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Carroll County Championships

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Kennell11.28aCentury      
2.12Chris Patrice11.37aLiberty      
3.10Jerel Madison11.45aFrancis Scott Key      
4.9Sam Fernekees11.46aWestminster      
5.10Daniel Bartley11.48aWestminster      
6.11Josh Titus11.53aCentury      
7.11Mandela Ochieng11.74aFrancis Scott Key      
8.12Jimmy Yingling12.13aWestminster      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Chris Patrice11.26aLiberty      
2.12Justin Kennell11.31aCentury      
3.10Daniel Bartley11.39aWestminster      
4.9Sam Fernekees11.39aWestminster      
5.11Josh Titus11.42aCentury      
6.11Mandela Ochieng11.61aFrancis Scott Key      
7.10Jerel Madison11.62aFrancis Scott Key      
8.12Jimmy Yingling11.79aWestminster      
9.11Tyler Zimmerman11.81aFrancis Scott Key      
10.11David Mellstrom11.82aSouth Carroll      
11.9Kevin Connor11.92aSouth Carroll      
12.12Kyle Oland11.95aWinters Mill      
13.11Vince Paylor12.07aWinters Mill      
14.12Ben Kapinos12.13aNorth Carroll      
15.11Mac George12.20aLiberty      
16.12David Thompson12.22aCentury      
17.12Marshall Keeney12.27aNorth Carroll      
18.11PJ Van Slyke12.40aLiberty      
19.9Taylor Getz12.56aWinters Mill      
20.11Garrett Westfall12.63aNorth Carroll      
--10Cody JaegerFSSouth Carroll      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Raver22.49aNorth Carroll      
2.12Chris Patrice22.98aLiberty      
3.10Jerel Madison23.16aFrancis Scott Key      
4.12Justin Kennell23.24aCentury      
5.9Sam Fernekees23.33aWestminster      
6.11Josh Titus23.47aCentury      
7.12Jacob Baugher23.69aWestminster      
8.11James Fencil23.90aLiberty      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ben Raver22.76aNorth Carroll      
1.9Sam Fernekees22.76aWestminster      
4.12Chris Patrice23.03aLiberty      
5.12Justin Kennell23.04aCentury      
6.10Jerel Madison23.28aFrancis Scott Key      
3.11Josh Titus23.55aCentury      
7.12Jacob Baugher23.82aWestminster      
8.11James Fencil23.95aLiberty      
9.11Tyler Zimmerman24.32aFrancis Scott Key      
10.11Vince Paylor24.34aWinters Mill      
11.10Derrick Hewell24.36aSouth Carroll      
12.10Jeff Kimble24.64aCentury      
13.9Kevin Connor24.68aSouth Carroll      
14.11Damian Overton25.04aWinters Mill      
15.12Mike Bender25.09aLiberty      
16.10Keegan Farley25.22aNorth Carroll      
17.10Cody Jaeger25.31aSouth Carroll      
18.10Mike Moyer25.60aNorth Carroll      
19.9Taylor Getz26.02aWinters Mill      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Raver49.77aNorth Carroll      
2.12Justin Kennell50.67aCentury      
3.11Josh Titus51.40aCentury      
4.10Matt Smith51.41aNorth Carroll      
5.10Brandan Redhi52.19aFrancis Scott Key      
6.10Alex Warfield52.86aWinters Mill      
7.11James Fencil52.97aLiberty      
8.12Jacob Baugher53.29aWestminster      
9.11Justin Harrell53.83aNorth Carroll      
10.11Marco Sumpter54.13aSouth Carroll      
11.12Richard Russell54.74aCentury      
12.10Xavier Thomas55.01aFrancis Scott Key      
13.11Jake Sanders55.10aWinters Mill      
14.11Anthony Teofilak55.39aLiberty      
15.12Matt Weisman55.81aSouth Carroll      
16.12Mike Bender57.26aLiberty      
