NJSIAA Non-Public A South State Sectionals

Saturday, May 22, 2010
  Egg Harbor HS, Egg Harbor Township - Map

  Field Events Start: 11:00 AM  Track Events Start: 11:00 AM
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New Jersey - Group I
HATOHaddon Township
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brett Pierce11.13aPaul VI
2.12Aaron Pannell11.15aNotre Dame
3.12AJ Murphy11.24aSt Augustine Prep
4.11Michael D'Aloia11.25aMonsignor Donovan
5.11Christopher Troche11.41aSt Joseph's
6.11Jakwail Bailey11.48aPaul VI
7.9Justyce Politt11.61aSt Augustine Prep
8.10Darius Norman11.78aNotre Dame
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brett Pierce11.28aPaul VI
2.11Michael D'Aloia11.29aMonsignor Donovan
3.12Aaron Pannell11.38aNotre Dame
3.12AJ Murphy11.38aSt Augustine Prep
5.11Jakwail Bailey11.45aPaul VI
6.11Christopher Troche11.49aSt Joseph's
7.9Justyce Politt11.58aSt Augustine Prep
8.10Darius Norman11.63aNotre Dame
9.10Timothy Dunn11.63aSt Joseph's
10.12Andrew Morris11.76aPaul VI
11.10Braeden Rembert11.82aUnion Catholic Reg
12.11Matt Pozo11.83aChristian Brothers A...
12.11Matt DiGiacomo11.83aGloucester Catholic
14.12Nathan Palis11.84aBishop Eustace Prep
15.11Daishon Munger11.87aHoly Cross
15.9John Delaurentis11.87aGloucester Catholic
17.10Vincent Morrone11.93aBishop Eustace Prep
17.11Brandon Kelly11.93aUnion Catholic Reg
19.10Jack Ogu11.94aGloucester Catholic
20.-Wally Nance12.04aNotre Dame
21.9Tyler Enyedy12.05aImmaculata
22.9Elijah Smith12.06aSt John Vianney
23.9Anthony Sasso12.13aMonsignor Donovan
24.12Greg Hoffman12.16aImmaculata
25.10Darryl Costello12.39aUnion Catholic Reg
26.9Andrew Gaydos12.43aBishop Eustace Prep
27.11Andrew Casten12.44aRed Bank Catholic
28.11Andrew Harrison12.46aMonsignor Donovan
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael D'Aloia22.68aMonsignor Donovan
2.12AJ Murphy22.71aSt Augustine Prep
3.12Aaron Pannell22.86aNotre Dame
4.11Raymond Hyman23.27aUnion Catholic Reg
5.11Jakwail Bailey23.64aPaul VI
6.9Theodore Foster23.84aChristian Brothers A...
7.9Justyce Politt23.95aSt Augustine Prep
19.10Tim Dunn25.14St Joseph's
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12AJ Murphy22.89aSt Augustine Prep
2.11Michael D'Aloia23.07aMonsignor Donovan
3.11Raymond Hyman23.09aUnion Catholic Reg
4.12Aaron Pannell23.12aNotre Dame
5.11Jakwail Bailey23.42aPaul VI
6.12Brett Pierce23.62aPaul VI
7.9Theodore Foster23.72aChristian Brothers A...
8.9Justyce Politt23.79aSt Augustine Prep
9.10Darius Norman23.95aNotre Dame
10.11Donovan Butler24.01aPaul VI
11.11Dan Golden24.13aGloucester Catholic
12.12Nathan Palis24.17aBishop Eustace Prep
13.11Daishon Munger24.38aHoly Cross
14.9Ishmael Hyman24.46aSt John Vianney
15.11Brandon Kelly24.50aUnion Catholic Reg
16.9Elijah Smith24.53aSt John Vianney
17.9John Delaurentis24.54aGloucester Catholic
18.11Andrew Casten24.80aRed Bank Catholic
19.10Timothy Dunn25.14aSt Joseph's
20.-Wally Nance25.20aNotre Dame
21.10Darryl Costello25.23aUnion Catholic Reg
22.10Jack Ogu25.57aGloucester Catholic
23.9Andrew Gaydos25.58aBishop Eustace Prep
24.12Shawn Strubeck26.14aMonsignor Donovan
25.11Mike Geddes26.47aBishop Eustace Prep
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12AJ Murphy49.58aSt Augustine Prep
2.12Jonathan Marques50.67aSt Joseph's
3.11Justin Ramsey50.83aHoly Cross
4.10Allen Eke50.89aUnion Catholic Reg
5.12Joseph DiBari51.40aBishop Eustace Prep
6.11John Turi51.47aChristian Brothers A...
7.12Al Freeman51.49aHoly Cross
8.11Khaaliq Burroughs51.53aPaul VI
9.11Evan Gingrich52.14aUnion Catholic Reg
10.11Robert Devine52.89aRed Bank Catholic
11.11Dan Golden53.16aGloucester Catholic
12.12Dan Gasper53.35aHoly Cross
13.10Joe Pellegrino53.61aPaul VI
14.9Mike DeAngelis53.66aUnion Catholic Reg
15.12Chris Gough53.68aSt Augustine Prep
16.11Stephen Janiec54.81aSt Joseph's
17.11Gary Melton54.89aSt Augustine Prep
18.11James Ewell55.37aBishop Eustace Prep
19.-Matt Calgano55.93aNotre Dame
20.11Gregory Sobocinski56.72aBishop Eustace Prep
21.10Kevin Stimmel57.11aNotre Dame
22.10Dave Jaffe58.83aNotre Dame
23.12Jarrett Dykes59.09aCamden Catholic
24.11Louis Cole1:01.03aCamden Catholic
25.9Jarett Beebe1:01.91aMonsignor Donovan
26.9Brandon Alexander1:03.93aMonsignor Donovan
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jonathan Marques53.3St Joseph's
10Allen Smith53.8St Joseph's
12Zachary Sikanowicz54.5St Joseph's
10Albert Myers54.5St Joseph's
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kevin Byrne1:56.30aRed Bank Catholic
2.12DJ Thornton1:56.60aUnion Catholic Reg
3.12Brian Walter1:57.05aPaul VI
4.10Allen Eke1:57.62aUnion Catholic Reg
5.12Corey Crowe1:59.05aMonsignor Donovan
6.12Jamie Gibilisco1:59.63aNotre Dame
7.11Ron Griswold1:59.83aBishop Eustace Prep
8.12Rich Bohny2:00.15aChristian Brothers A...
