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Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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55 Meter Dash
1.10Shavell Lucas7.14c2010
2.11Kenvonta Leggitt7.34c2010
11Tyshaun Beane7.34c2010
4.9Darrien Boone7.44c2010
12Taiwan Ford7.44c2010
12Terrence Thomas7.44c2010
7.10Avion Marshall7.64c2010
8.9Joshua Cephus7.74c2010
9.12Quinton Moore7.84c2010
10.9Markell Thomas8.14c2010
11.11Lamont HillDQ2010
100 Meters
1.12Shavell Lucas10.74c2012
2.12Avion Marshall11.23a2012
3.11Joshua Cephus11.24c2012
4.10Tyshaun Beane11.34c2009
5.12Colin Campbell11.38a2009
6.11Terrence Thomas11.66a2009
7.11Kenvonta Leggitt12.41a2010
8.10Rachi Moon12.882a2011
9.9Joseph Johnson12.91a2009
10.9Quincy Usher12.93a2010
11.10Lavell Braggs13.594a2011
200 Meters
1.12Tony Bowman22.32a2008
2.11Shavell Lucas22.81a2011
3.11Tyshaun Beane23.03a2010
4.12Avion Marshall23.48a2012
5.12Colin Campbell23.52a2009
6.12Joshua Cephus23.54a2013
7.11Terrence Thomas24.34a2009
8.11Lamont Hill25.12a2010
9.10Tyshawn Hubbert26.84a2013
10.10Rachi Moon27.342a2011
11.9Aaron Sanders27.51a2009
12.10Lavell Braggs27.852a2011
300 Meters
1.10Shavell Lucas39.64c2010
2.11Tremaine Jennings40.74c2010
3.9Darrien Boone40.94c2010
4.11Kenvonta Leggitt42.04c2010
5.12Terrence Thomas42.34c2010
6.11Lamont Hill42.84c2010
7.10Avion Marshall46.04c2010
8.9Tavin Allen48.54c2010
9.10Travis Hallom59.14c2010
400 Meters
1.12Rodney Lloyd52.34a2010
2.12Kirkland Brinker53.11a2009
3.11Tremaine Jennings54.44c2010
4.12Darius Jones57.88a2012
5.10Rachi Moon58.826a2011
6.9Quincy Usher61.04a2010
7.11Lavell Gholston61.94c2009
8.10Lavell Braggs62.078a2011
9.10Tyshawn Hubbert72.68a2013
10.12Eric Dennis-Harris73.64c2009
11.11Tremayne JenningsDNS2010
500 Meters
1.12Taiwan Ford76.202010
2.12Rodney Lloyd76.702010
3.9Rachi Moon87.702010
4.9Aaron Jackson1:37.202010
5.9Quincy Usher1:37.402010
6.10William Ellis1:39.702010
800 Meters
1.12Taiwan Ford2:08.702010
2.12Rodney Lloyd2:10.97a2010
3.11Demetrius Johnson2:11.74a2009
4.11Keiquan Mitchell2:19.77a2013
5.10Anthony Campbell2:33.00a2009
6.12Jamal Mullins2:34.08a2011
7.12Chris McClendon2:40.602012
8.11Steve Henderson3:04.42009
9.12Kristofer Gilmore3:05.302012
10.9Quincy UsherDNS2010
9Lawrence MooreDNS2009
1600 Meters
1.12Rodney Lloyd5:01.67a2010
2.12Quinton Moore5:10.635a2010
3.12Tyren Ford5:49.27a2011
4.12Jamal Mullins5:54.02a2011
5.12Chris McClendon6:41.63a2012
6.11Lavell Gholston7:41.44a2009
7.9Quincy UsherDNS2010
10Lawrence MooreDQ2010
3200 Meters
1.11Jamal Mullins13:42.902010
2.11Lavell Gholston13:53.08a2009
3.9Quincy Usher15:10.802010
55m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Cortez Allen9.14c2010
2.9Quincy Usher10.74c2010
3.10Demetrius Cobb11.34c2010
4.9Joshua CephusDQ2010
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Taiwan Ford19.019a2010
2.11Cortez Allen19.74c2010
3.9Rachi Moon21.34c2010
4.9Joshua CephusDNS2010
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Taiwan Ford42.58a2010
2.9Joshua CephusDNS2010
9Rachi MoonDNS2010
9Lawrence MooreDNS2009
11Cortez AllenDNS2010
12Earl CobbDQ2012
4x100 Relay
1.Joshua Cephus
Avion Marshall
Darius Jones
Shavell Lucas
2.Relay Team 43.58a2008
3.Relay Team 45.24c2010
4.Tyshaun Beane
Rodney Lloyd
Taiwan Ford
Terrence Thomas
5.Avion Marshall
Joey Hill
Tyshaun Beane
