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S. Prep, West Seattle, C. Sealth, B. Blanchet

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainier Beach, Seattle

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Markeem Adams11.39aWest Seattle
2.12Miles Mercer11.46aSeattle Prep
3.12Sam Angelo11.99aSeattle Prep
9Tere' Calloway12.08aSeattle Prep
4.12Brian Thomas12.16aBishop Blanchet
12Joey DeRitis12.17aSeattle Prep
10Brett Frank-Looney12.22aSeattle Prep
12Kevin Cacabelos12.44aSeattle Prep
11Terence Looi12.45aSeattle Prep
12Nick Bever12.77aSeattle Prep
10Eric Stuppard12.90aSeattle Prep
10Alex Heide13.07aBishop Blanchet
10Darrius Escandar13.17aSeattle Prep
10Niel Kee13.20aSeattle Prep
5.11Daniel Perrine13.58aChief Sealth
6.9Tony Caballero13.64aBishop Blanchet
9Brandon Turner13.82aSeattle Prep
7.9Chip Page13.94aSeattle Prep
9Joey Gavin14.02aSeattle Prep
10Andrew Russell14.10aSeattle Prep
9Cole Flinn14.13aSeattle Prep
8.10Micheal Autenrieth15.16aChief Sealth
12Damony AndersonDNFChief Sealth
12Sonny MensurDNFWest Seattle
9Kyle TibleDNFSeattle Prep
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Markeem Adams22.14aWest Seattle
2.12Miles Mercer22.24aSeattle Prep
3.10Brett Frank-Looney23.83aSeattle Prep
4.11Ray Culala24.53aBishop Blanchet
12Joey DeRitis24.85aSeattle Prep
11Terence Looi25.57aSeattle Prep
5.9Daniel Boyle25.58aBishop Blanchet
12Kevin Cacabelos25.92aSeattle Prep
6.12Charles Fraser26.20aChief Sealth
11Devante' Meullion26.54aChief Sealth
7.11Taufoga Sauni26.55aChief Sealth
9Daniel Orse27.17aBishop Blanchet
10Eric Stuppard27.87aSeattle Prep
8.10Andrew Russell28.17aSeattle Prep
9Will Delaney28.32aSeattle Prep
9Joey Gavin28.38aSeattle Prep
10Darrius Escandar28.39aSeattle Prep
9Brandon Turner28.52aSeattle Prep
10Niel Kee28.61aSeattle Prep
9Chip Page30.14aSeattle Prep
9Kyle Tible31.89aSeattle Prep
12Darvelle LeeSCRWest Seattle
12Sam AngeloSCRSeattle Prep
10Tim BreysseSCRBishop Blanchet
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Terence Looi57.37aSeattle Prep
11Kyle Fukuhara59.04aChief Sealth
1.10Colin Sievers59.30aBishop Blanchet
12Sonny Mensur1:00.33aWest Seattle
2.11David Bruce-Rennick1:00.79aBishop Blanchet
9Cole Peterson1:02.08aBishop Blanchet
3.9Joseph Ylagan1:02.14aWest Seattle
12Deonte Prim1:02.38aWest Seattle
4.12Devin Andrews1:03.46aWest Seattle
9Giovanni Collins1:03.93aChief Sealth
5.10Niel Kee1:04.68aSeattle Prep
10Alex Heide1:05.20aBishop Blanchet
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Drew O'Donoghue-McDonald1:58.53aSeattle Prep
2.11Sean McDonald2:02.29aSeattle Prep
3.11Peter Haskins2:07.41aBishop Blanchet
4.10Peter Thomas2:17.34aBishop Blanchet
5.9Joseph Macalma2:21.59aSeattle Prep
6.9Daniel Sullivan2:22.89aWest Seattle
7.12Cameron Mar2:27.26aSeattle Prep
8.12Ryan Foley2:35.32aWest Seattle
9.9Connor Opie2:40.26aSeattle Prep
10.12Christopher Livingston2:54.52aWest Seattle
9Tom SimpsonSCRBishop Blanchet
10Michael CorrSCRSeattle Prep
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Blume4:29.37aBishop Blanchet
2.12Spencer Belcher4:35.20aBishop Blanchet
3.11Joey Smith5:13.43aBishop Blanchet
4.9Garrett Michael5:22.57aSeattle Prep
5.11Daniel Perrine5:28.56aChief Sealth
6.12Paul Tenge5:34.73aWest Seattle
7.12Ryan Foley5:35.38aWest Seattle
