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9th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.9Alex Pei11.84c2012
2.9Amari Simpson11.99a2009
3.9Dakarai Howard12.28a2009
4.9Will Townsend12.54c2014
5.9Justin Honra12.72a2010
6.9William Lewis12.80a2012
7.9Javon Smith13.10a2010
8.9Antoine ByndumDNS2012
200 Meters
1.9Amari Simpson24.77a2009
2.9Dakarai Howard24.90a2009
3.9Felipe Oropeza25.84c2011
9Will Townsend25.84a2014
5.9Alex Pei26.03a2012
6.9Stephen Ngo26.14c2012
7.9Justin Torres26.56a2012
8.9Justin Honra26.59a2010
9.9Javon Smith27.09a2010
10.9Michael Perez27.14c2011
11.9Joseph Tan27.24c2011
12.9Jack Bobiek27.44c2011
13.9Prentice Bufkin27.64c2012
14.9Zion Richardson29.04c2014
15.9Nick Labun30.84c2011
16.9Elliott Fourte32.22a2013
17.9Jaime Davila32.64c2011
18.9Antoine ByndumDQ2012
9William LewisDQ2012
9Mac CarrollDQ2012
400 Meters
1.9Alex Pei55.74c2012
2.9Forrest Haydon55.95a2014
3.9David Bradley55.98a2010
4.9Evan Radomski55.99a2014
5.9Logan Means57.22a2010
6.9Stephen Ngo59.14c2012
7.9Felipe Oropeza60.875a2011
8.9Zach Sebek63.62a2013
9.9Ricardo Rodriguez64.84c2012
10.9Augustine Barry68.70a2014
11.9Jaime Davila77.04c2011
12.9Antoine ByndumDQ2012
9Joseph ToyeDQ2012
9Mac CarrollDQ2012
9Justin TorresDQ2012
9Prentice BufkinDQ2012
9Andres LuzDQ2012
9Erik GarciaDQ2012
9Dominick KregorDQ2012
9Nathan TaylorDQ2012
800 Meters
1.9Evan Radomski2:02.75a2014
2.9Julian Deville2:04.99a2008
3.9Michael Perez2:15.743a2011
4.9William Szkwarek2:15.79a2014
5.9Forrest Haydon2:18.46a2014
6.9Anthony Tuman2:20.24a2014
7.9Dan Cleary2:30.19a2014
8.9Jacob Wu2:31.18a2014
9.9Triston Wilson2:36.602011
10.9Nick Labun2:40.402011
11.9McCoy Cantwell2:41.05a2014
12.9Jack Meyer2:41.87a2014
13.9Ricardo Rodriguez2:42.10a2012
14.9Richard Chao2:43.62a2014
15.9Isaac Man2:44.86a2014
16.9Peter Song2:56.78a2014
17.9Dexter Malan2:58.94a2014
1600 Meters
1.9Keduse Worku4:38.18a2014
2.9Marc Harvey4:53.58a2014
3.9Evan Radomski4:56.002014
4.9Jon Villasenor4:58.443a2011
5.9William Szkwarek4:59.24a2014
6.9Eric Shan5:00.90a2009
7.9Sam Barder5:06.70a2009
8.9Will Townsend5:08.002014
9.9Taro Salinas5:09.402010
10.9Nick Baxter5:13.50a2014
11.9Jayson Wong5:14.202012
12.9Brandon Dokliev5:20.002014
13.9Anthony Tuman5:20.03a2014
14.9Augustine Barry5:23.77a2014
15.9Nat Scholl5:35.03a2014
16.9Tyce Bruursema5:35.72a2014
17.9Dan Cleary5:48.20a2014
18.9Jacob Wu5:51.97a2014
19.9McCoy Cantwell6:00.00a2014
20.9Isaac Man6:01.002014
3200 Meters
1.9William Szkwarek10:49.12a2014
2.9Jon Villasenor10:55.502011
3.9Taro Salinas10:58.37a2010
4.9Marc Harvey11:00.35a2014
5.9Zach Sebek11:05.67a2013
6.9Sam Barder11:10.36a2009
7.9Augustine Barry11:12.14a2014
8.9Nat Scholl11:12.23a2014
9.9Anthony Tuman11:19.37a2014
10.9Tyce Bruursema11:29.34a2014
11.9Jayson Wong11:29.802012
12.9Maury Lira13:08.49a2014
2 Miles
1.9Keduse Worku10:05.85a2014
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Phil Rueve31' 8.002011
2.9Willie Stevan31' 7.002012
3.9James Chibe27' 11.502012
4.9Zac Weller27' 3.002012
5.9Sam Lenzini27' 0.502012
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9Willie Stevan95' 0.002012
2.9Phil Rueve80' 11.002011
3.9James Chibe61' 7.002012
4.9Zac Weller60' 11.002012
5.9Sam Lenzini35' 3.002012
High Jump
1.9Joseph Toye6' 4.002012
2.9Jeremaya Powell5' 4.002012
3.9Sam LenziniFAIL2012
Long Jump
1.9Joseph Toye21' 1.502012
2.9Alex Pei19' 2.002012
3.9Dakarai Howard18' 9.502009
4.9Brandon Dokliev17' 7.252014
5.9Joseph Tan15' 10.502011
6.9Jack Bobiek15' 8.502011
7.9Sam Lenzini13' 9.502012
8.9Felipe Oropeza13' 5.502011
9.9Dwight Mctizic9' 8.502010
Triple Jump
1.9Joseph Toye44' 3.252012
2.9Dwight Mctizic29' 7.002010


90 Meter Dash
1.9Niambi SteeleNT2014
9Queen SimmonsNT2014
