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Coast Conference Finals

Saturday, May 01, 2010

San Jose City College, San Jose

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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMykel Block10.67aSan Mateo
2.FrJoshua Calbert10.77aCity College San Fra...
3.SoTrevor Rogers10.96aCity College San Fra...
3.SoCarlos Proctor10.96aCity College San Fra...
5.SoTed Green10.99aDeAnza
6.SoEdidiong Essien11.01aSan Mateo
7.FrTerea Norman11.09aCity College San Fra...
8.FrJoseph Walker11.27aCity College San Fra...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrJoshua Calbert10.84aCity College San Fra...
2.SoEdidiong Essien10.86aSan Mateo
6.FrTerea Norman10.87aCity College San Fra...
3.SoCarlos Proctor10.92aCity College San Fra...
4.SoTrevor Rogers10.94aCity College San Fra...
5.SoMykel Block10.96aSan Mateo
7.SoTed Green11.00aDeAnza
8.FrJoseph Walker11.01aCity College San Fra...
9.SoJustin Cornejo11.07aWest Valley
10.FrJeremy Roberts11.08aWest Valley
11.FrTim Brown11.08aWest Valley
12.SoPrentice Dervin11.09aHartnell
13.-Jarvious Smith11.14aHartnell
14.FrDve Ramirez11.20aCity College San Fra...
15.-Stevon McGill11.20aChabot
16.SoEarnest Sims11.22aDeAnza
17.FrDarrel Jackson11.24aCity College San Fra...
18.SoDavid Atiz11.25aHartnell
19.FrMark Cedeno11.37aWest Valley
20.FrWill Welch11.38aHartnell
21.SoDerrick Toney11.39aHartnell
22.FrWaseem Ballou11.48aDeAnza
23.FrWilliam Mitchell11.53aChabot
24.SoMatt Willis11.65aHartnell
25.FrKasey Fields11.68aSan Mateo
26.FrAdrian Leelin11.69aDeAnza
27.SoSamerial Armstrong11.74aChabot
28.-Tim Celestine11.75aSan Mateo
29.FrJosh Figueroa11.89aDeAnza
30.FrAaron Bevens12.13aChabot
31.SoPaul Tomka12.31aDeAnza
32.FrRodney Anderson12.31aSan Jose City College
33.-Christopher Turner12.71aWest Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTerea Norman21.58aCity College San Fra...
2.FrJoshua Calbert21.72aCity College San Fra...
3.FrAlan Flemons21.90aCity College San Fra...
4.SoCarlos Proctor22.03aCity College San Fra...
5.SoTed Green22.09aDeAnza
6.FrJeremy Roberts22.23aWest Valley
7.SoJustin Cornejo22.44aWest Valley
8.FrTim Brown22.57aWest Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrTerea Norman22.02aCity College San Fra...
2.FrJoshua Calbert22.06aCity College San Fra...
3.SoCarlos Proctor22.14aCity College San Fra...
4.FrAlan Flemons22.17aCity College San Fra...
5.SoTed Green22.32aDeAnza
7.FrTim Brown22.53aWest Valley
8.FrJeremy Roberts22.58aWest Valley
6.SoJustin Cornejo22.60aWest Valley
9.SoEdidiong Essien22.61aSan Mateo
10.-Stevon McGill22.62aChabot
11.FrKevin Rutledge22.65aDeAnza
12.SoPrentice Dervin22.81aHartnell
13.SoBenny Lopez22.86aHartnell
14.SoChristopher Beamon22.87aChabot
15.SoEarnest Sims22.90aDeAnza
16.FrWilliam Mitchell22.98aChabot
17.FrMark Cedeno23.01aWest Valley
18.SoDerrick Toney23.08aHartnell
19.FrCarlos Morales23.18aHartnell
20.FrJoseph Walker23.20aCity College San Fra...
21.FrDarrel Jackson23.24aCity College San Fra...
22.FrDve Ramirez23.28aCity College San Fra...
23.SoTacoleby Williams23.36aWest Valley
24.SoTrevor Rogers23.38aCity College San Fra...
25.FrVictor Martinez23.60aDeAnza
26.FrWaseem Ballou23.83aDeAnza
27.SoMatt Willis24.03aHartnell
28.FrAdrian Leelin24.13aDeAnza
29.FrJosh Figueroa24.38aDeAnza
30.SoSamerial Armstrong24.53aChabot
31.FrAaron Bevens24.87aChabot
32.SoPaul Tomka25.48aDeAnza
33.FrRodney Anderson25.69aSan Jose City College
34.JrAndrew Dela Cruz25.97aDeAnza
35.-Christopher Turner26.34aWest Valley
--FrKasey FieldsDNFSan Mateo
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAlan Flemons49.71aCity College San Fra...
