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11th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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Record Types


60 Meter Dash
1.11Amos Raap7.52a2014
2.11AJ Raap7.56a2014
3.11Sean Steeno7.69a2010
4.11Brandon Hart7.71a2010
5.11Bryce Brown7.78a2010
6.11Willie Roundtree8.22a2013
100 Meters
1.11Hersey Jackson10.89a2008
2.11Sean Steeno11.34c2010
3.11Brad Teitsma11.44c2008
11Kyle Landis11.44c2012
5.11Malcolm Huff11.60a2013
6.11*AJ Raap11.79a2014
7.11Brandon Hart11.88a2010
8.11Noah Tibbitts12.44c2011
9.11Luke Hamlin13.06a2013
10.11Willie Roundtree13.11a2013
11.11*Kameron Landis13.59a2014
12.11Nickolai Shaw14.98a2013
13.11Nate Borgeld18.44a2013
14.11Eric MorrenDNS2011
200 Meters
1.11Hersey Jackson22.54c2008
2.11Thomas Soisson22.84c2008
3.11Kyle Landis23.52a2012
4.11Malcolm Huff23.59a2013
5.11*Amos Raap23.61a2014
6.11Brandon Hart23.69a2010
7.11AJ Raap23.76a2014
8.11Bryce Brown24.38a2010
9.11Sean Steeno24.51a2010
10.11Noah Tibbitts26.74c2011
11.11Caleb Zysk26.94c2011
12.11Willie Roundtree27.89a2013
13.11Nickolai Shaw32.20a2013
400 Meters
1.11Matthew McGee52.67a2009
2.11David Cheatham52.97a2009
3.11Bryce Brown53.94c2010
4.11David Cheatham54.07a2008
5.11Joseph Betts54.80a2008
6.11Montana Walcott55.64c2011
7.11Zander Espinoza56.14a2013
8.11Troy Huesdash56.91a2009
9.11*Ethan Hovingh56.98a2014
10.11Caleb Zysk58.34c2011
11.11*Edward McIntyre59.54a2014
12.11Willie Roundtree63.93a2013
13.11Tony PackerSCR2010
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Kyle Landis54.402012
800 Meters
1.11David Cheatham2:00.63a2009
2.11Jose Lugo2:01.47a2010
3.11Quinton Jennings2:01.73a2013
4.11Thomas Bambach2:06.702010
5.11Brandon Oswald2:06.87a2011
6.11Brad Hoekstra2:07.502013
7.11Chris Ruehs2:08.52a2009
8.11Micah Maness2:13.47a2013
9.11Nick Dejong2:17.002011
10.11Chip Schmidt2:20.35a2013
11.11Caleb Zysk2:24.002011
12.11Ryan DeWitt2:37.202013
13.11Nickolai Shaw2:51.62a2013
1600 Meters
1.11Thomas Bambach4:32.102010
2.11Brad Hoekstra4:35.21a2013
3.11Josh Moskalewski4:40.15a2008
4.11Chip Schmidt4:52.52a2013
5.11Quinton Jennings4:52.74a2013
6.11Brandon Oswald4:58.102011
7.11Logan Decker5:00.25a2009
8.11Nick Dejong5:01.502011
9.11Micah Maness5:04.08a2013
10.11Ryan DeWitt5:55.702013
11.11Jose Mendoza6:21.77a2014
1 Mile
1.11Brad Hoekstra4:33.75a2013
3200 Meters
1.11Brad Hoekstra10:15.25a2013
2.11Thomas Bambach10:31.53a2010
3.11Chip Schmidt10:45.56a2013
4.11Nick Dejong10:47.902011
5.11Josh Moskalewski10:54.91a2008
6.11Nick Prentice11:00.62a2009
7.11Brandon Oswald11:29.002011
8.11Ryan DeWitt14:31.60a2013
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Nate Couturier8.62a2014
2.11Matthew McCormick10.34a2010
3.11Quent Rauch11.34c2012
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11*Nate Couturier15.43a2014
2.11Chris Teitsma15.94c2009
3.11Matt Borst16.14c2006
4.11Ben Wiersma16.24c2007
5.11Joe Rykse17.81a2011
6.11Tony Packer18.12a2010
7.11Matthew McCormick18.16a2010
11Logan Knoper18.16a2009
9.11Quent Rauch18.51a2012
10.11*Yohanes Lees20.86a2014
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Chris Teitsma38.31a2009
2.11*Nate Couturier38.91a2014
3.11Ben Wiersma42.44c2007
4.11Logan Knoper43.65a2009
5.11Joe Rykse43.84a2011
6.11Tony Packer44.67a2010
7.11Quent Rauch47.24c2012
8.11Matthew McCormick47.37a2010
9.11Glenn Geurink48.08a2013
Shot Put - 8lb
1.11Zack Hill54' 7.52008
2.11CJ Koop47' 1.52008
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Zack Hill61' 3.52008
2.11CJ Koop48' 7.502008
3.11Keith Rodgers47' 1.002012
4.11Glenn Geurink44' 0.502013
5.11Jason Steil40' 8.002011
