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Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Christopher Hallinan11.67a2009
2.10Dylan Terpstra11.82a2015
3.11Udoka Emenuga11.85a2007
4.9Steven Strumolo11.95a2009
200 Meters
1.12Tom Dowd23.59a2015
2.12Bryan VanderPloeg23.73a2010
3.12John Kaschak23.76a2008
4.10Dylan Terpstra24.09a2015
5.9Steven Strumolo24.77a2009
6.10Kyle DeCotis27.18a2014
400 Meters
1.12Patrick Mc Carney50.37a2007
2.11Bryan VanderPloeg53.54a2009
3.12Josh Loomis54.85a2015
4.10Connor Brown55.28a2015
5.9Dylan Terpstra59.61a2014
800 Meters
1.12Patrick Mc Carney1:56.49a2007
2.11Edwin Torres2:00.48a2007
3.11Travis Enterline2:10.00a2009
4.12Kyle Jorgenson2:11.98a2015
5.12Drew Becza2:12.44a2015
6.10Kevin Uranyi2:15.03a2010
7.9Christian Tedford2:19.35a2010
8.9Shaun Bishop2:23.41a2014
9.10Anthony Cruz2:38.00a2014
1600 Meters
1.11Edwin Torres4:22.45a2007
2.11Craig Natoli4:53.65a2015
3.12Kyle Jorgenson4:58.62a2015
4.9Kevin Uranyi5:04.03a2009
5.9Liam Fitzgerald5:11.20a2015
6.9Vincent Karaitis5:16.63a2010
7.10Matthew Bystrak5:17.09a2009
8.9Shaun Bishop5:20.90a2014
9.10Anthony Cruz5:40.48a2014
3200 Meters
1.12Connor Grant10:09.26a2007
2.11Craig Natoli10:25.96a2015
3.12Hector Acevedo10:29.49a2009
4.9Liam Fitzgerald11:11.17a2015
5.11Matthew Bystrak12:09.74a2010
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Tom Dowd16.04a2015
2.12William Ferguson16.68a2010
3.12Travis Enterline17.38a2010
4.11David Ditzig18.47a2010
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Tom Dowd61.03a2015
2.10David Ditzig62.82a2009
3.11Kyle Wall62.97a2012
4.12Travis Enterline63.09a2010
5.12Drew Becza65.15a2015
6.12Sami Jamal69.48a2012
7.12Kevin Uranyi69.71a2012
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:36.67a2012
4x400 Relay
1.John Kaschak
Jonathan Kabshura
Edwin Torres
Patrick Mc Carney
2.Relay Team 3:51.90a2015
3.Relay Team 3:53.34a2012
4x800 Relay
1.Craig Natoli
Drew Becza
Shaun Bishop
Kyle Jorgenson
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 3:55.78a2012
2.Relay Team 4:05.14a2015
3.Kyle Wall
John Marzocca
Kevin Conklyn
Christian Tedford
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 11:57.90a2012
2.Relay Team 12:02.69a2015
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Frank Strumolo43' 0.502010
2.12Tyler O'Connell42' 7.002012
3.12Richard Heys40' 11.252014
4.11Cody Curatolo40' 4.252009
5.12Stephen Froitzheim39' 2.502014
6.12Rick Gambuti38' 3.502014
7.11Isaiah Bryant37' 7.002012
8.10Cole Benfatti36' 5.002015
9.10Dan Heys31' 10.502015
10.10Emilio Alheidt31' 7.502015
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Michael Tanis140' 8.002011
Javelin - 800g
1.12Cody Unger200' 32008
2.12Will O'Connor143' 6.002015
3.12Tom Dowd141' 6.002015
4.10Robert Gondola127' 8.002015
5.11Brian Tobin122' 3.002010