17.10Reilly Cox57.83aWinters Mill      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kody Wilson2:01.17aNorth Carroll      
2.11Tim Miller2:02.28aFrancis Scott Key      
3.12Leland Baldwin2:02.56aWestminster      
4.12Trevor Etheridge2:03.54aCentury      
5.12Taylor Smith2:04.76aLiberty      
6.12Jim Kelly2:05.68aWinters Mill      
7.12Ryan Spangler2:08.57aWinters Mill      
8.10Ben Jeager2:10.10aWestminster      
9.12Jesse Albright2:10.66aNorth Carroll      
10.10Danny Austin2:11.00aCentury      
11.12Joey Gutkoska2:11.07aNorth Carroll      
12.12James Williams2:11.79aFrancis Scott Key      
13.9Kyle Hawkins2:13.53aLiberty      
14.11Mike Dee2:14.59aSouth Carroll      
15.11Nick Pezza2:15.83aCentury      
16.10Torrey Kelly2:16.06aWinters Mill      
17.11Ryan Hegarty2:16.13aSouth Carroll      
18.11Zach Boyer2:17.45aLiberty      
19.11Tyler Chenoweth2:18.20aManchester Valley      
20.11Nick Poplawski2:26.26aSouth Carroll      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Pezza4:29.26aCentury      
2.12Ryan Taylor4:29.88aWestminster      
3.11Tim Miller4:34.60aFrancis Scott Key      
4.12Jim Kelly4:38.08aWinters Mill      
5.12James Williams4:38.92aFrancis Scott Key      
6.12Taylor Smith4:39.11aLiberty      
7.10Alex Cooke4:40.54aWestminster      
8.11Ryan Fenton4:45.09aCentury      
9.12Ryan Spangler4:46.06aWinters Mill      
10.10Reilly Cox4:51.34aWinters Mill      
11.12Pat Mead4:52.10aCentury      
12.11Mike Dee4:55.96aSouth Carroll      
13.9Kyle Hawkins4:57.12aLiberty      
14.12Jesse Albright4:57.20aNorth Carroll      
15.11Mark Sainz5:08.53aNorth Carroll      
16.11Zach Boyer5:12.18aLiberty      
17.10Jacob Caples5:12.76aManchester Valley      
18.10Sam Evans5:30.71aSouth Carroll      
19.11Ryan Hegarty5:30.73aSouth Carroll      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Pezza9:49.50aCentury      
2.12James Beacham9:49.65aWestminster      
3.12Ryan Taylor9:55.90aWestminster      
4.10Alex Cooke9:58.68aWestminster      
5.10Zach Hopkins10:07.22aWinters Mill      
6.11Ryan Fenton10:17.63aCentury      
7.12Eric Tringalli10:20.31aWinters Mill      
8.12Pat Mead10:25.13aCentury      
9.11Jimmy Filomena10:37.82aLiberty      
10.9Weston Carvalho10:40.99aWinters Mill      
11.11Nick Poplawski11:15.26aSouth Carroll      
12.11Dan Wesloh11:16.44aLiberty      
13.10Bryan Basham11:24.29aSouth Carroll      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Irving Jeffress15.37aFrancis Scott Key      
2.9Julian Woods15.63aCentury      
3.12Andrew Gibbons15.73aWinters Mill      
4.11Grant Shriver16.06aWestminster      
5.12Tommy Butler16.36aFrancis Scott Key      
6.11Patrick Davis16.72aWinters Mill      
7.10Zach Dell17.31aNorth Carroll      
8.11Dustin Saunders18.08aWinters Mill      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Irving Jeffress15.66aFrancis Scott Key      
3.12Andrew Gibbons15.71aWinters Mill      
2.9Julian Woods16.07aCentury      
4.11Grant Shriver16.16aWestminster      
5.12Tommy Butler16.51aFrancis Scott Key      
7.11Patrick Davis16.87aWinters Mill      
6.11Dustin Saunders17.45aWinters Mill      
8.10Zach Dell17.50aNorth Carroll      
9.9Theo Onigbinde17.70aCentury      
10.11Matt Thompson18.00aLiberty      
11.11Nathan Tennyson18.23aSouth Carroll      
12.9Justin Lawson18.43aFrancis Scott Key      