2.FrNate Banks50.65aCity College San Fra...
3.SoChristopher Beamon51.44aChabot
4.FrShareef Allman51.65aWest Valley
5.SoWesley Tucker51.96aMonterey Peninsula
6.FrCarlos Morales51.96aHartnell
7.FrJordin Robinson53.13aCity College San Fra...
--SoBenny LopezFSHartnell
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoChristopher Beamon49.95aChabot
4.FrNate Banks50.36aCity College San Fra...
2.SoBenny Lopez51.13aHartnell
3.FrAlan Flemons51.40aCity College San Fra...
5.FrCarlos Morales51.76aHartnell
6.FrShareef Allman51.79aWest Valley
7.SoWesley Tucker51.96aMonterey Peninsula
8.FrJordin Robinson52.37aCity College San Fra...
9.SoJames Byrnes52.43aSan Mateo
10.FrSeth Barnes52.63aHartnell
11.FrHondon Kuang53.14aCity College San Fra...
12.FrAndrew Melendrez53.25aMonterey Peninsula
13.FrTony Joe53.91aCity College San Fra...
14.FrVictor Martinez54.15aDeAnza
15.SoMichael Borg54.57aDeAnza
16.SoAaron Victorian54.65aSan Jose City College
17.SoTacoleby Williams55.03aWest Valley
--SoByron OliverDNFHartnell
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMatt Battaglia1:56.10aHartnell
2.FrJosh Tran1:56.11aDeAnza
3.FrMario Escobedo1:56.56aCity College San Fra...
4.FrRobert Anderson1:57.45aHartnell
5.FrScott Blomquist1:59.44aDeAnza
6.SoClifford Crum1:59.78aDeAnza
7.FrMartin David-Jacobs2:00.48aCity College San Fra...
8.FrAaron Mendle2:01.24aCity College San Fra...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrJosh Tran1:58.07aDeAnza
4.FrMario Escobedo1:59.53aCity College San Fra...
2.FrAaron Mendle2:00.49aCity College San Fra...
3.FrMartin David-Jacobs2:00.60aCity College San Fra...
5.FrMatt Battaglia2:01.05aHartnell
7.SoClifford Crum2:01.15aDeAnza
8.FrScott Blomquist2:01.54aDeAnza
6.FrRobert Anderson2:02.13aHartnell
9.SoJose Bedolla2:03.30aWest Valley
10.FrRyan Linn2:03.98aCity College San Fra...
11.FrLeonardo Alba2:04.05aSan Jose City College
12.SoJustin Valdez2:04.14aSan Jose City College
13.FrPeter Chew2:04.96aDeAnza
14.FrRigoberto Vasquez2:05.39aHartnell
15.SoManuel Esparza2:06.51aHartnell
16.FrEverado Villalobos2:06.88aCity College San Fra...
17.FrAbel Mendez2:07.31aHartnell
18.SoCaleb Escobar2:09.20aDeAnza
19.FrJon Ziegler2:09.97aWest Valley
20.FrJames Cowen2:18.09aCity College San Fra...
21.FrMatt Montez2:20.68aDeAnza
22.FrZackary Ha2:49.27aSan Mateo
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMatt Battaglia3:59.27aHartnell
2.SoBenny Willers4:01.81aCity College San Fra...
3.SoFernando Diaz4:02.56aCity College San Fra...
4.FrTyler Cleveland4:02.81aWest Valley
5.SoLuke Frazier4:03.52aCity College San Fra...
6.SoClifford Crum4:03.56aDeAnza
7.SoMitchell Milligan4:05.62aSan Mateo
8.SoManuel Esparza4:06.13aHartnell
9.SoMark Frazier4:07.40aCity College San Fra...
10.SoThomas Setser4:08.68aSan Mateo
11.FrPeter Chew4:08.95aDeAnza
12.FrRobert Anderson4:14.05aHartnell
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoBenny Willers4:06.06aCity College San Fra...
2.FrMatt Battaglia4:07.50aHartnell
3.SoMitchell Milligan4:07.51aSan Mateo
5.SoMark Frazier4:08.08aCity College San Fra...
7.SoClifford Crum4:08.77aDeAnza
4.SoLuke Frazier4:09.20aCity College San Fra...
6.FrPeter Chew4:09.63aDeAnza
8.SoFernando Diaz4:09.83aCity College San Fra...
9.FrTyler Cleveland4:10.84aWest Valley
10.FrRobert Anderson4:10.86aHartnell
11.SoThomas Setser4:11.81aSan Mateo
12.SoManuel Esparza4:12.30aHartnell
13.FrRigoberto Vasquez4:12.36aHartnell
14.FrNathaniel Smauley4:13.69aChabot
15.SoJose Bedolla4:14.65aWest Valley
16.FrLeonardo Alba4:16.04aSan Jose City College
17.SoDavid Urista4:22.89aCity College San Fra...