8.9Payton Quinn5:38.02aSeattle Prep
9.9Gabe Coluccio5:39.07aSeattle Prep
10.10Micheal Autenrieth5:46.41aChief Sealth
11.12Mark Walther5:55.55aSeattle Prep
12.10Logan Stillings5:57.32aSeattle Prep
13.9Jack Reinhardt5:59.59aSeattle Prep
14.12Kyle DeFrancia6:01.62aSeattle Prep
15.10Alex Smith6:03.09aSeattle Prep
16.11Will Dahlem6:30.35aBishop Blanchet
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Steven Robinson9:48.01aBishop Blanchet
2.11Max Singler10:25.35aBishop Blanchet
3.12Raleigh Bean10:28.02aBishop Blanchet
4.9Keenan Piper10:30.20aSeattle Prep
5.12Nick Potter10:41.76aBishop Blanchet
6.10Pat Sobba10:47.27aBishop Blanchet
7.12Anthony Coluccio10:52.79aSeattle Prep
8.10Mike Sauvage11:47.46aSeattle Prep
9.12Paul Tenge12:06.47aWest Seattle
10.10Joseph Solomon12:50.11aSeattle Prep
11.10Daniel Thiel13:12.80aSeattle Prep
9Oliver ManleySCRBishop Blanchet
12Brian BrownSCRBishop Blanchet
11Pat MooreSCRBishop Blanchet
12Eli SwedlowSCRWest Seattle
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Montez McGee16.73aWest Seattle
2.12John Barth16.83aSeattle Prep
3.12Paco Yerkes Medina17.26aSeattle Prep
9Tere' Calloway18.41aSeattle Prep
10Max Bubar18.60aSeattle Prep
4.12Preston Beck18.85aBishop Blanchet
5.12Will Saul19.77aBishop Blanchet
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Montez McGee39.74aWest Seattle
2.12Preston Beck45.17aBishop Blanchet
3.12Elison Tran45.91aWest Seattle
4.12Will Saul46.76aBishop Blanchet
9Cole Flinn48.91aSeattle Prep
10Max Bubar51.04aSeattle Prep
5.12John Barth52.68aSeattle Prep
6.9Sam Robertson53.85aSeattle Prep
12Paco Yerkes Medina57.85aSeattle Prep
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Darvelle Lee
Montez McGee
Joe Bell Austin
Markeem Adams
44.66aWest Seattle
2.-Sam Angelo
Joey DeRitis
Miles Mercer
Tere' Calloway
46.33aSeattle Prep
-Kevin Cacabelos
Terence Looi
Brett Frank-Looney
Nick Bever
48.72aSeattle Prep
-Relay Team 49.77aSeattle Prep
3.-Daniel Boyle
Tony Caballero
Daniel Orse
Cole Peterson
51.22aBishop Blanchet
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Blume
Peter Haskins
Spencer Belcher
Peter Thomas
3:45.0hBishop Blanchet
-Preston Beck
Will Saul
Joey Smith
Colin Sievers
SCRBishop Blanchet
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Trumbauer41-03.50Bishop Blanchet
2.11Devante' Meullion41-00.00Chief Sealth
3.11Nick Loesch39-03.00Bishop Blanchet
4.9Gill Biesold-McGee37-11.00Seattle Prep
5.12Luke Hargrett37-09.00West Seattle
6.11Mataeo Strothers36-11.00Chief Sealth
7.12Andrew Nam36-04.00Seattle Prep
8.10Stephen Finlon35-08.00Bishop Blanchet
9.10James Nam35-02.00Seattle Prep
10.10Jacob Green34-11.00Seattle Prep
11.12Jack De Shaw34-08.00Seattle Prep
12.12Anthony Franklin Jr34-05.00West Seattle
13.11John Watkins33-11.00Seattle Prep
14.9Thomas Tuong31-06.00West Seattle
15.10Sam Farley31-05.00Bishop Blanchet
16.10Riki Iaulualo30-02.00Chief Sealth
10Luke Scalzo29'11Seattle Prep
17.10Chris Helmon29-11.00Seattle Prep
18.12Cameron Denton29-04.00West Seattle
19.10Luke Scalzo28-11.00Seattle Prep
20.10Thomas Cornell27-07.00Bishop Blanchet
21.12Antonio Foster26-07.00West Seattle
22.12Rusty Johnston25-07.00Bishop Blanchet
11Taufoga SauniSCRChief Sealth
11Jabrii PolkSCRChief Sealth
11Garrett LepenskeSCRSeattle Prep
