McHenry County Meet

Thursday, April 22, 2010
  Crystal Lake Central HS, Crystal Lake - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Illinois - Illinois
MARICatalyst Maria
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Kramer11.18aHarvard
2.11Carey Nolan11.36aMcHenry
1.12Cody Kramer11.18Harvard
3.12Kyle Wismer11.55aRichmond (R.-Burton)
2.11Carey Nolan11.36McHenry
5.10Nate Hams11.69aWoodstock
3.12Kyle Wismer11.55Richmond (R.-Burton)
4.12Tor Larkin11.60Huntley
5.10Nate Hams11.69Woodstock
6.11Kenny King11.70Crystal Lake (South)
10Forrest Scott12.29aWoodstock (North)
10Trey Grover12.68aWoodstock (North)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Cody Kramer11.25aHarvard
2.11Carey Nolan11.26aMcHenry
1.12Kyle Wismer11.45aRichmond (R.-Burton)
1.12Cody Kramer11.25Harvard
2.11Carey Nolan11.26McHenry
1.12Jeremy Hansen11.57aHuntley
1.12Tor Larkin11.63aHuntley
2.10Tommy Rohn11.67aCary-Grove
3.10Nate Hams11.71aWoodstock
3.11Kenny King11.73aCrystal Lake (South)
1.12Kyle Wismer11.45Richmond (R.-Burton)
2.11Joe Ryan11.76aCary-Grove
2.12Andy Kick11.77aHarvard
4.11Ryne Pearson11.82aRichmond (R.-Burton)
1.12Jeremy Hansen11.57Huntley
3.11Tyler Helton11.86aMcHenry
1.12Tor Larkin11.63Huntley
2.10Tommy Rohn11.67Cary-Grove
4.12Ryan Idstein11.97aCrystal Lake (Central)
3.11Andy Lee11.98aCrystal Lake (Central)
2.12Andy Kick11.77Harvard
2.11Joe Ryan11.76Cary-Grove
3.10Nate Hams11.71Woodstock
3.11Kenny King11.73Crystal Lake (South)
5.11Emond Crosby12.06aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
3.11Tyler Helton11.86McHenry
4.11Ryne Pearson11.82Richmond (R.-Burton)
3.11Andy Lee11.98Crystal Lake (Central)
4.12Ryan Idstein11.97Crystal Lake (Central)
6.11Stephen Covalt12.26aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
4.10Forrest Scott12.29aWoodstock (North)
5.11Emond Crosby12.06Algonquin (Jacobs)
5.11Cody Johnson12.38aWoodstock
5.12Dillion Lalor12.41aHebron (Alden-H.)
4.11Ryan Castillero12.20Crystal Lake (Faith ...
6.9Robert King12.47aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
6.10Taylor Schleger12.49aJohnsburg
7.9Drew Talbot12.53aJohnsburg
4.10Forrest Scott12.29Woodstock (North)
5.9Matthew Yuk12.30Woodstock (Marian)
6.11Stephen Covalt12.26Crystal Lake (Prairi...
6.11Brad Jenisch12.58aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
5.11Cody Johnson12.38Woodstock
7.9Justin Gricar12.67aHebron (Alden-H.)
7.10Trey Grover12.68aWoodstock (North)
5.12Dillion Lalor12.41Hebron (Alden-H.)
6.9Robert King12.47Crystal Lake (Prairi...
6.10Taylor Schleger12.49Johnsburg
6.11Brad Jenisch12.58Algonquin (Jacobs)
7.9Mickey DiPeitro12.84aWoodstock (Marian)
7.9Drew Talbot12.53Johnsburg
7.9Justin Gricar12.67Hebron (Alden-H.)
7.10Trey Grover12.68Woodstock (North)
8.11Chris Hansen12.97aMarengo
8.11Andrew Pfiffner13.05aMarengo
7.Mickey DiPeitro12.84Catalyst Maria
8.11Chris Hansen12.97Marengo
8.11Andrew Pfiffner13.05Marengo
8.9Michael Jones14.00Crystal Lake (Faith ...
8.10David CallahanNFCrystal Lake (South)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carey Nolan22.57aMcHenry
1.11Carey Nolan22.57McHenry
2.12Cody Kramer22.87aHarvard
2.12Cody Kramer22.87Harvard
3.12Tor Larkin23.18aHuntley
3.12Tor Larkin23.18Huntley
4.10Garrett. Davis23.48aCrystal Lake (Central)
4.10Garrett. Davis23.48Crystal Lake (Central)
5.12Chad O'Kane23.82aRichmond (R.-Burton)
5.12Chad O'Kane23.82Richmond (R.-Burton)
6.12TJ Brooks24.17aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
6.12TJ Brooks24.17Algonquin (Jacobs)
9Jake Amati26.84aWoodstock (North)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Cody Kramer22.51aHarvard
1.12Cody Kramer22.51Harvard
1.11Carey Nolan22.60McHenry
1.12Tor Larkin23.15aHuntley
1.12Jeremy Hansen23.21aHuntley
2.10Garrett. Davis23.23aCrystal Lake (Central)
2.12Chad O'Kane23.43aRichmond (R.-Burton)
1.12Tor Larkin23.15Huntley
1.12Jeremy Hansen23.21Huntley
2.10Garrett. Davis23.23Crystal Lake (Central)
2.12Chad O'Kane23.43Richmond (R.-Burton)
2.10Dom Blake23.76aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
3.12TJ Brooks23.78aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
3.12Kyle Burmeister23.96aCrystal Lake (Central)
2.10Dom Blake23.76Algonquin (Jacobs)
3.12TJ Brooks23.78Algonquin (Jacobs)
2.11Alex Lyons24.15aCary-Grove
4.12Jacob Tonkin24.16aWoodstock (Marian)
3.12Kyle Burmeister23.96Crystal Lake (Central)
3.10Matt Smith24.43aHarvard
2.11Alex Lyons24.15Cary-Grove
4.Jacob Tonkin24.16Catalyst Maria
5.11Stephen Covalt24.66aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
3.10Matt Smith24.43Harvard
6.11Curtis Bosshardt24.78aMcHenry
4.10John Pearl24.70Cary-Grove
5.11Stephen Covalt24.66Crystal Lake (Prairi...
