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Cuba HS

    Wildcats - Cuba, MO

Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.11Tim White11.14c2008
2.12Parker Temple11.48a2014
3.10Ryan Davenport11.54c2008
12Cody Alexander11.54c2012
5.12Zack Karpowecz11.64c2008
6.10Christoph Pfuender11.84c2011
7.12Cody Taft11.89a2010
8.10Dayton Killeen11.94a2014
9.11Andrew Schlegel12.08a2013
11Levi Simshauser12.08a2012
11.9Kegan Anderson12.14c2012
12.10Devin Lea12.30a2013
13.12Austin Burlage12.36a2014
14.11Nate Hendrix12.38a2013
15.11Shayne Simshauser12.40a2013
16.9Garrett Schroyer12.43a2015
17.12Adam Starks12.44c2011
18.9Chase Garber12.52a2015
19.9Harold Curtis-Allen12.54c2008
20.9Brandon Frohock12.55a2012
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Devin Lea10.102012
2.12Cody Taft10.502010
3.11Devin Burlage10.702010
4.10Nate Hendrix10.82a2012
5.11Levi Simshauser10.902012
6.12Cody Alexander11.08a2012
7.12Jacob Starks11.102012
8.12Tony Smotherman11.47a2012
9.12Cameron Herrell11.52009
12Ryan Davenport11.502010
11.9Kegan Anderson11.802012
12.9Sergio Navarro12.02009
13.10Konner Gehrett12.09a2010
14.12Joseph Nilges12.202010
15.11Brandon Chamberlin12.50a2010
16.11Wes Broughton12.702012
17.9Adrian Minx12.902010
-Josh Neal12.92009
19.12Todd Bryant13.102012
20.11Brandon Harness13.22009
200 Meters
1.11Parker Temple23.32a2013
2.12Tim White23.44c2009
3.12Cody Alexander23.74c2012
4.10Ryan Davenport23.84c2008
5.11Levi Simshauser24.33a2012
9Garrett Schroyer24.33a2015
7.11Tony Smotherman24.44c2011
8.12Nate Hendrix24.47a2014
9.12Zack Karpowecz24.54c2008
10.12Cody Taft24.61a2010
11.11Andrew Schlegel24.76a2013
12.10Nick Kruse25.04c2009
13.10Devin Lea25.09a2013
14.9Dayton Killeen25.34c2013
15.12Brendan Snodgrass25.51a2014
16.9Kegan Anderson25.54c2012
17.12Adam Starks25.64c2011
18.9Chase Garber25.71a2015
19.12Jacob Starks25.74c2012
20.10Christoph Pfuender25.84c2011
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Levi Simshauser22.802012
2.12Tony Smotherman23.00a2012
9Brandon Frohock23.002012
4.9Kegan Anderson23.902012
5.10Cody Alexander24.202010
6.10Parker Temple24.702012
12Cody Taft24.702010
8.12Ryan Davenport24.902010
9.11Jacob Hafley25.002012
12Todd Bryant25.002012
11.10Nate Hendrix25.102012
12.11Devin Burlage25.402010
13.12Cameron Herrell25.52009
14.10Jacob Starks25.802010
15.11Dalton Reeves25.902010
16.11Brandon Chamberlin26.102010
17.12Joseph Nilges26.202010
18.9Sergio Navarro26.62009
19.9Konner Gehrett26.72009
20.9Devin Lea26.802012
400 Meters
1.12Nate Hendrix52.50a2014
2.11Ryan Davenport52.74c2009
3.12Charlie Brockway54.24c2008
10Nick Kruse54.24c2009
5.12Brendan Snodgrass54.75a2014
6.11Tony Smotherman55.25a2011
7.11Parker Temple55.44c2013
8.11Shayne Simshauser55.74c2013
9.9Garrett Schroyer56.26a2015
10.11Cody Alexander56.86a2011
11.10Devin Lea57.74c2013
12.11Austin Burlage57.77a2013
13.9Dayton Killeen58.77a2013
14.10Jacob Hafley59.24a2011
15.9Brandon Frohock59.54c2012
16.12Shawn Wiles60.57a2014
17.10Jacob Starks61.14c2010
18.9Levi Simshauser61.44c2010
19.12Kenny Highley61.76a2015
20.10Dyllan Eye62.04a2012
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Brett Simshauser51.502010
2.12Ryan Davenport52.002010
10Nick Kruse52.02009
4.12Tim White53.85a2009
