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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoDave Dobersztyn10.73a PRLewis
2.-Quintin Bailey11.00a SRElmhurst
3.-Geoffrey Gipson11.08a SRConcordia-Chicago
5.SoJamail Mays11.11a SRNorth Central
6.SoAJ Hollanquest11.16a SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
7.SoByron Toliver11.18a PRLewis
8.SoNick Kyriakopoulos11.29aAlbion
9.SoRich Chanchico11.33a PRAugustana (IL)
4.Riley Breese11.1hNaperville Elite
12.FrAnthony Prignano11.41a PRNorth Central
13.-Ryan Williams11.43aAlbion
15.SrBen Ryder11.48a SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
16.JrSeantae' Holland11.49a SRMillikin University
10.SoDerrick Wauthier11.4h SROlivet Nazarene
11.FrRory Fry11.4h SROlivet Nazarene
18.-Bryan Jones11.73a PRMt Mercy
14.-Adetkumbo T.K. Awojulu11.5h PRWisconsin-Parkside
17.SrAdam Smith11.5h PRWheaton (IL) College
19.SoJoe Dillon11.75a SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
20.-Pat Duffy11.9h PRAugustana (IL)
21.FrJared Hartman12.0h SRNorth Central

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoDave Dobersztyn21.67a PRLewis
2.SrDavid Johnson22.00a PRNorth Central
3.SoNick Ver Duin22.09a SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
4.-Geoffrey Gipson22.09a SRConcordia-Chicago
5.-Quintin Bailey22.16a SRElmhurst
6.FrJonathon Rouse22.17a PRConcordia (WI)
7.FrRyan Ellis22.57a SROhio Wesleyan
8.SrBryan Buechel22.61a PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
9.FrEvan Holschbach22.72a SRAugustana (IL)
10.-Russel Verbofsky22.85a PRCarnegie Mellon
11.FrJeremy Schwartz22.87a PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
12.SoMike Luchetti22.99a SRAugustana (IL)
13.SoJamail Mays23.00a SRNorth Central
14.-Bryon Pyka23.15a PRElmhurst
15.-Ryan Williams23.21aAlbion
16.JrRyan Schroeder23.23a SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
17.-Ray Lao23.30a PRElmhurst
18.SoDerrick Wauthier23.45a SROlivet Nazarene
19.FrRory Fry23.46a SROlivet Nazarene
20.-Milton Moses23.60a PRConcordia-Chicago
21.SoVictor Nunez23.61a SRNorth Central
22.JrMichael Adamson23.63a SRNorth Central
23.-Jovan Joyner23.76a PRManchester
24.-Patrick Warren23.84a PRNorth Central
25.-Maciek Wojtas23.99a SRAugustana (IL)
26.Riley Breese24.17aNaperville Elite
27.-Shawn Walsh24.38a PRAugustana (IL)
28.-Pat Duffy25.17a PRAugustana (IL)
29.FrBrad Koback26.65a SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoAdam Smith48.47aLake Superior State
2.SrJerry Krueger49.07a SRAlbion
3.JrGeoff Rozovics49.85a PRLewis
4.JrShandon North49.88a PRBluffton
5.-Eric McCants50.08a PRLewis
6.SoJosh Pahl50.35aGrand Valley State
7.FrKyle Ekberg50.54a SRAugustana (IL)
8.-Troy Lymon50.96a PRElmhurst
9.-Bryan Bescher50.99a PRMarquette
10.-Adam Johnson51.15a PRWashington U in St. ...
11.-Russel Verbofsky51.16a PRCarnegie Mellon
12.SoBen Berg51.33a SRWheaton (IL) College
13.SoCory Hagedorn51.37a SRConcordia (WI)
14.-Bryan Jones51.70a PRMt Mercy
15.-Darrin Grotrian52.14a PRManchester
16.JrMike Stowe52.24a SRGrand Valley State
17.JrAaron Smith52.37a PRAurora
18.FrAntonio Jones52.68a SRMarquette
19.FrTommy Robertson53.14a SRNorth Central
20.FrAdam Singleton53.24a PRLewis
21.-Chris Steinbach53.4h PRNorth Central
22.SrRobert Clopton53.65aWashington U in St. ...
23.-Maciek Wojtas55.6h SRAugustana (IL)
24.-Shawn Walsh56.0h PRAugustana (IL)
25.JrBrandon Wales56.4h PRWisconsin Lutheran
-Mike CooleyNT PRElmhurst