18.SoJoel Becker4:23.46aChabot
19.FrJuan Reyes-Diaz4:29.14aMonterey Peninsula
20.FrJames Cowen4:31.81aCity College San Fra...
21.SoSamuel Hales4:36.91aChabot
22.FrJon Ziegler4:37.46aWest Valley
23.FrAkira Soto4:38.61aMonterey Peninsula
24.FrEric Yepez4:40.95aHartnell
25.FrMatt Montez4:43.72aDeAnza
26.FrAli Ahmed4:50.59aChabot
27.SoCesar Alvarez5:27.39aHartnell
28.FrZackary Ha5:39.21aSan Mateo
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRigoberto Vasquez15:33.08aHartnell
2.SoFernando Diaz15:33.86aCity College San Fra...
3.SoManuel Esparza16:06.40aHartnell
4.SoAlejandro Alcaraz16:13.69aHartnell
5.SoClifford Crum16:25.40aDeAnza
6.FrTyler Cleveland16:25.62aWest Valley
7.FrJose Sanchez16:30.72aSan Mateo
8.SoSloane Cook16:38.22aCity College San Fra...
9.SoJoel Becker16:53.77aChabot
10.FrDaniel Brody16:58.16aDeAnza
11.SoAbiy Gebrekristos16:59.33aDeAnza
12.SoCameron Cruse16:59.43aMonterey Peninsula
13.FrDavid Lara17:07.67aSan Mateo
14.FrGene Burinsky17:12.52aDeAnza
15.SoDavid Rios17:17.32aDeAnza
16.FrEric Yepez17:36.01aHartnell
17.FrJose Gonzalez-meji17:45.93aSan Jose City College
18.JrAlp Mimaroglu17:55.97aWest Valley
19.SoSamuel Hales18:09.78aChabot
20.SoDavid Urista18:10.18aCity College San Fra...
21.FrAdam Blease18:14.17aWest Valley
22.FrEdgar Hernandez18:29.50aHartnell
23.FrAli Ahmed18:45.08aChabot
24.FrRyan Sawaya19:16.52aDeAnza
25.SoJoseph Cordova19:32.74aWest Valley
26.SoCesar Alvarez20:59.18aHartnell
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRigoberto Vasquez32:57.9hHartnell
2.SoClifford Crum32:58.6hDeAnza
3.SoSloane Cook33:38.5hCity College San Fra...
4.FrJose Sanchez33:56.0hSan Mateo
5.FrEric Yepez34:02.7hHartnell
6.SoManuel Esparza34:02.8hHartnell
7.SoAlejandro Alcaraz34:05.7hHartnell
8.FrBen Hwa34:53.2hCity College San Fra...
9.JrAlp Mimaroglu35:25.0hWest Valley
10.FrGene Burinsky35:39.0hDeAnza
11.FrDaniel Brody35:54.0hDeAnza
12.FrJose Gonzalez-meji36:00.0hSan Jose City College
13.SoAbiy Gebrekristos37:12.0hDeAnza
14.FrAdam Blease37:28.0hWest Valley
15.SoJoel Becker37:29.3hChabot
16.FrEdgar Hernandez38:53.0hHartnell
17.SoJoseph Cordova38:57.0hWest Valley
18.FrRyan Sawaya40:10.0hDeAnza
19.SoCesar Alvarez42:56.5hHartnell
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMykel Block14.67aSan Mateo
2.FrCarlos Gacula15.35aCity College San Fra...
3.SoMarko Vatavuk16.14aDeAnza
4.SoMatt Willis16.16aHartnell
5.SoDerrick Toney16.44aHartnell
6.FrAdam Nikssarian17.07aCity College San Fra...
--FrMarcus RomoDNFWest Valley
--SoDaniel ChenDQCity College San Fra...
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoDaniel Chen14.91aCity College San Fra...
2.FrMarcus Romo15.06aWest Valley
3.SoMykel Block15.12aSan Mateo
4.FrCarlos Gacula15.70aCity College San Fra...
5.SoDerrick Toney15.93aHartnell
6.FrAdam Nikssarian16.11aCity College San Fra...
7.SoMatt Willis16.18aHartnell
8.SoMarko Vatavuk16.27aDeAnza
9.SoDavid Atiz16.59aHartnell
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMarquis Caldwell54.41aSan Jose City College
2.FrCarlos Gacula54.66aCity College San Fra...
3.SoMarko Vatavuk55.82aDeAnza
4.SoDavid Atiz56.11aHartnell
5.FrBrandon Johnson56.32aCity College San Fra...
