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Mt. Pleasant Oiler Invitational

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mt. Pleasant, Mount Pleasant

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaleb Kiper11.59aMidland Dow      
2.11Austin King11.73aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.-Mike Davis11.78aFlint Northwestern A...      
4.11Antony Rudel11.87aGaylord      
5.12Tyler Vanderhoef11.94aLeroy Pine River       
6.9Naoki Teshima11.96aMidland Dow      
7.-Tito Wingfield11.97aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
8.9Trae Hill11.99aGaylord      
9.10Stephon Hardwick12.01aBay City Central      
10.11Taylor Lee12.08aMt. Pleasant      
11.11Levi Riker12.10aLeroy Pine River       
12.11Lennon Torres12.14aMt. Pleasant      
13.9Brian Weissen12.19aMt. Pleasant      
14.9Austin Jones12.36aBay City Central      
15.12Zach Tallent12.42aGaylord      
16.10Grant Markel12.53aOgemaw Heights      
17.9Casey Carruthers12.55aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
18.10Nick Eckerd12.59aBay City Western      
19.11Casey Foote12.69aBay City Western      
20.9Austin Cole12.84aLeroy Pine River       
21.9Andrew Mudd12.88aBay City Western      
22.11Austin Piglowski12.89aOgemaw Heights      
23.12Kyle Bellor13.20aOgemaw Heights      
24.-Dustin Gaines14.55aFlint Northwestern A...      
--10Marc LevertteNTFlint Northwestern A...      
--10Sam HussNTSanford-Meridian      
--11Josh ShattuckNTSanford-Meridian      
--10Matt EickholtNTSanford-Meridian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Drew Meylan23.58aBay City Western      
2.11Austin King24.02aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.-Andrew Alt24.32aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
4.-Mike Davis24.39aFlint Northwestern A...      
5.9Naoki Teshima24.52aMidland Dow      
6.10Kitwana Clark24.55aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
7.11Tavon Walker24.59aLeroy Pine River       
8.11Jesse Powers24.67aLeroy Pine River       
9.12Zach Tallent24.74aGaylord      
10.11Levi Riker24.89aLeroy Pine River       
11.9Brian Weissen25.04aMt. Pleasant      
12.11Taylor Lee25.17aMt. Pleasant      
13.11Peter Crampton25.62aMidland Dow      
14.12Caleb Boileau25.70aBay City Western      
15.10Matt Glynn25.71aSanford-Meridian      
16.10Grant Markel25.81aOgemaw Heights      
17.10Caleb Tomes25.88aGaylord      
18.10Jordan Kaczmarek26.09aOgemaw Heights      
19.11Andrey Koptelov26.48aMt. Pleasant      
20.9Colton Avram26.65aOgemaw Heights      
20.9Alex Dodder26.65aGaylord      
22.10Matt Eickholt28.58aSanford-Meridian      
--10Marc LevertteNTFlint Northwestern A...      
---Theodore TurnerNTFlint Northwestern A...      
---Vaugn MelchiNTSanford-Meridian      
---Joel MillsNTMidland Dow      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Drew Meylan52.49aBay City Western      
2.11Tavon Walker54.31aLeroy Pine River       
3.10Cody Morris54.54aGaylord      
4.11Chris Swaggerty55.31aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
4.11Michael Finn55.31aMidland Dow      
6.10Nathan Flores55.79aBay City Western      
7.11Connor Tribe56.68aMt. Pleasant      
8.11Isaac Ulanowicz56.76aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
9.11Andrey Koptelov57.19aMt. Pleasant      
10.-Anthony Smith57.29aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
11.11Brandon Havercamp57.63aBay City Western      
12.11CALEB Whitley58.40aLeroy Pine River       
13.9Jeremy Wenzlick58.41aSanford-Meridian      
14.-Mike Davis58.43aFlint Northwestern A...      
15.12Eric Ecker58.93aMt. Pleasant      
16.10Sean Hope59.33aGaylord      
17.11Logan Galloup1:01.96aLeroy Pine River       
18.10Kyle Sperling1:02.43aOgemaw Heights      
19.9Jake Sheltrown1:02.86aOgemaw Heights      
20.9Thane Robbins1:04.85aOgemaw Heights      
21.-Carley Crites1:22.63aBay City Central      
--10Matt EickholtNTSanford-Meridian      
--11Tom LancasterNTGaylord      
---Mitch FairchildNTSanford-Meridian      
---Theodore TurnerNTFlint Northwestern A...      
---Joel MillsNTMidland Dow      
--10Brandon HanksNTBay City Central      
--11Daquanta WilliamsNTFlint Northwestern A...      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Reed Kamyszek2:03.45aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.11Ryan Haag2:06.51aBay City Western      
3.12Alex Beckwith2:07.22aMidland Dow      
4.12Bill York2:08.35aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
5.9Nathan Vorwerck2:08.94aBay City Western      
6.12Matt Nitz2:10.42aMidland Dow      
7.11Jeffrey Amthor2:11.52aBay City Western      
8.9Nate Fischer2:11.89aGaylord      
9.9Jeff Bajema2:13.89aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
10.11Zach Felton2:16.36aMt. Pleasant      
11.9David Saead2:16.92aMidland Dow      
12.-Theodore Turner2:19.24aFlint Northwestern A...      
13.11Grant Hine2:19.67aMt. Pleasant      
14.-Ken. McDonell2:21.45aBay City Central      
15.10Zac Kramer2:21.82aMt. Pleasant      
16.11Maliki Darnell2:24.25aLeroy Pine River       
17.11Daquanta Williams2:24.36aFlint Northwestern A...      