6.10Cole Benfatti95' 10.002015
High Jump
1.12William Ferguson6' 4.002010
2.12Bryan VanderPloeg5' 10.002010
3.9Jalen Torres5' 2.002014
4.12Quinn BurkeNH2014
Pole Vault
1.10Carlos Benavidas9' 0.002014
Long Jump
1.12Devante Maloney20' 3.002010
2.12Bryan VanderPloeg20' 2.002010
3.12Josh Loomis19' 10.002015
4.10Jalen Torres19' 2.252015
5.9Steven Strumolo19' 02009
6.11Frank Strumolo18' 11.252009
7.11Kyrian Anike18' 4.502007
8.12Connor Lumie17' 3.752014
9.12David Pryce17' 3.502012
10.12Quinn Burke17' 1.252014
11.11John Marzocca16' 7.502012
12.12Chris Cuervo15' 5.002015
13.11Kevin Conklyn15' 1.252012
14.10Kyle DeCotis15' 1.002014
15.10Dylan Terpstra14' 9.502015
16.9Jakob Jakova14' 1.502014
Triple Jump
1.12Christian Enemuo40' 4.252010
2.12Bryan VanderPloeg38' 8.752010
3.10Jalen Torres38' 5.002015
4.12Connor Lumie38' 0.502014
5.12Quinn Burke37' 9.752014
6.11Frank Strumolo37' 8.52009
7.9Jakob Jakova30' 1.002014
8.10David DitzigFOUL2009


100 Meters
1.12Danielle Beniulis11.95aw2014
2.12Erin Kearney12.63a2009
3.12Lindsay Brown13.02a2014
4.11Ashley Stewart13.16a2015
5.11Katie Hatler13.66a2012
6.10Kayla Scherlacher13.70a2015
7.9Ashley Hutchinson13.84a2014
8.9Samantha Corrales14.33a2014
9.9Alexis Kulbacki15.12a2014
10.9Brittany Hanna15.93a2014
11.9Elizabeth Monaco16.54a2014
12.10Ashleigh O' Malley17.17a2014
13.9Rachel Dorrothy17.78a2014
200 Meters
1.12Danielle Beniulis24.93a2014
2.12Erin Kearney25.79a2009
3.11Ashley Stewart26.90a2015
4.12Lindsay Brown26.92a2014
5.11Heather Faasse28.25a2010
6.10Kayla Scherlacher29.51a2015
7.10Keith-Schadney Vialet29.60a2014
8.11Samantha Hatler30.02a2010
9.9Samantha Corrales30.39a2014
10.9Alexis Kulbacki32.88a2014
11.9Brittany Hanna32.92a2014
400 Meters
1.11Ashley Stewart59.49a2015
2.12Lindsay Brown60.74a2014
3.11Heather Faasse61.52a2010
4.11Stephanie Khoury66.95a2010
5.9Kayla Scherlacher66.98a2014
800 Meters
1.11Hannah Scherlacher2:22.77a2012
2.11Jessica Competiello2:23.77a2015
3.12tracy Bartke2:26.08a2007
4.10Colleen Vaughn2:28.33a2010
5.10Madelyn McCannon2:28.99a2014
6.12Nicole Christensen2:31.49a2015
7.11Danielle Bartke2:39.68a2010
8.9Samantha Raymond2:54.82a2014
1600 Meters
1.10Madelyn McCannon5:24.68a2014
2.12Jasmine Amro5:30.39a2014
3.10Colleen Vaughn5:38.90a2010
4.9Hannah Scherlacher5:42.78a2010
5.12Cat Stern5:47.74a2010
6.9Grace DePalma5:50.78a2014
7.11Lauren Christensen5:52.10a2014
3200 Meters
1.12Jasmine Amro11:42.06a2014
2.12Lauren Christensen12:33.53a2015
3.9Grace DePalma13:06.65a2014
4.9Colleen VaughnDNF2009
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Danielle Beniulis15.14a2014
2.10Katie Hatler15.44a2011
3.12Catherine Waite17.55a2009
4.10Ashley Hutchinson17.93a2015
5.10Jessica Competiello18.07a2014
6.9Elizabeth Monaco22.75a2014
7.9Kara Cannarozzi22.88a2014