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoSteve Ludwig1:50.37a PRWisconsin-Parkside
2.JrBryan Boeve1:51.42a PRGrand Valley State
3.SoAdam Pennington1:51.50a PRNorth Central
4.Juan Carillo1:51.53aUnattached
5.JrJohn Collins1:51.75a PRGrand Valley State
6.JrJulius White1:51.80a PRNorth Central
7.SoMatt Kramer1:52.23aWisconsin-Superior
8.SoEric Keen1:52.36aWisconsin-Whitewater
9.JrJoe Boberschmidt1:53.39a SRWisconsin-Whitewater
10.FrGarret Piispanen1:53.40a PRAllegheny
11.JrTodd Schuster1:53.48a SRCalvin
12.JrMike Eck1:53.90a PRLewis
13.JrAaron Kenemer1:53.97aHope
14.JrDavie Quinn1:54.18a PRCarnegie Mellon
15.JrEmil Bojanov1:54.20a PRUniversity of Chicago
16.SrJustin Marquardt1:54.31a PRWisconsin-Whitewater
17.SrSam Meier1:54.48a SRCarthage
18.SrAndy Hubner1:54.93a PRNorth Central
19.SrWill Lingle1:55.10a SRWheaton (IL) College
20.SoEmory Burdette1:55.25a PRLewis
21.FrAlek Konopacki1:55.43a SRWisconsin-Whitewater
22.JrTommy Schmitz1:55.61a PRMarquette
23.JrDavid Honebrink1:55.64a PRConcordia (WI)
24.FrTakis Pifer1:55.75aSpring Arbor
25.FrMike Arnold1:55.81a PRNorth Central
26.SoTim Jenkins1:56.08a PRLincoln CC (IL)
27.JrRyan Lester1:56.36a PRWashington U in St. ...
28.Ben Hilby1:56.79aUnattached
29.SoAlan Smith1:57.11a PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
30.JrTodd Smith1:57.39a PRCornerstone
31.SoMike Verre1:57.55a PRLincoln CC (IL)
32.JrMark Johnson1:57.67a PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
33.-Phil Hahm1:57.67a PRWisconsin Lutheran
34.SrTony Bellington1:57.71a PRAugustana (IL)
35.SrDarren Orange1:57.79a PRLewis
36.JrJonathon Thompson1:57.86a SROlivet Nazarene
37.Steve Walkey1:57.96aUnattached
38.SoChris Michael Echols1:58.12a PRWittenberg
39.SoChristian Postel1:58.28a SRFranklin
40.SrZach Middleton1:58.37a PRGreenville
41.-Todd Crouch1:58.59a SRSpring Arbor
42.FrCody Miles1:58.73a PRMarquette
43.SoDavid Matthews1:58.87a PRAurora
44.-Elliot Nott1:59.24a PRNorth Park University
45.JrCurt Hurd1:59.38a PRAugustana (IL)
46.FrRob Hansen1:59.81a SRWisconsin-Parkside
47.SrRoland Hopkins2:00.37a SRNorth Central
48.JrCurtis Flake2:00.52a PRGreenville
49.SoSteve Albanese2:00.72a PRNorth Central
50.JrKeith Nowicki2:00.78a SRElmhurst
51.-Ryan Shannon2:01.50a PRAurora
52.FrZach Cupples2:01.53a SRAugustana (IL)
53.SoJosh Bond2:01.83aGreenville
54.FrJoe Gaskill2:01.86a SRNorth Central
55.Chad Zeman2:02.44aUnattached
56.FrJason Beer2:02.93a SRNorth Central
57.SoRobert Murphy2:02.97a SRAugustana (IL)
58.-Scott Anderson2:03.26a SRAurora
59.SoAnthony Swift2:03.81a PRLincoln CC (IL)
60.JrJames Daul2:04.13a SRCarthage
61.FrJoseph JJ Babb2:04.16a SRNorth Central
62.SoBrian Ruder2:04.45a PRLincoln CC (IL)
63.JrRyan Board2:04.46a PRNorth Central
64.FrJason Weslowski2:04.47a PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
65.Nick Dunn2:04.60aUnattached
66.Matt Legal2:04.85aUniversal Sole
67.FrJordan Brewner2:05.07a SRAugustana (IL)
68.FrAdam Tisue2:05.11a SRAugustana (IL)
69.SoDan Branca2:05.24aDePaul
70.Kip Michalak2:06.09aUnattached
71.FrAdam Johnson2:07.08a PRNorth Central
72.JrCharles Doss2:07.20a PRUniversity of Chicago
73.FrAlex Robertson2:07.25a SRGreenville
74.-Miles Riggs2:08.00a PRNorth Central
75.FrPaul Green2:08.12a PRAugustana (IL)
76.FrJohn Oliver2:09.33a SRNorth Central
77.FrJeff Tourville2:10.18a PRLincoln CC (IL)
78.FrNeal Miller2:11.23a PRWisconsin Lutheran
79.SoAndrew Medwecky2:12.40a PRNorth Central
80.FrMatt Mueller2:14.36a PRNorth Central
81.SoColin Nolan2:16.96a SRNorth Central
82.FrJames Nebl2:20.99a PRNorth Central
83.Richard Skirball2:21.39aUnattached
84.FrFrank Martin2:22.79a PRNorth Central
85.SrGuthrie Hood2:41.81a SRNorth Central
SoCody EllermeyerDNFSouthern Illinois-Ed...
SoAdrian MyersDNF SRLewis