6.SoRyan Ellison57.56aWest Valley
7.FrMichael Vickers58.28aMonterey Peninsula
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoMarquis Caldwell55.51aSan Jose City College
3.FrBrandon Johnson56.13aCity College San Fra...
2.FrCarlos Gacula56.56aCity College San Fra...
4.FrMarcus Romo56.66aWest Valley
5.SoMarko Vatavuk56.90aDeAnza
6.SoRyan Ellison57.19aWest Valley
7.SoDavid Atiz57.27aHartnell
8.FrMichael Vickers57.54aMonterey Peninsula
9.FrBroc Bangloy59.25aHartnell
10.SoAntwain Hawkins59.38aCity College San Fra...
11.SoDaniel Chen60.18aCity College San Fra...
12.FrStephen Pearson60.99aMonterey Peninsula
13.FrJustin Rice64.20aChabot
14.FrRajeev Singh65.00aWest Valley
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBenny Willers9:59.37aCity College San Fra...
2.SoLuke Frazier9:59.50aCity College San Fra...
3.SoMark Frazier9:59.73aCity College San Fra...
4.FrDaniel Brody10:07.96aDeAnza
5.SoJustin Valdez10:09.10aSan Jose City College
6.SoDavid Rios10:10.93aDeAnza
7.FrBen Hwa10:14.41aCity College San Fra...
8.SoCameron Cruse10:14.97aMonterey Peninsula
9.FrEric Yepez11:01.56aHartnell
10.-Luis Morales11:34.70aMonterey Peninsula
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nate Banks
Carlos Gacula
Terea Norman
Alan Flemons
41.83aCity College San Fra...
2.-Michael Borg
Ka Wai Ng
Earnest Sims
Kevin Rutledge
3.-Mark Cedeno
Justin Cornejo
Tim Brown
Jeremy Roberts
42.77aWest Valley
4.-Benny Lopez
Robert Anderson
David Atiz
Prentice Dervin
5.-Stevon McGill
Christopher Beamon
Samerial Armstrong
Nathaniel Smauley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carlos Gacula
Brandon Johnson
Alan Flemons
Terea Norman
3:19.32aCity College San Fra...
2.-Scott Blomquist
Ted Green
Josh Tran
Michael Borg
3.-Wesley Tucker
Michael Vickers
Andrew Melendrez
Joel Kemper
3:23.27aMonterey Peninsula
4.-Matt Battaglia
Robert Anderson
David Atiz
Benny Lopez
5.-Relay Team 3:30.08aChabot
---Tim Brown
Christopher Turner
Marcus Romo
Ryan Ellison
DNFWest Valley
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAaron Victorian47-04.50San Jose City College
2.FrDaniel Harris-Lucas46-10.00City College San Fra...
3.FrNathan Wright46-02.75San Mateo
4.SoGalen Koger43-00.25Chabot
5.SoJonathan Cucculelli39-11.25Chabot
6.SoTroy Scott39-10.75City College San Fra...
7.SoIan Quiros39-09.25Hartnell
8.FrTony Lozano38-05.00San Jose City College
9.SoDaniel Jimenez37-01.75Hartnell
10.FrDerek White34-09.50DeAnza
11.FrMike Khourouzian31-08.50DeAnza
12.FrWill Welch31-03.75Hartnell
13.FrYalta Li29-08.75DeAnza
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNathan Wright48.53mSan Mateo
2.FrDerek White46.80mDeAnza
3.FrMason Lammers44.60mWest Valley
4.SoDaniel Jimenez38.89mHartnell
5.FrSeth Mazerik38.34mMonterey Peninsula
6.SoGalen Koger37.00mChabot
7.SoIan Quiros35.87mHartnell
8.FrDaniel Harris-Lucas35.37mCity College San Fra...
9.SoAaron Victorian34.72mSan Jose City College
10.SoJonathan Cucculelli32.82mChabot
11.SoTroy Scott31.51mCity College San Fra...
12.FrWes Chang24.30mDeAnza
13.FrMike Khourouzian24.04mDeAnza
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNathan Wright51.41mSan Mateo
2.FrKevin Rutledge50.99mDeAnza
3.SoAdam Ramoz49.10mSan Jose City College
4.SoAnthony Hall46.90mDeAnza
5.FrWilliam Bryant46.88mSan Mateo
6.SoAaron Victorian43.77mSan Jose City College
7.SoJonathan Cucculelli42.83mChabot
8.FrAdam Nikssarian41.69mCity College San Fra...
9.SoTim Dronek39.66mWest Valley
10.FrAnthony Ruiz38.27mSan Jose City College
11.JrAndrew Dela Cruz37.17mDeAnza
12.FrDaniel Harris-Lucas33.29mCity College San Fra...