6.11Curtis Bosshardt24.78McHenry
7.10Jake Baier25.06aWoodstock
4.12Matt Harrah25.23aMarengo
5.10Taylor Schleger25.28aJohnsburg
7.10Jake Baier25.06Woodstock
4.12Matt Harrah25.23Marengo
5.10Taylor Schleger25.28Johnsburg
5.12Derrick Roemisch25.82aWoodstock
5.12Derrick Roemisch25.82Woodstock
6.12Steve Wirkuty26.48aHebron (Alden-H.)
6.12Steve Wirkuty26.48Hebron (Alden-H.)
7.9Jake Amati26.84aWoodstock (North)
6.9Chip McKay26.95aHebron (Alden-H.)
7.10Mark Giesey27.12aCrystal Lake (Faith ...
7.9Jake Amati26.84Woodstock (North)
6.9Chip McKay26.95Hebron (Alden-H.)
7.10Mark Giesey27.12Crystal Lake (Faith ...
3.11Karl KerstenNFWoodstock (North)
4.10Jeff JohnsonNFJohnsburg
5.12Justin RussellNFRichmond (R.-Burton)
6.10Brad WalovitchNFCrystal Lake (South)
7.9Robert KingNFCrystal Lake (Prairi...
8.10David CallahanNFCrystal Lake (South)
8.11Eric SkaleskiNFWoodstock (Marian)
8.10Cody BaumannNFMarengo
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
5.9Christian Sommerfeldt48.55Johnsburg
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carey Nolan50.66McHenry
2.10Kerry Kohlbacher50.68Crystal Lake (Prairi...
3.12Kyle Wismer51.40Richmond (R.-Burton)
4.11Matt Biederwolf51.68Crystal Lake (South)
1.11Joe Ryan52.20Cary-Grove
5.11Kenny King52.15Crystal Lake (South)
6.11Joe Ryan52.20Cary-Grove
2.12Joe Bichler52.35Crystal Lake (Prairi...
3.11Brett Schuld52.46Crystal Lake (Central)
6.12Jacob Tonkin52.70Woodstock (Marian)
7.12Nick Davila52.78Huntley
4.12Matt Marzahl54.20Richmond (R.-Burton)
1.9Mike Dollar54.32Huntley
2.12Tyler Little55.12Harvard
3.12Dan Gillette55.20Marengo
1.11Grant Schleich55.89Woodstock
4.10Trae Hoeske56.37Marengo
5.11Cristian Renteria57.17Harvard
2.9Sidney Smith57.62Woodstock (North)
3.11Jake Szramek57.69Johnsburg
6.11Matt DeWane58.02Woodstock
4.9Justin Gricar58.96Hebron (Alden-H.)
5.9Gerardo Roman1:00.89Woodstock (North)
6.9Kyle Moffatt1:06.25Crystal Lake (Faith ...
7.9Charlie Gonzalez1:06.43Hebron (Alden-H.)
5.12Jason OfodileNFAlgonquin (Jacobs)
6.11Dylan McKinneyNFCrystal Lake (Central)
7.11Ryan CastilleroNFCrystal Lake (Faith ...
7.10Josh HolmNFMcHenry
8.11Eric SkaleskiNFWoodstock (Marian)
8.11Joey CieniewiczNFAlgonquin (Jacobs)
8.11Joey CieniewiczNFAlgonquin (Jacobs)
8.10Tommy RohnNFCary-Grove
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Bondi1:57.61Crystal Lake (Central)
2.11Joey Cieniewicz1:58.14aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
2.11Joey Cieniewicz1:58.14Algonquin (Jacobs)
3.12Ian Sanchez1:58.24Richmond (R.-Burton)
4.12Mike Kremske1:59.31Woodstock
5.11Matt Biederwolf2:00.27Crystal Lake (South)
6.12Mark Sadler2:01.49Harvard
7.10William Hennessy2:01.73Algonquin (Jacobs)
8.12Eddy Gibbons2:02.29Cary-Grove
1.11John Sullivan2:03.85Crystal Lake (South)
2.11Joe Janssen2:05.07Marengo
9.10Chris Alvarez2:05.83Crystal Lake (Central)
10.10Mitch Wilkins2:05.85Crystal Lake (Prairi...
3.12Sean Baker2:07.24Richmond (R.-Burton)
4.10Craig Harris2:09.04Crystal Lake (Prairi...
5.11David Wilson2:09.93Harvard
6.10Tay Tomal2:10.03McHenry
7.9Nick Shawler2:11.28McHenry
8.11Andrew Bolis2:11.93Marengo
1.9Kyle Stelmasek2:12.37Johnsburg
9.10Ty Balduf2:12.78Woodstock (Marian)
2.12Ryan White2:14.77Crystal Lake (Faith ...