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Jessica Competiello65.92a2015
2.12Catherine Waite69.12a2009
3.11Nicole Christensen70.46a2014
4.12Amanda Carver78.91a2015
5.9Kara Cannarozzi86.79a2014
4x100 Relay
1.Ashley Stewart
Lindsay Brown
Ashley Hutchinson
Danielle Beniulis
2.Alexis Radulic
Danielle Beniulis
Lindsay Brown
Brielle Shuster
3.Relay Team 53.22a2015
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:49.85a2012
2.Relay Team 1:55.04a2015
4x400 Relay
1.Jessica Competiello
Nicole Christensen
Madelyn McCannon
Ashley Stewart
2.Catherine Waite
Nicole SidorWildermuth
Heather Faasse
Erin Kearney
3.Relay Team 4:19.05a2012
4x800 Relay
1.Taylor Langan
Nicole Christensen
Jessica Competiello
Madelyn McCannon
2.Nicole Christensen
Jasmine Amro
Lauren Christensen
Madelyn McConnon
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 4:23.57a2013
2.Relay Team 4:33.34a2015
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Amy Kaschak
Lindsay Brown
Colleen Vaughn
Hannah Scherlacher
2.Relay Team 13:51.99a2015
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Carrie Wasdyke43' 8.752012
2.11Jordan Wildermuth39' 0.502015
3.12Nicole Sidor-Wildermuth34' 9.002011
4.12Monica Kulbacki33' 3.002015
5.12Caitlin Noonan33' 2.002014
6.12Vivianna Samite30' 4.502012
7.9Alicia Boucher30' 0.002015
8.12Kiera White29' 7.002015
9.9Morgan Rocks25' 2.252015
10.10Shannon Flemming20' 9.502014
11.11Carly Morstatt19' 2.002015
Discus - 1kg
1.11Julia Murawinski116' 8.002015
2.11Carrie Wasdyke116' 0.002012
3.12Carly Buglino107' 02009
4.10Jordan Wildermuth93' 7.002014
5.10Vivianna Samite83' 2.002010
6.11Ruby Pressl81' 2.002012
7.12Caitlin Noonan75' 9.002014
8.12Monica Kulbacki75' 8.002015
9.12Kiera White59' 7.002015
10.10Shannon Flemming57' 2.002014
11.10Kelly Squier42' 5.002014
12.10Carly Morstatt42' 4.002014
13.12Nicole Sidor-WildermuthSCR2011
Javelin - 600g
1.12Carly Buglino108' 22009
2.11Brandy Corsaro104' 3.002012
3.12Caitlin Noonan94' 0.002014
4.12Catherine Kunkel91' 10.002012
5.12Kiera White84' 3.002015
6.10Kelly Squier71' 7.002014
7.10Schyler White69' 6.002014
8.11Gabriella Costantini64' 10.002012
9.10Jordan Wildermuth62' 10.002014
High Jump
1.10Julia Murawinski5' 4.002014
2.10Elizabeth Waite4' 82009
3.10Jessica Competiello4' 6.002014
4.10Schyler White4' 3.002014
Long Jump
1.9Katie Hatler15' 10.002010
2.12Danielle Beniulis15' 0.252014
3.12Carly Buglino14' 11.252009
4.10Ashley Hutchinson14' 6.752015
5.10Kayla Scherlacher14' 5.502015
6.11Heather Faasse14' 5.252010
7.10Julia Murawinski14' 4.502014
8.10Samantha Corrales14' 0.002015
9.10Samantha Decker11' 0.002014
10.10Ashleigh O' Malley10' 5.002014
Triple Jump
1.9Ashley Hutchinson31' 1.502014
2.10Heather Faasse30' 72009
3.12Catherine WaiteFOUL2009
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