TAPPS 2A District Meet

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
  Bullard Brookhill, Bullard - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Trent Stinchcomb12.05aMcKinney Christian
2.11Daniel Jones12.11aChristian Heritage
3.11Vivek Patel12.16aTrinity Longview
4.11Jake Brooks12.43aGreenville Christian
5.11Caleb Scheel12.48aTyler East Texas Chr...
6.9Daniel Rory12.53aRockwall Christian
7.9Payton Andrews12.58aRegents Academy
8.9Simon Nguyen13.00aTexoma Christian
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Trent Stinchcomb12.04aMcKinney Christian
2.11Daniel Jones12.07aChristian Heritage
3.11Vivek Patel12.19aTrinity Longview
4.11Jake Brooks12.34aGreenville Christian
5.11Caleb Scheel12.47aTyler East Texas Chr...
6.9Daniel Rory12.54aRockwall Christian
7.9Payton Andrews12.60aRegents Academy
8.9Simon Nguyen12.75aTexoma Christian
9.9Joe Caruso12.78aTrinity Longview
10.9Nick Pappas12.92aTexoma Christian
11.9John Bowers12.93aTrinity Longview
12.12Andrew Shea13.04aChristian Heritage
13.10Andrew Waters13.06aHeritage Christian
14.11Andrew Wombaker13.12aGreenville Christian
15.11Brandon Mosley13.16aTyler East Texas Chr...
16.12Chris Howard13.19aTyler East Texas Chr...
17.11Joshua Miller13.47aChristian Heritage
18.10Caleb Cathey13.62aHeritage Christian
19.9Evan Pettit13.71aHeritage Christian
20.10Ali Hosseinpour14.06aRegents Academy
21.12Nick Nelson17.71aGreenville Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charlie Wilson24.26aRockwall Christian
2.11Daniel Jones24.62aChristian Heritage
3.9James Steenburg24.87aMcKinney Christian
4.11Jake Brooks25.79aGreenville Christian
5.9Logan Rigdon26.24aTexoma Christian
6.11Sam Lyon27.33aHeritage Christian
7.12Shawn Harned27.61aRockwall Christian
8.9Nick Pappas27.63aTexoma Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Charlie Wilson24.78aRockwall Christian
2.11Daniel Jones24.80aChristian Heritage
3.9James Steenburg24.87aMcKinney Christian
4.11Jake Brooks25.62aGreenville Christian
5.11Sam Lyon25.63aHeritage Christian
6.9Logan Rigdon26.00aTexoma Christian
7.12Shawn Harned26.34aRockwall Christian
8.9Nick Pappas26.69aTexoma Christian
9.9Payton Andrews26.72aRegents Academy
10.11Tanner Barnes27.02aGreenville Christian
11.12Brad Culpepper27.63aRegents Academy
12.12Andrew Shea27.70aChristian Heritage
13.12Jake Schumann27.95aGreenville Christian
14.11Joshua Miller28.17aChristian Heritage
15.10Caleb Cathey28.27aHeritage Christian
16.9Evan Pettit28.50aHeritage Christian
17.10Luke Misenheimer29.07aLongview Christian
18.9Jordan Overn29.42aMcKinney Christian
19.10Ali Hosseinpour30.14aRegents Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Gates53.42aChristian Heritage
2.11Caleb Scheel55.24aTyler East Texas Chr...
3.9Dallas Brock56.13aMcKinney Christian
4.10Austin Gonzales57.26aHarvest Christian
5.12Austin Hoover58.82aTexoma Christian
6.11Ramon Stewart59.25aRockwall Christian
7.12Sherman Peoples59.26aRockwall Christian
8.12Chris Howard59.66aTyler East Texas Chr...
