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Wyoming Track & Field Classic

Friday, April 30, 2010

Geldein Stadium , Casper

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kody Williams10.77aSheridan
2.12Brandon Fuhr11.10aNatrona County
3.10Ridge Hillyard11.30aStar Valley
4.12Mitch Schlager11.33aTorrington
5.11Dexter Currington11.79aSheridan
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kody Williams22.15aSheridan
2.12Eric McNiven22.46aBurlington
3.12Eric Inman22.50aWind River
4.11Drew Magill22.69aPowell
5.12Brandon Fuhr22.83aNatrona County
6.12Mitch Schlager22.92aTorrington
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lucas Nolan50.14aKelly Walsh
2.12Eric McNiven51.42aBurlington
3.11Parker Walton51.66aRiverton
4.11Colby Gilmore52.93aPowell
5.12Eric Inman53.50aWind River
6.12Lance Berry54.17aLingle-Fort Laramie
7.12Codi Krueger54.18aSheridan
8.12Steven Asire55.08aNatrona County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jerome Krysl2:06.84aGreen River
2.12Andy Phillips2:07.03aJackson
3.12Lucas Nolan2:07.22aKelly Walsh
4.11Brian Wilson2:07.60aGreen River
5.12Derek Wood2:08.58aGreen River
6.11Taylor Heaps2:09.95aTongue River
7.10Colton Wood2:12.45aCody
8.11Scott Erdahl2:15.52aTen Sleep
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Polson4:34.05aCampbell County
2.11KC Hunsicker4:34.82aNatrona County
3.12Andy Phillips4:35.87aJackson
4.11Scott Erdahl4:41.20aTen Sleep
5.11Dylan Morin4:41.69aSheridan
6.12Michael Smith4:48.01aWind River
7.10Justin Wermers4:51.46aNewcastle
8.12Seth Ulvestad4:52.03aSheridan
9.12Seth Stadick5:00.48aSheridan
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Smith10:06.11aWind River
2.11Michael Luhr10:26.81aCampbell County
3.12Drew Stafford10:28.50aBuffalo
5.10Colin May10:34.93aLovell
6.9Kinsly Smith10:57.14aJackson
7.9Kyle Dietsche11:20.46aSheridan
8.12Dylan McCoy11:33.54aGreen River
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Vilegas13.87aNatrona County
2.11Kyle Sullivan14.65aPowell
3.12Steve Turpin15.10aCampbell County
4.10Josh Cragoe15.29aPowell
5.12Doug Jordan15.41aWind River
6.12Riley Copeland15.67aDubois
7.12Colin Herold17.91aThermopolis
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Vilegas38.84aNatrona County
2.12Colin Herold38.99aThermopolis
3.11Kyle Sullivan39.67aPowell
4.12Doug Jordan41.28aWind River
5.12Riley Copeland41.64aDubois
6.12Chris Gorman42.07aPine Bluffs
7.11Tony Villareal43.81aTen Sleep
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Anderson55-04.00Lovell
2.11Gary Bolinger51-05.00Douglas
3.12Paul Miller50-06.00Natrona County
4.11Lucas Rowley49-02.00Natrona County
5.11James Bushnell48-07.00Cody
6.10A.J. Montanez48-06.25Lovell
7.11Brandon Struble48-02.25Torrington
8.12C.J. Kent46-06.50Campbell County
9.11Sam Middelstadt45-09.25Wind River
10.11Jacob Beuster44-08.50Powell
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kevin Allen159-02Upton
2.11Lucas Rowley154-07Natrona County
3.12Tyler Anderson149-05Lovell
4.12Jonathan Whipps148-04Kelly Walsh
5.12Zack Ellis146-05Lingle-Fort Laramie
6.10A.J. Montanez140-00Lovell
7.11Sam Middelstadt139-03Wind River
8.12Shane McDonald133-04Burns
9.12Leland Pfiefer129-02Hulett
10.12Jed May123-06Natrona County
11.11Stephen Petras123-03Cody
