Lewis County HS Home Meet

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
  Lewis County HS, Weston - Map
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West Virginia - A
GICOGilmer County
NODANotre Dame
TYVATygarts Valley
West Virginia - AAA
LECOLewis County
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Williams11.70aLewis County
2.11Wesley Tonkery11.82aBridgeport
3.11Nick Nestor11.84aRobert C Byrd
4.10Marcus Jacques12.11aFairmont Senior
5.9Brandon Franklin12.15aLiberty (Harrison)
6.11Kevin Darlington12.20aLewis County
7.12Clayton Lewis12.21aTygarts Valley
8.11Cameron Mitchell12.27aFairmont Senior
9.10Zach Wilmoth12.29aFairmont Senior
10.11Derrick Bodkins12.38aTygarts Valley
11.11Chauncy Swiger12.55aNotre Dame
12.10CJ Rahming12.62aLewis County
13.11Chistian Hill12.66aBridgeport
14.12Anthony Guzzi12.86aNotre Dame
15.12Donnie-Mitchell Hairston13.39aLiberty (Harrison)
--9Joel JacksonDQRobert C Byrd
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Wesley Tonkery23.65aBridgeport
2.11Tyler Williams23.80aLewis County
3.11Matt Cummings23.98aBridgeport
4.11Derek Mick24.21aLewis County
5.11Nick Nestor24.42aRobert C Byrd
6.10Marcus Jacques24.61aFairmont Senior
7.10Zach Wilmoth25.07aFairmont Senior
8.9Joel Jackson25.16aRobert C Byrd
9.12Aaron Frymier25.21aGilmer County
10.11Chistian Hill25.80aBridgeport
11.11Chauncy Swiger25.88aNotre Dame
12.11Evan Foster26.02aRobert C Byrd
13.11Calvin Jones26.15aFairmont Senior
14.11Ryan Curtis26.42aLewis County
15.12Bradley Benson26.60aGilmer County
16.10Caleb Moore27.15aGilmer County
17.-x Dryden27.47aLiberty (Harrison)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Enze Bond52.11aBridgeport
2.11Gene Hamrick54.03aLiberty (Harrison)
3.10Anthony Werner55.65aLewis County
4.9Daniel Bleyer56.32aBridgeport
5.10Joseph Manchin59.36aFairmont Senior
6.10Branden Elliot1:00.10aFairmont Senior
7.11Evan Foster1:00.20aRobert C Byrd
8.12Bradley Benson1:00.38aGilmer County
9.10Steven Hendrixson1:01.28aFairmont Senior
10.10Kenneth Godbey1:02.26aBridgeport
11.10Jeremy Jerden1:05.43aLewis County
12.-x Dryden1:06.22aLiberty (Harrison)
13.10Tyler Cunningham1:06.55aGilmer County
14.9Ryan Jackson1:09.30aLewis County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Mason2:07.90aBridgeport
2.12Matt Salsberry2:10.03aBridgeport
3.12Seth Edgell2:12.19aBridgeport
4.10Dayton McVicker2:13.80aFairmont Senior
5.10Jordon Stonestreet2:19.29aRobert C Byrd
6.11Kevin Morris2:26.31aGilmer County
7.10Billy Hardy2:27.35aFairmont Senior
8.10Colton Hall2:29.04aLewis County
9.10Ben Engelkemier2:29.59aTygarts Valley
10.-Tyler Sutter2:34.74aTygarts Valley
11.11David Marple2:43.55aLewis County
12.9Matt Berg2:45.65aLiberty (Harrison)
13.-Adam James2:46.43aLewis County
14.10Tyler Cunningham2:49.65aGilmer County
15.10Nat Wilkes2:53.37aLewis County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dayton McVicker4:53.00aFairmont Senior
2.12Seth Edgell4:59.74aBridgeport
3.10Alex Blackburn5:13.71aRobert C Byrd
4.10Todd Edgell5:16.26aBridgeport
5.11Kevin Morris5:19.62aGilmer County