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrAndy Hubner3:51.5hNorth Central
2.SoTyler Sigl3:51.9h PRWisconsin-Platteville
3.SrAnthony Pavicic3:52.4h PRLake Superior State
4.SoCameron Klein3:53.4h PRWisconsin-Platteville
5.SoBrian Butzler3:55.9h SRWisconsin-Whitewater
6.SrRoland Hopkins3:57.1h PRNorth Central
7.JrBlake Marcum3:57.42a SRSouthern Illinois-Ed...
8.Chris George3:57.5hUnattached
9.SrCal Kromm3:58.6h PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
10.Tim Pierie3:59.39aUnattached
11.JrAndy Tremble3:59.6h SRLewis
12.JrJulius White3:59.81a PRNorth Central
13.JrRobert Hanauer4:00.21a PRAugustana (IL)
14.FrJoe Gaskill4:00.69a PRNorth Central
15.JrDrew Wyant4:01.04a PRDePauw
16.FrBrian McConnell4:01.07a SRElmhurst
17.Kyle Somerfield4:01.76aUnattached
18.SrJosh Kujawa4:02.08a SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
19.SoSteve Albanese4:02.17a PRNorth Central
20.SoAlan Smith4:02.40a PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
21.JrCurtis Flake4:03.03a PRGreenville
22.SrBob Dillis4:03.41a PRWisconsin-Platteville
23.FrBrian Odegaard4:03.42a PRCalvin
24.JrMatt Kieffer4:04.00a PRCarthage
25.JrJosh Bozue4:04.79a PRSouthern Illinois-Ed...
26.FrPhil Richert4:04.89a PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
27.FrDerrick Fameree4:05.44a PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
28.SoChristopher McCabe4:05.52aAlbion
29.JrTyler Zwagerman4:06.78a PRCalvin
30.Daniel Mackey4:07.2hRunners Roost
31.JrLarry Anzalone4:07.25a PRLewis
32.SoJosh Bond4:07.89a SRGreenville
33.SrBrian Horst4:08.35a SRNorth Central
34.SrBen Glass4:08.73a PRPrincipia
35.SoTimothy Brodeur4:11.47a SRNorth Central
36.SrGary Garcia4:12.25a PRWisconsin-Whitewater
37.JrCameron Ausen4:12.66a PRWisconsin Lutheran
38.Arjun Majumdar4:12.66aUnattached
39.Brian Brodeur4:13.05aUnattached
40.SrTim Koepsell4:13.54a SRWisconsin Lutheran
41.SoNathan Kennedy4:13.98a PRNorth Central
42.FrJeff Ritzema4:14.40a SRLewis
43.SoBrian Lesiewicz4:14.86a SRNorth Central
44.-Adam Manta4:15.54a SRNorth Central
45.SoBen Coon4:15.61a PRAugustana (IL)
46.SoBrian Robertson4:15.64a PRWashington U in St. ...
47.SoBen Putman4:15.99a SRGreenville
48.FrDan Gardner4:16.26a PRUniversity of Chicago
49.FrJason Beer4:16.65a SRNorth Central
50.JrGeoff Misek4:17.33a PRCarnegie Mellon
51.FrRyan Sather4:18.55a PRLewis
52.FrJohn Oliver4:18.65a SRNorth Central
53.SoBrett Dorak4:19.36a PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
54.JrPaul Rollet4:19.45a PRNorth Central
55.SoBrandon Morreale4:22.29a PRCarthage
56.JrStephen Palmer4:22.38a PRWheaton (IL) College
57.SoJared Lauer4:23.56a PRLewis
58.FrJoe Lutzow4:23.90a PRConcordia-Chicago
59.SrKyle Barnes4:24.10a PRHope
60.SoAndrew Medwecky4:24.53a PRNorth Central
61.SoJason Coates4:24.67a PRUniversity of Chicago
62.FrGeoff Wright4:26.11a PRAugustana (IL)
63.SoJohn Ross4:26.84a PRUniversity of Chicago
64.FrRyan Miller4:27.16a PROlivet Nazarene
65.FrBob Spelich4:27.22a SRElmhurst
66.FrCory Towle4:27.45a SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
67.FrEugene Kobayashi4:27.72a PRUniversity of Chicago
68.SoPatrick O'Brien4:28.18a SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
69.FrNate Schlindwein4:33.26a PRAugustana (IL)
