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TAPPS 1A North District Championship

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clark Stadium, Fort Worth

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trey Bolden11.75aChristway      
2.12Kolby Burns11.90aChristway      
3.12Chris Polk12.01aChristway      
4.12Josh Pegram12.41aTyler Street Christi...      
5.9Alex Frazier12.46aBalch Springs Christ...      
6.10Milan Rabah12.55aThe Fulton      
7.12Jeffrey Kral12.56aStoneGate Christian ...      
8.9Max Cronen12.80aFellowship Academy      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Trey Bolden11.63aChristway      
2.12Kolby Burns11.84aChristway      
3.12Chris Polk11.84aChristway      
4.9Alex Frazier12.18aBalch Springs Christ...      
5.12Josh Pegram12.35aTyler Street Christi...      
6.10Milan Rabah12.37aThe Fulton      
7.9Max Cronen12.53aFellowship Academy      
8.12Jeffrey Kral12.54aStoneGate Christian ...      
9.9Evan Lewis12.55aAscension Academy      
10.10Cristian Ponce12.55aTyler Street Christi...      
11.11Henry Eckels12.56aCovenant Classical      
12.11Martin Johnson12.70aWichita Christian      
13.11Cory Asbury12.80aBalch Springs Christ...      
14.10Joshua Hubbard12.82aStoneGate Christian ...      
15.11Logan Polaski13.12aVictory Life      
16.10Tim Guerra13.31aChrist the King      
17.12Trip Roberts13.40aWichita Christian      
18.11Joel Skipworth13.52aWichita Christian      
19.11Weston Norway13.64aVictory Life      
20.9Juan Morales13.71aParkview Christian      
21.9Nathan Purczinsky13.92aCovenant Classical      
22.11Calvin Leatherwood14.09aChrist the King      
23.10Aaron Westerman14.33aParkview Christian      
24.10Chase Gibbs14.48aParkview Christian      
25.10Bryce Collins15.20aVictory Life      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamil Givens24.30aStoneGate Christian ...      
2.11Josh Hunt24.38aTyler Street Christi...      
3.11Grant Hardaway24.62aFellowship Academy      
4.10Kai Marshall24.63aCovenant Classical      
5.11Jesse Milburn24.72aFellowship Academy      
6.10Cristian Ponce25.47aTyler Street Christi...      
7.11Ethan Coonce25.79aFellowship Academy      
8.10Milan Rabah26.24aThe Fulton      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jamil Givens23.94aStoneGate Christian ...      
2.11Jesse Milburn24.15aFellowship Academy      
3.10Kai Marshall24.29aCovenant Classical      
4.11Ethan Coonce24.39aFellowship Academy      
5.11Josh Hunt24.58aTyler Street Christi...      
6.11Grant Hardaway24.75aFellowship Academy      
7.10Cristian Ponce25.29aTyler Street Christi...      
8.10Milan Rabah25.41aThe Fulton      
9.12Gibson Hull25.58aVictory Life      
10.12Aaron Dominic25.59aAgape Christian Acad...      
11.11Luke Tate25.66aWichita Christian      
12.9Kodie Duncan25.77aChristway      
13.11Hasan Rabah25.82aThe Fulton      
14.11Dayton Hunn26.23aNorthstar      
15.10Hudson Miller26.25aCovenant Classical      
16.9Alex Frazier26.32aBalch Springs Christ...      
17.12Caleb Coronado26.43aVictory Life      
18.11Logan Polaski26.89aVictory Life      
19.9Taylor Brown27.18aChrist the King      
20.12Zachary Adams27.63aParkview Christian      
21.10Tim Guerra27.74aChrist the King      
22.10Alex Roston28.46aAgape Christian Acad...      
23.11Billy Iseman28.55aWichita Christian      
24.11Cory Asbury28.78aBalch Springs Christ...      
25.10Aaron Westerman29.60aParkview Christian      
26.9Paul Villanueva29.67aChrist the King      
27.9Nathan Purczinsky29.68aCovenant Classical      
28.10Austin Ploetz30.52aNorthstar      
29.10Chase Gibbs31.02aParkview Christian      
30.11Coy Brashear31.61aAgape Christian Acad...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alex Frazier54.78aBalch Springs Christ...      
