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Patriots - Portland, IN

12th Grade Outdoor Team Records - Top 20

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100 Meters
1.12Brandon Reynard10.68a2009
2.12Paul Imel10.72a2004
3.12Justin Gilbert11.08a2006
4.12Sean Hatzell11.32a2008
5.12Patrick Williams11.54a2010
6.12Adam May11.65a2005
7.12Cade Price12.02a2013
8.12Ben Wellman12.06a2006
9.12Min Guen Cho12.08a2006
10.12Dalton McGill12.11a2009
12Jarod Lochtefeld12.11a2011
12.12Derek Powell12.20a2004
13.12Joe Imel12.29a2011
14.12James Enyart12.35a2008
15.12Blake Price12.74a2009
16.12Karlos Harper13.08a2011
17.12Pat Limamapar13.24a2006
200 Meters
1.12Brandon Reynard22.04a2009
2.12Paul Imel22.77a2004
3.12Sean Hatzell22.94a2008
4.12Justin Gilbert23.64a2006
5.12Dexter Shreve23.74a2009
6.12Brad Leuthold24.11a2012
7.12Joe Imel24.24a2011
8.12Dalton McGill24.91a2009
9.12Dylan Cope25.04a2013
10.12Blake Price25.51a2009
11.12Darren Bogenschutz25.73a2013
12.12Ben Wellman25.80a2006
13.12Jarod Lochtefeld25.93a2011
12James Enyart25.93a2008
15.12Colten Sibery25.97a2008
16.12Wil Skiver26.78a2013
17.12Eunsoo Ko27.87a2010
400 Meters
1.12Dexter Shreve50.42a2009
2.12Paul Imel51.45a2004
3.12Justin Gilbert52.21a2006
4.12Adam May52.24a2005
5.12Kyle Simmons52.77a2009
6.12Brad Leuthold53.19a2012
7.12Darren Bogenschutz53.64a2013
8.12Patrick Johnson54.18a2010
9.12Jarod Lochtefeld54.44a2011
10.12Derek Powell54.53a2004
11.12Micah Enyart55.31a2006
12.12Dylan Cope55.63a2013
13.12Colten Sibery56.54a2008
14.12Brady Mills57.00a2009
15.12Wil Skiver57.07a2013
16.12Preston Overholser1:00.83a2012
17.12Robert Ralston1:02.00a2006
18.12Ben Brandt1:04.05a2010
19.12Eunsoo Ko1:04.33a2010
800 Meters
1.12Tevan Nichols2:01.03a2010
2.12Dylan Cope2:02.99a2013
3.12Kyle Simmons2:08.26a2009
4.12Brady Mills2:10.46a2009
5.12Preston Overholser2:11.73a2012
6.12Nick Leonhard2:19.44a2012
7.12Ben Brandt2:19.53a2010
8.12Chad Miller2:21.44a2006
9.12Josh Hawn2:23.14a2006
10.12Eunsoo Ko2:35.37a2010
1600 Meters
1.12Tevan Nichols4:30.18a2010
2.12Dylan Cope4:39.79a2013
3.12Austin Bentz4:52.02a2012
4.12Nick Leonhard5:21.21a2012
3200 Meters
1.12Austin Bentz10:29.60a2012
2.12Tevan Nichols10:45.27a2010
3.12Dylan Cope11:26.97a2013
4.12Mitchell Thomas11:28.76a2005
5.12Josh Stultz13:00.43a2006
6.12Adam Michael13:02.33a2009
7.12John Heitkamp13:59.12a2008
8.12Preston Overholser14:27.41a2012
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Nick Hoffman14.65a2002
2.12Brandon Reynard15.38a2009
3.12Adam Grile15.65a2004
4.12Mason Shreve15.96a2007
5.12Zach Cash16.30a2011
6.12Denny Gardner16.98a2006
7.12Ruben Vela18.28a2007
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Nick Hoffman38.87a2002
2.12Brandon Reynard38.92a2009
3.12Zach Cash40.99a2011
4.12Adam Grile42.25a2004
5.12Mason Shreve43.96a2007
6.12Joe Imel45.11a2011
7.12Denny Gardner47.01a2006
8.12Kyle Carpenter48.63a2004
9.12Ben Brandt50.95a2010
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Joe Vormohr52' 9"2006
2.12Tyler Back52' 4"2013
3.12David Stith52' 1"2004
4.12Lance Franklin49' 3"2009
5.12Patrick Williams42' 11.52010
6.12Karlos Harper41-04.252011
7.12Kyler Blowers40' 5.75"2010
8.12Cade Price39' 6.5"2013
9.12Zach Cash38' 12011
10.12Baxter Holdcroft38'0"2008
11.12Lance Vanskyock37' .5"2009
12.12John Heitkamp36" 7"2008
13.12Jarod Lochtefeld34' 82011
14.12Joe Imel34' 72011
15.12Adam Michael32' 0"2009
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Joe Vormohr155' 11"2006
2.12David Stith153' 3"2004
3.12Parker Houck138' 11"2004
4.12Lance Franklin133-04.002009
5.12Tyler Back131-05.502013
6.12Travis Theurer121' 10"2007
7.12Karlos Harper120' 3"2011
8.12Baxter Holdcroft116' 00"2008
9.12Lance Vanskyock108-01.002009
10.12Sean Hatzell105' 2"2008
11.12Chip Feazell104' 11"2004
12.12Kyler Blowers103' 02010
13.12Patrick Williams97' 42010
14.12John Heitkamp96' 4"2008
15.12Ben Brandt94' 7"2010
16.12Adam Michael87' 12009
17.12Wil Skiver69' 6"2013
18.12Darren Bogenschutz54' 5"2013
High Jump
1.12Cade Price6' 7"2013
2.12Mark Kelly6' 4"2005
12Dexter Shreve6' 4"2009
4.12Adam Grile6' 0"2004
12Kyle Carpenter6' 02004
6.12Josh Glessner5' 9"2006
7.12Blake Price5' 8"2009
8.12Patrick Johnson5' 6"2010
9.12Brad Leuthold5' 42012
10.12Jarod Lochtefeld5' 22011
12Colten Sibery5' 2"2008
Long Jump
1.12Lucas McBride20' 11"2004
2.12Dexter Shreve20' 5.752009
3.12Mark Kelly20' .5"2005
4.12Justin Gilbert19' .25"2006
5.12Blake Price18' 6"2009
6.12Patrick Williams17' 7"2010
7.12Jarod Lochtefeld17' 6.52011
8.12Joe Imel17' 5.252011
9.12Brad Leuthold17' 3.252012
10.12Colten Sibery16' 11.5"2008
11.12Nick Leonhard16' 72012
12.12Brady Mills16' 2.252009
13.12Min Guen Cho16' 1.25"2006
14.12Ben Brandt15' 11"2010
15.12Anson Suen14' 5"2007
16.12Preston Overholser13' 8.52012