11Alex Gonzalez-CressSCRBishop Blanchet
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Trumbauer117-11Bishop Blanchet
2.11Devante' Meullion115-10Chief Sealth
3.11John Watkins109-02Seattle Prep
4.10James Nam107-04Seattle Prep
5.12Andrew Nam92-10Seattle Prep
6.10Stephen Finlon91-03Bishop Blanchet
7.11Mataeo Strothers90-00Chief Sealth
8.12Luke Hargrett84-05West Seattle
9.11Valelei Iaulualo82-06Chief Sealth
10.11Nick Loesch79-04Bishop Blanchet
11.10Chris Helmon77-06Seattle Prep
12.10Riki Iaulualo76-08Chief Sealth
13.9Gill Biesold-McGee74-07Seattle Prep
14.10Sam Farley72-01Bishop Blanchet
15.10Garrett Blair71-11Seattle Prep
16.10Thomas Cornell60-06Bishop Blanchet
17.12Rusty Johnston58-04Bishop Blanchet
11Garrett LepenskeSCRSeattle Prep
12Sam GollowaySCRBishop Blanchet
11Alex Gonzalez-CressSCRBishop Blanchet
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Barth5-02.00Seattle Prep
2.12Nick Bever5-02.00Seattle Prep
3.12Devin Andrews5-00.00West Seattle
12Anthony HopkinsSCRBishop Blanchet
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Flanigan9-00.00Bishop Blanchet
2.11John White8-06.00Bishop Blanchet
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Angelo19-05.50Seattle Prep
2.12Brian Thomas18-08.00Bishop Blanchet
3.10Brett Frank-Looney18-05.00Seattle Prep
4.11Ray Culala18-03.50Bishop Blanchet
5.12Anthony Hopkins18-02.50Bishop Blanchet
5.12Darvelle Lee18-02.50West Seattle
7.12Nick Bever16-07.00Seattle Prep
8.9Tere' Calloway16-06.50Seattle Prep
9.11Kyle Fukuhara16-05.00Chief Sealth
10.12Charles Fraser16-03.00Chief Sealth
11.9Daniel Boyle15-10.50Bishop Blanchet
12.12Deonte Prim15-05.50West Seattle
13.12Luke Hargrett15-05.00West Seattle
14.9Giovanni Collins15-02.50Chief Sealth
15.9Vidal Griffin II15-01.50West Seattle
16.9Tony Caballero15-00.50Bishop Blanchet
17.11Taufoga Sauni14-08.00Chief Sealth
18.12Sonny Mensur14-07.00West Seattle
19.9Will Delaney12-10.50Seattle Prep
20.10Andrew Russell12-06.50Seattle Prep
10Darrius EscandarSCRSeattle Prep
12Damony AndersonSCRChief Sealth
12Joe Bell AustinSCRWest Seattle
11Jabrii PolkSCRChief Sealth
9Daniel OrseSCRBishop Blanchet
10Tim BreysseSCRBishop Blanchet
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Bell Austin39-10.00West Seattle
2.12Brian Thomas39-07.00Bishop Blanchet
3.11Kyle Fukuhara35-02.00Chief Sealth
4.9Vidal Griffin II35-00.00West Seattle
5.12Charles Fraser33-03.00Chief Sealth
9Giovanni CollinsSCRChief Sealth
11Jabrii PolkSCRChief Sealth
12Sonny MensurSCRWest Seattle
12Luke HargrettSCRWest Seattle

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kate Adler12.97aSeattle Prep
2.10Kris Tollefson13.32aWest Seattle
3.12Jasmine Walker13.35aChief Sealth
4.10Purshall Artisan13.74aSeattle Prep
5.12Julia Anderson13.77aBishop Blanchet
11Giovanni Plater13.90aSeattle Prep
10Abby Stewart14.00aSeattle Prep
10Sarah Schwaegler14.13aSeattle Prep
6.10Haily Hage14.26aWest Seattle
9Kristina Teodoro14.36aSeattle Prep
9Lauren Halgimson14.47aSeattle Prep
7.9Natasha Dobbins14.66aBishop Blanchet
9Talia Connelly14.86aSeattle Prep
9Natasha Baron15.38aSeattle Prep
10Abby Stewart15.54aSeattle Prep
9Emiko Smukler15.54aSeattle Prep
9Jessica Collins15.83aSeattle Prep
9Jessica Collins15.83Seattle Prep
9Indigo Maybee16.23aSeattle Prep