18.12Clayton Clemens2:25.04aOgemaw Heights      
19.9Ethan Whitley2:25.56aLeroy Pine River       
20.10Donald Elliott2:25.63aBay City Central      
21.11Derek Seifferly2:27.44aBay City Central      
22.10Austin Pearson2:29.83aGaylord      
23.12Bob Brent2:36.34aOgemaw Heights      
24.9Cason Rawson2:37.50aLeroy Pine River       
25.9Cameron Zettel2:38.08aOgemaw Heights      
26.10Sean Bremer2:40.24aSanford-Meridian      
--10Ken BurnsNTSanford-Meridian      
--9Dan BurnsNTSanford-Meridian      
--11Bryan SlocumNTGaylord      
---Marielle AidridgeNTFlint Northwestern A...      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Reed Kamyszek4:32.56aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.12Matt Kabacinski4:38.59aBay City Western      
3.11Ben Zank4:44.50aMidland Dow      
4.12Martin Nelkie4:44.62aOgemaw Heights      
5.10Steve Grep4:48.59aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
6.10Russ Werra4:48.96aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
7.12Alex Toluhonov4:49.21aMidland Dow      
8.11Michael Todd4:49.53aMt. Pleasant      
9.12Jayden Hesselink4:50.02aGaylord      
10.11Jeffrey Amthor4:51.09aBay City Western      
11.11Spencer Kokaly4:53.79aBay City Western      
12.11Joe Jones4:59.55aGaylord      
13.12Travis Loveberry4:59.72aMt. Pleasant      
14.12Joseph Johnson4:59.90aBay City Central      
15.11Tom Rowley5:09.75aMt. Pleasant      
16.9Ian Callison5:10.06aGaylord      
17.11Ryan Elder5:10.12aBay City Central      
18.10Sid Saghir5:17.96aBay City Central      
19.11Alex Jones5:29.81aOgemaw Heights      
20.9Cason Rawson5:30.28aLeroy Pine River       
21.9Caleb Elkins5:36.21aLeroy Pine River       
22.10Elliot Meiser5:38.43aOgemaw Heights      
23.10Sean Bremer5:38.53aSanford-Meridian      
24.9Justin Seeman5:41.84aLeroy Pine River       
--12William MapesNTSanford-Meridian      
--10Ken BurnsNTSanford-Meridian      
--9Antwan CurisNTFlint Northwestern A...      
--11Daquanta WilliamsNTFlint Northwestern A...      
---Marielle AidridgeNTFlint Northwestern A...      
--9David SaeadNTMidland Dow      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Reed Kamyszek9:52.61aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.12Martin Nelkie10:04.18aOgemaw Heights      
3.10Tyler DuRussel10:41.21aBay City Western      
4.9Clayton Gould10:41.43aMidland Dow      
5.9Charlend Howard10:43.26aGaylord      
6.11David Gould10:44.48aBay City Western      
7.11Michael Todd10:49.14aMt. Pleasant      
8.11Micah Martin10:58.78aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
9.10Jake Pasternak10:59.75aGaylord      
10.11Steven Wysocki11:13.07aOgemaw Heights      
11.11Phillip Carney11:17.68aMidland Dow      
12.12Joseph Johnson11:26.68aBay City Central      
13.12Zach Patton11:28.19aMt. Pleasant      
14.10Sid Saghir11:31.10aBay City Central      
15.12Kyler Kussy11:31.72aMt. Pleasant      
16.11Patrick Eagan11:41.92aOgemaw Heights      
17.12William Mapes11:52.82aSanford-Meridian      
18.11Ryan Elder12:02.49aBay City Central      
19.9Caleb Elkins12:26.61aLeroy Pine River       
20.11Maliki Darnell12:45.13aLeroy Pine River       
21.9Justin Seeman13:13.04aLeroy Pine River       
22.12Michael Krueger13:19.09aSanford-Meridian      
--10Russ WerraNTGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
--12Matt KabacinskiNTBay City Western      
--11Joe JonesNTGaylord      
--10Ken BurnsNTSanford-Meridian      
---Dustin GainesNTFlint Northwestern A...      
--9Durrelle WillisNTFlint Northwestern A...      
