Riverside Open

Friday, March 26, 2010
  Riverside City College, Riverside - Map
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Washington - Unclassified
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJohn Harris10.86aMt SAC
2.SoTommy Curry10.86aRiverside City College
3.FrKenny Jackson10.98aRiverside City College
4.FrJacoby Nguyen10.99aMt SAC
5.SoAnthony Privitelli11.00aSantiago Canyon
6.Beidi Beer11.02aUnattached
7.SoStephen Prater11.03aMt SAC
8.FrMarquee Stanley11.07aMt SAC
9.FrRobert Weathers11.12aGlendale (CA)
10.-Robert Henry11.20aRiverside City College
11.FrGerard Glass11.29aRiverside City College
12.FrMatthew Alderete11.42aMt SAC
13.-Marcelis Smith11.51aRiverside City College
14.FrAlexander Brown11.52aPasadena City College
15.FrRenaldo Reyes11.54aGlendale (CA)
16.FrZack Kitterman11.58aRiverside City College
17.FrTrenton Parrish11.61aRiverside City College
18.FrJonathan Cushman11.61aPasadena City College
19.FrDejon Miller11.66aMt SAC
20.FrSteven Robillard11.70aRiverside City College
21.FrRandy Legaspi11.75aGlendale (CA)
22.FrCasey Birchard11.75aRiverside City College
23.FrChristofer Arnold11.77aGlendale (CA)
24.SoJohn Privitelli11.82aSantiago Canyon
25.FrCecil Jackson11.88aMt SAC
26.FrFaheem Abdul-Muhaimin12.01aMt SAC
27.FrRene Soria12.14aMt SAC
28.FrSteven Snodgrass12.18aRiverside City College
29.-Jeff Hyde12.37aFullerton (JC)
30.FrAndre Campos12.40aSantiago Canyon
31.FrAdrian Estrada12.88aMt SAC
32.-Andy Morales13.12aSantiago Canyon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SoDajuan Lee22.11aRiverside City College
6.FrRobert Weathers22.41aGlendale (CA)
7.FrGerard Glass22.43aRiverside City College
9.FrCameron Gordien22.55aMt SAC
10.FrLeonard Stanley22.60aSantiago Canyon
11.-Robert Henry22.69aRiverside City College
13.FrCordell Corder22.92aRiverside City College
14.FrMarquee Stanley22.97aMt SAC
16.SoEmilio Estrada23.12aMt SAC
17.SoAnthony Privitelli23.20aSantiago Canyon
18.FrSkylar LaCour23.22aRiverside City College
19.-Marcelis Smith23.47aRiverside City College
20.FrDejon Miller23.56aMt SAC
21.FrJoshua Hemphill23.99aRiverside City College
22.FrRene Soria24.11aMt SAC
22.FrChristofer Arnold24.11aGlendale (CA)
24.FrCecil Jackson24.30aMt SAC
25.SoJonathan Morales24.56aSantiago Canyon
26.FrMarcial Romero24.74aGlendale (CA)
27.FrFaheem Abdul-Muhaimin24.92aMt SAC
28.SoJohn Privitelli24.99aSantiago Canyon
29.-Jeff Hyde25.43aFullerton (JC)
30.FrAndre Campos26.20aSantiago Canyon
31.-Andy Morales27.19aSantiago Canyon
32.FrIsmael Trujillo29.82aSantiago Canyon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marquis Pilchur47.95aRiverside City College
2.FrCorey Evans48.60aRiverside City College
3.Ernest Rickett49.16aUnattached
4.FrCameron Gordien49.16aMt SAC
5.FrGarrett Baxter49.40aRiverside City College
6.FrJonathan Kilson49.64aMt SAC
7.FrKhurtis Henry49.73aRiverside City College
8.SoGilbert Rodriguez50.38aMt SAC
9.-Adrian Brown51.31aRiverside City College
10.FrDion Roberts51.70aMt SAC
11.FrHarold Tabora51.79aGlendale (CA)
12.FrKorey Brown52.10aMt SAC
13.FrOscar Gladden52.83aGlendale (CA)
14.SoJonathan Morales53.60aSantiago Canyon
15.-Sam Schickling54.66aFullerton (JC)
16.FrDerrick Harris55.13aMt SAC
17.FrCorbin Whalum56.27aMt SAC
18.-Xu Haoming56.84aPasadena City College
19.FrMarcial Romero1:00.24aGlendale (CA)
