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Presbyterian Invitational

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OEC, Houston

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Texas - North Houston Athletic
Northland Christian
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.9Will Roberts40-02.00Northland Christian
2.8Jonathan Sload35-03.00Awty International
3.8Zachary Mitchell35-00.00Northland Christian
4.8Aaron Chu34-09.00St John's
5.8Justin Nguyen33-02.00Honor Roll
6.8Robert Ueno32-02.00Awty International
7.8Joshua Washington31-11.00Honor Roll
8.8Wyatt Griffis28-10.00Lutheran South Academy
9.8Tony Ishac27-01.00Lutheran South Academy
9.8Brandon Nguyen27-01.00Honor Roll
11.8Alon Farkas26-01.00Awty International
12.8Connor Landrum25-10.00St John's
13.8Ryan Jones24-03.00Lutheran South Academy
14.8Trenton Cox23-04.00Presbyterian
15.8Austin Peters20-10.00Presbyterian
8Matthew O'ConnorNDAnnunciation Orthodox
8Jay BhandariNDAnnunciation Orthodox
8Zach CotonNDSt John's
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.9Peter Nyberg33-06.00St. Catherine's Mont...
2.7Marwan Charafeddine32-04.00Presbyterian
3.7Stephen Scott31-08.00Westbury Christian
4.7Alex Chauvin29-04.00Lutheran South Academy
5.7Christopher Hatam28-05.00St Francis Episcopal
6.7Quindale Williams26-09.00KIPP Liberation Coll...
7.7Kevin Ong25-07.50Awty International
8.7Chege Gitau25-07.00Westbury Christian
9.7Stefano Morales25-04.00Lutheran South Academy
10.Renwich Brocklehurst24-05.00The Village School
11.7Arthur Jardin24-02.50Awty International
12.7Omar Javed23-05.50Honor Roll
13.7Tim Strickman23-02.00Honor Roll
14.7Drew Beakey20-03.00Lutheran South Academy
15.7Arman Momin18-05.00Honor Roll
8Atiba McReynoldsNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Solomon HarrisNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Chris HolmesNDAwty International
7Andrew WinnNDAnnunciation Orthodox
8Jay BhandariNDAnnunciation Orthodox
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.Bernardo Leal30-08.50The Village School
2.6Hunter Hasley27-04.00Annunciation Orthodox
3.Ammannel Mosfin24-08.00The Village School
4.6Jackson Linnartz24-04.00Awty International
5.6Sheyi Ajiboye23-08.50Westbury Christian
6.Pavlik Polunin21-09.00The Village School
7.6Alex Gajewski21-08.50St John's
8.5Kody Ngo21-04.00Honor Roll
9.6Jordan McLemore-Moon20-11.00St John's
10.6Roni Midyat18-08.00Awty International
11.6Robert Sigal17-07.00Annunciation Orthodox
12.6Emre Kilic17-04.50Awty International
13.6Godfrey Walker16-10.00Westbury Christian
14.6James Freeborn16-00.00Lutheran South Academy
6Eric AmasonNDLutheran South Academy
6Andy GambiniNDSt Francis Episcopal
6Andrew DonaldsonNDSt Francis Episcopal
5Daniel SunNDHonor Roll
6Aaron KwokNDHonor Roll
6Joseph BergnerNDAnnunciation Orthodox
X Discus - 1.6kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.9Will Roberts105-00Northland Christian
2.8Aaron Chu94-00St John's
3.8Jonathan Sload88-11Awty International
4.8Cole Ford86-05Northland Christian
5.8Robert Ueno84-00Awty International
6.8Ife Olalfa81-00Northland Christian
7.8Tony Ishac79-04Lutheran South Academy
8.8Wyatt Griffis78-03Lutheran South Academy
9.8Alon Farkas78-01Awty International
10.8Douglas Moody71-01Annunciation Orthodox
11.8Connor Landrum70-03St John's
12.8Saifali Momin68-04Honor Roll
13.8Brandon Nguyen65-04Honor Roll
14.8Jay Bhandari64-01Annunciation Orthodox
15.8Justin Nguyen63-11Honor Roll
16.8Ryan Jones62-04Lutheran South Academy
17.8Austin Peters56-07Presbyterian
18.8Matthew O'Connor50-09Annunciation Orthodox
19.8Trenton Cox43-06Presbyterian
8Christian QuinnNDAnnunciation Orthodox
8Zach CotonNDSt John's
X Discus - 1.6kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.9Peter Nyberg106-01St. Catherine's Mont...
2.7Kevin Ong80-04Awty International
3.7Marwan Charafeddine79-03Presbyterian
4.7Jason Sattler70-01Honor Roll
5.7Drew Beakey60-02Lutheran South Academy
6.7Omar Javed53-05Honor Roll
7.7Christopher Hatam53-03St Francis Episcopal
8.7Quindale Williams53-02KIPP Liberation Coll...