70.FrMatt Mueller4:35.01a SRNorth Central
71.FrPayton Saunders4:37.67a PRSpring Arbor
72.SoEric Locke4:38.55a SRConcordia (WI)
73.FrJames Nebl4:45.01a PRNorth Central
74.SoColin Nolan4:46.20a PRNorth Central
75.-Christian Hunter4:47.20a PRWheaton (IL) College
76.Tony King4:47.28aUnattached
77.SrGuthrie Hood5:29.44a SRNorth Central
FrLogan BeausoleilDNF SRAugustana (IL)
JrCharles DossDNF PRUniversity of Chicago
FrSteve BriggsDNF PRMarquette
SoAdrian MyersDNF PRLewis
SrGreg ReindlDNF SRWashington U in St. ...
SoSeth WeenerDNFHope
-Dan LaneDNF SRSpring Arbor
SoKyle PetersonDNF SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
-Adam SteinkeDNF SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
SoCory BaumannDNF SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrRyan Terlouw14:31.29a PRHope
2.FrWilliam Kaul14:33.87a SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
3.SoRyan Place14:34.01a SRAllegheny
4.JrRyan Holm14:34.10a SRGrand Valley State
5.SoGrant Fall14:35.87a PRGrand Valley State
6.Jeffrey Boele14:36.13aUnattached
7.JrStephen Cohen14:38.47a PRAnderson (IN)
8.JrTim Finnegan14:39.82a PRCalvin
9.SrBeau Meredith14:42.44a SRGreenville
10.SrNicholas Hird14:42.51a SRNorth Central
11.JrBen Mourer14:42.75a PRAllegheny
12.Chris Pabst14:43.72aUnattached
13.SrNick End14:45.10a PRCarnegie Mellon
14.Jason Parks14:45.32aUnattached
15.FrJedidiah Christiansen14:47.57a SRCalvin
16.FrMatt Field14:49.89a PRWheaton (IL) College
17.JrJeff Bailey14:51.89a PRAugustana (IL)
18.JrKevin Oelstrom14:52.25a PRWisconsin-La Crosse
19.Brantley Lutz14:55.14aPower Bar
20.SrHarrison Jorritsma15:01.60a PRCalvin
21.Emisael Favala15:02.09aUniversal Sole
22.Jack Kafel15:06.52aUniversal Sole
23.SoPatrick Leonard15:08.36a PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
24.SoJonathon Gries15:09.52aCalvin
25.SoTimothy Brodeur15:10.41a PRNorth Central
26.JrMatt Kempton15:11.46a PROhio Wesleyan
27.SoChris Robertz15:12.29a SRAquinas
1.JrDavid Kawa15:16.1h PRBerry
28.SoKacey Carr15:16.48a SROlivet Nazarene
29.SoNick Fulton15:22.13a SRWisconsin-Platteville
30.FrNathaniel Hird15:25.57a SRNorth Central
31.SoJim Parejko15:26.17a SRWisconsin-La Crosse
32.SrAdam Houghton15:26.28a PRAugustana (IL)
33.SoZachary Blough-Orr15:27.65a PRAquinas
34.SoBrandon Brown15:27.77a PRWashington U in St. ...
35.SoJohn Lanzetta15:29.26a PRWheaton (IL) College
36.JrCasey Abston15:32.22a SRGrand Valley State
37.FrDaniel VandenAkker15:33.16aCalvin
38.SoTimothy Larson15:35.32a PRNorth Central
39.Paul Moran15:39.13aUnattached
40.-Brad Robinson15:56.96a SRTrinity (TX)
41.SoJeremy Daum16:04.02a PRTrinity (TX)
2.SrBen Krichko16:08.3hBerry
42.JrChetan Huded16:09.33a PRUniversity of Chicago
43.JrEric Brechtel16:12.09a PRNorth Central
3.FrRyan Solomon16:19.9hDePaul
44.JrTony Clavio16:20.57a PRAugustana (IL)
45.SrJay Puffpaff16:25.05aAlbion
4.SoRyan McClay16:36.6hBerry
5.FrRobert Morgan16:37.8hDePaul
6.FrBrian Godar16:48.9h PRDePaul
46.FrKyle Horst16:50.82a SRNorth Central
47.SoStephen Berquist16:51.14a PRUniversity of Chicago
48.Kevin Horst16:55.10aNcc Alumni
7.FrJeremy Applebaum17:09.2h SRDePaul
49.FrKody Carr17:12.75a SROlivet Nazarene
50.FrSeth Fankhauser17:37.34a SRGreenville