9.12Philip Fanz2:00.30aSt Augustine Prep
10.12Kyle Clonan2:01.25aRed Bank Catholic
11.12Chris Gough2:01.64aSt Augustine Prep
12.12Dan Bailey2:02.15aChristian Brothers A...
13.11Evan Gingrich2:02.23aUnion Catholic Reg
14.10Tim Gorman2:02.62aChristian Brothers A...
15.11Jesse Langton2:03.92aNotre Dame
16.11William Tso2:04.11aBishop Eustace Prep
17.9Tom Hogarty2:05.24aSt Joseph's
18.12Mike Quinn2:05.46aRed Bank Catholic
19.10Mike McGough2:06.01aHoly Cross
20.11Jack Hensler2:06.38aCamden Catholic
21.12Chris Springer2:06.87aNotre Dame
22.10Zach Lamplugh2:07.64aHoly Cross
23.11Eric Carpizo2:08.64aBishop Eustace Prep
24.10Santino Cozza2:08.96aSt Joseph's
25.11Nicholas Pythowony2:09.22aBishop George Ahr
26.10Dereck Gore2:09.48aHoly Cross
27.9Chris Tkach2:18.03aBishop George Ahr
28.10Craig Malkowicz2:19.90aGloucester Catholic
29.9Richard Buchholz2:20.31aCamden Catholic
30.12Jarrett Dykes2:22.55aCamden Catholic
31.9Joey Gaunt2:32.22aSt Augustine Prep
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Mazzaccaro4:18.99aChristian Brothers A...
2.10Tim Ball4:19.14aBishop George Ahr
3.12DJ Thornton4:19.50aUnion Catholic Reg
4.11Kevin Byrne4:20.25aRed Bank Catholic
5.12Michael Rankin4:20.76aPaul VI
6.12Philip Fanz4:20.84aSt Augustine Prep
7.12Brian Walter4:21.98aPaul VI
8.11Dan Mykityshyn4:23.44aChristian Brothers A...
9.9Rob Napolitano4:26.03aRed Bank Catholic
10.10George Kelly4:28.76aChristian Brothers A...
11.12Kevin Mulligan4:29.39aUnion Catholic Reg
12.12Dylan Hankinson4:32.51aNotre Dame
13.12Daniel Koerner4:33.28aMonsignor Donovan
14.10Mike McGough4:35.78aHoly Cross
15.11Ron Griswold4:37.27aBishop Eustace Prep
16.11Ryan Mathews4:37.49aSt Augustine Prep
17.11Chris Higgins4:40.46aRed Bank Catholic
18.9Eric Franklin4:40.99aBishop Eustace Prep
19.11Eric Grossman4:41.65aBishop George Ahr
20.11Thomas Cunningham4:42.51aSt Joseph's
21.12Walter Cantwell4:44.77aCamden Catholic
22.12Kevin Schenk4:45.64aMonsignor Donovan
23.10Brandon Papeika4:45.93aHoly Cross
24.11Jack Hensler4:46.11aCamden Catholic
25.11Joe Seebode4:46.55aUnion Catholic Reg
26.12Tony Krez4:48.01aHoly Spirit
27.11Dave DiFrancesco4:48.64aSt John Vianney
28.11Matthew Thompson4:52.85aBishop Eustace Prep
29.11Nicholas Pythowony4:57.65aBishop George Ahr
30.10Keegan McDonough4:58.40aHoly Cross
31.9Richard Marchese4:58.99aSt Augustine Prep
32.9Tyler Jeavons5:02.49aNotre Dame
33.11Anthony Gazzo5:04.38aSt Joseph's
34.11Craig Dinwoodie5:10.52aNotre Dame
35.11Frank Broussard5:11.57aGloucester Catholic
36.11Joe Andricola5:25.81aGloucester Catholic
37.11Andrew Wright5:34.87aMonsignor Donovan
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Mazzaccaro9:15.43aChristian Brothers A...
2.12Michael Rankin9:15.45aPaul VI
3.11Dan Mykityshyn9:18.89aChristian Brothers A...
4.10Tim Ball9:23.70aBishop George Ahr
5.10George Kelly9:29.90aChristian Brothers A...