6.10Keefe Kiser5:20.79aLewis County
7.12Vincent Nash5:25.02aNotre Dame
8.10Billy Hardy5:25.46aFairmont Senior
9.9Andrew Doub5:40.44aBridgeport
10.9Joey Helmick5:46.19aLewis County
11.-Tyler Sutter5:49.40aTygarts Valley
12.10Ben Engelkemier5:51.27aTygarts Valley
13.11Ed Moody6:21.37aLewis County
14.10Brett Swisher6:31.34aLiberty (Harrison)
15.9Jacob Allen6:32.10aTygarts Valley
16.10Josh Heston6:46.91aRobert C Byrd
17.11Ryan Landis7:19.64aRobert C Byrd
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alex Blackburn11:11.27aRobert C Byrd
2.10Todd Edgell11:28.15aBridgeport
3.11Kevin Morris11:29.56aGilmer County
4.9Zackary Henderson11:32.75aBridgeport
5.10Keefe Kiser11:38.68aLewis County
6.10Steven Hendrixson11:44.64aFairmont Senior
7.9Kevin Kiser12:22.58aLewis County
8.9David Collins12:32.26aFairmont Senior
9.10Nat Wilkes12:50.50aLewis County
10.10Josh Heston13:24.42aRobert C Byrd
11.9Zach Stafford13:25.65aBridgeport
12.11Ryan Landis13:36.38aRobert C Byrd
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zak Preston16.76aRobert C Byrd
2.12Ben Stout17.13aBridgeport
3.11Bryce Harbert17.22aBridgeport
4.12Michael Flannigan17.63aLiberty (Harrison)
5.10Marcus Jacques17.68aFairmont Senior
6.10Mike Raines17.76aLewis County
7.11Tyler Williams18.04aLewis County
8.11Noah Kinder18.23aGilmer County
9.12Patrick Cundiff18.51aGilmer County
10.12Andrew Simmons19.06aGilmer County
11.9Michael McGahan19.93aLiberty (Harrison)
12.10Colby Besedich20.39aFairmont Senior
13.11Keith Brady20.46aLewis County
14.9Andrew Archer21.18aBridgeport
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Stout45.51aBridgeport
2.10Mike Raines46.42aLewis County
3.12Darian Smith46.62aFairmont Senior
4.12Michael Flannigan47.13aLiberty (Harrison)
5.11Noah Kinder47.45aGilmer County
6.12Zak Preston47.46aRobert C Byrd
7.11Keith Brady48.09aLewis County
8.12Patrick Cundiff48.47aGilmer County
9.9Andrew Archer49.15aBridgeport
9.9Derek Macdonald49.15aBridgeport
11.12Andrew Simmons49.33aGilmer County
12.11Logan Harrison49.66aLewis County
13.10Alex Riggs49.92aRobert C Byrd
14.10Colby Besedich50.63aFairmont Senior
15.9Michael McGahan51.70aLiberty (Harrison)
16.9Dashawn Holyfield53.68aRobert C Byrd
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joel Jackson
Jeremy Wiggs
Nick Nestor
Zane Satterfield
46.65aRobert C Byrd
2.-JD Moody
Kyle Mick
Derek Mick
Kevin Darlington
46.87aLewis County
3.-Brandon Bartlet
Orion Francis
Bryce Harbert
Wesley Tonkery
4.-Zach Wilmoth
Calvin Jones
Darian Smith
Cameron Mitchell
48.49aFairmont Senior
5.-Relay Team 48.53aTygarts Valley
6.-Relay Team 50.53aLiberty (Harrison)
7.-Cam Kinder
Aaron Frymier
Caleb Moore
Andrew Simmons
50.64aGilmer County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Abston
Maurico Bermudez
Zane Satterfield
Jeremy Wiggs
1:35.93aRobert C Byrd
2.-JD Moody
Kyle Mick
Anthony Werner
Derek Mick
1:38.58aLewis County
3.-Michael Flannigan
Connor Ryan
Brandon Franklin
Gene Hamrick
1:39.97aLiberty (Harrison)
4.-Zach Wilmoth
Calvin Jones
Alex Joseph
Cameron Mitchell
1:41.18aFairmont Senior
5.-Aaron Frymier
Noah Kinder
Caleb Moore