5.12Tony Smotherman54.002012
6.12Cody Alexander54.602012
10Nate Hendrix54.602012
8.12Eli Breese55.32a2009
9.10Parker Temple55.86a2012
10.11Levi Simshauser57.002012
11.10Jacob Starks57.102010
12.12Cody Taft58.002010
13.12Seth Hull58.12009
14.10Dalton Reeves58.25a2009
15.9Brandon Frohock59.002012
16.10Devin Burlage60.02009
17.11Jacob Hafley61.002012
18.11Philip Kapitzke63.002010
9Konner Gehrett63.02009
10Devin Swearingin63.002012
800 Meters
1.10Nick Kruse2:04.77a2009
2.11Brett Simshauser2:04.82009
3.10Ryan Davenport2:10.12008
4.12Brendan Snodgrass2:12.302014
5.12Eli Breese2:12.56a2009
6.11Charles Buchanan2:15.002012
7.10Shayne Simshauser2:18.002012
8.11Philip Kapitzke2:19.602010
9.11Jacob Hafley2:22.86a2012
10.9Colby Dorff2:25.602010
11.9Austin Burlage2:29.88a2011
12.9Levi Simshauser2:30.002010
13.10Jacob Highley2:31.98a2015
14.9Cody Burgess2:32.02008
15.9Ian Ives2:32.82008
16.11Andrew McGinnis2:33.002012
17.9Quintin Buchannan2:33.94a2012
18.12Kenny Highley2:37.40a2015
19.10Jeremiah Cook2:39.002012
20.11Garrett Tindle2:39.11a2014
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Nick Kruse2:05.02009
2.12Brett Simshauser2:06.002010
12Eli Breese2:06.02009
4.11Ryan Davenport2:07.02009
5.10Brendan Snodgrass2:17.502012
6.11Charles Buchanan2:18.002012
11Philip Kapitzke2:18.002010
8.10Austin Burlage2:20.302012
9.10Shayne Simshauser2:21.002012
9Levi Simshauser2:21.002010
11.9Quintin Buchannan2:25.002012
12.9Colby Dorff2:27.002010
10Devin Burlage2:27.02009
14.12Seth Hull2:28.02009
15.11Andrew McGinnis2:29.002012
16.9Jacob Hafley2:30.002010
17.11Justin Britton2:32.002012
18.9Konner Gehrett2:35.02009
19.12David Hoover2:37.002012
20.9Sergio Navarro2:38.02009
1600 Meters
1.12Brett Simshauser4:37.66a2010
2.11Eli Breese4:48.49a2008
3.11Brendan Snodgrass5:09.102013
4.11Philip Kapitzke5:14.102010
5.12Matt Renner5:15.02008
6.9Quintin Buchannan5:20.37a2012
7.10Jacob Highley5:21.77a2015
8.12Justin Britton5:24.97a2013
9.11Andrew McGinnis5:31.63a2012
10.10Jeremiah Cook5:33.56a2012
11.9Ryan Gregory5:34.02009
12.9Colby Dorff5:38.002010
13.10Charles Buchanan5:44.00a2011
14.9Zach Lieble5:45.02008
15.11Jacob Hafley5:50.00a2012
16.9Austin McGinnis5:56.53a2014
17.12David Hoover5:57.102012
18.9Jonathan Renner6:01.42a2009
19.10Matthew Campbell6:22.002011
20.10David Bullock6:34.00a2010
3200 Meters
1.11Brett Simshauser10:08.23a2009
2.11Eli Breese11:14.72008
3.10Brendan Snodgrass11:37.002012
4.9Quintin Buchannan11:42.002012
5.11Philip Kapitzke11:45.002010
6.12Justin Britton11:47.702013
7.9Jeremiah Cook11:55.002011
8.12Matt Renner12:05.52008
9.9Colby Dorff12:31.002010
10.11Andrew McGinnis12:47.16a2012
11.12David Hoover12:52.002012
12.10Charles Buchanan13:26.002011
13.9Zach Lieble13:32.02008
14.9Austin McGinnis13:54.64a2014
15.9Matthew Campbell13:56.102010
16.9Ryan Gregory16:04.02009
17.10Nick Kruse20:00.02009
18.10Jacob HafleyDQ2011
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Cody Alexander17.54c2010
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Tim White15.16a2009
2.12Cody Alexander16.44c2012
3.10Lucas Davenport16.55a2015
4.9Dalton Reeves17.14c2008
5.10Devin Burlage17.94c2009
6.11Andrew Schlegel18.78a2013
7.10Logan Burke19.24c2012
8.10Nick Jamieson20.04c2012
9.12Nick Wyatt20.44c2010