10.10Chad Lasky2:15.46Johnsburg
3.10Tom Frederick2:16.42aWoodstock (Marian)
3.10Tommy Frederick2:16.42Catalyst Maria
4.11Alex Petersen2:18.71Woodstock (North)
5.11Luke Biederman2:21.43Hebron (Alden-H.)
6.10Josh Starks2:27.80Hebron (Alden-H.)
7.9Alec Mitchell2:30.64Woodstock (North)
11.12Townshend PetersNFWoodstock
11.12Ryan GustafsonNFCary-Grove
12.12Nick DavilaNFHuntley
12.11Eddie MejiaNFHuntley
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Sanchez4:26.29Richmond (R.-Burton)
2.12Ryan Alvarez4:27.84Crystal Lake (Central)
3.11Michael Bondi4:31.49Crystal Lake (Central)
4.12Phil Fairleigh4:31.53Cary-Grove
5.11Phil Meyer4:32.74Woodstock
6.12Ryan Gustafson4:34.13Cary-Grove
7.12John Ryan4:35.23Crystal Lake (South)
8.12Matt Neubauer4:37.21Crystal Lake (Prairi...
9.12Dakota Pruitt4:38.40Johnsburg
10.11Marc DiVerde4:39.98Crystal Lake (Prairi...
11.10William Hennessy4:42.09Algonquin (Jacobs)
1.10Cody Wallstrom4:44.67McHenry
2.11Andrew Wozniak4:47.33Woodstock (Marian)
3.11Ryan Masey4:47.66Crystal Lake (South)
4.10Daniel Fox4:48.65Johnsburg
12.11Nick Ellingson4:50.64Algonquin (Jacobs)
5.9Calvin Quarterman4:50.72McHenry
6.12Richard Kaht4:51.20Richmond (R.-Burton)
7.12David Hess4:52.07Woodstock
8.9Sam Marcuccelli4:53.15Huntley
9.9Ricky Lopez4:56.09Huntley
10.10Torben Hoffmeyer4:57.86Marengo
11.12Oscar Morales5:01.51Harvard
12.10Alex Kick5:07.07Harvard
13.11Sergio Aguilar5:09.74Marengo
14.10Aaron Boyer5:22.53Crystal Lake (Faith ...
15.11Luke Biederman5:33.48Hebron (Alden-H.)
16.10Taylor Webster5:58.71Woodstock (North)
17.9Graham White6:04.79Woodstock (North)
18.9Eric Johnson6:45.01Hebron (Alden-H.)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Phil Fairleigh9:37.38Cary-Grove
2.11Phil Meyer9:42.80Woodstock
3.11Marc DiVerde9:46.12Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.12Ryan Alvarez9:47.52Crystal Lake (Central)
5.12Richard Kaht9:50.21Richmond (R.-Burton)
6.11Nick Ellingson9:57.98Algonquin (Jacobs)
7.12Alex Wagner10:04.82Crystal Lake (Prairi...
8.11Chris Sirridge10:07.46Crystal Lake (Central)
9.12Joe Mollica10:07.87Huntley
10.11J.D. Fuller10:08.84Woodstock
11.12Matt Kline10:11.18Cary-Grove
12.12Oscar Morales10:13.35Harvard
13.10Brian Roesslein10:16.78Crystal Lake (South)
14.11Matt Lytle10:18.92Richmond (R.-Burton)
1.12Mark Ehardt10:19.63Woodstock (Marian)
2.10Daniel Fox10:21.70Johnsburg
3.11Alex Johnson10:31.28Algonquin (Jacobs)
4.11Schod Graves10:31.31McHenry
15.11Aaron Bengtson10:37.70Huntley
5.-Alex Toad Foley10:52.60Catalyst Maria
6.11Andrew Hubbard10:54.38Crystal Lake (South)
7.9David Alvarez10:56.75Marengo
8.10Alex Kick10:59.36Harvard
9.9Caden Pruitt11:20.81Johnsburg
10.10Jake Hart11:43.52Marengo
11.10Aaron Boyer11:47.67Crystal Lake (Faith ...
12.9Graham White13:09.82Woodstock (North)
13.10Taylor Webster13:34.48Woodstock (North)
16.10Cody WallstromNFMcHenry
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danny Trevor14.86aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
1.12Danny Trevor14.86Algonquin (Jacobs)
2.12Jon Schmitt15.72aMcHenry
2.12Jon Schmitt15.72McHenry
3.11Joe Campbell15.90Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.10Devan Kennedy16.17aHuntley
4.10Devan Kennedy16.17Huntley
5.10Chase Hellinger16.63aHuntley
6.12Kenny Riordan16.75aRichmond (R.-Burton)
5.10Chase Hellinger16.63Huntley
6.12Kenny Riordan16.75Richmond (R.-Burton)
2.11Tyler Borter17.56McHenry
10Jeff Taylor18.16aWoodstock (North)
3.10Jeff Taylor18.16Woodstock (North)
10Forrest Scott18.46aWoodstock (North)
4.10Devon Ross18.26Crystal Lake (South)
5.9Thomas Rodriquez19.53Woodstock
5.9Christian Sommerfeldt19.88Johnsburg
6.9Jimmy KnackstedtNFJohnsburg
7.12David GradyNFAlgonquin (Jacobs)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Danny Trevor15.03aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
1.12Danny Trevor15.03Algonquin (Jacobs)
1.12Jon Schmitt15.87aMcHenry
1.11Joe Campbell16.03aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
1.12Jon Schmitt15.87McHenry
2.10Chase Hellinger16.33aHuntley
1.11Joe Campbell16.03Crystal Lake (Prairi...