2.11Aaron Whitaker56.03aChristway      
3.12Corey McConnell56.50aCovenant Classical      
4.10Yazer Navarrete56.55aTyler Street Christi...      
5.10Tyler McDaniel58.92aVictory Life      
6.9Taylor Brown59.32aChrist the King      
7.11Weston Norway1:01.43aVictory Life      
11Dayton Hunn62.8Northstar      
8.11Johnathon Spencer1:09.81aChristway      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Yazer Navarrete56.80aTyler Street Christi...      
2.12Corey McConnell57.13aCovenant Classical      
3.11Aaron Whitaker58.10aChristway      
4.9Alex Frazier58.67aBalch Springs Christ...      
5.10Tyler McDaniel59.73aVictory Life      
6.9Taylor Brown1:00.32aChrist the King      
7.11Weston Norway1:00.49aVictory Life      
8.11Johnathon Spencer1:00.79aChristway      
9.10Joshua Hubbard1:01.41aStoneGate Christian ...      
10.11Rigo Hernandez1:02.06aTyler Street Christi...      
11.10JP Crenshaw1:02.56aParkview Christian      
12.12Brian Tiffee1:02.88aThe Fulton      
13.11Brett Steffen1:03.01aThe Fulton      
14.11Cory Asbury1:03.10aBalch Springs Christ...      
15.12Derek Harrell1:04.23aPlainview Christian      
16.9Juan Morales1:04.32aParkview Christian      
17.9Paul Villanueva1:06.91aChrist the King      
18.10Kyle Axtell1:07.30aNorthstar      
19.10Dylan Elkins1:08.18aChristway      
20.9Austin Baldridge1:10.33aParkview Christian      
21.9Brent Holsberry1:11.04aWichita Christian      
22.10Bryce Collins1:11.13aVictory Life      
9Max CronenNTFellowship Academy      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Ryan Klenzendorf61.2Northstar      
11Dayton Hunn62.8Northstar      
10Thomas Stauffer64.3Northstar      
10AJ Knickerbocker64.4Northstar      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Garrett Hagood2:18.76aVictory Life      
2.11Aaron Whitaker2:19.93aChristway      
3.10Yazer Navarrete2:21.73aTyler Street Christi...      
4.9Cristian Soto2:27.45aTyler Street Christi...      
5.11Clint Hagood2:28.12aParkview Christian      
6.10AJ Knickerbocker2:31.54aNorthstar      
7.12Derek Harrell2:33.71aPlainview Christian      
9Austin BaldridgeNTParkview Christian      
11Jordon BaldridgeNTParkview Christian      
11Antonio GarrettNTChristway      
11Chris CollierNTFellowship Academy      
10Dylan ElkinsNTChristway      
9Randon WareNTVictory Life      
9Sam TateNTWichita Christian      
9Matt SteigerwaldNTWichita Christian      
11Trey BrumleyNTWichita Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jason Saiz5:09.52Christ the King      
2.9Garrett Hagood5:17.13Victory Life      
3.10Joseph Pekowski5:29.06Christ the King      
4.11Rigo Hernandez5:39.15Tyler Street Christi...      
5.10Ryan Klenzendorf5:39.46Northstar      
6.11Clint Hagood5:56.78Parkview Christian      
7.11Calvin Leatherwood6:06.93Christ the King      
8.12Brian Tiffee6:09.57The Fulton      
9.11Morgan Hagood6:10.76Parkview Christian      
10.11Kendall Johnson6:18.19The Fulton      
11.11Tyler Johnson6:26.74The Fulton      
12.10Zach Perry6:27.46Wichita Christian      
13.10Aaron Perry6:30.78Wichita Christian      
14.9Zack Barrientos6:34.78Christway      
15.9John Peter Campos6:35.26Fellowship Academy      
16.9Randon Ware6:59.61Victory Life      
17.9Parker Herren7:03.90Wichita Christian      
11Antonio GarrettNTChristway      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jason Saiz11:30.00Christ the King      
2.10Joseph Pekowski12:19.00Christ the King      
3.11Calvin Leatherwood12:42.00Christ the King      
4.11Kendall Johnson12:46.00The Fulton      
5.11Morgan Hagood12:47.00Parkview Christian      
6.10Zach Perry13:52.00Wichita Christian      
7.10Aaron Perry14:25.00Wichita Christian      
9Caleb BrumleyNTWichita Christian      
11Tyler JohnsonNTThe Fulton      
9Zack BarrientosNTChristway      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamil Givens17.13aStoneGate Christian ...      