13.12Colton Bennett18.44aCentury      
14.11Tyler Boyle21.06aWestminster      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Irving Jeffress41.07aFrancis Scott Key      
2.9Julian Woods41.81aCentury      
3.11Grant Shriver42.81aWestminster      
4.11Patrick Davis42.86aWinters Mill      
5.12Chris Thomas43.03aFrancis Scott Key      
6.9Justin Lawson44.17aFrancis Scott Key      
7.11Zach Aspril44.20aNorth Carroll      
8.10Ethan McBryde44.50aSouth Carroll      
9.11Matt Thompson45.10aLiberty      
10.12Colton Bennett45.66aCentury      
11.9Theo Onigbinde46.52aCentury      
12.11Nathan Tennyson47.71aSouth Carroll      
13.10Zach Dell48.60aNorth Carroll      
14.11Dustin Saunders48.76aWinters Mill      
15.12Bryan Beatty52.13aNorth Carroll      
16.11Tyler Boyle54.52aWestminster      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Fencil
Anthony Teofilak
Toby Hawes
Mac George
2.-Jeff Kimble
Theo Onigbinde
Jason Layer
David Thompson
3.-Sam Fernekees
Daniel Bartley
Austin Boreni
Jimmy Yingling
4.-David Mellstrom
Kevin Connor
Derrick Hewell
Cody Jaeger
47.31aSouth Carroll      
5.-Zach Aspril
Ben Kapinos
Keegan Farley
Garrett Westfall
48.00aNorth Carroll      
6.-Patrick Davis
Dustin Saunders
Matt Parker
Vince Paylor
48.86aWinters Mill      
---Tyler Zimmerman
Brandon Redhi
Mandela Ochieng
Jerel Madison
DNFFrancis Scott Key      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Samson Fowler
Tyler Zimmerman
Mandela Ochieng
Jerel Madison
1:33.85aFrancis Scott Key      
2.-Jeff Kimble
Julian Woods
Jason Layer
Richard Russell
3.-Sam Fernekees
Daniel Bartley
Matthew Parsons
Jimmy Yingling
4.-Mike Bender
PJ Van Slyke
Mac George
Anthony Teofilak
5.-David Mellstrom
Kevin Connor
Cody Jaeger
Derrick Hewell
1:38.26aSouth Carroll      
6.-Zach Aspril
Ben Kapinos
Keegan Farley
Ashton Poist
1:38.50aNorth Carroll      
7.-Patrick Davis
Dustin Saunders
Matt Parker
Taylor Getz
1:40.45aWinters Mill      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Kennell
Julian Woods
Josh Titus
Richard Russell
2.-Ben Raver
Kody Wilson
Justin Harrell
Matt Smith
3:29.82aNorth Carroll      
3.-Brandon Redhi
Samson Fowler
Mandela Ochieng
Tommy Butler
3:33.87aFrancis Scott Key      
4.-Matt Thompson
James Fencil
Taylor Smith
Chris Patrice
5.-Grant Shriver
Matthew Parsons
Austin Boreni
Jacob Baugher
6.-Marco Sumpter
Matt Weisman
Derrick Hewell
Ethan McBryde
3:41.38aSouth Carroll      
7.-Jim Kelly
Ryan Spangler
Kyle Oland
Alex Warfield
3:42.58aWinters Mill      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Reilly Cox
Alex Warfield
Ryan Spangler
Jim Kelly
8:04.36aWinters Mill      
2.-Trevor Etheridge
Richard Russell
Nick Pezza
Pat Mead
3.-Jesse Albright
Kody Wilson
Matt Smith
Joey Gutkoska
8:09.78aNorth Carroll      
4.-Ben Jeager
James Beacham
Matthew Parsons
Leland Baldwin
5.-Mike Dee
Nick Poplawski
Ryan Hegarty
Sam Evans
8:55.30aSouth Carroll      
6.-Tyler Chenoweth
Jacob Caples
Greame Kennedy
Shawn Ridgell
8:57.30aManchester Valley      
7.-Greg Rinehart
Jimmy Filomena
Kyle Hawkins
Zach Boyer
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Lanni46-07.00Century      
2.11Josh Danko46-00.50Liberty      
3.11Mike Dick43-10.00Winters Mill      
4.12Caleb Andrews43-02.50Century      
5.12Patrick Hunter41-03.00Century      