2.10Devan Kennedy16.30Huntley
2.10Justin Lindahl16.59aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
2.10Chase Hellinger16.33Huntley
1.12Kenny Riordan16.67aRichmond (R.-Burton)
2.10Justin Lindahl16.59Crystal Lake (Prairi...
3.11Zach Brandwein16.85aCrystal Lake (Central)
1.12Kenny Riordan16.67Richmond (R.-Burton)
3.11David Martinez17.09aHarvard
3.9Tyler Parsons17.12aWoodstock
3.11Zach Brandwein16.85Crystal Lake (Central)
3.11David Martinez17.09Harvard
3.9Tyler Parsons17.12Woodstock
4.10Austin Geallis18.14aCrystal Lake (South)
4.10Austin Geallis18.14Crystal Lake (South)
4.10Forrest Scott18.46aWoodstock (North)
4.11Lucas Cook18.55aCary-Grove
4.10Forrest Scott18.46Woodstock (North)
4.11Lucas Cook18.55Cary-Grove
5.11Alex Higbee18.97aCrystal Lake (Central)
5.11Alex Higbee18.97Crystal Lake (Central)
5.10Jon Friedline20.82aCary-Grove
5.10Jon Friedline20.82Cary-Grove
6.10Jocelyn Awe21.96aWoodstock (Marian)
6.10JP Awe21.96Catalyst Maria
6.9August Buettner22.67aWoodstock (Marian)
6.August Buettner22.67Catalyst Maria
6.10Nick Nelson25.00Hebron (Alden-H.)
7.12Keenan BaldwinNFHarvard
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon Schmitt39.48McHenry
2.12Danny Trevor39.89Algonquin (Jacobs)
3.10Justin Lindahl41.00Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.12David Grady41.79Algonquin (Jacobs)
5.12Kyle Peterson42.01Crystal Lake (Prairi...
6.11David Martinez42.91Harvard
1.12Jerry Ganshirt43.25Johnsburg
2.11Lucas Cook43.28Cary-Grove
3.10Carlos Nevarez43.50McHenry
4.10Jake Brock43.55Huntley
1.9Tyler Parsons44.52Woodstock
5.11Eric Loria44.67Crystal Lake (Central)
6.10Brad Lovell44.87Harvard
2.9Dan Rausch46.22Woodstock
7.10Jeff Taylor46.35Woodstock (North)
3.10Devon Ross47.60Crystal Lake (South)
4.10Austin Geallis48.55Crystal Lake (South)
6.10Jon Friedline49.17Cary-Grove
7.9Ricky Schulze50.91Woodstock (Marian)
7.12Kenny Riordan59.68Richmond (R.-Burton)
8.11Michael BondiNFCrystal Lake (Central)
8.10Chase HellingerNFHuntley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chase Hellinger
James Davis
Jeremy Hansen
Tor Larkin
2.-Ryne Pearson
Kyle Wismer
Justin Russell
Chad O'Kane
44.29Richmond (R.-Burton)
3.-Relay Team 45.05aCrystal Lake (Central)
3.-Dylan McKinney
Ryan Idstein
Garrett. Davis
Andy Lee
45.05Crystal Lake (Central)
4.-Relay Team 45.39aMcHenry
4.-Jon Schmitt
Kyle Losch
Oscar Anglada
Josh Holm
5.-Patrick Wilkening
Alex Carranza
Matt Smith
Andy Kick
1.-Alark Patel
Cody Johnson
Jake Baier
Nate Hams
2.-Relay Team 47.04aMarengo
6.-TJ Brooks
Emond Crosby
Dom Blake
Brian Quach
46.85Algonquin (Jacobs)
2.-Matt Harrah
Mike Harrah
Andrew Pfiffner
Chris Guerra
7.-Relay Team 47.32aCary-Grove
3.-Alejandro Ruiz
Brad Walovitch
Alex Allmandinger
Zach Gettes
47.20Crystal Lake (South)
7.-John Pearl
Pope Lyons
Michael Gleeson
Tyler Goray
4.-Relay Team 48.00aJohnsburg
4.-Jerry Ganshirt
Drew Talbot
Taylor Schleger
Jeff Johnson
5.-Michael Solano
Trey Grover
Forrest Scott
John Walsh
48.05Woodstock (North)
6.-Relay Team 48.40aWoodstock (Marian)
6.-Chase Masters
Matthew Yuk
Eric Skaleski
Jacob Tonkin
48.40Catalyst Maria
8.-Danny Gregusq
Andrew Coleman
Robert King
Joey Thieme
48.31Crystal Lake (Prairi...
7.-Justin Gricar
Chip McKay
Nick Nelson
Dillion Lalor
50.16Hebron (Alden-H.)