2.11Alex Andrews18.08aTyler Street Christi...      
3.11Awstyn Cordova20.46aAscension Academy      
4.9Austin Galvan24.22aAscension Academy      
5.10Austin Ploetz25.10aNorthstar      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Andrews46.79aTyler Street Christi...      
2.9Evan Lewis47.79aAscension Academy      
3.9Max Cronen49.24aFellowship Academy      
4.11Awstyn Cordova50.09aAscension Academy      
5.9Colton Garza50.12aChrist the King      
6.9Daniel Corley55.83aCovenant Classical      
7.11Jordon Baldridge59.70aParkview Christian      
8.9Austin Galvan1:06.06aAscension Academy      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Max Cronen49.00aFellowship Academy      
2.11Awstyn Cordova50.37aAscension Academy      
3.9Evan Lewis51.00aAscension Academy      
4.9Colton Garza51.38aChrist the King      
5.11Alex Andrews51.52aTyler Street Christi...      
6.9Daniel Corley54.90aCovenant Classical      
7.11Jordon Baldridge59.09aParkview Christian      
8.9Austin Galvan1:00.56aAscension Academy      
11Ryan ReedDQParkview Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Trey Bolden
Chris Polk
Kodie Duncan
Kolby Burns
2.-Chris Holland
Cristian Ponce
Brian King
Josh Hunt
46.06aTyler Street Christi...      
3.-Jesse Milburn
Grant Hardaway
Ethan Coonce
Josh Mozley
46.46aFellowship Academy      
4.-Jamil Givens
Chris Black
Joshua Hubbard
Jeffrey Kral
47.71aStoneGate Christian ...      
5.-Henry Eckels
Hudson Miller
Corey McConnell
Kai Marshall
48.77aCovenant Classical      
6.-Logan Polaski
Tyler McDaniel
Caleb Coronado
Gibson Hull
49.26aVictory Life      
7.-Trip Roberts
Joel Skipworth
Luke Tate
Martin Johnson
49.28aWichita Christian      
8.-Austin Galvan
Awstyn Cordova
Zach Gainer
Evan Lewis
53.27aAscension Academy      
9.-Austin Ploetz
Dayton Hunn
Kyle Axtell
Thomas Stauffer
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Trey Bolden
Chris Polk
Johnathon Spencer
Kolby Burns
2.-Chris Holland
Josh Pegram
Brian King
Josh Hunt
1:36.23aTyler Street Christi...      
3.-Josh Mozley
Ethan Coonce
Grant Hardaway
Jesse Milburn
1:39.83aFellowship Academy      
4.-Henry Eckels
Hudson Miller
Kai Marshall
Corey McConnell
1:42.77aCovenant Classical      
5.-Trip Roberts
Martin Johnson
Billy Iseman
Luke Tate
1:44.74aWichita Christian      
6.-Brett Steffen
Brian Tiffee
Milan Rabah
Hasan Rabah
1:47.36aThe Fulton      
7.-Thomas Stauffer
Ryan Klenzendorf
AJ Knickerbocker
Dayton Hunn
-Juan Morales
Chase Gibbs
Aaron Westerman
Zachary Adams
DQParkview Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brian King
Cristian Soto
Josh Pegram
Chris Holland
3:48.70aTyler Street Christi...      
2.-Gibson Hull
Caleb Coronado
Garrett Hagood
Tyler McDaniel
3:56.38aVictory Life      
3.-Jason Saiz
Joseph Pekowski
Tim Guerra
Colton Garza
4:02.87aChrist the King      
4.-Kyle Axtell
AJ Knickerbocker
Ryan Klenzendorf
Thomas Stauffer
5.-Johnathon Spencer
Dylan Elkins
Kodie Duncan
Aaron Whitaker
6.-Billy Iseman
Trey Brumley
Joel Skipworth
Brent Holsberry
4:19.38aWichita Christian      
7.-Morgan Hagood
JP Crenshaw
Zachary Adams
Clint Hagood
4:26.65aParkview Christian      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Hunt44-06.50Tyler Street Christi...      