9.7Arthur Jardin51-10Awty International
10.7Stefano Morales50-11Lutheran South Academy
11.7Tim Strickman49-00Honor Roll
12.7Andrew Winn46-10Annunciation Orthodox
13.7Alex Chauvin45-08Lutheran South Academy
7Solomon HarrisNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Devon CashNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Atiba McReynoldsNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Jay BhandariNDAnnunciation Orthodox
7Chris HolmesNDAwty International
X Discus - 1.6kg - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Hunter Hasley57-07Annunciation Orthodox
2.5Kody Ngo48-04Honor Roll
3.6Alex Gajewski39-08St John's
4.6Jordan McLemore-Moon39-07St John's
5.6Dimitri Brown33-03Annunciation Orthodox
6.5Dylan Nguyen32-04Honor Roll
7.6Jackson Linnartz31-10Awty International
8.6Emre Kilic31-05Awty International
9.6Robert Sigal30-08Annunciation Orthodox
10.6James Freeborn28-07Lutheran South Academy
11.6Roni Midyat27-10Awty International
5Daniel SunNDHonor Roll
6Andy GambiniNDSt Francis Episcopal
6Andrew DonaldsonNDSt Francis Episcopal
6Eric AmasonNDLutheran South Academy
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Charlie Card-Childers5-09.00Annunciation Orthodox
2.8Patrick Reinschmidt5-02.00Lutheran South Academy
3.8Harry Patterson5-00.00Annunciation Orthodox
4.8Brent Freeman5-00.00Lutheran South Academy
5.8Brayden Aguilera4-08.00Awty International
5.8Trevion Harris4-08.00Northland Christian
7.8Preston Simmons4-08.00Honor Roll
8.8Rahmet Mohamet4-06.00Honor Roll
8.8Lyndon Davis4-06.00Northland Christian
8.8Curtis Whisler4-06.00Northland Christian
11.8Adil Dhanani4-04.00Honor Roll
8Justin VincentNHSt John's
8Chris SimonNHAnnunciation Orthodox
8Austin ArcenauxNHAwty International
8Nelson Wapon SafoNHAwty International
8Christian HargroveNHLutheran South Academy
8Samuel JohnsonNHLutheran South Academy
8William MercadoNHSt John's
8Kelly OubreNHPresbyterian
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Thomas Wood4-06.00Presbyterian
2.7Alec Lubrano4-06.00Annunciation Orthodox
3.7Coulson Anthony4-04.00Lutheran South Academy
3.7Josh Plank4-04.00Awty International
5.7Andrew Jing4-04.00St John's
6.7Josh Chiasson4-04.00Awty International
7.7George Gallagher4-02.00Honor Roll
8.7Andres Morales4-00.00Awty International
9.7Justin Nutt3-10.00Honor Roll
9.7Tim Strickman3-10.00Honor Roll
7Kendall RamseyNHKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Julius SmithNHKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Sterling ReedNHKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Devon CashNHKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Balbino BeltreNHLutheran South Academy
8Charlie Card-ChildersNHAnnunciation Orthodox
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6MAson McIntyre4-04.00St Francis Episcopal
2.6Tucker Arrants4-00.00Awty International
3.6Matias Preti3-10.00Awty International
3.6Thomas Gardner3-10.00Annunciation Orthodox
5.6Charlie Meacham3-10.00Awty International
6.6Ian Hoang3-08.00Lutheran South Academy
6.6Jimmy Scarbrough3-08.00St Francis Episcopal
6Patrick SullivanNHAnnunciation Orthodox
6Paolo CannatellaNHAnnunciation Orthodox
6Nato SandweissNHAnnunciation Orthodox
6Steven DundeeNHLutheran South Academy
5Robert ProperNHHonor Roll
6Aaron KwokNHHonor Roll
5Nabeel AliNHHonor Roll
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Darien Simms18-09.25Northland Christian
2.8Sean Yuan17-00.00St John's
3.8Zachary Mitchell16-09.00Northland Christian
4.8Justin Bernard16-08.25Presbyterian
5.8Tyler Goulding15-10.50Awty International
6.8Brent Freeman15-10.00Lutheran South Academy
7.8Charlie Card-Childers15-09.75Annunciation Orthodox
8.Pearce Cash15-07.00The Village School
9.8Preston Simmons15-06.75Honor Roll
10.8Aria Rassoli15-05.25Awty International
11.8Max Rank15-01.50Presbyterian
12.8Adrien Lhemann14-05.25Awty International
13.8Taichi Akiyama14-03.00Annunciation Orthodox
14.8Adil Dhanani13-03.00Honor Roll
15.8Rahmet Mohamet12-11.50Honor Roll
16.8Christian Quinn12-09.25Annunciation Orthodox
17.8David Villarreal12-09.00Lutheran South Academy
8Samuel JohnsonNDLutheran South Academy
8Patrick ReinschmidtNDLutheran South Academy
6James FreebornNDLutheran South Academy
8Harry PattersonNDAnnunciation Orthodox
8William MercadoNDSt John's
8Chris SimonNDAnnunciation Orthodox
7Andrew JingNDSt John's
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Alec Lubrano16-01.00Annunciation Orthodox
2.7Thomas Wood15-04.25Presbyterian
3.7Kendall Ramsey15-02.50KIPP Liberation Coll...
4.7Travis Ames14-11.75Annunciation Orthodox
5.7John Schroeder14-10.00Awty International
6.7Vanderious Trice13-11.50KIPP Liberation Coll...
7.7Andres Morales13-00.75Awty International
8.7Jason Sattler12-06.50Honor Roll
8.7Justin Nutt12-06.50Honor Roll
10.7Emmanuel Aruho12-05.50Presbyterian
11.7Julius Smith12-01.50KIPP Liberation Coll...
12.7Coulson Anthony11-10.50Lutheran South Academy
13.7Alberto Tohme11-10.00Awty International
14.7Nadeem Al-Adli11-01.25Honor Roll
15.7Christian Lundy-Hawkins11-00.50KIPP Liberation Coll...