8.-Mark Giesey
Kyle Moffatt
Michael Jones
Ryan White
54.28Crystal Lake (Faith ...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andy Kick
Matt Smith
Patrick Wilkening
Cody Kramer
2.-Relay Team 1:33.18aCrystal Lake (Central)
2.-Dylan McKinney
Kyle Burmeister
Ryan Idstein
Garrett. Davis
1:33.18Crystal Lake (Central)
3.-Chase Hellinger
James Davis
Jeremy Hansen
Brock Larkin
4.-Ryne Pearson
Josh Eisenberg
Justin Russell
Chad O'Kane
1:34.57Richmond (R.-Burton)
5.-TJ Brooks
Brian Quach
Dom Blake
Jason Ofodile
1:34.67Algonquin (Jacobs)
6.-Relay Team 1:34.98aMcHenry
6.-Corey Szamlewski
Kyle Losch
Oscar Anglada
Josh Holm
7.-Relay Team 1:37.75aCary-Grove
7.-John Pearl
Alex Lyons
Michael Gleeson
Tyler Goray
1.-Alejandro Ruiz
Brad Walovitch
Alex Allmandinger
David Callahan
1:38.19Crystal Lake (South)
2.-Relay Team 1:38.73aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
2.-Joe Campbell
Stephen Covalt
Luke Lamar
Robert King
1:38.73Crystal Lake (Prairi...
8.-Relay Team 1:39.60aJohnsburg
8.-Jerry Ganshirt
Drew Talbot
Taylor Schleger
Jeff Johnson
3.-Matt Harrah
Mike Harrah
Froilan Martinez
Chris Guerra
3.-Relay Team 1:40.50aMarengo
4.-Alark Patel
Cody Johnson
Jake Baier
Derrick Roemisch
5.-Michael Solano
Karl Kersten
Gerardo Roman
Jake Amati
1:44.47Woodstock (North)
6.-Relay Team 1:46.54aWoodstock (Marian)
6.-August Buettner
Danny McConville
Nick Moczalla
Chase Masters
1:46.54Catalyst Maria
7.-Chip McKay
Charlie Gonzalez
Steve Wirkuty
Nick Nelson
1:49.18Hebron (Alden-H.)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:27.22aCrystal Lake (Central)
1.-Dylan McKinney
Brett Schuld
Michael Bondi
Garrett. Davis
3:27.22Crystal Lake (Central)
2.-Relay Team 3:29.81aCrystal Lake (South)
3.-Relay Team 3:29.86aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
2.-Jason Liuzzi
Matt Biederwolf
Alex Allmandinger
Kenny King
3:29.81Crystal Lake (South)
3.-Kerry Kohlbacher
Joe Bichler
Matt Siggeman
Justin Lindahl
3:29.86Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.-Relay Team 3:31.01aAlgonquin (Jacobs)
4.-Danny Trevor
Jason Ofodile
Fil Skrzesinski
Joey Cieniewicz
3:31.01Algonquin (Jacobs)
5.-Joe Ryan
Ryan Borys
Max Anderson
Tommy Rohn
5.-Ryan Borys
Tommy Rohn
Max Anderson
Eddy Gibbons
6.-Nate Hams
Alark Patel
Matt DeWane
Mike Kremske
6.-Nathan Kennedy
James Davis
Mike Dollar
Nick Davila
2.-Zach Fiegel
Cristian Renteria
Tyler Little
Mark Sadler
7.-Matt Marzahl
Josh Eisenberg
Kenny Riordan
Ian Sanchez
3:39.85Richmond (R.-Burton)
3.-Joe Janssen
Andrew Bolis
Trae Hoeske
Dan Gillette
4.-Relay Team 3:48.86aJohnsburg
4.-Dakota Pruitt
Jerry Ganshirt
Daniel Fox
Kyle Stelmasek
5.-John Walsh
Jeff Taylor
Forrest Scott
Trey Grover
3:54.26Woodstock (North)
6.-Relay Team 3:59.77aWoodstock (Marian)
6.-Alex Foley
Andrew Wozniak
Eric Skaleski
Ty Baldulf
3:59.77Catalyst Maria
7.-Nick Nelson
Charlie Gonzalez
Steve Wirkuty
Josh Starks
4:16.67Hebron (Alden-H.)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Alvarez
Eric Loria
Paul Duntemann
Michael Bondi
8:06.65Crystal Lake (Central)
2.-Relay Team 8:07.94aCrystal Lake (South)
2.-John Ryan
Jason Liuzzi
David Lundine
Matt Biederwolf
8:07.94Crystal Lake (South)
3.-Relay Team 8:29.29aHarvard
3.-Mark Sadler
Zach Fiegel
Mac Kurth
Ivan Pichardo
4.-Matt Neubauer
Tommy MacMeekin
Adam Procknow
Mitch Wilkins
8:33.19Crystal Lake (Prairi...
5.-Relay Team 8:34.18aHuntley
5.-Nathan Kennedy
Trevor Obeeny
Eddie Mejia
Nick Davila
6.-Relay Team 8:37.83aJohnsburg
6.-Dakota Pruitt
Daniel Fox
Kyle Stelmasek
Chad Lasky
-Alex Petersen
Alec Mitchell
Shawn Busch
Taylor Webster
9:57.65aWoodstock (North)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Popenfoose56'11.50"Huntley
2.12Jake Howe51'10.50"McHenry
3.11Cody Cameron46'04.75"Huntley
4.12Zack Kleven45'04.75"Hebron (Alden-H.)
5.12Brandon Swanson44'02.75"McHenry
6.11Josh Freeman43'00.75"Cary-Grove
6.10Josh Freemen43'00.75"Cary-Grove
10Jesse Eames39' 3.75Woodstock (North)
9Shawn Busch29'8Woodstock (North)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Marcus Popenfoose56-11.50Huntley
2.12Jake Howe51-06.50McHenry
3.11Cody Cameron46-04.75Huntley
4.12Zack Kleven45-04.75Hebron (Alden-H.)