Cameron Litviak
1:46.59aGilmer County
---Enze Bond
Matt Cummings
Wesley Tonkery
Jake Stafford
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Bleyer
Enze Bond
Jason Carey
Matt Salsberry
2.-JD Moody
Anthony Werner
Kyle Mick
Kevin Darlington
3:49.67aLewis County
3.-Anthony Abston
Maurico Bermudez
Jeremy Wiggs
Aaron-Butcher Winfree
3:52.82aRobert C Byrd
4.-Dayton McVicker
Alex Joseph
Colby Besedich
Branden Elliot
3:57.03aFairmont Senior
5.-Relay Team 4:16.58aLiberty (Harrison)
6.-Patrick Cundiff
Bradley Benson
Tyler Cunningham
Cameron Litviak
4:51.37aGilmer County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jason Carey
Seth Edgell
Matt Mason
Matt Salsberry
2.-Aaron-Butcher Winfree
Jordon Stonestreet
John Skidmore
Evan Foster
9:15.99aRobert C Byrd
3.-Dayton McVicker
David Collins
Steven Hendrixson
Jackson Layman
9:18.54aFairmont Senior
4.-Colton Hall
Jeremy Jerden
Zach Poloka
Anthony Montgomery
10:11.70aLewis County
5.-Kevin Morris
Cameron Litviak
Bradley Benson
Tyler Cunningham
10:40.50aGilmer County
---Relay Team 10:56.58aLewis County
6.-Brett Swisher
Unknown Stoneking
Matt Berg
Chaz Webster
12:41.04aLiberty (Harrison)
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matt Cummings
Jake Stafford
Bryce Harbert
Ben Stout
2.-Anthony Abston
Maurico Bermudez
Zane Satterfield
Zak Preston
1:01.93aRobert C Byrd
3.-Patrick Cundiff
Aaron Frymier
Noah Kinder
Andrew Simmons
1:07.33aGilmer County
4.-Mike Raines
Logan Harrison
Kyle Mick
Anthony Werner
1:07.71aLewis County
5.-Darian Smith
Branden Elliot
Joseph Manchin
Colby Besedich
1:11.37aFairmont Senior
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Cummings49-10.50Fairmont Senior
2.11William Radcliff44-09.00Gilmer County
3.12Ben Griffith44-04.25Bridgeport
4.10Ethan Wilson43-03.00Lewis County
5.12Rafael Shaffer41-10.00Gilmer County
6.11Randy Ice40-01.00Lewis County
7.11Brandon Bartlet39-11.50Bridgeport
8.11JW Stutler39-05.00Robert C Byrd
9.10Hunter McWhorter38-08.00Lewis County
10.12Mike Secret38-01.50Robert C Byrd
11.12Donnie-Mitchell Hairston38-00.00Liberty (Harrison)
12.12Fletcher Coffman37-08.50Robert C Byrd
13.10Corey Wagner37-00.00Bridgeport
14.11Spencer Kepic36-05.00Robert C Byrd
15.10Alex Joseph35-04.50Fairmont Senior
16.10Robert Stump35-02.50Gilmer County
17.10Brett Swisher33-04.50Liberty (Harrison)
18.10Ryan Wegman31-06.00Tygarts Valley
19.9Ira Randall29-05.00Fairmont Senior
20.9Stacey Wilson28-03.50Robert C Byrd
21.-Shaq Shelton26-09.00Robert C Byrd
--9Daniel FultzNDLiberty (Harrison)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Cummings143-09Fairmont Senior
2.11Justin Bailey135-05Bridgeport
3.12Fletcher Coffman119-01Robert C Byrd
4.11Spencer Kepic117-05Robert C Byrd
5.10Hunter McWhorter110-07Lewis County
6.12Ben Griffith109-11Bridgeport
7.10Taylor Killian108-04Bridgeport
8.11Tyler McWhorter107-05Lewis County
9.12Mike Secret106-09Robert C Byrd
10.11Randy Ice102-00Lewis County
--9Stacey Wilson92-03Robert C Byrd
11.12Dustin Howes91-08Gilmer County
12.11Chris Bailey86-09Liberty (Harrison)
13.11William Radcliff85-09Gilmer County