6.12Philip Fanz9:30.34aSt Augustine Prep
7.11Thomas Hoban9:43.22aPaul VI
8.12Daniel Koerner9:50.20aMonsignor Donovan
9.12Mike Cahill9:53.23aUnion Catholic Reg
10.11Michael Fernandes9:54.08aSt Joseph's
11.12Richard McKean10:00.56aPaul VI
12.11Jon Sewnig10:05.43aNotre Dame
13.12Kevin Mulligan10:08.03aUnion Catholic Reg
14.11Ryan Mathews10:10.71aSt Augustine Prep
15.12Tony Krez10:16.02aHoly Spirit
16.12Walter Cantwell10:17.13aCamden Catholic
17.11Terrance Koar10:19.81aRed Bank Catholic
18.11Joe Seebode10:25.19aUnion Catholic Reg
19.12Nick Brunetto10:31.57aNotre Dame
20.11Jon Seator10:32.08aBishop Eustace Prep
21.11Luke Mazzochette10:32.41aBishop Eustace Prep
22.10Keegan McDonough10:32.48aHoly Cross
23.11Steve Harnett10:35.67aSt John Vianney
24.9John Peacock10:36.50aSt Augustine Prep
25.12Kevin Schenk10:51.49aMonsignor Donovan
26.10Nick Scheetz10:51.74aNotre Dame
27.10Steve Jaworski11:01.57aBishop Eustace Prep
28.10Dan Dores11:02.01aHoly Cross
29.10Brandon Papeika11:03.47aHoly Cross
30.10Jake LaSala11:12.13aHoly Spirit
31.11Mike Krehel11:12.46aBishop George Ahr
32.12Ryan Feeley11:32.19aMonsignor Donovan
33.10Zach Samuels11:50.23aGloucester Catholic
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marquis McEwen15.05aNotre Dame
2.11Christopher Troche15.19aSt Joseph's
3.11Raymond Hyman15.34aUnion Catholic Reg
4.12Chris Mosely15.40aMonsignor Donovan
2.11Christopher Troche15.19St Joseph's
5.11Matt Pozo15.59aChristian Brothers A...
6.12Zachary Sikanowicz15.92aSt Joseph's
7.12Aaron Pannell16.01aNotre Dame
6.12Zachary Sikanowicz15.92St Joseph's
8.11Jamaad Nash16.24aUnion Catholic Reg
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Marquis McEwen15.32aNotre Dame
2.11Raymond Hyman15.42aUnion Catholic Reg
3.11Christopher Troche15.55aSt Joseph's
4.12Chris Mosely15.74aMonsignor Donovan
5.12Zachary Sikanowicz15.87aSt Joseph's
6.11Matt Pozo15.90aChristian Brothers A...
7.12Aaron Pannell16.20aNotre Dame
8.11Jamaad Nash16.23aUnion Catholic Reg
9.9Jaque Munger16.32aHoly Cross
10.12Chris Stringer16.54aSt Augustine Prep
11.12Scott Stringer16.68aSt Augustine Prep
12.11Alex Sarkodie16.99aUnion Catholic Reg
12.12Tommy Le16.99aHoly Cross
14.11Torian Beyah17.18aNotre Dame
15.10Victor Stott18.01aBishop Eustace Prep
16.10Brandon Holmes18.29aPaul VI
16.11Nick Berger18.29aChristian Brothers A...
18.9Brian Honeker19.00aMonsignor Donovan
19.9Alex Mollicone19.01aMonsignor Donovan
20.9Daniel Metrick19.63aBishop Eustace Prep
21.10Alexander Graef20.35aBishop Eustace Prep
--11Matt DiGiacomoDNFGloucester Catholic
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamie Gibilisco57.00aNotre Dame
2.12Aaron Pannell57.03aNotre Dame
3.11Cody Barron57.98aChristian Brothers A...
4.12Chris Mosely58.25aMonsignor Donovan
5.11Nick Oleck59.28aMonsignor Donovan
6.12Zachary Sikanowicz59.29aSt Joseph's
7.11John Matera59.42aSt Joseph's
8.11Julian Gee1:00.12aNotre Dame
9.12Chris Stringer1:00.30aSt Augustine Prep
10.10Matt Rodio1:00.96aChristian Brothers A...
11.11Daniel Cruz1:01.27aUnion Catholic Reg
12.11Brandon Kelly1:01.75aUnion Catholic Reg
13.12Scott Stringer1:01.87aSt Augustine Prep
14.11Brian Flores1:02.37aUnion Catholic Reg
15.12Tommy Le1:02.65aHoly Cross
16.12David McGuire1:03.07aChristian Brothers A...
17.12Brendan Clare1:03.71aHoly Spirit
18.11Billy Herchakowski1:04.93aRed Bank Catholic
19.12Ray Muller1:06.87aHoly Cross
20.9Brian Honeker1:06.90aMonsignor Donovan
21.9Daniel Metrick1:07.47aBishop Eustace Prep
22.10Victor Stott1:09.82aBishop Eustace Prep
23.9Stanley Markiewicz1:11.74aSt Augustine Prep
24.11Matt Mungiole1:14.92aGloucester Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Tuohy
Chris Randise
Brian O'Connor
Anthony Corona
3:24.23aSt John Vianney
2.-John Turi
Cody Barron
Nick Raguseo
Matt Rodio
3:25.61aChristian Brothers A...
3.-Dan Gasper
Christopher Engram
Al Freeman
Justin Ramsey
3:25.67aHoly Cross
4.-Corey Crowe
Nick Oleck
Chris Mosely
Michael D'Aloia
3:29.00aMonsignor Donovan
5.-Joe Pellegrino
Alex Redcross
Khaaliq Burroughs
Brian Walter
3:33.13aPaul VI
6.-Joseph DiBari
James Ewell
Matt Rossi
Scott Hyland
3:34.68aBishop Eustace Prep
7.-Mike DeAngelis
Allen Eke
Evan Gingrich
DJ Thornton
3:34.70aUnion Catholic Reg
8.-Zachary Sikanowicz
Albert Myers
Allen Smith
Jonathan Marques
3:36.47aSt Joseph's
9.-Julian Gee
Lee Orzol
Marquis McEwen
Jamie Gibilisco
3:36.76aNotre Dame
-Relay Team 3:36.76St Joseph's
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12George Solujich55-01.25Notre Dame
2.11Andrew Rohan52-10.00Christian Brothers A...