--11Kodiak KollmeyerNTMidland Dow      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Versen15.85aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.11Ronnie Trower16.37aOgemaw Heights      
3.11Sean. Daugherty16.47aBay City Central      
4.12Kyle Lee16.59aBay City Western      
5.11Andrew Frank16.94aMidland Dow      
6.-Eric Kersjes17.05aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
7.11Trent Killinger17.17aOgemaw Heights      
8.11Riley Pashak17.82aBay City Western      
9.10Gordon Hoyem17.84aGaylord      
10.11Kylan Vanderpool18.18aMt. Pleasant      
11.-Trevor Langeland18.20aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
12.-Blake Eau Claire18.83aBay City Central      
13.9Dustin Ecker19.20aLeroy Pine River       
14.12Brandon Guthrie19.22aMt. Pleasant      
15.12John Forney19.95aOgemaw Heights      
16.9Cameron Taylor20.05aGaylord      
17.9Cuyler Huffman20.07aLeroy Pine River       
18.11Alan Vennix20.83aBay City Western      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Versen42.41aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.12Kyle Lee42.81aBay City Western      
3.11Sean. Daugherty43.01aBay City Central      
4.11Riley Pashak44.88aBay City Western      
5.11Ronnie Trower45.29aOgemaw Heights      
6.11Kylan Vanderpool45.78aMt. Pleasant      
7.10Gordon Hoyem46.46aGaylord      
8.-Eric Kersjes47.07aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
9.11Andrew Frank47.38aMidland Dow      
10.11Justin Elkins47.99aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
11.11Trent Killinger48.02aOgemaw Heights      
12.11Alan Vennix48.81aBay City Western      
13.9Cameron Taylor49.38aGaylord      
14.9Austin Jones49.63aBay City Central      
15.12John Forney49.66aOgemaw Heights      
16.-Blake Eau Claire49.98aBay City Central      
17.9John DeBoard50.48aLeroy Pine River       
18.9Dustin Ecker50.74aLeroy Pine River       
19.11Dominic Moscradelli50.81aMt. Pleasant      
20.9Jesse Gingrich51.04aLeroy Pine River       
21.12Brandon Guthrie51.74aMt. Pleasant      
--12Derrick HuntNTFlint Northwestern A...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lorenzo. Acosta
Cameron Sullivan
Stephon Hardwick
Darion Lopez
45.08aBay City Central      
2.-Naoki Teshima
Kaleb Kiper
Jon Russell
Andrew Frank
46.88aMidland Dow      
3.-Trae Hill
Cody Morris
Zach Tallent
Antony Rudel
4.-Kitwana Clark
Austin King
Andrew Alt
Tito Wingfield
46.98aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
5.-Levi Riker
Jesse Powers
Tyler Vanderhoef
Austin Cole
47.67aLeroy Pine River       
6.-Taylor Lee
Anthony Genia
Spencer Moran
Lennon Torres
47.73aMt. Pleasant      
7.-Nick Eckerd
Casey Foote
Andrew Mudd
Alan Vennix
48.09aBay City Western      
8.-Sigbjorn Tungodden
Grant Markel
Andrew Arbour
Jakub Pokorny
48.66aOgemaw Heights      
9.-Matt Eickholt
Nathan Fellows
Matt Glynn
Sam Huss
---Richard Byrd
Derrick Hunt
Mike Davis
Josh Carter
NTFlint Northwestern A...      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lorenzo. Acosta
Sean. Daugherty
Cameron Sullivan
Darion Lopez
1:34.32aBay City Central      
2.-Ryan Versen
Kitwana Clark
Andrew Alt
Austin King
1:35.42aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.-Levi Riker
Tyler Vanderhoef
Jesse Powers
Tavon Walker
1:36.46aLeroy Pine River       
4.-Phil Bunge
Andrew Frank
Jacob Poliskey
Michael Finn
1:38.54aMidland Dow      
5.-Sigbjorn Tungodden
Tyler Henderson
Ronnie Trower
James Williams
1:39.24aOgemaw Heights      
6.-Mike Davis
marielle aidridge
Daquanta Williams
theodore turner
1:39.67aFlint Northwestern A...      
7.-Kylan Vanderpool
Taylor Lee
Tyler Lemke
Lennon Torres
1:39.72aMt. Pleasant      
8.-Zach Tallent
Cody Morris
Antony Rudel
Tom Lancaster
9.-Matt Eickholt
Nathan Fellows
Matt Glynn
Sam Huss
---Nathan Flores
Kyle Lee
Caleb Boileau
Drew Meylan
NTBay City Western      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.93aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.-Kyle Lee
Nathan Flores
Jeffrey Amthor
Drew Meylan
3:35.62aBay City Western      
3.-Relay Team 3:38.54aMidland Dow      
4.-Relay Team 3:39.24aBay City Central      
5.-Jesse Powers
Tyler Vanderhoef
Tavon Walker
CALEB Whitley
3:41.01aLeroy Pine River       
6.-Relay Team 3:50.26aMt. Pleasant      
7.-Jakub Pokorny
Tyler Henderson
James Williams
Ronnie Trower
3:54.10aOgemaw Heights      
8.-Ken Burns
William Mapes
Sam Huss
Dakota Talbot
9.-Cody Morris
Bryan Slocum
Sean Hope
Tom Lancaster
10.-Mike Davis
Daquanta Williams
Marc Levertte
theodore turner
4:09.00aFlint Northwestern A...      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeff Bajema
Russ Werra
Bill York
Reed Kamyszek
8:22.79aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.-Ben Zank
Matt Nitz
Alex Toluhonov
Alex Beckwith
8:27.19aMidland Dow      
3.-Relay Team 8:36.55aBay City Western      
4.-Eric Ecker
Zach Felton
Travis Loveberry
Connor Tribe
8:57.35aMt. Pleasant      
5.-Bryan Slocum
Jake Pasternak
Sean Hope
Nate Fischer
6.-Relay Team 9:26.98aOgemaw Heights      
7.-Nate Bremer
Ken. McDonell
Donald Elliott
Derek Seifferly
9:30.49aBay City Central      
8.-Relay Team 9:50.47aSanford-Meridian      
9.-Relay Team 10:10.73aFlint Northwestern A...      