9.12Jake Schumann1:01.12aGreenville Christian
10.9Nick Pappas1:01.78aTexoma Christian
11.10Andrew Collins1:02.17aMcKinney Christian
12.10Chad Fess1:03.13aMcKinney Christian
13.10Casey Bronson1:04.24aLongview Christian
14.10Mitchell Henry1:05.42aRegents Academy
15.9Timothy Marshall1:05.78aRegents Academy
16.9Andrew Wood1:06.13aHeritage Christian
17.9Zach Clarke1:07.85aHeritage Christian
12Andrew ConnellNTTexoma Christian
10Jeramy ParrishNTGreenville Christian
10Mason RookNTGreenville Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trenton Timmons2:10.73aTyler East Texas Chr...
2.11Evan Powers2:12.85aTrinity Longview
3.10Casey Bronson2:15.40aLongview Christian
4.11Aaron Mateer2:20.99aHeritage Christian
5.10Austin Metz2:21.52aChristian Heritage
6.9Kenny Faris2:25.93aFull Armor Christian...
7.10Mitchell Henry2:30.23aRegents Academy
8.10Zack McKinnley2:32.52aChristian Heritage
9Harley LiechtyNTHeritage Christian
9Zach ClarkeNTHeritage Christian
9Timothy MarshallNTRegents Academy
9Nick ShelleyNTChristian Heritage
11Joshua MillerNTChristian Heritage
10Matthew RiceNTLongview Christian
9Ross CulpepperNTRegents Academy
12Evan HawthorneNTGreenville Christian
10AJ UlandNTGreenville Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Pfaff4:56.64aChristian Heritage
2.12Jordan Gates5:12.60aChristian Heritage
3.9Ryan Pfaff5:16.94aChristian Heritage
4.10Brandon Rogers5:42.59aHarvest Christian
5.9Harley Liechty5:47.14aHeritage Christian
6.10Collin Wieder5:57.73aHarvest Christian
7.9Ross Culpepper6:10.69aRegents Academy
8.9Quentin Vanderford6:29.43aRockwall Christian
9.10John Golden6:34.72aTrinity Longview
10.9Nick Bitting6:42.82aMcKinney Christian
10Austin MetzNTChristian Heritage
9Caleb FortierNTLongview Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Pfaff10:52.38aChristian Heritage
2.10Austin Metz11:58.61aChristian Heritage
3.9Ryan Pfaff11:58.63aChristian Heritage
4.10Brandon Rogers12:49.45aHarvest Christian
5.10Collin Wieder13:25.78aHarvest Christian
6.12Stefan Byrne13:38.88aHarvest Christian
7.9Quentin Vanderford13:48.70aRockwall Christian
8.12Evan Hawthorne14:51.27aGreenville Christian
10Zack McKinnleyNTChristian Heritage
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Abrantes19.62aTexoma Christian
2.9Dan Leake19.65aTexoma Christian
3.11Sam Lyon20.33aHeritage Christian
4.9Neftali Vargas22.09aGreenville Christian
5.10Luke Misenheimer24.45aLongview Christian
10Jeramy ParrishNTGreenville Christian
12Nick NelsonNTGreenville Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Abrantes48.37aTexoma Christian
2.9Dan Leake49.42aTexoma Christian
3.10Andrew Waters50.49aHeritage Christian
4.9Neftali Vargas52.93aGreenville Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Rory
Cody Wallace
Shawn Harned
Charlie Wilson
46.21aRockwall Christian
2.-Dallas Brock
James Steenburg
Jake Gattuso
Trent Stinchcomb
46.65aMcKinney Christian
3.-Jacob Noble
Simon Nguyen
Logan Rigdon
Austin Hoover
47.13aTexoma Christian
4.-Danny Pope
John Bowers
Vivek Patel
Joe Caruso
48.32aTrinity Longview
5.-Andrew Wombaker
Jake Brooks
Jake Schumann
Tanner Barnes
49.47aGreenville Christian
6.-Garrett Blankenship
Christian Obenchain
Aaron Weghorst
Caleb Cathey
51.20aHeritage Christian
7.-Brad Culpepper
Ali Hosseinpour
Timothy Marshall
Payton Andrews
51.40aRegents Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ramon Stewart
Cody Wallace
Shawn Harned
Charlie Wilson
1:36.31aRockwall Christian
2.-Jake Gattuso
Trent Stinchcomb
Shawn Johnson
James Steenburg
1:39.53aMcKinney Christian
3.-Jacob Noble
Simon Nguyen
Logan Rigdon
Austin Hoover
1:41.16aTexoma Christian
4.-Danny Pope
John Bowers
Vivek Patel
Joe Caruso
1:43.95aTrinity Longview
5.-Garrett Blankenship
Christian Obenchain
Sam Lyon
Aaron Weghorst
1:46.22aHeritage Christian
6.-Jake Schumann
Will Traverse
Mason Rook
Tanner Barnes
1:48.67aGreenville Christian
7.-Mitchell Henry
Brad Culpepper
Parker Andrews
Ross Culpepper
1:50.31aRegents Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleb Scheel
Trenton Timmons
Brandon Mosley
Chris Howard
3:50.14aTyler East Texas Chr...