14.12Jesse King83-11Gilmer County
15.10Ryan Wegman83-04Tygarts Valley
16.9Jacob Allen76-11Tygarts Valley
17.10Chaz Webster74-05Liberty (Harrison)
18.10Joseph Manchin61-10Fairmont Senior
---Shaq Shelton60-01Robert C Byrd
19.9Evan Mathai59-02Fairmont Senior
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joel Roberts5-10.00Gilmer County
1.9Joel Jackson5-10.00Robert C Byrd
3.11Tyler Williams5-08.00Lewis County
4.10CJ Rahming5-06.00Lewis County
4.12Travis Brown5-06.00Bridgeport
6.9Orion Francis5-04.00Bridgeport
6.10Cam Kinder5-04.00Gilmer County
8.-Joel Daniels5-02.00Tygarts Valley
8.11Randy Ice5-02.00Lewis County
--11Jason CareyNHBridgeport
--10Joseph ManchinNHFairmont Senior
--9Stacey WilsonNHRobert C Byrd
--12Fletcher CoffmanNHRobert C Byrd
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cam Kinder12-00.00Gilmer County
2.11Matt Cummings11-06.00Bridgeport
2.12Ben Frederick11-06.00Bridgeport
4.12Daniel Church11-00.00Robert C Byrd
5.12Ben Stout10-06.00Bridgeport
6.9John Skidmore9-00.00Robert C Byrd
7.10Alex Riggs8-00.00Robert C Byrd
7.11Logan Harrison8-00.00Lewis County
9.9Cameron Litviak7-00.00Gilmer County
--9Elbert RohrboughNHLewis County
--9Danny LitesNHLewis County
--9Michael McGahanNHLiberty (Harrison)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Abston19-10.25Robert C Byrd
2.11Derek Mick19-05.00Lewis County
3.12Clayton Lewis18-11.50Tygarts Valley
4.12Vincent Nash18-10.75Notre Dame
5.11Jake Stafford18-10.50Bridgeport
6.10CJ Rahming18-04.25Lewis County
7.11Maurico Bermudez18-03.25Robert C Byrd
8.10Marcus Jacques18-00.00Fairmont Senior
9.11Cameron Mitchell17-09.25Fairmont Senior
10.12Ben Frederick17-04.25Bridgeport
11.10Joel Roberts17-02.50Gilmer County
12.9Daniel Bleyer17-02.25Bridgeport
13.10Matt Gum17-00.00Tygarts Valley
14.10Anthony Montgomery16-06.50Lewis County
15.10Cam Kinder16-03.50Gilmer County
16.9Ira Randall15-11.75Fairmont Senior
17.10Caleb Moore15-01.25Gilmer County
--11Ryan Curtis14-04.25Lewis County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jenai Stubbs13.20aFairmont Senior
2.10Shardinae Adams13.27aLewis County
3.9Haven Harman13.71aLiberty (Harrison)
4.10Jessica Montgomery13.79aGilmer County
5.11Briana Chaney13.90aFairmont Senior
6.9Olivia Somerville14.06aGilmer County
7.9Brooklyn Little14.11aFairmont Senior
7.12Lauren Neely14.11aLewis County
9.11Chelsea Eades14.12aBridgeport
10.11Miranda Hurd14.13aBridgeport
11.9T'jha Taylor14.28aBridgeport
12.9Nelian Rodrigez14.52aRobert C Byrd
13.10Jessica Snider14.67aLiberty (Harrison)
14.11Nikki Cutright14.83aTygarts Valley
15.9Jordan Morris15.08aGilmer County
16.-Jasmine North15.43aLewis County
17.10Katie Conrad16.16aGilmer County
18.-Brianna Blake16.90aRobert C Byrd
19.10Brianne Brown19.22aLiberty (Harrison)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Victoria Hawkins28.79aFairmont Senior
2.9Olivia Somerville28.93aGilmer County
3.11Chelsea Eades29.66aBridgeport
4.11Miranda Hurd29.71aBridgeport
5.9Nelian Rodrigez30.45aRobert C Byrd
6.10Jessica Snider30.46aLiberty (Harrison)
6.10Megan Gains30.46aLiberty (Harrison)