20.FrMarcos Gaona1:05.49aFullerton (JC)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRafael Dominguez1:54.85aMt SAC
2.SoRichard Zarazua1:56.18aPasadena City College
3.SoAlberto Camacho1:57.01aRiverside City College
4.FrAndrew Rodriquez1:59.73aMt SAC
5.FrJohnathan Smith2:00.00aRiverside City College
6.FrJoshua Potter2:00.15aRiverside City College
7.FrNeil Jonesw2:00.36aGlendale (CA)
8.SoDanny Gonzalez2:01.05aFullerton (JC)
9.-Jack Moxey2:01.91aRiverside City College
10.FrJesse Dorado2:02.18aRiverside City College
11.FrMiguel Flores2:02.24aGlendale (CA)
12.SoGary Smith2:02.66aMt SAC
13.FrChris Rivera2:02.85aMt SAC
14.SoSean Whitesitt2:03.61aMt SAC
15.SoAaron Armas2:03.68aMt SAC
16.SoGary Terzian2:04.41aPasadena City College
17.FrBrian Glassey2:04.75aRiverside City College
18.FrDemetrius Hinton2:04.80aPasadena City College
19.FrAndres Zavala2:05.77aMt SAC
20.FrPaul Nay2:05.95aMt SAC
21.SoDavid Perez2:06.04aMt SAC
22.FrRico Gutierrez2:07.70aGlendale (CA)
23.JrGustavo Cruz2:07.93aMt SAC
24.SoFabian Pineda2:08.20aRiverside City College
25.FrMandela Williams2:08.80aPasadena City College
26.FrJesus Corral2:09.71aMt SAC
27.FrRicky Avila2:09.80aGlendale (CA)
28.SoRafael Toscano2:09.83aRiverside City College
29.FrOscar Castro2:11.99aMt SAC
30.JrRobert Cave2:18.52aMt SAC
31.FrRobert Carbajal2:18.80aPasadena City College
32.FrMcKinley Murphey2:20.52aPasadena City College
33.FrDanny Verdin2:25.72aPasadena City College
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRichard Zarazua4:01.17aPasadena City College
2.SoJonathan Alpizar4:03.62aGlendale (CA)
3.SoDavid Cummings4:04.87aFullerton (JC)
4.SoErnesto Rodriguez4:05.10aPasadena City College
5.SoRobert Santana4:06.69aMt SAC
6.SoFrancisco Quijada4:09.22aGlendale (CA)
7.SoJulio Ramon4:10.64aFullerton (JC)
8.FrChris Rivera4:11.45aMt SAC
9.Armando Lara4:11.92aUnattached
10.SoFrancis Herrera4:12.19aGlendale (CA)
11.FrLuis Avellandeda4:13.23aFullerton (JC)
12.SoAaron Armas4:14.47aMt SAC
13.JrGustavo Cruz4:14.89aMt SAC
14.FrRicky Avila4:14.94aGlendale (CA)
15.FrPaul Nay4:15.34aMt SAC
16.FrAndres Zavala4:16.25aMt SAC
17.Rudy Ramirez4:16.53aUnattached
18.Anuar Mercado4:17.36aUnattached
19.FrJesus Gutierrez4:19.28aGlendale (CA)
20.FrStephen Lawrence4:21.47aSantiago Canyon
21.SoThomas Ebel4:21.77aMt SAC
22.FrJesus Corral4:23.68aMt SAC
23.FrMcKinley Murphey4:25.50aPasadena City College
24.SoSean Whitesitt4:26.18aMt SAC
25.FrAdrian Diaz4:27.05aMt SAC
26.FrSergio Diaz4:31.42aFullerton (JC)
27.FrAdrian Camarena4:33.12aMt SAC
28.FrOscar Castro4:37.79aMt SAC
29.JrRobert Cave4:39.70aMt SAC
30.FrPatrick Imfeld4:45.12aSantiago Canyon
31.FrRobert Carbajal4:45.17aPasadena City College
32.FrDanny Verdin4:48.48aPasadena City College
33.FrMathew Mancilla4:52.58aGlendale (CA)
34.FrJorge Leos5:03.17aMt SAC
35.FrBent Bruce5:07.33aGlendale (CA)
36.FrIsmael Trujillo5:42.25aSantiago Canyon
X 2 Miles - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJonathan Alpizar9:33.78aGlendale (CA)
2.SoDaniel Cooper9:37.66aRiverside City College
3.SoFrancisco Quijada9:40.86aGlendale (CA)
4.Emilio Perez9:45.99aUnattached
5.SoErnesto Rodriguez9:47.95aPasadena City College
6.FrNezanet Woldai9:51.29aRiverside City College
7.FrCharlie Alvarez9:51.94aRiverside City College
8.FrJohn McDonough9:55.75aFullerton (JC)
9.SoFrancis Herrera10:10.02aGlendale (CA)
10.Anuar Mercado10:10.99aUnattached