10.-Relay Team 10:13.78aLeroy Pine River       
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anthony Zettel53-10.50Ogemaw Heights      
2.12Matt Stedman46-07.50Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.10John Costello46-02.00Bay City Western      
4.11Jordan Yaklin45-10.25Ogemaw Heights      
5.12Mitch Thomas44-11.50Bay City Western      
6.11Chris Varner43-07.00Midland Dow      
7.10Ross Raymond41-11.50Leroy Pine River       
8.11Nathan. Walsh41-07.50Bay City Central      
9.10Tim Gunther41-07.00Bay City Western      
10.11Matt Kelsey40-03.00Leroy Pine River       
11.11Takahiro Turmo39-09.00Leroy Pine River       
12.11Jon Russell37-11.00Midland Dow      
13.11Issac Kokaly36-11.00Bay City Central      
14.11Tyler Lemke36-08.50Mt. Pleasant      
15.11Brock Vermillion35-02.00Ogemaw Heights      
16.11Trevor Stempky35-01.00Gaylord      
17.11Russ Stingley34-08.00Gaylord      
18.12Rafe Boman34-07.50Sanford-Meridian      
19.-Jamie Dupuie34-05.50Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
20.9Jeremy Nastaj34-01.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
20.-Brandon Derenzy34-01.00Gaylord      
22.10Calvin Webber30-05.50Sanford-Meridian      
23.9Matt Keller29-05.00Mt. Pleasant      
24.9Nick Warner29-03.50Sanford-Meridian      
25.10Dylan Roark29-00.50Mt. Pleasant      
--11Paul JacobsNDBay City Central      
--12Derrick HuntNDFlint Northwestern A...      
--11Josh CarterNDFlint Northwestern A...      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitch Thomas139-00Bay City Western      
2.10John Costello129-05Bay City Western      
3.10Matt Costello121-11Bay City Western      
4.11Anthony Zettel120-01Ogemaw Heights      
5.11Chris Varner115-02Midland Dow      
6.12Matt Stedman110-11Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
7.12Rafe Boman109-00Sanford-Meridian      
8.11Takahiro Turmo104-10Leroy Pine River       
9.10Cameron Sullivan102-06Bay City Central      
10.10Ross Raymond101-00Leroy Pine River       
11.10David Hammond94-10Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
11.-Jamie Dupuie94-10Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
13.10Keegan Taylor94-08Ogemaw Heights      
14.9Robb Hansen93-07Gaylord      
15.11Russ Stingley92-10Gaylord      
16.11Ryan VanGoethem90-06Ogemaw Heights      
17.11Zachary Kanouse89-04Leroy Pine River       
18.11Nathan. Walsh89-00Bay City Central      
19.9Nick Warner85-11Sanford-Meridian      
20.11Trevor Stempky82-09Gaylord      
21.11Brendan Hunn82-06Mt. Pleasant      
22.12Matt Barnum77-10Mt. Pleasant      
23.10Calvin Webber71-05Sanford-Meridian      
24.9Matt Keller70-07Mt. Pleasant      
---Stuart StarkweatherNDBay City Central      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Arbour6-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
3.11Peter Crampton6-00.00Midland Dow      
2.11Brandon Havercamp5-10.00Bay City Western      
4.-Trevor Langeland5-06.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
5.11Antony Rudel5-04.00Gaylord      
6.10Matt Glynn5-04.00Sanford-Meridian      
7.11Ryan Haag5-04.00Bay City Western      
8.11Zachary Goffnett5-02.00Mt. Pleasant      
8.10Sam Huss5-02.00Sanford-Meridian      
10.11Steven Wysocki5-02.00Ogemaw Heights      
10.10Craig Richardson5-02.00Gaylord      
12.11Justin Elkins5-02.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
--10Nathan FellowsNHSanford-Meridian      
--12Kyle BellorNHOgemaw Heights      
--10Matt StrandskovNHMt. Pleasant      
--11Tom LancasterNHGaylord      
--12Caleb BoileauNHBay City Western      
--11Lennon TorresNHMt. Pleasant      
--10Cameron SullivanNHBay City Central      
--10Nick PoppeNHBay City Central      
--9Tommy JacobsNHBay City Central      
--10Marc LevertteNHFlint Northwestern A...      
--12Derrick HuntNHFlint Northwestern A...      
--9Antwan CurisNHFlint Northwestern A...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Lovell10-06.00Leroy Pine River       
2.10Nathan Fellows10-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
2.10Abel Langworthy10-00.00Leroy Pine River       
4.12Dakota Talbot10-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
5.9Dylan Kole9-00.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
--11Logan GalloupNHLeroy Pine River       
--10David AltNHGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
--11Nevin FournierNHOgemaw Heights      
--11Tyler HendersonNHOgemaw Heights      
--9Seger JacksonNHSanford-Meridian      
--11Dan FerrellNHOgemaw Heights      
--12Adam ChaffeeNHGaylord      
--10Austin WoodsNHBay City Western      
--11Jake LabeanNHGaylord      
--12Joe BlackmoreNHMidland Dow      
--11Raymond KleiNHBay City Western      
--10Brandon HanksNHBay City Central      
---Ken. McDonellNHBay City Central      
--9Ian RudelNHGaylord      
--9Quinton KuegerNHBay City Western      
---Al GarzaNHBay City Central      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darion Lopez19-06.00Bay City Central      
2.11Justin Elkins18-10.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.11Ryan Haag18-05.00Bay City Western      
4.-Andrew Alt18-04.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
4.10Stephon Hardwick18-04.00Bay City Central      
6.-Trevor Langeland18-03.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
7.12Phil Bunge18-01.00Midland Dow      
8.10Nathan Flores17-09.00Bay City Western      
9.10Abel Langworthy17-05.50Leroy Pine River       
10.12Brandon Guthrie17-02.00Mt. Pleasant      
11.10Gordon Hoyem17-01.00Gaylord      
12.12Brian Kernstock17-00.00Bay City Western      
13.11Brendan Hunn16-11.00Mt. Pleasant      
14.10Matt Glynn16-07.00Sanford-Meridian      
15.10Josh Kates16-05.00Gaylord      
16.-Marielle Aidridge16-02.00Flint Northwestern A...      
