedral Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Vanora Guerard17.00aLa Jolla
3.10Erica Ling17.96aScripps Ranch
2.12Vera Khalitova18.28aScripps Ranch
4.9Kelli Hancock18.56aLa Jolla
5.11Natalia Barbosa18.58aOur Lady of Peace
6.12Susan Thacher18.84aCathedral Catholic
7.11Ally Langley18.90aCathedral Catholic
8.10Jessie Cashen19.00aScripps Ranch
9.12Shelby Rustin19.23aLa Jolla
10.9Emily Snider19.49aScripps Ranch
11.9Jennifer Kirby19.66aLa Jolla
12.9Maria Morfin20.09aScripps Ranch
13.10Cristal Talia20.34aOur Lady of Peace
14.12Kara Fitzgerald20.46aCathedral Catholic
15.9Haley Labrie-Smith20.96aCathedral Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
9Malia Nawahine50.67aCathedral Catholic
10Emily Buckley51.73aCathedral Catholic
9Jennifer Kirby52.22aLa Jolla
12Susan Thacher52.59aCathedral Catholic
9Mele Johnson53.14aLa Jolla
9Haley Labrie-Smith58.18aCathedral Catholic
12Kara Fitzgerald58.71aCathedral Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Malia Nawahine50.67aCathedral Catholic
2.11Natalia Barbosa50.78aOur Lady of Peace
3.12Vera Khalitova50.96aScripps Ranch
4.10Emily Buckley51.73aCathedral Catholic
5.11Linda Nelte52.27aScripps Ranch
6.9Jennifer Kirby52.33aLa Jolla
7.12Susan Thacher52.59aCathedral Catholic
8.10Erica Ling53.01aScripps Ranch
9.9Mele Johnson53.14aLa Jolla
10.9Maria Morfin53.35aScripps Ranch
11.11Cierra Salzano53.61aOur Lady of Peace
12.9Avyon Mathis54.29aScripps Ranch
13.9Stacey Moore55.03aScripps Ranch
14.9Jordan Linsky55.50aLa Jolla
15.9Celanire Flagg55.73aOur Lady of Peace
16.12Shelby Rustin57.80aLa Jolla
17.9Haley Labrie-Smith58.18aCathedral Catholic
18.12Kara Fitzgerald58.71aCathedral Catholic
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Angelica Payton35-09.50Mission Bay
2.9Zaybree Haury35-02.00Scripps Ranch
3.11Courtney Whinsenhunt30-08.50La Jolla
3.12Lauren Heimbach30-08.50Scripps Ranch
11Courtney Whinsenhunt30'8La Jolla
5.11Brittany Milsap28-05.50Scripps Ranch
6.11Anne Vitha27-06.00Our Lady of Peace
7.10Carmen Quinones26-02.50La Jolla
8.11Aleksandra Lindgren24-07.00Our Lady of Peace
9.11Tram Le24-06.50Scripps Ranch
10.9Kaitlin Thomas24-06.00Scripps Ranch
11Aridane Sanchez23'7La Jolla
11.10Kimberly Eklund23-06.00Our Lady of Peace
12.11Aridane Sanchez23-01.50La Jolla
13.11Jasmine Graze23-01.00La Jolla
14.12Nancy Milan22-04.00Kearny
15.11Jacqueline Myers21-02.00Our Lady of Peace
16.10Elizabeth Hove20-02.50Kearny
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
11Courtney Whinsenhunt92'9La Jolla
12Sayuri Takagawa86'2La Jolla
11Liz Mock77'9Cathedral Catholic
11Kristina Gueco72'6Cathedral Catholic
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Zaybree Haury101-06Scripps Ranch
2.12Lauren Heimbach96-10Scripps Ranch
3.11Brittany Milsap94-10Scripps Ranch
4.10Shannon Emmerson93-11Scripps Ranch
5.11Courtney Whinsenhunt92-09La Jolla
6.11Anne Vitha89-09Our Lady of Peace
7.12Sayuri Takagawa82-06La Jolla
8.9Kaitlin Thomas81-09Scripps Ranch
9.10Cristal Talia79-07Our Lady of Peace
10.11Liz Mock77-09Cathedral Catholic
11.11Kristina Gueco72-06Cathedral Catholic
12.11Jacqueline Myers67-08Our Lady of Peace
13.11Aridane Sanchez66-11La Jolla