2.-Daniel Rory
Sherman Peoples
Ramon Stewart
Cody Wallace
3:51.57aRockwall Christian
3.-Isaac Sadler
Colby Robertson
Joshua Hudspeth
Tanner Wylie
3:53.44aFull Armor Christian...
4.-Dallas Brock
Jake Gattuso
Andrew Collins
Chad Fess
4:02.52aMcKinney Christian
5.-Christian Obenchain
Garrett Blankenship
Aaron Weghorst
Aaron Mateer
4:07.51aHeritage Christian
6.-Will Traverse
Forest Livergood
Jake Schumann
Tanner Barnes
4:44.29aGreenville Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Asa Burke38-03.00Heritage Christian
2.11Tanner Barnes37-07.50Greenville Christian
3.12Jozmond Black37-05.50Trinity Longview
4.11Jackson Threadgill36-09.00Full Armor Christian...
5.12Sherman Peoples35-01.00Rockwall Christian
6.10Stephen Salter34-10.25Heritage Christian
7.10Brad Knam32-10.00McKinney Christian
8.9Joey Rousse31-10.00Rockwall Christian
9.12Andrew Shea31-01.75Christian Heritage
10.12Parker Andrews31-01.25Regents Academy
11.10Jeramy Parrish30-09.00Greenville Christian
12.9Josh Deere30-03.25Harvest Christian
13.9Dallas Brock30-03.00McKinney Christian
14.11Ethan Kovatch30-01.50McKinney Christian
15.12Cody Wallace29-04.00Rockwall Christian
16.12Chris Howard28-08.50Tyler East Texas Chr...
17.12Jacob Ryan27-06.25Tyler East Texas Chr...
18.9Andrew Wood26-09.25Heritage Christian
19.10Tim Fuller25-11.50Harvest Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brad Knam108-08McKinney Christian
2.11Richard Parker108-02Trinity Longview
3.12Jozmond Black104-02Trinity Longview
4.12Joshua Hudspeth99-04Full Armor Christian...
5.12Jacob Ryan98-09Tyler East Texas Chr...
6.12Isaac Sadler93-06Full Armor Christian...
7.10Danny Pope86-08Trinity Longview
8.9Brandon Handy83-04Texoma Christian
9.10Matthew Rice83-00Longview Christian
10.10Stephen Salter82-09Heritage Christian
11.11Jake Gattuso81-05McKinney Christian
12.11Asa Burke81-01Heritage Christian
13.10Casey Bronson80-00Longview Christian
14.11Jackson Threadgill79-09Full Armor Christian...
15.11Will Traverse79-01Greenville Christian
16.10Luke Misenheimer79-00Longview Christian
17.12Andrew Shea77-00Christian Heritage
18.12Parker Andrews76-09Regents Academy
19.11Tanner Barnes70-02Greenville Christian
20.9Joey Rousse67-09Rockwall Christian
21.10Jeramy Parrish64'02Greenville Christian
22.9Ryan Lee63-03Rockwall Christian
23.9Michael Henderson62-00Rockwall Christian
24.9Andrew Wood58-09Heritage Christian
10Blake SparkmanNDTyler East Texas Chr...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Andrew Waters5-08.00Heritage Christian
2.9Simon Nguyen5-06.25Texoma Christian
3.11Caleb Scheel5-02.00Tyler East Texas Chr...