10.10Zach Lieble20.94c2009
11.-Josh Neal22.24c2009
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Cody Alexander46.24c2010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Tim White39.83a2009
2.12Charlie Brockway40.62a2008
3.12Cody Alexander40.93a2012
4.12Ryan Davenport42.34c2010
5.10Lucas Davenport43.42a2015
6.12Devin Burlage45.04c2011
7.10Dalton Reeves46.04c2009
8.11Brett Simshauser46.14c2009
9.12Austin Burlage46.15a2014
10.11Andrew Schlegel47.54c2013
11.10Nick Jamieson49.24c2012
12.12Jacob Hafley49.26a2013
13.11Tony Smotherman49.68a2011
14.10Chase Burlage49.89a2014
15.9Konner Gehrett52.83a2009
16.-Josh Neal53.24c2009
17.10Logan Burke53.89a2012
18.12Nick Wyatt55.14c2010
19.10Zach Lieble57.77a2009
4x100 Relay
1.Ryan Davenport
Charlie Brockway
Zack Karpowecz
Nick Kruse
2.Tony Smotherman
Cody Alexander
Nate Hendrix
Levi Simshauser
3.Nate Hendrix
Parker Temple
Shayne Simshauser
Andrew Schlegel
4.Dayton Killeen
Brendan Snodgrass
Parker Temple
Austin Burlage
5.Tony Smotherman
Ryan Davenport
Devin Burlage
Cody Taft
6.Levi Simshauser
Devin Burlage
Adam Starks
Jacob Starks
7.Devin Burlage
Cameron Herrell
Sergio Navarro
Konner Gehrett
8.Chase Garber
Chase Burlage
Tyler Heaton
Kenny Highley
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.Wes Broughton
Dakota Schroeder
Nate Hendrix
Josh Mitchell
4x200 Relay
1.Charlie Brockway
Ryan Davenport
Zack Karpowecz
Nick Kruse
2.Devin Lea
Andrew Schlegel
Parker Temple
Shayne Simshauser
3.Nate Hendrix
Tony Smotherman
Parker Temple
Levi Simshauser
4.Devin Lea
Parker Temple
Brendan Snodgrass
Dayton Killeen
5.Lucas Davenport
Chase Garber
Garrett Schroyer
Dayton Killeen
6.Cody Alexander
Parker Temple
Christoph Pfuender
Tony Smotherman
7.Relay Team 1:41.502010
8.Cameron Herrell
Devin Burlage
Konner Gehrett
Sergio Navarro
4x400 Relay
1.Charlie Brockway
Tim White
Nick Kruse
Ryan Davenport
2.Austin Burlage
Nate Hendrix
Brendan Snodgrass
Parker Temple
3.Relay Team 3:40.02009
4.Austin Burlage
Nate Hendrix
Shayne Simshauser
Parker Temple
5.Ryan Davenport
Cody Taft
Tony Smotherman
Brett Simshauser
6.Nate Hendrix
Parker Temple
Cody Alexander
Tony Smotherman
7.Austin Burlage
Devin Burlage
Adam Starks
Jacob Starks
8.Chase Burlage
Tyler Heaton
Jacob Highley
Kenny Highley
4x800 Relay
1.Eli Breese
Ryan Davenport
Brett Simshauser
Nick Kruse
2.Charlie Brockway
Brett Simshauser
Nick Kruse
Eli Breese
3.Austin Burlage
Shayne Simshauser
Brendan Snodgrass
Charles Buchanan
4.Colby Dorff
Philip Kapitzke
Levi Simshauser
Jacob Hafley
5.Jacob Hafley
Austin Burlage
Brendan Snodgrass
Shayne Simshauser
6.Austin Burlage
Shayne Simshauser
Jacob Hafley
Brendan Snodgrass
7.Garrett Tindle
Cameron Henke
Jacob Highley
Kenny Highley
8.Kenny Highley
Austin McGinnis
Jacob Highley
Tyler Heaton
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Tim White
Devin Burlage
Ryan Davenport
Eli Breese
2.Brett Simshauser
Devin Burlage
Justin Dickens
Dalton Reeves
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Nick Kruse
Ryan Davenport
Ian Ives
Eli Breese
2.Tim White
Ryan Davenport
Dalton Reeves
Eli Breese
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Cody Alexander
Dalton Reeves
Ryan Gregory
Brett Simshauser
2.Dalton Reeves
Ian Ives
Matt Renner