13.SoDaniel Chen33.16mCity College San Fra...
14.FrTony Lozano33.14mSan Jose City College
15.FrAndrew Fausak29.76mWest Valley
--FrChristian BrackoFOULSan Jose City College
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDerrick Toney6-06.00Hartnell
2.FrGreg Talley6-04.00DeAnza
3.FrKevin Rutledge6-02.00DeAnza
4.FrWill Welch6-02.00Hartnell
5.FrDonte Mosley6-00.00Hartnell
6.SoHarold Winfield5-10.00Hartnell
6.FrScott Blomquist5-10.00DeAnza
8.FrAdam Nikssarian5-06.00City College San Fra...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMarko Vatavuk14-03.25DeAnza
2.FrTrevor Borello12-03.50West Valley
3.FrKevin Rutledge11-03.75DeAnza
4.SoDerrick Toney10-10.00Hartnell
5.FrJustin Rice10-04.00Chabot
6.SoAnthony Hall9-10.00DeAnza
7.FrJesse Fernandez8-10.25Hartnell
--SoSimranjeet SinghNHChabot
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEdidiong Essien7.22mSan Mateo
2.SoTrevor Rogers7.20mCity College San Fra...
3.FrKevin Rutledge6.77mDeAnza
4.SoDaniel Chen6.58mCity College San Fra...
5.SoDerrick Toney6.57mHartnell
6.FrWill Welch6.51mHartnell
7.SoMichael Borg6.51mDeAnza
8.FrMark Cedeno6.43mWest Valley
9.-Johnny Bough6.38mSan Mateo
10.FrGreg Talley6.31mDeAnza
11.FrJosh Tran6.20mDeAnza
12.FrDonte Mosley6.20mHartnell
13.SoAndrew Asuncion6.07mHartnell
13.FrAdam Nikssarian6.07mCity College San Fra...
15.SoAnthony Hall6.06mDeAnza
16.FrAaron Bevens6.04mChabot
17.SoHarold Winfield5.95mHartnell
18.FrHondon Kuang5.94mCity College San Fra...
19.FrAnthony Ruiz5.79mSan Jose City College
20.FrDve Ramirez5.77mCity College San Fra...
21.FrSeth Barnes5.22mHartnell
22.-Antonio Ferrer5.02mMonterey Peninsula
23.-Christopher Turner4.45mWest Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKa Wai Ng14.57mDeAnza
2.FrDerion Taylor14.06mSan Mateo
3.FrDonte Mosley13.56mHartnell
4.SoTed Green13.50mDeAnza
5.FrGreg Talley13.22mDeAnza
6.FrWill Welch13.20mHartnell
7.SoAndrew Asuncion13.10mHartnell
8.FrSeth Barnes12.80mHartnell
9.SoHarold Winfield12.36mHartnell
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJonathan Cucculelli47.77mChabot
2.FrDerek White43.91mDeAnza
3.SoDaniel Jimenez43.70mHartnell
4.SoIan Quiros36.56mHartnell
5.SoTroy Scott35.88mCity College San Fra...
6.FrEduardo Rubio35.37mHartnell
7.-Wes McIntosh33.69mHartnell
8.FrJuvenal Lopez33.27mHartnell
9.FrMichael Lapaga31.26mHartnell
10.FrYalta Li31.24mDeAnza
11.SoJohn Duran27.75mHartnell
--SoGalen KogerFOULChabot

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauryn Newsone11.75aLaney
2.SoShanae Roach11.76aLaney
3.SoQuianna Wilson11.97aLaney
4.SoSepanta Padrah12.11aLaney
5.SoSharonda Clark12.43aLaney
6.FrEstherine French12.59aWest Valley
7.FrAly Rajah13.00aDeAnza
--SoMichelle MillerFSLaney
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoLauryn Newsone11.61aLaney
2.SoShanae Roach11.79aLaney
3.SoQuianna Wilson11.95aLaney
4.SoSepanta Padrah12.14aLaney
5.FrEstherine French12.34aWest Valley
6.SoMichelle Miller12.35aLaney
6.SoSharonda Clark12.35aLaney
8.FrAly Rajah12.82aDeAnza
9.FrKristin Gebin13.11aHartnell
10.FrChristina Huynh13.31aDeAnza
11.FrLorretta Garrett13.42aCity College San Fra...
12.FrLaneshia Alexander13.42aSan Jose City College
13.FrJackee Thompson13.43aDeAnza
14.-Tyneshna White13.58aCity College San Fra...