16.7Matthew Novelli9-05.00Presbyterian
8Charlie Card-ChildersNDAnnunciation Orthodox
8Cleveland BaileyNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Willie GabrielNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
8David LopezNDKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Balbino BeltreNDLutheran South Academy
7Andrew ShutackNDLutheran South Academy
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6MAson McIntyre14-05.50St Francis Episcopal
2.6James Grant13-05.00Awty International
3.6Charlie Meacham13-02.50Awty International
4.6Levi Wilkins12-08.50St Francis Episcopal
5.6Thomas Gardner12-06.50Annunciation Orthodox
6.6Matthew Goodrich12-05.50Presbyterian
7.Michael Wille12-04.50The Village School
8.Bao-Tri Le12-03.50The Village School
9.6Jake Chotiner11-10.50St John's
9.Ravi Amin11-10.50The Village School
11.6Devon Merz11-06.50Awty International
12.6Cory Garza11-04.00Westbury Christian
13.6Derek Cyprian11-03.50Westbury Christian
14.6Jimmy Scarbrough10-10.50St Francis Episcopal
15.6Arden Onanian10-06.00St John's
16.6Steven Dundee10-04.00Lutheran South Academy
17.6Sheyi Ajiboye10-02.50Westbury Christian
18.6Kyce Darouiche9-11.00Annunciation Orthodox
19.5Nabeel Ali9-10.50Honor Roll
20.6Tucker Brown9-07.00Annunciation Orthodox
21.6Ian Hoang9-02.50Lutheran South Academy
6Paolo CannatellaNDAnnunciation Orthodox
5Jordan VanderLynNDHonor Roll
6Aaron KwokNDHonor Roll
6Christopher BordersNDPresbyterian
X Triple Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Darien Simms37-04.50Northland Christian
2.8Joshua Washington34-10.00Honor Roll
3.8Justin Bernard34-02.00Presbyterian
4.8Trevion Harris33-09.00Northland Christian
5.8Patrick Reinschmidt33-05.50Lutheran South Academy
6.8Micah Green32-11.00Westbury Christian
7.8Tyler Goulding32-05.00Awty International
8.8Sean Yuan31-07.50St John's
9.8Austin Arcenaux31-05.00Awty International
10.8Max Rank30-06.00Presbyterian
11.8William Mercado30-00.00St John's
12.7Kolby Hart29-07.50Northland Christian
13.8David Villarreal27-02.00Lutheran South Academy
14.8Rahmet Mohamet26-06.50Honor Roll
15.8Chris Boisvert25-07.50Honor Roll
16.8Samuel Johnson25-04.00Lutheran South Academy
8Chris SimonNDAnnunciation Orthodox
8Aria RassoliNDAwty International
8Christian HargroveNDLutheran South Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Nenye Okoro14.08aDASH
2.8Giovanna Manisck14.31aAwty International
3.8Caroline Mizell14.48aSt Francis Episcopal
4.8Shelby Tate14.52aNorthland Christian
5.8Morgan Malouf14.74aDASH
6.8Noor Haq14.96aHonor Roll
7.8Kayla Banks15.03aDASH
8.Meredith Burch15.05aThe Village School
9.8Christy Jacobs15.08aPresbyterian
10.8Meredith Heim15.19aNorthland Christian
11.8Jordan Pope15.23aLutheran South Academy
12.7Tito Babatunde15.27aNorthland Christian
13.Emily Freeman15.28aThe Village School
14.Talyor Aycock15.29aThe Village School
15.8Pierine Baradat15.32aAwty International
16.8Armanda Simon15.54aAwty International
17.8Alexx Brame15.65aLutheran South Academy
18.8Saba Akhtar15.82aHonor Roll
19.8Maris Fechter16.28aLutheran South Academy
20.8Danna Ghafir18.56aHonor Roll
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.9Taylor Crawford13.87aSt. Catherine's Mont...
2.7Sofie Morales-Bello14.39aDASH
3.7Kirby Bowers14.40aPresbyterian
4.7Claudia Krogmeier14.42aDASH
5.7Mena Barakat15.18aAwty International
6.7Kelsey Roe15.42aDASH
6.7Haley Morris15.42aAwty International
8.Hanna Mcmorris15.43aThe Village School
9.7Christian Cain15.49aAnnunciation Orthodox
10.7Morgan Dickson15.50aAnnunciation Orthodox
11.7Sophie Baggott15.68aLutheran South Academy
12.7Kierra Hearne15.73aKIPP Liberation Coll...
13.7Saunaz Moradi15.85aSt Francis Episcopal
14.7Sydney Ladner15.86aAwty International
14.Aura Reyna15.86aThe Village School
16.7Nikki De Los Reyes15.94aLutheran South Academy
17.7Raffaella Symmans16.01aAnnunciation Orthodox
18.7Brenton Smith16.08aPresbyterian
19.7Michelle Chauvin16.29aLutheran South Academy
20.7Amanda Thompson16.32aSt Francis Episcopal
21.7Courtney Chance16.82aKIPP Liberation Coll...