2.12Josh Pegram40-06.00Tyler Street Christi...      
3.12Justin Turney37-07.00Christ the King      
4.12Bryce Frazier36-11.50Parkview Christian      
5.12Caleb Coronado36-06.50Victory Life      
6.12Chris Polk35-06.00Christway      
7.10Cody Cortinas34-03.00Christway      
8.12Vincent Davis33-01.50Christway      
9.12Cody Luna33-01.00Agape Christian Acad...      
10.9Cullen Ruth32-11.00Victory Life      
11.11Anthony DeLeon32-10.50Christ the King      
12.11Martin Johnson32-08.50Wichita Christian      
13.12Leo Looten30-05.50Ascension Academy      
14.11Zach Gainer27-04.50Ascension Academy      
15.11Weston Norway26-11.50Victory Life      
16.10Nathan Camarillo25-10.00StoneGate Christian ...      
17.12Juan Fuentes25-09.50Balch Springs Christ...      
18.11Josh Kuehn25-03.50Ascension Academy      
19.11Anpu Xu23-06.00Wichita Christian      
20.10Austin Ploetz21-07.00Northstar      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Hunt128-02Tyler Street Christi...      
2.12Josh Pegram123-03Tyler Street Christi...      
3.12Caleb Coronado107-03Victory Life      
4.9Garrett Hagood103-09Victory Life      
5.12Leo Looten102-10Ascension Academy      
6.9Cullen Ruth99-06Victory Life      
7.12Adrian Puentes98-11Christway      
8.11Joel Skipworth90-09Wichita Christian      
9.12Bryce Frazier89-06Parkview Christian      
10.11Anthony DeLeon81-00Christ the King      
11.11Chris Black79-00StoneGate Christian ...      
12.12Zachary Adams73-03Parkview Christian      
13.11Josh Kuehn72-11Ascension Academy      
13.10Joshua Hubbard72-11StoneGate Christian ...      
15.11Zach Gainer71-09Ascension Academy      
16.12Justin Turney66-00Christ the King      
17.11Anpu Xu63-09Wichita Christian      
18.12Juan Fuentes63-05Balch Springs Christ...      
19.12Vincent Davis63-02Christway      
19.12Cody Luna63-02Agape Christian Acad...      
21.10Austin Ploetz62-02Northstar      
10Nathan CamarilloNDStoneGate Christian ...      
10Cody CortinasNDChristway      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alex Frazier6-02.00Balch Springs Christ...      
2.10Kai Marshall5-08.00Covenant Classical      
3.9Daniel Corley5-06.00Covenant Classical      
4.9Max Cronen5-04.00Fellowship Academy      
5.12Brian King5-04.00Tyler Street Christi...      
6.9Evan Lewis5-00.00Ascension Academy      
7.12Kolby Burns5-00.00Christway      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
12Kolby BurnsNHChristway      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trey Bolden19-03.50Christway      
2.12Chris Holland18-04.50Tyler Street Christi...      
3.12Brian King18-04.00Tyler Street Christi...      
4.11Chris Black18-02.75StoneGate Christian ...      
5.9Kodie Duncan17-10.00Christway      
6.12Chris Polk17-09.25Christway      
7.11Alex Andrews17-06.25Tyler Street Christi...      
8.10Tyler McDaniel17-02.00Victory Life      
9.11Hasan Rabah16-10.50The Fulton      
10.11Ethan Coonce16-10.25Fellowship Academy      
11.12Jeffrey Kral16-07.00StoneGate Christian ...      
12.10Tim Guerra16-06.00Christ the King      
13.11Dayton Hunn16-05.75Northstar      
14.11Luke Tate16-04.00Wichita Christian      
15.12Aaron Dominic16-02.50Agape Christian Acad...      
16.9Colton Garza16-02.00Christ the King      
17.11Logan Polaski16-01.00Victory Life      
18.11Awstyn Cordova15-10.00Ascension Academy      
19.11Cory Asbury15-06.00Balch Springs Christ...      
20.10Ryan Klenzendorf15-04.25Northstar      
21.10Alex Roston14-10.00Agape Christian Acad...      
