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9th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.9Dillon Davidson11.74a2009
2.9Mark Vera12.14aw2007
9Richie Estrada12.14c2011
4.9Emmanual Doe12.44a2013
5.9Anthony Higuera12.58a2014
6.9Alex Palacios12.61a2012
7.9Gabriel Campa12.64c2008
8.9Clint Kerfoot12.74c2008
9.9Daniel Rodriguez12.94c2014
10.9JC Boubion13.14c2014
9Sean Pelletier13.14c2011
12.9Devin Espinoza13.24c2014
13.9Matthew Ogden13.34c2014
14.9*Jacob Stubbs13.44c2015
15.9Adrian Loreuzana13.54c2014
16.9Hector Espinoza13.84c2014
17.9Miles Peterson14.04c2014
18.9Issac Allwin14.34c2011
19.9Adrian Dominguez14.54c2014
200 Meters
1.9Dillon Davidson23.70a2009
2.9Mark Vera24.67a2007
3.9Richie Estrada25.24c2011
4.9Daniel Rodriguez26.44c2014
5.9Anthony Higuera26.53a2014
6.9Clint Kerfoot26.54c2008
7.9Devin Espinoza26.64c2014
8.9Issac Allwin26.94c2011
9.9Sean Pelletier27.04c2011
10.9Hector Espinoza27.54c2014
11.9Nathaniel Elkins28.74c2014
12.9Miles Peterson29.44c2014
13.9Colin Ruffell29.54c2014
14.9Skyler McCook30.24c2011
15.9Nathan Prodromides35.44c2011
16.9Gabriel CampaSCR2008
9JC BoubionNT2014
9Adrian DominguezNT2014
9Justice SummersetSCR2013
400 Meters
1.9Richie Estrada54.63a2011
2.9Brandon Cruz56.31a2010
3.9Keith Weber58.90a2011
4.9Sean Pelletier63.34c2011
5.9Issac Allwin63.74c2011
6.9Jordan Pizano65.84c2011
7.9Jonathan Hunt66.24c2011
8.9Skyler McCook68.64c2011
9.9Nathan Prodromides81.44c2011
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Richie Estrada56.202011
2.9Matthew DeWeerdt60.002011
3.9Sean Pelletier61.502011
4.9Matt DeWeerdt61.702011
5.9Keith Weber63.502011
800 Meters
1.9Manny Vinas2:14.02008
2.9Ty Pfau2:18.02008
3.9Brandon Cruz2:19.54a2010
4.9Jacob Boubion2:21.002011
5.9Cord Hancock2:26.20a2014
6.9Keith Weber2:31.002011
7.9Mason Ellwood2:31.12008
8.9Alejandro Torres2:42.002011
9.9Jordan Pizano2:48.002011
1600 Meters
1.9Joshua Fleetwood4:47.49a2012
2.9Alex Rameriz4:49.24a2014
3.9Lance Pedersen4:56.89a2010
4.9Manny Vinas4:58.12008
5.9Jacob Boubion5:03.69a2011
6.9Omar Pererya5:17.21a2010
7.9Matt DeWeerdt5:19.002011
8.9Edgar Hernandez5:20.07a2010
9.9Matthew DeWeerdt5:28.002011
10.9Jordan Grizel5:41.12008
11.9Jack Quenelle5:56.002011
12.9Andrew Wagner6:01.22008
13.9Luis PerezNT2014
3200 Meters
1.9Joshua Fleetwood10:33.16a2012
2.9Alex Rameriz10:53.10a2014
3.9Nicholas Hald10:53.65a2012
4.9Lance Pedersen11:04.44a2010
5.9Omar Pererya11:27.28a2010
6.9Jacob Boubion11:34.08a2011
7.9Ricky Hicks11:49.55a2009
8.9Edgar Hernandez11:50.25a2010
9.9Jordan GrizelSCR2008
9Luis PerezNT2014
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Matthew Ogden20.22a2014
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Alex Palacios45.87a2012
2.9Matthew DeWeerdt47.30a2011
9Matt DeWeerdt47.30a2011
4.9Kevin Mellon47.73a2010
5.9Matthew Ogden48.22a2014
6.9Dominick Chicago51.69a2009
7.9Adrian Loreuzana54.84c2014
8.9Reyes GastelumNT2014
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Colin Daughtery29' 1.002014
2.9David Ogden21' 11.502011
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9Colin Daughtery76' 11.002014
2.9David Ogden54' 6.002011
High Jump
1.9Justice Summerset6' 8.002013
2.9Emmanual Doe5' 8.002013
3.9Andrew Arvayo5' 4.002013
4.9Alex Palacios5' 2.002012
5.9Reyes GastelumNH2014
Pole Vault
1.9Jonathan Hunt8' 6.002011
2.9Calvin Colson7' 62008
9Gabriel Campa7' 62008
4.9Jordan Pizano6' 6.002011
9Jack Quenelle6' 6.002011
6.9Nathan Prodromides6' 0.002011
9Colin Ruffell6' 0.002014
8.9Matthew OgdenNH2014
Long Jump
1.9Justice Summerset18' 9.002013
2.9Dillon Davidson17' 5.25w2009
3.9Reyes Gastelum16' 11.252014
4.9Emmanual Doe16' 8.752013
5.9Andrew Arvayo16' 7.75w2013
6.9Nathaniel Elkins15' 8.502014
Triple Jump
1.9Andrew Arvayo37' 5.00w2013
2.9Antonio Ramirez35' 9.502007
3.9Nathaniel Elkins35' 2.002014
4.9Emmanual DoeSCR2013


100 Meters