Shavell Lucas
6.Joshua Cephus
Elonte Davis
Isaih Davis
Kevin Finley
4x160 Relay
1.Shavell Lucas
Taiwan Ford
Tijuan Bounds
Terrence Thomas
4x200 Relay
1.Joshua Cephus
Avion Marshall
Darius Jones
Shavell Lucas
2.DeQuan Thompson
Avion Marshall
Tyshaun Beane
Shavell Lucas
3.Relay Team 1:33.30a2008
4.Relay Team 1:33.802010
5.Tyshaun Beane
Tijuan Bounds
Kirkland Brinker
Colin Campbell
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:36.602010
2.Kirkland Brinker
Colin Campbell
Tijuan Bounds
Demetrius Johnson
3.Relay Team 3:53.002012
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 8:41.002010
2.Anthony Campbell
Cornelius Henry
Rodney Lloyd
Lawrence Moore
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:38.102012
2.Relay Team 1:40.889a2010
3.Tyshaun Beane
Kevonta Leggitt
Terrence Thomas
Tijuan Bounds
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 3:58.302010
2.Tijuan Bounds
Kirkland Brinker
Alphonso Brown
Rodney Lloyd
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Jaleel Starks
Eric Dennis-Harris
Lavell Gholston
Lawrence Moore
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Chris Trotter45' 42009
2.12Tijuan Bounds44' 6.002010
3.12Cornelius Henry39' 7.702010
4.12William Ellis37' 5.002012
5.12Aaron Sanders37' 3.002012
6.12Corey Newell36' 1.002012
7.12Byron Bell35' 0.002011
8.10Earl Cobb30' 9.502010
9.11DeVonte Green29' 11.502010
10.12Andrew Rylko29' 11.002012
11.9Kenvonta Leggitt29' 32009
12.10Antwaine McGee26' 10.502010
13.11Rashad Matthews23' 32009
14.9Markell ThomasDNS2010
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Corey Newell108' 7.002012
2.12Aaron Sanders105' 4.002012
3.11Tijuan Bounds96' 32009
4.12Jacon Colton95' 102009
5.12Chris Trotter84' 52009
6.12Byron Bell74' 9.002011
7.12Demetrius Cobb68' 2.002012
8.11DeVonte Green65' 3.002010
9.10William Ellis62' 9.002010
10.10Earl Cobb56' 8.002010
High Jump
1.9Darrien Boone5' 6.002010
2.9Rachi Moon5' 0.002010
3.12Quinton Moore4' 6.002010
4.11Keion TownsendDNS2013
11Rodney LloydDNS2009
Long Jump
1.11Joshua Cephus20' 10.002012
2.11Keion Townsend18' 9.252013
3.11Kenvonta Leggitt16' 5.752010
4.11Tijuan Bounds15' 102009
5.10Lavell Braggs15' 3.502011
6.10Rachi Moon13' 11.502011
7.11Anthony Campbell13' 6.502010
8.10Shavell LucasDQ2010
12Alphonso BrownSCR2009
9Darrien BooneDQ2010
9Quincy UsherDNS2010
12Lee McNuttDQ2012
Triple Jump
1.9Darrien Boone40' 8.502010
2.9Aaron Jackson38' 6.002010
3.12Demetrius Cobb33' 3.002012
4.11Cortez AllenDQ2010
11Lamont HillNM2010
11Antonnio PhillipsDNS2009
12Alphonso BrownDNS2009
11Kenvonta LeggittDQ2010


55 Meter Dash
1.12Jasmine Elias7.84c2010
12Tyisha Washington7.84c2010
100 Meters
1.11Angela Taylor12.74c2011
2.12Jasmine Elias13.06a2010
3.12Tyisha Washington13.52a2010
4.11Charlene Hogans13.84a2009
5.10Danielle Lockett13.94c2011
6.10Talia Woods14.79a2011
7.11Jasmine Evans15.12a2012
8.9Mia Weathington16.32a2010
9.9Tiara Ellis16.82a2010
200 Meters
1.11Angela Taylor27.06a2011
2.12Jasmine Elias27.34a2010
3.10Danielle Lockett28.74c2011
4.11Tyisha Washington29.12a2009
5.11Charlene Hogans29.33a2009
6.11Rhoneshia Rowe30.05a2010
7.9Jasmine Evans31.70a2010
8.9Tiara Ellis35.77a2010
300 Meters
1.12Tyisha Washington41.74c2010
400 Meters
1.11Jasmine Elias63.30a2009
2.9Danielle Lockett64.58a2010
3.9Shaniqua Wilson65.90a2009