22.11Joel Skipworth14-04.00Wichita Christian      
10Josh MozleyNDFellowship Academy      
9Max CronenNDFellowship Academy      
12Gibson HullNDVictory Life      
10Joshua HubbardNDStoneGate Christian ...      
11Coy BrashearNDAgape Christian Acad...      
9Austin GalvanNDAscension Academy      
9Taylor BrownNDChrist the King      
10Kyle AxtellNDNorthstar      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamil Givens41-00.25StoneGate Christian ...      
2.12Chris Holland39-05.00Tyler Street Christi...      
3.10Kai Marshall39-03.00Covenant Classical      
4.12Trey Bolden38-06.00Christway      
5.11Alex Andrews38-01.50Tyler Street Christi...      
6.9Colton Garza35-04.75Christ the King      
7.10Tyler McDaniel34-07.75Victory Life      
8.9Daniel Corley33-02.25Covenant Classical      
9.10Cristian Ponce33-01.75Tyler Street Christi...      
10.9Evan Lewis32-01.50Ascension Academy      
11.11Luke Tate31-05.75Wichita Christian      
12.10Ryan Klenzendorf31-04.50Northstar      
13.10AJ Knickerbocker30-11.75Northstar      
14.11Jason Saiz30-06.00Christ the King      
15.11Calvin Leatherwood30-05.50Christ the King      
16.11Awstyn Cordova29-03.50Ascension Academy      
17.11Billy Iseman29-00.75Wichita Christian      
18.9Austin Galvan25-10.50Ascension Academy      
9Kodie DuncanNDChristway      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Madolyn Spruiel13.80aFellowship Academy      
2.11April Irving13.85aAscension Academy      
3.11Courtney Collier14.35aParkview Christian      
4.10Crystal Carter14.65aChristway      
5.12Rachel Miller14.81aBalch Springs Christ...      
6.9Whitney O'Brien14.88aWichita Christian      
7.10Makensie Martin14.95aChristway      
8.10Veronica Dooley15.12aChrist the King      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Madolyn Spruiel13.53aFellowship Academy      
2.11April Irving13.93aAscension Academy      
3.11Courtney Collier14.01aParkview Christian      
4.10Makensie Martin14.52aChristway      
5.10Crystal Carter14.53aChristway      
6.9Whitney O'Brien14.58aWichita Christian      
7.12Rachel Miller14.64aBalch Springs Christ...      
8.10Veronica Dooley14.72aChrist the King      
9.10Camara McCowan15.01aTyler Street Christi...      
10.12Adriana Cazares15.18aTyler Street Christi...      
11.9Ivy Burns15.37aChristway      
12.9Katie Dupree15.57aBalch Springs Christ...      
13.10Marissa Bonilla15.58aTyler Street Christi...      
14.9Abby Skipworth15.70aWichita Christian      
15.10Kelsey Kolinek15.75aParkview Christian      
16.10Brittney Bastardo15.77aVictory Life      
17.10Sabrina Lopez15.86aChrist the King      
18.9Matty McGee15.99aWichita Christian      
19.11Sarah Boss16.28aCovenant Classical      
20.11Regan Gutierrez16.30aParkview Christian      
21.12Whitney Vaughn17.08aThe Fulton      
22.9Halie Jefferies17.28aBalch Springs Christ...      
23.11Rachel Mousavi17.44aChrist the King      
24.9Lulu Wilson17.75aThe Fulton      
25.11Lauren Harold17.90aThe Fulton      
26.11Bridget Vermillion18.47aAgape Christian Acad...      
27.9Kaylie Simmons18.67aVictory Life      
28.11Tandi Patton19.04aVictory Life      
29.9Alyssa Smith21.95aAgape Christian Acad...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11April Irving28.25aAscension Academy      
2.12Rebekah Spain28.85aPlainview Christian      
3.9Whitney O'Brien30.10aWichita Christian      
4.9Audrey Sisemore30.36aPlainview Christian      
5.11Courtney Collier30.44aParkview Christian      
6.9Aubree McBrayer31.24aFellowship Academy      
7.10Alex Matos31.29aAscension Academy      
8.12Rachel Miller31.42aBalch Springs Christ...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Rebekah Spain28.05aPlainview Christian      
2.11April Irving28.44aAscension Academy      
3.11Courtney Collier29.56aParkview Christian      
4.9Whitney O'Brien29.91aWichita Christian      
5.9Audrey Sisemore30.10aPlainview Christian      
6.10Alex Matos30.55aAscension Academy      
7.9Aubree McBrayer30.66aFellowship Academy      
8.12Rachel Miller31.38aBalch Springs Christ...      