5.12Brandon Swanson44-02.75McHenry
6.11Josh Freeman43-00.75Cary-Grove
7.12Tyler Olker42-10.50Richmond (R.-Burton)
8.11Andrew Stumpner42-03.75Crystal Lake (South)
9.11Nick Plett39-08.50Johnsburg
10.10Cullen Anderson39-07.50Crystal Lake (Central)
11.10Jesse Eames39-03.75Woodstock (North)
12.9Ian Rademaker38-08.00Cary-Grove
13.12Matt Krawec38-07.25Johnsburg
14.11Adam Schmidt37-07.50Harvard
15.12Adam Smyth37-04.25Crystal Lake (Central)
16.10Mike Kubik37-03.50Crystal Lake (Prairi...
17.11Jake Sherman37-02.50Richmond (R.-Burton)
18.11Tyler Wilke36-08.00Crystal Lake (Faith ...
19.9Zevin Clark36-01.00Crystal Lake (South)
20.9Phil Krueger35-07.00Woodstock
21.11Sig Finley34-10.00Hebron (Alden-H.)
22.12Tim McEstes34-02.00Crystal Lake (Faith ...
23.11Buddy Lasker34-02.00Harvard
24.12Mike DeLeon32-05.50Marengo
25.10Kris Howie32-05.00Crystal Lake (Prairi...
26.12Bobby Galuski31-04.00Woodstock
27.12Chris Wiedmaier31-01.50Marengo
28.9Shawn Busch29-08.00Woodstock (North)
29.12Tyler Slove27-10.50Catalyst Maria
30.12Nick Moczulla21-08.50Catalyst Maria
31.9Nick MatysekNFAlgonquin (Jacobs)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Popenfoose190'07.00"Huntley
2.12Brandon Swanson146'06.00"McHenry
3.12Sean O'Connor143'00.00"Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.12Jake Howe138'08.00"McHenry
5.11Cody Cameron136'11.00"Huntley
6.12Zack Kleven135'10.00"Hebron (Alden-H.)
10Jesse Eames97'8Woodstock (North)
11Nick Conliss73'8Woodstock (North)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Marcus Popenfoose177-10.00Huntley
2.12Brandon Swanson146-06.00McHenry
3.12Sean O'Connor143-00.00Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.12Jake Howe137-09.00McHenry
5.11Cody Cameron136-11.00Huntley
6.12Zack Kleven135-10.00Hebron (Alden-H.)
7.11Josh Freeman134-07.00Cary-Grove
8.11Tim Clary121-03.00Richmond (R.-Burton)
9.10Kevin Komro121-02.00Crystal Lake (South)
10.11Micah Ingwersen119-08.00Crystal Lake (Central)
11.11Buddy Lasker118-02.00Harvard
12.12Matt Steele114-06.00Harvard
13.11Jake Sherman112-11.00Richmond (R.-Burton)
14.11Nick Houston111-04.00Cary-Grove
15.12Adam Smyth109-00.00Crystal Lake (Central)
16.11Nick Plett108-05.00Johnsburg
17.12Tim McEstes104-11.00Crystal Lake (Faith ...
18.10Brad Lorr98-00.00Woodstock
19.12Mike DeLeon97-11.00Marengo
20.10Jesse Eames97-08.00Woodstock (North)
21.9Phil Krueger95-10.00Woodstock
22.10Mike Kubik94-06.00Crystal Lake (Prairi...
23.12Chris Wiedmaier89-04.00Marengo
24.11Nick Skaleski82-01.00Catalyst Maria
25.9Chip McKay81-11.00Hebron (Alden-H.)
26.11Tyler Wilke80-05.00Crystal Lake (Faith ...
27.11Nick Conliss73-08.00Woodstock (North)
28.9Nick MatysekNFAlgonquin (Jacobs)
29.12Matt KrawecNFJohnsburg
30.11Kyle EnosNFCrystal Lake (South)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Marzahl6'03.00"Richmond (R.-Burton)
2.10Devin Friske6'01.00"McHenry
3.10Sean Buczek5'11.00"Crystal Lake (Central)
4.10Jon Walsh5'09.03"Woodstock (North)
5.11Zach Brandwein5'09.02"Crystal Lake (Central)
6.10Chase Hellinger5'09.01"Huntley
11TJ Scott5'5Woodstock (North)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Corey Szamlewski14'04.25"McHenry
2.11Jake Dvoracek12'09.02"Crystal Lake (Central)
3.11Josiah Becker12'09.01"Crystal Lake (Central)
4.11Chaz Barnett12'09.00"Crystal Lake (South)
5.11Jake Szramek12'03.00"Johnsburg
12Evan Ofenloch11'09.01"Huntley
6.12Keenan Baldwin11'09.01"Harvard
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Wismer22'01.00"Richmond (R.-Burton)
2.12Cody Kramer21'03.00"Harvard
3.11Dylan McKinney20'11.00"Crystal Lake (Central)
4.11Kenny King20'08.25"Crystal Lake (South)
5.12David Grady20'08.00"Algonquin (Jacobs)
6.11Jake Cooper20'02.75"Crystal Lake (Central)
11TJ Scott19'6Woodstock (North)
10Jeff Taylor18'8.5Woodstock (North)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kyle Wismer22-01.00Richmond (R.-Burton)
2.12Cody Kramer21-03.00Harvard
3.11Dylan McKinney20-11.00Crystal Lake (Central)
4.11Kenny King20-08.25Crystal Lake (South)
5.12David Grady20-08.00Algonquin (Jacobs)
6.11Jake Cooper20-02.75Crystal Lake (Central)
7.11Tyler Helton20-01.50McHenry
8.10CJ Ayemoba19-11.25Huntley
9.11Ryne Pearson19-08.50Richmond (R.-Burton)
10.11Luke Lamar19-06.25Crystal Lake (Prairi...