4.9Logan Rigdon5-02.00Texoma Christian
5.11Tanner Wylie5-02.00Full Armor Christian...
6.11Ramon Stewart5-00.00Rockwall Christian
12Charlie WilsonNHRockwall Christian
9Caleb FortierNHLongview Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Wombaker20-11.50Greenville Christian
2.12Sherman Peoples20-02.00Rockwall Christian
3.11Jake Brooks20-01.00Greenville Christian
3rd11Jake Brooks20'0.5"Greenville Christian
4.12Colby Robertson19-11.50Full Armor Christian...
5.12Isaac Sadler19-07.00Full Armor Christian...
6.12Nick Nelson19-05.50Greenville Christian
7.12Joshua Hudspeth19-00.00Full Armor Christian...
8.12Austin Hoover18-11.00Texoma Christian
9.9Simon Nguyen18-07.00Texoma Christian
10.10Austin Gonzales18-02.25Harvest Christian
11.12Cody Wallace18-00.00Rockwall Christian
12.10Trent Stinchcomb17-11.25McKinney Christian
13.11Ramon Stewart17-07.25Rockwall Christian
14.9Garrett Blankenship17-05.00Heritage Christian
14.9Logan Rigdon17-05.00Texoma Christian
16.9Dallas Brock17-04.00McKinney Christian
17.9Christian Obenchain17-02.50Heritage Christian
18.9Caleb Fortier17-01.75Longview Christian
19.10Caleb Cathey16-10.25Heritage Christian
19.11Vivek Patel16-10.25Trinity Longview
21.9Jordan Overn15-03.50McKinney Christian
9Payton AndrewsNDRegents Academy
10Mitchell HenryNDRegents Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sherman Peoples40-04.00Rockwall Christian
2.10Chad Fess36-11.50McKinney Christian
3.10Andrew Waters36-02.50Heritage Christian
4.9Joe Caruso32-04.25Trinity Longview
5.9Caleb Fortier32-00.50Longview Christian
6.11Aaron Mateer31-11.25Heritage Christian
7.11Aaron Weghorst31-03.50Heritage Christian
8.12Shawn Harned31-03.00Rockwall Christian
10Andrew CollinsNDMcKinney Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alec Overn13.73aMcKinney Christian
2.11Danielle Orell14.09aHarvest Christian
3.11Kelsey Kunk14.16aRegents Academy
4.9Courtney Craig14.21aTyler East Texas Chr...
5.12Megan Trapane14.46aHeritage Christian
6.9Toure Manning14.61aHarvest Christian
7.9Alexi Bowers14.71aRockwall Christian
8.9Melanie Snipes14.73aGreenville Christian
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Alec Overn13.69aMcKinney Christian
2.11Danielle Orell13.79aHarvest Christian
3.11Kelsey Kunk13.87aRegents Academy
4.12Megan Trapane14.12aHeritage Christian
5.9Courtney Craig14.27aTyler East Texas Chr...
6.9Melanie Snipes14.46aGreenville Christian
7.9Alexi Bowers14.63aRockwall Christian
8.9Toure Manning14.64aHarvest Christian
9.9Sarah Noble14.77aTexoma Christian
10.12Aly Collins14.84aMcKinney Christian
11.11Jordyn Whitson14.91aTexoma Christian
12.12Audrey Wright14.94aTyler East Texas Chr...