9.10Camara McCowan31.40aTyler Street Christi...      
10.10Juliette Mark31.71aChrist the King      
11.10Halley King31.88aFellowship Academy      
12.11Maggie Purczynsky31.89aCovenant Classical      
13.12Adriana Cazares31.97aTyler Street Christi...      
14.9Ivy Burns32.32aChristway      
15.9Katie Dupree32.79aBalch Springs Christ...      
16.11Regan Gutierrez33.09aParkview Christian      
17.10Sabrina Lopez33.14aChrist the King      
18.9Matty McGee33.39aWichita Christian      
19.10Kelsey Kolinek33.84aParkview Christian      
20.10Marissa Bonilla33.98aTyler Street Christi...      
21.10Dakota Fitzgerald35.91aAgape Christian Acad...      
22.12Whitney Vaughn36.44aThe Fulton      
23.9Lulu Wilson38.31aThe Fulton      
24.9Taylor Hale39.05aThe Fulton      
9Abby SkipworthNTWichita Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Fisk1:07.43aChrist the King      
2.11Audrey Alambar1:09.19aChrist the King      
3.9Audrey Sisemore1:10.63aPlainview Christian      
4.10Amy Lyle1:13.32aFellowship Academy      
5.10Leili Gomez1:15.40aParkview Christian      
6.9Alex Stone1:16.69aWichita Christian      
7.10Alex Matos1:19.62aAscension Academy      
10Makensie MartinNTChristway      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Audrey Alambar1:09.24aChrist the King      
2.11Taylor Fisk1:09.36aChrist the King      
3.9Audrey Sisemore1:10.94aPlainview Christian      
4.10Amy Lyle1:11.17aFellowship Academy      
5.10Alex Matos1:12.71aAscension Academy      
6.10Makensie Martin1:12.83aChristway      
7.10Leili Gomez1:15.86aParkview Christian      
8.9Alex Stone1:16.25aWichita Christian      
9.10Dakota Fitzgerald1:28.98aAgape Christian Acad...      
10.11KK Crenshaw1:31.61aParkview Christian      
11.9Taylor Hale1:36.85aThe Fulton      
10Kierra TatumNTThe Fulton      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Audrey Alambar2:38.72aChrist the King      
2.9Gomez Gabby2:40.51aTyler Street Christi...      
3.10Macy Bennett2:56.69aPlainview Christian      
4.10Kierra Tatum3:05.03aThe Fulton      
5.10Quinn Ellison3:08.92aThe Fulton      
6.10Yullianne Ojeda3:13.11aFellowship Academy      
7.9Emily Loyd3:28.04aParkview Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Gomez Gabby6:24.09Tyler Street Christi...      
2.10Lupita Martinez7:10.15Plainview Christian      
3.11Elizabeth Webster7:14.69Covenant Classical      
4.10Quinn Ellison7:17.93The Fulton      
5.12Hannah Boss7:18.76Covenant Classical      
6.9Haley Stevens9:31.96Parkview Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lupita Martinez18:41.00Plainview Christian      
1.9Haley Stevens18:41.00Parkview Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rebekah Spain17.77aPlainview Christian      
2.11Bonnie Kate Sisemore18.79aPlainview Christian      
3.9Elizabeth Pekowski20.64aChrist the King      
4.9Halie Jefferies22.36aBalch Springs Christ...      
