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12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Emilio Pedraza11.07a2010
2.12Tremayne Garcia11.32a2010
3.12Oscar Thompson11.37a2011
4.12Sadam Ali11.43aw2014
5.12Andres Ruffner11.46aw2015
6.12Arte Ali11.51aw2015
7.12Brian Akpan11.53a2009
8.12Keviante Alexander11.72a2013
9.12Cody Schaefer11.90a2007
10.12Marcus Montano11.93a2012
11.12Jaid Coronel12.21a2014
12.12Brian Cohen12.25a2009
13.12Tristan Meyer-Owens12.34c2014
12Cliff Chasimba12.34c2014
15.12Patrick Wilson12.73a2015
16.12Alfonso Billy12.74c2014
17.12Anamayan Narendron13.14c2014
18.12Reynaldo Estrada13.94c2014
19.12Chris Vance14.01a2012
200 Meters
1.12Oscar Thompson22.37a2011
2.12Hayden Hall22.41a2007
3.12Emilio Pedraza22.44a2010
4.12KJ McGhee22.66a2013
5.12Brian Akpan22.81a2009
6.12Cliff Chasimba23.04c2014
7.12Tremayne Garcia23.07a2010
8.12Elijah Wesley23.33a2013
9.12Chase Melton23.39a2015
10.12Sadam Ali23.54a2014
11.12Neil Davis23.84a2013
12.12Cody Schaefer24.11a2007
13.12Kayliyn Taylor24.66a2013
14.12Tristan Meyer-Owens24.84c2014
15.12Jaid Coronel25.34c2014
16.12Marcus Montano25.37a2012
17.12Patrick Wilson25.74c2015
18.12Brian Cohen25.82a2009
19.12Brett Shelton26.95a2015
20.12Chris Vance28.00a2012
400 Meters
1.12Oscar Thompson49.53a2011
2.12Hayden Hall49.85a2007
3.12Chase Melton50.57a2015
4.12Cliff Chasimba50.71a2014
5.12Neil Davis51.41a2013
6.12Noah Kenyawani52.34c2012
7.12KJ McGhee52.64a2013
8.12Cliff Ondiego53.30a2014
9.12Ahmed Mohamed54.84c2014
10.12Marcus Montano55.77a2012
11.12Mohamed Adan55.95a2015
12.12Jaid Coronel57.02a2014
13.12Alfonso Billy57.65a2014
14.12Brett Shelton58.57a2015
15.12Andy Skov60.44a2012
16.12Chris Vance69.19a2012
17.12Kayliyn TaylorSCR2013
800 Meters
1.12Ryan Silva1:54.15a2013
2.12Noah Kenyawani1:56.55a2012
3.12Ahmed Mohamed1:58.93a2014
4.12Matt Metcalfe2:01.48a2007
5.12Ochor Odol2:02.97a2011
6.12Arturo Vega-Flores2:04.07a2008
7.12Brandon Dorr2:08.802014
8.12Mohamed Adan2:08.84a2015
9.12Sachith Dunatunga2:19.69a2007
10.12Patrick Lopez2:25.69a2013
11.12Trevor Fasulo2:32.39a2012
12.12Oscar ThompsonDNS2011
12Fernando SanzDNS2011
1500 Meters
1.12Marcus Montano5:33.39a2012
1600 Meters
1.12Noah Kenyawani4:18.55a2012
2.12Ryan Silva4:20.75a2013
3.12Arturo Vega-Flores4:39.58a2008
4.12Ochor Odol4:40.15a2011
5.12Ahmed Mohamed4:41.04a2014
6.12Brandon Dorr4:45.27a2014
7.12Sachith Dunatunga5:02.50a2007
8.12Steve Gaynor5:13.24a2010
9.12Michael Dyckman5:25.30a2007
10.12Patrick Lopez5:34.41a2013
11.12Trevor Fasulo5:36.12a2012
12.12Mohamed AdanNT2015
1 Mile
1.12Ryan Silva4:12.06a2013
2.12Noah Kenyawani4:52.49a2012
3200 Meters
1.12Ryan Silva9:12.00a2013
2.12Brandon Dorr9:48.62a2014
3.12Ochor Odol10:08.11a2011
4.12Ahmed Mohamed10:18.73a2014
5.12Arturo Vega-Flores10:29.49a2008
6.12Noah Kenyawani10:30.84a2012
7.12Steve Gaynor10:49.87a2010
8.12Sachith Dunatunga11:04.89a2007
9.12Patrick Lopez11:38.82a2013
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Brian Akpan14.82a2009
2.12Tristan Meyer-Owens17.50a2014
3.12Kyle Tek17.71a2007
