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Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.11Erik Clement11.42a2010
2.12Joe Dolciotto11.48a2013
3.11Anton Dotson11.60a2015
4.10Alan Cavanaugh11.67a2006
5.9Erik Clemeat11.76a2009
6.10Justyn Atwood12.00a2012
7.9Johnny Mangini12.27a2011
8.11Jessie Cronin12.35a2014
9.11Tristan Leighton12.48a2015
10.9Philip Dwyer12.56a2013
11.9Matt Weathereil12.64a2012
12.9Ramadan Baboci12.83a2014
200 Meters
1.11Josh Hussey23.07a2009
2.11Dylan Woods23.26a2013
3.11Justyn Atwood23.82a2013
4.12David Lorden24.65a2012
5.11Augusto Schied24.85a2011
6.11David Resmini26.62a2015
7.9Jeremiah Serrano27.06a2014
400 Meters
1.12Jake Reed50.19a2011
2.11Garnette Goorahlal51.53a2012
3.12DJ Webb51.71a2009
4.11Charlie Ritchie52.09a2014
5.12Skylar Whitney52.56a2012
6.10Ryan Waitkus53.29a2014
7.12Josh Mackos54.71a2010
8.11Matt Wheeler55.08a2013
800 Meters
1.12David Hughson1:55.81a2002
2.11Jake Reed1:55.97a2010
3.11Chris Skelly1:56.88a2014
4.12Bobby Johnston2:05.09a2013
5.12Zach Miller2:09.52a2012
6.11Nick Koulopoulos2:19.47a2012
7.10Brendan Barry2:25.85a2014
1600 Meters
1.12David Hausherr4:21.92a2008
1 Mile
1.12David Hausherr4:23.71a2008
2.11Chris Skelly4:24.16a2014
3.12Michael Skelly4:34.45a2012
4.12Mike Skelly4:35.19a2012
5.10Michael Spooner4:40.93a2015
6.11Chris Alfond4:44.52a2015
7.12Liam Carroll4:48.89a2008
8.11Brian Spooner4:50.04a2014
9.10Gavin Thomas4:58.50a2013
10.10Jarret Ross5:03.78a2010
11.12Jon Paradis5:11.41a2014
12.10Bobby Johnston5:18.41a2011
13.11Sean Zapolski5:19.97a2012
2 Miles
1.12Jarret Ross9:44.34a2012
2.11Chris Alfond9:54.40a2015
3.11David Hausherr9:54.85a2007
4.11Chris Skelly10:04.63a2014
5.12Ben Morse10:34.58a2009
6.9Michael Spooner10:45.49a2014
7.11Brian Spooner10:49.15a2014
8.11Gavin Thomas11:29.68a2014
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Michael Niemi14.86aw2014
2.12Joe Hollenbeck16.36a2010
3.10Shawn Lynch17.26a2014
4.9Andrew Marple21.16a2012
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Michael Martin43.26a2008
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Joe Hollenbeck59.89a2010
12Michael Niemi59.89a2014
3.11Nate Smith60.75a2011
4.12Charlie Ritchie61.39a2015
5.11Nathan Smith62.58a2011
6.11Jared Thompson64.62a2015
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 45.27a2013
2.Relay Team 45.51a2008
3.Dylan Woods
Jessie Cronin
Daniel DiPano
Anton Dotson
4.Relay Team 46.06a2012
5.Relay Team 46.65a2011
6.Relay Team 46.89a2009
7.Relay Team 47.81a2010
8.Relay Team 48.29a2015
4x200 Relay
1.Anton Dotson
Dylan Woods
Justyn Atwood
Brandon Lambert
2.Relay Team 1:36.002012
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:27.81a2008
2.Garnette Goorahlal
Jake Reed
Nate Smith
Skylar Whitney
3.Relay Team 3:35.38a2010
4.Garnette Goorahlal
David Lorden
Matt Wheeler
Skylar Whitney
5.Relay Team 3:38.63a2013
6.Matt Wheeler
Ryan Waitkus
Charlie Ritchie
Brian Spooner
7.Relay Team 3:48.50a2015
8.Relay Team 3:49.67a2009
4x800 Relay
1.Bobby Johnston
Chris Skelly
Jarret Ross
Mike Skelly
2.Relay Team 8:36.99a2009
3.Nick Koulopoulos