6.12Nick Smith39-04.00Liberty      
7.12Kevin Gass38-09.00Francis Scott Key      
8.10Ryan Patrick37-08.00South Carroll      
9.11Brady Myers36-11.00Winters Mill      
10.10Nick Gaetoni36-10.50Westminster      
11.11Ryan Riggle36-09.00Manchester Valley      
12.11Franklin Newsom34-10.50Liberty      
13.11Jordan Parry34-08.00Francis Scott Key      
14.-Frank Buccini34-06.50Westminster      
15.10Brennan Cox34-01.50Winters Mill      
16.12Ashton Poist32-00.00North Carroll      
17.12Marshall Keeney31-06.00North Carroll      
18.11Greg Conaway29-09.50Manchester Valley      
19.11Zachary Leonardi28-07.00Manchester Valley      
20.12Brad Herrman26-06.00North Carroll      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tommy Butler6-06.00Francis Scott Key      
2.12Chris Thomas6-00.00Francis Scott Key      
3.12Irving Jeffress6-00.00Francis Scott Key      
4.12Andrew Gibbons5-10.00Winters Mill      
4.10Justin Maize5-10.00Westminster      
6.11Damian Overton5-08.00Winters Mill      
6.10Daniel Bartley5-08.00Westminster      
8.10Tyler Brunner5-06.00Westminster      
8.12Trevor Etheridge5-06.00Century      
10.12Toby Hawes5-04.00Liberty      
10.9George Rought5-04.00Century      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Scott Deisher12-00.00Liberty      
2.12Ashton Poist11-06.00North Carroll      
3.10Tyler Brunner11-00.00Westminster      
3.11Noah Nevins11-00.00Francis Scott Key      
5.11Brian Bowers11-00.00Francis Scott Key      
6.11Jacob Blevins10-06.00Manchester Valley      
7.11Matt Candland10-06.00Century      
7.12Andrew Gibbons10-06.00Winters Mill      
7.12Dillan McQuire10-06.00Westminster      
10.10Nate Reeser10-00.00Century      
11.11Nick Oland9-06.00Winters Mill      
--12Ben SmithNHLiberty      
--11Ryan EvansNHManchester Valley      
--10John BreyNHFrancis Scott Key      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Irving Jeffress19-10.50Francis Scott Key      
2.12Jason Layer19-10.00Century      
3.10Ethan McBryde19-07.00South Carroll      
4.12Chris Thomas19-04.00Francis Scott Key      
5.12Chris Patrice19-03.50Liberty      
6.11David Mellstrom19-01.00South Carroll      
7.12Trevor Etheridge18-08.00Century      
8.9George Rought18-08.00Century      
9.10Justin Maize18-02.50Westminster      
10.12Ben Smith18-02.00Liberty      
11.10Matt Parker18-01.50Winters Mill      
12.12Joey Gutkoska17-11.00North Carroll      
13.12Mike Bender17-05.00Liberty      
13.10Xavier Thomas17-05.00Francis Scott Key      
15.11Matt Robinson16-03.00Winters Mill      
16.11Vincent Paylor16-00.00Winters Mill      
17.12Austin Boreni7-06.00Westminster      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Thomas44-02.50Francis Scott Key      
2.12Andrew Gibbons42-05.00Winters Mill      
3.12Jason Layer41-09.75Century      
4.12Tommy Butler40-02.25Francis Scott Key      
5.10Kody Wilson40-01.50North Carroll      
6.11Matt Thompson39-04.00Liberty      
7.10Xavier Thomas39-02.75Francis Scott Key      
8.10Matt Parker37-03.75Winters Mill      
9.11PJ Van Slyke35-09.50Liberty      
10.10Justin Maize34-11.50Westminster      
11.10Ethan McBryde34-08.50South Carroll      
12.12Toby Hawes34-03.00Liberty      
13.9Kyle Shimek33-08.00Winters Mill      
14.11Mark Sainz32-10.75North Carroll      