100 Meters
1.12Katie Snyder12.80a2013
2.12Jordan McMillan13.03a2011
200 Meters
1.12Katie Snyder26.52a2013
2.12Jordan McMillan27.63a2011
800 Meters
1.12Amanda Johnson2:17.72a2008
2.12Eme Miller2:32.61a2012
3.12Kari Hemmelgarn2:33.97a2010
4.12Leah Wellman2:44.74a2011
1600 Meters
1.12Eme Miller5:35.20a2012
2.12Leah Wellman5:41.21a2011
3200 Meters
1.12Katie Simmons12:16.42a2012
2.12Eme Miller12:19.492012
3.12Kylie Wellman13:18.34a2009
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Morgan Link17.02a2012
2.12Brianne Wellman17.92a2009
3.12Andrea Bruggeman18.22a2013
4.12Kim Braun19.21a2011
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Brianne Wellman50.17a2009
2.12Andrea Bruggeman53.03a2013
3.12Kim Braun53.46a2011
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Maria Murphy40-03.252012
2.12Cara Garringer35-08.002011
3.12Sara Lennartz28-03.502013
Discus - 1kg
1.12Maria Murphy126-002012
2.12Cara Garringer96-05.002011
3.12Amy AligND2009
12Sara LennartzND2013
12Audrey HallND2013
High Jump
1.12Lindsey Current5-03.002009
2.12Jordan McMillan5-02.002011
3.12Kelsey Wood4-10.002010
Long Jump
1.12Jordan McMillan13-09.502011
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