3.11Nate Krier46-08.00Gloucester Catholic
4.11Marcus Sancho46-07.25Union Catholic Reg
5.11Nicholas Battaglia45-08.50Bishop Eustace Prep
6.10Robert Lawler45-01.75St Joseph's
7.12Darnell Laws44-11.50St Augustine Prep
8.11Nick Leonte44-00.50St John Vianney
9.12Justin Skoczylas43-03.00St Augustine Prep
10.10Mike Kane42-07.50Holy Cross
11.9Chris Green42-04.75St John Vianney
12.10Mark Stafurik42-02.00Christian Brothers A...
13.10Matthew Wyman42-00.50St Joseph's
14.11Nick Lang40-03.25Paul VI
15.12P Matt Colella39-04.75Bishop Eustace Prep
16.12Ryan Maccie39-02.00St Joseph's
17.12Kevin Poniatowicz39-00.50Bishop Eustace Prep
18.10Jake Smith38-06.50Holy Cross
19.12Michael Schwartz37-04.00Monsignor Donovan
20.-Jimmy Vicari36-11.50Monsignor Donovan
21.12Blake Tucker36-11.25Notre Dame
22.11Joseph Bertolini36-09.75St Augustine Prep
23.11Andrew Loehwing36-04.50Monsignor Donovan
24.12Joe Horton36-01.50Holy Cross
--11Chris AlongiNDGloucester Catholic
--12Joe ViciniNDNotre Dame
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12George Solujich162-00Notre Dame
2.12Joe Vicini144-03Notre Dame
3.11Andrew Rohan140-08Christian Brothers A...
4.12Chris McGovern140-05St John Vianney
5.12Jimmy Tully131-03Christian Brothers A...
6.11George Ozga130-00St Joseph's
7.11Nate Krier123-02Gloucester Catholic
8.12Darnell Laws122-10St Augustine Prep
9.10Mark Stafurik118-06Christian Brothers A...
10.12Joe Kane114-07Holy Cross
11.12Michael Schwartz113-07Monsignor Donovan
12.11Joseph Bertolini111-00St Augustine Prep
13.12Andrew Clayton109-04Holy Cross
14.12Alex Pangaro105-04Monsignor Donovan
15.12P Matt Colella104-03Bishop Eustace Prep
16.11Nick Gaudio104-02Gloucester Catholic
17.11Mark Elghossain103-01Notre Dame
18.11Adedeji Badru101-08St John Vianney
19.10Steve Haskill101-06Holy Cross
20.12Justin Skoczylas91-04St Augustine Prep
21.10Anthony Spadaro84-02Holy Spirit
--10Taylor GrohNDMonsignor Donovan
--11Marcus SanchoNDUnion Catholic Reg
--12Ryan MaccieNDSt Joseph's
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jimmy Tully199-10Christian Brothers A...
2.12Chris McGovern175-04St John Vianney
3.12Mark Bauer174-00St Joseph's
4.11Phil Ragan167-00Christian Brothers A...
5.11Jack Golden165-03Gloucester Catholic
6.12Mike Vaughn154-09Notre Dame
7.12Alex Christ154-05Gloucester Catholic
8.12Daniel McClean151-07Paul VI
9.12P Matt Colella150-03Bishop Eustace Prep
10.11Jared Bianchi-Smak149-08St Joseph's
11.12Scott Stringer149-07St Augustine Prep
12.-Joe Barbato147-05Notre Dame
13.12Chris Stringer145-02St Augustine Prep
14.11Andrew Casten144-09Red Bank Catholic
15.12James Cirone141-01Bishop Eustace Prep
16.12Matthew Brazier140-11Paul VI
17.10Charley Rooney139-04Red Bank Catholic
18.10Chris Foley138-00St Joseph's
18.11Christopher Foley138'0St Joseph's
19.12Joe Kane137-09Holy Cross
20.12Tom Pellegrino137-00Paul VI
21.10Jake Smith134-11Holy Cross
22.10Taylor Groh132-09Monsignor Donovan
23.12Michael Schwartz129-01Monsignor Donovan
25.12Andrew Campbell123-05Union Catholic Reg
26.10Anthony Spadaro123-01Holy Spirit
27.12Gerald Andorko122-07Holy Cross
28.12Shawn Strubeck119-09Monsignor Donovan
29.-Mike Ciccone115-11Notre Dame
30.9Dominic LaRatta100-05Bishop Eustace Prep
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brett Pierce6-02.00Paul VI
2.12Corey Crowe6-00.00Monsignor Donovan
3.11Kyle Connors6-00.00Christian Brothers A...
4.12Tim Moczula5-10.00St Joseph's
5.11Alex Sarkodie5-10.00Union Catholic Reg
6.11Pete Toso5-10.00Holy Cross
6.11Amir Armstrong5-10.00Camden Catholic
8.11Torian Beyah5-08.00Notre Dame
8.10Craig Malkowicz5-08.00Gloucester Catholic
10.10Curtis Meade5-08.00Christian Brothers A...
10.9Justyce Politt5-08.00St Augustine Prep
10.12Greg Tobias5-08.00St Augustine Prep
10.11Jamaad Nash5-08.00Union Catholic Reg
14.11Jerry Milionis5-04.00Notre Dame
14.10Scott Hyland5-04.00Bishop Eustace Prep
14.-Matt Calgano5-04.00Notre Dame
14.12Erick Montinard5-04.00Bishop Eustace Prep
14.12James Cirone5-04.00Bishop Eustace Prep
14.12Zachary Sikanowicz5-04.00St Joseph's
--11Phil ReidNHChristian Brothers A...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Engels13-00.00Christian Brothers A...
2.10Evan Stark12-06.00St Augustine Prep
3.12Drew Harris12-00.00Holy Cross
4.12Kyle Gorman12-00.00Christian Brothers A...
5.11Lee Orzol11-06.00Notre Dame
6.10Bryan Morris11-06.00Christian Brothers A...