17.10Craig Richardson15-10.00Gaylord      
18.11Anthony Genia15-09.00Mt. Pleasant      
19.9Austin Cole15-07.00Leroy Pine River       
20.11Andrew Arbour15-02.50Ogemaw Heights      
21.11Austin Piglowski15-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
22.12Kyle Bellor14-11.50Ogemaw Heights      
23.10Sam Huss14-08.00Sanford-Meridian      
24.9Jesse Gingrich14-06.50Leroy Pine River       
25.9Durrelle Willis10-01.00Flint Northwestern A...      
--9Antwan CurisNDFlint Northwestern A...      
--11Josh ShattuckNDSanford-Meridian      
--11Sean. DaughertyNDBay City Central      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eden Drier13.63aSanford-Meridian      
2.12Kelsey VanEssen13.68aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.11Danielle Preston13.71aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
4.9Jenna Sampson13.72aMidland Dow      
5.12Jena Koetje13.84aLeroy Pine River       
6.11Lizzie Staples13.92aMt. Pleasant      
7.10Sheena Vokes13.97aLeroy Pine River       
8.9Sharonda Chaney14.22aBay City Central      
9.9Mariah Holmes14.24aLeroy Pine River       
10.10Meghan Ellis14.43aMt. Pleasant      
11.9Hannah Jackson14.52aSanford-Meridian      
12.11Sydney Flaminio14.53aMidland Dow      
13.10Maggie Craig14.62aMidland Dow      
13.9Aliyah Tipton14.62aFlint Northwestern A...      
15.12Sabrina Rouse14.63aMt. Pleasant      
16.11Aubreon Smith14.96aBay City Central      
17.10Carmen Krueger15.15aBay City Western      
18.10Rylee Nowak15.22aOgemaw Heights      
19.12Paige Smith15.30aBay City Central      
20.9Liz Norry15.34aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
21.-Ashley Jordan15.42aFlint Northwestern A...      
22.11Krystal Katzer15.57aBay City Western      
23.9Kelsey Akers15.63aOgemaw Heights      
24.10Maddie Clark15.82aOgemaw Heights      
25.9Caitlin Sunday16.61aSanford-Meridian      
---Aeisha WilliamsNTFlint Northwestern A...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kalena Franklin27.04aOgemaw Heights      
2.10Yanisha Edwards27.75aFlint Northwestern A...      
3.10Sophia Smith28.36aBay City Central      
4.12Kelsey VanEssen28.42aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
5.9Jenna Sampson28.55aMidland Dow      
6.12Jena Koetje28.60aLeroy Pine River       
7.12Sara Lee28.88aSanford-Meridian      
8.11Danielle Preston29.10aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
9.12Erris Jordan29.23aFlint Northwestern A...      
10.11Katelynn Dagen29.26aLeroy Pine River       
11.9Sharonda Chaney29.45aBay City Central      
12.9Hannah Jackson29.90aSanford-Meridian      
13.12Sabrina Rouse29.98aMt. Pleasant      
14.10Sheena Vokes30.75aLeroy Pine River       
15.9Aliyah Tipton30.80aFlint Northwestern A...      
16.9Frankie Carle30.83aOgemaw Heights      
17.10Maggie Craig30.85aMidland Dow      
18.9Dalaina Neff30.89aMt. Pleasant      
19.11Nicole Messing30.96aSanford-Meridian      
20.10Kelsey Neubecker31.33aOgemaw Heights      
21.10Olivia Bundy31.50aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
22.11Nichole Stevenson31.52aBay City Central      
23.10Carmen Krueger31.58aBay City Western      
24.10Meghan Ellis31.62aMt. Pleasant      
25.11Krystal Katzer32.32aBay City Western      
--12Kelsea KocanNTMidland Dow      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristeen Soper1:05.65aOgemaw Heights      
2.10Micheala Bundy1:06.39aMt. Pleasant      
3.9Amanda Decker1:06.90aSanford-Meridian      
4.9Krista Gregg1:08.65aMt. Pleasant      
5.12Jessica Woodman1:08.79aLeroy Pine River       
6.12Robin Lawson1:09.52aSanford-Meridian      
7.11Erica Dean1:09.57aLeroy Pine River       
8.10Yanisha Edwards1:09.94aFlint Northwestern A...      
9.11Jessica Rettig1:10.05aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
10.12Morgan Appell1:10.43aMidland Dow      
11.-Anne Whitman1:10.97aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
12.11Taylor Goik1:11.87aBay City Western      
13.10Rylee Nowak1:12.05aOgemaw Heights      
14.10Lexi Mielke1:13.37aMt. Pleasant      
15.-hannah Collins1:13.98aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
16.11Alexis Loebig1:14.54aMidland Dow      
17.10Kaley Smith1:18.98aBay City Central      
18.12Kandice Torozinski1:19.16aBay City Central      
19.11Kourtnie Kelley1:19.76aSanford-Meridian      
20.12Kaitlyn Bertram1:22.19aOgemaw Heights      
22.9Aliyah Tipton1:29.11aFlint Northwestern A...      
23.12Amanda Wickens2:11.14aLeroy Pine River       
--12Erris JordanNTFlint Northwestern A...      