22.7Diael Thomas18.04aHonor Roll
7Lauryn MerrietNTHonor Roll
7Nimmy VergheseNTHonor Roll
7Cedreneisha DelaneNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Nicole VickersNTSt Francis Episcopal
7Claire HoffmanNTPresbyterian
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Caroline Ankoma-Sey13.55aPresbyterian
2.6Cynthia Cheng14.93aSt John's
3.6Margo Cox15.18aPresbyterian
4.6Kiarra Alleyne15.47aDASH
5.5Venessa Anwuri15.62aHonor Roll
6.6Emily Dedmon15.79aLutheran South Academy
7.6Marianne Sauvagnac15.82aAwty International
8.6Catherine Grace Catechis15.98aAnnunciation Orthodox
9.6Chandler Fleming16.00aNorthland Christian
10.6Caroline Clark16.01aDASH
11.Brarathi Selvan16.16aThe Village School
12.6Emily Herman16.18aNorthland Christian
13.6Claire Grable16.36aLutheran South Academy
14.6Clara Dubois16.54aAwty International
16.6Marina Fragkias16.64aNorthland Christian
17.5Elizabeth Tate-Meyers16.73aHonor Roll
18.6Chloe Rochette16.81aAwty International
19.6Stefania Cuerea16.83aSt John's
20.6Sidney Phillips16.87aAnnunciation Orthodox
21.6Morgan Stevens16.89aDASH
22.6Megan Cooper17.00aSt John's
23.6Isabelle Draper17.02aSt John's
24.6Bailey Carr17.14aAnnunciation Orthodox
25.6Sydney Perez17.49aLutheran South Academy
5Shania RobinsonNTHonor Roll
5Sara SaxenaNTHonor Roll
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Nenye Okoro27.86aDASH
2.6Eriana Henderson28.40aNorthland Christian
3.8Maddie Moreau29.02aLutheran South Academy
4.8Caroline Mizell29.37aSt Francis Episcopal
5.8Siera Coulter29.49aNorthland Christian
6.8Jacqueline Maher29.88aLutheran South Academy
7.8Monica Bueso30.32aPresbyterian
8.8Shelby Tate30.36aNorthland Christian
9.8Morgan Malouf30.66aDASH
10.Meredith Burch30.95aThe Village School
11.8Kayla Banks30.96aDASH
12.8Christy Jacobs31.08aPresbyterian
13.8Jordan Pope31.17aLutheran South Academy
14.8Camille Doquette31.65aAwty International
15.8Andrea Karpen31.79aAwty International
16.8Marisa Gattis32.31aHonor Roll
17.8Michelle Wang32.32aHonor Roll
18.8Abigail Henningsen32.35aSt Francis Episcopal
19.Grace Craven32.73aThe Village School
20.Talyor Aycock33.14aThe Village School
21.8Saba Akhtar33.42aHonor Roll
22.8Helene Roussell33.87aAwty International
8Taylor NewhouseNTSt Francis Episcopal
8Emilie KhouryNTAwty International
8Madison AguileraNTAwty International
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.9Taylor Crawford27.83aSt. Catherine's Mont...
2.7Kirby Bowers28.77aPresbyterian
3.7Kierra Hearne29.07aKIPP Liberation Coll...
4.7Ana Matamoros29.22aSt Francis Episcopal
5.7Tiffany Johnson30.72aKIPP Liberation Coll...
6.7Carly Jackson30.83aLutheran South Academy
7.7Annie Miller31.43aDASH
8.7Nikki De Los Reyes32.28aLutheran South Academy
9.7Ashley Carraway-Miller32.31aKIPP Liberation Coll...
10.7Carly Weidemann32.71aLutheran South Academy
11.7Saunaz Moradi32.81aSt Francis Episcopal
11.Claire Foster32.81aThe Village School
13.7Sofie Morales-Bello32.89aDASH
14.7Jessica Gonzalez33.28aAwty International
15.7Jessie Ames33.35aAnnunciation Orthodox
16.7Ke'Aira Devold33.40aKIPP Liberation Coll...
17.Nao Masuya34.01aThe Village School
18.Hanna Mcmorris34.25aThe Village School
19.7Amanda Thompson34.37aSt Francis Episcopal
20.7Zsofi Cohen34.96aAnnunciation Orthodox
21.7Arianna Caranto35.21aHonor Roll
22.7Elissa Ferron36.31aAwty International
23.7Roxane Sazegar37.48aAwty International
7Mya TownsendNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Emma BrasherDQAnnunciation Orthodox
7Isis AcognyNTAwty International
8Christiana McClainNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Courtney ChanceNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Kijane BrownNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Natalie GeislerNTPresbyterian
7Claudia KrogmeierNTDASH
7Nicole VickersNTSt Francis Episcopal
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Caroline Ankoma-Sey28.59aPresbyterian
2.6Gracey Wallace30.98aPresbyterian
3.6Bryanna Dalco31.61aPresbyterian
4.6Katelyn Kubosh32.08aNorthland Christian
5.Mirella Brocklehurst32.09aThe Village School
6.6Caitlin Hall32.38aAnnunciation Orthodox
7.6Elizabeth Ellison32.45aSt John's
8.6Emily Dedmon32.50aLutheran South Academy
9.5Venessa Anwuri32.84aHonor Roll
10.6Nicole Salet33.35aAwty International
11.1Taylor Hatley33.88aNorthland Christian
12.6Cynthia Cheng34.18aSt John's
13.5Shania Robinson34.43aHonor Roll
14.6Catherine Grace Catechis34.77aAnnunciation Orthodox
15.6Emily Herman34.97aNorthland Christian
16.6Carine Rizk35.41aAwty International
17.6Caroline Clark35.45aDASH
18.6Bonnie LeBlanc35.58aLutheran South Academy
19.6Macie Mateja35.84aAnnunciation Orthodox