Eli Breese
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.Devin Burlage
Cory Downing
Matt Renner
Rusty Knopfel
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Joe Bennett51' 112008
2.11Dakota Schroeder41' 9.502014
3.11Josh Mitchell40' 5.002012
4.12Cameron Herrell39' 82009
5.12Brandon Harness39' 4.002010
6.12Adam Starks38' 9.002011
7.11Wes Broughton38' 4.752012
8.11Brian Moore38' 2.002014
9.11Zac McConnell36' 11.002015
10.10Harold Curtis-Allen36' 7.752009
11.12Wesley Broughton36' 3.002013
12.10Christoph Pfuender35' 10.002011
13.12Chris Schroyer35' 62008
14.9Shawn Cain34' 4.52009
15.10Jonah Shephard34' 1.502011
16.11Jacob Starks33' 8.002011
17.9Austin Chew32' 7.002015
18.11Brandon Chamberlin32' 4.502010
19.12Devin Burlage31' 8.002011
10Dalton Ramori31' 8.002015
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Josh Mitchell137' 11.002012
2.12Joe Bennett132' 22008
3.11Zac McConnell122' 5.002015
4.12Brandon Harness118' 8.002010
5.11Dakota Schroeder115' 2.002014
6.11Brian Moore109' 0.002014
12Chris Schroyer109' 02008
8.10Harold Curtis-Allen101' 62009
9.10Wes Broughton96' 11.002011
10.10Jackson Mitchell95' 11.002014
11.10Jonah Shephard91' 10.002011
12.12Wesley Broughton88' 10.002013
13.10Isaac Henke88' 0.002015
14.9Shawn Cain85' 02009
15.11Jeremiah Cook83' 6.002013
16.10Dalton Ramori81' 5.002015
17.10Tyler Umfress79' 8.002015
18.11Brandon Chamberlin78' 11.002010
19.12Devin Burlage78' 0.002011
20.11Jacob Starks77' 2.002011
High Jump
1.12Cory Downing5' 102008
2.12Kevin Mullally5' 82008
10Harold Curtis-Allen5' 82009
10Parker Temple5' 8.002012
5.12Cody Taft5' 6.002010
11Brendan Snodgrass5' 6.002013
12Rusty Knopfel5' 62008
8.10Dalton Reeves5' 42009
10Shayne Simshauser5' 4.002012
10.12Cameron Herrell5' 22009
9Jonathan Renner5' 22009
10Tyler Heaton5' 2.002015
13.10Austin McGinnis5' 0.002015
10Konner Gehrett5' 0.002010
15.10Jacob Starks4' 10.002010
9Nate Hendrix4' 10.002011
11Philip Kapitzke4' 10.002010
12Joseph Nilges4' 10.002010
9Devin Williams4' 10.002013
20.10Andrew SchlegelNH2012
Pole Vault
1.12Kevin Mullally12' 62008
2.12Justin Dickens11' 62008
3.10Cole Mitchell11' 0.002011
11Austin Burlage11' 0.002013
10Tyler Heaton11' 0.002015
6.11Brendan Snodgrass10' 6.002013
12Konner Gehrett10' 6.002012
8.11Chase Burlage10' 0.002015
9.10Jacob Starks9' 0.002010
12Rusty Knopfel9' 02008
11.12Devin Burlage8' 6.002011
12.11Philip Kapitzke8' 0.002010
13.10Logan Burke7' 6.002012
14.10Christoph PfuenderNH2011
9Shayne SimshauserNH2011
10David HooverNH2010
10Jeremiah CookNH2012
9Jonathan RennerNH2009
9Ryan GregoryNH2009
Long Jump
1.12Tim White21' 3.752009
2.10Dayton Killeen20' 11.002014
3.12Cory Downing20' 42008
4.11Ryan Davenport19' 6.52009
5.10Parker Temple19' 0.002012
6.12Seth Hull18' 102009
9Brandon Frohock18' 10.002012
8.10Nate Hendrix18' 5.502012
9.10Nick Kruse18' 52009
10.11Levi Simshauser18' 4.002012
11.10Lucas Davenport18' 0.002015
11Gage Kline18' 0.002014
13.10Dalton Reeves17' 102009
12Kevin Mullally17' 102008
15.12Cody Taft17' 7.502010
16.12Brett Simshauser17' 3.002010
17.9Garrett Schroyer17' 0.502015
18.12Rusty Knopfel16' 102008
19.12Tony Smotherman16' 9.002012
20.9Konner Gehrett16' 22009
Triple Jump
1.12Charlie Brockway42' 3w2008
2.12Kevin Mullally39' 92008
