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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Zach Gewinner11.22009
12Colton Brammier11.202013
3.12Billy Schreiner11.392009
4.12Rocky Hudson11.51996
5.12Jacob Wardyn11.82008
6.12Cody Wiles12.32009
7.12Colton Nissen12.63a2013
8.12Adam Strong12.82014
9.12Jace Keckler13.52009
10.12Alex Vice13.82008
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Tristan Hilton10.12013
2.12Colton Nissen11.62013
12Colton Brammier11.62013
4.12Adam Strong12.42014
12Reed Kraeger12.42013
200 Meters
1.12Zach Gewinner23.12009
2.12Rocky Hudson23.41996
3.12Colton Brammier23.502013
4.12Shawn Hammons23.81995
12Billy Schreiner23.82009
6.12Jacob Wardyn24.202008
7.12Mason Garner25.002015
8.12Collin Heath26.02a2014
9.12Jace Keckler25.82009
10.12Cody Wiles26.12009
11.12Rayce Hoole27.65a2015
12.12Alex Vice27.72008
13.12Adam Strong28.48a2014
400 Meters
1.12Shawn Hammons52.01995
2.12Javier Gomez52.61985
12Greg Holt52.62004
4.12Jake Nutter53.42008
5.12Miles Weber53.72009
6.12Rocky Hudson53.81996
7.12Juraj Frajberg54.01993
8.12Mason Garner55.202015
9.12Collin Heath57.602014
10.12Billy Schreiner59.02009
11.12Colton Brammier60.262013
12.12Reed Kraeger60.722013
13.12Cody Wiles1:05.42009
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Mason Garner55.62015
2.12Collin Heath562014
3.12Jacob Meeske57.12015
4.12Reed Kraeger63.52013
5.12Rayce Hoole65.32015
800 Meters
1.12Javier Gomez2:04.01985
2.12Tanner Wiles2:04.072009
3.12Greg Holt2:04.92004
4.12Clint Stohlmann2:05.21989
5.12Jacob Meeske2:05.95a2015
6.12Collin Heath2:13.63a2014
7.12Jake Nutter2:19.912008
8.12Justin Wiles2:232009
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jacob Meeske2:062015
2.12Collin Heath2:102014
3.12Reed Kraeger2:142013
4.12Shelton Mozena2:222010
5.12Rayce Hoole2:242015
6.12Ryan Nielsen2:322010
880 Yards
1.12Dave Parson1:59.21975
1600 Meters
1.12Jacob Meeske4:41.602015
2.12Tony Leckron4:46.532002
3.12Tim McKenzie4:47.02003
4.12Django Greenblatt-Seay4:50.362000
5.12Clinton Kerans4:51.851997
6.12Craig Rupp5:212008
7.12Tanner Wiles5:232009
8.12Collin Heath5:23.06a2014
9.12Justin Wiles5:292009
10.12Rayce Hoole5:35.71a2015
11.12Ryan Nielsen5:402010
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jacob Meeske4:432015
3200 Meters
1.12Jacob Meeske10:21.59a2015
2.12Clinton Kerans10:40.371997
3.12Tanner Wiles10:432009
4.12Tony Leckron10:46.82002
5.12Ryan Nielsen11:47.62010
6.12Justin Wiles11:512009
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Darren Stohlmann14.21987
2.12Matt Miller15.51992
3.12Mack Flanagan16.302012
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Darren Stohlmann39.41987
2.12Matt Miller42.71992
3.12Mack Flanagan44.802012
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jamie Flanagan51'5"1999
2.12Bryan Aronson50' 9.75"1989
3.12Carl Voyles49' 11"1961
4.12Carl Holmquist48' 11"1992
5.12Jason Franke48' 0.25"1993
6.12Fred Schneider46-06.752012
7.12Reed Kraeger41-05.002013
8.12Bryan Bailey41'2009
9.12Brandon Broussard38' 0"2015
10.12Dayne Wilson36' 4.75"2014
11.12Zach Gewinner34.82009
12.12Mason Garner33-04.002015
13.12Alex Vice31'10.52008
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Jamie Flanagan147' 3"1999
2.12Duane Houchin145' 4"1991
3.12Bryan Aronson128' 5"1989
4.12Fred Schneider124'11.00"2012
5.12Dayne Wilson113' 2"2014
6.12Brandon Broussard111-082015
7.12Bryan Bailey110'02009
8.12Mason Garner107'02015
9.12Reed Kraeger104' 1"2013
10.12Adam Strong86'02.50"2014
High Jump
1.12Charlie Cover6'3"1994
2.12Darren Stohlmann6' 1"1987
3.12Shelton Mozena5' 102010
4.12Collin Heath5'06.00"2014
5.12Mason Garner5-04.002015
6.12Tristan HiltonNH2013
Pole Vault
1.12John Rhodes12' 9"1989
2.12Gary Sorensen12' 2"1992
3.12Charlie Cover12' 0"1994
4.12Ray Knott11' 6"1992
Long Jump
1.12Jack Douglas22'0.5"2009
2.12Charlie Cover20'3.75"1994
3.12Colton Brammier19'05.502013
4.12Jace Keckler18'10.25"2009
5.12Collin Heath18' 00.5"2014
6.12Rayce Hoole14-02.502015
Triple Jump
1.12Clint Stohlmann44' 4.75"1989
2.12John Rhodes42' 6.5"1989
3.12Charlie Cover42' 0.5"1994
4.12Jack Douglas40'3.25"2009
5.12Mason Garner36'5.502015