13.10Hannah Constantine15.16aChristian Heritage
14.9Hannah Wilhelm15.21aGreenville Christian
15.10Brianna Fauley15.26aGreenville Christian
16.9Erika Mendoza15.32aHeritage Christian
17.9Sydney Ashu-fui15.66aRockwall Christian
18.11Allyssa Taylor15.71aTrinity Longview
19.10Sujin Park15.73aTrinity Longview
20.10Chloe Hochstein15.94aHeritage Christian
21.10McCalla Dunn16.12aLongview Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ellie Kimball28.21aMcKinney Christian
2.11Danielle Orell29.38aHarvest Christian
3.11Kelsey Kunk29.48aRegents Academy
4.12Lauren Rorie29.80aRockwall Christian
5.12Megan Trapane30.05aHeritage Christian
6.9Toure Manning30.83aHarvest Christian
7.9Anna LeTourneau31.17aHeritage Christian
8.12Aly Collins31.35aMcKinney Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ellie Kimball28.26aMcKinney Christian
2.11Danielle Orell28.72aHarvest Christian
3.12Megan Trapane29.62aHeritage Christian
4.12Lauren Rorie29.64aRockwall Christian
5.11Kelsey Kunk29.82aRegents Academy
6.9Toure Manning30.61aHarvest Christian
7.12Aly Collins30.84aMcKinney Christian
8.9Anna LeTourneau31.16aHeritage Christian
9.9Sarah Noble31.44aTexoma Christian
10.9Melanie Snipes31.64aGreenville Christian
11.10Brianne Lemmon31.72aTrinity Longview
12.9Sarah Gravette31.84aTexoma Christian
13.10Brianna Fauley31.87aGreenville Christian
14.10Hannah Constantine32.17aChristian Heritage
15.10Sara Beth Singler32.44aMcKinney Christian
16.10Cayman Thomas32.91aTrinity Longview
17.10Chloe Hochstein33.39aHeritage Christian
18.10McCalla Dunn34.08aLongview Christian
19.11Adrienne Duke39.13aRegents Academy
9Meagan NicholsNTGreenville Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ellie Kimball1:04.17aMcKinney Christian
2.9Erika Hochstein1:10.47aHeritage Christian
3.12Lauren Fess1:12.89aMcKinney Christian
4.10Hayley Robertson1:13.63aTyler East Texas Chr...
5.9Sarah Gravette1:13.70aTexoma Christian
6.11Brittney Griffin1:16.48aRockwall Christian
7.11Rachele Bajema1:20.58aMcKinney Christian
8.10Jennifer Gray1:24.94aHeritage Christian
9.10Bonnie Rodgers1:26.19aRockwall Christian
10.9Cate Walker1:26.54aHeritage Christian
11.9Amber Harned1:27.31aRockwall Christian
12.11Ellen Smith1:33.27aGreenville Christian
13.11Ashli McDonald1:33.93aRegents Academy
14.12Raigan Wimberley1:38.85aGreenville Christian
9Tessa O'ConnorNTGreenville Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Monica Whitmire2:43.49aHeritage Christian
2.12Mary Boyle2:44.91aMcKinney Christian
3.10Jenny Munoz2:45.35aTyler East Texas Chr...
4.10Annah Bradshaw2:46.40aHarvest Christian
5.9Emily Warren2:54.74aMcKinney Christian
6.10Wendy Miller2:59.88aTexoma Christian
7.12Raigan Wimberley3:33.35aGreenville Christian
8.11Ellen Smith3:34.25aGreenville Christian
9Mursal BahadoryNTTrinity Longview
10Molly McCrearyNTTrinity Longview
11Adrienne DukeNTRegents Academy
10Victoria EngleNTHeritage Christian
10Amber PointsNTHeritage Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Monica Whitmire6:20.17aHeritage Christian
2.12Amy Andrews6:22.38aLongview Christian
3.11Maddie Smith6:36.62aChristian Heritage
4.11Codie Frady6:53.51aHarvest Christian
5.10Wendy Miller7:07.77aTexoma Christian
6.12Sarah Church7:19.43aLongview Christian
7.9Dinah Jameson7:25.84aTyler East Texas Chr...