11.FrDavid Benavides10:14.43aFullerton (JC)
12.SoJose Garcia10:14.71aRiverside City College
13.FrJesus Gutierrez10:19.34aGlendale (CA)
14.SoDavid Ferreira10:20.88aSantiago Canyon
15.Fredwin Guzman10:21.82aRiverside City College
16.SoRobert Santana10:22.82aMt SAC
17.FrStephen Lawrence10:24.58aSantiago Canyon
18.JrGustavo Cruz10:25.85aMt SAC
19.Armando Lara10:25.90aUnattached
20.FrScott McMichael10:25.98aMt SAC
21.SoSean Whitesitt10:26.05aMt SAC
22.FrChris Rivera10:26.14aMt SAC
23.SoThomas Ebel10:30.61aMt SAC
24.FrJesse Zweig10:37.53aSantiago Canyon
25.SoJoshua Fishelberg10:39.53aRiverside City College
26.FrBenjamin Kisner10:41.11aMt SAC
27.FrPaul Nay10:41.34aMt SAC
28.FrAndres Zavala10:45.84aMt SAC
29.FrMcKinley Murphey10:47.68aPasadena City College
30.FrOscar Castro10:50.86aMt SAC
31.FrJose Mora10:57.35aMt SAC
32.FrRicky Singh11:08.17aMt SAC
33.FrZachary Youngblood11:10.46aFullerton (JC)
34.FrMathew Mancilla11:10.54aGlendale (CA)
35.SoDavid Perez11:12.09aMt SAC
36.FrIvan Castro11:22.87aMt SAC
37.SoAaron Armas11:24.79aMt SAC
38.JrRobert Cave11:32.86aMt SAC
39.FrCarlos Yurrita11:45.59aMt SAC
40.FrBent Bruce12:30.69aGlendale (CA)
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJohn Harris14.53aMt SAC
2.FrCordell Corder14.81aRiverside City College
3.FrCordell Allmond14.82aMt SAC
4.SoEmilio Estrada14.85aMt SAC
5.FrChristopher Farmer15.35aGlendale (CA)
6.SoTony Crutchfield15.48aRiverside City College
7.FrJonathan Levin15.68aMt SAC
8.FrMarcellus Coleman15.69aRiverside City College
9.FrJoshua Hemphill16.02aRiverside City College
10.SoMark Horist17.02aMt SAC
11.FrMichael Halburn17.51aRiverside City College
12.-Steven Harris17.82aSantiago Canyon
13.FrCasey Birchard18.62aRiverside City College
14.-Ivan Ozaeta21.65aFullerton (JC)
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTony Crutchfield56.21aRiverside City College
2.-Anthony Anderson56.83aRiverside City College
3.FrJames Jones57.16aGlendale (CA)
4.FrChristopher Farmer57.88aGlendale (CA)
5.FrMarcellus Coleman57.89aRiverside City College
6.-Steven Harris58.56aSantiago Canyon
7.FrJosh Velandria1:00.46aGlendale (CA)
8.FrJonathan Levin1:01.35aMt SAC
9.FrDaniel Rodriguez1:01.43aPasadena City College
10.SoJonathan Morales1:01.91aSantiago Canyon
11.FrMichael Halburn1:02.90aRiverside City College
12.-Ivan Ozaeta1:04.99aFullerton (JC)
13.FrAndre Campos1:10.72aSantiago Canyon
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 41.69aRiverside City College
2.-Relay Team 42.49aMt SAC
3.-Relay Team 43.42aSantiago Canyon
4.-Relay Team 43.70aGlendale (CA)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:16.12aRiverside City College
2.-Relay Team 3:16.70aMt SAC
4.-Relay Team 3:21.21aRiverside City College
6.-Relay Team 3:27.15aGlendale (CA)
7.-Relay Team 3:31.55aRiverside City College
8.-Relay Team 3:31.97aPasadena City College
9.-Relay Team 3:33.10aPasadena City College
10.-Relay Team 3:36.93aPasadena City College
11.-Relay Team 3:38.26aRiverside City College
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJoel Baez14.82mMt SAC
2.-Tim Macka13.94mMt SAC
3.FrArturo Murillo13.55mRiverside City College
4.FrJohnny Gonzalez13.32mRiverside City College
5.FrLawrence Kelly12.38mMt SAC
6.FrMarcus Adame12.03mMt SAC
6.FrSean Anderson12.03mFullerton (JC)
8.FrDarrel Samuel11.94mGlendale (CA)