1.9Delaney Miller13.14c2008
2.9Kelsea Jondall14.17a2007
3.9Olivia Claridge14.44a2009
4.9Lianna Gomez14.54c2014
9Keleigh Bokal14.54c2014
6.9Patricia Springer15.04c2008
7.9Lindsey Schobel15.14c2011
8.9Kelli Chugg16.04c2008
9.9Marisa Sallgado16.44c2014
10.9Rachel JonesSCR2008
9Kaitlynd HollandSCR2009
200 Meters
1.9Kaitlynd Holland26.02aw2009
2.9Gretchen Bartz27.42a2008
3.9Kelsie Bingham28.08aw2009
4.9Brenna Lenihan29.07a2010
5.9Lianna Gomez31.14c2014
6.9Patricia Springer31.74c2008
7.9Lindsey Schobel31.94c2011
8.9Arielle Enriques32.24c2014
9.9Marisa Sallgado38.74c2014
10.9Keleigh BokalNT2014
9Mara SteeberNT2014
9Elena WhittonSCR2008
400 Meters
1.9Gretchen Bartz61.57a2008
2.9Kelsie Bingham65.31a2009
3.9Aubrey Shiflet66.87a2007
4.9Lianna Gomez67.01a2014
5.9Natalie Bouley69.91a2007
6.9Lindsey Schobel77.54c2011
7.9Kaitlynd HollandSCR2009
9Rachel ClarkeSCR2012
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Brianna Volpe70.002011
2.9Hannah Boubion73.002011
9Jessica Washburn73.002011
9Karina Kelly73.002011
800 Meters
1.9Kaitlynd Holland2:20.11a2009
2.9Emily Bartz2:30.60a2007
3.9Rachel Clarke2:32.72a2012
4.9Karina Kelly2:34.16a2011
5.9Sonja Berge2:42.99a2009
6.9Courtney Schmelter2:51.88a2012
7.9Lilymarie JimenezNT2014
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Karina Kelly2:39.002011
1600 Meters
1.9Kerri Lenihan5:26.32a2008
2.9Leah Davis5:39.26a2007
3.9Shannon Mawhirter6:00.90a2010
4.9Rachel Clarke6:04.15a2012
5.9Megan McCaleb6:43.25a2009
6.9Madison DeWeerdt6:46.07a2009
7.9Ashley Fall6:56.02008
8.9Rene Jones7:39.002011
9.9Lilymarie Jimenez8:30.002014
3200 Meters
1.9Kerri Lenihan11:48.31a2008
2.9Leah Davis12:24.40a2007
3.9Shannon Mawhirter12:39.99a2010
4.9Rachel Clarke13:36.16a2012
5.9Karina Kelly13:45.002011
6.9Brenna Lenihan14:03.03a2010
7.9Taylor Funk14:12.27a2007
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Paulina Gallardo17.34aw2014
2.9Brianna Volpe19.07a2011
3.9Karina Kelly20.68a2011
4.9Elena Whitton21.64c2008
5.9Hannah Boubion22.14c2011
6.9Ashley Pappas23.14c2011
7.9hannah Mount23.34c2011
8.9Kelsey KeopkeSCR2008
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Lianna Gomez52.10a2014
2.9Brianna Volpe53.81a2011
3.9Tayler Jondall57.96a2009
4.9Natasha Rodriguez58.05a2011
5.9*Shannon Flake58.64c2015
6.9Hannah Boubion58.84c2011
7.9Ashley Fall58.94c2008
8.9Elena Whitton59.54c2008
9.9Paulina Gallardo61.14c2014
10.9Ashley Pappas67.54c2011
11.9hannah Mount68.44c2011
12.9Kelsey KeopkeSCR2008
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Alicia Villanueva25' 10.002014
2.9Canoa Schnur25' 8.752012
3.9Kelsea Jondall24' 7.752007
4.9Princess Larson22' 6.502013
Discus - 1kg
1.9Alicia Villanueva79' 6.002014
2.9Canoa Schnur64' 4.002012
3.9Estefonia Pimenta61' 1.002007
4.9Taylor Bruckhoff54' 10.002013
5.9Princess Larson52' 4.002013
High Jump
1.9Karina Kelly5' 2.002011
2.9Jessica Washburn4' 10.002011
9Sonja Berge4' 102009
4.9Kelsie Bingham4' 62009
9Brenna Bayardo4' 6.002010
6.9Caitlin Flake4' 4.002007
7.9Kayla TrainorNH2007
9Patricia SpringerSCR2008
Pole Vault
1.9Rachel Jones8' 02008
9Rachel Clarke8' 0.002012
3.9Chelsea Quinn7' 6.002007
4.9Paige Cassese6' 7.002014
5.9Jenny Brewer6' 02008
9Kelli Chugg6' 02008
9Jessica Washburn6' 0.002011
9Hannah Boubion6' 0.002011
9.9Courtney Schmelter5' 6.002012
10.9Mara Steeber5' 0.002014
9Rene Jones5' 0.002011
12.9Jane LundNH2014
9Arielle EnriquesNH2014
Long Jump
1.9Delaney Miller14' 102008
2.9Hannah Bartz14' 9.502012
3.9Rachel Clarke14' 8.002012
4.9Jessica Washburn13' 3.50w2011
5.9Chelsea Quinn12' 11.752007
6.9Caroline Balsino12' 9.00w2010
7.9Kelsea Jondall12' 8.752007
8.9Morgan Flake12' 7.002011
9.9Sonja Berge11' 52009
10.9Lindsey Schobel11' 1.002011
11.9Kelsie BinghamSCR2009
Triple Jump
1.9Hannah Bartz28' 4.002012
2.9Morgan Flake28' 2.002011
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