3.10Dayton Killeen39' 8.002014
4.10Nate Hendrix39' 2.502012
5.12Seth Hull38' 3.52009
6.9Brandon Frohock38' 3.252012
7.10Lucas Davenport37' 3.002015
8.12Rusty Knopfel36' 11.52008
9.12Cameron Herrell35' 112009
10.12Devin Burlage35' 7.502011
11.9Nick Kruse35' 72008
12.9Jonathan Renner34' 3.52009
13.11Levi Simshauser33' 11.002012
14.10Dalton Reeves33' 7.52009
15.12Eli Breese33' 02009
16.12Justin Dickens32' 92008
10Chase Burlage32' 9.002014
18.10Tony Smotherman32' 5.002010
19.9Devin Williams30' 5.002013
20.11Jacob Starks29' 5.002011


100 Meters
1.12Amber White12.84c2011
2.11Aurora Pfeiffer12.95a2015
3.10Kayla Rodgers13.24c2008
4.9Mica Holland13.43a2012
5.12Danielle Watring13.63a2010
6.10Kaliann Rikard13.64c2008
7.10Grace Steiger13.83a2015
8.9Katie Wolfe14.24c2014
11Tara Monroe14.24c2012
10.9Samantha Hafley14.44c2012
11.9Delany Spurgeon14.54c2008
12.11Gabriela House-Lee14.64c2012
9Rachel Wilson14.64c2010
9Brittany Brown14.64a2013
15.9Caitlin Eickerman14.74c2008
10Aimee Hansel14.74c2010
17.9Bailey Koppelmann14.79a2011
18.9Stephanie Hana14.84c2009
19.11Gabby Strosnider15.00a2011
20.11Hannah Bueltman15.01a2015
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Tara Monroe12.202010
2.9Stephanie Hana13.02009
3.12Danielle Watring13.202010
4.9Rachel Wilson13.402010
5.11Emily Weaver13.602012
6.11Gabriela House-Lee13.702012
9Aimee Hansel13.72009
8.12Kaliann Rikard14.002010
9.11Amber White14.702010
10.9Morgan Whitaker14.82009
11.9Devin Brewer15.002010
9Alicia Kreter15.02009
13.12Laura Mueller15.102010
14.10Delany Spurgeon15.22009
15.9Allie Britton15.32009
16.11Hillary Temple15.42009
17.9Abbie Edgar15.802012
9Samantha Hafley15.802012
19.9Shayla Mitchell16.202010
20.9Elena Hotz16.402012
200 Meters
1.12Amber White26.42a2011
2.11Aurora Pfeiffer27.96a2015
3.10Mica Holland28.01a2013
4.12Paige Kruse28.24c2008
5.12Kaliann Rikard28.54c2010
12Danielle Watring28.54c2010
7.11Kayla Rodgers29.04c2009
8.9Grace Steiger29.25a2014
9.9Katie Wolfe29.27a2014
10.10Brittany Brown29.72a2014
11.12Kate Steiger30.04c2012
11Tara Monroe30.04c2012
13.9Samantha Hafley30.14c2012
14.9Bailey Koppelmann30.24c2011
15.9Rachel Wilson30.34c2010
16.10Delany Spurgeon30.84c2009
17.11Gabriela House-Lee30.92a2012
18.11Hannah Bueltman31.05a2015
19.11Gabby Strosnider31.34c2011
20.10Lauren Barrecca31.63a2015
200 Meters - Straight
1.10Jessica Switzer30.24c2012
2.10Taylor Liesman33.24c2012
9Elena Hotz33.24c2012
4.9Breann Coats40.24c2012
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Rachel Wilson26.702010
2.11Danielle Watring27.42009
3.12Kaliann Rikard27.602010
4.11Kayla Rodgers28.12009
5.11Amber White28.202010
6.9Gabriela House-Lee28.702010
7.9Tara Monroe29.102010
8.9Aimee Hansel30.32009
9.9Allie Britton30.72009
10.10Delany Spurgeon30.72009
11.9Devin Brewer31.26a2010
12.9Alicia Kreter32.02009
13.9Stephanie Hana33.42009
14.9Morgan Whitaker34.42009
15.9Shayla Mitchell36.402010
400 Meters
1.12Amber White58.24c2011
2.12Paige Kruse61.37a2008
3.9Grace Steiger61.96a2014
4.11Sarah Griffith64.24c2012
5.11Kaliann Rikard65.64c2009
6.11Kate Steiger66.14c2011
7.11Danielle Watring66.44c2009
8.9Erykah Killeen66.65a2015
9.9Katie Wolfe67.34c2014
10.11Brittany Brown67.48a2015
11.9Bailey Koppelmann69.85a2011
12.9Caitlin Eickerman70.14c2008