9.SoJeff Holstein11.89mRiverside City College
10.FrMiguel Eizenga11.74mSantiago Canyon
11.FrCleveland Hagans11.71mRiverside City College
12.FrBrian Berkley11.69mSantiago Canyon
13.FrBrian Luc11.54mMt SAC
14.FrJesse Gomez11.37mRiverside City College
15.FrPeter Gonzales11.22mMt SAC
16.FrCruz Leon11.12mGlendale (CA)
17.SoMark Horist11.04mMt SAC
18.FrDerrick Harris10.35mMt SAC
19.FrEric Yang10.29mMt SAC
20.FrSpencer Woolwine10.07mGlendale (CA)
21.FrMichael Hoganson9.55mSantiago Canyon
22.FrAndre Campos8.77mSantiago Canyon
23.FrErwin Salamanca8.25mGlendale (CA)
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJoel Baez45.82mMt SAC
2.FrMarcus Adame40.41mMt SAC
3.FrPeter Gonzales39.19mMt SAC
4.FrAaron Licon39.14mRiverside City College
5.FrSean Anderson38.78mFullerton (JC)
6.FrLawrence Kelly38.48mMt SAC
7.-Tim Macka37.49mMt SAC
8.FrJohnny Gonzalez37.46mRiverside City College
9.SoMark Horist37.36mMt SAC
10.FrBrian Berkley35.73mSantiago Canyon
11.FrCleveland Hagans35.43mRiverside City College
12.FrMiguel Eizenga33.95mSantiago Canyon
13.FrCruz Leon33.70mGlendale (CA)
14.FrKeith Thibodeavx33.12mRiverside City College
15.FrDerrick Harris32.48mMt SAC
16.FrSpencer Woolwine30.30mGlendale (CA)
17.FrMichael Hoganson24.56mSantiago Canyon
18.FrErwin Salamanca23.90mGlendale (CA)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAdam Bianchessi54.00mMt SAC
2.FrSpencer Woolwine52.17mGlendale (CA)
3.FrLindon Voglezon50.24mRiverside City College
4.FrSteven Robillard49.53mRiverside City College
5.FrAaron Hogue46.20mFullerton (JC)
6.SoJeff Holstein44.22mRiverside City College
7.FrBrian Luc43.76mMt SAC
8.FrColton Grandbouche43.40mFullerton (JC)
9.FrMichael Hoganson43.05mSantiago Canyon
10.SoBrent Evans42.59mFullerton (JC)
11.FrZack Kitterman41.45mRiverside City College
12.FrCruz Leon40.58mGlendale (CA)
13.FrErwin Salamanca38.88mGlendale (CA)
14.FrDarrel Samuel37.05mGlendale (CA)
15.FrAndre Campos36.77mSantiago Canyon
16.FrSteven Snodgrass35.99mRiverside City College
17.FrEric Yang29.59mMt SAC
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSkylar LaCour6-06Riverside City College
2.FrMichael Albrecht6-04Riverside City College
2.FrChristopher Farmer6-04Glendale (CA)
4.SoDajuan Lee6-02Riverside City College
5.FrColton Grandbouche6-00Fullerton (JC)
5.FrJustin Bethea6-00Mt SAC
7.FrJeffrey Dumas5-10Glendale (CA)
8.FrDeAndre Cain5-08Mt SAC
8.FrZack Kitterman5-08Riverside City College
10.FrSteven Snodgrass5-06Riverside City College
10.SoThomas McDaniel5-06Fullerton (JC)
12.FrSteven Robillard5-04Riverside City College
--FrTrenton ParrishNHRiverside City College
--FrCasey BirchardNHRiverside City College
--SoAndy MeyersNHMt SAC
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJordan Alviso16-6Mt SAC
2.-Jeffrey Tran15-0Mt SAC
2.SoTyler Wallace15-0Riverside City College
4.FrDusty Brown14-5Mt SAC
4.SoMark Horist14-5Mt SAC
6.SoEdgar Pellecer13-5Mt SAC
6.FrLonnie Handy13-5Mt SAC
8.FrTrenton Parrish11-5Riverside City College
--FrMatt DavisNHRiverside City College
--FrGiovanni MeraNHGlendale (CA)
--SoChristopher UyNHMt SAC
--SoChristopher SantoyoNHGlendale (CA)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJohn Harris7.15mMt SAC
2.-Damien Ephraim7.01mRiverside City College
3.SoKenneth McGee7.01mFullerton (JC)
4.SoChris Benard6.99mRiverside City College
5.SoCharles Smith6.56mRiverside City College