20.6Amina Matin35.98aSt John's
21.6Brittany Jones37.45aLutheran South Academy
22.6Sarah Smati37.72aAwty International
23.6Isabella Crane38.90aAwty International
24.5Maddy Morales40.26aHonor Roll
6Megan CooperNTSt John's
6Sydney MoyeNTSt John's
5Charly WillertonNTHonor Roll
6Emilyo DeHoyosNTLutheran South Academy
6Kate KempleNTDASH
6Phoebe MyersNTDASH
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.6Eriana Henderson1:04.80aNorthland Christian
2.8Alexis Pope1:06.67aNorthland Christian
3.8Elise Viguet1:08.28aDASH
4.8Jacqueline Maher1:09.27aLutheran South Academy
5.8Drewe Molin1:10.20aDASH
6.8Catie Eichler1:11.72aNorthland Christian
7.8Madison Aguilera1:13.05aAwty International
8.8Kristen Santiago1:13.09aAnnunciation Orthodox
9.8Bailey Blocker1:13.43aDASH
10.8Noor Haq1:13.96aHonor Roll
11.8Jessica Kasbaum1:14.65aLutheran South Academy
12.8Katlyn Nguyen1:16.91aLutheran South Academy
13.8Hannah Smati1:17.38aAwty International
14.Talyor Aycock1:18.22aThe Village School
15.8Abigail Henningsen1:18.97aSt Francis Episcopal
16.8Andrea Karpen1:19.54aAwty International
17.8Coco Garrett1:19.57aSt Francis Episcopal
18.Reem Alturki1:19.92aThe Village School
8Pallavi KrishnaraoNTHonor Roll
8Taylor NewhouseNTSt Francis Episcopal
8Danna GhafirNTHonor Roll
8Christy JacobsNTPresbyterian
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ana Matamoros1:05.41aSt Francis Episcopal
2.7Ashley Carraway-Miller1:05.86aKIPP Liberation Coll...
3.Carla Sganderlla1:06.54aThe Village School
4.7Shelby Zimmerman1:07.07aPresbyterian
5.7Carly Jackson1:09.79aLutheran South Academy
6.7Claire Hoffman1:10.44aPresbyterian
7.7Alondra Andrade1:12.63aAwty International
8.7Caroline Adams1:14.30aDASH
9.7Raffaella Symmans1:14.52aAnnunciation Orthodox
10.7Carly Weidemann1:14.80aLutheran South Academy
11.Lauren Fernandez-Miller1:14.85aThe Village School
12.7Winnie Johnson1:15.15aDASH
13.7Madison Finger1:15.88aHonor Roll
14.8Kijane Brown1:16.89aKIPP Liberation Coll...
15.7Mya Townsend1:19.09aKIPP Liberation Coll...
16.7Jessica Gonzalez1:19.34aAwty International
17.7Brenton Smith1:19.95aPresbyterian
18.7Marie Corcoran1:22.10aAwty International
19.7Anna Hada1:24.91aSt Francis Episcopal
20.8Christiana McClain1:25.50aKIPP Liberation Coll...
21.7Natalie Winston1:26.78aKIPP Liberation Coll...
22.7Katie Galbraith1:27.19aLutheran South Academy
7Kelsey RoeNTDASH
8Re'Chandralyn WilliamsNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Cedreneisha DelaneNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Ashlyn HardyNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Angel WynnNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Natalie GeislerNTPresbyterian
7Robin GranberryNTAnnunciation Orthodox
7Fernanda Gonzalez-BlancoNTAnnunciation Orthodox
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Caroline Ankoma-Sey1:04.47aPresbyterian
2.6Sydney Arceneaux1:12.68aAwty International
3.6Katherine Wallis1:15.94aAnnunciation Orthodox
4.6Caroline Rossettie1:18.02aDASH
5.6Marion Bocabarteille1:19.47aAwty International
6.6Emily Herman1:19.83aNorthland Christian
7.6Brooke Lummis1:20.09aSt John's
8.6Carolina Moskosky1:20.40aDASH
9.Megan Delgrego1:21.20aThe Village School
10.6Alena Peters1:21.64aPresbyterian
11.6Grace Runnels1:22.43aDASH
12.6Hannah Goulden1:23.60aAnnunciation Orthodox
13.6Sydney Moye1:23.66aSt John's
14.6Riley Marsh1:23.76aSt John's
15.Julia Rowley1:24.53aThe Village School
16.6Marina Fragkias1:24.58aNorthland Christian
17.6Meredith O'Neal1:24.79aPresbyterian
18.6McKenna Murray1:25.71aNorthland Christian
19.6Joni Grommesh1:27.26aAwty International
20.6Daphne Kokkinis1:27.60aAnnunciation Orthodox
21.6Rachel Krause1:37.93aLutheran South Academy
6Hannah IsaksenNTAwty International
6Emilyo DeHoyosNTLutheran South Academy
6Lindsey DurantNTDASH
5Sydney HuxtableNTHonor Roll
5Inaara PanjwaniNTHonor Roll
5Kate StaleyNTHonor Roll
5Angela SattlerNTHonor Roll
5Shania RobinsonNTHonor Roll
6Amina MatinNTSt John's
X 600 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ellana Slade2:06.22aAwty International
2.6Alexandra Wallis2:08.87aAnnunciation Orthodox
3.6Hannah Isaksen2:11.24aAwty International
4.Megan Delgrego2:12.73aThe Village School
5.6Simona Everts2:14.43aAwty International
6.6Julia Moody2:14.77aAnnunciation Orthodox
7.6Caroline Rossettie2:14.96aDASH
8.Sabrina Wong2:15.52aThe Village School
9.6Margaret Trautner2:16.22aSt John's
10.6Alejandra Castro2:16.55aDASH
11.6Sarah Bland2:16.81aSt John's
12.6Natalie Spence2:17.33aAnnunciation Orthodox
13.6Julia Boyce2:17.74aSt John's
14.6Meredith O'Neal2:17.97aPresbyterian
15.6Lorin Howard2:19.82aNorthland Christian