4.9Talia Woods70.04a2010
5.11Darlene Washington81.74c2010
6.11Ciadeshia Calmese82.64a2011
7.9Mia Weathington83.40a2010
8.11Markeyta McGee84.44a2010
9.11Angel Tidwell85.468a2011
10.9Stephanie Harrell85.47a2010
800 Meters
1.10Danielle Lockett2:51.42a2011
2.11Jazzmin Wilson3:13.7a2011
3.10Mia Weathington3:17.22a2011
4.10Tanisha Johnson03:23.320a2010
1600 Meters
1.11Jazzmin Wilson8:03.502011
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Dezeree Glover12.64c2010
2.11Tina Wright12.74c2010
3.9Jasmine Evans13.04c2010
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Tatiana Wouland20.64c2010
2.10Jalyn McGee21.89a2012
3.9Jasmine Evans22.10a2010
4.11Stephanie Harrell22.34c2011
5.11Dezeree Glover23.07a2010
6.10Contessa McNair24.811a2011
7.10Tiara Ellis25.04a2011
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Jasmine Evans58.64c2011
2.11Dezeree Glover64.240a2010
3.10Jalyn McGee68.98a2012
4.10Tiara Ellis72.19a2011
5.10Contessa McNair74.04a2011
6.11Tatiana WoulandDNS2010
4x100 Relay
1.Tyisha Washington
Jasmine Elias
Charlene Hogans
Angela Taylor
2.Jasmine Elias
Charlene Hogans
Angela Coleman-Taylor
Tyisha Washington
3.Relay Team 54.247a2011
4.Ariel Grier
Jalyn McGee
Jasmine Evans
Angela Taylor
5.Dominique Dickerson
Ariel Grier
Jasmine Evans
Tiara Ellis
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:31.602012
2.Angela Taylor
Charlene Hogans
Tyisha Washington
Jasmine Elias
3.Charlene Hogans
Jasmine Elias
Angela Coleman-Taylor
Tyisha Washington
4.Relay Team 2:03.72a2011
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:53.002012
2.Charlene Hogans
Angela Taylor
Jasmine Elias
Tyisha Washington
3.Relay Team 4:26.44a2009
4.Relay Team 5:16.57a2011
4x800 Relay
1.Danielle Lockett
Jazzmin Wilson
Mia Weathington
Talia Woods
2.Relay Team 15:18.66a2011
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Jasmine Elias
Charlene Hogans
Capri Breathett
Christina Jones
2.Relay Team 2:01.689a2010
3.Relay Team 2:06.402012
4.Relay Team 2:24.695a2011
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 4:25.707a2010
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Lanita Calloway34' 8.752010
2.12Brittney Jones33' 8.752009
3.11Mary Sago31' 5.002010
4.10Contessa McNair23' 9.502011
9Jaylen Venney23' 9.502013
6.9Syndi Rowland23' 62009
7.11Amber Taylor21' 52009
8.11Rhoneshia Rowe19' 9.502010
9.11Jazzmin Wilson19' 2.002011
10.11N'Finity MooreDQ2012
10Brittney ThompsonDQ2012
Discus - 1kg
1.12Brittney Jones105' 32009
2.12Lanita Calloway80' 4.502010
3.11Mary Sago71' 6.502010
4.11Amber Taylor54' 102009
5.9Jaylen Venney51' 7.002013
6.10Contessa McNair51' 3.002011
7.11N'Finity MooreDQ2012
High Jump
1.11Lynette Green4' 2.002011
2.11Darlene Washington3' 10.002010
3.9Mia Weathington3' 8.002010
4.9Stephanie Harrell19' 8.222010
12Rochelle HowellDQ2012
Long Jump
1.12Angela Taylor16' 9.002012
2.12Rhoneshia Rowe13' 8.002011
3.11Tiffany Norfleet10' 8.52009
4.11Tatiana Wouland10' 5.002010
5.9Jasmine Evans8' 11.502010
6.10Ariel GrierSCR2013
12Tiara EllisSCR2013
12Rrielle TaylorDNS2009
12Capri BreathettSCR2009
Triple Jump
1.9Tiara Ellis25' 3.252010
2.9Mia Weathington24' 7.002010
3.11Stephanie Harrell19' 7.002011
4.12Rrielle TaylorFOUL2009
12Charlene HogansNF2010
12Jazzmin WilsonDNS2012
11Rhoneshia RoweDNS2010
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