9Julia Anderson16.28aSeattle Prep
11Vanessa Young16.35aSeattle Prep
9Kate Bureau16.38aSeattle Prep
9Kendyl FlinnDNFSeattle Prep
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kris Tollefson27.96aWest Seattle
2.10Kate Hisken28.69aSeattle Prep
9Sussanah Reischling28.80aSeattle Prep
10Purshall Artisan29.02aSeattle Prep
10Sarah Schwaegler29.12aSeattle Prep
11Giovanni Plater29.18aSeattle Prep
9Katie O'Neil29.20aSeattle Prep
9Kendyl Flinn29.63aSeattle Prep
3.10Allie Tulintseff29.64aBishop Blanchet
4.10Haily Hage29.66aWest Seattle
10Shannon Danforth29.76aBishop Blanchet
9Laura Walker29.86aBishop Blanchet
9Lauren Halgimson30.15aSeattle Prep
9Talia Connelly31.26aSeattle Prep
11Lisa Timberlake31.72aBishop Blanchet
9Natasha Baron32.58aSeattle Prep
9Jessica Collins33.06aSeattle Prep
9Emiko Smukler33.27aSeattle Prep
9Kate Bureau34.54aSeattle Prep
11Vanessa Young34.58aSeattle Prep
9Colleen Devine35.63aSeattle Prep
12Julia Anderson35.83aBishop Blanchet
10Abby StewartSCRSeattle Prep
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kris Tollefson1:02.14aWest Seattle
2.9Katie O'Neil1:05.78aSeattle Prep
3.9Sussanah Reischling1:08.75aSeattle Prep
4.9Kristina Teodoro1:11.28aSeattle Prep
5.9Taylor Thole1:11.75aBishop Blanchet
6.9Julie Henling1:18.89aBishop Blanchet
7.12Monica Haggarty1:20.56aSeattle Prep
8.9Colleen Devine1:26.50aSeattle Prep
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Krista Beyer2:28.87aSeattle Prep
9Joey Bosserman2:32.38aSeattle Prep
9Cozette Padon2:35.49aSeattle Prep
2.10Katie Sexton2:35.99aSeattle Prep
12Kelsie Pickle2:41.21aSeattle Prep
3.11Ali Duenas2:45.19aBishop Blanchet
4.10Nicole Zunick2:50.47aSeattle Prep
5.11Elizabeth Steiner2:51.18aBishop Blanchet
9Emily Anderson2:51.30aBishop Blanchet
10Mattie Curry2:57.89aSeattle Prep
6.12Gina Phan3:01.79aWest Seattle
7.9Isabella Proctor3:17.38aChief Sealth
9Lisel Perrine3:29.36aChief Sealth
10Megan WichmanSCRChief Sealth
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lily Engelbrekt5:53.61aBishop Blanchet
2.9Maddie Cavanagh6:03.48aSeattle Prep
3.11Mollie Murphy6:11.89aBishop Blanchet
4.12Michelle Brajcich6:14.16aBishop Blanchet
5.10Karen Marcjan6:19.23aSeattle Prep
6.12Courtney Blume6:24.37aBishop Blanchet
7.10Nicole Broten6:25.91aWest Seattle
8.10Megan Lewis6:36.52aBishop Blanchet
9.11Brittany Blake6:41.44aBishop Blanchet
10.9Sarah Aker6:44.19aSeattle Prep
11.11Meaghan O'Neil6:44.53aSeattle Prep
12.9Isabella Proctor7:11.72aChief Sealth
13.9Lisel Perrine7:39.45aChief Sealth
14.11Ashley Penhollow7:48.86aBishop Blanchet
15.11Kate Gliniak7:53.28aBishop Blanchet
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carly Clawson12:41.0hSeattle Prep
2.11Erika Jensen13:25.0hSeattle Prep
3.12Leah Swanson13:30.0hBishop Blanchet
4.11Katie Kohring13:40.0hBishop Blanchet
5.10Nicole Broten13:49.0hWest Seattle
6.12Erin Englert13:53.0hBishop Blanchet
9Lisel PerrineSCRChief Sealth
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kate Holman15.98aBishop Blanchet
2.11Shanley DeFrancia18.83aSeattle Prep
3.9Emily Aleinikoff21.09aSeattle Prep
12Kayla ModicaDNFChief Sealth
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kate Holman48.68aBishop Blanchet
2.11Shanley DeFrancia54.93aSeattle Prep