Robert Pimentel
Brian Spooner
Gavin Thomas
4.Relay Team 9:02.09a2014
5.Relay Team 10:12.14a2011
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 3:48.402012
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Dylan Woods
Justyn Atwood
Charlie Ritchie
Chris Skelly
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 11:06.502012
2.Relay Team 11:22.902011
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Pat Giordano45' 0.942002
2.10Sean Marshia44' 1.002006
3.11Carson Smith41' 9.182015
4.11Eriq Joyce40' 6.502015
5.12Chris Brouillette38' 9.002014
6.11Justyn Atwood38' 5.002013
7.11Matt DiPano38' 0.002015
8.9Dylan Woods34' 9.752011
9.11Benjamin Dauphinais-Szeb34' 0.252014
10.9Johnny Mangini32' 8.502011
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Chris Brouillette125' 3.002014
2.12DJ Webb117' 22009
3.12Bennie Lowe110' 9.002013
4.11Eriq Joyce108' 2.002015
5.11Anton Dotson103' 1.802015
6.12Freeman Harris102' 62008
7.12Tyler Morgan99' 5.002014
8.11Carson Smith95' 4.002015
9.12Zach Miller91' 11.002012
Javelin - 800g
1.12Skylar Whitney166' 2.002012
2.12Micheal Koivu163' 6.002005
3.12Charlie Ritchie146' 3.912015
4.12Michael Skelly144' 7.002012
5.12Mike Skelly138' 9.752012
6.12Bobby Johnston136' 8.002013
7.12David Lorden131' 6.002012
8.12Tom Kanan127' 10.002010
9.10Jacob Traverso121' 2.722015
10.12Bennie Lowe120' 8.002013
11.11Brian Shonner113' 4.002010
12.12Matt Wheeler104' 6.002014
13.10Ethan Ward99' 1.002011
14.10Tristan Leighton83' 4.002014
High Jump
1.12Kyle Monahan6' 6.002015
2.12Neil Maskalenko6' 4.002014
3.12Jacob Fitzgerald5' 8.002014
4.10Charlie Ritchie5' 6.002013
5.11Jared Thompson5' 1.812015
6.11Anton DotsonNH2015
9Jessie CroninNH2012
Pole Vault
1.12Calvin Cutts12' 0.002010
2.12Nathan Alexander11' 6.002013
3.10Anton Dotson10' 6.002014
4.10Shawn Lynch10' 0.002014
12Ben Morse10' 02009
12Nate Smith10' 0.002012
7.10Ryan Kanan8' 6.002010
9Philip Dwyer8' 6.002013
9.11David Resmini7' 5.762015
10.9Hayden HammillNH2015
9Matt MetrasNH2015
Long Jump
1.11Michael Wheeler20' 6.52008
2.10Anton Dotson20' 1.252014
3.12Jacob Fitzgerald19' 11.002014
4.10Dylan Woods19' 4.002012
5.11Nate Smith17' 7.002011
6.10Ramadan Baboci17' 2.002015
7.11Charlie Ritchie16' 8.002014
8.9Robert Doig14' 0.902015
Triple Jump
1.12Justin Querze41' 2.502005
2.12Charlie Ritchie39' 11.532015
3.12Dylan Woods38' 10.252014
4.9Ramadan Baboci38' 10.002014
5.12Joe Hollenbeck36' 0.502010


100 Meters
1.12Alicia Ryan12.53a2009
2.11Emily Church13.50a2011
3.11Taylor Templeton14.16a2014
4.12Sarah Lieneck14.27a2010
5.12Bailey Delaney14.49a2014
6.9Kelsey Bergquist14.52a2015
7.10Marissa Spagnolo14.83a2011
8.11Maeve Torrey14.84a2014
9.9Jess Danghy15.03a2010
10.9Kaitlyn Archer-Wiitala15.08a2013
11.9Ashley Osborne15.29a2014
12.9Emily Lawrence15.65a2014
13.9Alexis Poindexter15.92a2015
14.9Savannah Martin16.66a2015
15.9Gabby Borsini16.71a2011
200 Meters
1.9Meg Flatley27.68a2008
2.9Jess Danghy29.55a2010
3.10Margaret Ritchie30.28a2014
4.10Kelly Charest30.74a2011
5.9Kelsey Bergquist30.99a2015
6.9Shana Honkala31.57a2006
7.9Raven Gristein31.97a2006