100 Meters
1.9Lena Townsell13.25a2010
2.9Stephanie Okiro13.51a2012
3.9Indigoe Timms13.54c2010
4.9Ayana Dickens13.71a2013
5.9Maniga McClendon13.85a2014
6.9Grace Zarzecki13.88a2012
7.9Tyler Myles14.34c2010
8.9Ashley DeLatorre16.94c2011
200 Meters
1.9Roriann Nalls26.91a2009
2.9Lena Townsell28.54c2010
3.9Stephanie Okiro28.78a2012
9Yasmin Berryhill28.78a2014
5.9Indigoe Timms29.85a2010
6.9Maniga McClendon30.14a2014
7.9Tyler Myles30.34c2010
8.9Kiana Caston30.61a2012
9.9Caitlin Watts31.47a2010
400 Meters
1.9Lena Townsell66.18a2010
2.9Jenna Geiman67.14c2010
3.9Patricia Helbin68.52a2013
4.9Alondra Diaz73.508a2011
5.9Julia Muhsen74.033a2011
6.9Yesenia Ulloa76.06a2014
7.9Rachel BosticDNS2014
800 Meters
1.9Shianne Baggett2:28.002010
2.9Isobel Araujo2:37.954a2011
3.9Gaby Afable2:38.12a2012
4.9Maggie Browdy2:42.98a2014
5.9Zoe Priessing2:43.57a2013
6.9Nicole Koleczek2:46.94a2013
7.9Julia Martinez2:51.46a2010
8.9Gisselle Zuniga2:56.88a2014
9.9Ruth EvansDNS2014
9Veronica RozynekDNS2009
1600 Meters
1.9Allison Pillar5:34.98a2010
2.9Veronica Rozynek5:52.21a2009
3.9Jennifer Sorescu5:55.58a2013
4.9Hannah Blackwood6:05.502009
5.9Katherine Shen6:07.00a2013
6.9Gaby Afable6:07.35a2012
7.9Shianne Baggett6:16.02a2010
8.9Maggie Browdy6:22.74a2014
9.9Julia Martinez6:30.28a2010
10.9Caitlin Carney8:08.002010
11.9Ruth EvansNT2014
3200 Meters
1.9Allison Pillar12:21.89a2010
2.9Zoe Priessing12:28.69a2013
3.9Maia Sanders12:36.49a2013
4.9Veronica Rozynek12:51.23a2009
5.9Shianne Baggett13:03.13a2010
6.9Sophia Traven13:30.28a2012
7.9Ayana Lance13:31.03a2010
8.9Audrey Mattimore14:16.37a2014
9.9Alex Hinton17:10.69a2011
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Joelle Ataessien16.38a2013
2.9Tiana Hickey18.82a2010
3.9Yasmin Berryhill19.38a2014
4.9Maggie Finger20.29a2013
5.9Kristina Bowlus20.61a2009
6.9Naomi Ostrander21.92a2011
7.9Briana Lambert23.41a2010
8.9Angela Lueng30.90a2010
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Joelle Ataessien52.60a2013
2.9Roriann Nalls54.54a2009
3.9Kristina Bowlus57.52a2009
4.9Tiana Hickey57.55a2010
5.9Ayana Lance58.18a2010
6.9Hannah Zarzecki62.15a2010
7.9Naomi Ostrander62.30a2011
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Grace Zarzecki26' 10.002012
2.9Sherri Gardner25' 5.502010
3.9Vanessa Aceves20' 11.002012
4.9Erica Lee20' 5.002010
5.9Jasmin Aceves20' 1.002014
6.9Rachel Bostic19' 2.502014
7.9Carmen Nino19' 0.252010
8.9Melody Wong18' 6.002009
Discus - 1kg
1.9Jasmin Aceves56' 10.002014
2.9Melody Wong56' 82009
3.9Erica Lee54' 11.002010
4.9Vanessa Aceves50' 4.002012
5.9Sherri Gardner44' 6.002010
6.9Carmen Nino40' 8.002010
7.9Chassity BrooksDNS2012
High Jump
1.9Karmyn Doughty4' 10.002013
2.9Kristina Bowlus4' 82009
9Indya McGuffin4' 8.002012
4.9Jamie Vogenthaler4' 22009
9Delaney Gobster4' 2.002013
6.9Riley Kleve4' 0.002010
7.9Summer Williams3' 10.002010
8.9Julia MuhsenNH2011
9Mikaila DavisFAIL2012
9Marley HornewerDNS2013
Pole Vault
1.9Summer Williams7' 6.002010
2.9Olivia Koreman6' 0.012014
3.9Jasmin AcevesNH2014
9Riley KleveNH2010
Long Jump
1.9Kathy Paral14' 62009
2.9Mekhakhem Kheperu13' 9.52009
3.9Tiana Hickey13' 9.002010
4.9Tyler Myles13' 6.002010
5.9Mikaila Davis13' 4.002012
6.9Lauren Moore12' 8.002012
7.9Ashley DeLatorre12' 3.002011
8.9Summer Williams11' 8.002010
9.9Dansen Mayhay10' 3.502010
10.9Stephanie OkiroFOUL2012
9Patricia CalderonDNS2014
Triple Jump
1.9Indya McGuffin34' 3.002012
2.9Tyler Myles31' 3.502010
3.9Mekhakhem Kheperu29' 102009
4.9Tiana Hickey29' 3.502010
5.9Kathy Paral29' 1.52009
6.9Candace Tukes27' 5.252013
7.9Lauren Moore25' 11.002012
8.9Libni DelfinDNS2012
9Dansen MayhayFOUL2010
9Patricia CalderonDNS2014
9Iris PostmaDNS2014
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