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ramon Robinson6-01.00Cheyenne East
2.11Kyle Sullivan6-01.00Powell
3.10Jerome Krysl5-11.00Green River
3.12Lucas Nolan5-11.00Kelly Walsh
5.12Matt Jones5-11.00Sheridan
6.11Tanner Tippets5-11.00Tongue River
7.11Blayne Gilbert5-11.00Pine Bluffs
8.11Joe Wille5-09.00Riverton
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Forister14-00.00Sheridan
2.10Quinn Rivera14-00.00Cody
3.12Shawn Christiansen13-06.00Burlington
4.11Auhusten Buckallew13-06.00Kelly Walsh
5.12Ethan Carlson13-00.00Cheyenne East
5.11Devon Flower13-00.00Campbell County
7.12Brandon Grove13-00.00Riverton
8.12Jesse Duncan12-06.00Lingle-Fort Laramie
--12Steve TurpinNHCampbell County
--9Leighton BlanchardNHCody
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kody Williams22-05.75Sheridan
2.12Dustin Worthington22-05.50Glenrock
3.11Drew Magill20-11.50Powell
4.11Justin Melton20-11.00Douglas
5.12Cody Shinkle20-09.50Riverton
6.11JJ Westbrook20-09.00Cheyenne East
7.11Baylor Sieg20-03.75Douglas
8.10Tanner Simpson20-01.00Lander Valley
9.12Steven Asire19-11.75Natrona County
10.9Ty Etchemendy18-06.50Douglas
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dustin Worthington44-01.75Glenrock
2.11Ramon Robinson44-01.50Cheyenne East
3.11Drew Magill42-05.50Powell
4.11JJ Westbrook42-03.25Cheyenne East
5.12Damon Smith41-08.00Jackson
6.12Kaiser Mock40-05.50Campbell County
7.12Jamie Wiggins40-03.50Natrona County
8.9Ty Etchemendy39-09.75Douglas
9.12Cody Shinkle39-06.75Riverton

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kereston Thomas12.25aRawlins
2.10Jessy Eatmon12.65aCheyenne East
3.12Audrey West12.79aStar Valley
4.11Michelle Hermon12.84aKelly Walsh
5.12Jessie Taylor13.02aKelly Walsh
6.11Julia Popish13.03aKelly Walsh
7.12Danielle Starr13.23aGuernsey-Sunrise
8.10Meghan Snell13.24aNatrona County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kereston Thomas25.13aRawlins
2.12Audrey West25.88aStar Valley
3.11Michelle Hermon25.95aKelly Walsh
4.12Candace Wollert26.02aLingle-Fort Laramie
5.12Rose Burke26.38aRawlins
6.11Julia Popish26.39aKelly Walsh
7.10Caitlyn Urhammer26.94aNatrona County
8.12Kirsten McKen27.53aStar Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kereston Thomas59.00aRawlins
2.12Candace Wollert59.26aLingle-Fort Laramie
3.12Rose Burke1:01.29aRawlins
4.10Desiree Murray1:01.98aPowell
5.10Suzie Shumway1:03.53aLovell
6.9Danielle Williams1:04.74aCampbell County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kirsten McKen2:26.48aStar Valley
2.12Randi Robinson2:28.99aStar Valley
3.9Demi Fischer2:31.37aCampbell County
4.10Kassey MacDonald2:31.55aPowell
5.11Ashlyn Wilhite2:36.06aCampbell County
6.11Hannah Gibbs2:39.82aLingle-Fort Laramie
7.9Ashlyn Stevens2:40.63aKelly Walsh
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Randi Robinson5:37.34aStar Valley
2.9Amanda Shumway5:49.97aLovell
3.12Chelsea Carrick5:51.51aNatrona County
4.10Catherine Cloetta5:52.00aJackson
5.9Danielle Williams5:57.97aCampbell County
6.9Brooke Nisley6:00.63aPowell
7.11Alyssa Bever6:11.28aCheyenne East
8.10Shaelynn Sondag6:13.07aNatrona County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
4.12Michelle Schebler10:28.97aNatrona County
1.12Dana Morin11:43.01aSheridan
2.12Chelsea Carrick12:06.18aNatrona County
3.11Della Lyle12:07.87aBuffalo