8.11Kristina Ruhnau33.40a2015
9.9Stephanie Epstein34.99a2015
400 Meters
1.10Kim Morgan62.29a2011
2.9Grace Young65.80a2014
3.9Jessica Lynch71.37a2006
800 Meters
1.12Corey Conner2:20.18a2008
2.11Jaime Lyons2:38.96a2010
3.12Jessica Smith2:43.18a2010
4.10Emily Herrick2:51.28a2011
5.9Rachel Tortora3:03.40a2015
1 Mile
1.10Lauren Cooner5:26.95a2010
2.10Corey Conner5:37.26a2006
3.10Kimberly DiLorenzo5:55.60a2014
4.9Elisha Bouchard5:56.04a2014
5.11Nina Vogelsang6:12.04a2014
6.10Hailey Connor6:43.54a2010
2 Miles
1.11Kimberly DiLorenzo13:02.36a2015
2.11Libby Ward14:20.91a2011
3.12Erin CrawfordDNF2010
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Andrea Fanciullo15.46a2011
2.12Bailey Delaney17.97a2014
3.12Laurel Haines18.02a2013
4.12Stef DiLoreto18.21a2008
5.10Kim Allen19.11a2006
12Marissa Spagnolo19.11a2013
7.10Haley Quinn20.55a2015
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Kelly Charest74.04a2013
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 51.13a2009
2.Relay Team 52.47a2008
3.Relay Team 54.00a2010
4.Andrea Fanciullo
Tanisha Mcgreevy
Emily Church
Marissa Spagnolo
5.Relay Team 55.61a2011
6.Relay Team 55.69a2013
7.Relay Team 56.03a2014
8.Relay Team 57.98a2015
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 2:01.102011
4x400 Relay
1.Andrea Fanciullo
Jaime Lyons
Tanisha Mcgreevy
Kim Morgan
2.Relay Team 4:43.37a2009
3.Relay Team 4:45.902014
4.Relay Team 4:46.35a2010
5.Relay Team 4:58.33a2015
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 13:17.07a2011
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Bailey Delaney29' 9.002014
2.10Emily Shanley29' 7.752009
3.11Jess Kendall29' 2.252010
4.11Margaret Ritchie26' 4.002015
5.10Marrisa Smith26' 1.752011
6.9Alexis Poindexter19' 8.612015
7.9Savannah Martin19' 7.832015
8.9Ashley Osborne18' 5.502014
Discus - 1kg
1.12Krystal Baldwin100' 3.002004
2.11Jess Kendall81' 6.002010
3.10Marrisa Smith60' 7.002011
4.10Samantha Roberts60' 1.002011
5.9Alexis Poindexter53' 11.642015
6.9Savannah Martin48' 11.802015
Javelin - 600g
1.9Samantha Roberts73' 11.002010
2.12Julia Deignan68' 5.002010
3.9Julia Anderson56' 4.772012
4.9Ashley Osborne51' 3.002014
5.9Emily Lawrence50' 4.002014
6.11Nina Vogelsang46' 8.002014
High Jump
1.12Kim Allen5' 22008
2.10Kelly Charest4' 4.002011
3.9Melanie SarriNH2006
Pole Vault
1.12Laurel Haines9' 0.002013
2.9Jess Danghy8' 0.002010
3.11Kristina Ruhnau6' 11.862015
4.11Maeve Torrey6' 0.002014
10Nicolette LeClair6' 0.002011
6.9Rachel Tortora5' 11.652015
7.10Emily HerrickNH2011
Long Jump
1.10Andrea Fanciullo18' 0.502010
2.12Christine Godin16' 6.822002
3.12Alicia Ryan16' 5.252009
4.12Kelly Charest14' 5.002013
5.10Taylor Templeton13' 10.002013
6.10Emily Church13' 5.502010
7.10Marissa Spagnolo13' 4.502011
8.9Shana Honkala13' 2.502006
9.10Haley Quinn12' 2.852015
10.9Melissa Indeglia10' 8.742015
11.9Stephanie Epstein8' 7.942015
12.10Katie ClementFOUL2005
Triple Jump
1.12Emily Church32' 11.502012
2.12Tanisha Mcgreevy32' 10.002012
3.10Haley Quinn27' 2.772015
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