15.FrNatalie Spoelstra13.66aWest Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauryn Newsone23.58aLaney
2.SoShanae Roach23.67aLaney
3.SoQuianna Wilson24.68aLaney
4.SoDominique Crosby24.72aLaney
5.SoSepanta Padrah25.13aLaney
6.SoAziza Hazel25.48aLaney
7.FrEstherine French25.60aWest Valley
8.SoChristene Jones25.98aLaney
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoLauryn Newsone23.54aLaney
2.SoShanae Roach24.00aLaney
3.SoQuianna Wilson24.63aLaney
5.SoSepanta Padrah25.05aLaney
4.SoDominique Crosby25.23aLaney
6.FrEstherine French25.47aWest Valley
7.SoAziza Hazel25.48aLaney
8.SoChristene Jones25.79aLaney
9.SoLydia Offord25.79aCity College San Fra...
10.SoSharonda Clark25.82aLaney
11.FrErica Arenas26.17aDeAnza
12.FrBianca Chavous26.29aWest Valley
13.FrRonda Nervis27.10aCity College San Fra...
14.FrAly Rajah27.34aDeAnza
15.FrKristin Gebin27.63aHartnell
16.SoLeticia Saldana28.08aHartnell
17.FrChristina Huynh28.24aDeAnza
18.-Itzia Rodriquez28.42aChabot
19.FrJackee Thompson28.49aDeAnza
20.-Tyneshna White29.27aCity College San Fra...
21.SoTiffany Loi29.39aDeAnza
22.FrEmily Scettrini30.42aHartnell
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDominique Crosby57.24aLaney
2.FrErica Arenas57.34aDeAnza
3.FrBianca Chavous58.42aWest Valley
4.SoAziza Hazel59.01aLaney
5.SoTreya Winfield59.46aHartnell
6.SoChristene Jones59.85aLaney
7.SoLydia Offord61.03aCity College San Fra...
8.SoCyril Pascua62.65aHartnell
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrErica Arenas58.58aDeAnza
2.SoDominique Crosby58.63aLaney
3.SoTreya Winfield59.83aHartnell
4.SoChristene Jones60.05aLaney
5.SoAziza Hazel60.76aLaney
6.FrBianca Chavous60.77aWest Valley
7.SoLydia Offord61.58aCity College San Fra...
8.SoCyril Pascua62.57aHartnell
9.FrJune Carrlove62.88aCity College San Fra...
10.-Itzia Rodriquez63.19aChabot
11.FrRonda Nervis63.23aCity College San Fra...
12.FrChelsea Langeland65.73aDeAnza
13.-Kayla Souza67.11aHartnell
14.FrJacqueline Frias70.31aHartnell
15.SoTiffany Loi70.79aDeAnza
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLeticia Saldana2:25.74aHartnell
2.FrMayra Garcia2:28.71aHartnell
3.FrSused Cabrera2:31.63aHartnell
4.FrChristina Pando2:33.57aDeAnza
5.FrRebekah Phillips2:37.85aDeAnza
6.-Kayla Souza2:40.96aHartnell
7.FrEmily Scettrini2:42.12aHartnell
8.SoKim Kilgroe2:44.63aDeAnza
9.SoNora Guttierrez2:46.01aWest Valley
10.SoYasamin Yazdi2:51.32aDeAnza
11.FrStaci Soares2:55.39aDeAnza
12.FrAlejandra Ruiz DeChavez2:56.21aChabot
13.FrJanette Carrasco2:59.91aSan Jose City College
14.SoKate Braham3:10.08aDeAnza
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMayra Garcia5:00.80aHartnell
2.FrChristina Pando5:02.81aDeAnza
3.SoAgnes Silvestro5:04.01aCity College San Fra...
4.FrRebekah Phillips5:17.69aDeAnza
5.SoKirsti Whitmyre5:21.22aDeAnza
6.FrEmily Scettrini5:21.31aHartnell
7.FrLuisa Westley5:29.20aDeAnza
8.FrSara Emam-Ghiasi5:40.16aCity College San Fra...
9.SoKim Kilgroe5:46.58aDeAnza
10.FrEmilse Tapia5:53.36aHartnell
11.FrStephanie Cano5:55.12aCity College San Fra...
12.SoNora Guttierrez5:55.78aWest Valley
13.FrJanette Carrasco5:58.14aSan Jose City College
14.SoPriscilla Medina6:00.83aCity College San Fra...
15.FrStaci Soares6:09.38aDeAnza
16.SoKate Braham6:13.48aDeAnza
17.FrAlejandra Ruiz DeChavez6:19.02aChabot
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRebekah Phillips19:46.33aDeAnza
2.FrSused Cabrera19:59.96aHartnell
3.FrMayra Garcia20:18.27aHartnell
4.SoAgnes Silvestro20:27.92aCity College San Fra...