5.9Katie Dupree22.68aBalch Springs Christ...      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bonnie Kate Sisemore58.04aPlainview Christian      
2.11Madeline Corley58.67aCovenant Classical      
3.9Elizabeth Pekowski1:01.44aChrist the King      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Halley King
Aubree McBrayer
Madolyn Spruiel
Amy Lyle
56.84aFellowship Academy      
2.-Sarah Boss
Maggie Purczynsky
Elizabeth Webster
Madeline Corley
1:02.06aCovenant Classical      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-April Irving
Alex Matos
Emily Koetting
Kelsy Wagner
2:01.46aAscension Academy      
2.-Halley King
Aubree McBrayer
Amy Lyle
Madolyn Spruiel
2:01.93aFellowship Academy      
3.-Taylor Fisk
Juliette Mark
Elizabeht Pekowski
Veronica Dooley
2:02.89aChrist the King      
4.-Abby Skipworth
Matty McGee
Alex Stone
Whitney O'Brien
2:06.89aWichita Christian      
5.-Regan Gutierrez
Emily Loyd
Courtney Collier
Kelsey Kolinek
2:14.63aParkview Christian      
6.-Sarah Boss
Maggie Purczynsky
Madeline Corley
Elizabeth Webster
2:15.04aCovenant Classical      
7.-Kierra Tatum
Whitney Vaughn
Lulu Wilson
Quinn Ellison
2:21.26aThe Fulton      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Macy Bennett
Audrey Sisemore
Bonnie Kate Sisemore
Rebekah Spain
4:40.62aPlainview Christian      
2.-Taylor Fisk
Juliette Mark
Veronica Dooley
Audrey Alambar
4:44.10aChrist the King      
3.-Leili Gomez
KK Crenshaw
Carrlie Farrar
Emily Loyd
6:15.74aParkview Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyanah Washington32-08.50Christway      
2.10Brittney Bastardo28-03.25Victory Life      
3.11Bonnie Kate Sisemore28-01.00Plainview Christian      
4.9Jordan Setliff28-00.50Westwood School of D...      
5.10Kendra Chambers26-11.00Tyler Street Christi...      
6.10Crystal Carter26-04.75Christway      
7.10Marissa Bonilla24-08.75Tyler Street Christi...      
8.10Chelsea Studdard24-03.50Wichita Christian      
9.12Adriana Cazares23-06.50Tyler Street Christi...      
10.9Kelsy Wagner20-10.50Ascension Academy      
11.11Rachel Mousavi20-06.00Christ the King      
12.9Haley Stevens19-06.50Parkview Christian      
13.11kati Brando18-00.75Victory Life      
14.9Jeannie Ruiz17-03.25Parkview Christian      
15.10Ashlyn Goodner15-07.50Ascension Academy      
16.9Lakeney Walker14-10.50Victory Life      
10Jordan LampkinNDFellowship Academy      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsea Studdard93-03Wichita Christian      
2.9Jordan Setliff87-06Westwood School of D...      
3.11Tandi Patton84-03Victory Life      
4.10Tyanah Washington71-09Christway      
5.10Jordan Lampkin69-04Fellowship Academy      
6.10Kendra Chambers66-05Tyler Street Christi...      
7.9Kelsy Wagner60-08Ascension Academy      
8.9Haley Stevens52-07Parkview Christian      
9.10Ashlyn Goodner46-06Ascension Academy      
10.9Sarah Flores41-06Tyler Street Christi...      
11.9Jeannie Ruiz37-00Parkview Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rebekah Spain4-11.00Plainview Christian      
2.11April Irving4-10.00Ascension Academy      
3.11Taylor Fisk4-08.00Christ the King      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bailee Stewart15-08.50StoneGate Christian ...      
2.12Rebekah Spain15-04.50Plainview Christian      
3.11April Irving14-02.50Ascension Academy      
4.11Madolyn Spruiel13-11.50Fellowship Academy      
5.9Whitney O'Brien13-04.00Wichita Christian      
6.11Bonnie Kate Sisemore13-03.50Plainview Christian      
7.11Taylor Fisk12-11.50Christ the King      
8.9Elizabeth Pekowski12-10.00Christ the King      
9.10Amy Lyle12-02.50Fellowship Academy      
10.10Halley King11-03.00Fellowship Academy      
11.10Juliette Mark11-02.25Christ the King      
12.9Halie Jefferies10-09.25Balch Springs Christ...      
13.10Quinn Ellison10-08.25The Fulton      
14.9Katie Dupree10-08.00Balch Springs Christ...      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Veronica Dooley28-08.75Christ the King      
2.9Audrey Sisemore25-10.00Plainview Christian      
3.10Amy Lyle24-02.50Fellowship Academy      
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