4.12Lela Carpenter12:13.92aSheridan
5.9Hailey Ricks12:30.34aStar Valley
6.9Kiana Rief12:45.95aCheyenne East
7.9Erin Gorman12:59.66aCampbell County
8.10Shaelynn Sondag13:03.72aNatrona County
9.9Taylor Bohr13:14.30aGreen River
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Paula Andrie14.82aCampbell County
2.12Gabby Bazemore15.49aCampbell County
3.12Audrey Stevens16.23aKelly Walsh
4.12Elisa Hunter16.45aThermopolis
5.11Paula McMichael16.47aKelly Walsh
6.9Rachelle Leseberg16.49aDubois
7.11Emily Madden17.29aTorrington
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Karen Koritnik46.31aLovell
2.12Audrey West46.72aStar Valley
3.12Elisa Hunter47.47aThermopolis
4.11Lyndsey Wardell47.70aBurlington
5.10Samantha Case47.85aKelly Walsh
6.12Paige Miller49.21aTongue River
7.11Claire Korpela49.44aSheridan
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Baillie Gibson47-01.00Natrona County
2.9Kiara Skinner38-09.75Cody
3.11Kim Paxton37-09.50Green River
4.10Matty Jolovich36-07.25Torrington
5.11Avery Allen36-04.00Natrona County
6.12Shaynna Hoyt36-02.50Glenrock
7.11Sky Gabel36-00.50Kelly Walsh
8.12Alena Gronewold35'1.5Lingle-Fort Laramie
8.12Alena Gronewold33-09.75Lingle-Fort Laramie
9.9Hannah Phillips33-06.75Niobrara County
10.10Hannah Svilar32-06.75Riverton
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Baillie Gibson166-02Natrona County
2.11Avery Allen123-11Natrona County
3.11Sky Gabel122-03Kelly Walsh
4.10Hannah Svilar122-02Riverton
5.10Sabrina Whalen119-10Sundance
6.12Kelly O'Connor115-05Sundance
7.10Sydney Spoja111-02Rawlins
8.11Kim Paxton110-02Green River
9.9Kiara Skinner108-10Cody
10.11Katelyn Downing99-07Wind River
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cora Foster5-03.00Little Snake River
2.12Jazmyn Webster5-01.00Cheyenne East
3.9Rachelle Leseberg4-11.00Dubois
4.10Kendra Ostrum4-11.00Powell
4.11Dusti Poppleton4-11.00Campbell County
6.12Kayla Clark4-11.00Kelly Walsh
7.11Hunter Vineyard4-11.00Tongue River
8.12Sarah Goehring4-09.00Buffalo
8.11Lyndsey Wardell4-09.00Burlington
8.12Deborah McCloud4-09.00Kelly Walsh
--10Suzie ShumwayNHLovell
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Paula Andrie10-06.00Campbell County
2.12Amy Puckett10-00.00Laramie
3.11Julia Popish9-06.00Kelly Walsh
4.12Danielle Barent9-00.00Buffalo
5.11Josey Pehringer9-00.00Cody
6.9Kendra Kaness9-00.00Campbell County
7.12Mikel Anderson8-06.00Lovell
7.12Shaye Lanouette8-06.00Natrona County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Meghan Snell17-06.25Natrona County
2.12Audrey West17-05.25Star Valley
3.11Karen Koritnik17-01.75Lovell
4.12Jazmyn Webster17-01.50Cheyenne East
5.12Jessie Taylor16-08.25Kelly Walsh
6.9Emily Lesmeister16-05.25Thermopolis
7.12Nicole Hoffmann15-11.00Campbell County
8.11Ashley Lazarus15-09.75Campbell County
9.11Hayley Kane15-09.50Douglas
10.12Darbi Yost15-05.75Wheatland
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Audrey Stevens35-05.50Kelly Walsh
2.11Paula Andrie35-03.00Campbell County
3.10Maddy Morgan34-09.75Campbell County
4.10Meghan Snell33-05.50Natrona County
5.12Jazmyn Webster32-08.50Cheyenne East
6.9Angel McFarlin32-05.25Burns
7.12Brooke Forster32-02.00Saratoga
8.12Deborah McCloud32-00.75Kelly Walsh
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