6.12Jace Keckler36"2.05"2009
7.12Tristan Hilton34-07.752013


100 Yard Dash
1.12Denise Mather11.91975
100 Meters
1.12Kelli Eidenmiller13.42004
2.12Adalie Thomas13.82014
3.12Heather Hauschild14.002012
4.12Amanda Sahulka14.70a2014
5.12Rebekka Hammer14.92010
6.12Kayla Jameson15.242013
7.12Emily Randall15.63a2015
8.12Marylyn Mozena16.002015
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Adalie Thomas13.42014
2.12Taylor Hermann13.52014
3.12Marylyn Mozena13.92015
4.12Amanda Sahulka14.22014
5.12Emily Randall14.72015
6.12Cody Meyer15.32014
7.12Kayla Jameson16.72013
8.12Becca Kirchhoff16.82014
200 Meters
1.12Rosie Philpot27.61987
2.12Heather Hauschild29.202012
3.12Taylor Hermann30.71a2014
4.12Amanda Sahulka31.72014
5.12Marylyn Mozena33.102015
6.12Emily Randall35.00a2015
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Payton Baier30.72015
2.12Emily Randall31.22015
220 Yards
1.12Pat Sudman26.71977
400 Meters
1.12Taylor Hermann1:06.502014
2.12Alicia Bailey1:10.202012
3.12Michaela Horn1:12.402014
4.12Marylyn Mozena1:14.33a2015
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Taylor Hermann1:08.42014
2.12Alicia Bailey702012
3.12Marylyn Mozena72.02015
4.12Payton Baier74.02015
5.12Kayla Jameson75.02013
800 Meters
1.12Jenna Haveman2:352009
2.12Jenny Neumeister2:39.21990
3.12Whitney Wilson2:402009
4.12Brenda Wohlers2:41.01991
5.12Alicia Bailey2:41.102012
6.12Michaela Horn2:52.002014
7.12Hannah Moser3:262008
8.12Sammy Gohr3:302010
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Michaela Horn2:452014
2.12Payton Baier2:462015
3.12Adalie Thomas2:532014
4.12Heather Hauschild2:54.632012
5.12Marylyn Mozena2:582015
6.12Sammy Gohr3:152010
1600 Meters
1.12Michaela Horn6:11.81a2014
2.12Payton Baier6:25.92a2015
3.12Hannah Moser7:332008
4.12Angie Danielson8:31.512008
3200 Meters
1.12Michaela Horn12:46.32014
2.12Payton Baier13:55.48a2015
3.12Annika Welz17:27.02014
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Mindy Kraeger15.61994
2.12Danielle Buffington16.732008
3.12Alicia Bailey18.052012
4.12Missy Buffington19.32012
5.12Adalie Thomas19.74a2014
6.12Annika Welz21.82014
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Danielle Buffington49.55a2008
2.12Laura Young50.21986
3.12Alicia Bailey53.62012
4.12Kayla Jameson56.73a2013
5.12Annika Welz64.42014
6.12Missy Buffington1:05.52012
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Cami Colbert39' 6"1981
2.12Amanda Schneider38.752008
3.12Karen Wade38' 8"1976
4.12Holly Brack37' 6.25"2000
5.12Heather Harms37' 3"1997
6.12Angie Dennis34' 9"1991
7.12Cody Meyer34'07.752014
8.12Kiley Beckman34' 3"2005
9.12Kylie Flanagan33' 4.5"2006
10.12Rachel Randall33'00.75"2008
11.12Riley Kerans30' 6"2015
12.12Jordan Redden28'1.752008
13.12Samantha Wessels27'72008
14.12Jessie Randall26'62012
15.12Marylyn Mozena25' 8"2015
16.12Rebekka Hammer23' 12010
17.12Lena Sorkmoen20-05.002015
Discus - 1kg
1.12Cami Colbert125' 9"1981
2.12Holly Brack122' 5"2000
3.12Melissa Markham106' 10"2003
4.12Kylie Flanagan105' 1"2006
5.12Amanda Flanagan103' 4"2003
6.12Heather Harms102' 10"1997
7.12Jill Hahn99' 6"1990
8.12Angie Dennis88' 0"1991
9.12Cody Meyer87' 11"2014
10.12Becca Kirchhoff85'06.00"2014
11.12Amanda Schneider79'10"2008
12.12Samantha Wessels77'112008
13.12Rachel Randall77'62008
14.12Sydney Barrett73-072012
15.12Taylor Hermann71'06.00"2014
16.12Rebekka Hammer58' 62010
17.12Jessie Randall55' .52012
18.12Lena Sorkmoen53-102015
High Jump
1.12Mindy Kraeger5' 5"1994
2.12Kim Petersen5' 2"1975
3.12Amanda Sahulka4' 08.7"2014
4.12Annika Welz4'02.00"2014
Long Jump
1.12Kim Sission16' 8.75"1973
2.12Adalie Thomas15-07.002014
3.12Mindy Kraeger15' 4.25"1994
4.12Brenda Wohlers14' 10.5"1991
5.12Amanda Sahulka14'05.502014
6.12Emily Randall13-02.502015
7.12Missy Buffington12'92012
8.12Dezi Neitzel11'72009
Triple Jump
1.12Adalie Thomas32' 6.25"2014
2.12Helene Mueller31' 8.5"2004
3.12Stacy Roche30' 3.5"2003
4.12Stephanie Hohman29' 0.5"2000
5.12Marylyn Mozena28-11.752015
6.12Emily Randall26-08.502015
7.12Missy Buffington26'62012
8.12Kayla Jameson26-05.502013
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