8.10Lisa Hayhurst30.55aLewis County
9.9Kelsey Steele30.74aRobert C Byrd
10.10Camille Leon30.85aFairmont Senior
11.10Jenny Radford31.16aLewis County
12.12Belinda Bleyer31.38aBridgeport
13.9Tori Young31.90aRobert C Byrd
14.10Katie Conrad36.16aGilmer County
15.10Brianne Brown42.69aLiberty (Harrison)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Broadwater1:06.84aLiberty (Harrison)
2.11Shasta Mullenax1:08.43aTygarts Valley
3.11Brooke Alton1:08.50aLewis County
4.9Teresa Lodge1:08.62aFairmont Senior
5.12Shae Gainer1:09.97aGilmer County
6.9Kelsey Steele1:11.08aRobert C Byrd
7.9Tori Young1:11.94aRobert C Byrd
8.11Kalee Trippett1:12.25aBridgeport
9.12Shauna McIntyre1:12.89aRobert C Byrd
10.-Jasmine North1:13.69aLewis County
11.10Rachel Clemmons1:15.18aGilmer County
12.10Jenny Radford1:15.79aLewis County
13.11Taylor Lyden1:15.98aFairmont Senior
14.9Tanya Buckhannon1:33.16aGilmer County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayla Lantz2:47.80aRobert C Byrd
2.12Shauna McIntyre2:53.70aRobert C Byrd
3.9Michelle Tucker2:54.36aFairmont Senior
4.12Tanisha Bland2:57.09aRobert C Byrd
5.12Alyssa Ruberto2:57.67aFairmont Senior
6.11Shasta Mullenax3:02.36aTygarts Valley
7.12Shae Gainer3:04.60aGilmer County
8.11Rocio Rodriguez3:06.82aRobert C Byrd
9.10Hannah DeMarino3:07.79aGilmer County
10.9Alexis Noe3:09.17aLiberty (Harrison)
11.9Katie Nichols3:18.44aLewis County
12.11Corie Posey3:20.47aRobert C Byrd
13.9Carley Osborn3:28.07aLewis County
14.-Armanda Rivera3:38.35aLewis County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erika Voreh5:48.89aBridgeport
2.12Meaghen Broadwater5:59.78aFairmont Senior
3.9Ashley Peters6:00.06aLiberty (Harrison)
4.11Kayla Lantz6:11.55aRobert C Byrd
5.10Sydney Mucha6:31.88aBridgeport
6.12Alyssa Ruberto6:46.18aFairmont Senior
7.9Alexis Noe6:49.90aLiberty (Harrison)
8.9Abbie Kopcsak6:52.88aRobert C Byrd
9.11Jessica Trickett7:00.23aBridgeport
10.11Chelsea Kerns7:25.01aLewis County
11.9Katie Nichols7:26.56aLewis County
12.9Carley Osborn7:28.56aLewis County
13.11Anne Huebinger7:57.94aRobert C Byrd
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erika Voreh12:34.87aBridgeport
2.9Olivia Duke13:15.84aFairmont Senior
3.9Ashley Peters13:24.40aLiberty (Harrison)
4.10Sydney Mucha14:03.91aBridgeport
5.11Kayla Lantz14:28.46aRobert C Byrd
6.9Abbie Kopcsak14:45.92aRobert C Byrd
7.9Alexis Noe15:14.24aLiberty (Harrison)
8.12Jordan Lanham16:09.04aBridgeport
9.11Kathryn Valentine16:50.58aFairmont Senior
10.11Erika Gilmore18:31.36aRobert C Byrd
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alyssa Scherich16.37aFairmont Senior
2.11Joni Koay16.91aFairmont Senior
3.11Kristen McWhorter17.24aLewis County
4.12Tiffany Oldaker17.27aBridgeport
5.9Lindsey Williams18.31aLewis County
6.11Nikki Cutright18.49aTygarts Valley
7.9Leslie Bowman18.54aBridgeport
8.10Amy Barnes18.93aLiberty (Harrison)
9.9Sydney Pettit19.03aGilmer County
10.12Malisa Welsh19.21aFairmont Senior
11.12Candy Doub19.33aBridgeport
12.11Moniqua Lasenby20.28aRobert C Byrd
13.9Hannah Simmons20.29aGilmer County
14.9Crystal McClung20.58aRobert C Byrd