16.6Rachel Krause2:27.79aLutheran South Academy
17.6Grace Skaggs2:33.10aLutheran South Academy
6Emilyo DeHoyosNTLutheran South Academy
6Alena PetersNTPresbyterian
6Carolina MoskoskyNTDASH
6Addison DeatonNTDASH
5Angela SattlerNTHonor Roll
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alexandra Grant2:41.31aAwty International
2.8Elise Viguet2:45.00aDASH
3.7Keely Abt2:51.59aNorthland Christian
4.8Luisa Stainback2:53.40aAwty International
5.7Maggie Zollo2:54.56aNorthland Christian
6.8Pallavi Krishnarao2:58.12aHonor Roll
7.Cristi Keeter3:00.29aThe Village School
8.8Brooke Houston3:02.20aNorthland Christian
9.8Jessica Kasbaum3:03.96aLutheran South Academy
10.8Zoe L'Abbate3:11.77aAwty International
11.8Coco Garrett3:16.33aSt Francis Episcopal
12.Sorcha Walshe3:21.23aThe Village School
8Caroline WilliamsNTLutheran South Academy
8Elisabeth AndreefNTSt John's
8Lily DangNTDASH
8Grayson MyersNTDASH
8Natasha HendersonNTDASH
8Catherine McCutcheonNTDASH
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.Carla Sganderlla2:41.21aThe Village School
2.7Harriett McDonald2:48.67aAwty International
3.7Natalie Geisler2:50.71aPresbyterian
4.7Nikita Prasad2:55.74aAwty International
5.Lauren Fernandez-Miller2:57.52aThe Village School
6.7Carly Weidemann2:59.54aLutheran South Academy
7.7Winnie Johnson2:59.84aDASH
8.7Camille Cassilas3:03.50aAnnunciation Orthodox
9.7Tara Virginillo3:04.37aDASH
10.7Eleni McGee3:05.65aAnnunciation Orthodox
11.7Catherine Harrison3:12.46aAwty International
12.7Katie Galbraith3:20.66aLutheran South Academy
13.7Angel Wynn3:21.32aKIPP Liberation Coll...
14.7Teresa Haney3:21.76aDASH
15.7Miranda Hurtado-Ramos3:22.53aSt John's
16.7Lauren Fontenot4:02.22aKIPP Liberation Coll...
17.7Samantha Estrada4:32.22aKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Miriam MetzeNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Bianca VerarNTDASH
7McKenzie GriffinNTAnnunciation Orthodox
7Anna HadaNTSt Francis Episcopal
7Gabby WallerNTLutheran South Academy
7Ashlyn HardyNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Meagan RobertsNTSt Francis Episcopal
7Claire HoffmanNTPresbyterian
X 1200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Harriett McDonald4:36.37aAwty International
2.7Nikita Prasad4:37.36aAwty International
3.7Camille Cassilas4:40.75aAnnunciation Orthodox
4.7Robin Granberry4:43.11aAnnunciation Orthodox
5.7Tara Virginillo5:00.42aDASH
6.7Louise Schuwer5:13.11aAwty International
7.7Michela Newhouse5:33.62aDASH
8.7Bianca Verar5:35.01aDASH
9.Abby Glatman5:38.32aThe Village School
10.7Katie Galbraith5:42.01aLutheran South Academy
11.7Angel Wynn5:58.16aKIPP Liberation Coll...
12.7Natalie Winston6:03.10aKIPP Liberation Coll...
8Miriam MetzeNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
7Meagan RobertsNTSt Francis Episcopal
7Gabby WallerNTLutheran South Academy
6Lindsey DurantNTDASH
6Alexandra WallisNTAnnunciation Orthodox
X 1200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Natalie Spence4:40.71aAnnunciation Orthodox
2.6Olivia Havel4:41.08aSt John's
3.6Christina Moreno4:43.36aAwty International
4.6Alexandra Wallis4:46.99aAnnunciation Orthodox
5.Julia Rowley4:55.20aThe Village School
6.6Alena Peters4:58.58aPresbyterian
7.6Kate Kemple4:59.90aDASH
8.6Francie Williams5:01.31aSt John's
9.6Lorin Howard5:18.70aNorthland Christian
10.6Amanda Gerlach5:22.76aAwty International
11.6Daphne Kokkinis5:24.65aAnnunciation Orthodox
12.6Gigi Hawley5:57.02aLutheran South Academy
13.6Rachel Krause6:17.05aLutheran South Academy
14.6Grace Skaggs6:21.75aLutheran South Academy
6Ellana SladeDQAwty International
6Natasha GonzalezNTSt John's
6Shannon LewisNTAnnunciation Orthodox
5Inaara PanjwaniNTHonor Roll
6Julia BoyceNTSt John's
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alexandra Grant6:04.32aAwty International
2.7Keely Abt6:19.18aNorthland Christian
3.8Luisa Stainback6:19.38aAwty International
4.7Maggie Zollo6:34.50aNorthland Christian
5.Erin Merrifield6:42.91aThe Village School
6.8Stephanie Jeanneret6:48.21aAwty International
7.Cristi Keeter6:50.52aThe Village School
8.8Ariana Lee7:30.51aDASH
9.8Chelsea Wang8:09.59aDASH
10.Kiana Arfa9:54.85aThe Village School
8Lexie WilkinsonNTDASH
8Coco GarrettNTSt Francis Episcopal
8Joya GatheNTDASH
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Morgan Parker15.17aLutheran South Academy
2.7Aubrie Wells15.35aLutheran South Academy
3.7Stephanie Zeller15.36aLutheran South Academy
4.7Sarah Lewis15.42aPresbyterian
5.7Kinnidy Jones15.48aDASH
6.7Mary Bennett Sigal17.33aAnnunciation Orthodox
7.7Rachel Faust17.35aAnnunciation Orthodox
8.7Tiffany Johnson17.36aKIPP Liberation Coll...