15.12Austin Boreni32-03.50Westminster      
16.11Ryan Evans31-07.00Manchester Valley      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Erika Hurd12.44aManchester Valley      
2.9Ashley Ross12.75aLiberty      
3.11Amber Melville12.81aNorth Carroll      
4.11Nkechi Mezu12.94aWestminster      
5.9Valerie Mizansky13.05aNorth Carroll      
6.10Audra Fernekees13.28aWestminster      
7.12Ashley Carter13.85aLiberty      
8.10Cori Holt13.86aWinters Mill      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nkechi Mezu12.64aWestminster      
2.10Erika Hurd12.76aManchester Valley      
3.9Ashley Ross12.79aLiberty      
4.11Amber Melville12.84aNorth Carroll      
5.9Valerie Mizansky13.09aNorth Carroll      
6.10Audra Fernekees13.37aWestminster      
7.12Ashley Carter13.68aLiberty      
8.10Cori Holt13.69aWinters Mill      
9.10Bailey Heishman13.76aSouth Carroll      
10.10Teri O'Donoghue13.84aLiberty      
11.10Julia Bacca13.93aSouth Carroll      
12.10Kendall Kiernan13.96aFrancis Scott Key      
13.11Courtney Diller14.00aSouth Carroll      
14.9Katie Urban14.37aWestminster      
15.9Emma Taylor14.41aCentury      
16.11Jordan Pugh14.44aWinters Mill      
17.12Sarah Futrell14.92aNorth Carroll      
18.9Cynthia Rockefeller15.28aCentury      
19.10Angie Bladen16.41aFrancis Scott Key      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nkechi Mezu26.60aWestminster      
2.9Ashley Ross26.85aLiberty      
3.11Alexis Bush27.63aCentury      
4.12Cody Mezebish27.65aSouth Carroll      
5.9Valerie Mizansky27.75aNorth Carroll      
6.10Natalie Phillips28.10aManchester Valley      
7.10Allyson Belknap28.41aCentury      
8.12Ashley Carter28.75aLiberty      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Ashley Ross25.88aLiberty      
2.11Nkechi Mezu26.74aWestminster      
3.11Alexis Bush26.95aCentury      
4.9Valerie Mizansky27.10aNorth Carroll      
5.10Audra Fernekees27.56aWestminster      
6.10Natalie Phillips27.61aManchester Valley      
7.12Cody Mezebish27.84aSouth Carroll      
8.10Allyson Belknap28.04aCentury      
8.12Ashley Carter28.04aLiberty      
10.11Courtney Diller28.25aSouth Carroll      
11.10Cori Holt28.90aWinters Mill      
12.9Rachel Tokar29.00aLiberty      
13.10Bailey Heishman29.61aSouth Carroll      
14.12Kara Zawacki29.67aWinters Mill      
15.9Sierra Palmer29.88aManchester Valley      
16.9Rachel Robbins30.99aNorth Carroll      
17.11Jordan Pugh31.46aWinters Mill      
18.11Kelsey Smith31.95aManchester Valley      
19.12Jodi Ramsaran33.59aNorth Carroll      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Mezebish59.63aSouth Carroll      
2.9Ashley Ross1:00.16aLiberty      
3.11Samantha Mcelroy1:02.54aLiberty      
4.11Erica Diffendal1:03.07aWinters Mill      
5.10Nicole Rutherford1:04.26aWinters Mill      
6.9Ciara Baytop1:04.40aManchester Valley      
7.11Rebecca Chmielewski1:04.54aSouth Carroll      
8.10Elizabeth Davis1:04.84aFrancis Scott Key      
9.11Allie Dearie1:05.36aCentury      
10.12Ivy Menges1:05.89aWestminster      
11.9Lexi Clayton1:06.12aFrancis Scott Key      
12.11Erin Quinn1:06.82aSouth Carroll      
13.11Katie Meushaw1:07.72aWinters Mill      
14.9Ashley McIntyre1:08.35aManchester Valley      
15.10Nneka Mezu1:08.59aWestminster      
16.9Morgan Fagnant1:08.60aCentury      