10,000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrChris Bosworth31:10.96a SRNorth Central
2.FrBrandon Mull31:18.61a SRWheaton (IL) College
3.SoJesse Mcdaniel31:24.31a SRWashington U in St. ...
4.Justin Stakston31:26.25aRunNFun
5.JrBrian Keilen31:42.75a SRAquinas
6.SoAndrew Northrup31:48.90a SRLewis
7.JrJames Jones32:02.62a PRAquinas
8.SrPat Hogan32:30.89a PRUniversity of Chicago
9.JrDan Dickinson32:34.56a PRUniversity of Chicago
10.SoNathan Straathof32:39.81a PRAquinas
11.FrAndrew Redmann33:09.45a SRWheaton (IL) College
12.FrJon Ascolese33:29.62a PRUniversity of Chicago
13.SrDaniel Montgomery33:37.60a PRNorth Central
14.FrChris Peverada33:49.57a SRUniversity of Chicago
15.FrRyan Sather34:28.24a PRLewis
1.. Deaton39:15.1hUnattached

110m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.SoDan Jackson14.6hGrand Valley State
2.SoGarron Lucius14.7hGrand Valley State
2.FrRashawn White14.7hAnderson (IN)
4.-Josh Hammar14.8h PRWheaton (IL) College
4.SrJustin Blackburn14.8h PROhio Wesleyan
6.SoBen Zizis14.9h SRWisconsin-Platteville
6.JrMike Stowe14.9h PRGrand Valley State
6.SoJon Schellin14.9hWisconsin-Whitewater
9.-Nicholas Bannister15.20a PRCarnegie Mellon
11.SrJoseph Schneider15.46aWisconsin-Whitewater
10.-Scot Frassetto15.3h PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
12.-Nicholas Shepkowski15.94a PRNorth Central
13.-Brett Hespell15.95a SROlivet Nazarene
14.FrJeff Helberg16.28a PRNorth Central
15.-Mike Doll17.09a SRUniversity of Chicago
16.SoTyler MacDonald17.09a SRAugustana (IL)
17.FrNick Katsandonis17.81a SRWisconsin-Oshkosh