8.12Sarah King8:49.96aChristian Heritage
10Bailey WimberleyNTGreenville Christian
10Molly McCrearyNTTrinity Longview
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mary Boyle13:55.42aMcKinney Christian
2.11Maddie Smith14:08.12aChristian Heritage
3.11Codie Frady14:57.12aHarvest Christian
4.9Emily Warren15:32.02aMcKinney Christian
5.9Priscilla Anderton15:58.51aHeritage Christian
6.9Hannah Wilhelm16:11.31aGreenville Christian
7.9Amanda Lutmer17:26.30aTyler East Texas Chr...
8.11Ashli McDonald18:50.47aRegents Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bekah Johnson17.50aMcKinney Christian
2.12Jenna Huckabee18.27aHeritage Christian
3.12Jennifer Shadell19.52aGreenville Christian
4.11Jordyn Whitson20.52aTexoma Christian
5.12Sarah Church20.62aLongview Christian
6.9Anabel Burke20.79aHeritage Christian
7.10Micaela Farley21.49aMcKinney Christian
8.10Sara Beth Singler21.66aMcKinney Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Bekah Johnson17.76aMcKinney Christian
2.12Jenna Huckabee18.32aHeritage Christian
3.9Anabel Burke20.74aHeritage Christian
4.12Sarah Church20.95aLongview Christian
5.10Micaela Farley21.48aMcKinney Christian
6.10Sara Beth Singler21.69aMcKinney Christian
7.11Jordyn Whitson21.77aTexoma Christian
7.12Jennifer Shadell21.77aGreenville Christian
9.12Amy Andrews21.79aLongview Christian
10.9Brittany Brooks22.12aGreenville Christian
11.9Miranda Kunk22.13aRegents Academy
12.10McCalla Dunn22.23aLongview Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenna Huckabee50.31aHeritage Christian
2.11Bekah Johnson52.85aMcKinney Christian
3.12Audrey Wright54.96aTyler East Texas Chr...
4.12Jennifer Shadell56.99aGreenville Christian
5.9Miranda Kunk59.19aRegents Academy
6.11Jordyn Whitson1:00.08aTexoma Christian
7.12Sarah Church1:00.41aLongview Christian
8.9Anabel Burke1:01.91aHeritage Christian
9.10Micaela Farley1:05.58aMcKinney Christian
10.9Hailee Johnson1:06.66aHeritage Christian
11.10Sara Beth Singler1:08.42aMcKinney Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alec Overn
Ellie Kimball
Bekah Johnson
Taylor Brock
52.87aMcKinney Christian
2.-Chelsee Wallace
Lauren Rorie
Alexi Bowers
Sydney Ashu-fui
56.81aRockwall Christian
3.-Megan Trapane
Hailee Johnson
Rachel McMillan
Erika Mendoza
57.66aHeritage Christian
4.-Melanie Snipes
Brianna Fauley
Jennifer Shadell
Hannah Wilhelm
58.13aGreenville Christian
5.-Allyssa Taylor
Molly McCreary
Cayman Thomas
Brianne Lemmon
59.13aTrinity Longview
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chelsee Wallace
Lauren Rorie
Alexi Bowers
Sydney Ashu-fui
2:00.14aRockwall Christian
2.-Natalie Lemieux
Aly Collins
Taylor Brock
Micaela Farley
2:04.26aMcKinney Christian
3.-Rachel McMillan
Hailee Johnson
Anna LeTourneau
Erika Mendoza
2:05.01aHeritage Christian
4.-Meagan Nichols
Jenny Schumann
Brittany Brooks
Katie Cariveau
2:22.66aGreenville Christian
5.-Kelsey Kunk
Ashli McDonald
Adrienne Duke
Miranda Kunk
2:51.20aRegents Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Brock
Mary Boyle
Emily Warren
Lauren Fess
4:50.66aMcKinney Christian
2.-Rachel McMillan
Erika Hochstein
Priscilla Anderton
Anna LeTourneau
4:58.52aHeritage Christian
3.-Courtney Craig
Audrey Wright
Jenny Munoz
Hayley Robertson
5:01.95aTyler East Texas Chr...