17.9Rachel Robbins1:11.04aNorth Carroll      
18.11Kelsey Smith1:15.76aManchester Valley      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maura Linde2:21.93aCentury      
2.11Erica Diffendal2:24.32aWinters Mill      
3.11Rachel Larkin2:29.82aCentury      
4.12Michele Lambert2:30.36aLiberty      
5.9Morgan Fagnant2:31.16aCentury      
6.11Ashley Sowers2:32.05aFrancis Scott Key      
7.12Alyssa Peterson2:32.71aFrancis Scott Key      
8.10Taylor Tarnalicki2:33.52aLiberty      
9.9Maranda Graybill2:38.43aFrancis Scott Key      
10.10Nicole Rutherford2:38.50aWinters Mill      
11.12Michele Stromberg2:39.82aNorth Carroll      
12.11Rebecca Baldwin2:42.27aWestminster      
13.9Shelby Shrader2:44.56aManchester Valley      
14.9Natalie Eastwood2:44.73aWestminster      
15.10Kim de Benedictis2:45.70aLiberty      
16.11Jill Benko2:50.66aWinters Mill      
17.9Anna Parsons2:51.09aWestminster      
18.10Casey Pooton2:51.13aSouth Carroll      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maura Linde5:02.56aCentury      
2.12Kirsten McGovern5:30.04aCentury      
3.10Casey Sullivan5:37.03aLiberty      
4.12Michele Lambert5:41.92aLiberty      
5.11Catherine Casem5:46.32aCentury      
6.12Catherine Robinson5:47.91aSouth Carroll      
7.11Rebecca Baldwin5:48.89aWestminster      
8.11Emily Carlin5:50.93aSouth Carroll      
9.10Kim de Benedictis5:51.89aLiberty      
10.11Leah Staley6:05.44aWinters Mill      
11.10Kim Meyers6:10.28aWinters Mill      
12.10Emily Kerzel6:11.23aWinters Mill      
13.12Michele Stromberg6:14.01aNorth Carroll      
14.9Anna Parsons6:19.50aWestminster      
15.10Casey Pooton6:29.17aSouth Carroll      
16.11Cassie Smink6:30.60aNorth Carroll      
17.10Lindsay Waugh7:21.66aManchester Valley      
18.10Allison Piper7:30.88aManchester Valley      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maura Linde11:12.32aCentury      
2.12Kirsten McGovern11:59.99aCentury      
3.10Katie Todd12:04.41aCentury      
4.10Casey Sullivan12:07.91aLiberty      
5.9Natalie Eastwood12:10.01aWestminster      
6.12Catherine Robinson12:45.61aSouth Carroll      
7.9Kasey Nolan12:49.82aLiberty      
8.10Jessi Craig12:54.48aSouth Carroll      
9.11Emily Carlin13:24.03aSouth Carroll      
10.9Sarah Bach13:39.87aManchester Valley      
11.9Kristin McCarthy13:45.57aManchester Valley      
12.12Amber Slater14:08.01aWinters Mill      
13.11Connie Kniesler14:18.59aWinters Mill      
14.9Emily Rund14:28.33aNorth Carroll      
15.11Elizabeth Foote15:08.07aWestminster      
--10Hannah OneidaDNFWinters Mill      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Gates16.69aManchester Valley      
2.11Carolyn Smith17.43aWinters Mill      
3.10Justine Ebbert17.56aNorth Carroll      
4.11Nicole Hughes17.60aCentury      
5.10Taylor Stillings17.61aLiberty      
6.11Emily Petersen18.64aSouth Carroll      
7.12Marissa Fulton18.74aWestminster      
8.12Kayla Louder18.79aSouth Carroll      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Carolyn Smith17.20aWinters Mill      
2.11Amanda Gates17.26aManchester Valley      
3.11Nicole Hughes17.54aCentury      
4.10Justine Ebbert17.78aNorth Carroll      
5.10Taylor Stillings17.93aLiberty      
6.12Kayla Louder18.43aSouth Carroll      
7.11Emily Petersen18.51aSouth Carroll      