14.12Nancy Milan66-03Kearny
15.11Lauren Stone64-01Our Lady of Peace
16.11Jasmine Graze60-08La Jolla
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Nicole Neshat4'6Cathedral Catholic
11Olivia Orendain4'6Cathedral Catholic
11Megan Sanker4'6Cathedral Catholic
12Alisha Perigyi4'6Cathedral Catholic
11Carey Kennedy4'6La Jolla
11Kiersten Gore4'6La Jolla
X High Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Catherine Larsen4-10.00Our Lady of Peace
2.11Leanna Hansen4-10.00Scripps Ranch
3.11Samantha Podraza4-10.00Scripps Ranch
4.12Shayla Woodhouse4-10.00Scripps Ranch
5.10Nicole Moser4-08.00Scripps Ranch
6.10Marlene Nevarez4-08.00Our Lady of Peace
7.11Megan Sanker4-06.00Cathedral Catholic
8.12Alisha Perigyi4-06.00Cathedral Catholic
9.11Nicole Neshat4-06.00Cathedral Catholic
10.11Olivia Orendain4-06.00Cathedral Catholic
11.10Juno Salter4-06.00Our Lady of Peace
12.11Kiersten Gore4-06.00La Jolla
13.9Kaylyn Harris4-04.00Scripps Ranch
14.11Allison Dyer4-04.00La Jolla
15.11Carey Kennedy4-04.00La Jolla
16.10Julia Sherwood4-04.00Our Lady of Peace
17.11Taylor Templeton4-02.00La Jolla
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Heather Johnson9-09.00Scripps Ranch
2.11Kaycey Bui9-03.00Cathedral Catholic
3.10Jayne Caputo8-09.00Scripps Ranch
4.9Lydia Johnson8-03.00Scripps Ranch
5.9Maddie Stamtdmueller7-03.00Scripps Ranch
5.9Caroline Boldt7-03.00Scripps Ranch
5.10Cara Cadman7-03.00La Jolla
9Kelsey Webber6'9La Jolla
8.9Shelby Bushmen6-09.00Scripps Ranch
8.9Claire Arthurs6-09.00La Jolla
8.11Courtney Cape6-09.00Cathedral Catholic
11.9Rosemarie Chute6-03.00La Jolla
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
9Karly Zlatic16'5La Jolla
10Vanora Guerard16'2La Jolla
10Katharine Struve14'10.75Cathedral Catholic
10Ellen Mead14'9.25Cathedral Catholic
10Gabbie Rubio13'4.5Cathedral Catholic
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Karly Zlatic16-05.00La Jolla
2.10Vanora Guerard16-02.00La Jolla
3.11Ashlee Guay15-04.75Our Lady of Peace
4.10Katharine Struve14-10.75Cathedral Catholic
5.11Kayla Piorkowski14-09.75Our Lady of Peace
6.10Ellen Mead14-09.25Cathedral Catholic
7.10Marlene Nevarez14-06.50Our Lady of Peace
8.11Kristen Arroyo14-04.50Our Lady of Peace
9.11Heather Martin13-11.75La Jolla
10.11Mia Montanile13-07.50Scripps Ranch
11.10Gabbie Rubio13-04.50Cathedral Catholic
12.10Breanna Méndez10-08.50Kearny
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Vanora Guerard37-02.50La Jolla
10Vanora Guerard37'2La Jolla
2.9Karly Zlatic35-06.50La Jolla
9Karly Zlatic35'6La Jolla
3.11Mia Montanile32-11.25Scripps Ranch
4.11Colleen Boyle32-11.00Our Lady of Peace
5.11Heather Martin32-09.50La Jolla
6.10Gabbie Rubio32-02.00Cathedral Catholic
7.10Ellen Mead32-00.50Cathedral Catholic
8.9Avyon Mathis31-11.00Scripps Ranch
10Ellen Mead31'9.25Cathedral Catholic
10Gabbie Rubio31'6Cathedral Catholic
9.11Allison Dyer30-06.50La Jolla
10.10Cristal Talia30-06.00Our Lady of Peace
11.11Victoria Wolfe30-00.00Cathedral Catholic
12.11Diana Debolt29-08.50Scripps Ranch
13.11Jenna Chercoe28-07.00Scripps Ranch
14.11Bridgette Tyssee27-05.00Our Lady of Peace
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