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.FrTed McMillan53.62aAugustana (IL)
2.SrJean Middleton54.05a PRLewis
3.SrJoseph Schneider54.11aWisconsin-Whitewater
4.-Brendan Kelley54.34a SRWisconsin-Parkside
5.JrStephen Schnackel54.47a PRNorth Central
6.SoAdam Baumann54.48aWisconsin-Stevens Po...
7.FrPeter Antor54.64aGrand Valley State
8.SoAlvin Smith55.48aOlivet Nazarene
9.SoDJ Battistella55.76a SRLake Superior State
10.FrBrian Barrett56.07a PRLewis
11.SoTim Rickard56.6h PRWabash
12.-Mark Snodgrass57.01a SRWisconsin-Parkside
13.FrTravis Quigley57.01a PRAurora
14.FrTanner Coghill57.13a SRWashington U in St. ...
15.FrAhmed Chaudhry57.64aAlbion
16.FrNick Katsandonis58.20a SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
17.SoGreg Blythe59.8h PRMt Mercy
18.-Scot Frassetto1:00.7h PRWisconsin-Oshkosh

3k Steeplechase  Varsity - Finals

1.JrDerek Scott8:54.4h PRCornerstone
2.-Mike Helihy9:06.4h PRWisconsin-La Crosse
3.FrChris Hammer9:08.2h SRGrand Valley State
4.JrRobby Young9:10.0h SRGrand Valley State
5.JrJeremy Williams9:11.4h PRMarquette
6.JrAnthony Becknek9:11.6h SRDePaul
7.SrNicholas Johnson9:13.4hAugustana (IL)
8.Randy Bill9:15.88aUnattached
9.SrTeage O'Connor9:18.3hUniversity of Chicago
10.SrPaul Brown9:22.2h PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
11.SrBill Walkowicz9:22.7h PRWisconsin-La Crosse
12.SoMike White9:27.4h SRCarthage
13.JrPatrick Earl9:30.4h SRAquinas
14.JrAndy Thomack9:30.9h PRGreenville
15.JrWill Crabtree9:35.4h PROhio Wesleyan
16.JrBrandon Lesky9:36.7h PRWisconsin-Oshkosh
17.FrBrent Kann9:36.9h SRWisconsin-Eau Claire
18.SrKyle Weller9:37.0h SRAnderson (IN)
19.-Micah Hernandez9:37.9h PRWisconsin-Eau Claire
20.JrEric Comiskey9:42.8h SRCarthage
21.JrJoe Guinness9:44.9h PRWashington U in St. ...
22.-Kevin Olejar9:46.0h PRWisconsin-La Crosse
23.JrRussell Goessl9:46.5h PRWisconsin-Platteville
24.SoLuke Owens9:47.21a PRCornerstone
25.SrJeff Mlynski9:48.2h PRCarthage
26.FrRobert Bailey9:51.2h SRHope
27.FrTravis Nechuta10:00.1h PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
28.FrGreg Haak10:01.0h PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
29.SoAnthony A.J Schaeffer10:03.0h SRNorth Central
30.SrKaylon Spengler10:04.3h SRMt Mercy
31.FrRyan Stephens10:07.1h SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
32.Frjason Lisowe10:22.4h SRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
33.SrTravis Hartke10:24.7h PRNorth Central
34.FrEric Deters10:25.6h PRLincoln CC (IL)
34.FrRoger Straz10:25.6h SRCarthage
36.FrKurt Kamrath10:31.6h SRNorth Central
37.FrZach Shiels10:33.7h SRWisconsin Lutheran
JrPeter SercerDNFHillsdale
-Eric KnaebeDNF PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 41.53aLewis
2.-Relay Team 41.76aConcordia (WI)
3.-Relay Team 42.01aWisconsin-Stevens Po...
4.-Relay Team 42.45aElmhurst
5.-Relay Team 42.47aAugustana (IL)
6.-Relay Team 43.02aNorth Central
7.-Relay Team 43.39aOlivet Nazarene
-Relay Team DNFWisconsin-Oshkosh