8.12Marissa Fulton19.07aWestminster      
9.10Hanna Vienneau19.91aCentury      
10.9Grace Hayes21.15aWestminster      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Hughes48.77aCentury      
2.10Taylor Stillings49.61aLiberty      
3.11Samantha Mcelroy49.95aLiberty      
4.11Kaitlyn Shimek51.15aWinters Mill      
5.11Carolyn Smith53.02aWinters Mill      
6.11Rachel Roemer53.74aSouth Carroll      
7.10Daniella Caballero55.48aLiberty      
8.10Hanna Vienneau55.57aCentury      
9.12Ally Caprarola56.06aFrancis Scott Key      
10.11Allison Cannon56.58aManchester Valley      
11.10Sarah Patterson58.45aWestminster      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bailey Heishman
Cody Mezebish
Julia Bacca
Courtney Diller
53.84aSouth Carroll      
2.-Allyson Belknap
Alexis Bush
Anna Vreeland
Emma Taylor
3.-Erika Hurd
Natalie Phillips
Amanda Gates
Ciara Baytop
54.47aManchester Valley      
4.-Chloe Rowlands
Jamie Russell
Ashley Carter
Teri O'Donoghue
5.-Valerie Mizansky
Mackenzie Farley
Caitlin Bach
Justine Ebbert
55.64aNorth Carroll      
6.-Ally Caprarola
Lexi Clayton
Kendall Kiernan
Elizabeth Ingham
56.01aFrancis Scott Key      
7.-Cori Holt
Brielle Hower
Kaitlyn Shimek
Jordan Pugh
56.20aWinters Mill      
8.-Audra Fernekees
Nkechi Mezu
Megan Hursey
Katie Siderchuck
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natalie Phillips
Erika Hurd
Megan Donovan
Amanda Gates
1:49.52aManchester Valley      
2.-Taylor Stillings
Chloe Rowlands
Ashley Ross
Ashley Carter
3.-Allyson Belknap
Nicole Hughes
Alexis Bush
Anna Vreeland
4.-Mackenzie Farley
Valerie Mizansky
Rachel Robbins
Julianna Torres
1:53.29aNorth Carroll      
5.-Julia Bacca
Courtney Diller
Rachel Roemer
Haley Hahn
1:56.09aSouth Carroll      
6.-Audra Fernekees
Katie Urban
Megan Hursey
Katie Siderchuck
7.-Cori Holt
Kaitlyn Shimek
Jordan Pugh
Kara Zawacki
1:57.44aWinters Mill      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Tokar
Taylor Stillings
Chloe Rowlands
Samantha Mcelroy
2.-Cody Mezebish
Rachel Roemer
erin Quinn
Rebecca Chmielewski
4:20.65aSouth Carroll      
3.-Allyson Belknap
Nicole Hughes
Anna Vreeland
Allie Dearie
4.-Erica Diffendal
Carolyn Smith
Nicole Rutherford
Kara Zawacki
4:25.22aWinters Mill      
5.-Lexi Clayton
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Ingham
Alyssa Peterson
4:27.74aFrancis Scott Key      
6.-Amber Melville
Mackenzie Farley
Emily Rund
Maria Hall
4:27.80aNorth Carroll      
7.-Ciara Baytop
Megan Donovan
Sierra Palmer
Shelby Shrader
4:28.59aManchester Valley      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Allie Dearie
Kirsten McGovern
Maura Linde
Rachel Larkin
2.-Taylor Tarnalicki
Samantha Mcelroy
Michele Lambert
Kelly Thurmond
3.-Jill Benko
Nicole Rutherford
Erica Diffendal
Hannah Oneida
10:17.45aWinters Mill      
4.-Cassie Forman
Maranda Graybill
Alyssa Peterson
Ashley Sowers
10:28.74aFrancis Scott Key      
5.-Casey Pooton
Emily Carlin
Rebecca Chmielewski
erin Quinn
10:35.53aSouth Carroll      
6.-Shelby Shrader
Ciara Baytop
Kristin McCarthy
Sarah Bach
10:36.46aManchester Valley      
7.-Rebecca Baldwin
Anna Parsons
Stephanie Shugars
Natalie Eastwood
8.-Maria Hall
Emily Rund
Cassie Smink
Paige Hochhiemer
11:41.11aNorth Carroll      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlin Bach99-01North Carroll      