7.10Timothy Dunn11-00.00St Joseph's
7.10Tim Dunn11'0St Joseph's
8.12Daniel McClean10-06.00Paul VI
8.10Mickey Connell10-06.00Monsignor Donovan
10.-Zach Joyce10-06.00Notre Dame
10.10Robert Fichera10-06.00Gloucester Catholic
12.10Tyler Scimeca10-00.00Monsignor Donovan
12.-Peter Drago10-00.00Notre Dame
12.11Jeffrey Chan10-00.00St Joseph's
12.11Collin McNamara10-00.00St Joseph's
16.10Dan Schykernec9-00.00St John Vianney
16.10Brendan Whitehouse9-00.00Paul VI
--11Marc D'EspositoNHMonsignor Donovan
--10Tim BeckerNHHoly Cross
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Sarkodie21-02.75Union Catholic Reg
2.12Joseph DiBari21-02.00Bishop Eustace Prep
3.12Greg Tobias21-00.00St Augustine Prep
4.11Kevin Polt21-00.00Union Catholic Reg
5.12Brett Pierce20-10.50Paul VI
6.12Joshua Sherman20-08.75Holy Cross
7.11Lee Orzol20-08.50Notre Dame
8.10Justin Dornisch20-01.75Holy Cross
9.11Cody Barron19-09.50Christian Brothers A...
10.11Jamaad Nash19-08.50Union Catholic Reg
11.11Matt DiGiacomo19-05.25Gloucester Catholic
11.10Albert Myers19-05.25St Joseph's
13.11Amir Armstrong19-03.75Camden Catholic
13.11John Engels19-03.75Christian Brothers A...
15.11Gary Melton19-02.75St Augustine Prep
16.11Jakwail Bailey19-02.50Paul VI
17.10Marco Rodis19-01.25Bishop Eustace Prep
18.11Matt Pozo19-00.00Christian Brothers A...
19.11Jerry Milionis18-09.25Notre Dame
20.10Marcus Gabeau18-09.00St John Vianney
21.12Mike Vaughn18-07.75Notre Dame
22.11Andrew Harrison18-03.75Monsignor Donovan
23.10Vincent Morrone18-00.00Bishop Eustace Prep
24.10Jack Ogu17-08.25Gloucester Catholic
25.9Anthony Sasso16-03.50Monsignor Donovan
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joshua Sherman42-07.50Holy Cross
2.11Amir Armstrong42-06.00Camden Catholic
3.11Jamaad Nash41-09.50Union Catholic Reg
4.12Marquis McEwen41-06.50Notre Dame
5.10Justin Dornisch40-05.00Holy Cross
6.10Albert Myers40-03.00St Joseph's
7.11Matt Pozo39-08.75Christian Brothers A...
8.11Kevin Polt39-06.50Union Catholic Reg
9.9Jaque Munger39-02.50Holy Cross
10.11John Engels38-09.75Christian Brothers A...
11.12Greg Tobias38-08.50St Augustine Prep
12.12Mike Vaughn38-05.00Notre Dame
13.10Anthony Spadaro38-03.00Holy Spirit
14.10Scott Hyland38-02.50Bishop Eustace Prep
15.11Phil Reid38-01.00Christian Brothers A...
16.11Brian Flores38-00.00Union Catholic Reg
17.10Marcus Gabeau36-09.75St John Vianney
18.11Matt DiGiacomo36-01.00Gloucester Catholic
19.10Marco Rodis35-11.75Bishop Eustace Prep
20.12Jamie Gibilisco35-06.50Notre Dame
21.11Mike Geddes35-03.25Bishop Eustace Prep
22.10Jack Ogu35-00.00Gloucester Catholic
--11Nickolas StraughnNDSt Joseph's
--12Corey CroweNDMonsignor Donovan

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Simmons11.95aBishop George Ahr
2.10Alexis Harrison12.66aMonsignor Donovan
3.11Shannon Grogran12.90aHoly Cross
4.11Jessica Barnes13.05aSt John Vianney
5.11Paige Silva13.05aBishop Eustace Prep
6.12Chelsea Clark13.07aCamden Catholic
7.11Jessica Stoffel13.13aBishop Eustace Prep
8.11Nicole Rodis13.26aBishop Eustace Prep
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jordan Simmons12.10aBishop George Ahr
2.10Alexis Harrison12.81aMonsignor Donovan
3.11Paige Silva12.83aBishop Eustace Prep
4.11Shannon Grogran12.89aHoly Cross
5.11Jessica Barnes12.94aSt John Vianney
6.11Jessica Stoffel12.95aBishop Eustace Prep
7.12Chelsea Clark13.06aCamden Catholic
8.11Nicole Rodis13.31aBishop Eustace Prep
9.11Meghan Chang13.42aSt John Vianney
10.9Catherine Fiore13.45aPaul VI
11.11Jenna DeBaro13.50aMonsignor Donovan
12.9Marielle Nwana13.59aMonsignor Donovan
13.10Savannah Britt13.94aPaul VI
14.10Kimesha Speller14.04aPaul VI
15.10Mary Ames14.31aMount Saint Mary Aca...
16.9Louisa Omoregie14.40aSt John Vianney
17.9Amanda Sovany14.69aMount Saint Mary Aca...