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:11.95aGrand Valley State
2.-Relay Team 3:14.46aWisconsin-Stevens Po...
3.-Relay Team 3:14.73aWisconsin-Whitewater
4.-Relay Team 3:15.80aWabash
5.-Relay Team 3:16.31aLewis
6.-Relay Team 3:17.98aWisconsin-Oshkosh
7.-Relay Team 3:18.60aWisconsin-Platteville
8.-Relay Team 3:19.74aAugustana (IL)
9.-Relay Team 3:20.00aWisconsin-Eau Claire
10.-Relay Team 3:20.21aOlivet Nazarene
11.-Relay Team 3:20.62aAlbion
12.-Relay Team 3:23.12aNorth Central
13.-Relay Team 3:26.78aAurora
14.-Relay Team 3:26.90aIllinois Wesleyan
15.-Relay Team 3:32.16aWisconsin-Stevens Po...
16.-Relay Team 3:33.30aNorth Central
17.-Relay Team 3:34.24aAugustana (IL)
18.-Relay Team 3:46.19aWisconsin-Stevens Po...
19.-Relay Team 3:51.19aWisconsin Lutheran
-Relay Team DNFLewis

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.SrDwayne Lockridge16.50mAnderson (IN)
2.Scott Block16.31mUnattached
3.JrLuke Kimlinger15.69m SRWisconsin-La Crosse
4.SrMike Raether15.55m PRWisconsin-La Crosse
5.JrBrian Steingraber15.31m PRWisconsin-Platteville
6.SoMarc Holt15.10m SRNorth Central
7.SrGreg Lorence14.95m PRNorth Central
8.-Tom Sroka14.89m SRAurora
9.JrChris Winkler14.78m PRLake Superior State
10.-Patrick McClendon14.03m SRConcordia-Chicago
11.JrKyle Robinson14.02mAlbion
12.FrStephen Gray14.00m SRNorth Central
13.FrRyan Armstrong13.41m SRNorth Central
14.SoAndrew Foote12.60m SRNorth Central
15.-Rick La Fleur12.04m PRWisconsin Lutheran
16.SoBrandon Hubner11.25m SRNorth Central
17.JrMike Stowe10.38mGrand Valley State
18.-Matt Arentsen10.37m PRWisconsin Lutheran
19.-Keith Phelan9.68m PRAurora

Discus - 2kg  Varsity - Finals

1.SrLance Brooks57.85m PRMillikin University
2.SrPete Ringquist56.82m PRWisconsin-Whitewater
3.JrFloyd Turner53.84mIowa Wesleyan
4.SrRoss Kapp51.22m PRWisconsin-Whitewater
5.Adam Longsworth49.63mUniversity o
6.SoDan Probst49.35m SRLewis
7.Scott Block49.11mUnattached
8.-Andy Ballard48.79m PRMarquette
9.JrPeter Maxwell46.72mAlbion
10.SrJustin Grasmeyer46.57m SRCalvin
11.-Jeff Kluge43.06m SRMarquette
12.-Clyde Mayer42.70m PRWittenberg
13.SoMarc Holt42.48m SRNorth Central
14.Bart Williams41.86mUniversity o
15.SoMatthew Kelling39.93m SROlivet Nazarene
16.FrStephen Gray39.84m SRNorth Central
17.FrKendall Thomas39.45m SROlivet Nazarene
18.FrRyan Armstrong38.98m SRNorth Central
19.-Jonathan DeCou38.81m PRAlbion
20.SoRyan Jensen38.25mCalvin
21.FrKeith Jamerson35.50m PRMarquette
22.-Tom Sroka34.09m SRAurora
23.JrJustin Rudock33.78m PRNorth Central
24.-Keith Phelan32.92m PRAurora
25.FrDan Linneman29.15m SRNorth Central
26.SoBrandon Hubner26.64m SRNorth Central
FrAlex FinkeFOUL SRNorth Central

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.-Matt Gordon53.75mAlbion
2.Nikolaos Potouridis51.05mPaneIllinois GS
3.Matt Vlaardingerbroek43.07mUnattached
4.JrAaron Smith43.03m PRAurora
5.JrEric Schmidt38.94m SRNorth Central