6.FrSteven Dorsey6.53mRiverside City College
7.SoEmilio Estrada6.20mMt SAC
8.FrRenaldo Reyes6.17mGlendale (CA)
9.FrCasey Birchard6.13mRiverside City College
10.FrJeffrey Dumas6.10mGlendale (CA)
11.SoMichael Bonds5.93mRiverside City College
12.SoBrent Evans5.88mFullerton (JC)
13.FrDeAndre Cain5.86mMt SAC
14.FrJosh Velandria5.84mGlendale (CA)
15.FrRandy Legaspi5.79mGlendale (CA)
16.SoJonathan Morales5.67mSantiago Canyon
17.SoAaron Glean-Sealy5.53mMt SAC
18.SoEdgar Pellecer5.46mMt SAC
19.FrAndre Campos5.33mSantiago Canyon
20.FrHuy Nguyen5.28mSantiago Canyon
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCurtis Wilson15.19mRiverside City College
2.SoChris Benard15.06mRiverside City College
3.SoKenneth McGee15.03mFullerton (JC)
4.-Timothy Crawford13.90mRiverside City College
5.SoMichael Bonds13.46mRiverside City College
6.FrJeffrey Dumas12.87mGlendale (CA)
7.SoAaron Glean-Sealy12.76mMt SAC
8.SoAndrew Simpson12.49mRiverside City College
9.-Steven Harris12.34mSantiago Canyon
10.SoBrent Evans11.92mFullerton (JC)
11.FrRandy Legaspi11.76mGlendale (CA)
12.SoJonathan Morales11.17mSantiago Canyon
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLindon Voglezon47.70mRiverside City College
2.FrJoel Baez46.32mMt SAC
3.FrAaron Licon44.98mRiverside City College
4.FrMarcus Adame44.32mMt SAC
5.FrJohnny Gonzalez44.09mRiverside City College
6.FrCleveland Hagans42.51mRiverside City College
7.FrLawrence Kelly41.04mMt SAC
8.SoJeff Holstein37.41mRiverside City College
9.FrBen Green35.96mRiverside City College
10.FrPatrick Snodgrass35.81mRiverside City College
11.SoJuan Candela34.23mFullerton (JC)
12.FrKeith Thibodeavx34.18mRiverside City College
13.SoArnold Manrique32.66mFullerton (JC)
14.FrEric Yang32.56mMt SAC
15.FrMichael Gutierrez31.24mRiverside City College
16.FrPeter Gonzales30.83mMt SAC

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrUchechi Anunkor11.93aMt SAC
2.SoSecoral Yanez11.97aMt SAC
3.FrJessica Lewis12.24aMt SAC
4.SoSamantha Bogatz12.25aGlendale (CA)
5.SoZina Bascom12.55aRiverside City College
6.FrCarissa Porter12.70aGlendale (CA)
7.-Luckie Carrasco12.79aRiverside City College
8.SoBronze Adams12.89aMt SAC
9.SoDanika Dickerson12.89aMt SAC
10.SoVanessa Cabrera13.15aFullerton (JC)
11.FrMelissa Valder13.38aPalomar
12.FrAlin Jabourian13.94aGlendale (CA)
13.FrChristine Lopez14.40aFullerton (JC)
14.FrLaTijera Meniefield15.12aSanta Ana
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSamantha Bogatz24.74aGlendale (CA)
2.FrJessica Lewis25.05aMt SAC
3.FrUchechi Anunkor25.20aMt SAC
4.SoMaritza Williams25.56aFullerton (JC)
5.-Luckie Carrasco26.27aRiverside City College
6.SoDanielle Lopez26.57aMt SAC
7.SoDanika Dickerson26.58aMt SAC
8.SoAllison Woody26.65aFullerton (JC)
9.FrRobin Hannah26.75aMt SAC
10.SoBronze Adams26.91aMt SAC
11.FrMelissa Sanchez27.31aGlendale (CA)
12.Taletha Calhoun27.49aUnattached
13.FrMelissa Valder27.73aPalomar
14.FrJessica Aguilera28.18aSantiago Canyon
15.FrKarly Weeks28.60aSantiago Canyon
16.FrLaTijera Meniefield31.80aSanta Ana
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDanielle Lopez1:00.09aMt SAC
2.SoAngelina Grigsby1:01.53aMt SAC
3.FrMelissa Sanchez1:02.71aGlendale (CA)
4.SoAllison Woody1:04.20aFullerton (JC)
5.FrDominique Deadwyler1:04.56aFullerton (JC)
6.FrCrystal Smith1:05.22aRiverside City College
7.FrKarly Weeks1:06.79aSantiago Canyon