11.11TJ Scott19-06.00Woodstock (North)
12.11Stephen Covalt19-03.25Crystal Lake (Prairi...
13.11Corey Szamlewski19-00.75McHenry
14.12Mike Harrah19-00.00Marengo
15.10Jeff Taylor18-08.00Woodstock (North)
16.12Matt Harrah18-06.00Marengo
17.9Fil Skrzesinski18-04.25Algonquin (Jacobs)
18.10Matt Smith18-03.50Harvard
19.11Ryan Castillero18-03.25Crystal Lake (Faith ...
20.10Jeff Johnson18-01.00Johnsburg
21.10Jake Brock18-00.75Huntley
22.9Tyler Goray17-09.25Cary-Grove
23.10Austin Geallis17-06.25Crystal Lake (South)
24.11Alex Lyons17-03.00Cary-Grove
25.9Justin Gricar16-11.00Hebron (Alden-H.)
26.12Chase Master16-10.25Catalyst Maria
27.9Dan Rausch16-02.75Woodstock
28.9Kyle Oleson15-11.50Woodstock
29.12Steve Wirkuty14-01.75Hebron (Alden-H.)
30.10Andrew KendziorNFCatalyst Maria
31.11Brandon TaylorNFJohnsburg
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carey Nolan44'10.00"McHenry
2.12David Grady43'00.00"Algonquin (Jacobs)
3.10Sean Buczek41'09.50"Crystal Lake (Central)
4.10CJ Ayemoba40'05.00"Huntley
5.12Kenny Riordan40'00.50"Richmond (R.-Burton)
6.11Tyler Helton40'00.00"McHenry
10Jon Walsh37'4.5Woodstock (North)
11TJ Scott36'10.5Woodstock (North)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Carey Nolan44-10.00McHenry
2.12David Grady43-00.00Algonquin (Jacobs)
3.10Sean Buczek41-08.50Crystal Lake (Central)
4.10CJ Ayemoba40-05.00Huntley
5.12Kenny Riordan40-00.50Richmond (R.-Burton)
6.11Jake Cooper38-08.00Crystal Lake (Central)
7.11Tyler Helton38-06.00McHenry
8.11Ryan Castillero38-01.00Crystal Lake (Faith ...
9.10Lance Rammage37-11.00Richmond (R.-Burton)
10.12Jason Liuzzi37-10.00Crystal Lake (South)
11.10Jon Walsh37-04.50Woodstock (North)
12.11Andrew Pfiffner37-03.00Marengo
13.11Creighton Masters37-01.50Algonquin (Jacobs)
14.11David Martinez37-01.00Harvard
15.11TJ Scott36-10.50Woodstock (North)
16.9Drew Talbot36-09.00Johnsburg
17.11Alark Patel36-08.50Woodstock
18.12Chase Master36-03.50Catalyst Maria
19.10Aaron Boyer36-02.50Crystal Lake (Faith ...
20.10Austin Geallis36-02.50Crystal Lake (South)
21.11Dalton Slater35-07.00Huntley
22.10Brad Lorr35-05.50Woodstock
23.12Kenny Coyner35-05.50Crystal Lake (Prairi...
24.11Nick Jiminez35-03.00Cary-Grove
25.12Zach Fiegel35-03.00Harvard
26.10Josh Buckingham35-01.00Cary-Grove
27.11Sig Finley34-09.00Hebron (Alden-H.)
28.9Jake Hauck33-10.50Johnsburg
29.10C.J. EikumNFCrystal Lake (Prairi...
30.10Cody BaumannNFMarengo

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Ryan12.97aCary-Grove
2.10Jessica Ayers13.08aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
3.11Carly Loeffel13.12aCary-Grove
4.12Carrie Quinn13.17aHuntley
1.10Sarah Ryan12.97Cary-Grove
2.10Jessica Ayers13.08Crystal Lake (Prairi...
3.11Carly Loeffel13.12Cary-Grove
4.12Carrie Quinn13.17Huntley
6.12Paige Lindsley13.45aMarengo
5.11Miranda Rorer13.30McHenry
6.12Paige Lindsley13.45Marengo
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anne McGarrigle26.75aCary-Grove
2.11Sam Nirva26.92aCrystal Lake (Prairi...
1.10Anne McGarrigle26.75Cary-Grove
2.11Sam Nirva26.92Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.10Sarah Ryan27.38aCary-Grove
6.12Heather Niziolek27.43aCrystal Lake (Central)
3.10Shannon Calahan27.30Crystal Lake (Prairi...
4.10Sarah Ryan27.38Cary-Grove
5.12Carrie Quinn27.40Huntley
6.12Heather Niziolek27.43Crystal Lake (Central)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shawney Damisch59.94Marengo
2.9Anthonia Moore1:00.48Huntley
3.11Carly Loeffel1:00.96Cary-Grove
4.10Jessica Ayers1:01.64Crystal Lake (Prairi...