18.10Lexi Cerchione15.01aImmaculata
19.9Gabrielle McGovern15.51aImmaculata
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Simmons25.29aBishop George Ahr
2.10Alexis Harrison26.31aMonsignor Donovan
3.12Chelsea Clark26.75aCamden Catholic
4.11Alexis Cubbage26.75aUnion Catholic Reg
5.12Serifat Juniad26.81aCamden Catholic
6.11Jessica Maguire26.81aMonsignor Donovan
7.11Paige Silva26.93aBishop Eustace Prep
8.11Jessica Barnes27.49aSt John Vianney
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jordan Simmons25.39aBishop George Ahr
2.10Alexis Harrison26.61aMonsignor Donovan
3.11Alexis Cubbage26.96aUnion Catholic Reg
3.12Chelsea Clark26.96aCamden Catholic
5.11Jessica Barnes26.98aSt John Vianney
6.11Jessica Maguire27.15aMonsignor Donovan
7.11Paige Silva27.19aBishop Eustace Prep
8.12Serifat Juniad27.23aCamden Catholic
9.11Jessica Stoffel27.26aBishop Eustace Prep
10.11Alexandra McCaHILL27.63aRed Bank Catholic
11.10Julianna Ardire27.98aBishop Eustace Prep
12.12Andrea Osbourne28.06aMonsignor Donovan
13.11Meghan Chang28.11aSt John Vianney
14.12Sophia Fils-saime28.52aRed Bank Catholic
15.10Iris Pegeron28.57aUnion Catholic Reg
16.9Rachel Reese28.82aPaul VI
17.10Carly Burke28.97aNotre Dame
18.9Taylor Campbell29.13aUnion Catholic Reg
19.10Savannah Britt29.47aPaul VI
20.9Elizabeth Priest29.81aGloucester Catholic
21.9Ashley Grenger29.82aSt John Vianney
22.9Colleen Donegan30.00aPaul VI
23.10Mary Ames30.12aMount Saint Mary Aca...
24.9Amanda Sovany30.71aMount Saint Mary Aca...
25.9Angelika Paluch31.39aGloucester Catholic
26.11Bonnie Malhotra31.97aMount Saint Mary Aca...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lindsey Bellaran58.40aRed Bank Catholic
2.10Meghan McMullin58.68aRed Bank Catholic
3.11Shannon Grogran1:00.22aHoly Cross
4.11Jessica Maguire1:00.40aMonsignor Donovan
5.11Haley Langton1:00.49aNotre Dame
6.11Jessica Stoffel1:00.57aBishop Eustace Prep
7.11Alexis Cubbage1:01.04aUnion Catholic Reg
8.11Sarah Fichtner1:01.63aMonsignor Donovan
9.10Nicole Aguiar1:01.89aBishop Eustace Prep
10.10Kristen Ulrich1:03.01aMount Saint Mary Aca...
11.11Maggie O'Brien1:03.77aSt John Vianney
12.12Sophia Fils-saime1:03.99aRed Bank Catholic
13.10Iris Pegeron1:04.95aUnion Catholic Reg
14.9Kelly Reager1:04.99aNotre Dame
15.10Michaela Jaffe1:06.90aNotre Dame
16.11Nicole LaRatta1:07.15aBishop Eustace Prep
17.10Ayleen Santiago1:07.21aUnion Catholic Reg
18.9Elizabeth Priest1:07.78aGloucester Catholic
19.9Lauren Gambardella1:08.29aMount Saint Mary Aca...
20.10Sarah Cummins1:08.30aImmaculata
21.10Caitlen Brennan1:08.73aMount Saint Mary Aca...
22.9Brooke Harvey1:09.25aHoly Cross
23.10Patricia Osbourne1:09.75aMonsignor Donovan
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Molly McNamara2:12.02aRed Bank Catholic
2.10Liana Marzano2:18.68aRed Bank Catholic
3.10Lindsey Bellaran2:18.78aRed Bank Catholic
4.11Kelsey Langton2:19.19aNotre Dame
5.11Pauline Dabrowski2:19.89aMonsignor Donovan
6.12Chelsea Delaney2:20.38aSt John Vianney
7.12Paige Maloney2:20.98aGloucester Catholic
8.11Emily Casey2:23.51aHoly Spirit
9.11Katie Griefeld2:26.62aMount Saint Mary Aca...
10.10Courtney Kelly2:26.80aBishop Eustace Prep
11.9Kelly Quina2:26.91aBishop Eustace Prep
12.9Ashley Staskin2:27.09aGloucester Catholic
13.11Gabby Meck2:30.61aNotre Dame
14.11Jenna Socci2:31.36aUnion Catholic Reg
15.11Megan Connelly2:31.65aSt John Vianney
16.11Sarah McGowan2:33.60aMonsignor Donovan
17.12Patricia Whitehead2:33.78aMount Saint Mary Aca...
18.10Natalie Dabrowski2:35.87aMonsignor Donovan
19.10Liz Dowd2:37.49aPaul VI
20.10Sara Gilson2:39.67aPaul VI
21.10Melanie Klekotka2:40.76aBishop Eustace Prep
22.9Amanda Williams2:40.82aMount Saint Mary Aca...
23.9Brooke Harvey2:41.27aHoly Cross
24.10Kerri Hinkelmon2:54.19aHoly Cross
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Molly McNamara5:03.94aRed Bank Catholic
2.10Liana Marzano5:05.67aRed Bank Catholic
3.10Holly Bischof5:09.03aBishop Eustace Prep
4.12Paige Maloney5:09.94aGloucester Catholic
5.12Caroline Williams5:10.05aMount Saint Mary Aca...
6.12Michelle Capozzi5:10.56aRed Bank Catholic
7.11Sarah Glockenmeier5:13.05aMount Saint Mary Aca...