8.FrPilar O'hara1:18.88aSantiago Canyon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTracee Van Der Wyk2:19.34aPasadena City College
2.FrLaura Pleumer2:23.36aGlendale (CA)
3.FrLaura Naranjo2:23.47aMt SAC
4.SoLenore Moreno2:25.19aMt SAC
5.FrCasey Candelaria2:25.30aRiverside City College
6.SoTiffany Akaniro2:26.15aRiverside City College
7.FrDiana Sanchez2:26.41aGlendale (CA)
8.JrAstyne Price2:27.46aRiverside City College
9.SoArlie Moss2:27.80aFullerton (JC)
10.SoAdrianna Davidek2:27.95aRiverside City College
11.FrReyna Fonseca2:28.57aSanta Ana
12.FrMarissa Tessman2:32.25aGlendale (CA)
13.SoEmilia Rincon2:32.71aMt SAC
14.FrCatlin Kelly2:33.15aGlendale (CA)
15.FrJacqueline Kaste2:33.68aPalomar
16.FrPilar Gamboa2:34.03aRiverside City College
17.FrBrenda Pina2:34.25aMt SAC
18.FrRachelle Abrigo2:36.61aMt SAC
19.FrKloey Glass2:38.41aRiverside City College
20.-Maribel Guerra2:39.02aMt SAC
21.FrVeronica Leon2:40.05aPalomar
22.SoKristina Farmer2:40.38aPalomar
23.FrRebecca Nunez2:44.55aPasadena City College
24.FrAbigail Read2:49.01aPasadena City College
25.FrKarly Weeks2:50.73aSantiago Canyon
26.SoDiana Gasca2:51.33aGlendale (CA)
27.FrFelicia Piris2:54.57aMt SAC
28.FrPilar O'hara2:55.16aSantiago Canyon
29.FrNatasha Nicholson2:56.51aPasadena City College
30.FrLeah Harris3:16.99aSantiago Canyon
31.SoIsabel Basurto3:27.59aGlendale (CA)
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTracee Van Der Wyk4:41.21aPasadena City College
2.FrBrianna Jauregui4:53.84aGlendale (CA)
3.FrMallory Celaya4:57.26aMt SAC
4.SoAngelina Gonzalez4:59.96aGlendale (CA)
5.FrLaura Naranjo5:01.35aMt SAC
6.FrVivan Ochoa5:02.56aGlendale (CA)
7.FrReyna Fonseca5:04.64aSanta Ana
8.FrEvelyne Ruiz5:05.92aMt SAC
9.SoBrenda Perez5:06.43aRiverside City College
10.FrCatlin Kelly5:07.99aGlendale (CA)
11.FrSusanne Andersen5:09.75aPalomar
12.SoPriscilla Rincon5:09.93aMt SAC
13.SoEmilia Rincon5:12.37aMt SAC
14.FrBrenda Pina5:14.11aMt SAC
15.FrLeslie Gomez5:15.14aFullerton (JC)
16.FrRachelle Abrigo5:18.00aMt SAC
17.SoReyna Samaniego5:18.15aGlendale (CA)
18.FrMaria Ramirez5:22.38aSanta Ana
19.FrMichelle Jimenez5:23.21aMt SAC
20.SoJulie Heuring5:24.77aPalomar
21.SoAlicia Gard-Kaminkow5:26.07aPalomar
22.FrRebecca Nunez5:31.23aPasadena City College
23.-Maribel Guerra5:33.36aMt SAC
24.SoDiana Gasca5:38.13aGlendale (CA)
25.SoKarl Perez-Almano5:39.09aGlendale (CA)
26.FrElizabeth Lopez5:40.18aSanta Ana
27.FrAbigail Read5:40.42aPasadena City College
28.FrMegan Hicks5:46.91aPalomar
29.JrReina Ayala6:03.59aPalomar
30.FrDana Martensen6:26.05aPalomar
31.FrLeah Harris6:40.86aSantiago Canyon
32.SoIsabel Basurto6:46.94aGlendale (CA)
X 2 Miles - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRosa Del Toro10:53.92aGlendale (CA)
2.SoLenore Moreno11:00.20aMt SAC
3.FrNina Moore11:11.56aGlendale (CA)
4.SoKatherine Gomez11:22.61aRiverside City College
5.FrKaren Rosas11:27.50aGlendale (CA)
6.SoLarissa Davis11:29.63aRiverside City College
7.FrMallory Celaya11:33.81aMt SAC
8.FrVivan Ochoa11:43.62aGlendale (CA)
9.FrBrianna Jauregui11:48.29aGlendale (CA)
10.SoAngelina Gonzalez11:49.10aGlendale (CA)
11.FrTracee Van Der Wyk11:53.12aPasadena City College
12.SoPriscilla Rincon11:54.82aMt SAC
13.FrEvelyne Ruiz11:56.11aMt SAC
14.FrMichelle Jimenez12:13.41aMt SAC
15.FrAshley Perryman12:15.61aRiverside City College