--12Rachel StadelmaierNTMidland Dow      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Allison VanPatten2:37.43aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.11Brittany Salter2:39.79aMt. Pleasant      
3.9Amanda Decker2:41.80aSanford-Meridian      
4.11Erica Dean2:45.43aLeroy Pine River       
5.-Lexi Conkey2:46.40aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
6.9Natasha Schlatter2:49.52aBay City Western      
7.11Kayla Vredeveld2:50.12aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
8.-Elyse Hogan2:52.06aBay City Central      
9.11Paige Bukowski2:55.27aBay City Western      
10.10Adrien Steinhurst2:55.75aOgemaw Heights      
11.12Bri Sieting2:57.64aLeroy Pine River       
12.11Danielle Loebig3:01.10aMidland Dow      
13.11Hannah LeForce3:02.18aOgemaw Heights      
14.12Kylie Aultman3:02.64aMt. Pleasant      
15.10Lauren Sebald3:05.01aBay City Western      
16.-Elizabeth Wohlford3:06.55aMidland Dow      
17.11Stephanie Abbe3:14.83aSanford-Meridian      
18.12Kaylyn Birgy3:15.98aMt. Pleasant      
19.11Kelsey Kurr3:16.83aBay City Central      
20.10Samantha Dagen3:17.16aLeroy Pine River       
21.10Chelsea Jeske3:17.52aSanford-Meridian      
22.9Amanda Elliot3:22.90aBay City Central      
23.10Sierra Leon3:38.46aFlint Northwestern A...      
24.-Aeisha Williams3:53.07aFlint Northwestern A...      
--10Laken MorrisonNTOgemaw Heights      
--12Allison WhiteNTMidland Dow      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allison White5:19.00aMidland Dow      
2.12Brittany Anderson5:29.00aLeroy Pine River       
3.9Ashley Montgomery5:32.00aMt. Pleasant      
4.10Allison VanPatten5:47.00aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
5.12Francie Phillips5:57.00aBay City Western      
6.11Heidi Pearson5:58.00aMt. Pleasant      
7.12Amanda Peterson6:04.00aBay City Western      
7.12Kendra Ouillette6:04.00aBay City Western      
9.11Brooke Wagner6:07.00aMidland Dow      
10.-Elyse Hogan6:17.00aBay City Central      
11.11Kayla Vredeveld6:18.00aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
12.11Kaitlyn Mitchell6:19.81aMidland Dow      
13.9Megan Versen6:27.00aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
13.12Holly Trapp6:27.00aSanford-Meridian      
15.12Bri Sieting6:32.61aLeroy Pine River       
16.11Molly McGilivary6:43.75aMt. Pleasant      
17.10Angela Nicholson6:47.79aLeroy Pine River       
18.-Marisol Jiminez6:52.85aBay City Central      
19.9Stephanie Wysocki7:01.07aOgemaw Heights      
20.11Stephanie Abbe7:08.98aSanford-Meridian      
21.10Chelsea Jeske7:18.66aSanford-Meridian      
22.9Amanda Elliot7:33.54aBay City Central      
23.12Ganae Zettle7:49.35aOgemaw Heights      
24.9Katie Buzzie7:50.95aOgemaw Heights      
--10Sierra LeonNTFlint Northwestern A...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ashley Montgomery11:50.21aMt. Pleasant      
2.12Brittany Anderson11:55.72aLeroy Pine River       
3.10Allison VanPatten12:36.00aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
4.11Kellie Mussell12:43.11aMidland Dow      
5.12Francie Phillips12:45.58aBay City Western      
6.11Jessica Reeves13:09.70aSanford-Meridian      
7.11Heidi Pearson13:14.44aMt. Pleasant      
8.12Kendra Ouillette13:28.40aBay City Western      
9.12Amanda Peterson13:40.04aBay City Western      
10.10Shiloh St Andrew13:58.89aOgemaw Heights      
11.10Cheyenne St Andrew13:59.19aOgemaw Heights      
12.11Kara Trausch13:59.81aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
13.9Megan Versen14:00.26aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
14.12Bri Sieting14:12.91aLeroy Pine River       
15.-Elyse Hogan14:22.26aBay City Central      
16.11Emily Wilson14:30.11aMidland Dow      
17.-Masha Toulokhonova14:35.84aMidland Dow      
18.11Molly McGilivary14:47.50aMt. Pleasant      
19.12Holly Trapp14:51.74aSanford-Meridian      
20.12Katrina Wert14:53.89aLeroy Pine River       
21.11Jorie Diehl15:30.77aOgemaw Heights      
22.-Marisol Jiminez15:53.80aBay City Central      
23.9Amanda Elliot16:38.58aBay City Central      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kalena Franklin15.59aOgemaw Heights      
2.12Hannah Salogar17.50aBay City Western      
3.12Samantha Olson17.77aMidland Dow      
4.-Liz Carpenter17.97aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
5.-Shauna Stadelmaier18.10aMidland Dow      
6.10Achaia Ferrer18.59aBay City Central      
7.12Jessica Woodman18.64aLeroy Pine River       
8.10Angela Nicholson18.66aLeroy Pine River       
9.10Carly Rounds19.06aMt. Pleasant      
10.10Taylor Bothe19.18aBay City Western      
11.10Sara Robinson19.89aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
12.10Emily Dzurka20.16aBay City Western      
13.10Emily Ecker20.39aMt. Pleasant      
14.12Amber D'Arcy21.16aOgemaw Heights      
15.10Brittany Little21.79aOgemaw Heights      
16.12Katrina Wert21.81aLeroy Pine River       
17.11Emily Schell22.06aBay City Central      
18.-Hailey Westonbroek23.51aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Olson52.72aMidland Dow      
2.-Shauna Stadelmaier52.93aMidland Dow      
3.12Hannah Salogar53.34aBay City Western      
4.12Andi Bogert53.70aLeroy Pine River       
5.10Sara Robinson53.92aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
6.12Jessica Woodman53.96aLeroy Pine River       
7.10Taylor Bothe55.36aBay City Western      
8.10Carly Rounds55.65aMt. Pleasant      
9.-Jaquaya Browder56.42aBay City Central      
10.10Achaia Ferrer57.14aBay City Central      
11.-Liz Carpenter57.51aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
12.12Erris Jordan57.62aFlint Northwestern A...      