13.10Jessica Cook70.44c2008
9Taylor Williams70.44c2013
9Erin Britton70.44c2012
16.9Aurora Pfeiffer70.54c2013
17.9Rachel Wilson71.10a2010
18.12Hillary Temple71.14c2010
19.9Tara Monroe71.24c2010
20.9Delany Spurgeon72.24c2008
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Amber White62.002010
2.11Sarah Griffith65.002012
12Danielle Watring65.002010
4.9Tara Monroe66.002010
9Mica Holland66.002012
11Kaliann Rikard66.02009
7.11Jessica Cook67.0a2009
8.12Kate Steiger68.402012
9.11Hillary Temple70.02009
9Erin Britton70.002012
11.9Samantha Hafley71.002012
9Rachel Wilson71.002010
13.11Yolanda Lightbown72.002012
14.9Aimee Hansel73.02009
15.11Kayla Rodgers74.02009
16.9Allie Britton76.02009
17.9Elizabeth Barecca81.002010
18.12Morgan Whitaker83.002012
9Emily Weaver83.002010
800 Meters
1.10Amber White2:22.17a2009
2.12Paige Kruse2:23.76a2008
3.12Kate Steiger2:28.002012
4.11Sarah Griffith2:32.83a2012
5.12Jessica Cook2:33.002010
6.10Grace Steiger2:36.92a2015
7.11Hillary Temple2:41.22009
8.10Lacy Holt2:44.00a2008
11Katelynn Priest2:44.00a2015
10.11Yolanda Lightbown2:44.202012
11.9Erin Britton2:45.402012
12.10Arianna Lea2:49.91a2015
13.10Kacie Doyle2:50.602013
14.9Bailey Koppelmann2:52.00a2011
15.9Erykah Killeen2:56.97a2015
16.9Jessica Crider2:59.51a2015
17.11Elizabeth Barecca3:00.42a2012
18.9Katy Watson3:01.302014
19.10Hannah McKellips3:09.202014
20.9Hillary Hull3:18.42008
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Amber White2:29.02009
2.12Jessica Cook2:33.002010
3.10Kate Steiger2:34.002010
11Sarah Griffith2:34.002012
5.11Yolanda Lightbown2:43a.02012
11Hillary Temple2:43a.02009
7.9Erin Britton2:45.002012
8.9Elizabeth Barecca3:09.002010
1600 Meters
1.10Kate Steiger5:35.16a2010
2.10Amber White5:44.82009
3.12Jessica Cook5:54.902010
4.12Paige Kruse5:57.02008
5.9Katelynn Priest6:00.06a2013
6.11Yolanda Lightbown6:03.21a2012
7.9Erykah Killeen6:12.84a2015
8.11Elizabeth Barecca6:20.002012
9.10Lacy Holt6:20.52a2008
10.10Samantha Liesman6:22.22008
11.9Erin Britton6:24.302012
12.11Hillary Temple6:40.02009
13.10Arianna Lea6:40.45a2015
14.9Katy Watson6:41.13a2014
15.10Kayla Rodgers6:44.82008
16.9Sarah Griffith6:46.002010
17.10Hannah McKellips6:49.14a2014
18.9Kaleigh Bright6:50.36a2015
19.9Hillary Hull6:52.02008
20.9Jessica Crider6:57.02a2015
3200 Meters
1.11Kate Steiger12:10.47a2011
2.11Yolanda Lightbown12:58.502012
3.9Erykah Killeen13:26.37a2015
4.9Amber White13:31.02008
5.10Samantha Liesman13:39.72008
6.11Jessica Cook13:47.02009
7.12Hillary Temple14:14.002010
8.10Lacy Holt14:18.02008
9.9Kaleigh Bright14:20.24a2015
10.10Elizabeth Barecca14:33.002011
11.9Hannah McKellips14:34.72a2013
12.9Jessica Crider14:56.702015
13.10Katy Watson15:00.602015
14.9Hillary Hull15:34.32008
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Allie BrittonSCR2010
10Aimee HanselSCR2010
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Mica Holland16.04c2013
2.11Aurora Pfeiffer16.19a2015
3.10Kayla Rodgers16.44aw2008
4.12Gabriela House-Lee17.04a2013
5.9Rachel Wilson18.84a2010
6.11Tara Monroe19.18a2012
7.9Aimee Hansel19.24c2009
8.10Elena Hotz20.54c2013
9.9Allie Britton20.64c2009
10.11Hillary Temple20.74c2009
11.9Devin Brewer21.74c2010
12.9Shayla Mitchell22.21a2010
13.9Emily Weaver24.06a2010