5.9Laura D'angelo1:03.11McHenry
6.10Katie Idstein1:03.29Crystal Lake (Central)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marianne Collard2:19.24Crystal Lake (South)
2.12Lindsay Young2:25.83Cary-Grove
3.12Taylor Miller2:25.92Crystal Lake (Central)
4.11Emily Lenzini2:27.64Crystal Lake (South)
5.9Kara Russell2:28.10Richmond (R.-Burton)
6.11Katie Sprague2:28.55Marengo
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayla Beattie5:04.64Woodstock
2.12Elise Beattie5:05.14Woodstock
3.11Marianne Collard5:06.77aCrystal Lake (South)
3.11Marianne Collard5:06.77Crystal Lake (South)
4.12Kristina Aubert5:21.20Crystal Lake (South)
5.9Katie Adams5:22.39Marengo
6.11Haley Loprieno5:26.76Huntley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayla Beattie10:43.06Woodstock
2.12Elise Beattie10:47.42Woodstock
3.11Haley Loprieno11:34.56Huntley
4.11Megan Cummings11:34.83Cary-Grove
5.10Molly Flood11:47.27Crystal Lake (Central)
6.9Sarah Englund12:05.76Cary-Grove
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly McCoy15.51aCary-Grove
2.12Amy Fanella15.57aHuntley
1.12Kelly McCoy15.51Cary-Grove
2.12Amy Fanella15.57Huntley
3.10Allison Rogutich15.84aMarengo
4.12Alex Friske15.96aMcHenry
3.10Allison Rogutich15.84Marengo
4.12Alex Friske15.96McHenry
5.12Jessica Warnecke16.61aCary-Grove
6.11Gabby Schmidt16.71aWoodstock
5.12Jessica Warnecke16.61Cary-Grove
6.11Gabby Schmidt16.71Woodstock
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amy Fanella45.67Huntley
2.12Jessica Warnecke47.24Cary-Grove
3.11Gabby Schmidt48.66Woodstock
4.10Kathie Wollney48.88Cary-Grove
5.10Allison Rogutich49.13Marengo
6.9Delainey Peterson50.44Crystal Lake (Prairi...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.17McHenry
2.-Relay Team 51.18Crystal Lake (Prairi...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:47.66Cary-Grove
2.-Relay Team 1:48.65Crystal Lake (Prairi...
3.-Relay Team 1:50.65Algonquin (Jacobs)
4.-Relay Team 1:51.28Huntley
5.-Relay Team 1:51.52Crystal Lake (Central)
6.-Relay Team 1:51.95Crystal Lake (South)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:59.53Crystal Lake (South)
2.-Relay Team 10:00.84Woodstock
3.-Relay Team 10:04.73Huntley
4.-Relay Team 10:07.70Cary-Grove
5.-Relay Team 10:20.43Richmond (R.-Burton)
6.-Relay Team 10:24.00Crystal Lake (Prairi...
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:06.96Huntley
2.-Relay Team 4:11.98Cary-Grove
3.-Relay Team 4:18.19Crystal Lake (South)
4.-Relay Team 4:19.68Woodstock
5.-Relay Team 4:20.19Crystal Lake (Prairi...
6.-Relay Team 4:25.13Richmond (R.-Burton)
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Humm35'11.00"Crystal Lake (Prairi...
2.12Emily Scott35'05.00"Harvard
3.12Lizzy Dyrek34'07.00"Cary-Grove
4.11Kamile Udrenaite34'03.00"Crystal Lake (South)
5.11Ashley Albertz33'04.00"Woodstock (North)
5.11Ashley Albertz33'04.00"Woodstock (North)
6.9Taylor Szamlewski33'01.00"McHenry
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Humm116'08.00"Crystal Lake (Prairi...
2.12Liz Hinley110'00.00"Johnsburg
3.11Kamile Udrenaite105'01.00"Crystal Lake (South)
4.11Jasmine Brown101'04.00"Huntley
4.11Jasmine Brown101'04.00"Huntley
5.12Emily Scott100'04.00"Harvard
6.12Lizzy Dyrek94'05.00"Cary-Grove
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carly Loeffel5'04.01"Cary-Grove
2.11Ashely Conway5'04.00"McHenry
3.11Bethany Muscat5'00.00"Algonquin (Jacobs)
4.12Amanda Fleming4'10.01"Crystal Lake (Prairi...
5.12Kelly McCoy4'10.01"Cary-Grove
6.12Sharon Mwale4'10.00"Woodstock
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Sheehan9'06.00"Huntley
2.12Abi Wesienberger9'00.01"McHenry
3.10Lexi Dahl9'00.00"Crystal Lake (South)
4.11Elizabeth Kaht8'06.00"Richmond (R.-Burton)
5.9Jordan Eisenberg8'00.01"Richmond (R.-Burton)
6.10Coryn Kaiser8'00.00"Crystal Lake (Central)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashely Conway17'09.00"McHenry
2.12Kelly McCoy16'09.25"Cary-Grove
3.12Beth Somers16'09.00"Cary-Grove
4.11Sam Nirva16'06.00"Crystal Lake (Prairi...
5.11Miranda Rorer16'03.25"McHenry
6.11Olivia Mayer16'03.00"Algonquin (Jacobs)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amy Fanella36'01.00"Huntley
2.10Allison Rogutich35'01.50"Marengo
3.9Jessie Wells33'06.50"Crystal Lake (Central)
4.9Joslyn Nicholson33'00.50"Cary-Grove
5.11Alyssa Teator32'09.00"Crystal Lake (Central)
6.12Julia Rohrer32'05.50"Crystal Lake (Prairi...
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