6.11Jacob Berdyck40' 02009
7.11Jacob Berdyck36' 112008
8.11Caleb Mesman36' 3.002014
9.11Sean Dickson31' 1.502011
10.11Adam Aniola29' 9.002012
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Zack Hill189' 02008
2.11Keith Rodgers160' 3.002012
3.11Glenn Geurink148' 10.002013
4.11CJ Koop142' 22008
5.11Devon Lough118' 22009
6.11*Caleb Mesman107' 5.002014
7.11Sean Dickson100' 3.502011
8.11Jason Steil97' 10.002011
9.11Jacob Berdyck88' 42008
10.11Adam Aniola63' 9.002012
High Jump
1.11Brandon Oswald6' 0.002011
2.11Matt Borst5' 11.012006
3.11Tony Packer5' 11.002010
4.11Malcolm Huff5' 4.002013
5.11Joseph Betts5' 22008
6.11Ethan Hovingh5' 0.002014
Pole Vault
1.11Noah Tibbitts13' 6.002011
2.11BJ Fitzgerald12' 62008
11Eric Morren12' 6.002011
4.11Luke Hamlin11' 6.002013
5.11Cody Groeneveld10' 62007
11Jared Groeneveld10' 6.002010
7.11Edward McIntyre10' 0.002014
8.11Nate BorgeldNH2013
11Colt SeeleyNH2014
Long Jump
1.11Thomas Soisson21' 8.252008
2.11Brandon Hart20' 7.502010
3.11Brad Teitsma20' 4.502008
4.11*Nate Couturier20' 3.002014
5.11Malcolm Huff19' 2.502013
6.11Logan Knoper19' 1.252009
7.11Eric Morren16' 4.502011
8.11Noah Tibbitts16' 4.002011
9.11Luke Hamlin16' 3.002013
10.11Caleb Zysk14' 6.002011
11.11Willie Roundtree11' 3.502013


60 Meter Dash
1.11Megan Vugteveen10.20a2011
100 Meters
1.11Sam Smith13.92a2012
2.11*Olivia Hobbins15.24a2014
3.11Megan Vugteveen15.60a2011
4.11*Lauren Ladner16.11a2014
200 Meters
1.11Paige Wells27.83a2012
2.11*Jordan Arsenault29.60a2014
3.11Leah Saykaew31.69a2010
4.11Megan Vugteveen33.64c2011
5.11Devon Kennedy33.82a2012
6.11Lauren Ladner34.28a2014
7.11Katherine Ginn34.34c2012
400 Meters
1.11Ali Wiersma64.74c2011
2.11*Jordan Arsenault67.02a2014
3.11Verenice Trinidad69.83a2010
4.11Olivia Hobbins72.09a2014
5.11Devon Kennedy84.83a2012
800 Meters
1.11Nikki Wiers2:21.33a2006
2.11Ali Wiersma2:22.002011
3.11Layne Corner2:35.56a2013
4.11Brittany Andres2:36.12009
5.11*Jozlyn Evans2:41.68a2014
6.11Coley Hankis-betser3:06.002012
7.11Lauren Niergarth3:19.002012
1600 Meters
1.11Ali Wiersma4:57.79a2011
2.11Devan John5:18.12a2009
3.11Camille Borst5:27.92009
4.11Layne Corner5:36.002013
5.11*Shelbi Dyke6:23.68a2014
6.11Coley Hankis-betser6:27.11a2012
7.11Lauren Niergarth6:49.002012
1 Mile
1.11Layne Corner5:41.47a2013
3200 Meters
1.11Ali Wiersma10:43.802011
2.11Camille Borst11:52.92009
3.11Devan John12:01.02009
4.11Taylor Mattson12:12.32009
5.11Layne Corner12:22.35a2013
6.11Bre Zost13:08.202006
7.11Lauren Niergarth13:19.93a2012
5000 Meters
1.11Ali Wiersma18:02.32a2011
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Paige Wells10.65a2012
2.11Katherine Ginn12.08a2012
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Lynsey Powell16.94c2007
2.11Lisa Geurink17.04c2007
3.11Paige Wells17.56a2012
4.11Katherine Ginn20.01a2012
5.11Devon Kennedy23.46a2012
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Paige Wells45.90a2012
2.11Lisa Geurink49.74c2007
3.11Katherine Ginn58.44c2012
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Vicki Geurink32' 7.502012
2.11Kaylyn Hill31' 11.752012
3.11Haley Berdyck26' 11.502010
4.11Alexis Umlor26' 5.002014
5.11Jessica Arrasmith22' 3.002011
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kaylyn Hill116' 11.502012
2.11Vicki Geurink102' 5.502012
3.11*Alexis Umlor77' 0.002014
4.11Jessica Arrasmith65' 9.002011
5.11Haley BerdyckSCR2010
High Jump
1.11Nikki Wiers4' 6.002006
11Megan Vugteveen4' 6.002011
Pole Vault
1.11Sam Smith11' 0.002012
Long Jump
1.11Paige Wells13' 6.002012
2.11Verenice Trinidad12' 7.252010
3.11Devon Kennedy12' 0.002012
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