9.7Ke'Aira Devold17.69aKIPP Liberation Coll...
10.7Raffaella Symmans18.43aAnnunciation Orthodox
11.7Marielle Langlois18.50aDASH
12.7Carol Bottaro19.22aAwty International
13.7Michela Newhouse19.45aDASH
14.7Angel Wynn20.21aKIPP Liberation Coll...
15.7Soufia Maherzi20.49aAwty International
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Megan Golden16.46aLutheran South Academy
2.6Natalie Spence16.56aAnnunciation Orthodox
3.6Sydney Arceneaux16.66aAwty International
4.6Claire Dameris17.32aAnnunciation Orthodox
5.6Gentry Barton17.43aPresbyterian
6.6Elizabeth Hart17.71aLutheran South Academy
7.7Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier18.31aAwty International
8.1Taylor Hatley18.44aNorthland Christian
9.6McKenna Murray18.69aNorthland Christian
10.6Kate Mahoney18.78aDASH
11.6Bonnie LeBlanc18.93aLutheran South Academy
12.6Carine Rizk19.28aAwty International
13.6Chloe Rochette19.40aAwty International
14.6Jesse Allen20.13aNorthland Christian
15.6Katherine Furse20.38aDASH
16.5Elizabeth Tate-Meyers20.49aHonor Roll
17.5Kate Staley21.26aHonor Roll
18.6Macie Mateja21.98aAnnunciation Orthodox
6Luzan JadkarimNTHonor Roll
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Rebecca Hart18.35aLutheran South Academy
2.8Monica Bueso18.49aPresbyterian
3.8Carley Pope19.03aNorthland Christian
4.8Kristen Santiago19.27aAnnunciation Orthodox
5.8Camille Doquette20.54aAwty International
6.8Shelbey Werderich20.57aNorthland Christian
7.8Anna Witte20.74aDASH
8.8Aya Al-Adli21.03aHonor Roll
9.8Blair Baldwin21.27aDASH
10.8Iman Abba-Kaka21.77aAwty International
11.7Tito Babatunde22.01aNorthland Christian
12.8Kelsey Siegler22.02aSt Francis Episcopal
8Melissa CalderaNTDASH
8Katlyn VlahovichNTLutheran South Academy
8Andrea KarpenNTAwty International
8Elizabeth HirsNTAwty International
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Monica Bueso34.02aPresbyterian
2.8Kristen Santiago34.69aAnnunciation Orthodox
3.8Rebecca Hart34.81aLutheran South Academy
4.8Carley Pope35.48aNorthland Christian
5.7Bethany Dennison35.71aNorthland Christian
6.8Camille Doquette35.94aAwty International
7.7Tito Babatunde36.80aNorthland Christian
8.Emily Freeman38.07aThe Village School
9.8Aya Al-Adli38.96aHonor Roll
10.8Andrea Karpen38.98aAwty International
11.8Iman Abba-Kaka39.78aAwty International
8Kelsey SieglerNTSt Francis Episcopal
8Blair BaldwinNTDASH
8Melissa CalderaNTDASH
8Katlyn VlahovichNTLutheran South Academy
8Elizabeth HirsNTAwty International
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sarah Lewis34.47aPresbyterian
2.7Stephanie Zeller34.82aLutheran South Academy
3.7Tiffany Johnson35.09aKIPP Liberation Coll...
4.7Morgan Parker35.17aLutheran South Academy
5.7Aubrie Wells35.54aLutheran South Academy
6.7Mary Bennett Sigal36.56aAnnunciation Orthodox
7.7Serena Tohme37.57aAwty International
8.7Amanda Charreton37.67aAwty International
9.Aura Reyna38.23aThe Village School
10.7Christina Blair38.59aKIPP Liberation Coll...
11.7Angel Wynn39.67aKIPP Liberation Coll...
12.7Cedreneisha Delane39.71aKIPP Liberation Coll...
13.7Bianca Verar40.25aDASH
14.7Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier40.57aAwty International
7McKenzie GriffinNTAnnunciation Orthodox
7Soufia MaherziNTAwty International
8Re'Chandralyn WilliamsNTKIPP Liberation Coll...