5.SoKirsti Whitmyre21:09.23aDeAnza
6.FrStephanie Castro21:22.51aHartnell
7.SoSuzanne Necoechea21:38.27aSan Jose City College
8.FrEmily Scettrini22:05.50aHartnell
9.FrLuisa Westley22:12.41aDeAnza
10.FrEmilse Tapia23:21.68aHartnell
11.SoKim Kilgroe23:23.16aDeAnza
12.SoYasamin Yazdi23:37.21aDeAnza
13.FrStephanie Hayos23:40.03aDeAnza
14.SoKate Braham26:37.68aDeAnza
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRebekah Phillips40:23.8hDeAnza
2.SoKirsti Whitmyre40:41.8hDeAnza
3.FrSused Cabrera41:02.5hHartnell
4.FrMayra Garcia41:22.3hHartnell
5.SoKim Kilgroe42:53.7hDeAnza
6.FrStephanie Castro43:02.0hHartnell
7.FrEmily Scettrini43:40.4hHartnell
8.SoSuzanne Necoechea46:19.9hSan Jose City College
9.FrEmilse Tapia48:09.9hHartnell
10.FrStephanie Hayos51:26.0hDeAnza
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoShanika Davis15.34aLaney
2.FrJasmine Taylor15.46aWest Valley
3.FrMargaret Bauman16.12aWest Valley
4.FrLisa Oliveras16.45aDeAnza
5.FrRadka Kartousova16.80aCity College San Fra...
6.SoCyril Pascua16.89aHartnell
7.SoMeghan Thomas17.28aDeAnza
8.FrAngelica Banuelos17.62aHartnell
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrJasmine Taylor15.47aWest Valley
2.FrMargaret Bauman16.49aWest Valley
3.FrLisa Oliveras16.57aDeAnza
4.SoShanika Davis16.61aLaney
5.SoCyril Pascua16.94aHartnell
6.FrRadka Kartousova17.03aCity College San Fra...
7.FrAngelica Banuelos17.55aHartnell
8.SoMeghan Thomas17.59aDeAnza
9.FrAshley Guin17.64aSan Jose City College
10.SoVicky Leung17.79aDeAnza
11.FrKatie Marden18.42aCity College San Fra...
12.-Nichelle Emelia18.90aCity College San Fra...
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoShanika Davis63.52aLaney
2.SoTreya Winfield65.24aHartnell
3.FrRadka Kartousova66.07aCity College San Fra...
4.SoCyril Pascua67.53aHartnell
5.SoAmethyst Monce69.48aSan Mateo
6.SoMeghan Thomas69.96aDeAnza
7.FrLisa Oliveras70.62aDeAnza
8.FrMargaret Bauman73.01aWest Valley
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoShanika Davis64.22aLaney
2.SoTreya Winfield65.85aHartnell
3.FrRadka Kartousova67.07aCity College San Fra...
4.SoMeghan Thomas68.40aDeAnza
5.FrLisa Oliveras68.78aDeAnza
6.FrMargaret Bauman69.04aWest Valley
7.SoCyril Pascua69.75aHartnell
8.SoAmethyst Monce71.32aSan Mateo
9.FrJasmine Taylor71.34aWest Valley
10.FrAngelica Banuelos75.76aHartnell
11.FrAshley Guin76.45aSan Jose City College
12.-Nichelle Emelia77.27aCity College San Fra...
13.SoVicky Leung1:23.05aDeAnza
14.FrJacqueline Frias1:26.20aHartnell
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKirsti Whitmyre12:08.02aDeAnza
2.FrRebekah Phillips12:13.51aDeAnza
3.FrSused Cabrera12:21.78aHartnell
4.SoKim Kilgroe12:52.90aDeAnza
5.SoYasamin Yazdi14:16.48aDeAnza
6.FrStephanie Castro14:29.54aHartnell
7.FrJacqueline Frias15:23.25aHartnell
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sharonda Clark
Aziza Hazel
Christene Jones
Sepanta Padrah
2.-Relay Team 49.45aWest Valley
3.-Radka Kartousova
Lydia Offord
Ronda Nervis
June Carrlove
49.56aCity College San Fra...
4.-Kristin Gebin
Treya Winfield
Cyril Pascua
Angelica Banuelos
---Christina Huynh
Aly Rajah
Meghan Thomas
Chelsea Langeland
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aziza Hazel
Shanika Davis
Christene Jones
Dominique Crosby
2.-Radka Kartousova
Lydia Offord
Ronda Nervis
June Carrlove
4:09.39aCity College San Fra...