15.11Whitney White20.84aRobert C Byrd
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kristen McWhorter48.97aLewis County
2.9Alyssa Scherich49.13aFairmont Senior
3.9Haven Harman52.91aLiberty (Harrison)
4.12Tiffany Oldaker53.25aBridgeport
5.9Leslie Bowman55.07aBridgeport
6.10Megan Gains56.27aLiberty (Harrison)
7.9Kalilah Lasenby57.90aRobert C Byrd
8.11Moniqua Lasenby59.60aRobert C Byrd
9.9Sydney Pettit1:00.03aGilmer County
10.11Taylor Lyden1:00.69aFairmont Senior
11.9Hannah Simmons1:04.02aGilmer County
12.11Whitney White1:12.46aRobert C Byrd
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Candy Doub
T'jha Taylor
Roxanne Bumgardner
Jena Householder
2.-Malisa Welsh
Breya Frecska
Camille Leon
Joni Koay
55.37aFairmont Senior
3.-Amy Barnes
Sarah Broadwater
Haven Harman
Shandel Bunnell
55.49aLiberty (Harrison)
4.-Catherine Butcher
Jessica Montgomery
Jordan Morris
Olivia Somerville
55.53aGilmer County
5.-Briana Lewis
Whitney White
Emily Wymer
Moniqua Lasenby
59.14aRobert C Byrd
---Brooke Alton
Lindsey Williams
Kristen McWhorter
Lauren Neely
DQLewis County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Briana Chaney
Victoria Hawkins
Jenai Stubbs
Brooklyn Little
1:53.84aFairmont Senior
2.-Megan Gains
Shandel Bunnell
Dani Jo Robey
Amy Barnes
1:55.73aLiberty (Harrison)
3.-Brooke Alton
Lauren Neely
Lindsey Williams
Lisa Hayhurst
1:57.09aLewis County
4.-Rachel Clemmons
Jessica Montgomery
Jordan Morris
Olivia Somerville
2:03.23aGilmer County
5.-Nelian Rodrigez
Tori Young
Morgan Nestor
Moniqua Lasenby
2:05.61aRobert C Byrd
6.-Belinda Bleyer
Molly Hogdson
Loria Oldaker
Jamie Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dani Jo Robey
Megan Gains
Sarah Broadwater
Shandel Bunnell
4:31.27aLiberty (Harrison)
2.-Relay Team 4:50.63aGilmer County
3.-Kelsey Steele
Shauna McIntyre
Kalilah Lasenby
Tanisha Bland
4:59.75aRobert C Byrd
4.-Katie Nichols
Carley Osborn
Lisa Hayhurst
Emily Casey
5:04.76aLewis County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shandel Bunnell
Alexis Noe
Amanda Starkey
Ashley Peters
11:08.08aLiberty (Harrison)
2.-Jordan Lanham
Kayla Kesselman
Sydney Mucha
Erika Voreh
3.-Chandler Fitzwater
Olivia Duke
Michelle Tucker
Meaghen Broadwater
11:34.92aFairmont Senior
4.-Kayla Lantz
Rocio Rodriguez
Tanisha Bland
Shauna McIntyre
11:48.15aRobert C Byrd
5.-Chelsea Kerns
Emily Casey
Stephanie Pyles
Carley Osborn
12:03.37aLewis County
6.-Rachel Clemmons
Shae Gainer
Megan Luzader
Hannah DeMarino
12:15.73aGilmer County
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:11.84aBridgeport
2.-Camille Leon
Malisa Welsh
Joni Koay
Brooklyn Little
1:13.24aFairmont Senior
3.-Crystal McClung
Moniqua Lasenby
Whitney White
Emily Wymer
1:22.14aRobert C Byrd
4.-Allison Rogers
Morgan Wilkes
Jenny Radford
Stephanie Pyles
1:25.59aLewis County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Allison Rogers30-08.50Lewis County
2.12Morgan Wilkes27-09.25Lewis County
2.9Elizabeth Hastings27-09.25Bridgeport
4.9Briana Lewis26-03.00Robert C Byrd
---Kendra Schultz26-01.00Lewis County