13.10Emily Dzurka58.16aBay City Western      
14.10India Dudley1:01.10aFlint Northwestern A...      
15.9Courtney Neering1:01.12aBay City Central      
16.-Hailey Westonbroek1:01.27aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
17.12Katrina Wert1:03.16aLeroy Pine River       
18.12Amber D'Arcy1:05.12aOgemaw Heights      
19.10Brittany Little1:05.17aOgemaw Heights      
--11Shannon TamlynNTMidland Dow      
--12Mae SunNTMt. Pleasant      
--10Sarah KowalczykNTMt. Pleasant      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kristian Franklin
Kaitlin Arbour
Kristeen Soper
Kalena Franklin
54.28aOgemaw Heights      
2.-Ty Strong
Danielle Preston
Cristee Cordes
Kelsey VanEssen
55.27aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
4.-Shannon Tamlyn
Emily Bischoff
Maggie Craig
Jenna Sampson
55.61aMidland Dow      
5.-Aeisha Williams
Ashley Jordan
Yanisha Edwards
Aliyah Tipton
56.22aFlint Northwestern A...      
6.-Meghan Ellis
Lizzie Staples
Sabrina Rouse
Dalaina Neff
56.95aMt. Pleasant      
7.-Sophia Smith
Aubreon Smith
Kaley Smith
Paige Smith
56.97aBay City Central      
8.-Eden Drier
Ashtin Brooks
Hannah Jackson
Nicole Messing
9.-Taylor Goik
Emily Dzurka
Hannah Salogar
Krystal Katzer
57.75aBay City Western      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eden Drier
Robin Lawson
Sara Lee
Hannah Jackson
2.-Ty Strong
Danielle Preston
Cristee Cordes
Kelsey VanEssen
1:56.86aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.-Meghan Ellis
Carly Rounds
Lizzie Staples
Sabrina Rouse
1:57.96aMt. Pleasant      
4.-Erris Jordan
Yanisha Edwards
Aeisha Williams
Aliyah Tipton
1:58.14aFlint Northwestern A...      
5.-Relay Team 1:58.17aLeroy Pine River       
6.-Sophia Smith
Aubreon Smith
Kaley Smith
Paige Smith
1:58.33aBay City Central      
7.-Keely Wyatt
Kelsey Neubecker
Frankie Carle
Kristian Franklin
1:58.42aOgemaw Heights      
8.-Shannon Tamlyn
Emily Bischoff
Katie Clark
Kelsea Kocan
1:59.83aMidland Dow      
9.-Relay Team 2:01.26aBay City Western      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Keely Wyatt
Rylee Nowak
Kristeen Soper
Kalena Franklin
4:33.43aOgemaw Heights      
2.-Morgan Appell
Samantha Olson
Shauna Stadelmaier
Katie Clark
4:34.02aMidland Dow      
3.-Amanda Decker
Robin Lawson
Sara Lee
Eden Drier
5.-Michala Bundy
Krista Gregg
Lexi Mielke
Dalaina Neff
4:41.46aMt. Pleasant      
6.-Jessica Rettig
Sara Robinson
Lexi Conkey
Anne Whitman
4:42.46aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
7.-Sophia Smith
Sharonda Chaney
Achaia Ferrer
Kaley Smith
4:52.67aBay City Central      
8.-Taylor Bothe
Taylor Goik
Lauren Sebald
Natasha Schlatter
4:55.60aBay City Western      
---Relay Team NTFlint Northwestern A...      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:34.46aMidland Dow      
2.-Anne Whitman
Kayla Vredeveld
Lexi Conkey
Allison VanPatten
10:50.26aGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
3.-Relay Team 11:00.53aBay City Western      
4.-Relay Team 11:02.52aSanford-Meridian      
5.-Relay Team 11:16.93aMt. Pleasant      
6.-Relay Team 11:36.96aOgemaw Heights      
7.-Erica Dean
Bri Sieting
Samantha Dagen
Brittany Anderson
11:44.81aLeroy Pine River       
8.-Relay Team 13:08.43aBay City Central      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Russell39-01.75Leroy Pine River       
2.11Alyssa Ambrose36-04.00Bay City Western      
3.12Lauren Steinhurst35-05.75Ogemaw Heights      
4.12Amber Curphy34-11.50Bay City Western      
5.10Amanda. Matthews33-06.25Bay City Central      
6.12Alica Arnold32-06.25Bay City Western      
7.-Rebecca Conger31-04.50Bay City Central      
8.11Laura Schroeder29-10.25Sanford-Meridian      
9.-Valerie. Spyhalski29-08.25Bay City Central      
10.11Stephanie Brindley29-02.50Ogemaw Heights      
11.10Beth Wickens28-03.50Leroy Pine River       
12.12Stephanie Gamble27-09.75Leroy Pine River       
13.9Shayla Hollis27-04.50Mt. Pleasant      
14.12Jaci Clark25-11.25Ogemaw Heights      
15.12Allie Hughes25-03.50Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
16.11Jessica Rettig24-03.25Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
17.9Aliyah Tipton24-01.00Flint Northwestern A...      