4.12Marcus Montano18.67a2012
5.12Garrett Richards18.79a2007
6.12Mitch Allison19.01a2011
7.12Jakob Booker19.14c2012
8.12Travis MalboeufDNS2008
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Brian Akpan38.66a2009
2.12Tristan Meyer-Owens41.97a2014
3.12Marcus Montano43.15a2012
4.12Kyle Tek46.59a2007
5.12Jakob Booker47.50a2012
6.12Garrett Richards47.84a2007
7.12Mitch Allison49.06a2011
300m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Tristan Meyer-Owens42.64c2014
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Peter Akerele-Ale45' 11.252013
2.12Asha Esprit44' 3.002013
3.12Gilbert Tafoya44' 02009
4.12Jesse Pardo40' 11.252007
5.12Sam Crozier39' 4.002011
6.12Dominic Badalamenti39' 0.002013
7.12Devin Stewart38' 10.752009
8.12Justin Magallon38' 10.002013
9.12Sean Leipold38' 02009
10.12Chris Galvez36' 2.502013
11.12Daniel O'Hagin35' 8.502011
12.12David Talley35' 4.52008
13.12Marcus Montano34' 3.022012
14.12Anamayan Narendron29' 8.502014
15.12Reynaldo EstradaND2014
Shot Put - 16lb
1.12Gilbert Tafoya42' 82009
2.12Sean Leipold38' 1.52009
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Peter Akerele-Ale137' 6.002013
2.12Sean Leipold132' 6.52009
3.12Gilbert Tafoya131' 7.52009
4.12David Talley123' 92008
5.12Justin Magallon121' 9.002013
6.12Chris Galvez121' 8.002013
7.12Daniel O'Hagin118' 8.002011
8.12Asha Esprit115' 3.002013
9.12Dominic Badalamenti109' 7.002013
10.12Steven Garza109' 1.002011
11.12Jesse Pardo102' 02007
12.12Sam Crozier100' 6.002011
13.12Marcus Montano94' 5.862012
14.12Reynaldo Estrada93' 11.002014
15.12Anamayan Narendron70' 11.002014
Javelin - 800g
1.12Marcus Montano89' 11.922012
High Jump
1.12David Talley5' 82008
2.12Justin Saldivar5' 62007
3.12Marcus Montano5' 2.002012
4.12Chris Vance5' 0.002012
5.12Asha EspritDNS2013
12Bill MorrisonNH2011
12Travis MalboeufDNS2008
12Ochor OdolDNS2011
12Tremayne GarciaNH2010
Pole Vault
1.12Travis Malboeuf14' 62008
2.12Dylan Schaefer14' 0.002011
3.12Justin Saldivar11' 62007
4.12David Cable9' 6.002010
5.12Marcus Montano7' 10.492012
6.12Alex Hood7' 0.002010
Long Jump
1.12Alex Jones20' 4.002010
2.12Eli Foy20' 2.75w2009
3.12Hayden Hall20' 1.252007
4.12Marcus Montano19' 5.462012
5.12Justin Saldivar18' 10.52007
6.12Chase Melton18' 9.00w2015
7.12Chris Vance17' 0.002012
8.12Jaid Coronel16' 10.002014
9.12Bill Morrison16' 1.00w2011
10.12Dylan Schaefer15' 4.752011
11.12Joseph MatthewsDNS2011
Triple Jump
1.12Eli Foy42' 7w2009
2.12Alex Jones41' 5.002010
3.12Joseph Matthews40' 2.752011
4.12Justin Saldivar38' 3.52007
5.12Chris Vance37' 9.002012
6.12Marcus Montano37' 1.00w2012
7.12Bill Morrison34' 8.50w2011
Decathlon Score
1.12Marcus Montano45262012


100 Meters
1.12Tamara Pridgett12.10a2010
2.12Kendra Knittel12.44a2013
3.12Ariel Moeser13.13a2009
4.12Nicole Urman13.44c2012
5.12Anik Regan13.79a2013
6.12Katie Bell13.91a2014
7.12Tamara Chandler13.94a2008
8.12Sarah Erchull14.15a2012
9.12Jessica Ellis14.22a2007
10.12Kelly Walker14.75a2012
11.12Leigh Kimble14.94a2012
12.12Brooke Haynes14.95a2009
200 Meters
1.12Tamara Pridgett24.84a2010
