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100 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Laine Davis12.88Faulconer-Chapman
2.8Max Kirkendall14.00Nestucca Valley
3.8Noah Martinez14.06Faulconer-Chapman
4.8Cody Herron14.09Faulconer-Chapman
5.8Alex Ulloa14.15Amity
6.6Orrin Ouska14.97Nestucca Valley
7.8David Parker15.06Nestucca Valley
8.8Adam Nungaray15.18Faulconer-Chapman
9.8Jade Downs15.27Nestucca Valley
10.7Riley Shaw15.41Nestucca Valley
11.7Brady Stitt15.72Nestucca Valley
12.6Kolton Rohde15.84Amity
13.6Skyler Cannon16.37Faulconer-Chapman
14.8Chris Baker16.43Faulconer-Chapman
15.6John Nix16.46Nestucca Valley
16.6Miguel Diaz16.82Faulconer-Chapman
17.6Mykeal Oglesbee17.52Faulconer-Chapman
18.7Nathen Hirsch18.06Nestucca Valley
6Skyler SkjeiDQFaulconer-Chapman
6Jared OujaDQAmity
6Alvaro FloresDQFaulconer-Chapman
6Joseph VillarealDQFaulconer-Chapman
7Zach JonesDQAmity
8Michael RemingtonDQNestucca Valley
8Chris CosgroveDQAmity
8Noah DisabatinoDQFaulconer-Chapman

200 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.7Jordan Butler30.00Amity
2.8Noah Martinez31.15Faulconer-Chapman
3.8Jade Downs31.43Nestucca Valley
4.6Orrin Ouska31.75Nestucca Valley
5.8Gage McCall32.14Nestucca Valley
6.7TR McShane33.90Amity
7.6Alvaro Flores35.90Faulconer-Chapman
8.7Riley Shaw36.12Nestucca Valley
9.6Mykeal Oglesbee38.75Faulconer-Chapman
8Michael RemingtonDQNestucca Valley
8Morgan BraunDQNestucca Valley
7Brady StittDQNestucca Valley
7Tristan CollinsworthDQNestucca Valley
6Kyle RileyDQAmity
6John NixDQNestucca Valley

400 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8John Ray1:07.38Faulconer-Chapman
2.8Noah Martinez1:10.62Faulconer-Chapman
3.7TR McShane1:13.58Amity
4.8Adam Nungaray1:14.80Faulconer-Chapman
5.7Brady Stitt1:15.50Nestucca Valley
6.6Cody Pennington1:25.18Amity
7.6Oli Samek1:26.28Nestucca Valley
8.6Lucas Williams1:30.40Faulconer-Chapman
9.6Kyle Schrag1:32.69Faulconer-Chapman
10.7Nathen Hirsch1:38.44Nestucca Valley
7Tristan CollinsworthDQNestucca Valley
8Alex PallettDQAmity
6Jacob RileyDQAmity

800 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jon Stubblefield2:40.68Amity
2.8Shane Miles2:42.34Amity
3.8John Ray2:44.34Faulconer-Chapman
4.6Brett Elder3:36.78Nestucca Valley

1500 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.7Brandan Zimmerman5:28.18Amity
2.8Shane Miles5:28.50Amity
3.8Alex Ulloa5:46.00Amity
4.6Jared Ouja6:25.37Amity
5.8Gage McCall6:29.84Nestucca Valley
6.7Chase Morrison6:36.78Amity
6Patrick ByrdDQNestucca Valley

100m Hurdles - 30"  8th Grade - Finals

1.8John Ray18.18Faulconer-Chapman
2.8David Parker20.08Nestucca Valley
3.8Noah Disabatino20.62Faulconer-Chapman
4.7TR McShane21.62Amity
5.6Skyler Skjei25.15Faulconer-Chapman
6.6Mykeal Oglesbee25.90Faulconer-Chapman
7.6Miguel Diaz26.19Faulconer-Chapman
6Michael WilliamsDQAmity
8Morgan BraunDQNestucca Valley

4x100 Relay  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Noah Martinez
Laine Davis
Cody Herron
Noah Disabatino
2.-Relay Team 1:04.00Faulconer-Chapman
3.6Norberto Soto
John Nix
Oli Samek
Orrin Ouska
1:05.00Nestucca Valley
3.-Brandan Zimmerman
Aaron Campbell
Chris Cosgrove
Alex Ulloa
5.8Gage McCall
Jade Downs
Max Kirkendall
Michael Remington
1:58.00Nestucca Valley
6Jared Ouja
Kolton Rohde
Charles Weigart
Michael Williams

4x400 Relay  8th Grade - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:53.00Amity
2.-Relay Team 5:14.82Nestucca Valley
3.-Relay Team 5:27.75Faulconer-Chapman
4.6John Nix
Brett Elder
Oli Samek
Norberto Soto
5:59.09Nestucca Valley


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