2.11Victoria Frasco96-04South Carroll      
3.11Kelsey Capparelli94-11Century      
4.12Christine Artman83-11Liberty      
5.10Allison Rath81-11Winters Mill      
6.10Katie Spangler79-03Winters Mill      
7.12Stacy Stroh78-06Winters Mill      
8.12Rachel Denny70-09South Carroll      
9.10Emily Richardson68-08Century      
10.9Sarah Bach68-04Manchester Valley      
11.10Jordan Rich68-03Century      
12.12Brittany Reese68-02Westminster      
13.10Paula Nicholson66-06Francis Scott Key      
14.10Taylor Sprague64-11Liberty      
15.11Alyson Pagano61-08Westminster      
16.9Samantha Kapinos61-07North Carroll      
17.12Michelle Nobel60-08Westminster      
18.10Megan Sube59-04South Carroll      
19.10Leslie Hall56-06Manchester Valley      
20.11Marissa Quissay52-07Manchester Valley      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amber Melville5-08.00North Carroll      
2.10Erika Hurd5-08.00Manchester Valley      
3.11Nkechi Mezu5-04.00Westminster      
4.10Michelle Keller5-04.00Liberty      
5.11Olivia Tiburzi5-02.00Century      
6.12Kayla Louder5-00.00South Carroll      
7.11Julianna Torres5-00.00North Carroll      
8.12Lindsey Dulling4-10.00Liberty      
8.10Hanna Vienneau4-10.00Century      
8.12Brielle Hower4-10.00Winters Mill      
8.9Marissa Horn4-10.00South Carroll      
12.10Cat Myers4-08.00Winters Mill      
12.11Dannie Neral4-08.00Century      
14.10Kayleigh Gill4-06.00Liberty      
14.11Allison Cannon4-06.00Manchester Valley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexis Bush16-06.50Century      
2.10Megan Donovan15-05.50Manchester Valley      
3.10Michelle Keller15-03.50Liberty      
4.10Haley Hahn14-11.00South Carroll      
5.11Amanda Gates14-10.00Manchester Valley      
6.12Kayla Louder14-07.00South Carroll      
7.11Elizabeth Ingham14-04.00Francis Scott Key      
8.11Katie Meushaw14-01.50Winters Mill      
9.9Mackenzie Farley14-00.00North Carroll      
10.12Marissa Fulton13-11.00Westminster      
11.11Olivia Tiburzi13-10.50Century      
11.10Nneka Mezu13-10.50Westminster      
13.12Brielle Hower13-06.00Winters Mill      
14.12Ivy Menges13-05.50Westminster      
14.10Kendall Kiernan13-05.50Francis Scott Key      
16.10Jamie Russell13-03.50Liberty      
17.11Julianne Badders13-02.00Manchester Valley      
18.10Kayleigh Gill13-01.00Liberty      
19.12Ally Caprarola12-03.00Francis Scott Key      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julianne Badders33-06.25Manchester Valley      
2.10Michelle Keller32-08.50Liberty      
3.11Erin Quinn30-07.00South Carroll      
4.11Kaitlyn Shimek30-03.75Winters Mill      
5.10Kendall Kiernan30-00.25Francis Scott Key      
6.11Elizabeth Ingham29-07.50Francis Scott Key      
7.11Emily Petersen29-02.00South Carroll      
8.11Allie Dearie28-09.75Century      
9.12Lindsey Dulling28-03.75Liberty      
10.10Jordan Rich28-00.00Century      
11.12Brielle Hower27-07.00Winters Mill      
12.10Nneka Mezu27-06.00Westminster      
13.11Dannie Neral27-03.50Century      
14.9Samantha Kapinos27-02.00North Carroll      
15.11Katie Meushaw26-09.75Winters Mill      
16.9Ashley McIntyre26-08.50Manchester Valley      
17.12Ally Caprarola26-06.50Francis Scott Key      
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