3.10Carolyn Hogan55.38aSeattle Prep
4.11Taylor Hogan55.97aSeattle Prep
5.9Carmen Willey58.80aBishop Blanchet
6.9Emily Aleinikoff59.99aSeattle Prep
7.9Jill Morris1:00.27aBishop Blanchet
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shanley DeFrancia
Kate Hisken
Giovanni Plater
Kate Adler
52.7hSeattle Prep
2.-Madeline Cathey
Natasha Dobbins
Laura Walker
Taylor Thole
54.9hBishop Blanchet
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kate Hisken
Carolyn Hogan
Taylor Hogan
Giovanni Plater
1:51.15aSeattle Prep
-Lauren Halgimson
Monica Haggarty
Katie O'Neil
Abby Stewart
2:02.96aSeattle Prep
2.-Julie Henling
Jade Kirsch
Jessica Small
Brittany Blake
2:05.67aBishop Blanchet
-Relay Team 2:08.15aSeattle Prep
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natasha Dobbins
Hallie Lebon
Katie Kohring
Ariel Willette
5:04.9hBishop Blanchet
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Summer Nash35-10.00Bishop Blanchet
2.9Dominique Prater29-07.00Chief Sealth
3.11Molly Bocian29-01.00Bishop Blanchet
4.11Dwaysha McCraney26-08.00Chief Sealth
5.10Alyssa Goodwin25-05.00Bishop Blanchet
6.10Maggie Cain25-04.50Bishop Blanchet
7.12Melinda Gallagher25-00.00West Seattle
8.12Roberta Woronowicz24-04.00Seattle Prep
9.12Sarah Fernandes23-03.00Bishop Blanchet
10.10Gina Rivera19-10.50Bishop Blanchet
12Julialynn AgultoSCRChief Sealth
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Fernandes82-02Bishop Blanchet
2.12Summer Nash77-02Bishop Blanchet
3.11Molly Bocian74-05Bishop Blanchet
4.11Beth Lidgard66-00Bishop Blanchet
5.12Roberta Woronowicz65-11Seattle Prep
6.9Dominique Prater65-02Chief Sealth
7.12Kay Nelson63-10Bishop Blanchet
8.10Alyssa Goodwin63-02Bishop Blanchet
9.11Dwaysha McCraney62-00Chief Sealth
10.10Maggie Cain53-00Bishop Blanchet
11.12Melinda Gallagher50-07West Seattle
12.10Gina Rivera43-10Bishop Blanchet
12Julialynn AgultoSCRChief Sealth
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.12Summer Nash4-10.00Bishop Blanchet
1.10Carolyn Hogan4-08.00Seattle Prep
3.11Taylor Hogan4-04.00Seattle Prep
4.11Ariel Willette4-00.00Bishop Blanchet
9Sandy DasallaSCRBishop Blanchet
12Melinda GallagherNHWest Seattle
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
11Ali DuenasDNSBishop Blanchet
10Jade KirschDNSBishop Blanchet
11Jessica SmallDNSBishop Blanchet
11Brittany BlakeDNSBishop Blanchet
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Purshall Artisan14-08.00Seattle Prep
2.10Shannon Danforth14-05.00Bishop Blanchet
3.12Kayla Modica14-01.00Chief Sealth
4.10Allie Tulintseff13-05.50Bishop Blanchet
5.9Sandy Dasalla12-06.50Bishop Blanchet
6.11Lisa Timberlake12-05.50Bishop Blanchet
7.9Carmen Willey12-03.00Bishop Blanchet
8.11Kate Van Vuren11-08.00Bishop Blanchet
9.10Haily Hage11-07.00West Seattle
10.11Hallie Lebon11-04.75Bishop Blanchet
11.9Madison Alder10-10.00Bishop Blanchet
9Madeline CatheySCRBishop Blanchet
9Talia ConnellySCRSeattle Prep
12Jasmine WalkerSCRChief Sealth
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Danforth30-09.00Bishop Blanchet
2.11Beth Lidgard27-11.50Bishop Blanchet
3.11Ariel Willette25-10.50Bishop Blanchet
4.10Haily Hage25-06.00West Seattle
12Jasmine WalkerSCRChief Sealth
12Melinda GallagherSCRWest Seattle
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