18.9Lily Djietror24-00.50Mt. Pleasant      
19.9Maggie Thompson22-11.00Midland Dow      
20.-Emily Babb22-05.75Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
21.-Grace Weckesser21-07.50Midland Dow      
22.10India Dudley19-04.25Flint Northwestern A...      
23.11Bianca Braceero18-03.00Midland Dow      
---Ashley JordanNDFlint Northwestern A...      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Steinhurst113-07Ogemaw Heights      
2.11Haley Russell109-06Leroy Pine River       
3.11Laura Schroeder109-00Sanford-Meridian      
4.11Kia Groya94-07Bay City Western      
5.11Stephanie Brindley85-06Ogemaw Heights      
6.12Jaci Clark84-04Ogemaw Heights      
7.-Rebecca Conger82-06Bay City Central      
8.12Amber Curphy80-10Bay City Western      
9.12Alica Arnold79-11Bay City Western      
10.12Sadie Klida78-03Bay City Central      
11.11Candice Schoenborn74-09Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
12.12Stephanie Gamble73-09Leroy Pine River       
13.9Casey Finney67-04Sanford-Meridian      
14.9Shayla Hollis63-09Mt. Pleasant      
15.11Samantha Prueter62-03Bay City Central      
16.-Emily Babb57-03Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
17.10Sami Phipps55-10Midland Dow      
18.-Nicole Leys54-10Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
19.11Alison Rice53-09Sanford-Meridian      
20.10Beth Wickens53-06Leroy Pine River       
21.11Bianca Braceero50-04Midland Dow      
22.-Grace Weckesser46-06Midland Dow      
23.9Lily Djietror40-00Mt. Pleasant      
---Ashley JordanNDFlint Northwestern A...      
--10India DudleyNDFlint Northwestern A...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Auernhammer5-02.00Bay City Western      
2.12Kristeen Soper5-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
3.-Jaquaya Browder4-06.00Bay City Central      
4.10Olivia Bundy4-06.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
4.12Jessica Gwisdala4-06.00Midland Dow      
6.10Ashtin Brooks4-06.00Sanford-Meridian      
7.11Hannah LeForce4-06.00Ogemaw Heights      
7.10Angela Nicholson4-06.00Leroy Pine River       
9.9Frankie Carle4-06.00Ogemaw Heights      
10.-Liz Carpenter4-04.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
11.12Amanda Wickens4-04.00Leroy Pine River       
12.11Alison Rice4-04.00Sanford-Meridian      
13.12Katrina Wert4-04.00Leroy Pine River       
14.-Cristee Cordes4-04.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
15.11Laura Schroeder4-04.00Sanford-Meridian      
16.-Tori Rombach4-04.00Midland Dow      
17.-Victoria Mosardelli4-02.00Mt. Pleasant      
18.9Allison Smith4-02.00Mt. Pleasant      
19.9Brenna Leahy4-02.00Bay City Central      
--11Emily SchellNHBay City Central      
--11Becca MillsNHMidland Dow      
--10Yanisha EdwardsNHFlint Northwestern A...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.-Liz Carpenter10-00.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
2.12Jena Koetje9-06.00Leroy Pine River       
3.12Robin Lawson8-06.00Sanford-Meridian      
4.9Mariah Holmes8-00.00Leroy Pine River       
5.12Caitlyn Shann7-00.00Bay City Western      
5.11Alison Rice7-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
7.-Jaquaya Browder7-00.00Bay City Central      
8.11Melissa Woodall7-00.00Leroy Pine River       
9.12Mae Sun6-00.00Mt. Pleasant      
9.11Amber Lovett6-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
9.9Brenna Leahy6-00.00Bay City Central      
12.10Cheyenne St Andrew6-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
--8Leah NieboerNHGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
--10Megan LeeNHGrand Rapids Kenowa ...      
--9Emily BischoffNHMidland Dow      
--11Lindsay MaserNHOgemaw Heights      
--11Lizzie StaplesNHMt. Pleasant      
--12Jessica GwisdalaNHMidland Dow      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andi Bogert14-09.00Leroy Pine River       
2.12Morgan Auernhammer14-05.00Bay City Western      
3.10Ashtin Brooks14-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
4.-Jaquaya Browder13-02.50Bay City Central      
5.-Cristee Cordes13-02.00Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
6.10Carmen Krueger13-01.00Bay City Western      
6.9Mariah Holmes13-01.00Leroy Pine River       
8.12Beth Mattzela13-00.00Leroy Pine River       
9.11Katie Clark12-10.00Midland Dow      
10.10Sara Robinson12-09.50Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
11.12Erris Jordan12-06.00Flint Northwestern A...      
12.10Sarah Kowalczyk12-05.50Mt. Pleasant      
13.11Sydney Flaminio12-05.00Midland Dow      
14.12Paige Smith12-01.00Bay City Central      
15.11Nicole Messing11-10.50Sanford-Meridian      
16.12Jessica Gwisdala11-10.00Midland Dow      
17.9Liz Norry11-08.75Grand Rapids Kenowa ...      
18.10Maddie Clark11-05.50Ogemaw Heights      
19.11Emily Schell11-01.00Bay City Central      
20.11Lindsay Maser10-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
21.9Caitlin Sunday9-08.00Sanford-Meridian      
--9Allison SmithNDMt. Pleasant      
--10Becca McBrydeNDMt. Pleasant      
--11Amber LovettNDOgemaw Heights      
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