4.-Katie Cariveau
Brittany Brooks
Rachel Mayfield
Ellen Smith
5:50.33aGreenville Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ellie Kimball31-09.50McKinney Christian
2.9Kaitlynn McAdams29-04.00McKinney Christian
3.12Jennifer Shadell29-00.75Greenville Christian
4.11Brittney Griffin25-06.00Rockwall Christian
5.11Taylor Foreman25-04.00Trinity Longview
6.12Lauren Pettit25-02.75Heritage Christian
7.10Amber Points23-09.00Heritage Christian
8.12Sarah King23-00.50Christian Heritage
9.11Sarah Haslam22-08.50Longview Christian
10.12Jordan Miller22-04.50Heritage Christian
11.10McCalla Dunn22-03.00Longview Christian
12.12Margie Hunt21-11.50Longview Christian
13.10Natalie Lemieux21-04.00McKinney Christian
14.10Bonnie Rodgers21-00.75Rockwall Christian
15.9Katy Felder19-04.50Greenville Christian
16.9Laura Abasi18-02.75Harvest Christian
17.9Jenny Schumann17-03.00Greenville Christian
11Chelsee WallaceNDRockwall Christian
10Jessica WidmerNDRockwall Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Foreman96-08Trinity Longview
2.12Jordan Miller87-06Heritage Christian
3.11Ellie Kimball86-02McKinney Christian
4.10Jessica Widmer84-00Rockwall Christian
5.12Jennifer Shadell81-02Greenville Christian
6.12Sarah King80-02Christian Heritage
7.12Lauren Pettit72-07Heritage Christian
8.11Sarah Haslam71-08Longview Christian
9.11Chelsee Wallace69-01Rockwall Christian
10.9Kaitlynn McAdams63-05McKinney Christian
11.10Bonnie Rodgers61-08Rockwall Christian
12.10Natalie Lemieux56-10McKinney Christian
13.11Birgitte Obenchain56-02Heritage Christian
14.9Katy Felder52-05Greenville Christian
15.9Jenny Schumann46-06Greenville Christian
16.12Margie Hunt45-11Longview Christian
17.9Laura Abasi43-07Harvest Christian
11Brittney GriffinNDRockwall Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Anabel Burke5-01.00Heritage Christian
2.12Jenna Huckabee4-10.00Heritage Christian
3.12Aly Collins4-04.00McKinney Christian
3.11Jordyn Whitson4-04.00Texoma Christian
5.9Hailee Johnson4-04.00Heritage Christian
6.10Sara Beth Singler4-04.00McKinney Christian
7.12Mary Boyle4-02.00McKinney Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alec Overn11-00.00McKinney Christian
2.12Mary Boyle7-00.00McKinney Christian
11Rachele BajemaNHMcKinney Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenna Huckabee16-09.50Heritage Christian
2.11Alec Overn16-04.75McKinney Christian
3.12Aly Collins15-01.25McKinney Christian
4.11Bekah Johnson15-01.00McKinney Christian
5.9Melanie Snipes14-11.50Greenville Christian
6.12Megan Trapane14-10.50Heritage Christian
7.10Jenny Munoz14-04.50Tyler East Texas Chr...
8.9Hannah Wilhelm14-00.75Greenville Christian
9.9Toure Manning13-03.25Harvest Christian
10.9Miranda Kunk12-06.75Regents Academy
11.9Anna LeTourneau12-04.50Heritage Christian
9Sarah NobleNDTexoma Christian
9Meagan NicholsNDGreenville Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenna Huckabee34-08.50Heritage Christian
2.11Alec Overn33-06.75McKinney Christian
3.12Megan Trapane30-02.25Heritage Christian
4.9Erika Hochstein29-08.25Heritage Christian
5.11Bekah Johnson28-05.50McKinney Christian
6.9Toure Manning27-01.00Harvest Christian
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