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kayla Rodgers46.98a2008
2.9Aurora Pfeiffer49.25a2013
3.10Katie Wolfe50.85a2015
4.9Mica Holland51.11a2012
5.12Danielle Watring52.14c2010
6.10Hillary Temple54.04c2008
7.9Rachel Wilson54.24c2010
8.9Tara Monroe54.94c2010
9.11Jessica Cook55.04c2009
10.9Aimee Hansel56.04c2009
11.10Elena Hotz57.53a2013
12.9Arianna Lea57.85a2014
13.9Gabriela House-Lee58.54c2010
14.9Allie Britton59.34c2009
15.9Devin Brewer62.24c2010
16.9Shayla Mitchell64.14c2010
17.12Delaney Spurgeon69.84c2011
18.9Breann CoatsNT2012
4x100 Relay
1.Brittany Brown
Aurora Pfeiffer
Gabriela House-Lee
Mica Holland
2.Tara Monroe
Rachel Wilson
Danielle Watring
Amber White
3.Aurora Pfeiffer
Grace Steiger
Katie Wolfe
Hannah Bueltman
4.Arianna Lea
Aurora Pfeiffer
Cloe Workman
Mica Holland
5.Samantha Hafley
Gabriela House-Lee
Emily Weaver
Tara Monroe
6.Caitlin Eikermann
Delaney Spurgeon
Emily Weaver
Tara Monroe
7.Hillary Temple
Aimee Hansel
Stephanie Hana
Alicia Kreter
8.Delany Spurgeon
Brittanie Curtis-Allen
Ashley Hatcher
Cara Holmes
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.Jessica Nowland
Laura Mueller
Mariah Montgomery
Morgan Whitaker
2.Kacie Oberkramer
Alyssa Wood
Kalia Jo Noonan
Shelby Whitaker
4x200 Relay
1.Amber White
Rachel Wilson
Kaliann Rikard
Danielle Watring
2.Kayla Brand
Danielle Watring
Kaliann Rikard
Amber White
3.Mica Holland
Aurora Pfeiffer
Grace Steiger
Katie Wolfe
4.Kayla Brand
Kaliann Rikard
Caitlin Eickerman
Hillary Temple
5.Brittany Brown
Gabriela House-Lee
Mica Holland
Aurora Pfeiffer
6.Tiffany Gruver
Erykah Killeen
Hannah Bueltman
Yvonne Marquez
7.Tara Monroe
Gabriela House-Lee
Bailey Koppelmann
Delaney Spurgeon
8.Breann Coats
Abbie Edgar
Elana Hotz
Jessica Switzer
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:15.52a2008
2.Danielle Watring
Kaliann Rikard
Jessica Cook
Amber White
3.Kaliann Rikard
Jessica Cook
Sarah Griffith
Amber White
4.Brittany Brown
Erykah Killeen
Grace Steiger
Katie Wolfe
5.Sarah Griffith
Erin Britton
Mica Holland
Kate Steiger
6.Erin Britton
Mica Holland
Aurora Pfeiffer
Taylor Williams
7.Sarah Griffith
Kate Steiger
Gabby Strosnider
Bailey Koppelmann
8.Katie Wolfe
Brittany Brown
Katelynn Priest
Grace Steiger
4x800 Relay
1.Amber White
Jessica Cook
Kate Steiger
Hillary Temple
2.Jessica Cook
Paige Kruse
Hillary Temple
Amber White
3.Jessica Cook
Amber White
Kate Steiger
Sarah Griffith
4.Sarah Griffith
Bailey Koppelmann
Amber White
Kate Steiger
5.Erin Britton
Sarah Griffith
Yolanda Lightbown
Kate Steiger
6.Katelynn Priest
Erykah Killeen
Jessica Crider
Katy Watson
7.Relay Team 11:29.002013
8.Cloe Workman
Hannah McKellips
Katy Watson
Arianna Lea
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Aimee Hansel
Danielle Watring
Kaliann Rikard
Kate Steiger
2.Delany Spurgeon
Ashley Hatcher
Jessica Cook
Samantha Liesman
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Kaliann Rikard
Paige Kruse
Lacy Holt
Jessica Cook
2.Danielle Watring
Kaliann Rikard
Jessica Cook
Hillary Temple
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Amber White
Casey Chitwood
Jessica Cook
Miranda Lee
2.Hillary Temple
Lacy Holt
Jessica Cook
Samantha Liesman
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.Ashley Hatcher