5.10Michelle Csanko25-00.00Bridgeport
6.9Brittney Powell24-01.50Gilmer County
7.12Samantha Rogers23-11.75Lewis County
8.11Emma Turner23-11.00Liberty (Harrison)
9.9Whitney Nelson23-09.00Robert C Byrd
10.9Asya Drake23-01.75Fairmont Senior
11.9Alehandra Sylva22-10.50Robert C Byrd
12.10Megan Luzader22-08.00Gilmer County
13.11Maggie Kyle22-03.75Liberty (Harrison)
14.9Layton Turner20-09.00Fairmont Senior
15.9Katie Bailey20-05.50Bridgeport
16.9Keyaunna Bolling20-02.25Fairmont Senior
17.12Amanda Freeman20-01.00Gilmer County
--9Brittany Sprunger15-04.25Lewis County
18.10Brianne Brown12-01.25Liberty (Harrison)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Mazzei90-06Bridgeport
2.9Elizabeth Hastings84-02Bridgeport
3.10Michelle Csanko83-09Bridgeport
4.10Allison Rogers83-06Lewis County
5.11Emma Turner83-01Liberty (Harrison)
6.12Morgan Wilkes78-06Lewis County
7.9Briana Lewis77-01Robert C Byrd
--10Jessee Elliott69-00Lewis County
8.11Maggie Kyle67-05Liberty (Harrison)
9.11Torriona Horton62-01Fairmont Senior
10.12Samantha Rogers61-11Lewis County
11.10Megan Luzader61-07Gilmer County
12.9Alehandra Sylva61-03Robert C Byrd
--9Whitney Varner60-00Lewis County
13.9Whitney Nelson58-02Robert C Byrd
14.12Brittany Ferguson56-05Gilmer County
---Kendra Schultz55-10Lewis County
15.9Brittney Powell54-07Gilmer County
16.9Asya Drake50-03Fairmont Senior
17.11Gabrielle Price46-08Liberty (Harrison)
18.9Layton Turner46-05Fairmont Senior
--9Brittany Sprunger40-04Lewis County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brooklyn Little5-02.00Fairmont Senior
2.11Kalee Trippett5-00.00Bridgeport
3.12Tiffany Oldaker5-00.00Bridgeport
4.10Shardinae Adams4-10.00Lewis County
5.9Rachel Hall4-08.00Bridgeport
5.10Breya Frecska4-08.00Fairmont Senior
7.12Catherine Butcher4-08.00Gilmer County
8.10Emily Wymer4-06.00Robert C Byrd
9.9Haven Harman4-04.00Liberty (Harrison)
9.9Lindsey Williams4-04.00Lewis County
9.10Chandler Fitzwater4-04.00Fairmont Senior
12.10Hannah DeMarino4-02.00Gilmer County
12.10Stephanie Pyles4-02.00Lewis County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maria Sellas8-00.00Bridgeport
2.11Brooke Alton7-00.00Lewis County
3.9Kelsey Steele7-00.00Robert C Byrd
4.10Katie Conrad6-06.00Gilmer County
5.11Kelley Buchannon6-06.00Bridgeport
6.10Amy Barnes6-06.00Liberty (Harrison)
7.9T'jha Taylor5-06.00Bridgeport
--11Gabrielle PriceNHLiberty (Harrison)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Catherine Butcher16-01.50Gilmer County
2.10Shardinae Adams15-06.75Lewis County
3.11Kristen McWhorter15-06.25Lewis County
4.11Joni Koay15-02.00Fairmont Senior
5.10Jessica Montgomery15-01.75Gilmer County
6.11Emily Mazzei14-10.75Bridgeport
7.12Lauren Neely14-09.25Lewis County
8.11Nikki Cutright14-06.00Tygarts Valley
9.11Kalee Trippett14-04.00Bridgeport
10.10Breya Frecska12-11.75Fairmont Senior
11.9Crystal McClung12-11.50Robert C Byrd
12.12Sarah Broadwater12-08.75Liberty (Harrison)
13.10Emily Wymer11-06.00Robert C Byrd
14.12Malisa Welsh11-03.50Fairmont Senior
15.9Kalilah Lasenby11-00.50Robert C Byrd
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