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Megan Golden35.88aLutheran South Academy
2.6Macie Mateja36.41aAnnunciation Orthodox
3.6Elizabeth Hart37.50aLutheran South Academy
4.6Ellana Slade37.95aAwty International
5.6Claire Dameris38.43aAnnunciation Orthodox
6.6Nicole Salet38.77aAwty International
7.6Julia Moody39.21aAnnunciation Orthodox
8.6Bonnie LeBlanc39.99aLutheran South Academy
9.6Gentry Barton40.56aPresbyterian
10.6Jordan Herman41.09aNorthland Christian
11.6Simona Everts42.11aAwty International
12.5Elizabeth Tate-Meyers44.01aHonor Roll
13.6McKenna Murray44.25aNorthland Christian
14.6Jesse Allen45.55aNorthland Christian
15.5Kate Staley47.35aHonor Roll
6Luzan JadkarimNTHonor Roll
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Meredith Heim
Shelby Tate
Carley Pope
Alexis Pope
55.40aNorthland Christian
2.-Armanda Simon
Liz Hirs
Emilie Khoury
Giovanna Manisck
56.89aAwty International
3.-Alexx Brame
Maris Fechter
Katlyn Nguyen
Maddie Moreau
57.83aLutheran South Academy
4.-Marisa Gattis
Saba Akhtar
Michelle Wang
Noor Haq
58.86aHonor Roll
-Relay Team NTSt Francis Episcopal
-Kayla Banks
Morgan Malouf
Drewe Molin
Nenye Okoro
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Annie Miller
Sofie Morales-Bello
Kinnidy Jones
Claudia Krogmeier
2.-Kirby Bowers
Natalie Geisler
Brenton Smith
Shelby Zimmerman
3.-Sydney Ladner
Alondra Andrade
Pauline Duhen
Haley Morris
59.60aAwty International
4.-Christian Cain
Zsofi Cohen
Fernanda Gonzales-Blanco
Morgan Dickson
1:00.76aAnnunciation Orthodox
5.-Nimmy Verghese
Arianna Caranto
Diael Thomas
Madison Finger
1:00.89aHonor Roll
6.-Ke'Aira Devold
Kierra Hearne
Tiffany Johnson
Christina Blair
1:03.60aKIPP Liberation Coll...
-Relay Team NTSt Francis Episcopal
-Relay Team NTSt John's
-Gigi Hawley
Sydney Perez
Brittany Jones
Claire Grable
NTLutheran South Academy
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Bryanna Dalco
Gracey Wallace
Gentry Barton
Margo Cox
2.-Clara Dubois
Marianne Sauvagnac
Isabella Crane
Francesca Canjar
1:00.49aAwty International
3.-Chandler Fleming
Jordan Herman
Katlyn Kubosh
Rebekah Lanier
1:00.96aNorthland Christian
4.Relay Team1:01.79aThe Village School
5.-Relay Team 1:02.40aSt John's
6.-Kiarra Alleyne
Kate Kemple
Caroline Clark
Morgan Stevens
7.-Julie McLamb
Rachel Plaskett
Abigail Martinez
Evie Stathatos
1:08.10aAnnunciation Orthodox
8.-Gabby Caranto
Shania Robinson
Sydney Huxtable
Maddy Morales
1:16.06aHonor Roll
-Nikki De Los Reyes
Sophie Baggot
Michelle Chauvin
Stephanie Zeller
DQLutheran South Academy
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:46.58aNorthland Christian
2.-Giovanna Manisck
Emilie Khoury
Andrea Karpen
Liz Hirs
4:49.29aAwty International
3.-Bailey Blocker
Helen Hammon
Drewe Molin
Elise Viguet
4.-Maddie Moreau
Jordan Pope
Rebecca Hart
Jacqueline Maher
4:50.17aLutheran South Academy
5.-Aya Al-Adli
Marisa Gattis
Pallavi Krishnarao
Michelle Wang
5:19.91aHonor Roll
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Natalie Geisler
Claire Hoffman
Sarah Lewis
Shelby Zimmerman
2.-Ke'Aira Devold
Kierra Hearne
Mya Townsend
Tiffany Johnson
4:50.25aKIPP Liberation Coll...
3.Relay Team4:51.77aThe Village School
4.-Sophie Baggot
Aubrey Wells
Morgan Parker
Carly Jackson
4:51.97aLutheran South Academy
5.-Alondra Andrade
Nancy Hoggatt
Pauline Duhen
Mena Barakat
5:04.91aAwty International
6.-Caroline Adams
Annie Miller
Winnie Johnson
Kelsey Roe
7.-Lauren Fontenot
Natalie Winston
Courtney Chance
Samantha Estrada
5:56.60aKIPP Liberation Coll...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Claire Grable
Emily Dedmon
Elizabeth Hart
Megan Golden
2:18.35aLutheran South Academy
2.-Gracey Wallace
Bryanna Dalco
Meredith O'Neal
Margo Cox
3.-Chandler Fleming
Katlyn Kubosh
Jordan Herman
Taylor Hatley
2:19.91aNorthland Christian
4.Relay Team2:20.48aThe Village School
5.-Elizabeth Ellison
Riley Marsh
Cynthia Cheng
Amina Matin
2:21.47aSt John's
6.-Marianne Sauvagnac
Sydney Arceneaux
Caroline Sempere
Isabella Crane
2:21.90aAwty International
7.-Bailey Carr
Mia Simon
Katherine Wallis
Sidney Phillips
2:30.58aAnnunciation Orthodox
8.-Kelli Loutfi
Charly Willerton
Shania Robinson
Kate Staley
2:55.01aHonor Roll
-Morgan Stevens
Mikaela Mandola
Kiarra Alleyne
Caroline Rossettie
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