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoRaymond Bratchett1.99mMarquette
1.FrMichael Buist1.99mCalvin
3.-John Oakley1.89m PRAurora
3.-Rodney Swanson1.89mWisconsin-Whitewater
5.SoMitch Ellis1.84mWisconsin-Stevens Po...
6.SoJustin Kossak1.79m SRAugustana (IL)
6.-Matt Tomcyzk1.79m PRElmhurst
8.-Byron Stanley1.74m PRNorth Central
JrJordan ThomasFAIL SRMillikin University

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.JrMark Hollis5.15mOlivet Nazarene
3.FrBryant Wilson5.00m SRGrand Valley State
5.SrBrian Beach4.85mGrand Valley State
5.SoMichael Bina4.85mNorth Central
7.SoJohn Thompson4.55m PRAugustana (IL)
7.SoJeff Zoellick4.55m PRLewis
7.JrMorgan Manogue4.55m PROlivet Nazarene
10.FrSteve Sulfridge4.40m SRAugustana (IL)
10.SoWes Jackson4.40m PRAugustana (IL)
12.FrSeth Satterlee4.25m SRUniversity of Chicago
12.-Scott Langille4.25mHope
-John PribikNH SRUniversity of Chicago
FrIan CoxNH SRAugustana (IL)
-Luke SandbergNH PRUniversity of Chicago
JrJason PetitNH SRAugustana (IL)
-Parker GadboisNH PRNorth Central
JrBrian FinchNH PRLewis

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrJason Bowman6.86mAlbion
2.JrThomas TJ Nims6.83m PRTiffin
3.-Matt Svoboda6.69m SRHope
4.SoJon Schellin6.59m PRWisconsin-Whitewater
4.SrBrett Barnes6.59m SRCarthage
6.JrSeantae' Holland6.55m SRMillikin University
7.FrAhmed Chaudhry6.53m SRAlbion
8.-Milton Moses6.46m PRConcordia-Chicago
9.FrJustin McQuality6.34m SRNorth Central
10.-Matt Tomcyzk6.26m PRElmhurst
11.SrJustin Blackburn6.13m PROhio Wesleyan
12.JrMike Stowe6.11m SRGrand Valley State
13.-Eric Knaebe6.05m PRWisconsin-Stevens Po...
14.FrJared Hartman5.92m SRNorth Central
15.SoJoe Dillon5.79m SRWisconsin-Oshkosh
16.FrMatt Waite5.70m PRAurora
17.FrJeff Helberg5.68m PRNorth Central
18.FrDan Linneman4.91m SRNorth Central

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCharles Lott14.56mAlbion
2.SrMike Paddock14.50m PRWisconsin-Whitewater
3.FrClinton Tillman14.14mWisconsin-Whitewater
4.SrNick Fix14.06m SRWisconsin-Platteville
5.SrTim Zwiers13.92m PRCalvin
6.SoLuke Allison13.54m PRCalvin
7.SoIsreal Brown13.23m SRNorth Central
8.SrAdam Smith13.16m PRWheaton (IL) College
9.SrBrett Barnes13.06m PRCarthage
10.-Brett Peterson12.94m PRUniversity of Chicago
11.FrCraig Mariano12.83m PRAurora
12.-Pierre Nealon12.72m PRAurora
13.FrMatt Waite12.57m PRAurora

Hammer - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.SrRoss Kapp58.09mWisconsin-Whitewater
2.SrDwayne Lockridge54.89mAnderson (IN)
3.SrGreg Lorence52.39m PRNorth Central
4.-Thomas Matta49.71m PRCarnegie Mellon
5.-Jeff Kluge44.98m SRMarquette
6.-Brandon Dyben44.74m SRManchester
7.SoMarc Holt44.64m PRNorth Central
8.FrEric Matuszewski44.51m SRMarquette
9.FrRyan Armstrong44.32m SRNorth Central
10.-Mike MacPhee44.25m PRBenedictine (IL)
11.JrJon Reidy43.03m PRWabash
12.SoRyan Jensen41.24m SRCalvin
13.SoAndrew Foote39.89m SRNorth Central
FrKeith JamersonFOUL SRMarquette
JrAndy KarcherFOUL PRWittenberg
FrKendall ThomasFOUL SROlivet Nazarene
SrPete RingquistFOULWisconsin-Whitewater
-Ryan RohdeFOULWisconsin-Whitewater