2.12Kendra Knittel25.90a2013
3.12Ariel Moeser26.77a2009
4.12Anik Regan27.33a2013
5.12Mandy Becker28.34a2015
6.12Nicole Urman28.69a2012
7.12Sarah Erchull30.34c2012
8.12Elisa Hutchison31.16a2007
9.12Sarah Hutchison31.68a2009
10.12Saraya Wallen32.80aw2011
11.12Brooke Haynes33.47a2009
12.12Amanda DionneDNS2008
12Katie BellDNS2014
400 Meters
1.12Tamara Pridgett58.94a2010
2.12Kendra Knittel59.08a2013
3.12Cassandra Hardin61.93a2009
4.12Nicole Urman62.89a2012
5.12Jessica Ellis63.81a2007
6.12Anik Regan64.21a2013
7.12Katie Bell66.74a2014
8.12Maria Kilgore68.50a2007
9.12Kelly Walker69.77a2012
10.12Sunday Miller79.96a2013
11.12Amie KilgoreSCR2010
800 Meters
1.12Margie Moyer2:29.36a2015
2.12Ellie Becklund2:29.44a2009
3.12Ashley Chirco2:32.04a2007
4.12Holly Higgason2:36.64a2010
5.12Maria Kilgore2:39.28a2007
6.12Sereena Giner2:49.502014
7.12Janeth Vega-Flores2:52.10a2009
8.12Morgan PfanderSCR2007
1500 Meters
1.12Kelly Walker6:54.71a2012
1600 Meters
1.12Ashley Chirco5:27.31a2007
2.12Ellie Becklund5:39.12a2009
3.12Margie Moyer5:40.06a2015
4.12Sereena Giner5:50.91a2014
5.12Emily Page6:18.002012
6.12Janeth Vega-Flores6:25.82a2009
7.12Melanie Lehnhardt6:52.82a2011
3200 Meters
1.12Ashley Chirco11:40.07a2007
2.12Sabine Harrington12:30.02009
3.12Emily Page13:35.18a2012
4.12Melanie Lehnhardt13:59.40a2011
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Sarah Hutchison16.94a2009
2.12Leigh Kimble17.40a2012
3.12Kelly Walker18.31a2012
4.12Cassandra Hardin18.77a2009
5.12Sarah Erchull21.34c2012
6.12Tamara ChandlerDNS2008
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Amie Kilgore47.10a2010
2.12Katie Bell51.35a2014
3.12Cassandra Hardin51.98a2009
4.12Kelly Walker53.04c2012
5.12Sarah Hutchison53.41a2009
6.12Tamara Chandler55.27a2008
7.12Sarah Erchull59.64c2012
8.12Leigh Kimble63.85a2012
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Kelly Button29' 4.502010
2.12Alison Coleman28' 62007
3.12Tamara Chandler26' 02008
4.12Brooke Haynes23' 52009
5.12Andrea Byrne21' 62007
6.12Kelly Walker20' 0.162012
7.12Nina Tafoya19' 10.002011
8.12Shania ShaySCR2007
Discus - 1kg
1.12Alison Coleman93' 62007
2.12Kelly Button86' 10.002010
3.12Andrea Byrne69' 62007
4.12Nina Tafoya67' 6.002011
5.12Kelly Walker57' 6.162012
6.12Brooke Haynes42' 4.752009
7.12Shania ShaySCR2007
Javelin - 600g
1.12Kelly Walker47' 1.752012
High Jump
1.12Mandy Becker4' 10.002015
2.12Kelly Walker4' 2.002012
12Tamara Chandler4' 22008
Pole Vault
1.12Amanda Dionne11' 62008
2.12Lyda Harris9' 3.002010
3.12Kelly Walker8' 10.002012
4.12Saraya Wallen7' 6.002011
5.12Anik ReganDNS2013
Long Jump
1.12Tamara Pridgett17' 9.002010
2.12Kelly Walker14' 6.802012
3.12Sarah Hutchison13' 12009
4.12Sarah Erchull12' 8.502012
5.12Brooke Haynes12' 7.52009
6.12Leigh Kimble11' 10.002012
7.12Ruth Johnson11' 6.52008
8.12Amanda DionneDNS2008
Triple Jump
1.12Amie Kilgore35' 10.502010
2.12Sara Montijo32' 10.002010
3.12Kelly Walker31' 9.252012
4.12Sarah Hutchison31' 02009
Decathlon Score
1.12Kelly Walker34802012
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