16.FrTaylor Goto12:16.27aFullerton (JC)
17.SoRebekah Fairley12:22.40aRiverside City College
18.SoReyna Samaniego12:26.60aGlendale (CA)
19.SoEbony Monroe12:36.41aRiverside City College
20.FrSusanne Andersen12:37.96aPalomar
21.FrSamantha Gastelum12:44.48aFullerton (JC)
22.SoKarl Perez-Almano12:49.61aGlendale (CA)
23.FrMaria Ramirez12:50.17aSanta Ana
24.SoJulie Heuring12:51.79aPalomar
25.SoAlicia Gard-Kaminkow13:01.64aPalomar
26.FrDaniella Retano13:07.89aRiverside City College
27.FrElizabeth Lopez13:30.10aSanta Ana
28.FrMegan Hicks13:57.91aPalomar
29.FrVeronica Leon14:09.08aPalomar
30.JrReina Ayala14:30.19aPalomar
31.FrBreanna Robles15:04.60aSantiago Canyon
32.FrDana Martensen15:06.75aPalomar
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTamika Cornell15.77aRiverside City College
2.SoShannon Azizi16.43aGlendale (CA)
3.-Kelly Green16.50aRiverside City College
4.FrRobin Hannah16.56aMt SAC
5.-Gisselle Villasenor16.81aMt SAC
6.FrMadison Farnsworth17.34aFullerton (JC)
7.SoAdriana Paz19.08aPalomar
8.FrFelicia Piris19.62aMt SAC
9.FrChristine Griffith19.77aFullerton (JC)
10.FrJessica Aguilera21.32aSantiago Canyon
11.FrIris Lopez22.28aFullerton (JC)
12.FrJessica Crews25.05aSantiago Canyon
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAdriana Paz1:07.91aPalomar
2.-Gisselle Villasenor1:08.95aMt SAC
3.SoShannon Azizi1:09.07aGlendale (CA)
4.FrNikki Cooper1:09.14aMt SAC
5.FrMadison Farnsworth1:09.54aFullerton (JC)
6.SoLindsay Cano1:11.74aRiverside City College
7.FrMorgan Lee1:13.06aRiverside City College
8.FrErica Rodriguez1:13.15aFullerton (JC)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 47.56aMt SAC
2.-Relay Team 47.99aRiverside City College
3.-Relay Team 48.12aGlendale (CA)
4.-Relay Team 56.76aSantiago Canyon
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:58.60aFullerton (JC)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:58.64aRiverside City College
2.-Relay Team 4:08.75aGlendale (CA)
3.-Relay Team 4:12.35aFullerton (JC)
4.-Relay Team 4:16.95aRiverside City College
5.-Relay Team 4:18.98aPalomar
6.-Relay Team 4:22.66aRiverside City College
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 12:10.39aGlendale (CA)
2.-Relay Team 12:34.28aRiverside City College
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLuseane Makanesi12.65mFullerton (JC)
2.FrLinda Rueff11.80mMt SAC
3.FrAnna Latu11.18mRiverside City College
4.FrCortnee Kleidon11.17mSanta Ana
5.SoSamantha Gutierrez10.90mRiverside City College
6.FrPriscilla Wailase10.62mMt SAC
7.FrTania Moleli10.35mMt SAC
8.FrStephanie Serna10.23mMt SAC
9.Jasmine Peggesse10.16mUnattached
10.SoTanya Martinez10.13mRiverside City College
11.FrCatherine Chidester10.05mMt SAC
12.FrDavi Wilson9.96mFullerton (JC)
13.FrRoshanda Onyiah9.93mMt SAC
14.FrJackie King9.67mMt SAC
15.FrFelicia Piris9.65mMt SAC
16.FrNikki Cooper9.45mMt SAC
17.-Kelly Green8.63mRiverside City College
18.FrPriscilla Felix8.06mSanta Ana
19.SoNune Arutyunyan8.03mGlendale (CA)
20.FrMonica Rosales7.65mGlendale (CA)
21.-Kathy Cancino7.64mSanta Ana
22.FrErica Ruiz6.44mRiverside City College
23.-Laurita Gonzalezz6.41mSanta Ana
24.FrLeticia Armenta6.35mSanta Ana
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSamantha Gutierrez40.41mRiverside City College
2.FrLuseane Makanesi39.75mFullerton (JC)
3.SoTanya Martinez39.57mRiverside City College