8.11Emily Casey5:17.47aHoly Spirit
9.12Erin James5:19.47aImmaculata
10.10Courtney Kelly5:32.94aBishop Eustace Prep
11.11Jenna Socci5:37.25aUnion Catholic Reg
12.11Catherin Nolan5:40.49aHoly Spirit
13.9Catherine Fiore5:45.36aPaul VI
14.10Sara Gilson5:46.25aPaul VI
15.9Grace Kelly5:48.48aUnion Catholic Reg
16.-Meghan Shea5:49.07aNotre Dame
17.11Emily Stelmaski5:50.62aBishop Eustace Prep
18.10Frances Massari5:54.11aSt John Vianney
19.11Taylor Mickle5:57.68aGloucester Catholic
20.12Ashley Buxton5:59.55aNotre Dame
21.9Stephanie Roddy5:59.84aSt John Vianney
22.9Amanda Williams6:02.73aMount Saint Mary Aca...
23.12Mary Hamilton6:03.69aNotre Dame
24.10Maria Pesce6:06.40aSt John Vianney
25.11Bethanie Loffredo6:08.39aMonsignor Donovan
26.11Molly Hanlon6:15.34aMonsignor Donovan
27.10Erin Boligitz6:29.15aPaul VI
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Holly Bischof11:06.94aBishop Eustace Prep
2.12Michelle Capozzi11:11.49aRed Bank Catholic
3.12Chelsea Delaney11:16.48aSt John Vianney
4.11Sarah Glockenmeier11:21.98aMount Saint Mary Aca...
5.12Caroline Williams11:26.78aMount Saint Mary Aca...
6.11Montana DiPietrantonio11:27.60aBishop Eustace Prep
7.12Kelly Malloy11:47.13aBishop Eustace Prep
8.11Hannah Eckstein11:48.79aRed Bank Catholic
9.10Mary Kate Byrne12:05.62aRed Bank Catholic
10.11Catherin Nolan12:09.59aHoly Spirit
11.11Angelina Bongiovann12:21.19aHoly Spirit
12.10Erin Schlegel12:21.48aNotre Dame
13.12Kathleen O'Neill12:21.75aMount Saint Mary Aca...
14.11Taylor Mickle12:44.58aGloucester Catholic
15.9Grace Kelly12:45.27aUnion Catholic Reg
16.11Molly Mickle12:46.64aGloucester Catholic
17.11Stefanie Farrell12:53.25aHoly Spirit
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Damato15.23aBishop Eustace Prep
2.10Maddie Hummell16.12aHoly Cross
3.11Alexandria Miller16.39aNotre Dame
4.10Alexandra Canal16.45aBishop Eustace Prep
5.10Erin Scanlon16.75aNotre Dame
6.10Meghan McMullin16.85aRed Bank Catholic
7.10Carly Lebel16.94aMonsignor Donovan
--11Justine CarusoDNFPaul VI
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kelsey Damato15.58aBishop Eustace Prep
2.10Meghan McMullin16.20aRed Bank Catholic
3.10Alexandra Canal16.27aBishop Eustace Prep
4.10Carly Lebel16.52aMonsignor Donovan
5.10Maddie Hummell16.57aHoly Cross
6.11Alexandria Miller16.76aNotre Dame
7.10Erin Scanlon16.85aNotre Dame
8.11Justine Caruso16.96aPaul VI
9.12Brianna Hallenbeck17.01aMonsignor Donovan
10.11Melissa Santarsiero17.52aPaul VI
11.12Beth Stinsman17.60aHoly Cross
12.11Emma Purcell17.69aHoly Cross
13.11Kaitlin Zisa17.92aMonsignor Donovan
14.10tyler Cipollini18.24aHoly Spirit
15.9Rachel Reese18.70aPaul VI
16.10Kathleen DiBari19.43aBishop Eustace Prep
17.10Rebecca Fillman19.77aGloucester Catholic
18.11Katie Lang21.16aMount Saint Mary Aca...
19.10Mary Ames25.54aMount Saint Mary Aca...
--9Annette FavettaDNFMount Saint Mary Aca...
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Meghan McMullin1:05.50aRed Bank Catholic
2.11Pauline Dabrowski1:07.58aMonsignor Donovan
3.12Kelsey Damato1:08.21aBishop Eustace Prep
4.11Alexandra McCaHILL1:09.62aRed Bank Catholic
5.12Andrea Osbourne1:09.72aMonsignor Donovan
6.12Rebecca Evrard1:09.78aNotre Dame
7.10Raina Floyd1:10.60aHoly Spirit
8.10Kathleen DiBari1:11.00aBishop Eustace Prep
9.11Emma Purcell1:11.03aHoly Cross
10.10Alexa McGrath1:11.88aBishop Eustace Prep
11.10Maddie Hummell1:11.91aHoly Cross
12.12Maddy Klein1:12.81aNotre Dame
13.9Lexi McDuell1:15.28aHoly Spirit
14.9Ashley Grenger1:16.33aSt John Vianney
15.10Erin Laverty1:19.43aHoly Cross
17.9Annette Favetta1:26.41aMount Saint Mary Aca...
18.11Katie Lang1:27.70aMount Saint Mary Aca...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brianne Reed
Sophia Fils-saime
Lindsey Bellaran
Molly McNamara
4:03.97aRed Bank Catholic
2.-Pauline Dabrowski
Sarah McGowan
Andrea Osbourne
Jessica Maguire
4:04.52aMonsignor Donovan
3.-Jessica Stoffel
Nicole Aguiar
Marlena Pellegrino
Kelsey Damato
4:07.07aBishop Eustace Prep
4.-Iris Pegeron
Taylor Campbell
Jenna Socci
Alexis Cubbage
4:17.71aUnion Catholic Reg
5.-Raina Floyd
Tiara White
Lexi McDuell
Emily Casey
4:17.94aHoly Spirit
6.-Ashley Lozier
Haley Langton
Kelsey Langton
Adrienne Williams
4:20.06aNotre Dame
7.-Jenna Kane
Emma Purcell
Kerri Hinkelmon
Brooke Harvey
4:32.53aHoly Cross
8.-colleen power
cory gagliano
Katie Lang
Sarah Power
4:57.68aMount Saint Mary Aca...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Briana King35-03.50Notre Dame
2.12Treasure Burke34-01.25Camden Catholic
3.11Veronica Lubsen30-01.50Monsignor Donovan
4.10Megan Trollo29-11.00Union Catholic Reg
5.12Kelly Coulson29-10.50Monsignor Donovan
6.11Alyssa Lindenbaum29-09.00Monsignor Donovan
7.11Maggie Smith29-08.00Paul VI
8.11Emily Cantlin29-07.50Notre Dame
9.11Meghan Green28-06.00Paul VI
10.10Claire Nolan28-05.50Mount Saint Mary Aca...