3.-Cyril Pascua
Leticia Saldana
Treya Winfield
Kristin Gebin
4.-Bianca Chavous
Jasmine Taylor
Margaret Bauman
Natalie Spoelstra
4:23.89aWest Valley
5.-Lisa Oliveras
Aly Rajah
Jackee Thompson
Chelsea Langeland
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAlyssa Sialaris37-06.00DeAnza
2.SoAley Jones34-10.50City College San Fra...
3.SoJamila McIntosh32-10.25DeAnza
4.FrBryanna Martinez31-10.25Hartnell
5.FrKayla Hanson31-08.00Hartnell
6.FrClarissa Hernandez30-05.50Hartnell
7.FrChristine Hadfield28-07.50Chabot
8.SoMichelle Miller26-05.75Laney
9.FrVeronica Onjeweke25-04.00Laney
10.FrDanielle Harris23-04.00Laney
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAlyssa Sialaris36.80mDeAnza
2.FrBryanna Martinez25.08mHartnell
3.SoAley Jones24.65mCity College San Fra...
4.FrSabrina Prijatel23.85mDeAnza
5.FrKayla Hanson23.70mHartnell
6.FrChristine Hadfield22.70mChabot
--SoJamila McIntoshFOULDeAnza
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAlyssa Sialaris34.42mDeAnza
2.FrSarah Taggart30.57mSan Mateo
3.FrRenee Young29.99mMonterey Peninsula
4.FrChristine Hadfield29.24mChabot
5.FrSabrina Prijatel28.04mDeAnza
6.SoAmethyst Monce26.75mSan Mateo
7.FrLisa Oliveras26.69mDeAnza
8.FrBryanna Martinez24.05mHartnell
9.SoTreya Winfield23.94mHartnell
10.FrNatalie Aceves23.28mHartnell
11.FrSylvia Lam22.91mWest Valley
12.FrKayla Hanson22.89mHartnell
13.FrDanielle Harris20.10mLaney
14.FrVeronica Onjeweke16.54mLaney
15.SoAley Jones16.13mCity College San Fra...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauryn Newsone5-03.00Laney
2.FrKelly Thom5-01.00DeAnza
3.FrLisa Oliveras4-09.00DeAnza
4.FrAlyssa Sialaris4-09.00DeAnza
5.FrErica Arenas4-09.00DeAnza
6.FrSabrina Prijatel4-07.00DeAnza
6.SoKim Kilgroe4-07.00DeAnza
8.SoCyril Pascua4-05.00Hartnell
9.SoDominique Knowles4-05.00Laney
10.SoMichelle Araujo4-05.00Monterey Peninsula
11.SoTreya Winfield4-03.25Hartnell
12.FrAngelica Banuelos4-01.25Hartnell
--FrLiz MedinaNHHartnell
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRuth Le beau8-11.50San Jose City College
2.FrLisa Oliveras8-11.50DeAnza
3.SoCharleah Bender7-05.75Chabot
4.FrMaureen Mitchell7-05.75Chabot
5.FrChelsea Langeland6-06.00DeAnza
6.SoKim Kilgroe6-00.00DeAnza
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauryn Newsone6.35mLaney
2.SoShanika Davis5.59mLaney
3.SoMichelle Miller5.49mLaney
4.SoDominique Knowles5.30mLaney
5.FrKelly Thom5.04mDeAnza
6.FrRuth Le beau5.03mSan Jose City College
7.FrSabrina Prijatel4.87mDeAnza
8.FrKatie Marden4.84mCity College San Fra...
9.SoCyril Pascua4.64mHartnell
10.FrNatalie Spoelstra4.59mWest Valley
11.FrBrittanni Johnson4.30mCity College San Fra...
--FrVeronica OnjewekeFOULLaney
--FrDanielle HarrisFOULLaney
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDominique Knowles11.58mLaney
2.SoMichelle Miller10.51mLaney
3.FrBrittanni Johnson10.34mCity College San Fra...
4.FrKelly Thom10.24mDeAnza
5.FrChelsea Langeland10.23mDeAnza
6.FrSabrina Prijatel10.07mDeAnza
7.FrNatalie Spoelstra9.99mWest Valley
8.SoTreya Winfield9.78mHartnell
9.FrDanielle Harris9.48mLaney
10.FrAngelica Banuelos8.75mHartnell
11.FrLiz Medina8.50mHartnell
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJamila McIntosh44.73mDeAnza
2.FrClarissa Hernandez36.88mHartnell
3.FrBryanna Martinez29.98mHartnell
4.FrAlyssa Sialaris28.67mDeAnza
5.FrAlisha Lerma24.86mHartnell
6.SoAley Jones22.87mCity College San Fra...
7.FrChristine Hadfield20.49mChabot
8.-Annalatai Fisiiahi17.37mLaney
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