4.Jasmine Peggesse36.06mUnattached
5.FrCatherine Chidester35.89mMt SAC
6.FrLinda Rueff35.53mMt SAC
7.FrRoshanda Onyiah32.68mMt SAC
8.FrPriscilla Wailase28.98mMt SAC
9.FrTania Moleli26.77mMt SAC
10.FrErica Ruiz24.58mRiverside City College
11.FrCortnee Kleidon24.43mSanta Ana
12.-Kathy Cancino24.23mSanta Ana
13.FrPriscilla Felix23.90mSanta Ana
14.FrLeticia Armenta21.94mSanta Ana
15.FrMonica Rosales20.44mGlendale (CA)
16.SoNune Arutyunyan19.58mGlendale (CA)
17.-Laurita Gonzalezz17.44mSanta Ana
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSamantha Gutierrez36.67mRiverside City College
2.FrLuseane Makanesi35.68mFullerton (JC)
3.FrStephanie Serna29.08mMt SAC
4.SoAntonia Hinijos24.71mFullerton (JC)
5.FrMonica Rosales24.40mGlendale (CA)
6.FrFelicia Piris23.74mMt SAC
7.FrBrittany Segovia21.59mPasadena City College
8.FrCortnee Kleidon20.37mSanta Ana
9.FrNikki Cooper20.19mMt SAC
10.-Laurita Gonzalezz19.30mSanta Ana
11.FrPriscilla Felix19.02mSanta Ana
12.-Kathy Cancino17.24mSanta Ana
13.FrLeticia Armenta13.58mSanta Ana
14.SoShannon Azizi13.41mGlendale (CA)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jenny Brogdon5-08Club Northwest
2.Tiana Wills5-06Unattached
3.FrRobin Hannah5-00Mt SAC
4.FrNikki Cooper4-10Mt SAC
4.FrSamantha Cuthbert4-10Riverside City College
6.-Kelly Green4-08Riverside City College
6.FrJaniece Camacho4-08Mt SAC
6.FrDaniela Pollard4-08Glendale (CA)
--FrElizabeth LawrenceNHFullerton (JC)
--FrJessica AguileraNHSantiago Canyon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.Michelle DeGraaff10-0Unattached
1.SoVeronica Galvan10-0Mt SAC
3.FrDavi Wilson9-06Fullerton (JC)
4.-Jana Porter9-00Mt SAC
5.SoShannon Azizi8-06Glendale (CA)
6.FrBecka Shaver7-06Mt SAC
6.FrKloey Glass7-06Riverside City College
--FrZobeida LopezNHSanta Ana
---Mary RecintoNHMt SAC
--FrBrenda MoronNHSanta Ana
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLindsay Cano5.08mRiverside City College
1.SoVivian Ibewiro5.08mRiverside City College
3.FrDaniela Pollard4.98mGlendale (CA)
4.SoZina Bascom4.92mRiverside City College
5.FrJasmine Carter4.85mMt SAC
6.FrRobin Hannah4.79mMt SAC
7.SoVeronica Galvan4.74mMt SAC
8.FrNikki Cooper4.69mMt SAC
9.FrFelicia Piris4.58mMt SAC
10.-Berenice Alaniz4.53mFullerton (JC)
11.FrBecka Shaver4.38mMt SAC
12.FrKarly Weeks4.37mSantiago Canyon
13.-Jana Porter3.84mMt SAC
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoVivian Ibewiro11.37mRiverside City College
2.FrJasmine Carter11.27mMt SAC
3.FrDaniela Pollard10.59mGlendale (CA)
4.FrJessica Aguilera9.11mSantiago Canyon
5.-Berenice Alaniz8.86mFullerton (JC)
6.FrJessica Crews8.12mSantiago Canyon
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
2.SoVivian Ibewiro38.04mRiverside City College
3.FrLuseane Makanesi37.49mFullerton (JC)
4.FrAnna Latu36.98mRiverside City College
5.SoSamantha Gutierrez36.90mRiverside City College
6.FrStephanie Serna36.88mMt SAC
7.FrLinda Rueff35.10mMt SAC
8.FrJackie King33.12mMt SAC
9.FrCortnee Kleidon33.07mSanta Ana
10.FrCatherine Chidester32.71mMt SAC
11.FrPriscilla Felix31.69mSanta Ana
12.SoTanya Martinez31.59mRiverside City College
13.FrNoel Wright28.01mMt SAC
14.-Kathy Cancino26.03mSanta Ana
15.-Laurita Gonzalezz25.01mSanta Ana
16.SoAntonia Hinijos24.38mFullerton (JC)
17.FrLeticia Armenta22.63mSanta Ana
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