Jessica Cook
Delany Spurgeon
Samantha Liesman
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Gabriela House-Lee33' 3.752013
2.12Caitlin Eikermann30' 6.252011
3.12Tristin Todd30' 52008
4.10Lena Alpough29' 8.52009
5.11Megan Camp27' 7.002013
6.10Jessica Nowland27' 3.502010
7.12Casey Chitwood27' 2.002011
8.11Brittanie Curtis-Allen27' 02008
9.10Jessie Payne26' 7.502014
10.12Mariah Montgomery26' 0.502010
11.9Shelby Whitaker26' 0.002012
12.10Stephanie Sansone25' 11.502014
13.12Kaliann Rikard25' 6.502010
14.12Laura Mueller25' 0.002010
9Kacie Oberkramer25' 0.002012
16.9Britani Davis24' 10.002015
17.10Yvonne Marquez24' 5.002015
18.10Katie Mendoza24' 4.502015
19.9Cara Holmes23' 7.52008
20.11Holly Arndt22' 6.252008
Discus - 1kg
1.12Tristin Todd103' 02008
2.12Casey Chitwood90' 9.002011
3.12Gabriela House-Lee83' 10.002013
4.11Megan Camp77' 2.002013
5.9Britani Davis77' 1.002015
6.9Cara Holmes73' 22008
7.12Caitlin Eikermann71' 3.002011
8.10Morgan Whitaker70' 2.002010
9.9Stephanie Sansone69' 10.002013
10.10Jessica Nowland66' 4.002010
11.11Brittanie Curtis-Allen65' 42008
12.12America Lopez63' 0.002011
13.9Shelby Whitaker62' 9.002012
14.12Mariah Montgomery62' 2.002010
15.11Jessie Payne62' 1.002015
16.9Kacie Oberkramer60' 4.002012
17.9Alicia Kreter57' 62009
18.10Lena Alpough57' 42009
19.12Holly Arndt54' 62009
20.10Katie Mendoza51' 10.002015
High Jump
1.12Paige Kruse5' 22008
2.11Gabriela House-Lee4' 10.002012
11Brittany Brown4' 10.002015
4.10Emily Weaver4' 8.002011
12Jessica Cook4' 8.002010
6.9Aurora Pfeiffer4' 6.002013
11Hannah Bueltman4' 6.002015
8.10Allie Britton4' 4.002010
9Kate Steiger4' 42009
10.10Sarah Griffith4' 2.002011
9Bailey Koppelmann4' 2.002011
12.12Hillary Temple4' 1.002010
13.12America LopezNH2011
9Shelby WhitakerSCR2012
Pole Vault
1.12Danielle Watring9' 1.002010
2.10Katie Wolfe9' 0.002015
3.11Morgan Whitaker7' 6.002011
4.11Kayla Rodgers7' 02009
5.9Caitlin Eickerman6' 62008
9Bailey Koppelmann6' 6.002011
7.10Jessica Switzer5' 6.002012
8.9Emily WeaverNH2010
9Alicia KreterNH2009
10Aimee HanselNH2010
9Mica HollandNH2012
9Erin BrittonNH2012
Long Jump
1.12Amber White17' 11.502011
2.11Aurora Pfeiffer17' 0.752015
3.10Kayla Rodgers16' 02008
4.11Gabriela House-Lee15' 5.252012
5.9Caitlin Eickerman15' 22008
6.9Grace Steiger15' 1.002014
7.9Taylor Williams14' 6.502013
8.9Tara Monroe14' 6.002010
9.10Emily Weaver14' 5.002011
10.12Danielle Watring14' 4.752010
11.11Katelynn Priest14' 4.502015
12.10Aimee Hansel13' 9.502010
13.12Kate Steiger13' 9.002012
9Hillary Hull13' 92008
15.9Rachel Wilson13' 7.002010
16.10Sarah Griffith13' 6.002011
17.9Jessica Switzer13' 1.002011
18.12Caitlin Eikermann12' 9.002011
19.9Hannah McKellips12' 6.502013
20.9Allie Britton12' 5.52009
Triple Jump
1.12Amber White37' 4.502011
2.10Katelynn Priest33' 5.002014
3.10Kaliann Rikard33' 02008
4.10Sarah Griffith32' 3.252011
5.9Mica Holland31' 4.502012
6.11Hannah McKellips30' 6.502015
7.9Erykah Killeen30' 5.002015
8.11Emily Weaver28' 9.502012
9.9Gabriela House-Lee27' 6.002010
10.9Erin Britton27' 5.002012
11.10Lacy Holt26' 82008
12.9Shayla Mitchell26' 6.502010
13.9Arianna Lea21' 5.002014
14.9Morgan Whitaker21' 1.52009
15.9Yvonne MarquezND2014
9Cloe WorkmanSCR2013
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