11.9Emily Higbee28-02.00Holy Spirit
12.10Jordan Doherty26-09.25Union Catholic Reg
13.11Kate Kozachyn26-06.00Gloucester Catholic
14.-Courtney Bohrer24-10.25Gloucester Catholic
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Bezila119-01Paul VI
2.11Kate Kozachyn94-04Gloucester Catholic
3.11Briana King93-10Notre Dame
4.11Ashlynn Kicki91-08Monsignor Donovan
5.10Kayla Dunn91-06Red Bank Catholic
6.12Kelly Coulson90-02Monsignor Donovan
7.12Corina Santiago84-01Notre Dame
8.10Taylor Rasmussen82-07Paul VI
9.10Jordan Doherty81-07Union Catholic Reg
10.11Emily Cantlin79-10Notre Dame
11.11Maggie Smith78-10Paul VI
12.9Gina Louis78-08Holy Spirit
13.12Landy Pierre77-07Mount Saint Mary Aca...
14.10Colleen Howard74-09Holy Cross
15.12Sarah Dores74-00Holy Cross
16.9Emily Higbee70-03Holy Spirit
17.10Chelsea Hoffnagle68-04Monsignor Donovan
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Dores123-07Holy Cross
2.11Kelsey Reese117-00Paul VI
3.10Colleen Howard104-06Holy Cross
4.11Christine Eiserle95-04Monsignor Donovan
5.11Briana King94-09Notre Dame
6.9Emily Higbee91-02Holy Spirit
7.11Bonnie Malhotra89-00Mount Saint Mary Aca...
8.11Katherine Williams87-02Holy Cross
9.10Chelsea Hoffnagle85-07Monsignor Donovan
10.11Kate Kozachyn82-02Gloucester Catholic
11.10Allison Allmer81-00Union Catholic Reg
12.12Corina Santiago79-07Notre Dame
13.12Sara Macios78-04Paul VI
14.9Gina Louis76-00Holy Spirit
15.11Amanda Pegues75-00Gloucester Catholic
16.10Carly Davenport69-10Monsignor Donovan
17.11Emily Cantlin64-07Notre Dame
18.11Nicole LaRatta59-02Bishop Eustace Prep
19.10Katerina Seigel58-07Gloucester Catholic
20.10Mary Ames50-07Mount Saint Mary Aca...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Serifat Juniad5-02.00Camden Catholic
2.11Chukwuka Ezeigbo5-00.00Notre Dame
3.11Alexandria Miller5-00.00Notre Dame
4.10Raina Floyd4-08.00Holy Spirit
5.12Beth Stinsman4-08.00Holy Cross
6.9Sydney Martin4-04.00Monsignor Donovan
6.11Paige Silva4-04.00Bishop Eustace Prep
--10Alexis HarrisonNHMonsignor Donovan
--11Ashlyn MaxwellNHMonsignor Donovan
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christina Stern9-06.00Red Bank Catholic
2.12Bridget Verdel8-06.00Notre Dame
3.10Jenna Stinson8-00.00Monsignor Donovan
3.9Miranda Broussard8-00.00Gloucester Catholic
5.12Diamond Holland8-00.00Notre Dame
6.10Maddie Hummell8-00.00Holy Cross
7.12Morgan Merkowsky8-00.00Holy Cross
8.10Nicole Murducca7-06.00Monsignor Donovan
8.10Stephanie Ochlak7-06.00Gloucester Catholic
10.12Alison Jillions7-00.00Holy Cross
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brianne Reed17-05.00Red Bank Catholic
2.10Carly Lebel17-00.50Monsignor Donovan
3.12Serifat Juniad16-07.25Camden Catholic
4.10Savannah Britt15-09.75Paul VI
5.12Kelsey Damato15-08.75Bishop Eustace Prep
6.12Beth Stinsman15-05.75Holy Cross
7.11Nicole Rodis15-04.75Bishop Eustace Prep
8.11Melissa Santarsiero14-08.75Paul VI
9.9Emily Higbee14-08.50Holy Spirit
10.10Alexis Harrison14-06.00Monsignor Donovan
11.11Jenna DeBaro14-02.25Monsignor Donovan
12.10Alexandra Canal13-10.50Bishop Eustace Prep
12.12Celine Murt13-10.50Holy Cross
14.10Jasmine Holder12-11.75Union Catholic Reg
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carly Lebel34-05.00Monsignor Donovan
2.10Erin Scanlon32-08.00Notre Dame
3.11Sarah Marakos32-03.75Holy Spirit
4.12Christina Stern32-02.50Red Bank Catholic
5.10Maddie Hummell32-02.00Holy Cross
6.11Justine Caruso32-00.25Paul VI
7.11Paige Silva31-03.00Bishop Eustace Prep
8.11Nicole Rodis31-01.00Bishop Eustace Prep
9.11Nikole Popo31-01.00Monsignor Donovan
10.10Jasmine Holder30-09.00Union Catholic Reg
11.10Alexandra Canal29-09.50Bishop Eustace Prep
12.9Rachel Reese29-05.50Paul VI
13.10tyler Cipollini27-08.50Holy Spirit
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